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REVIEWS OF Bayside Bowl IN Maine

Jim B

Just went here yesterday and had the worst experience... they are lucky to get 1 star cause 0 wasn't a option... so we arrive walk in I'm so excited cause it a cool roof top space walk up to the bar wait for my drink( even though it was Saturday and not that busy) I want flavored vodka and the bartender replies we don't have that up here they had about as many liquors to choose from as I have in my bar at home. So I order two titos and soda ask for a straw they don't have any because of the wind( it wasn't windy) than we go to sit down and we sit at a table that looks like they stole the chairs from a elementary school and the table was dirty. There was no music and no atmosphere. I literally saw customers going down stairs to get drink and bring them up and spill half of them on the way up. Saw no one cleaning up wiping tables nothing and no customer service in any way. I ask to speak to the manager to tell her my experience and after tell her all that no sorry no offering of something complientary she says you want to no our reasoning behind all that.. umm the reason why your roof top is lame

Brandon Hepler

I went here for an office party. It's a large complex with ample area for mingling and drinking. They have two sets of bowling lanes but the party was so overbooked that the wait time to actually play was far too long. I imagine on a normal day this wouldn't be an issue.

William Ahrendt

Fun place to go with a group

James McDonough

Fun, modern, a great place to bowl. Good food available, too!

Red One63

Why have I not been going there. Bowling, food drinks and music. The roof top was amazing (in good weather) they show movies, the Sox and the Pat's on big screen. They have a taco truck or should I say air stream trailer on the roof. I bowled a 140 my best game with the big balls. It's a 90 min drive but worth the effort.

Cade Blackburn

Great place to bowl or just enjoy a great beer selection along with good food.

Benjamin White

Great vibe on the roof deck. Fun time with someone's photo booth too!

Alison H

Love the roof! It was my first time since the renovations, great job on the new spaces. And the food is still delicious too!

Sam Potter

Really nice bowling alley. Pay by the hour (so you may have to bowl quickly to finish your second game). Amazing roof top bar and quite a nice atmosphere. Plus its always nice to be able to watch people who are REALLY good bowlers.

Chris Barr

The bowling is great, if you can get a lane. The popularity of this place is its only problem. Aside from that, the food is good and the drinks are strong. Long tables and benches make it decent for groups, and live music gives it a fun atmosphere.

Ben Davis

What a truly unique place, great atmosphere, great staff and great deals. We spent a few hours on the rooftop bar during happy hour and were able to get 16 oz Mooseheads for $2 what a deal. A few video games in the game room topped off a great evening with family can't wait to go back and try the bowling. I would highly recommend this place

Samantha Weck

The bowling alley was super cool and fun. I went there for a staff party. The food was excellent and the bar staff was super friendly and took care of all of us quickly despite being a huge group. I'd come again.

Dane Iovino

Good spot on a rainy day. Waitress service for beer was slow, but it was busy. Everyone in the other lanes kept using their real names though, I don't trust anyone who uses his/her actual name whilst bowling.

terry delargy

Fantastic place! Great setup to be able to eat/drink right in your lane...with waiters!

Antonio Maniaci

Always a great time. Really awesome food as well...

Pete Mantell

Fun place. Seen two bands there .

Benjamin Moore

Perfect sport to rent for an event or just go bowling.

Alan Fried

We went for an event, upstairs. Haven't been there since the expansion. It's definitely lost some of its character. The food at the event was pretty poor. Simple stuff, but the hummus was absolutely tasteless, a cheese platter had the cheese cut way too thick. The bartenders were very good, friendly and efficient.

Patrick Volker

Look this place rules. Tons of lanes, great beer selection, and an amazing roof deck.

deborah eaton

Roof top bar was absolutely beautiful. Happy hour drinks and specials were delicious. Bowling allies clean, well lit and drinks services was timely

Garrett FitzGerald

This place is great! Leagues, casual bowling, food, drinks and music. It's right across from where We work at Portland & Rochester Pub, so we have a great spot to go in the neighborhood.

Michael Cook

The food here Rocks

Tyler Stevens

Killer draft list for a bowling establishment! Clean, very well taken care of space. Food is dope, especially the wings. Rooftop deck is a bangin spot to hang all summer long. Service is above average. Wing sauce helps the bowling ball slide off your fingers at an incredible rate for an increased number of strikes! People will think you’re a professional if you use this tip.

Craig N Heon

Great alley, atmosphere, and food! Cool that it is an actual stop on the PBA Tour. They have memorabilia there signed by actual Pro Bowlers, which is neat. Very chill atmosphere.

Sheila Loftis

Great place. Plenty of space move around and mingle. Food was delicious.

Jody Winant

Beautiful, clean facility, honestly have never bowled there

Susan Bohnet

Great place to bowl!

Tom K

Great pizza, great staff and Oh, yea, you can bowl too!

Mary Wankewycz

The best bowling alley I've ever been to! The food is outstanding, the bar menu is great and the staff is very friendly. Even if you don't bowl, the rooftop bar is a must-see!

League Watcher

New remodel, same old Bayside Bowl. Expect to wait for ever for everything and have the staff be rude and entitled. If you want to join one of the bowling leagues don't. It a just bunch of aging bros who enjoy belittling people and driving drunk. They like to brag about how inclusive their 'community' is. What a joke. It's like a country club from the 50's except replace rich white guys with a mix of fraternity rejects and aging hipsters.

Patrick Grassey

Awesome place! Been there twice to see a band. Excellent venue.


Cool place nice retro bowling alley with a rooftop bar that has a wonderful view

Enrique Fairpoint

Wonderful place to hang out. Bowling is great and ping pong tables on the mezzanine. The rooftop bar was closed, but I bet that is fantastic also.

Andrew Beety

Amazing place!

Mary V. Burns

I loved it before, but the new renovations are crazy awesome. Trivia monday in the mezzanine kicks a fair amount of ass as well.

Tony Morelli

This place is amazing. My girlfriend and I took a bowling vacation from Pennsylvania and this was the destination stop after seeing it on the professional bowling tour. This place is aesthetically perfect, the drinks were good, the tots were delicious, and the lanes were beautiful. Unfortunately my bowling ball got some scratches and battle scars from something on the lane machine but the owner made it up to me by covering our bar tab and letting us bowl longer. This was a great stop that didn't disappoint and I loved spending our entire evening here.

Josh Welbaum

WAY too much for what you get food wise. If you want to talk to your party this place isn't for you either. (music too loud).If it's nice out and you want a beer and don't mind a plethora of bros... This place is for you.

Kaylene Mitchell

People come for the bowling and music, but they come back for the food. The tot poutine, loaded veggie chili nachos, and lobster grilled cheese with sweet potato fries are my favorites. Word is the fried chicken, wings and pork cigars are the best in town. Great staff, great vibe.

Vermont Vintage

Amazing Food for a wedding party. Quite literally the best cooked meats I've ever had! Job well done!

Matthew Dunville

Good place. A bit busy. Bar and bowling. First experience using the bigger bowling balls.

Kimberly Moore

Very nice venue. Enjoyed the bowling and the staff was wonderful!

Gwen Streeter

Nice place. Friendly staff. Good food.

Hasan Riaz

The rooftop is really nice when the weather is accommodating. Beer selection is limited, although the tacos are really good. It tends to get very crowded when the sun is out.

Rebekah Sirois

Cool bowling alley with roof deck. The deck has a taco truck and a West coast vibe.

Mat Yerkes

There isn't enough I can say about Bayside Bowl. The staff is wonderful. The building is gorgeous. The food is great. The beer selection is always broad but not too broad, and the service on the lanes and for the lanes is superb. Bayside has received a lot of press recently for the new addition, the rooftop bar, and the taco truck - so I won't go into great deal about those, but they're awesome. The cocktail menu is the most un-bowling alley menu I've seen in a bowling alley. Everything on it, that I've tried at least, has been delicious. A couple favorites of mine for food and drink have been the pulled pork sandwich, they had a brisket sandwich for a bit, the mac and cheese, and for drinks, the Pinsetter and the Fixer Elixir (which is spicy, so heads up). As of writing this, the roof bar gets extremely busy if the weather is nice, and doubly so on Fridays. If you are looking to check out the upstairs, I'd recommend getting there right when they open if you can.

liz z

the new remodel is gorgeous! there is an actual parking lot now, twice as many lanes for bowling, and a rooftop bar with great views of portland. if bowling isn't really your thing, there are cozy nooks for socializing, tasty food, and the whole place is very tastefully styled

Jeremy Fink

Best bowling in greater Portland. Fantastic roof deck if weather permits.

Adam Schaff

I'm new to bowling but I had fun. The staff was friendly and the place was clean. No complaints.

Andrew Stack

Fantastic! The lanes are brand new and perfect. Best bowling alley I've been to in years. Not over waxed but not dry. Plenty of room to move around, love the high ceilings and the bar. All around a great place!

John Kilgore

Great food and nice selection of local micro-brews. Bowling is frickin AWESOME and the live music and dont forget the rooftop!!!!!

Joseph Kourakos

Nice friendly staff...

Greater Than Zero

Wow... Probably the best bowling experience we've ever had. Great service, FAR AND AWAY the best food we've ever had at a bowling alley, beautiful lanes and seating areas. Order fried chicken and the lobster sliders (though all 20 of us loved everything we ate) and then hit me up and thank me...after you thank them of course. We'll be back for more and you will be too.

Cynthia Voisine

Bar on the roof is a little expensive, but is very fun and they had live music on a Tuesday night. Food is decent. Facility is very well maintained.

Donald Poisson

Great place

Patty Duquette

First time here. Was with a co worker group that was catered by them food wasnt bad staff was great. Great atmosphere.

Eric Hamlin

Decent food, good beer selection, bowling, and super cool rooftop bar.

Jeremy Dean

Only problem here is league night. Love the atmosphere and food. Bowling does seem too expensive though.

Emilia Scheemaker

Bayside Bowl just got renovated and now it looks sharp. There are two areas downstairs to bowl and hang out. The bar downstairs is also where they host musical events. The space has really opened up there and allows people to enjoy the bar and the music. They have a small mezzanine area which is great for smallish groups. Then there's the rooftop bar which will get a lot of action in a city like Portland. Bayside really made a space everyone can enjoy.

Donnie Steeves

PBA Semis great time, go Bill O'Neal

Cherish Gerardo

DjayBabyJay makes it pop when he is here

Lisa Kelley

Beautiful facility designed for people who love to bowl! The picture is the view from the mezzanine. There are bars both upstairs and down. Upstairs is designed for comfort with a large screen t.v. for viewing the tournaments. Downstairs is designed for live action and socializing.

Alexander Nohe

Awesome bowling alley with a new rooftop bar. Everything was clean and not like your typical bowling alley

Zachary Flotten

I really liked going bowling and watching Black Panther on the roof. I really do suck at bowling

Ted Loeffler

Great venue for bowling, live music, drinks, food, and hanging out.

Aravind Kancherla

dope on a weekday night. so chill and high quality

Brent Sims

Beautiful facility. Great center for events.

Jennifer Tibbals

Good beer list, food is ok, lots of space

Anthony Pollard

Came here for my brother wedding and the baristas have been nothing but rude and disrespectful. I wouldn't pay to go here if it cost 1$


Wow this place was fun. I'm glad we got there early- for a Monday night this place was packed. They have a decent selection of beer, and their nachos were AWESOME!

Ron Schnaper

Bayside Bowl held the first rounds of the inaugural PBA Playoffs televised on the Fox Sports 1 cable TV network. The atmosphere was non-stop party. As nearly every PBA bowler has said, Bayside is the place to be, and they are right! What a fantastic week.

Raw Vegan Guru

Wonderful spot. Friendly professional staff. Fantastic venue to see music and hang out

Guistino Perrini

We really enjoyed our experience here. Beer selection is solid and the atmosphere allows for anyone to enjoy a number of options to entertain themselves. I look forward to enjoying an evening on the rooftop!

Jim Armstrong

Cool place with great views of the city. I went there with my boyfriend and brother. It was a great place to kick back with a cocktail and enjoy some sun. The staff was very welcoming and the frozen drinks were extremely good. Great beer selection but this is Portland where the beer options are endless. There is even a cool roof top food diner car that serves comfort food; however I didn't try it but it smelt delicious. Downstairs and inside there are several additional bars and 2 huge rooms filled with bowling lanes. It is certainly a cool and unique place that I will surely go back to

Thomas Robbins

Can't wait for summer, love this place.

Gabriel McKusick

Hands down the best classiest most awesome bowling alley you will find

In Human Creation Media

I have been to 2 shows at Bayside Bowl now. The F-Smarts put yogether an incredible burlesque show tonight! I will def be keeping sn eye on this venue to see what else they have going on. Great staff and friendly locals!

Vanessa Beene

I Love the roof top taco truck. it sucks that when they run out of chips they refused to sell guacamole, which is dumb. The drinks were only okay but the tacos were really really good. the view is amazing and i cant wait to go back.

bradford hanson

It's a great place to unwind after a long day! Besides the bowling, there are a few arcade games. There is a rooftop bar and a taco stand on the roof.

Lindsay Fine

The bowling part was great! The staff was attentive and friendly! The bar however, what staff? There were two bartenders to a huge crowd of people. My husband and I decided to sit at the booth where there’s a sign that said “ sit down and relax, come to the bar to order” which is fine. But when my husband went up to order, the bored looking blonde behind the bar decided to go to the kitchen, she was back there for two minutes, exited and walked straight to the lanes, avoiding looking at the bar. finally 3 minutes went by when bartender in red shirt asked my husband if he was being helped (there’s no one else at the bar) which my husband said no. Only then is when the female blonde seemed attentive. There appeared to be a lot of down time between the two of them, so not much attention to the customers or any side projects (ketchup bottles were empty) and not much of a sense of urgency . At least guy in red shirt knew the customers come first. The blonde appeared to be standing around a lot , doing nothing, just talking. But there’s a lot of people! The menu seemed good, food was sub par (burger over cooked ) but we were willing to look over that for at least some decent service. Guy in red shirt disappeared and now blonde is alone, still not doing much. We went up to pay but I guess our side of the bar is invisible so we decided to clear our own table and put the stuff on that side of the bar, walked to where she was and pay. She says (unaware we were there the whole time), “what would you like?” We said, “to pay our bill, we were at that booth over there.” “Did he get your name or card?” “No he didn’t” (but aren’t there booth numbers?” Upset that we inconvenienced her. “Hold on, this is going to take a moment. Now I have to find you.” We aren’t saying fire her. But please have a conversation about her performance.

Karl Albin

Floors are sticky. Lots of hip young people. It's more about atmosphere than bowling. Staff is very good. Prices arent to high. Save money keep an eye out for specials.

Wes Adams

Coolest bowling alley slash music place evah.

Pete Doom

Best rooftop bar in Portland. Hell, best outdoor bar in Portland in my opinion.

Michael Corcoran

Moon Boot Lover rocks this joint!

Joseph Kuzma

Shows, bowling, and (good) beer. What's not to love? Bayside is awesome.

Vy O

Lovely food. Great atmosphere. I enjoyed Fonfon Rus band, especially #3 and 4 songs. Amazing band.

Jordan Brighi

How is it 15 minutes after they open and nobody is in the building? Even the cleaning guy is confused. The hours on their website and phone line says 1100 opening. Maybe everyone decided to take the day off.

Ken Moulton Jr.

What an amazing facility! Professional PBA League meets come here regularly, and the same lanes can be used by general public on open bowling days. Lane Reservations are available here, and the food is pretty fantastic too.

Glenn Ferrell

Had to stop and see. Have watched on tv. Very nice and clean. Family orientated.

James Jones

I love the remodel. So much space!

Brian Harvey

The food is way better than what you're expect from a bowling alley. We had a good time!

Owen Johnson

Great place. Lots of fun and a Bar clase to the lanes. Theg also have ping pong and thw Bar serves food too.

Duane Foust

This place is great in the summer on the roof top, or indoors for the cold seasons. They do need to get some kind of sound system for the second floor bar.

Allison McKenna

I come here once a week for the Casco Bay Sports Bowling League. I love the rooftop deck in the summer. I wouldn't suggest ordering anything too complicated from the bar. Best to stick with beer or simple mixed drinks.

Sharon Silverman

WE had a very nice time, but kept having problems with balls getting stuck and not being returned. Food came out fast and was very good. A great thing to do with the family on a rainy day!

Dustin Bonk

A great bowling alley. It's huge! Personally, I think the rooftop bar is the best part. They have tacos and a decent view.

Anthony Sequeira

Fun. Too expensive. Awesome rooftop.

Luke Brockhoff

Very cool bowling alley! Good beer and food!

Narmada Morris

So much fun! Went here for a work event, great food and the hallway were great

Amy Jane Larkin

Super nice and impressive space and lanes with an awesome roof deck as well. The happy hour deals are great and the beer selection is solid.

Michael Estes

Biggest, best alley in Maine. Great food and atmosphere.

Jessica Scott

The new build out is amazing! Nothing is better than rooftop tacos prepped and ordered in an Airstream served with a sunset view, next to a toasty fireplace.

Annie B

Great fun! I hadn't been bowling in years. Definitely going back, probably not on a weekend though

Cory Upton-Cosulich

My new favorite place in Portland in the Summer time! Roof top tacos & beers-- the tacos were delicious and it was a nice mellow crowd.

Robert Benn

Neat place with a great bar, but not the best bowling alley

Andrew Ryan

Good food, decent drinks, nice bar upstairs with a good view. Accommodates large groups very well.


The rooftop is very nice in the summer. Frozen alcoholic drinks, canned beer only, rosé and cold coffee only on draft. Neat and clean bowling with good bars downstairs.

Danielle Gillespie

Great on the roof bar and taco stand. Wonderful views of the city.

brent capener

One of the few 10 pin bowling alleys in Maine. This one is great and also a PBA hosting events for pros. Great food and fun

Peter Osborne

Fun! Love the rooftop bar.

Cal Murphy

Went there with friends and the employees were very rude to us. We asked for a lane and she responded with just "No." without giving us a time estimate or anything. Very rude.

Jack Hammer

Great place to come and knock down some pins, I head here whenever I get the itch, and I'm always happy.. The prices are reasonable, and the shoes are clean.

Michael Edwards

This place is unbelievable! Awesome staff. Great atomsphere. The roof top bar is very cool. Not ur usual "bowling alley" food. Upscale pub food. Try the chicken sandwich or drunk on lane 9 hamburger, awesome! They host the PBA Tour League and PBA match play championship. Very cool!

Mike Reid

Great place for serious and fun bowling. Great atmosphere, good tap list. Not a dingy bowling alley ... Very good atmosphere.

Robert Andres

Loved it before and now with the new remodel being done a fun time had by all all ages all genders family or if you're there by yourself you will never go wrong for some good amazing fun I mean for god sakes people it's bowling who couldn't have fun

Deena R. Weinstein

Fun environment!

Kerrie Bodendorf

Roof top bar is a great place to hang out! Good music, great crowd, yummy drinks and a taco truck!

Kevin Clark

i have seen numerous shows at this venue. always a great time. the last thing i saw there was actually a burlesque show.

Christmas meander

Ok. But without the alcohol selection I'd expect for the price. I think the rooftop view of the city was a plus. The Bowling alley is above par for the family or friend-like outing.

jeffrey kendall

It's an awesome spot, good vibez

Jeff Howe

First time visit was a lovely night at the rooftop bar with our friends who are about to be married. Maine Beer Peeper ale on draft, and chips, salsa, and guacamole we're fine. Just a drink before heading elsewhere for dinner, but we'll probably come back for happy hour & nachos later on this summer.

Robert Grasse

Best experience ever

Bhavika Shah

This rating is for the rooftop bar and taco truck! Awesome spot in Portland with delicious tacos (two vegetarian options) and a great vibe.

Deb Walsh

Was great for company party.

Ian McKenzie

Had a great time. Good drinks and had a burger and fries. The fries are like really good fair fries

Ian Sebastian

The best bowling alley I've been to

Ghia G

Only have been here for the roof deck but what more do you need in the summer?

Stephanie Harmon

Recently hosted a yoga class on the rooftop. They Bayside Bowl crew was great!

Artie Davis

Very cool place with a nice chill vibe. Lanes were well maintained and staff was friendly. The guys at the shoe counter seemed to be having a good time and entertained the customers. Bar tenders were a bit swamped, but very attentive and served groups in the order they came. Drinks were flavored well and the rush didn't seem to affect quality. Menu had some good looking choices, but I was too focused on bowling to order anything. Next time for sure.

alan barker

You can bowl in a PBA tour venue, and while you're at it, you can grab some pork cigars with smoky barbecue sauce and go to taste bud heaven. Pair it with a local beer (Maine Beer Company or Bissell Brothers hit the spot) and a bowl of the homemade fontina mac and cheese and you'll be full and satisfied.

M Angélica Beltrán Franco

Clean, spacious and fun place to go to. I went for a concert and left satisfied because the service was good, staff friendly and bathrooms nice. Not too many choices of beer, but at least they have variation.


Fun place. I loved the atmosphere and the old timey music. I wish so much that the rooftop bar had been open! The service at the bars is spotty, and our balls kept getting stuck in the lane. But we had fun! I really like the couches by the bar so you can lounge and drink while you wait for a lane.

Matthew Baumann

My friends and I spent three hours here and had a blast. One of the best bowling alleys I've been to. Staff was super friendly!

Erik Fake

They have live music, and hosted some burlesque! which was awesome. Good beer selection, lots of space, tables and even couches available.

Jonathan Billings

Beautiful bowling alley and Good Eats & Brews

Emily Smith

Very cool atmosphere nice employees and good food

Gifford Davis

Awesome spot! Come to bowl or just hang out on the roof deck where there is a bar and taco truck. Yes the taco truck is ON THE ROOF! It lives there. There is an excellent beer selection at 3 different bars and also a great food menu with great food (On top of the taco truck on the roof!) This is one of my favorite spots in Portland. Oh yeah did I mention they are solar powered? They are! Check out the solar array on the roof while you drink beer and eat tacos!

Rose Randall

We went there to eat! While we bowl there occasionally, the food's good enough to just go and enjoy their dining room - and they have a vegan-friendly menu so there's something for everyone in the group :)

Chelsea Chancellor

Solar powered bowling alley with a great roof top bar in downtown Portland. There is a taco truck with great guac and food up on the roof!

C Lan

Best bowling alley in the country!

Mark High

A great in-town place to visit with friends. And Bayside Bowl offers so much more than just bowling! Great food! Roof top bar in the summer! And ping pong!

andrea carr

Love the rooftop bar.

burrito KONG

Pretty great space, good drinks and rooftop happy hour. The food is nothing spectacular but it does the job.

Paul Dulac

Great time

Marguerite Sullivan

Lots of fun! Good food and great tap list. Staff is very nice and helpful.

Rory Benjamin

I was recently at Bayside Bowl for a work-related get-together and had an absolute blast! The bowling itself was quite enjoyable, will plenty of lanes available. The catered drinks and food were delicious, as were the cocktails from the bar.

Kristen LaDue

Food is decent, beer is decent and bowling area was clean, well maintained. Even was able to play a few arcade games. If you enjoy ski ball, bring quarters!

Joshua Porter

Fun atmosphere and great food! Try the cactus tacos at the rooftop Taco truck, you won't be disapointed.

Charles Crandall

Great spot. Modern. Bands, DJ's,. Hipsters

Shane Coles

Great bowling and the rooftop bar with built in taco truck is the best place to watch the sunset, and get a view of the city.

Phil Latini

Always a fun place to hang out with friends and have some great food

Yared Armstrong

Routine, on point and roof top bars is always good for bowling.

Kaitlyn Micks

Expensive bowling. But it is fun. Just a long wait

Andy Martin

I like this venue. Very comfortable reasonably priced and they have moosehead on tap. Need I say more...

Arturo Astarita

Great place to bowl and/or have a party. The food is always good. The rooftop is a spot to visit

David Sheehan

Addition is awesome. Tap takeovers on the mezzanine are the best.

Julie C

Rooftop is great with amazing view of the sunset, happy hour includes $2 tecate and $5 slushy drinks. The taco truck was awesome too.

Corey Woo

Awesome experience. Really cool opportunity to bowl at a place where the PBA league is hosted.

Josh White

Went here a couple of weeks ago with some friends. Food was phenomenal, and bowling was a lot of fun. Staff was professional and efficient, and the place itself was clean and inviting. Prices were reasonable for food of this quality. Would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun outing.

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