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REVIEWS OF Spinners of Florence IN Louisiana

Vette Gipson

Please be mindful this was my first time in this place. I was all excited to visit. Upon arriving I noticed you had to pay for everything separately. To make matters worse I ordered hot wings and when they arrived they were chunky and mushy. They then mentioned to me they use a air fryer. I would have never purchased wings cooked in a air fryer. I prefer traditional wings fried in grease. I asked about a refund and I was told no. She said once they have been sold and brought to the table they can’t refund you. I asked if I could pay the difference and get a pizza. She said the best she could do is 50% off. Then told me I could throw them away if I wanted to. I didn’t pay 50% for wings but 100%. This is my first and last time visiting.

Aidan Macias

Really fun place to have fun bowl, skate, play!. Yes please. The food is amazing and is clean! Very affordable to have fun at this amazing place!

Sippi Fantasy

Great venue for the family. Skating, arcade, and bowling in one ,with concessions and bouncy castles too! Definitely will be returning and roccomending to others


Dianne Beard

It’s very fun and there is something for everyone but the jumps where a little on the expensive side, I would definitely go back soon

Tomickeio Chigbo

James Wright

Family fun! Something for everyone

brandon sebren

Think it’s pretty dumb you pay to get in then they want you to pay to play music that half the time isn’t turned up loud enough

Noriko Jackson

Sharon Johnson

It was fun and costly.. As long as the kids enjoyed themselves.. fun for all ages

Jonathan White

Great entertainment

Lu Ann Gould

Great fun for all ages with our large group! So many fun activities, and very helpful staff!

Keli Repp

Great venue for a kid's birthday party.

Amber Gholar

marcus lee

It was ok. Lanes was a problem at times

james patrick

Raven Rhodes

Cari Walker

Steve Thornton

Half the machines didn’t work in the arcade, prices to bowl are ridiculous! Staff is very nice though

Eric Wise

Please beware. If you value your money you will not come to this establishment. This evening myself and eight other people came here to celebrate our friend’s upcoming wedding and ending a fun filled day with the grooms party. We came this evening to enjoy bowling, skating and playing games in the arcade area. I walked in to purchase our tickets for the evening and was told I would purchase our skating tickets at the door and our bowling and arcade passes inside. Standing at the counter I was helped by a “nice lady”, I had my rollerblades over my shoulder. As I approached the “nice lady” said, “I guess you’re here to skate?” I replied with yes ma’am we are. I purchased my ticket as well as my wife’s. We then walked inside and I purchased $40.00 worth of arcade credits and we played games until the bowling lanes became available.(I was carrying skates over my shoulder walking from game to game.) After purchasing passes for nine individuals for bowling and shoes, we played for an hour and then wanted to finish the night skating. I put on my skates (rollerblades) and my wife put her rental skates on, we made it around two laps before I was stopped and told, “we don’t allow roller blades.” I replied stating that no one said that to me when I purchased my skating pass at the front door three hours ago. He then stated I could go see the owner who was right over there. I spoke to the owner and expressed that it was a very poor practice to allow someone to purchase a skate pass 3 hours ago and only to then tell them that they can’t use their skates they brought. I mentioned the “nice lady” up front didn’t say anything about it when I came in either. I said that if I won’t be allowed to skate I would like my money back as well as my wife’s. The owner didn’t contest and then the “nice lady approached from the front. She stated that she wanted to only refund my skate purchase and not my wife’s because she skated.(for 4 minutes). I then contested and stated that she wasn’t going to skate without me and insisted they should refund both of our skate pass purchases. The owner agreed yet the “nice lady” still contested. I went a step further and asked for the remaining credit on our arcade cards to be refunded as well due to we will not be returning to this establishment. Again, the owner didn’t contest, but the “nice lady” continued with more contentment and reluctance to do anything. I then asked the clarifying question, “who is the owner? I am confused.” Come to find out, the “nice lady” is the co-owner. She is also the one who I purchased my skate pass from as I stated in the beginning. When at the counter to process the refund I was met with more attitude from the “nice lady”. Which I decided to just leave at the point. I am not going to force someone to refund money to help restore a customer experience that they failed. The “nice lady” never apologized for her mistake and didn’t seem to care about me as a customer. I didn’t ask for a refund because $16.00 is going to break the bank. I also didn’t insist they give me a full refund our arcade purchase when a majority of our purchases at the arcade were taken by machines that were not working. (MLB Strikezone game, Lakers Warriors Basketball game, all the balls are on top of the game cages or behind other gaming machines.) To lead customers in with the impression of a quality level of service only to be met with excuses and undisclosed conditions and keep someone’s money for products or services they were not able to use is not a wholesome practice. That is was crooks do. Please don’t have your money taken by undisclosed terms or the excuse of being a new business.

Regina Miller

Kids love it but when they first opened we paid $5 per card and now the cards are only $1. Then when we when to cash out tickets on the cards the employees tried to keep the cards. Just to resale to any customer. I need those $5 cards sir lol

Christopher hill

Hugh Walker

Fantastic. Come one come all. It is great.

Jasmine Griffin

The owner is very rude when we got there the party room was not ready it was suppose to be ready at 5 wasn’t ready until 5:30. We paid 300 dollars for the party room and he acted as if he didn’t want to give us our 30mins of time that we didn’t get to use. The food was ok and the kids had fun but I wouldn’t recommend this place because he obviously doesn’t value his customers.

New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Great time bowling. Impressive play time offerings


Finally they have some fun place in Florence/Richland area. Nice to have skating, bowling, games etc there. It was nice experience

Barbara Ray

A nice family place to enjoy bowling, skates , space jump, games and something to eat but you have to pay for song at the machine to play while skating that not good

Iverne Alexander

A nice place to have good,family fun

Jason Barrett

Lanes had no oil, for the price per hour it cost to bowl you would think maybe one pass/coat could be put down

Stacey Cleveland


life as me

This place is very beautiful and in my opinion affordable although most of the employees are very helpful there is an exception to some the young man with red hair and red beard at the skate rental was not very friendly and the short heavy set young lady running the jump house's wasn't very nice the older red headed lady that checks you in when you first enter has awfull customer service your standing there she ignores you while she is talking to another employee behind the counter I thought customers came first especially when some of the activities are timed then when she acknowledged you it's like your wasting her time but the blonde headed young lady was verry friendly she is what customer service looks like in a new establishment..


Today was my first time at Spinners and I love it.Great service,food,and entertainment.I disagree with negative reviews because Spinners is amazing.Amen.

Elizabeth Jenni

It was obvious they were still putting stuff together. The prize area didn't have any numbers visible to customers, so we had to ask about every prize which explained the reason the line was so long. I wish they would have had the skate walkers for little kids so maybe my daughter would have tried more. I also wasn't a fan of having to pay extra for the inflatables. I feel like if we paid for skating or bowling, the inflatables should be included. Putting up signage saves a lot of time. With proper signage, people would have known to go ahead and take their shoes off and have their ticket ready.

Mary Rickels

swosh holic

Balling was fun arcade was fun

Trev Alan

It was cool place

Shaqueta Smith

Andrew & Donna Kimble


I think it is a wonderful place to take the kids for entertainment and very clean. The prices are reasonable. There were a few issues though that are important dealing with customer service. When we got in there we waited for about 10 min's for someone to get to the front to check us in. I know u can't be up there every min, but maybe put a bell at the door. Also, I was beyond shocked to see a lady step up to the register look down and looked very unhappy with her job and just turn around and walk off. I couldn't believe it!! Finally a younger girl came up and was extremely nice and helped. The other younger staff are all so friendly. Then, everytime we wanted to do something diff like bowling, there wasn't anyone to be there for us to turn in shoes and our ball got stuck in the gutter, nobody to be found. You should absolutely not have to go find people for this. Then, we go pay for diff thing in the arcade area that u have to have an employee there for, once again, nobody to be found. I had to go ask a poor guy that had been running everywhere helping everyone. I'm sorry, but this just isn't right. I think it can be turned around with more staff because its a great place and wonderful they wanted to add a place for children

Marcus Stafford

great service

Cody Neitte

This place is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! My neice had her birthday party here, recently!

Patricia Stevens

They are great but there food llittle bit to high they need to lower prices but other than that it's great place to hang out at......

Khaalis Muhammad

Great place to have some fun. They have bowling, skating, a great arcade, and they have this nice VR thing that is awesome. They will soon have an escape room here so they will be an added bonus in the future. So if you want to go somewhere where you can do a lot of things this is a good place to start. If they had laser tag I'd say it's the perfect place.

Olanda Lewis

First time there and last!!! Wanted to bowl and we waited over 2 hours and still werent able to bowl. Food was of poor quality and service was horrible. Very unhappy with my visit.

Madison Wallace

jessicaevans evans family

Very kid's enjoyed. Probably need more cleaners for the eating areas and bathrooms. Oh yea!!!... the parameters of the skating rink was very sticky. Other than that...great spot.

Jherica Readus

Four stars because it's a fun family atmosphere. Great Saturday midday outing. Only con many of the staff members are not welcoming. The two times we have visited they seemed to be understaffed. We will return but hopefully they hire more friendly faces soon.

D. Reed

First time visiting and I really enjoyed the environment, the customer service and the extracurricular activities that the establishment offers. We skated and played a few games. The prices compared to most were very reasonable. My family and I totally enjoyed ourselves and we most definitely plan on returning and possibly even doing a birthday party or two

Laila Swanigan

Because the people that work there will tell you to not stop on the walls but they don't understand that some kids are trying to skate but the can't. One of the workers will say to go! don't stop on the walls very rudely to the people that are trying to take a break l from skating or trying to learn how to skate on the rink.But there bowling alley is really fun but the arcade has a few games that are broken(For example there is one of the football games and when you swip the card it will take your points of then it will say that it doesn't work.

David McCoy

Tara Bradley

Fun but not a good atmosphere. IE someone was arrested while we were there

Marjorie Pevey

It's nice and new but they nickle and dime you so just make sure you bring enough....

Kirby Johnson

Nice environment but food was horrible

Aquarius Val

My child really enjoyed herself!

Leah Merz

Staff did not give my change. When I asked for my 4.00 the manager said that I was given my change. They would need to verify by rolling back camera. When I asked why an extra 5.00 for dropping kids off. I was told that they are charging parents because spinners really wants parents to stay with children. I did say that was ridiculous. The manager called me stupid. I told them to either give back my money or I was going to call police. If they treat you like this at the door imagine how they treat your children.

Sharon Roberts

Dorothy Mcintyre

It's a ok place to bring your family,but the place not have to wait in line for 30-minutes just too get a drink n + the skate line ridiculous....

Ashley Walker

jonathan gould

Management was very rude they and if you call in with a complaint the manager will hang up in your face

Shenneka Turner-Fisher

It was okay because we had unlimited skating. I booked a birthday party with a room the host wasnt in the room they didnt sing happy birthday you dont get anything as a birthday person if I'm paying $230 for a party i want to be satisfied and i wasnt. It is a good place just to have a fun time it has skating a small arcade and bowling

donna byas

Great place for kids. Need to get better organized. Having a birthday party, we shouldnt have had to ask for utensils, and then didnt bring enough and we had to ask for more. Had to ask for the cake and only a few plates were brought in and we had a room full. Had to ask for more. Free refills on drinks, only 2 small pitchers were brought in and once again.. a room full of people. Yes, they were busy, but need to have someone assigned to that room's needs always. Never should have had to go get it ourselves

Grace Holland

service is absolutely terrible. me and my friend came back in and he had already gone out like 2 times and the worker said you’ve exceeded your limit. we told the manager abt it and she literally didn’t even care. we asked for her name so we could tell the owner and she said it doesn’t matter and she told us to pack our bags and leave and we were obviously doing that.

Tiffany Hill-Anding

Gosh when was the last time they ever cleaned their tables

Brad Reed

Fun place for the family! Very clean and well run.

Alana Wooley

Super fun and something for everyone

Lakeshia Ware-Griffin

Simply an amazing experience to have as a family or couple. You have games, skating, food and blow up kiddy rides. The people are friendly and the staff is great. Tell them I recommended you!

Chris Bradley

Need to keep the skaters on the rink and not skating through out the building. My 3 year old was almost run over multiple times because of people skating in other parts of the building.

iceyman paul

Had a nice B-day party played games,bowling and skating for Jarreds first time. Loved the bowling and wanted to go skating again.

laura parker

The games are Too expensive.

Phillip Smith

Place is very understaffed! If you are looking for a place to bowl this is not the place to go. Lanes are open but the guy says there is a waiting list, piss poor management over the bowling section.

Mike Vaughan

Arcade, Bowling and Skating under one roof

Laney Slaughter

i was skating and the worker that was on the skating rink named jordan (a girl)was very rude she was teaching other people how to skate and when me and my cousin tried to get her attention she just looked past us and we could clearly tell she looked at us. the only way we could get her attention was having someone she helped and became friends with, call her name to come help me and all she said was “just make sure u walk as much as possible” then just left. but helped everyone else out until they learned how. i’m very disappointed and feel very disrespected

Lasheria Bolton

The food was lousy and the owner was beyond rude and disrespectful.

A Johnson

The arcade area, skating, and virtual reality was very wonderful. We did have some trouble getting an employee over there as well as card trouble. The employee that was working with us for the bowling section was very stand offish and had a nasty attitude. He was also rude and disrespectful. All in all it was a good experiment, but great customer service would have been better. Thank you.

Charles Hall

Drove an hour to let the kids skate. Only to get there and be told roller blades aren’t allowed because they damage the floor. I’ve been skating my entire life. I have never seen wheels from a roller blade or wheels from a roller skate damage the floor. 2 very sad kids because of this. We go skating a lot so it’s not like the rink lost $18 for the 3 of us. They lost $18 from us forever.

Donnie Robinson Jr

A good place to visit

Rosa Jones

Was a very nice play for family and friends.

Ethel Blackmon


Amaryhana Crain


Quardra Davis

Great atmosphere

cop watch Mendenhall MS

I go here bowling and always have a great time. They got a big arcade games and a virtual zombie game. The whole family will have a blast.

NeOn Mysty

Fun place for kids. Skating is really fun but you can’t bring roller blades.

lashuan northcross

Very Poor Service!!! They Only Had 3 workers. I ordered a pretzel and it was crispy on the outside but still frozen on the inside.The nachos were stale and the workers had bad attitudes!!!

Boss Redd357

Very nice atmosphere, plenty to do, and all around fun

Walter James Jr

Great spot for family gathering! Bowling, roller skating, arcade games and snack bar. The family had a great time.

Sara M

Nice family place. They have bowling, skating, an arcade and food court. They need to have music playing all the time though. They have a pretty cool jukebox system, but most songs will cost $1 per play. When no one is paying nothing is playing, at least while we were there.

Code Littlereeves

My favorite is game and skating

Cooper Carrico

Owner was very rude. Came up to our group and demanded we take down the bumpers. Very unprofessional

Arlene Akers

Madison Anderson

It is very family friendly. My dad feels comfortable with dropping me off and coming back later to get me. He does not let me do this anywhere else. I love to skate there. The people that are on the floor help you if you fall. They have great prices to get in and to eat. They are no to expensive like fun time skate land. All in all I love spinners so much. Me and all my friends go every weekend and have a great time.

Willie Wise

Came here for my son's birthday. We had a blast. Skating with the grandkids

Brookelynn Stanley

C Dub

Went for the first and last time last night. The place was in chaos and the only rules we noticed were to create as many long lines as possible. Regulars have figured out you just cut in line as frequently as possible and nobody cares. The areas are too small and kids are flying around on skates in every section...not just the skate area. Half the entertainment options are already broken or in horrible disrepair.

Steve Staines

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Google User

This place has potential but it needs a LOT of improvement. It is very understaffed & unorganized. Every single line was very long. Inflatables are $3 for 20 minutes. TWENTY minutes!! Nowhere to put your belongings, seating was VERY limited so people were SITTING on the FLOOR putting their skates on. Several of the arcade games weren’t working. The food was expensive & not worth the price. Oh, & bowling is timed & our balls were stuck for 9 minutes that we did not get back! Not going back.

Mac West

Awesome for the whole family!

Jadrien Shoemaker

Geno Renaldo

Fun place, very reasonable!

Taylore W

George's singletontf

Frank Johnson

My son had a good time for his bday! We will be back!


went there on a field trip n it was a blast would go there again with my friends

Jessica Thaxton

This was my second time going. The 1st time was awesome! This 2nd time was not so great. They allow you to bring your skates, nice, but you have to pay full price to use them. They should definitely offer a discount for using your own skates. And need to add a sign saying that you will still pay full price. This wasn't the biggest deal though. Once we were done skating, we went to the counter to return our skates. One girl was working back there and looked at us, blank faced and didn't say anything which is fine because she was waiting on a toddler who was picking out his prizes. This took some time, which was okay but she never looked at us again. While we patiently waited and didn't say a word of complaint, some young teenage looking boys walked up to the register. She looked at them but still was helping the toddler. The teenagers were closer to her and I told my husband "I hope she doesn't wait on them because we were here 1st". Once she was done, immediately she goes to the teenagers to assist them. My husband and I both interrupted and said she needed to wait on us first because we'd been there first. I also told the teenagers I was sorry but we were next. The girl waiting on us mumbled under her breath "I was about to help you" but never looked at us again. With nonverbal attitude she got all 3 pairs of skates, one after the other and each time slammed our shoes on the table. She never said thank you or sorry or anything to us. TERRIBLE customer service.

david jones

Owner has a terrible attitude towards the customers very rude to the parents of children I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody

Dylan Roach

Perrie Paul

Good family fun. The place is really clean and everything is new. We did not have any problems with the arcade machines. Everything worked great. Each machine is a dollar and you put money on a Spinner’s card that keeps up with bonus points won also. Your kids don’t have to keep coming to you for every dollar. The card works for everything including food and drinks too.

itsskiyaabtw ._

Mary Bryant


Jerry McCoy


Kim Cole

Really nice skating rink, but the music was horrible on the two Sunday afternoon that we were there.

Jonathan Garner

Haley Moore

Taylor Bridges

Debra Hollis

Dale Simmons

It was awesome enjoyed every minute of it

Jadarious Cooper

Shamyra Greenwood

Precious Howard

Heather Shelton

Nice clean fun place!

Kimberly Peace

Fun Fun Fun

Diana Amos

My daughter really had a good time.

damone varnell

t mac

Fun for birthday parties!

Billy Russell

Christine Wooten

Eliana Vaughn

It's really fun and aesthetics are amazing

Jay Mace

Great family place, there's something for everyone. Skating bowling and a full arcade. Highly recommended for birthday parties.

Brittlee Dickerson

It was fun they have wonderful workers and I love it

brandi sypolt

We went here thinking it would be a good time with our 8 year old. After being there about 20 minutes and listening to vulgar song after vulgar song, I went to the counter to ask if something could be done about it. I had asked the guy at the counter for a manager. He turns and while kind of laughing, asks the lady about me speaking with a manager. She steps over and I ask if she’s the manager. She says yes but is being strange about it. I say something about the music and how it’s not appropriate for kids and that it doesn’t really go with the Christian sayings written on the walls inside. She’s tells me it’s the censored versions and that customers are paying for those songs through a machine there. I asked why those would even be options in the 1st place with all these little kids here. She just continued to repeat what she’d already said, so I figured i wasn’t really going to get anywhere with her and thought she was only pretending to be a manager because of the strange way she acted when I asked. I asked for her name and she refused to give it to me. She kept saying you’re not letting me talk. I said we’d both given our thoughts on the issue and why couldn’t she just give me her name. She continued to refuse, so I just took her picture. I figured that’s the only way I’d be able to tell the management about who I’d had issues with. Well, jokes on me! That was the owner. After our interaction, i posted my complaint on their Facebook page. About 10 minutes later, they walked over to me and my husband and informed us we were being kicked out, and we would be sued for defamation of character, and we had 5 minutes to get out. All because I didn’t want my child exposed to vulgar music and because I didn’t agree with her? If she would’ve just been HONEST, we would never have gotten to this point. I would’ve realized the owners don’t care about our kids, only the money and would’ve just happily never come back all on my own. These are sue happy individuals. You guys are really shameful.

Latoya Dampeer

lamont johnson

Everything was great we had much fun it is a wonderful place to visit

Lotilta Smith

Rachel Covington

Children loved it. We'll be back.

Jessica Garrett

josh trawick

Eric Hunter

Great Experience

Lane Bree

They have decent skating prices, and a nice building - inside and out. Very clean. Lots of arcade games too. Unfortunately, you can't bring rollerblades, and you have to purchase a card to play the arcade games. Bowling prices are ridiculously high. For bowling, I would recommend Indian Lanes in Clinton.

Tracey Haralson

Very nice comfortable environment for the whole family

Debra Conley

We went went there with John and his girlfriend

Anthony Adams

Had a ball I. There felt like a young kid again !!!! And empty out my pocket s

Demario Young

Went to spinners for the first time , last Monday and had a blast. This establishment was very nice & clean. All of the arcade games worked fine. The bowling lanes were nice & the rink was too. Will most definitely be returning soon.

Alorah Bridges

Lunny 01

Misti Edmondson

Great family fun in a great facility! Highly recommend!

BJ Wells

Gerald Havard

A J Tlor

Great atmosphere for all ages !! I attended a child’s birthday party there and it was awesome ! The party room was really cool and the pizza was delicious ! Definitely planning to return for a fun night out !!

the big buddies

No rollerblades allowed. I understand their reasons. I haven't put on the box skates in 30 years and I wasn't sure I would like it so I didn't try. They should have an encouraging discount for bladers. Maybe half price one time to try box skates again to see if u will enjoy it. Or let u try a couple or rounds around the ring to see if u want to relearn those skates. I might have tried it. The people were very nice. Not their fault.

Drake Dockery

Ridiculously great too much fun with the right group of people

Keisha Holmes

The skate rental line is a poor set up. Also the music for skating is played by a jukebox paid for by the skaters!! Everything else great

Sedrick Jefferson

Bought a party package for my little girl. She had a blast!

Maurice Allison

Great place for kids!

Scarlett Houck

I was amazing

Kaylah J

I LOVE Spinners. It's a great place to bowl, skate, and play arcade games!!!!!

Donna-Sue Horton

Fun place, something for everyone

leda cooper

Latisa Husband

Nice facility. Lots of space. Clean amenities. Offered a variety of entertainment options (skating, bowling, 4 person virtual reality game, space jump area for smaller kids). However, it's very confusing if it's your first time visiting. There's no signs to direct you where to go. You have to wonder around until you find it. Bathrooms had no mirrors or diaper changing station in them. Arcade is right next to skating rink so skaters & arcader players are blended together (accident waiting to happen especially with little ones). We had several near collisions from the two. Lastly, apparently skating times are scheduled according to time. So we arrived during the 4-7 time block. My sister purchased skates for her & her son around 6:15 p.m. About 15 minutes later, all skaters were asked to leave the floor so the could prepare for the next skatingtime block. So basically my sister only skated 15 minutes & would've had to repay to skate again in the new time block. They shouldn't have allowed her to purchase skates to skate for 15 minutes. That's a complete ripoff. However, with some changes/improvements this center could really be a hidden gem in the heart of Florence.

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