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905 Jefferson St, Lafayette, LA 70501, United States

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Where is Rock'n'Bowl® de Lafayette?

REVIEWS OF Rock'n'Bowl® de Lafayette IN Louisiana

Zedd E.

Bowling mixed with drinks, food and dancing! Fun place for everyone!

Thad Lambert

What a great place to celebrate graduation!! My daughter and her boyfriend (Matthew Cranfield) had a blast. Y'all come check out this venue!!

Kay Guillory

Great night out! Huge place with great entertainment! Will frequent for FUN!

Ben Logan

Very disappointed with our first experience here. Bought a beer on draft and it came out in a 10oz cup. They currently have NO pitchers so you are restricted to the 10oz cup or bottles. Had a buddy step out of the bowling alley to speak with a friend at the bar in the entry way. Realized he left his phone but was not allowed to re-enter without paying a $10 cover for a band that wasn't even playing and the venue was borderline empty. The system they are using to manage the lanes seems to work through mobile apps on stationary kiosk iPads. The first round was not working but they resolved it immediately. Staff is clearly still learning but very helpful however I'm not enthusiastic about the success of this place. If you want to bowl - go to a real bowling alley that has it together. Plenty of other places in Lafayette to listen to live music. Reply to owners: They offer 12 ounce at other bars inside the building but the moment you step out of the bowling alley you are expected to pay a cover to get back in. This may work in other places but you are trying to get blood from a stone in Lafayette. We left immediately and drank/ate somewhere else down Jefferson. I will eat a leather shoe if this place is still around in 5 years. Nobody in Lafayette will tolerate this - especially when there are already 2 bowling alleys. I wish Rock'n'Bowl luck however I'm not exactly enthusiastic about this place after the way they've treated patrons.

Salvatore Lattero

Cool place.. great times

Myles Donald

Music was great. $12 Tacos are terrible.

Dustin Danos

Fancy nice place

marty freyou

Great place/ Geat music

Rene Landry

Really fun place

Daniel Harris

We saw a concert here and it was AWESOME. However, they could do so much more...the bar menu is VERY limited. Few tables to sit. Limited draft beers. Things we liked tho: large dance floor (balance that with the need for more tables) P s. We DID eat at the assiciated full servuce restaurant (and it WAS good). But I am suggesting a more extensive bar-food menu (burgers, nachos, and ESPECIALLY desserts). I had to go back next door and order an ice cream carryout after we mived iver to the bar!!!


If you want to; stand 90%of the time for bowling, (I couldn't get near the "dance" floor to try to even view if open seats exist, because its standing room only while a band is playing -there is literally next to no seating!) and pay a different price for drinks each round as my friends did, (I presume bartenders added in varying tips?? ) then this is the place for you... #disappointed

John Zant

Just wanted to say what a great venue this is and how lucky we are that Rock N Bowl is willing to host DTA on rain nights! We got to see George Porter Jr last week and it was great! Good beer selection and great bar food. The lanes are good and reasonably priced, worth the price. Good times here.

Diane Rytlewski

So much fun! Live music, bowling, great food and excellent bar.

Marilyn Gould

What a great place! Bowling Bands and Beers

Sharon Thomas

Great place! Top notch Live Entertainment! You can dine in, have a drink from the bar, dance & of course bowl!

Randi Hunt

Great place for Adults and Kids. Really enjoyed it.

Lisa Thibodeaux

Very cool place.

Tim Morgan

We were there for the Molly Ringwald's show. It was a great time with many people. I didn't order any food so I cannot rate the kitchen yet.

Cody Dutile

Food was good in the restaurant. Name was put on waiting list for bowling but after waiting 3 hours, never got a lane. Even though we were told it would be between 10:30pm and 11pm before a lane would be available. Checked with worker and was told to have “little more patience” and it would be another 40 minutes to another hour. That’s fine with us but was delivered with an attitude! Bartender was new and was doing a great job, but her co-worker was very rude to her and made it very obvious that she was annoyed by her. This is not great customer service. Every employee seemed to be overwhelmed and it showed!! This is not great for an establishment that is just starting and trying to grow. Not sure if I would recommend this place to friends which sucks because it seems like it would be a great place to hangout with friends. Hopefully it gets better.

Jason Guidry

Great spot with good music. Food was mediocre at best and drinks were very expensive.

Courtney Dawson

Loved our experience last night!

Lidice Ortiz

Lovely place. They have different areas to hosted events the atmosphere is chick and nice.

Heidi Tujague

Great sound, fun experience for catching some live music

Tonya Richard

Had a great time at the Molly Ringwalds concert!

Deborah Simeral

A big thank you to rock n bowl for hosting DtA.

Collin Pourcio

Honestly where else can you Bowl, Listen to live music, and Get a drink all at the same time?

lauren oquain

Very entertaining upscale business

Cole Delhomme

Super fun atmosphere! Helpful staff, tasty appetizers. We had our Christmas office party here and everyone had a blast!

Tim Campbell

Overall a fun night out. Had issues with the equipment keeping the correct score of our first game but it was resolved be the staff when notified.


Went to see Flo Tribe here. It was fun. Bowling seemed okay but didn't bowl that night. Cover charge was kind of high at $15

Nicole Johnson

Love this place! The food, the staff and the atmosphere were all great!!

Kaity Craven

Rad place! Totally new spin on a traditional bowling alley. Bartenders served generous pours.

Travis Bodin

My twins had their birthday party there and it was awesome. The place was clean and the food was good. I would do it again.

Sandy Guidoni

Great place to see music. We got a tour last night. Scott the manager treated us like royalty. Beautiful building with lots of spaces for groups. The food looked amazing. We didn't eat there last night but will in the future.

Rebekah Hayes

Went here on a Friday night. I'd say around 11:30? There was so much going on it was a bit overwhelming. We paid to bowl but it's so dark in there you can't see much of anything. Yall are in need of more lights and bigger numbers for the lanes. There was a group that was at our lane which lead us to a lane that wasnt ours making us lose out on our time for bowling (we paid for an hour). I feel like the floor plan could've been set up a bit better, you have to walk through a crowd of people at the bar to get to the bowling area. The touch screen that our scores were on was kind of going crazy. There were a few times the pins didn't reset for the next person and it threw our entire game off because someone decided to bowl three times. Also the band was leaving when we got there and there was absolutely no music playing. Honestly I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be but I did enjoy my time with friends.

Barbara Cary

Nice venue, reasonable prices drinks & good bands. I love the music...good selection of local bands.

Diana Silva

Rock, roll, bowl and eat. Dey pass a good time cher!

Monique Dejean

I love it

Terry Ledet

Cycle Bar event was a blast! This is my first time to bowl here. Excellent service! Clean and fun. I'll be back!!!!

Cody Lantier

Had a great time. music was great drinks were awesome.

Ted M. Daigle Realtor with eXp Realty

Great place and atmosphere!

C Trahan

Horrible food. Horrible service. Better off going to McDonalds and Lafayette Lanes.

Bigg Dogg

Good environment for kids & adult fun

Emily Paille

Free dancing! Amazing

gabe smith

Very nice. We had a grear time

Tom Ernst

Karaoke tuesdays. Free Line dancing wednesdays. Easy parking. Cajun country fun, in beautiful downtown Lafayette!

Andrew Braidwood

A little spendy, but lots of fun

Stephanie Campos

Laid back place with good acoustics for a show

Elizabeth Lamond

I have been to two events here, and had a blast! Good music, fun bowling, lots of laughs and high fiving. A great place to hold a casual, fun event.



Michael Rgnonti

Wasn't impressed. Nothing like the one in New Orleans because that one is set up correctly. You don't really hear the bowling not like Lafayette where it's pretty much in your face. The set up wasn't thought out very well. I'll stick with new orleans.

Hanson Broussard

food had no seasoning, bowling balls were beat up, and bowling floor was in horrible condition

Savanna Kerry

They have amazing service, food, music, and bowling!! Highly recommend as a date night. It is such a great time! I love this place

Kenny Whiz

Had a great time celebrating my friends birthday!

Sabryna Faridnia

Thought there would be more lanes. The booths seats were way too high everyone's feet were dangling .

Colby Howell

Fantastic venue with a really cool atmosphere and vibe. I was really impressed at the size of everything and how great the remodel looked. Overall, this was a great experience. To bowlers: the approaches are extremely slick, you're going to want a stickier slide. The lanes are Brunswick and my Hammer balls experienced quite a lot of belt marks throughout the three games I played. Keep a towel handy. The pattern felt like a pretty basic house shot during the week. If you're looking to bowl the best lanes in Lafayette, I wouldn't bowl here. If you're looking to have a lot of fun and some drinks, then definitely come here. I'm looking forward to going back.

Brad Armentor

Great venue for live music

Lisa Migues

Love going just wish they had more food to choose from.

Steffan Weekly

$24 bottles of champagne. But it was busy and took 2 hours to get a lane to bowl Just to be clear, I like the $24 bottles champagne! The 4 stars is, even though half the lanes were dark and not being used, it took 2 hours to get one.

Chad Beraud

A really enjoyable place. I've heard stories about the Rock'n'Bowl in NOLA, and it lives up to the hype


Awesome place! Very clean, fun, plenty of lanes, and fantastically friendly staff

Alyson Evans

Bowling was lots of fun, restaurant food was ok, not out of this world

Christina Babineaux

Great music and fun time bowling.

Derik Brown

Great atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks, domestic and import bottles/draft beers, great bowling layout on side of live entertainment!

Morgan Wilson

We LOVE this place! My boyfriend and I aren’t very good at bowling, but we have a great time anyway. They charge by the hour instead of by the game, which I prefer. This allows us to fit in almost three games in an hour. Beware: they only allow children to use the gutter bumpers, so if you are not so great at bowling, maybe find another place.

Ben Gomez

Such a cool place to hang, eat, and listen to cool music. I'd love to play here for yall one day!

Brandie Kittrell

Great music, great fun, amazing fun.b

Erika Dick

Great place for the whole family

Christopher Reggie

So much fun! We'll definitely be back!

John W Tilly

Nice atmosphere.

Charlie FPV

Stood in line only to find out there was a $10 cover, not a big deal but it was cash only... No one in our group was carrying cash so we would of had to go out to the ATM just to stand in line again after. We decided to leave. We were going to pay to bowl... why not just add that to our credit card charge?

Melissa Haynes

Nice place great band!

Father Albert

Fun. Well laid-oit

Antonio Calarez

Great music and fun

Tabitha Harvin

The serve was awesome. The food was also wonderful.


Love this place

Ariel Fontenot

We had our work Christmas Party here and I absolutely loved it will definitely be going back!!!

Charles Credeur

Great place for a birthday party.

Bethany Landry

Drinks were a bit expensive but had a great time

roger johnson

Good place to bowl with a large group. Has lots of entertainment for evening times. Needs larger menu and larger cups in the bowling area for sodas.

Niels Doran

Wow what a cool place to hangout! Prices are real reasonable. Drinks and food are good also. And local music and bands are always great to listen and dance too

Maria D

First time here hanging out with friends! Great upscale place to be an adult and act like a kid. Live music, dance floor, bar, food, bowling, table tennis, darts, jenga, connect 4, other games... what more can you ask for?

Butch Segura

Always love going there

Chazz M

Had a blast! The staff, at first, tried to tell us that karaoke was over, but it was only 10 o' closes at 12. Felt like we were bothering them, but we had a good time overall and did karaoke along with a few other patrons as well.

Teresa Kilgore

Good venue, not enough seating or parking

Aaron Coon

The best all-around place to be in Lafayette. In my opinion this is no doubt a five-star place, where else are you going to go in Lafayette if you want to do something besides just drink? This place is a great place to bowl, listen to live music, eat food, and drink. Lafayette has plenty of places to drink and hear music, but Rock n Bowl is something new and we need more places like it.

Michelle Kelsey

Amazing! Great food at St Marie and good music with bowling. Super fun!

Daniel Lafleur

Went here for a company party/celebration. It was great! We got a package deal for 2 1/2 hrs. They brought us finger foods: cheese sticks, fried shrimp and fish, and chicken tenders which were all great. Drinks were great too. We were about 20+ people and it was a great place for a company celebration. Lafayette needs places like this! If I had to complain about anything, i would say maybe some glow lights or reflectors on the lanes so we could see a lil more... and the chicken tenders and dip was awesome! We devoured them... but it took them a while to bring us more. We had a great time! We will most definitely do it again.

Chris Hargrave

Amazing venue bowling with a full bar, live music and food

Laf La

My grandson and I had an great time there. We went for bowling, but I enjoyed the band so much(Louisiana Red). I’m originally from New Orleans, have enjoyed the Rock n Bowl there for years. Now I get to enjoy this one in Lafayette. The staff was very friendly. I love the architecture of the building. Will be back soon, keep up the great work

Tim Hunt

Had a fun night of dancing live bands only down side it is hard to get a bowling lane

Heidi Theriot

Love it went with my girl friend miss heidi

T Best

Went in the early evening with our older children. We were stopped right away by someone asking us to pay a 10$ cover for the band. However the band didn’t start for two hours and we were just there to bowl for an hour. The gentleman seemed annoyed but understood and let us in. I think they should work out how and when there’s going to be cover charges when they offer the bowling. We got shoes and went to find our lane but it was so dark we couldn’t tell where to go. I would definitely have liked more lights and energy. The whole place is so dark and chilled out. More like a movie theater. The scores for bowling are kept on an iPad with what looks like a simple spread sheet. I definitely missed the animated style score from an alley. The food available was pretty mediocre. Only 3-4 choices and all ballpark stuff, fries and nachos. Overall fun but no what we expected. I will say everyone working was very friendly and helpful. Staff is definitely top notch.

rl dwg

Food was good, nice drink selection and the decor I really enjoyed. For real bowlers the lanes are shorter and we had issues with the score keeping on several terminals but still had a blast. The girls behind the bar were extremely attentive, quick, and courteous. All staff professionals

Wayne Bourque

Food at the restaurant was good. Not very impressed with the band that played. Employees were nice.

John Hollier

Great atmosphere and good service though we did have some technical issues with our lanes they took care of us and made sure we were satisfied. Would recommend and will be going back.

Hilda Orochena

Great customer service

Ryan Durel

If your goal is to bowl then you're better off going elsewhere. The music is deafening and there are no bowling shelves; if your lane doesn't have the ball you want you'll have to grab it from another one. This is probably the one alley that serves cocktails, though, and the second floor is neat.

Janet Williams

Loved Geno Delafosse!

Don Delahoussaye

We want for bowling but it's more of a sports bar than a bowling alley. If you like bands this is the place to go.

Indie foltie

Very very nice loved the live music and wonderful staff!

Larry Wilmer

Fun place and very professional employees

Ryan Gibson

I thought I reviewed this place a while back, but I guess I forgot. I think it was October 2018 when I went. Starting off with the good- the atmosphere is really nice and the staff is attentive. While I was waiting for my food, I accidentally knocked my napkin roll off my table. The hostess heard it, it wasn't even loud, and I saw her begin to move out of the corner of my eye. She went and fetched another and replaced the one I dropped on the floor. Kudos to her. My waitress was nice, sorry, but I can't remember her name. The shrimp and grits I ordered was alright. It was served with 2 pieces of bread, lightly toasted/ grilled was the intent. There were grill marks on the bread, but it was burnt at the grill marks which made each bite of bread taste burnt. I thought they could have done better on the bread considering the price, 18 or 19 dollars. One of the managers collected my bowl, asked about the meal, and I politely brought up how the char on the bread was overpowering. The waitress returned, asked about the meal, and I relayed the same info to her. I wanted bread pudding and coffee, but was skeptical about their bread operation. She mentioned chocolate something or other but assured me the bread pudding was amazing. Kind of tongue in cheek but kind of serious, I agreed to the bread pudding so long as it wasn't burnt. Lo and behold, it came to my table overcooked. I think it was supposed to be fried or something and then put in a bowl with a sweet sauce of some sort. The sauce was delicious by the way. I was trying to eat it with the spoon they provided, but it wasn't cutting it- literally wasn't cutting it. Because it was overcooked and sitting in the sauce, all the spoon did was mash it. The edge of the spoon could not gracefully cut through the exterior of the bread pudding. So, after specifically asking for not burnt bread pudding, I ended up with a plate of burnt bread pudding squashed to the point where it looked like I was eating mashed sweet potatoes. I couldn't finish it. A different manager came by and collected this plate, he could tell I wasn't satisfied. As politely as I could, I explained how and why the bread pudding didn't work. He offered to bring me another, but I had a bad taste in my mouth and didn't want a repeat. I mean, I specifically asked for not burnt bread pudding the first time. At least they were attentive.

Rosemarie Torry

Rick Foret’s band was awesome! Everyone danced all night! The bar service was excellent. The food was simple not fantastic but edible bowling alley food. We had a great night!

Alana Guidry

Cover charges were being collected at the door to get in to bowl bc a band was playing. That didn't include the cost to bowl.

Dale Hebert

Great atmosphere overall. Bowling, drinks, friends, and live music is a hard venue to beat. Will have many hangouts here..

Footie Footie

It was Awesome! Very family oriented, great service & food! A great spot to bring the family to bowl or after work for cocktails & fun!

Crystal Bruno


Darlene Bearb

So much fun! Good drink selection. Friendly staff. Fun place for children during the day.

Jason Myers Sr.

Great music. Better people. Fifth Avenue was the bomb

Hilton Schexnayder

It was a great place to play at Adult and Family Fun

Joni Guidry

We had a blast Wednesday line dancing

Debbie Vaugjn

So amazing! The food, staff and service was impeccable. We had the best time. Thanks for everything.

Brian Leleux

Great place. Eclectic remodel of the old bank is nice with lots of different spaces suited for private events, restaurant, business meeting areas, bars, huge dance floor, and of course all wrapped around a modern bowling alley.

Anthony Frame

Great atmosphere!

Istvan Berkeley

Good food, reasonable prices.

Nick Dubuisson

It's cool to hear live bands but the seating around the lanes is terrible, and the balls, lanes, and shoes are sub-par quality.

Kendra Webster

Absolutely loved it. Didn't know this place existed. Went in a Wed and they actually had line dancing. The food was very good. Staff very friendly and accommodating.

mike saunders

Friendly staff, fun place.

Claude Ausley

Like. Ever. Time. Verty. Gteat..

tim boudreaux

Went here to catch a CAJUNS game on the big screen today. The staff here are so friendly and of all didn't even have a cover charge! If your looking for a fun, spotless, and all around awesome place to bowl, see a band or watch a game..THIS PLACE IS IT!

Kelsey Griffith

A swanky version of a bowling alley with a stage for live music positioned in the middle of 20 or so bowling lanes. Reasonable prices for lane and shoe rental and the screen for the bowling frames is on an iPad (without the tacky animations). For live music on the weekends, there might be an additional cover charge. There is a fully stocked bar and small kitchen for the bowling alley itself, but you could always grab a bite to eat beforehand or afterwards at the excellent Sainte Marie restaurant located just inside the doors. Parking in the lot across the street is convenient for this downtown location!

c t

Too loud. Bowling seemed like an afterthought.

Lance Richard

Place is ok but it’s a typical Lafayette overhyped place. We were there for an hour and spent 20 mins waiting on jams to be cleared or equipment to be fixed. There were several times when the bumpers wouldn’t come up for the kids turns and had to manually pull them up. The soft drinks the kids had tasted like the water used for the drinks was collected in the storm gutter. Selection of balls was slim and had a hard time finding balls with finger holes that fit. The “scoreboards” are iPads and are also finicky. As soon as the game ends it starts the next game and there’s no way to check the final score of the game. Today was our first probably last time here

Ronald Forest

Need reservations Friday and Saturday night!

Joe Blumrich

Great place to meet friends, have a few drinks, listen to music, watch sports, a throw a few strikes......all at the same time.

Live And Local

Great Burgers and Bogart in the back is cool.

Jordan Keener

I loved my first experience there. I hated my second. I was accused of stealing a beer couzy because I have tattoos. Also I asked management to address people crowding our lane. He called me " bruh". I asked for a refund. I paid three $20 cover charges for a band i didn't even see perform and only got refunded for the 25 dollar lane fee. Manager in blazer and ponytail is highly disrespectful.

Chris Henson

Took all my grandchildren there to eat and bowl. My granddaughter arrived 30 minutes after we all got there, I had paid by debit card for everybody including her. We had a tab running on the food and drinks. When she got there, they would not let her in without paying a $10.00 cover for the band, which wasn't even playing. Management sucks, we all left.

Jason Snead

Awesome place, we had fun

Kevin Ste Marie

Great event Golf 4a Cause 2018

Haden Coleman

Great bowling, food, people, service, atmosphere, and music. If you want to purely practice your bowling, maybe not the lanes for you. But if you want a good time, then this is the placer to be.

suranjana chatterjee

Unique place with great music

Voodoo Growers

Great place. Not a ball in the place fits bigger than maybe a 10 ring finger 15 pound balls need bigger holes. I had to watch where 14

Caged Rage

Nice new place, minimalist bowling alley that would have been even more fun if the band were playing. If you have kids, you can get the bumpers to go up and down per bowler, so the whole family doesn't have to deal with them. Downside, the balls were in pretty bad shape, and the shoes were very slippery.

Antonio Acosta

Amazing. Great bands and great bowling. It could benefit from more craft brews.

Raven Rae

It's okay. The lanes are small and the entire system is on iPads. Not the bowling experience I hoped for.

Frankie Hughes

Great family outing!

Albis Franco

Great and fun. Good food and excellent prices.

Joe Begnaud

You have to experience it to understand the awesomeness!!!!

Heather Lynn

Really great place! There isn't enough seating and there isn't a division of where the dance floor is, so the standing crowd made it seem crowded and a little hard to dance. I will definitely be back!

jessie rogers

This is the coolest place. Though they dont have many lanes to bowl and we didnt get a chance to we can a great time listening to the band.

Deandre Fitzgerald

First time experience bowling and a live band.

Donna Tomchay

Went here for a gathering for my step daughter's company. Didn't stay for bowling. Love to come back and check out their food and bar.

Elizabeth Vilcan

Went for a company party here and everything was amazing and well taken care of!

Darnel Wiltz

Good food! A little trouble with out bowling lanes and the music selection was good!

Cutina Gabriel

Really enjoyed myself

ET Jones

It was really nice.

Michael McCann

It was all good till right before the band played they played a very vulgar song/video dropping S bombs like crazy with lots of kids in there. Didn't like that at all!

B Nelson

Had a good time but my group went to 3 different lanes before the pins matched up with our ipad..... frustrating...

Matthew Faul

Nice venue, and the music was good. We did not really care for the bowling. We found that the resets between frames were rather lengthy, I believe I timed it to an average of 26 seconds before the pin reset process completed. The bowling balls were also old and scuffed with some have large scratches on them. Lane conditions were not great either, we found that they are not properly oiled and the ball would not hook towards the pocket. If you are looking for a venue to dance, drink, and listen to music this will be a fun place, if you are looking to bowl go elsewhere. Also let I be known if you are going to bowl and thereis going to be a band starting, or a band is playing, you will be required to pay a cover on top of the bowling fees.

Kayla Barras

Great venue for party's r get togethers.

Jeff Rytlewski

Great fun had by all. LA Red rocked the house.

Allison Nitsch

TL;DR Horrible experience. We will not be back. NOT KID FRIENDLY. No overhead scores, poor lighting, poor service. All of our family was in from out of town. We called and made a reservation for 2 lanes for 2 hours. When we arrived, they had lost the reservation. They could accommodate 2 lanes for 1 hour. They didn’t accept our counter of 3 lanes for 1 hour though there were visibly empty lanes. One of the lanes wouldn’t even work for the first 8 minutes of our set. We had to go get someone to reset it. We had 11, 9 and 7 year old with us. We asked for the bumpers. Turns out NONE of the bumpers work per the worker (or so they said. GUESS WHAT?!? they miraculously worked for the people after us). They only have one of the kid friendly bowling ramps and it was being used. Also, midway through the game they had to move one of our lanes because the lane was malfunctioning. Later, when it worked again they inserted random people between us (so much for family bonding). Because of all the shenanigans with the lanes, and trying to get the bumpers we didn’t even get through one game and the lane cut off. No option to extend our time (like I have encountered at similarly price structured alleys). They did give the one group from the malfunctioning lane an extra 20 minutes (only after we asked, it was not offered). It was great the rest of the group just awkwardly stood around. I bowl about 2X per month and was excited to try this place but it was a miserable disappointment. No overhead scores, poor lighting, poor service.

Joshua Baudoin

Classy uptown venue. Great bar service, dance floor and live entertainment

amelia bellard

very tiny menu and very expensive. food was not good and the lemonade tasted like windex. whenever booking a reservation ask to sit in the bowling alley because we were in a super secluded room

Chad Aymond

The food was great, had a really awesome time and Tab Benoit was really good!

Julie Nix

We love this place. Bowling, drinks, food and dancing all in one place. So much fun to see people on the dance floor with bowling shoes on. Love this place!!

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