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REVIEWS OF Rock 'N' Bowl IN Louisiana

Sara Destin

This is Mid City Lanes. On Saturday nights, and throughout the week they have live music and various activities. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the music. The place was clean and the crowd was having fun. The staff was competent, not overly friendly, but hey it was a Saturday night. I can’t give it five stars because I had two drinks from the bar and they were both awful. They were not complicated, rum and cranberry (that tasted like maybe it was made with an awful gin) and an amaretto and pineapple ( who puts soda in an amaretto and pineapple?) I can only guess they were not paying attention. I’ll probably go back, will probably skip the bar.

Michael Whitley

Had a blast at the zydego dance on Thursday night

JoAnne MO

Had a party for a family member. ....awesome venue! Live band at night, party catering available, bowling lanes for all ages. Bar for adults ....this place is the bomb! Go, and have fun! Next to Ye Ole College Inn, a NOLA restaurant icon....also reception room for traditional parties!

Renada Berry

This visit was just for the food. I had been here for a few events and the food was awesome. So I brought my family here on day just to eat. I think the people who cook for them daily isn't the same who cook for their events. The food was different. However, the customer service was amazing so I have them 3 stars. If I was writing a review from a previous experience. It would have had 5 stars, it's just that this experience didn't meet my expectations. That being said, I would still recommend this place, just know the food maybe a hit or miss.

Danialle Tillman

Absolutely terrible. I called earlier in the week to make a reservation on behalf of my friend. I was told that it was $25 to rent a lane , $1 for shoes, and nothing else. When we got here (Thursday), we were informed that there is an additional $10 cover charge CASH ONLY. I like to be reasonable. While upset at the fact that I was not informed in advanced and had no cash, I would have figured out a way to make it happen. However, the lady at the front desk is EXTREMELY RUDE and unhelpful. Her attitude was on 100%. Even after calling the original person I talked to there was no resolution. Birthday ruined. I would recommend going to a friendlier place.

Jim Leich

What a great fun venue! Shannon McNally was great! We always try to hit Rock and Bowl when we are in town.

Vincent Schell

It being my first time at the new rock and Bowl it was great , it was also great to see Tom's house again. The whole night was awesome.

Mark Manno

Always a fun place.

chet barnett

Checking out Amanda Shaw and the Cute Guys!

Matthew Shafae

Strangely dim inside. And no large monitors to talk smack and track scoring. Otherwise friendly staff, good pub food, fun vibe.

Paul D

Great place to go and bowl...get an adult beverage and eat some good simple favorites.

Mandy Nguyen

This was my first time here and I can't wait to come again. We had a great time listening to the music, dancing on the dance floor and bowling. The chicken tenders were really good as well!

Nancy Pineda

So Much FUN! Great Music!

Chad Treser

Went for a private party and had a great time. Great date night place too. Gets a bit crowded an the weekends after 9:30 when the live bands start but still a good time.

George C

Fun with dancing and all. Food not overly impressed with.

Heather Cook

Nice place! Cool people and great bowling! Tuesday nights, they have salsa classes.

Rick Wojciechowski

Go there when they have a rockabilly, swing or country band to see some great dancing.

Herb Lacassagne

My party would have been a great success if the lights in Georgia would have stayed on A big party like mine The place was VERY CROWDED Needed a greeting area and better chairs for the older crowd we had Maybe next time All in all B+ with the lights going off,(witch was no their fault) Great

Stacy McMullen

We ALWAYS have a good time!

Donald Gaspard

The band was Great but it was to crowded, to Hot and not enough parking. Only stayed 1 hr and had to leave.

Karen Filos

A Beautiful Place for any event! So Special!

Claudia Rodick

FANTABULOUS place to watch the Saints game with ROCKN' IT, live music, AWESOMENESS food & FUN & efficient staff! John is the BEST Host on the Planet!

John Perez

This place desperately needs more parking. I went to the see the bag of donuts induction ceremony. Bought my tickets online I was overcharged online. They need more places to sit down. And they need to advertise that there's going to be two other bands besides bag of donuts thank you appreciate way too expensive for Wednesday night

Jennifer Pepin

They try to accommodate bowlers with special needs and I like that. Good family fun. Medium price range.

Ronald Ryed

The band was great and I enjoyed dancing the night away.

Mario Cavicchi

They teach West coast swing on Mondays. James the teacher was great. I want to learn to dance. Had great time.

Jordan Modell

This is a very tough one to write. I love the music and the support of fantastic local musicians. And the atmosphere is really fun. My objection It's only on moral and political grounds so feel free to ignore it. The owner I have observed and I am told seems to be a far right wing bit of a nut job. He treats the musicians on stage like hired help and forces them to be deferential. That is my observation from more than one visit. But it does give local musicians a place to play. If so take whatever I say with the appropriate grain of salt. I just felt uncomfortable.

Jason Betke

Great music. Fun for kids but gets a little rowdy later at night. Good bowling alley but best if you bring your own ball!

Mary Christy

Small very casual place with live music after 7 pm. Brought a group of 18 and it was so reasonably priced.

Ruth RH

I had been here last year for zydeco dancing and it was a lot of fun. However, if you do go on a Thursday night for their advertised zydeco, and you call ahead and ask them if, in fact, they have Zydeco, make sure to specifically ask if they will be putting the Zydeco into their back room. Tonight, they had a special concert, so they moved to it to a separate building. In this building, they had a textured, painted, cement floor. It was very difficult to dance on this floor. I talked to the manager and asked him if I could get a refund because I was going to leave. He refused, saying that I could just take my shoes off. One cannot dance in bare feet on a textured floor. Beyond that, dancing in bare feet on cement is extremely painful. Leaving all of that aside, dancing on any cement is extremely hard on the back. Many people are here this week for jazz fest. In fact, I didn't go to Jazz Fest today, specifically to go zydeco dancing tonight. Not only was I out the $20 admission, but I had thrown away my $75 jazzfest ticket to go dancing. The least he could have done was refunded my $20 admission. I am now waiting for my bus so that I can take over an hour to return to my hotel after taking over an hour to get to rock 'n bowl, only to throw away my money. Customer service is not their strength. Is $20 really that important to keep from someone wasn't going to stay? Ridiculous.

Jacob G

Nice place, good for birthday parties or large groups of people. Price is reasonable.

Denise Youngblood

First time and I loved it....

Ty Provosty

Great dance spot! Love zydeco dancing there. The lanes are improved as well. Lots of fun.

Mike Coakley

Went there for a friends birthday party. Category 6 was playing and had a great time. I was the DD and disappointed that they charged $1.50 for every refill of Diet Coke in a small 8 oz. cup that was mostly ice. We were there for around 4 hours.

Tiffany Anderson

Rock 'n' bowl is a true New Orleans gem. The space is large, bustling, and inviting. Bartenders are friendly and fast. Whether you're there to bowl, dance, or just enjoy people watching, it's the place to be! Food on site is limited but tasty. For a more extensive menu, dine next door at Ye Olde College Inn and receive $5 off entry for every entree purchased! Zydeco Thursdays are especially fun!

geri lyn Cross

What a hoot...first time doing zydeco, fun time!

Dan Durig

Had a great time here. We got there early to have a place to sit. The place was packed and everyone was having a great time. If I had come to bowl then I may have been upset because of the cover but I did my research and knew Thursday was mostly for the music. The band was great and engaging. Food was good for what it was and prices were pretty reasonable. This did not appear to be a tourist destination though in my opinion it should be.


Music was good but a bit loud. The computerized bowling scoring broke in one lane and malfunctioned in the other. The dance floor was filled with old people, which isn't necessarily bad, but smelled a bit like decomposing flesh.

Aidan Risberg

Great music, lots of space to dance, and an all around good time!!

D Sepulveda

Love this place! Fun time with friends listening to 5 great bands. Listening because no room to dance. It's so crowded for the anti Superbowl party. Enjoyed the music albeit a little too loud at times.

Loletta O.

Great environment!! Affordable and fun for the whole family

Alicia Swanson

Such a unique bowling expierience. Great place!

Bryan B

Caught the Pat Barberot Orchestra last night on Wednesday "Swing Night". They were fantastic. What a great venue for a great Swing Band!!!

Beverly Salassi

Second time having our Class Reunion here. Lots of room, good food, great dance floor.

Samantha Gwinn

Crowded and more expensive than advertised on website. Fun though.

Rob Chamberlain

Good food and good music

Dominique Rochon

Nice place with no smoking. Food is good! Bowling is fun and the staff is nice and friendly


Good variety of bands

Raoul Duke

Fun place to see a show, get a cocktail and bowl.

david belala

Fantastic, always a good time.

Whitnee Muhammad

My family had an amazing time here. Never thought Rockin and Bowlin could be so fun but the atmosphere was so lively. The band that played during out time there was really good.

Michael Padget

Nice bar and good food. There are no ball racks so all the house balls are stored on the lanes. This is kind of awkward. The band played one song and quit for some reason.

Braxston Rousell

This was a cool place to visit..I like the music vibe..and their burger was pretty good.

Beth Bonin Looney

Well, it was fabulous! Lafayette?, New Orleans?, I can't pick a favorite! Both memorable! #Marie Looney birthday, me and Sue's high school reunion!

Nadine Kiyonaga

It was a nice place with lots of stuff going on. I enjoyed watching the dancing that they had here next to the bowling

Jason Broom

Great place to hang out with friends, have a party or listen to a band. Don't forget to bowl!

NikkI Allen

Bowling, dancing, bar food and live music. Hands down best bowling alley I've ever been to. The bartenders are fast and knowledgeable. Bowling staff friendly. The dance floor is pretty big. It was really a great setting for our group gathering.

Jonathan Bullard

Good place to take children or teens in New Orleans. Live music at night with bowling and a snack bar. Good place to visit to get away from the French Quarter if on vacation. Reasonably priced.

Jadiz Porrata

I'm not a bowler but this place was really fun. They also had Latin night so while we bowled we also danced. This was a team event and it was so much fun.

Ana Amici

This was the perfect place for us! We had one teenager with us so Bourbon street was out. There was a live band and a full bar. A very fun atmosphere! Friendly fast service.

RoxyLen Reeves

One word to describe is awesome.. We had a Xmas party for my job there and we just had an absolute amazing time there... Can't wait till next year to go again.. I look forward to it for sure

Kenny Desselle

Never disappoints. Great entertainment, food, and of course bowling

Mae Chapman Casting

Had an Awesome Time! Great People and Staff!

Chris Burrus

Huge bar with good drinks, cool atmosphere, big dance floor with free classes on many nights, a good sized kitchen (never had the good, but others said it was good) - and of course, bowling!

Sarah Harbin

Bowling and live Zydeco music, what's not to love? This is very much a local scene, with lots of people dancing. Good was decent enough bar food, nothing to get super excited about. Bowling staff was friendly, and certainly a fun night out.

Jessica Strong

A decent place to bowl and have a few drinks. But DO NOT, by any means, EVER bring your own bowling ball! The ball return on their lanes severely damaged my bowling ball!! After bowling ONE frame, my ball now has a HUGE chip and gash on it, and their response was “Surely our lanes didn’t cause this...We are not responsible for damages...You shouldn’t have brought your own ball...,” etc. The manager should have realized that the cost of repair is worth creating a satisfied customer, rather than turning away business. I would highly recommend choosing another bowling alley!!

Hospitality Of New Orleans

Very family oriented place. Nice friendly staff. There is a dance floor and stage too where local bands play on occasion. They offer bumpers for kids which is great. The bowling alley also has a wheelchair access ramp. There are TV's for those who like to watch games. It's overall a great atmosphere. It's a great place to get together with friends for a party or other events.

Bob Queen

A great place to go with a crew. A huge dance floor and excellent stage and sound. A wonderful atmosphere. We went to see an old friend Papa John Gros and his funk band.

James Nguyen

Awesome place. Came here for a birthday. The vibe chill and the live music really made it fun

David Brooks

Do you like bowling? Food? Good local music? Yes?! Then this is the place for you! They have good clean lanes with the newest tech that bowling has to offer! The night we went the prices were $24 per hour per lane with up to ten players per lane. Their food service was fast. The food was amazing since it we ordered pizza and bread sticks. The drinks were epic! The music was hopping! Zydeco and Zydeco classic sixities Rock mixes were the tunes for the night. The guy running the sound board had a wicked cool look about him. You'll dig this place!

Mayme O'toole

Played bowl here for my boyfriend’s birthday! No problems with setting up the lane or getting shoes. All the staff were very helpful, friendly and welcoming. Fun to be there on Latin Music night too and dance while bowling. Reasonably priced, especially if you have at least 5 people on one lane!

Chris Victoriano

Check their talent line up. They get the best in New Orleans. Something for everyone. And the kids love it. It's where locals learn to party and be Cajun hospitable.

Quintin Kreth

If you're visiting New Orleans, you have to go to Thursday Zydeco Night at Rock n Bowl. It's an amazing musical experience. They have a fabulous dance floor, along with cheap drinks, great food, and bowling lanes. Unique venue and a ton of fun. Come here!

Elise Scher

We bought a few items of clothing. They were very attentive to us. Bathrooms were large and we'll maintained. Large selection at the bar. A few people were bowling. Lots of art on the walls. Dance floor and stage and lights and audio panel.

Andrea F

The absolute best bowling alley. Live music on the weekends. Great place to have a birthday party.

Michael McAndrew

Fun place for all. Great food, drinks, music all while you bowl. Great for groups.

Steve Beattie

Great experience, great music, everyone needs to put this on your bucket list.

Veronica Flores

It was an all around family oriented experience. Bowling with a live band very inventing. My husband and I loved it!!!

Rob Whipple

Was here for a company party, and I was impressed, kind of funky vibe 4 bowling alley. The band was awesome!

Troy Hoffpauir Jr

It was great except for the fact that we lost power for 2 hours + but you can't blame Rock N Bowl for that.

Cheyra Jenkins

Good social gathering, food & music during bowling was good. Music can be more suitable to the clientele during that time. Score board should be on the big screens, waste of time showing sports on the screen.

Jean Griffith

Management sucks. We were there bowling and listening to the concert with our service dog. The manager came out and told us to pick the dog up and keep her on our lap or leave. And that he didn't believe that she was a service dog. We spent too much money there to be treated that way. Very sad!!!

Fran Mackay

Rock N Bowl was great. Big dance floor. Fun! Bowling cool. Wanna go back!

Live Life Eat! Live Life Eat! been on Tuesday nights from 7 to 11 for the Latin Salsa Nights to dance and learn..its Awesome

Matt Daniel

Nice venue, but they (absurdly) charge for soda water at the bar.

Mike Veronie

Great atmosphere!! Family friendly and good music!!

Vic Bordelon

First time had fun great time good Band.

Vin Man

I truly had a great time my first visit. Didn't know what to expect, just showed up. Thoroughly enjoyed the music and joined in the dancing. Did not bowl but will be back. The wings and beer were great. This should definitely be on your list when you want to just get out and feel good in a friendly space.

Kemba Ware Taylor

This place was great. They have excellent customer service. My husband, my three year old son and myself had a blast. They have an excellent menu for food. They did not have what I would call typical bar food like nachos and cheese or hot dogs but they had more full meal options.

Michel Null

Love this venue. They were actually having a wedding there and I brought my two oldest sons and husband and everyone loved the bowling and the band was phenomenal!!! Even my 7 year old loved it!!! Great place to bowl relax and enjoy the live band

Carol Craig

Great entertainment for the whole family. We had a blast!!

Christy Gilmore

I had a wonderful time! Zydeco every Thursday! It was everything I looked forward to. Thanks Roc and bowl and the same ole ² step for making my vacation that much more memorable

Juan Carlos Ramos

Best bowling alley In the ciry

Brian Medus

Great times here, great bands and lots of fun with friendly staff

matthew hend

Very nice atmosphere. The music wasnt too loud but it was loud enough. Food was pretty good.

C. D. Wikman

Mid City location - Scary food cleanliness! Witnessed bugs in ladies room.

Amanda Franklin

We really enjoyed celebrating our 10 year reunion. It was unfortunate to not know about the private party room.. We were never told about it and that really disappointed me.

Caitlin Fitzgerald

Came here on a Sunday for their Zydeco night. So much fun!!! Music was great, dancing was tons of fun. Everyone is super friendly. Bowling here to if you want it. I had a blast shuffling around the floor with my drink. I definitely recommend if you want a laid back zydeco experience!


It's okay. The music wasn't my taste, but that's suggestive, depending on the person providing the rating. The drinks were either too full of juice or made incorrectly all together. The bowling lanes aren't fully setup with the basic automation yet, so each game takes twice as long to complete. The food was middle of the road, but it is a bowling spot, so you shouldn't go there for five star cuisine. All in all, I'd go back with a group of friends, but it wouldn't be my first or second choice.

Ross Moore

I was in town for the Jazz and Heritage Festival and caught a couple of the after shows here. Big place , big stage , good sound , good bar , great time !

Ajie GFX

Pretty roomy, intimate setting with 18 Lanes of bowl. You can dance, play some arcade games, bowl, and grab a drink. Typically there would be a love band, but the night we were there was just some music through the speakers. Me and my group had an unusual experience with a faulty lane and a dysfunctional scoring system. About 15 bowling balls were stuck in the return line and the system froze up half way through our game to no return. Fortunately we were able to get a refund. I'm not from around this way so I'm pretty much stuck with that experience. It still seems like a pretty cool place though.

Troy Jeanfreau

Always have a great time here!

Kendra Williams

I love doing west coast swing here on Monday nights Dj'sthe best!

Youssef Benelhadi

Very nice and cosy place to enjoy games and bowling with friends and family. Fast-food style bites which are delicious. Staff is very friendly and helpful!

Melissa Barnett

We come to NOLA a lot and this has been a place we were wanting to take our nieces to eat and bowl. I called before we left to go to ask about everything and if we could get there by the street car. After walking for quite a while to get there we were told we couldn’t go in and eat because the band was going to start in a hour and would have to pay a $10 cover charge per person just to go in so it would have cost us $60 just to walk in and was cash only. The biggest issue was the lady at the desks BAD ATTITUDE that was very bad customer service. Would not recommend and will not be back!!

Desmond Johnson

It's fun for the whole family, great people, great band and just an all around good time.

Jonathan Fadok

This is a great place to bowl. The prices are great all around. The staff are very friendly, too. Fun times!

Francisco Reyes

Great music and ambience! John Blanchard runs a great place.


Nice venue for live music but plan on waiting for drinks.

Ron Ducote

Nice place...clean, equipment works. Staff needs to work on being a little more social and friendly.

milton ally

Just a great place to have fun! Outstanding entertainment, nice bar, & oh by the way there is bowling too. Eats & pet party room. Wanna have fun get up and go

Sal guaraggi

Nice place decent food

Super MVs

Fun, great food and drinks, and great music.

Gina Guttuso

We had our 40th class reunion here & it was good but too crowded with other groups around. I would have preferred a closed group party. But other than that I had fun seeing old classmates

Shawn Ross

Great music. Great crowd. A definite when we come to New Orleans.

Rick Hodgson

Very fun place to take your family

Jessica Marie Allen

Good place for a work event. But plan ahead as there aren’t open lanes every night.

Patti Darby

Great time bowling and music

Christina Agustin

First time here. Live music was great. Positive vibes. Older crowd for the new year's.

David Wilkerson

Great atmosphere. Be sure to reserve a lane in advance. That's where we messed up. Drinks were incredible!

Angela Davis

It's a very nice place to go bowling and the food is good and so was the drinks I love the size of it the music was great and the service was great and they're very friendly

Mike Begg

Great music and food.

Christal Williams

So much FUN! can't wait to come back. Really enjoyed the music line up. Staff is fun.

katherine Wyatt

One of the best musuc venues in Nola....the best babds and great timrs here...clean and a great place for parties or just to listen to music

Jerome Verges

Great atmosphere and music

Alfredo Gomez

Awesome! Pricey but lots of fun. Latin music and dancing night.


1st time here loved food and drinks and the dance class

Kristofer Wilson

Good food, nice music, good atmosphere for corporate events. Floors were oiled appropriately.

eugene schwing

Nice place to hang out drink some drinks, bowl some and listen to good music.

Camille Victoria DeCoursey

A fun place for gathering with friends to bowl or just hangout.

Kim Randall

Great spot for live music, esp during JazzFest!

Hans Johnson

Thursday night Zydeco. Go or forever regret

T Fay

Great place for bowling! Easy parking.

Lloyd Bartolome

Good atmosphere and the bad was entertaining.

Amy B

This place is adorable and so much fun.

Seth Smiley

This is one of those great places where the locals go in New Orleans. Live music, bowling, and a great bar scene. It’s great for family or hanging out with friends.

Marvin Mercadal

Customer service is good, the food is good buy I think they could have a display up top to show bowling scores for each lane. You dont know who won unless you were paying attention because you cant see the scores immediately after the last frame. Also the live music is ok but I think they should mix it up a bit more. Overall really good experience


Phenomenal place. If you go when they have live music, you'll not forget. Large stage, great dance floor, very large bar area, great food, oh....and you can bowl.

Mike Boss

What's not to like when you can combine bowling with New Orleans 's finest musicians with plenty of space to dance as a bonus. For example, on my first visit I saw Deacon John' s 77th birthday performance. Legendary and energetic mirth kicked off 2 hours and 15 minutes of music, dancing, prancing and clowning around by a musician /entertainer unlike any I've ever experienced. That was just his first set. Many fine and friendly patrons also contributed to the total. And not that anyone really cares but the drinks were better than reasonable.

Gretchen Black

Very fun place with great ambiance and lots of space. There is always great entertainment. However, the door prices are high as well as the drinks.

Fred Franke

Rock-N-Bowl is one of my favorite Night Spots in all of New Orleans. Great Music ... Food ... Dance ... Drinks ... Atmosphere. Crescent City Soul was the live band performing the night we last went. They are a high-energy band with great vocals. They play a variety of music genres. We had a great time with family and friends. Parking - plenty with easy access. Other - Bowling is also a lot of fun at Rock-N-Bowl. Nice Alleys...Great Music! I run a non-profit that has brought 39,000+ volunteers to New Orleans. We've sent approximately 24,000 of those volunteers to Rock-N-Bowl. Great Fun & Excitement!! When in New Orleans, go to Rock-N-Bowl.

Dave Fox

A fun and lively spot for families and adults. The cover band was fair and too loud for conversations, but the food was good and drinks well priced. A fun spot for bowling with friends or family.

Lather Alongi

I had my son's 30th bday celebration here. We (my family) and I had a blast!! There is bowling here, as the name suggests, but there is rocking (dancing) too with a live band. The Bucktown Allstars played that night and they were absolutely terrific. We had so much fun that we are returning this Saturday to "cut the rug" with the live band. We will dance like there is no one watching!!

miguana Webster

Salsa dance class was a very fun date. Instructors were great. Great price for a one hour class ($5). Look forward to learning more.

Marcio Coronho

Great venue. Awesome lanes and decent junk food to go with. Live music is a nice touch making the whole experience even better. There's parking available however it does get busy and you might have to circle around before finding a spot. Overall, outstanding!

Demond evans

First time and loved it!

Susan Page

Held a company event here and everyone had a lot of fun. Great music, nice people working there

Joseph Waldo

I'm very disappointed with Rock n' Bowl on S. Carrollton. I visited with nephew today from Baltimore to bowl and listen to music. We paid for 45 minutes and were told we could stay longer if we wanted. We decided to stay for the show - imagine our surprise when they denied us extra time on our lane. No apology, no offer to move to another lane, nothing. It was very rude and unprofessional. We left and will not come back. This is not the New Orleans my nephew expected. Talking to others in NOLA revealed that others have also had bad experiences at Rock n' Bowl. There are better places to spend your time.....

Kimberly Carr

Food good. Drinks good. And the good band.

Jared Stigler

Good food, good times. 12 people on 2 lanes is about 1 game per hour, so plan accordingly.

Adley Mejia

The best go to place! I always have a great time.

Mary Usner

Fun place to have parties! Went to company Christmas party and decorations were pretty. The music was fantastic!

Edgar Roper

Always a fun place with good entertainment and probably most reasonably priced drinks in area!

Nathan Wallo

A great place for bowling and parties. They also have a great bar and food service.


Fairly large bowling alley for all ages that is also a live music venue. In true New Orleans fashion, the center of the place is a large wrap around bar as a focal point. They serve typical bowling alley food ordered where you pay for the lane rental. One popular item is a large sheet pan pizza. This is a good place for birthday parties.

Pamela Theriot

Love this place. Bowl, dance, eat and meet friends and family. For all ages!!!

Jewel Stafford

Nice venue for bowling, dancing and hanging with friends and family. Tuesday night is Latin night and we really enjoy that. Prices are reasonable and the food is not bad, it's not gourmet but definitely not bad.

Ginger Davis

Fun place, good food and drinks too.

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