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REVIEWS OF Max Bowl - Port Arthur IN Louisiana

Zach Campbell

This used to be an awesome place to come bowling if you wanted to really learn and hone your skills, but lately (under new management I suppose) it is absolutely horrible as far as lane conditions, equipment conditions, and upkeep of the ball returns goes. The lanes are DRY every single day of the week, I can almost equate it to simply rolling a ball in the parking lot. It seems as though they cater more towards people who want to get drunk and chunk a ball as hard as they can to knock down the pins due to them spending a ton of money on the bar and literally no money updating the lanes. They really need to remove the PBA stickers from their doors, because if you want to be a serious bowler, this is not the place to do it.

Mrs. Jones

Had an AWESOME time with my large family (45 strong), bowling and karaoke!! Several issues with one of our lanes (staff eventually relocated us to another lane), lost our food order (even though we were given a buzzer), and restrooms needed serious care. Staff was kind and apologetic; expeditiously took care of issues.

Ava Graves

My sweetie and I had Sunday after church fun bowling. I won't share our scores but it was all fun!

Brown Eyes

I bought a Groupon. We get there and the lady at the desk says there's an additional fee of $6.60 on top of the $57 I paid for the Groupon. She said it was in the fine print. There was absolutely NOTHING in the fine print and she was RUDE!!! This is false advertisement because the fine print didn't disclose additional taxes and fees. I've never ever had to pay tax or fees on any Groupon. #BadExperience #RudeStaff

Lacey Self

Awesome family friendly

Kishanna Belanger

The atmosphere is great and there is a lot of friendly ppl to socialize with.

Thomas Milan

Pin & Tonic is the place to be

Jamesetta Polidore

Nice clean environment to enjoy with family and friends nice place to hang out with your class or coworkers

Antionette Joseph

My G- baby had a wonderful time, it could have been better There were three machines that she enjoys playing on that were out of service

Brianna Busby

No good service. Pls be nicer to consumers is all I ask.

Sherrard Batiste

Best place in town to go, family orientated but also has bar drinks & karaoke, laser tag, arcade, decent food menu (don't come hungry though they're pricey). All in all a good time.

Donna Herrington

Family friendly fun with plenty to do for all ages. I went to a child's birthday party here. Both kids and adults bowled, the kids had fun playing in the arcade and the kids had a blast playing laser tag. The pizza was good, too. Lots of cheese with not too much sauce. The employees also did a fantastic job. Friendly, polite and helpful with smiling faces. A great time was had by all!

Dalton Mullins

I had a Great time with the friends. The lighting, music, and atsmophere make it a great place to blow off some steam on the weekend. You can enjoy a game of bowling, destroy each other in laser tag, or just relax with a drink at the bar. All around a fun place to be

Keith Williams

Fun place to go and hang out has a cafe and a bar. Has game room with lots of new games bowling and Laser Tag as well

legit nesha

I work herr and its pretty cool

Melissa Reynoso

It ok place to spend time with family

Ruben Davalos

Family fun for all ages, good atmosphere, good food, overall fun fun fun!!! Also the bar is well equipped with all kinds of good drinks for the adults who wanna cut loose!!

Trina Maze

Had a blast, service was great

Donald Martin

Courteous staff..clean..reasonably priced..had room has many games..bowling was fun..recommend to anyone

Cary Hughes

Awesome place for kid's parties

Case McAdam

Clean, very busy and possibly the worst pizza I have ever consumed. Cosmic bowling was fun and the staff was nice!

RogueGhost OracleGamer

Cool place to hang out. Love the laser tag area

Joseph Stevens

Could be a little more friendly to customers.

Letitcia Herbert

$2 Tuesdays and $3 Wednesdays are always fun at Max Bowl! Friendly staff and great atmosphere for all ages.

Corey Firmin

Nice bowling alley

Lisa Cliett

Great place to bring the family. Only complaint is the music and the music videos because they are not always family friendly.

Jennifer Chavez

They need to fix some arcade games and clean restrooms

Erika Raska

We have beem there twice now. Its nothing fancy but its FUN!!!! We eent on a Tuesday which is 2$ games 2$ shoes. Cant beat that!!!!!!! Only thing i would like to change is when the lane gets messed up or needs service. We waited 20 minutes for someone to come help us and the sad thing was he was standing at another table right next to us watching pro bowlers instead of helping customers. It was aggravating. But other than that most employees are happy, nice and always willing to help.

Brenda Bertrand

Kids had fun with bowl free games

Richard Miller

Had a blast atmosphere was great staff very helpful......

Hannah Elyse

This review is regarding the Dance Dance Revolution game in the arcade. I’ve put over $150 into this machine. It’s the most up to date machine of the 3 in SETX! However it does need some fixing up. The pad on the right side: the right arrow is often unresponsive or flashes indicating an error. The pad on the left side: the front arrow is occasionally unresponsive and doesn’t always register steps. There are also some bolts missing ( wish they were flatheads) This machine is also missing some songs such as IRRESISTIBLMENT, Speed Over Beethoven, and Cartoon Heroes. The park dale mall machine has these songs as well as the machine in B&B arcade (should also be noted that B&B also only charges $.25 for double pad games, so you pay $1.25 there for 4 songs, while this one charges an entire dollar for 3 songs! that’s 2 per double padded game!) This machine should have these songs!

BeanBuster Animations

Had an Amazing time with my family, great customer service. And the staff was very nice, as soon as we walked in we we're greeted with a smile. I didn't try the food because we just ate but one thing I wish they did was fresh pizza, at least from what it seems from my previous visits is that the pizza is frozen and then heated up in a microwave. So make sure to eat before coming unless you like frozen pizza. But besides that. This is an amazing place to have a party or just chill with your friends at the bar!

Kellie Smith

Party hostesses were awesome. They helped make my granddaughters birthday very special. Great place to have a birthday party.

Sanjay Adhikari

Enjoyed a lot. I would recommend people to go in group.

Blake Nichols

Good place for family fun

Joseph H.

The karaoke is fun but the experience seems a little haphazard. It's probably pretty awesome for someone who drinks alcohol and who is a young person. I know I would have enjoyed it more 20 years ago.

Dajore Marks

Best bowling in the area bar tender is lovely & karaoke is fun & funny

Keisha Bazile

Great,fast and professional service. My family and I had a great time bowling. The place was packed but lanes were still available.


Great for family fun and food

Payton Fitzgerald

I would just like to point out that there have been so many of us that got ripped off on Tuesday night. We are using our voice and we are trying to let the public know how ratchet of a place this company is. Me and so many others will be taking our business else where in the future. I would also like to bring to the attention that I have had about 3 or 4 of us write reviews and them not show up?? I find that very sketchy. I do believe Max (the owner of this company who is also a lawyer) sued google for people posting negative reviews about his law firm and him not being able to control them or delete them if they weren’t to his liking.. so it didn’t surprise me when we would go check the reviews and some were not available... believe me it was so ridiculous that most of us who were wronged, swapped facebooks and numbers and want to make sure this happens to no one else in the future. Me as well as league bowlers regular customers and groups who have been once or twice... were kicked out, lanes turned off, with no warning, no refunds, (because yes. We still had games left that we paid money for that the RUDE employees sold us) it is total garbage that a company will do that to their business and continue to treat customers this way. I just want to know how this company has a 4 star rating on google and their Facebook page (all places THEY CAN CONTROL WHAT REVIEWS TO STAY AND ONES THEY WANT TO DELETE) and they have just over a 2 star rating on YELP... a website this company has no control over.. don’t believe me? Look it up yourselves. I have screenshots of my review as well as others who are posting just to be sure that we are getting to speak our minds on this situation. Take your business somewhere else. Don’t waste it at this DUMP...

Old Handyman

Great atmosphere but we had to constantly fix the score on bowling. You had to pay attention because it would miss pins constantly. Another reason for the low rating was the pizza, cardboard with cheese and pepperoni. Very bad and rather pricey. We had a large group so ordered 4 large over 100$ Won't do that again.

Nanette Dixon

they have karaoke

bhanu siva prasad

Nice place to have some fun with friends and have some bowling practice

Tracy Brooks

had a blast,decent food.

Katie Johnson

This is a pretty neat place. They have large tv screens at the end, in between lanes. Alot of seating to accommodate more players. They have bowling specials too. An addition to that, there's a bar, playroom, and laser tag!

Cassy and David Rosado

This is such a fun place you being the kiddos or even have a date night.


they are really fun on Tuesdays

Ginnetta Joseph

Had an party it was great. The people were friendly an respectful

Helen Harris

Great place for a BIRTHDAY celebration

John Henry

Good bar, good food and somedays good deals on bowling

Jimmie Evans

Lane kept stalling

Howie Holst

Best bowling alley in the area. They also have a game room and lazer tag. Good bar and food. Overall a good time for all ages

Adex Bee


Jason Adams

Went with the in laws and our nephews, had a blast. The strobe lights and black lights added some fun but... my astigmatism doesnt adapt to it well.

Ricardo Flores

Nice place to have a good time, some drinks if you want, Tuesdays for 2$ a game it's perfect! Also on Sundays they have a pretty good deal!

Juan Tapia

Bowling heres fun, just dont mess up, or youll have to get one of the employees to help, and who wants that?

Raina Myers

Fun bowling. Helpful employees. Good food. The arcade needs some serious attention and upgrades.

denise caples

Great family fun

Chanta Royston

I bowl here every Wednesday night

gary ford

Lots of fun great time.. Plenty to do besides bowl

Emma G

Love this place

Alethea Holloway

The staff was awsome!!!!! The pizza was the worst pizza I've ever eaten in my life. But, over all, my daughter's eighth birthday was a hit. Just wish there were other food choices for the birthday parties.... Seriously, the pizza is gross.

Diana TalaZam

Bowling was fun, there is a bar and food court inside. The lane we bowled in didn't work properly (guards were stuck). Employees were 'kinda' helpful. I didn't know which lane to go to, no numbers on the tables and consoles. So I was directed by a finger point. The kids had fun, but can get expensive. Good to go during the summer, they have a kids club and you will only pay for shoes.

Robert Sepulvado

Nice atmosphere had a lot to do in a small place

Gordy Rohrbacker

Good way to pass a rainy day

Danal Peterson

It wasn't bad kids had a good time

Music Choice

Nice staff, good music, good food, and fun games.

Chasity Estes

Mostly a good place to have a birthday but your time on the bowling lanes is timed. Unfortunately we had a lot of issues with the lanes that subtracted from our time and we were not given extra time. Also, the minute our party hit its time limit they wanted us to pick everything up and move out of that section for another party. I felt rushed.

Kristina Green

Wounderful staff they were all very helpful!!!!

BillieJean Henley

Great place to go have fun with family, friends or on a date.

Bud C.

Clean facilities. Good service. Lane conditions were good. Law enforcement was present, kind and unobtrusive. We felt safe and had a great time.

Leonard Duenas

Quick customer service

jason van - killerv

Run down a bit... But a really good bowling alley and always something going on.

Dylan Campbell

I want to like this place because it was great at one time. At some point management went south and now the lanes are not as good as they used to be. Oil is scarce on lanes 11 through 32 and the ball returns will shred your ball up if you aren't careful. I have witnessed a few instances where the ball returns ruined a ball and the alley claimed it was pre existing damage not cause by their equipment. The casual bowler that doesnt use their own equipment might have a good time. However anyone sort of serious about bowling has an unfortunate time of it because their isn't really another option in this area unless you want to travel to Beaumont.

Katherine Burton

Not gonna waste our money here again. 4 years ago service, atmosphere and equipment we're great. But it has steadily declined over the years. Today we were given disinterested customer service, faulty lanes and it was colder inside than out. And it's 62 degrees outside and I needed a sweater to bowl!!

Jason Hinson

Lane 5 was having issues. It kept malfunctioning and we'd have to wait 15-20 minutes to get it going again. This happened 3 times. The women's restroom stayed far as changing a baby, I'd recommend going out to your vehicle to change. Don't get the pizza! We had 3 pizzas, for 11 people..... barely one pizza was eaten. The 8 teens we had with us, had a blast.... great MUSIC. Also, played 2 games of Lazer tag. We got there around 6:00 ish.... I thought wow, there's a lot of people here. Then, by seven it was packed. Lots of families, teens/dates hanging out, groups....we felt perfectly safe. I did not notice security, though. The employees there, seemed to stay busy servicing the customers. There is a bar, but we weren't around anyone drinking.... I never noticed any issues. DARK parking lot.

James Stafford

Fun place to bring the family.. entertain for hours on a budget

Eric St. John

Fun place for families.


Lane condition and pins set up,was 2 different patterns

Regina Wheeler

Max was great , I had an Awesome time . We did it all the game room , bowling , bar and kerko....the food not so good, it needs some work. But want stop me from going.


Fun fun fun as usual. Dont forget to stop in at the bar. Our bartender Jade was awesome and she is the best mixologist.

Jay Callahan

Ordered a pizza and 40 min later I decided to go check on it and they never put the order in. I asked for my money back and the girl only gave me the list price and couldn't comprehend I paid sales tax on it. The time to get checked in was long and there was a open register and 2 employees just standing there. I asked if some customers could get checked in on the extra register and they had not put money in it. The alley we were in kept hanging up and we had to wait for them to fix it yet we got no extra time.

Drake Ingram

Our food came out slow and didnt have any to go containers but our hostess was very attentive

shameka kirks

Love that they have karaoke and happy hour drinks!!!

Nick Smith

Worst alley in Southeast Texas if you are a LEAGUE bowler. The approach is always terrible, the oil pattern is completely random and never consistent. The lanes have been rebuilt and all fake wood. The boards have been placed along the beams of the old lanes and never fitted. Every shot bounces off of the first 4ft. Not to mention that almost every lane has a huge dip at the beginning. The “pro shop” is open very randomly timed hours because the owner has a full time job and they have not once drilled any ball that stays in my bag. If you are looking for a family night out it is a decent place to be. But for bowlers who are looking for a nice league environment, I would never recommend this place to anyone. Look at the Beaumont alleys.

Cassie Young

Played lazer tag but had to wait in a massive line to pay at the front counter. I think you should be able to pay for lazer tag at the lazer tag booth rather then up front where everyone is waiting for lanes.

Derek Gans

The staff was friendly, and the facility was well kept and clean. At 5p the bar open and I began to see a lot of alcohol (beer) moving around. This place might get a little more rowdy or adult in the evening... I can't say for sure as this is about the time when we left... I have small children so it might be a good thing to to know...

Monica Martin

Nice family/friendly atmosphere. ❤

Erika Renee

Fun for any age and and friendly staff.

Sai Prem

Good music , energetic environment.. cool place !!!! But the staff especially at the bar counter is always busy talking to someone instead of serving people.

Nicole Smith

The customer service in restaurant sucks. The manager is very rude and unprofessional. The food is not good at all.


Loved the place, pretty clean! Had fun!

Mike Bland

Had a great day bowling

Janet Lizano

Nice service. Drinks not so good.

mayra garza

Pretty good but it was food the food was good restroom was pretty dirty not the most graffiti

Brady Jules

Horrible service, staff is extremely rude. Very unorganized company. I wouldn’t recommend to ANYONE. They have ripped off me and my family too many times. Shutting our lanes off and not getting any kind of refund or accommodations. Food sucks, lanes are in AWFUL conditions. Take your business to star bowl or crossroads.

Kaitlyn Ngyuen

Never coming here again. I along with multiple members of my family were basically kicked out of the center and got our lanes turned off along with dozens of other people with no refund at all. The lady at the desk general manager maybe?? I don’t know and I don’t care at this point, but she was so rude and was not even dressed in a uniform and came in around 10pm and did not give us anything for the 8 games me and my family had left. After them selling those games to us, but we still received nothing in return for being basically KICKED OUT. Not to mention how dirty the facility is. They literally have a sign over the toilet in the women’s restroom saying “please keep flushing until it goes down” umm?? Can’t afford plumbing with how many people you rip off a week, yeah. NOT wasting my money and time here.

sandra Torres

Great place! But the manager is not nice at ALL

Jerald alfred jr.

Love the atmosphere. Great customer service.

Cornelius Hunt

Great fun on good lanes

Rachel Cole

Love to bowl


Love coming here for bowling and the adults can go to the Karaoke bar

Austin Arsenault

Honestly not the best bowling alley if you're a league bowler or someone with moderate experience on how a good alley is run this place sucks half the Lanes need to be fixed the returns don't work half the time and neither do the pin setters and one of the returns even left my ball with quiet a few chips taken out of it. However, if you're not a "seasoned bowler" and are thinking about having a party or even just needing a place to spend an afternoon with family or friends this wouldn't be the worst option. The staff may not be the best at times but they do what they can to help as much as possible. Lastly, don't think you can get away with breaking any of the rules I've seen just how serious they can get with them.

lilly evans

bowling service was fast and very fun! But the food sucks and took forever to get to the table! Also they gave my pizza to another lady, we were already done bowling by the time we got our food. I also noticed that the cook was not wearing gloves or a hair net

Heather Bruce

Bowl, game room like Dave and Busters, and HUGE glow in the dark laser tag room. Fun for the whole family or a date cuz there is a karaoke bar.

christian mayberry

Had my sons birthday party there. At first I thought the price seemed a little steep then I realized everything that you get would cost way more separately. I highly recommend the $160 birthday package.


Very friendly staff. Updated facility. Great place for tweens that are grumpy during the Christmas holidays...

ila belona

The lanes had several issues such as pins getting stuck, side rails (for our kids) not staying up, score screen cutting off. They were short staffed. The soap was out and broken in the ladies room. A number of arcade machines were down. However, there was a $2 special and our kids are very young so it was just enough.

Yvette Keller

Went on Saturday night for karaoke I really enjoyed myself.

Angelia Joseph

Fun, fun, fun.

Tiffany Perez

Great place to get away with the family

Linda Jenefor

Had family from out of town just right for a great time they enjoyed themselves so much

Tiffany Hawkins

I had a great time at this place.

Shay Myers

With all the upgrades and use of the all purpose room, you can't go wrong with a visit to this place. Great atmosphere and multi uses for the event room.


Usually this place is pretty cool. Night time bowling, black lights, laser lights....pretty awesome. However this evening, the entire bowling alley had no running water anywhere. They ended up closing the bar, then just closing the entire bowling alley abruptly, cutting our game off in the middle of it, and kicking everyone out. However, they mentioned right when we got there that the water was not they knew. Then, they made us buy an hour game, and let us play for over 30 minutes, but then shut it down.....I get it, but I don't get it.

It's Delacruz

Great! E X P E N S I V E! But Great :)

Sarah J. Parker

We went here for my son's birthday and had a good time overall. He only wanted to bring one friend, so I don't pay for the party (which had a minimum of 10) through the bowling alley. Because of that, they wouldn't let me bring his cake inside (an ice cream cake that melted in the car). Other than that, we all had a great time. The bowling and laser tag were really affordable. The game room wasn't worth the cost. $20 did not go far in there, and he didn't earn enough for a prize after spending all of it.

Lloynisha Daniels

It's very nice n fun to take ur kids for a day out.

Rowan DragonChild

As much business as this place generates it’s ridiculous to be charged such a high amount for an hour of bowling when 15 minutes was lost to wait for repairs on a busted up lane. I’m not at all pleased at how this establishment has gone downhill over the years.

Lisa Dennis

Kids had a great time.

Justin Sanders

I've been bowling at this alley for 20 years. It's been unfortunate to see it decline over the years. As a youth bowler when I started, this place was state-of-the-art and one of the finest anywhere. We are fortunate that it was resurrected after a major hurricane, but there have been few significant improvements made. The pin-setting equipment is in rough shape, and there are usually always issues regarding it. The attached picture is of my brand new Hammer Scandal/s bowling ball after the FIRST time ever thrown, and it came back with a big chunk taken out of it. If you are a serious bowler, consider going to Crossroads in Beaumont. If you are a casual bowler bowling for fun and aren't worried about your equipment or are using house equipment, then Max Bowl is just fine. I hope they will consider making major improvements, and when they do I will gladly update my review.

Ronnie Jackson

Nice place to go. I really like two dollar Tuesday.

Josh Ruiz

Was cool

Michelle Edwards

The equipment is dated. You spend half of the time you've paid for trying to get the staff to fix lane malfunctions.

Penny LeLeux

Nephew had a birthday party there. They bowled, played laser tag and arcade games. They had a good time. It was daylight. I know there have been issues in that area at night in the past with unruly teens, don't know if that is still the case. I would stay away after dark, to be safe.

Mark Chambers

Good service, decent price, good fun.

Jose Rios

It has a nice environment for family and friends, but from the outside looks like a bad place...

Craig Walling

Kids had an awesome time

Erica Martin

Fun for a night out

Wayman Harrison

Love this spot has Laser tag and game room

Wayne Outhouse

It was freaking closed.Dylans was awesome.

Cory Jorgensen

This place has really became a great spot over the last few years. Food is a bit high for bowling alley food but it's still good and the staff is top notch.


.Cool place to hang out....kareoke is bomb here.!

Jamie Anne

Bowling lane was not level and half the arcade games didn't work... won't be returning.

Lato Grambino

Need to make more entertainment. Change it up a little bit take it to the next level put a skating ring in there

Jeanna Stafford

Very family oriented, variety of entertainment for all ages ,fun ,upbeat staff,great food and bar

Becky Foster

Nice place to have natural happy fun times with grandkiddos and FAMILY . Friendly service and clean and nicely lit up.

Charlie Carr

Air conditioning was struggling to cool the alley. Part of the snack was closed.

I guess just cause I told myself to. why not

Good prices and lots of fun.

Amber Holman

I just love Max Bowl and what they have to offer for the family not only is there accommodations for the children and a variety of fun but they have a lot to offer the adults too you can go here with your children and just have a really good time all around they have deals so I pay attention for those online but I think it's very reasonable what they charge

Jason Lemons

Always great specials!

Rose Griffiths

Used bowling alley with handicapped family member. It's an older business but staff was very acomadating, prices reasonable and very kid friendly. Have laser tag but have not used this service.

nunya biniss

One star for the laser tag and arcade.. bowling experience was terrible. Overcrowded, no available seats at our lane. Raunchy, explicit music and music videos on giant tvs. Don't label yourself as a 'family friendly environment' if you have half naked women on your giant tv screens!

billy McKenzie

Great place


Very fun and very good food at a great price.

Andrew Lewis

I’ve never experienced THEFT the way that I did tonight from a “business” (well that’s what they call themselves) please if you are in the port arthur area DO NOT waste your time and money here.. take a trip to crossroads... or Star Bowl... even jump world... the movies... ANYWHERE ELSE. I came in tonight with a group of friends and planned on bowling a few games... we come in around, I don’t know 7:30/8, and purchased a couple games for me and my two other friends (three of us) after going through the rude staff ONCE, we go up at around 9:35 and ask to purchase two games for us (three people...) and the guy at the front turns ands makes sure it’s okay with the (I guess... didn’t act like it..) Manager in the black shirt and glasses and he says it’s fine. He mentions something about closing at midnight BECAUSE IT IS SPRING BREAK so I’m thinking great we can enjoy our drinks and take our time and not rush since the hours say 10 PM is closing... employees KNOWING the center closes at 10 pm still sold us our games and took our money at 9:35 for us to bowl more... we hear at about 10 pm some girl who was not there the WHOLE NIGHT who walks in with her child (her unprofessional and im pretty sure against the BBB) At 10 pm at night?? Announce that the lanes are shutting off. So we are thinking we just need to go up there and get our money back or get game cards to come back and bowl the games left... we were about 5 frames into the first game we purchased when they turned everyone in the centers lanes OFF... so as normal the other 12/13 lanes that were still on (including league bowlers and many groups who I have seen before that are obviously regular customers but after speaking with them tonight they are not) go up to the front asking for a refund or cards to come back and bowl.. this girl who looks very young to be a “general manager” of a bowling center (that sucks so I guess it explains that one) is standing at the front telling every single one of us we get no refunds it’s “company policy” and they also do not give out the come back cards for games (which is a lie because the old general manager was happy to accommodate our mishaps and has given us game cards to come back) and like I said I was NOT the only person who was stolen from and got no kind of compensation, there were multiple, obviously furious, other customers who were trying to explain to the disrespectful and rude staff that when this has happened in the past we got some sort of come back item. I have been to restaurants and event centers multiple times where when the tiniest inconvenience happens we get some sort of item for our troubles... but in this case.. me and 20-30 other customers who lost 20-50 dollars each from not being able to finish the games this staff and company sold us? It is complete bull and I hope this review catches the attention of some sort of hired employee or even warns the next innocent customer to NOT give their money to a company who has TERRIBLE food, service, staff, and bad reputation... I will be screenshotting this review and making sure it is not deleted (which I have noticed others have been) and I will be posting in yelp and Facebook as well. Be cautious when entering this filthy establishment...

NiteOwl 62

They have good food the workers are nice they have laser tag along with bumpers on the bowling Lanes, aswell as stands for your children to bowl with out your help the bowling balls on the normal stands have a minimum of eight pounds but you are able to go to the counter and ask for a six or seven pound ball

edward athanasaw

Kids really enjoyed themselves

Joni Lejeune

Worst place to go. Filthy and expensive. Teo orders of cheese anyone of pickles. 35bucks. Heck no

Oscar Brito

Fun place for family

Kizzy Brown

Food was good and my kids love all they have to do here, bowling, laser tag and and laser tag. Great family fun.

Ashly Delph

It was pretty good .. Good prices on Tuesday & Wednesday.. Only problem I had was i paid for an hour then my lane stopped working & it took about 25 mins to even tell someone! So most of the time was spent trying to get help

Brianna Huss

I’m pregnant and I came for two dollars Tuesday and they told me I couldn’t bring my food in which is understandable but they wouldn’t even let me keep my water and they refused to sell me or anyone that was with me any tickets until I threw it away. No place should be able to tell someone they can’t have water. And on top of that there were other people eating outside food but they didn’t say anything to them and we even pointed it out but they were only focused on us. I will never spend my money here again and I plan on speaking to higher management.

Maverick Segura

Itz a nice place some of the people know itz not another close so they are not friendly! Most of the people are helpful!

Jesse B

Reasonable prices and lanes kept up well


Fun times with the family! The only complaint I had was when my kids were turning in prize tickets, the people obviously didnt want to deal with it.

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