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REVIEWS OF Main Event Baton Rouge IN Louisiana

Ashley Frederick

This place has some kinks to work out. SUMMARY: I wouldn’t recommend going for a little while, let them work out the kinks in the process. I went on a weeknight and there wasn’t that many people there. I definitely don’t suggest going when there is a crowd anytime soon. FULL REPORT: We were greeted by a man in a royal blue shirt, very polite. He showed us around the building and let us know what our options would be. We decided to get some food first. They are still working on getting their kitchen figured out, and that’s expected. We ordered appetizer food, and it took 30 minutes. We had many members of the team apologizing, and check on us. A+ on friendly staff. The food arrived and the sauce that my husband ordered was not correct, which was really no big deal. A team member came to our table to ask about our experience and we told him about the sauce, and assured him it was not big deal. He told me that one of our menu items would be taken care of because of the wait and since it was incorrect, but that was not the case. I planned on paying full price anyway, it’s just being told one thing and that not happening made me confused. We got a timed passes and played a lot of games. They were lots of fun and we really enjoyed playing them! We then moved on to the Sky Rail, each session is 20 minutes. We were told to arrive 10 minutes beforehand to set up. 10 minutes into we were told to get off before the machine turns off. This is truthfully what has me upset. I paid for 20 minutes and got HALF THE TIME. I recommend to the Main Event to move your start times around so that the machine turn off time does not interfere with the session time. Especially when you’ve got people paying the full price for it.

Stacy Wilson

We had a blast at Main Event! The gravity ropes were by far our favorite! Bowling, arcade games, a sports bar, laser tag... So much fun for all of us! I would recommend for elementary ages through adult (not a ton for our toddlers), but the food was outstanding (the macaroni, the pizza, the salmon...oh my!) and the desserts were out of this world. With adult beverages to boot, it is fun for everyone!

Samantha Varner

Absolutely loved it! We did the eat and play. Our waiter Tyler was awesome! He was friendly and went above and beyond. Staff was amazing and so was the food. Would recommend!

Ashely David

I went yesterday for the first time wasn’t impressed at ALL My family and I walked in they have over 15 workers piled up at the front ENTRANCE no greeted us or even even explain to us where we go or even where the line was. When to the register one person was there the other guy was I’m assuming closing draw down cause he was getting off which I think should be down in the back because people are steady coming in so another lady came to help the 1 cashier here! They staff needs to be TRAINED on Customer service! The customer service is HORRIBLE WHEN THE MANAGER!

Nikki Henderson

Fun fun fun!! We had our daughters birthday party here on Saturday. And I must say this has been one of the best birthday party experiences we have ever had at a venue.(and with 3 kids, we've had a lot of birthday parties) We received GREAT SERVICE, everything was taken care of, and our hostess went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. She kept a positive friendly attitude the entire time and really gave us a fun atmosphere. All the guest REALLY enjoyed the experience and raved about how great and smooth the experience was. We loved how there were lots of different fun activities for everyone and the parents were able to enjoy themselves just as much as the kids. It is definitely family oriented. Looking forward to spending lots of family nights and date nights here.

Brent Hayward

Great fun for the kids.

Titus Siverand

Octave Williams

Mantrix Henriquez

Plenty of games, activities, food to entertain kids and adults alike.

dameion tureaud

Kawanda Carter

Lots to do, friendly staff, kids had a blast. Food and drinks excellent!!

Sickkty 22

Casey M

Went to the back to purchase the gravity ropes. Two people were there. Went to the one behind the counter. She kept telling us to go to the front because she wasn’t clocked in and didn’t have a register. The gentleman that was there who was on the clock had vanished. So, walk to the front. 5 people. One was with a customer. No one else was. We waited for about 5 minutes. Watched the manager just sitting and looking around not doing anything, clearly ignoring us. Someone else came up to the counter in front of us and the other employees helped him. I left. Not even open a month and they’re already lacking in customer service and poor management. So many people standing around not doing work when they could be cross trained. With management like that, I’m not surprised. How do you leave a main area without a register or employee? How do you have 4 people standing around doing nothing while one person is actually working and there are customers waiting?

Morgie the skeleton

This place is amazing! Quick and awesome service. The food is phenomenal! The games are so much fun and the prizes are worth it. I highly recommend this

Jason c

great place with polite staff, but horribly under staffed. Don’t think for a minute that you can navigate this place without spending 60% of your time standing in a line

Monica Ramagos

So much fun! We went bowling, played games and did the gravity walk! The food and service was AMAZING! All the employees were informed and helpful! You have to try the virtual games!!! Will definitely be visiting again!!

Jazmyne Thomas

tameiya rivers

Aliyah Johnson

Haylie Doran

The facility is great. Clean, and new. The staff. My god. The party coordination was a hot mess. I feel bad for my friend who paid for the party.

Marissa Franklin

Our visit was amazing. My kids absolutely enjoyed themselves. There's so much to choose from. Oh and let's not forget the food was really good as well. I guess this is our new venue for family fun night.



Jacob Wilson

Babygirl Lia

Bonnie Portier

A beautiful place

Gabriel Hall

Jamyriaa bihh

Deborah C Torrence

My Granddaughter's Loved It.

Wysheka Primas

It was so amazing i wouldn't mind going back

James Tauzin

They botched my girlfriend's birthday party. They were completely unprepared when we got there, cut off our bowling lane an hour early and could not get it back on no matter how many people we talked to. Let kids into our, supposedly private laser tag game and then refused any sort of refund. I recommend Save your money and wait for them to either crash or get it together.

Melva Louis

We had a great time at the Main Event Center! It was well attended on it's first weekend open with really great food, games, and service! A great place to bring the family! I can't wait to go back!

R Johnson

So glad Texas venues are coming to Baton Rouge. Almost feels like home ❤️


Andrew Burson

A really nice, modern place for both big kids and small to have a blast

Breeanna Chaney

Jessica Lomas

Walter Ventress

Not good management staff needs training in customer service.

Vincenia Bolden

Terrific all around


We organized a joint birthday party and had about 40 kids present. 15 mins to the party, they were yet to assign us hostesses. Eventually, they sent us someone and a manager jumped in to help out. This one hostess was running back and forth from setting up the room to getting shoe sizes and shoes for the kids bowl, as well as getting drinks for parents. By the time everyone was settled in to bowl, 35 mins of the bowling time was gone and nope, we were not given an extension. We had to speak to a manager before two other staff were assigned to help out. (Btw, they had a lot of young staff that appeared idle and could have been asked to help from the beginning). The chicken tenders were so dry, most kids just had their drinks and cake and dod not eat. When it was time for the arcade games the did not bring cards with the right amount of credits on them so parents were asked to wait (for what seemed like forever) to get bonus game cards for their kids. Some parents left. Then the birthday child was to get a special card with extra points but the card looked like all the other ones so of course it got mixed up and the birthday girl did not have her points. We had to go get a manager to fix that, which he did. In the end, the kids had a blast playing the arcade games. However, the coordination was poor in the beginning. In all, the staff we had were very courteous and sweet. They were good about fixing the issues. We will definitely return for family time.

Rey Morris

Wynter W.

The games were fun, the food overpriced, and the service I received was kinda bland. A few of the bowling lanes kept glitching so we were switched around a lot (was still a fun experience though it got a little annoying around the third time). Main Event is on mall grounds so it's better to eat anywhere else if you can since it's expensive and food options are limited. I asked a group of workers "where the water fountains are?" since water cups aren't offered and they stopped their conversation to look at me confusedly till one remembered it was near the bathrooms. They also forgot to give my friend her gelato directly after she ordered it and she waited 5-10 minutes before asking them for it. We thought they were going to bring it out with my food because they gave us a pointless buzzer that never went off (they also forgot we had it).

Jennifer Bailey

Willie Iruegas

Really nice place but it is a little pricey. Also, they need more booths to get play cards for the arcade.

J Jackson

Diego Elias

Wanda Batton

It's a very nice place to go to for fun and entertainment. We went for a Birthday party, but we will go back soon for my grandson to enjoy himself to the fullest.

Jonna Haymond

Fun ,Fun,.Fun, For everyone.

Thee Garrison

Had a good time... With hundreds of ppl moving around it’s still very spacious... Our kids enjoyed it... variety of things to do... I’am just not sure of having alcohol in a vicinity with children of all ages or it should have a different entrance to the bar. The party room should be closed off from the public as well... but overall Kool place & will get better once the kinks are worked out!

patrick brown

Nicole Ellis

Donice B


Oh yeah! It's live in here.

Jacob Waldrop

Very fun, but still very busy

Darrell Moore

There are a ton of things to do here. The all-day passes provide the most value. The virtual reality rides are innovative and their advertising knows it. It is really a great place for families.

Jaydon Gunn

Man, this place was unbelievable. Don't get me wrong, the place looks amazing. Nice size, great atmosphere, but the rules.. the rules are implausible. There is a rule after 8 I was told that you must have a person 18 or older with you. When I got someone of age, I was then told that the person must be your parent or guardian. Then it was brought to my attention that they were searching in the building if you were with a parent or not. I feel if you have a person of 18 years or older with you, it shouldn't matter. Me and my younger brothers had to leave and go to Quarters. 8:00 is just too early to have a rule like that. Another note, a close friend of mine works there and the hours he received were PREPOSTEROUS. He received 12 hours in 2 weeks. That is just unrealistic.

Tommy Nguyen

Great place to bring your family and friends. Very accommodating staff and have all sorts of activities that'll keep you and your kids busy. I've bowled, played the arcades, laser tag, had a nice treat all within a few hours ☺

Cuatro Cinco

Was very pleasant, the service at the bar was surprisingly really good. Didn't try the food so I couldn't say very family oriented ambiance.

Jeremy Wempren

Took my seven-year-old here last weekend . Bowling is only 1 hour. Don't order food or it will get there just as they are kicking you out of the bowling area. Then you will have to figure out where else you can eat. Games were fun. Laser tag is fun all the equipment seem to work. It's like a massive Chuck-E-Cheese without the rat. Food was acceptable nothing to write home about. Almost got in a fight in the parking lot trying to leave with my daughter looks like another fun place that turned into a daycare for delinquents.

Marquita Rhymes

vandi johnson

Great place for all ages, really good environment and newer games are a plus! Will be back again.

Joseph Washington


Allegra Lockett

My daughter had a blast here for her birthday! My whole family was pleased.

matt hernandez

Overall a great experience. Be prepared for crowds and droves of people! My favorite part was the billards area, the cleanest tables I've ever played on, and no broken cues

Shelby Mendez

Tried going here last night with my husband and his family. It was right after 8 and we didn’t know about the rule “no one under 18 without a legal guardian after 8.” Right when we get to the door, Dustin doesn’t even greet us or even seem happy, asks my husband if he has his id. We couldn’t get in cause my husband left his id at home. Overall this place isn’t worth the money. (We came once, opening week). It is $36 to bowl for one hour, and that’s without having to rent the shoes. You can go do many other places and it cost way cheaper. Plus it gets super crowded around the arcade games. It’s just cheaper to go to Quarters or All Star.

kierra nelson

It was fun

Sherie Allen

Family friendly fun

Versatyle Events

It's cool place to bowl and grab food. Kinda like a Dave and Busters.

Salvadore Zanco

Best entertainment venue in Baton Rouge.

Kelly Dutton

I will be back the food was good and I loved playing a bunch of arcades games that I have never seen elsewhere.I got 30 min free game play just for joining email newsletter.

Will Singleton

Don Whitmore

Had great time and had lots of fun

Diamond Muse

Hannah Courtney

Marqkieta is was working the prize redemption area and she has an amazing attitude. She’s friendly and knowledgeable. After redeeming my points with her, I wanted to leave a review just to compliment her!

Melissa Bradford

Ashley Howells

Sumariya, our party host, was amazing!!! She was attentive, friendly and a pleasure to work with. All of my party guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and commented on how much there is to do! We left with happy but exhausted children. That is the number one indicator that a great time was had.

Trey Truitt

David Parks

Fun experience unlimited cope and lazer tag best deal

Kinisha Stone

La Shawn Goodwin

Very unorganized

Michelle Lacombe

Went on 9/6 Saturday night. It was very crowded which, I expected. There was plenty of fun to be had here. I actually had a home in Texas, where we frequented the Main Event in Webster. We loved it there as well but, Louisiana is my home State. I had to come back. I was super excited to find out that they were building a Main Event here &, right at the Mall of Louisiana. My little family & I all had a blast last night. We'll definitely be back! Thank you for bringing the Main Event to Louisiana.

Krystal Trinh

Love love love The hours are great! They have laser tag, bowling, games, pool and so much more. If anything the prizes are little bit high but no different than dave & busters. Clean bathrooms. I personally would just go ahead and purchase the highest value for the card to save more. Also buying the little deal (like $3-5) after selecting the value. I definitely will be there every month!

Estus Thompson

Very clean and Orderly Family place

Rahsaanique Thomas

Tiera Clay

Place was great & so much cheaper than Quarters, will be visiting more often!!! My lil cousins had a blast!

Lil ET aye

Good customer service but there is no rock climbing as said on the website. The racing games on the entire wall shut off while I was in the middle of a race.

Justin Yau

Maybe we went there on the wrong day (on Labor Day while they did a $10.95 unlimited bowling). It was so crowded where the attendant says it would take 2 hours before we can get a bowling lane. We left after a short time at the arcade, which is more expensive than other venues like Premier Lanes and Quarters. We will revisit it after a few months when there isn't too many patrons.

Nini Heart

Shelita Bell

william matthews

Gail Rainey

Denise Sexton

Alexis Fleming

Great place to bring your family

Casandra Fuentes

Ginnipher Spencer

Great place for kids and adults. Very good prices. Can't to do it again

Baby Reed

I really enjoyed the whole place , the only thing that i didn't like is iced tea doesn't have free refills(waitress didn't inform me while ordering) so I had to pay 20 bucks just for Arnold Palmer's(iced tea and lemonade)... Luckily the lemonade did have free refills or it would have been 40 bucks but other than that it was extremely fun , the whole family enjoyed themselves

Twanice Jones

Lots to do! Family friendly, good service even though it's very popular and great drinks. I'm going back tonight.

Cynthia Cahee

Huge with LOTSto do

Anissa Sevilla


Derek Landry

Gravity ropes fun!!

Ray Neal

Jose Olaya Acosta

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