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REVIEWS OF Strike & Spare Family Fun Center IN Kentucky

Jonathan Totty

Good place to take the kids out!

Katie Dizol

Gracie & Spencer were VERY nice. Even whlie dealing with adults who were not acting like adults.

Jason Hussey

Had a blast. Took wife she had never been there. She had a awesome good time

Ms. C. Bell

Yayy fun for all ages. Enjoyed the drinks lol

vickie rogan

Loved it the kids did also

Peace&Star 02

The place is a really good place, bed sees the laser tag area. The room is very small. There is only one floor and a lot of RULES.

Hunter Henson

Had a great time and the service was excellent!!!! They have plenty of lanes to play on, therefore it wasn't to crowded!!!!


Its was fun and very reasonably priced

Anthony Delaney

It was a nice clean place for bowling and games. We were happy to find it.

Jonathan Gibbs

Amazing all around. #1: great people, all around. #2: great stuff to do. #3: great food to eat!!! Especially for a family/group-- all handmade, home-cooked and seriously Recipe-book quality amazing. My only complaint is they won't let you move in.

Perry Ford

A great place to have some family play time together, or, to turn the kids loose to play on their own, while dad and mom watch. The staff is friendly. The facility is clean. Activities include bowling, roller skating, bungee jumping, laser tag, and an enormous game room where you can exchange tickets won for prizes. It seemed like a safe place for fun.


Great ace lots of games

william thompson

I really enjoyed myself and my family had fun as well so we will most definitely be going back

Jasmine Alexander

I had my daughters 6 th birthday here the part rooms are huge. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Adult beverages were reasonable and bowling shoes were almost new.

Tee Vaa

This is a great place to take the kids and let them run around. I paid $21.00 for my daughter to have unlimited play on the laser tag, skating, virtual reality ride, bungee jumping, and other games. The pizza was good too.

Brenda Roper

Awesome place to take the kids. Laser tag, bowling, roller skating, food, etc.

jacob robinson

Great place to play pool, and pretty good food.

Frankie Scott

Had a great time will be back

Candy Probst

Took boys for birthday we had fun but seems over priced and could be cleaner

Michael Moyher

Great place for the family!

Brendon Miller

Kinda beat up, kinda over priced, and could use a layer of paint on everything. Great for a very specific age group, like 6-9. It just feels like it needs to be made new and attractive again.

Marilyn Lloyd

Amazing evening, just thought we would try something different this evening and felt we made a good choice. Maybe our first trip to Strike & Spare but not our last.

Glenn Morazan

Best bowling experience EVER! recommended on weekends after 8:00 pm

Amanda Woodard

Lots of fun for the family. Something fot all ages.

Cheye Whitley

Love this place almost never have any complaints other than I'm positive almost everything is rigged for arcades

Orlando Sandoval

Great place for the kids!!

Jeff Marlowe

Love making new friends

Moisés Cruz-Izquierdo

Fun for the bowler, the skater, the laser tag player, the arcader. All in a family atmosphere.

Mike V

This place is great, tons of activities for every age over 4yo. We will Def go back. Thanks for having dollar general employees!

April Harlan

Very fun place for everyone.

Jeremy Luoma

Great family fun. Wish you guys would build one in Speingfield!

Sandy Cross

Coupons in Parent magazine for half off make a day of play and good people awesome


Great place to take your family

ish grace

Love this place

L / A King

Always enjoyable

Eric Cowart

Awesome place to take campers we had a great time and there was so much to do.

Ki Arnould

I bring my 5-year-old niece here to kill a few hours together. There's tons of different things to do, for people of basically every age. We enjoy bowling, arcade games, cheap toys won with tickets, and the food. Only 4 stars instead of 5 because it's a bit shabby. Water stains on the menus, limited hours on some things like the roller rink.

Alex Edwards

It's really a great invorment for the kids and parents , but I think they should have someone working at the doors for the kids safety, but besides that just keep a good watch own your kids

sierra campbell

I live in Lavergne, but this bowling alley is one of the nicer ones. It's clean, modern & very spacious. I visited this location because it was a middle point for the people I met up with. So whenever I'm in the area, I make sure to come here.

Douglas Keck

Great place for some family fun

Goldie Fatale

affordable bowling..lots of games...cheaper than dave and busters and not as busy. there is a full bar and restaurant. the food is good considering its bowling ally food.

Diana Abrams

We had a great time, love the atmosphere but I gave this four stars since we were unable to get better choices for th size of the bowling balls. Most of the bowling balls were too heavy and the others too small for their thumbs to fit in.

Chery Duffy

There is something here for everyone. Our little one loves the bungee jump. During the summer kids can get a free game of bowling one per week all summer... Register your kids and have a fun night out once a week! On Wednesday they have arm bands which include unlimited bungee, bumper cars, roller skating, and laser tag for twelve dollars I believe.

Amanda Carter

This is a clean place for family & friends to go and have a great time!! The staff treats you with respect and Smiling faces.. I would recommend this place to anyone We had a great time for my birthday

Justin Murphy

Nice but told us their wait to bowl was 2 hours and their were several lanes not being used at all


Lots of kids running around having fun.


Great place to bring the kids an let them have fun!!! Plenty for them to do. Laser tag, skating, bumper cars, trampoline jump, bowling. We normally grab a table an the adults sit an talk an let the kids go have fun. There is also a soft play room for the little ones. Staff is always nice & courteous! We have been going here for a few years never had a issue with the actual place or the staff.

Jessica Eidson

This is an okay place! Quite a bit overpriced but the kids seem to love it! The teenage guy on the bounce bungie was super sweet and helpful to the children! He's the real reason why I didn't give this place a 2 star rating.The toddlers playground was absolutely disgusting and I would not let my child play in it. Just an FYI. It could use a few more responsible adults running around cleaning up and managing.

JeffiBuilt EJ1

Good but dated

Noel Turner

Great family place, very clean.

Camden Altepeter

the cheese pizza was delectable. jungle gym was not too sticky. all children were clean and supervised. i hate dirt.

Barbara O'Keefe

It was OK but nothing special. If you like to bowl, it is alright. Some of the kids there looked like they were having fun.

Claude Pethtel

Great place to just relax and take the kids to have fun. Fun for the whole family when it's to hot or raining outside!

Daisy Page

Son had a great time and won 1016 tickets

Angela sales dye

We had the best time!!!

Brad Stubblefield

Great place. Lots of activities, they could use a few more arcade style games. Plenty of bowling lanes. Great party space for kids birthday activities.

tyler davis

Clean, friendly staff, great specials, and lots of fun things for the kids to do! We will be back for sure!!

amommy4life #chaos

Planning my daughter's 6th birthday here so much fun for all ages

Elizabeth Oxfurth

Great place. Clean. Arcade wasn't half bad

Harrison Ellis

They have all-you-can-bowl from Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, pretty good deal.

Wes Bryant

Great place to take kids of ages. Priced perfectly for family entertainment. Could use some janitorial services. Grill area was filthy, carpeting was dirty. To be such a new place, it will be completely run down in no time if they don't start taking care of it. Pizza was awesome.

john stephenson

Several games took our money. Had to wait two hours for a bowling lane to open up to bowl the game included with our wrist band. Carpeted floors looked like they hadn't been vacuumed in weeks. Attendants needed to be called for "attractions" to be used. Once on a bowling lane my 7yr old daughter could barely hit a pin as no matter how or where she rolled the ball it would drift to one of the bumpers and hit the corner pin or two. It was a fun evening but spending $50+ dollars for a few hours of fun I expect more.

Matt Smith

So many fun things for the kids to do. My 4 Y.O. daughter had a blast

Rona Maddox

Fun for all ages little expensive if you don't go on the right day.

Nathan Schussler

This place is a pretty good bowling alley. You just have to put it into your GPS as "Strike and Spare..." I've searched for "Family Fun Center" and it just takes me to another bowling alley just down the road from here.

Dana Inch

Awesome family fun!


Our 1st time here on Jan. 6th and we had a fun time.

Kyleigh Tidwell

I love it there. The workers there are very nice

Victoria Barnes

Awesome place and decent prices.

Nyerere Ellis

Awesome venue and plenty of activities for the whole family!

Nathan Arrington

Great place to bowl. Great Monday night specials. Wish they would open up more than one register for lane rentals.

Ynessa Montgomery

Had a blast here. I've had my sons b'day here 2 years in row. My dad drives 2 hours to come here fir the bowling and games. We love it here.

Carlos Ramos

Great atmosphere

Jerri Gift

Had a great time

Lola Troupe

Great place for little and big kids

Ellen Jones-Wilson

Had a great time. Enjoyed playing pool.

Matthew Lewis

It's a really good time for the money. Good deals if you go early. Only thing that I didn't like was that there's a lot of people.

Sharday Randle

Very fun place for kids

Donald Matthews

Friendly staff, clean bowling area, nice pro shop and plenty of activities for the kids.

Michael Jordan

It is worth the money for a birthday party is the reason why we went

Crystal Marie

Definitely a fun place to be whether you're a grown up or a kid there's something here for everybody great place for party very friendly staff

J. Ray

Rating depends on the day. Bowling here is good. The bad: The ball returns are slow and balls get stuck often it seems. Many of the “hall monitor” employees don’t really do their job - they just stand around. I’ve witnessed people vaping inside, bowling in their own non-bowling shoes (open toe, heels, etc) and even walking down the bowling lane to get their ball when stuck. The bathrooms are hit or miss. Sometimes clean sometimes nasty. The floor in the snack bar area is always dirty. Who cleans this place and do you clean during business hours???

roller skaters

Nice place to go bowling or to play Lazer tag...bumper cars.. roller skating.resonably priced food.and other activities to have some fun. . .

Betty McDowell

This is a great place to take the whole family, there is something for all ages.

Candice Binkley

Took my granddaughter here for her 12th Birthday Party. She had so much fun and there is so many things for the kids and adults to do. They serve all kinds of food and alcoholic beverages. You can by a wrist band that covers bowling,skating, bungy jumping and so much more. Worth the price you pay and they keep the Hendersonville police officers inside for safety. I highly recommend this place.

Caesar Jones

Took my daughter here for Fathers Day. Nice, clean place. A little pricey. I spent $30 for only 2 games of bowling for just me and a 7yr old. I can pay $20 for 3 games @ Holder.

Novak S

Most of their games don't work. Very disappointing.

Kim Smith

Dj Big K was awesome on Tuesday SIN night. 1-28-19

Scott Hilgadiack

Fun for the entire family

BBTheBoss !!

Lots to do for kids

russell belcher

Great place to bowl, lots of games for kids to enjoy, had a fun day bowling. We bowled 5 games before 5 for a set price. Thanks.

Jeff Hall

Good fun good service

John Haig

Nice clean environment don't bowling lanes are in very good shape had a good time

Sarah Merd

We always have fun and the kids always stay busy. Going early is the key. The later in the day the busier it can be so wait time is pretty long.

David Martin

LJ at the bar ignored us all evening. Crowded Saturday night and we were the only white skinned family there. Every person of color received great service. We tried to kill him with kindness and it did not matter.

Z Zaldivar

This place now is awesome!!! I could spend all weekend in here. And their concession food is spot on. Nothing fancy just good ol ballpark concession style food and not overpriced.

Gregory Mitchell

Enjoyed this place. I will be back.

Keaven Neely

The facility is neat and clean. It seems like the place is being run by a bunch of teens, but that's usually the case in these places.

Kacie Hughes

Well, it has a few arcade games... It has skee-ball, my fave, and a few other okay looking things, but I wouldn't really come there for that unless you've got a mound of money to burn? They have laser tag, which sounds fun, but I can't tell you how good of a deal it is because you can't watch the kids play. Could be great, could be a ripoff. The zero-turn bumpercar things were quite neat, but the space is kind of small for them? Spoils the fun a little perhaps. Skating rink seemed fine. The bowling was fun, certainly, and is probably the highlight. Most of the other things to do were mediocre at best. It's not bad, but my nine and ten year old nephews got bored really fast. Four stars: most of it was meh, but my nephews are getting older, however the bowling was good.

Dean Masullo

My son bowls in a league that meets once a weeknight for three months, twice a year, so I’m here on a pretty regular basis. The lanes are fine and the people who work there are friendly enough, but the place is absolutely filthy. The entryway is littered with cigarette butts; the glass on the entry doors is smeared with greasy fingerprints; the stench of sweat and kidstink hits you like a ton of bricks as you enter the building; the floors have a solid veneer of dirt and grime on them; the tables are often greasy or sticky; and there are bits of trash (wrappers and pocket litter) everywhere. Given the general squalor, I don't know how confident I would be eating at the snack bar or letting my kids play on the rides. TL/DR: It would be a nice enough place if only it were clean.

al Echols

My grandson loves this place ,we try to let him spend time there whenever we come to visit. Nice place.

Angela Johnson

I had so much fun with My daughters and my husband the staff was very nice and helpful the food was really good for bowling food had a blast cannot wait to visit again

Selah Miller

Love the bunji jumping

Trish Gattis

Love this place especially great family place and the food is really good!!!

napoleon harris

Fun for families. The arcade/ Circus world is best with small children

Robert English

Best place got every thing

Crystal Cutrell

Nice clean bowling alley, and circus world for the kids. Fun for the whole family.

Tanika Anthony

Me and my kids really enjoyed it and making plans to go again


Nice family place... Awesome place to bowl. Two area to bowl. Huge game room, two places to eat... Even when crowded, it does seem crowded!! I would definitely go back there.


This place is really big and has alot of potential I think the only thing they are lacking is the cleanliness its terrible. This place is in need of a cleaning bad.

Dollie Collins

A very very very nice facility, a lot of opportunities to play games of all sorts.The food is good and reasonably priced. Well kept bowling lanes.

Jonathan Hinton

Pro shop was amazing. Haven't been bowling in 12 years and they helped me get the setup I needed. Great establishment would recommend for anyone wanting to throw a party or a gathering.

Mike Cunningham

Its was clean, the staff was friendly and my two daughters had a great time. Since they were doing the armbands today it cost us $24 and they played for four hours. You can't beat the price.

Scott Dohrmann

Clean, modern bowling alley. Other arcade type games, bumper cars, etc. As places like this go, it's very nice. Wednesday night $2 per game bowling was great (but double it if you need shoes). Friendly staff. Unfortunately, I can't recommend the pizza.

Stacy Hall

They need to update the chairs and tables. The bowling alley needs to be fixed and repaired. We bowled and our bowling ball got stuck every 10 mins. I really got tired of calling the customer service to fix it. Also, it was mostly bare, with open space.

Amy Jackson

Took my high school and middle School students from church. The price was great with the coupons we were able to use and we all had a great time.

Scotty Pierce

Lots of lanes and fun games. But the staff is unhelpful. They all crowd around and talk while ppl are in line waiting. It always takes 3 ppl minimum to attend to 1 register transaction. They seldomly respond to the bowling help calls. Lots of potential but the staff is holding it back :(

Christina Bell

Loved it fun fit adults and children.

olivia wilson

We have a great night

joe hall

I usually don't care for the giant entertain the family places, but was there Sunday for a family birthday party at the bowling Lanes and really enjoyed it.

Jesus Jesus

Wonderful place to have family fun.

Clay Hardin

The private room is awesome! We have been going here for years! Always have a good video game selection. The location is close to our place!

Jonathan Killingsworth

Super fun place

Kayla Baker

We drove 30 minutes to arrive and they tell us we can’t bowl. It wasn’t posted on the website or anywhere for us to see. We then placed an order to eat food. Food was placed at 615, a cheese burger and chicken quesadilla. We didn’t receive our food until 7:00!!!!! That is absolutely absurd. The young ladies working the cash register were super nice but that was about it. I won’t be back.

Spencer Howard

It's so much fun me my friends and our daughters all went and played it was a wonderful time with amazing staff

john rodgers

Great place to have a low key work party. Great management. Cute too

Danny Cantaro

Decent Bowling alley. The air conditioning works well and it gets so humid here. The nieces and nephews had a great time playing laser tag.

Curt Sowell

If you have kids, I guess it's ok. It's pretty much chaos in there.

Will Gamache

Clean and maintained properly, this bowling alley and family fun center is ready to take on the big crowds of kids! The snack bar was a little overpriced, but aren't they all? Seems like a great value and we had a blast. The Lane equipment is aging but maintained and they are always happy to come out and take care of any issues you might have.

Lena Jones

Very dirty. Used to love this place growing up. Food and everything was still good. Need better workers when it comes to cleaning. All it takes is a swipe on a table and a broom.

James H Terrell

Great place and a lot of fun

Tony Hastings

My family had a great time.

Tommy Ogan

Go there to shoot pool and have a couple drinks always good time. Last time shooting pool the ate the Q ball.couldn't play anymore. I'd recommend it!!!

Lindsey Read

Lots of family fun and great for kids. So many things to do. Everyone can enjoy it.

jason robertson

Great place to join a league and the food at Conway's is good

Micheal Jackson

The best place for family fun

Dhe Lycja

My friends says it's better than Dave's & Buster but we had some dff. w/ the bowling rail getting stuck so that interrupted their happiness a bit.

Sandra Berube

Great fun was had by my 12 and 10 year old. Great bumper cars. Roller skating was amazing. Trampoline lazer tag even bowling. Affordable too.

June Fawbush

A great family place and a place for kids to have fun all ages

Vy Chantharasy

Management needs to get control of this place. Dining area looked like mess with trash and food all over the floor and tables. Took 30 mins to get a burger and fries...really! Bartender took 15 mins to get a beer and it wasn't even busy. My kids kept getting skip over to get skates and everyone is correct took almost a couple hrs to get a bowling lane. Poorly managed and staff has no control of the people inside. I could go on and on...what a craphole.

Stephan Adams

Wish I had a free pass to live here and enjoy everything 24/7. This place makes me feel like a kid again, lets me bowl, play games, eat food, etc.. and it's extremely clean and modern. Best in H'ville to bowl and take friends and family. Even have a bar :D

Hali Morgan

Super fun, a little pricey.

Leah Broda

We had a blast!! My daughter had so much fun. This was our first time here and we did everything. Bowled, bumper cars, skated, jumped, and played in the jungle gym thing. There is a lot to do here and all of it fun. The staff is very nice and there are plenty of people working. Great time.

Doug Drake

Great place, Bowling, arcade, kiddie play place, Laser tag. Whole family fun.

Shonda Addy

Good food. Great fun. Definitely will return

Joel Bontrager

Great place to let children burn off energy! There's something for all ages of the family.

Trish Walls

Took the family there and for $16.50 a person got endless everything! Spent 6 hours and food was very reasonable, recommend the pizza!

Russell Reese

a fantastic place to take the kids. it's no lie when I say its fun for the whole family, there is just so much to enjoy under one roof !

Jessica Zeitler

My 3 year old had a ton of fun here. There is a lot to do. My only complaint is it was fairly dirty. The big play area for 6 and under looked like it hadn't been cleaned in awhile, and today was a slow Monday so it really shouldn't have been as dirty as it was. Not all of the bumper cars were in working order, and the bowling lane we used the bumper kept sticking between turns. We still had fun, but not sure I will return for the money we spent. There is a family fun center around the corner that seems to be cleaner and bigger. Going to check that out next.

tayler kee

It was pretty good. I went on a class field trip. Really nice bowling lanes and plenty of games to play. Nice arcade. Laser tag, bungee jumping, bumper cars, skating rink, and dinning area

Jared Goodrich

We take school groups here, and it's our favorite trip. There are plenty of activities for the kids-- laser tag, skating, bumper cars, and skating, just to name a few. The staff are very professional and are adept at handling school groups. The grill there is a definite high point for the teachers-- the Diablo Burger is a personal favorite of mine.

Rebecca wren

We had a really good time.

Adam Pairmore

Fun place for kids and good for parties. Lots of games to play. Many have ticket payouts like other places. We like it better than some of the other places that are similar. It’s a little less expensive and the staff has always been super nice. It’s busy during the peak times, but for a kid that’s part of the fun and experience. It’s hard to maintain a clean place with sooooooo many kids running around all day, but I think they do a better job than a lot of kid spots.

Ravi Jariwala

Best place to hangout with family

Wendell Nealon

Always a great place to take your pre teens. Excellent value at regular price. Check Parents magazine for discount coupons and their website for weekly specials.

ObiWanCannolli 1

Had a birthday party there and it was great.

Tara Piergies

Neat plac. We had a great time with the games and bowling.

Charlene Meser

This place is a lie and a rip off. First and last time I'm ever going there


Fun place, family fun. Good drinks offered. Food is average, but ok. Not there for a fantastic dining experience so not a big deal. Love the KBF summers, they really contribute to the community with it giving the kids something to do that is affordable for everyone, so no excuses not to have some family time and put the electronic babysitters down!

Kevin S

Great place for the family. We go to bowl and sometimes just to play with our small child in the arcade. The games usually have a good ticket return, so he gets to pick out a prize at the end of the night. Highly recommend. Staff is always friendly.

victoria fox

My 7 year old daughter absolutely loves this place. We usually go here as a reward for honor roll, it is a major motivator! This place has a little bit of everything. Skating, go carts, a climbing jungle gym, bouncing super high on your own trampoline, laser tag, arcade games and prizes. There is definately something for everyone!

Eric Farmer

Trying to have a birthday party and the other party's over powering my guess and half of the left was supposed to have to tables and when confrunted the rude manager they stayed they couldn't do two table but yet another party had two and altogether the worst place ever to have a party for anyone

Mervet Atra

We always bowl on Monday and it’s a great time every time. Friendly staff and awesome Dj with trivia!

Rachael Howard

A great place to bring the kids and let them burn off some energy. Friendly staff everytime I have been to the center. Very clean and food is nice too. I would highly recommend visiting this place.

Cody Westbrooks

Pretty decent family fun center. Arcade, bowling, and bumper cars kept the kids entertained.

Leanne Gouker

We had a great time . A lot for the kids to do. All the staff was very friendly. A nice place to take the family.

Tyler Moore

Had a blast at a friends birthday party and the kiddos loved it

Bambi Windrow

Best place for kids birthday party

Speed Professor

Mike will take good care of you in the pro shop.

Jennifer Owen

Great activity for a rainy day

Juli Pate

To much choas

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