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REVIEWS OF Dixie Bowl IN Kentucky

kay monroe

Had a job Christmas party here it was ok had a decent time


the Food was beyond trifling as if seasoning and flavor does not exist ! ALL of the employees vibe were short and rude . The pricing was $ decent I can't argue that. but over all I'll never go back nor would I recommend people to go either. especially if you are looking for a bubbly great time for your Friends ,family and children THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN CUSTOMER HOSPITALITY OR CUSTOMERS ALWAYS KNOWS BEST

Rob Sparger

Old smokey dirty eighties style bowling! Awesome!

Stephen Leverenz

Fun for the kids

Gun Guy

Fun place. Ok prices.

Kevin Simms Sr.

Enjoy the evening

Rita Keith

Brandon LaDuke

I come here all the time. The staff is friendly and nice. Its a great alley with great leagues. The place is clean. It's only down side is the consoles and pin setters need updating. This alley has Synthetic lanes.

Darren Stone

Need to have more control of the young kids they are out of control.

Renee Southern

Marliese Wright

The older man working the counter was very grumpy and seemed bothered to get us shoes and take our money. He was bickering with the young man helping him and paying was extremely awkward. We bowled for an hour but we were so slow as beginner bowlers we didn't finish a game so we decided to pay by the which was way cheaper than an hour. I waited for a while to be aknowledged and finnaly paid. We bowled one frame and the game ended thinking it was a mistake we went back to let them know that our game and ended and he very rudely told my husband dude it ended cause your game is over. My husband came back and just wanted to leave but I thought I would go and explain to him that we paid for a whole game at this point in the night we had spent about $80 and had only been there for a little over an hour. The young man very rudely told me that if I wanted to play an entire game with the number of people in our party I should have paid for each person a game and I told him I wish he would've told me knowing that When i paid for all the shoe rentals he knew there were five of us. Maybe he might want to mention to people what a game entails. I thought it was ten frames. This could have been easily smoothed over with politeness, customer service. The older man interrupted saying if I give you another frame will that make you happy. He was so rude I almost left any way but I wanted my kids to have a good night. As we were leaving another woman was getting a refund because they were so rude to her. I live five minutes away and won't be back.

Patrick Jolley

Desperately needs remodeling and upgrades, still living in the 60's, parking lot nightmare

Michelle Pollard

Family fun

deanna dunlap

Always have a good time there

Clif Arnold

It has really went down hill...this place used to be the place go to have a good's not very clean anymore and the people have no respect for others.


Horrible equipment. Multiple failures while bowling. Never coming back

adam rogers

Been taking kids to play in a league, lanes look decent, staff is friendly, pretty laid back atmosphere, have a small food area and a bar

Tiny Shannon

I like meijer because thay dont keep moving things.

Angica Hicks

When a session ends is a bit confusing,as I was cut off in the start of my second game,after a couple rounds in. The shoes fit well and the area was clean, with a nice range of balls to use.The cafe in back had a startlingly wide variety of food available for a bowling alley, and has prices that aren't terribly inflated. There's a fair quality arcade in back,and a range of toy machines in the front section (I'm particularly fond of the rubber duck machine.) In addition to bowling,they offer air hockey and pool games.

Billy Gaither

It's a typical bowling alley, it also has a bar and a game room and snack bar. Friendly service

Jessica Barnett

We came in to rent 5 lanes on Saturday night. We had family in for a Birthday celebration. We have never been treated so horribly. It started while we were waiting for our lanes. We ordered 2 buckets of beer. The bartender returned to the window with 2 6 packs of beer. NO buckets No ice. $28.00. We told her that we didn't want to purchase HOT beer. That is not unreasonable. She proceeded to tell us that if we wanted buckets we had to go find some on our own. I returned with a bucket and paid for ONE bucket. I asked her if I could tip on my debit card. She picked up her tip jar and removed it from the window and said she didn't need a tip . WHAT!?!?! She was being rude to me and I was STILL going to tip her and she acted like an absolute maniac. Our name was finally called for a lane. I expected a wait. It was busy and we needed 5 lanes. I paid $200 dollars for 5 lanes . SO i dropped $200 bucks to bowl at your lanes only for us to have problem after problem after problem. THe balls continued to get stuck, the belt on one of our lanes broke and shut us down completely. We were told our time was going to be adjusted and it was not. Actually, we were shut down without even given our "time is ending" warning. We asked why and the people behind the counter were the most rude people ever. ONE EVEN CAME ACROSS THE COUNTER and dared one of us to hit him. They then lied and said we started bowling at 9:10 PM. THIS was an absolute lie . When i checked in and paid it was 9:34. That was when we first started talking about our lanes. We had a problem once before with a WHITNEY and we let that go. WE WILL NEVER COME BACK TO YOUR ESTABLISHMENT. We came in, ordered food, drinks, played games and spenet $200 plus shoes to bowl. And we were treated absolutely horrible. I don't really know why I am writing review don't know what I expect. I guess if it keeps one person from being treated the way that we were treated then it is worth the words.

melody pearson

Jesse jo Tharp

Been there the sevice is out standing and the lanes r well kept

jessica alcorn

michael cannon

Joseph Gaines

allan childers

Great experience

Barbie Hayes

Staff was nice.

George Wever

Good place to bowl

Mookie Real

I hate it!!! Didn't feel welcome as a black family and the place was rundown..


Richard Perry

Raymond Johnston

Sharnell Woolfolk

Michele Restainer

michael hiser

Love it

jamie brown

Too high

Chick K.

This place is okay for a few quick games. I visit often with the kids.

tony brown

Exelent staff fair prices great food

Jamie Honshell

Love the bowling alley and would love family and friends to go.

samantha ray

great staff but the could always be a little cleaner

R. Faith Heck

Had my daughters birthday party there and could not believe how rude the staff was! Will NEVER walk through the doors again.

Glenda Johnson

Fun fun fun! Very friendly and price is economical

Raymond Bowdre

Great fun with family!

Donald Josue

Great place to take kids to bowl. Nice staffs

Sir Aier

5 year old pickpocketed me

Sharea Smith

Richard D. Sleeth Jr.

Dixie Bowl is a great place to take the whole family to. The cost Omer service is outstanding. The bowling alley is always clean. Dixie Bowl also has a Bar a Restaurant and a pro shop as well

Brian Mathis

Helen Cole

Great atmosphere. Love bowling here

Crystal Ray

Dixie Bowl is a joke. They have junk outdated equipment. The owner is a rude old bag. There more worried about making money then there customers. the place smells worse then a garbage can on a hot summer day.

Natasha Harbin

Extremely Nice Staff! They have a party room it off this world.

Diana Thornsberry

Beautiful place nice for kids to go bowling really great

Chris Thompson

Looks really great with the new screens

Mike Owens

Went to dixie bowl an took the kids they were bored an there free during summer its a good time

Nikki Hockman

Hayden Morris

Bowling was good, but the pool tables were unkept and broken down.

Eazy McQueen


Jane Williams

Wonderful atmosphere.

Vanity Powell

It was cool job had Christmas party here

Jason Roberts

I love the folks out there but they need to lay some oil down on the lanes for league. Out of all the bowling alleys I've bowled league in there's is definitely the driest.

Tammy Green

Fun relaxing atmosphere.

Kendall Harper

Mike Roselle

Great bowling alley and brought back memories

That One Darius

i have been going to dixie bowl for a few months now every week and its been amazing

Keith Carter


Amber Smith

Love this place

Lindsey Craig

Jacob Simmons

Greatpeople nice place to bowl all around a great experience for date night

Bonnie Lenberger


Donald Ijames

Awesome business

Tracy Woosley

It was pricey to bowl on a Sunday. 3 games a piece for 3 and shoes totaled up to around 56.00.

Sabrina Simmons

Great family fun atmosphere.

Martha Tribbey

Family friendly

steffles 123

Bowl league here. Nice house well kept lanes

Zachary Prario

Nice and quaint bowling alley, would go again honestly

Diana Ruiz

Good employees good service and good food

Mya Putnam

We went as a family for my grandma's birthday. It was nice my only. Complain is the bathroom. It smelled bad and could go for a repaint

Tammy Sherrill

Great family fun

Cary Harper ll

I have been coming to Dixie Bowl since I was little and it's always a fun experience. You can rent a lane for $20 an hour, you can play pool for $7 an hour, they also have vending machines, a bar, and a snack bar. It's fun for family, couples, and friends alike.

Randy Brown

Great people. Great pro shop, they will improve your game.


Great food but overpriced, nice lanes

Ivory suarez

Will not visit no handicapped bathrooms

Eli Meredith

Had a great time

Crystal Flener

Great family fun for any age kids

Bob Bratcher

Very enjoyable. Family friendly atmosphere.

T M Montgomery

Fantastic place!

Tiffany Cotton

Expensive but fun. Good for families. Clean shoes that looked fairly new. Expensive food also.

Barry Owens

Great rates on bowling shoe combination up to 6 people including shoes for 20 bucks

Fred Jupin

Family fun

Gacha Hannah

I Love the bumper pads they save you from getting you a gutter also you can know if it's your point or turn with the letter of the beginning of you name

Reece Palmer

Good prices on everything. Ken Bowl is owned by the same people.

monna b

Ripped us off on bowling game. Over price shoes. 4.00 a pair. Too much oil on lanes.

Lee Lamoureux

nice place

Laketa Brown

Good service, we had so much fun!!!

Ron Burba

Had a lot of fun, they've updated their systems here making bowling with group more fun.

Michael Pardue

Employees are unbelievably rude. Will never come back!

bobby acciardo

It was fun and good prices

Raymond Roy

Great place to go bowling and also a great place to host bowling parties.

don ijames

This place is amazing and takes extra good care of the Youth. Thank you Dixie Bowl

Elijah Taylor

They didnt disinfect the shoes they stank horribly low low music overall fun but not as entertaining as you would hope

Cody Sawyers


George Spadie

Good family oriented fun place.

tiffany mullins

Had my 5 year olds birthday party here yesterday. Lady at the front desk was quite rude with the adults and children . Watched us like we we're going to steal a bowling ball or something. Accused me of not paying my deposit , yelled at my kids for playing with a balloon, and yelled over the intercom reminding us we was down to one hour . Felt very rushed and uncomfortable here . Never again.

Carlos Carrillo

Great place to have fun!

Melyssa Fox

If there was a choice to give negative Stars that's what I would pick. I have never been treated so rudely in my life. I wanted to make it a special night for my girlfriend's birthday. Yes we are a gay couple. We had people including the STAFF; laughing, joking, snickering, WHISPERING behind our backs and straight to our faces, starring, & treated RUDELY by STAFF. Absolutely horrible experience. Sheila the lady at the bar was extremely unprofessional. I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone to go spend with their family or friends. I've read the comments and I've already seen AT LEAST three reviews that mention RACISM. I am a Caucasian lady and the rest of my crew were African American and it was so apparent how shity they were to them because of the color of their skin. Extreme ignorance at its best was display here not only by customers but by staff which was appalling. RACIST OR A KKK CLUB. Wake up it's almost the year 2019!! Everyone has a choice and all should be treated with equality, respect, and decency especially as paying customers. Thanks for ruining my girlfriend's birthday and my plans to make it special for her!! You all need to get your act together. I demanded to speak to the owner the Lady was supposed to go get him but then the lady said "oh he doesn't get around too much he's handicapped." I still wanted him to come out so I could make him feel like his staff made us feel by making jokes at his expense ...but I was the better person and walked away!! GROW UP DIXIE BOWL AND GET EDUCATED.

Chris Hickey

I've been going here for over 20 years now, it's better than it's ever been. Food is good, beer is good. The lanes are excellent.

Lavonda Greene

I had fun, hanging with friends, and bowling. You will too!!

Anthony Smith

Nice place

Laura TRUE

Nice bowling alley, well kept. Food not so good.

Krista Cheatham

We participate in the kids bowl free program each year and this location always has space for us to play, the employees are very helpful and friendly, and the food at the snack bar is very reasonably priced.

Isabella See

james t

semi rude staff occasionally somewhat faulty lanes make Dixie bowl frustrating sometimes. Pool tables newly resurfaced but have a few minor problems here and there (ex Billiard balls some times fall out of the pockets

Corey Reuber


Savanah Burns

Loved this place. So down to earth. The people whobwork there where amazing. We took our 6 year old son there for a family date night. He had a blast. They where not busy at all. I will go here over king pins anyday. My son had the time of his life that night. We also ate there and the turkey blt we had was great. And the peiced to bowl are probably the best in town.

Loud Clouds


Shelby Yates

Had birthday party for 3 yr old granddaughter. She an whole family had a wonderful time. Have been going to Dixie bowl for 40 + years. Thank you.

Keith Pack

Dare Us

Food is good but takes a while

Bethany Hittle

Had my Birthday party here and got a good deal on bowling

Samuel Herman

Chuckie George Jr.


Matt Schaab

John Allen

The lanes were dry but in good working order.

Tigger Wilson

Decent time with family. Big on leagues, less on families of color

Justin Lynch

Nice enjoyable family environment.

william lichtefeld

I bowl there on Friday night

Bert Smith

Chris Willman

Clean place but clientele show no bowling courtesy/ etiquette Definitely a pattern here. Other bowling locales around the city have a more sophisticated regular crowd. Also, expect the automated score board to freeze or mess up at least once a game. On a better note, staff have always been friendly.

Keisha Johnston

Great place to have birthday party

Kenneth Smith

Tony Ray

Nice since they redone the systems and kiosks. Video call the desk from the lane for quick fixes. Staff always treated me good. It being in Valley Station seemed to be the only negative part. But you get what you expect from the area and people who are around.

Martin Maretti

There was a homeless guy blocking my lane

Christopher Clark

Nice but dont go on weekends to miny kids...

ray Anderson

Good people fun place good food

Rebecca Sexton

Lanes are good but they do need some smaller weight balls for kids

Warner Buell

Great lanes. Need more staff for large groups.

Tarra Francisco

Much improved!

Tracy Easler

Great atmosphere

Ricky Eiselt

Love this place



Noly Duro

Buena atención muy limpio y exelente el servicio de la cafetería...

Kevin Bray

I didn't think the Dixie Bowl was still open and look so deserted when I got there but the bowling alley still looking beautiful and well cap inside

nicole lewis

Micheal Emerson

The balls aren't the greatest and some of the lanes malfunction occasionally, but the service was great and the staff very helpful. Great place to take the kids, and it's pretty affordable earlier on the weekends.

Elwood Mom

Friendly staff, nice lanes and great food.

Christopher Lynch

Been going there for years, love it

Wesley Lynch

Treated us like trash, pretty sure their racist.

phani kishore

No pool boards at all here they maintain like hell

Douglas Edwards Jr.

Great lanes, friendly staff. Recently installed new lane entertainment system, easy to use!

kyle bryant

harry bryant

Love this place!

Krissianne Xue

Clean, fun, friendly atmosphere here. They even offer kids bowl free during the summer months! Really worth looking into.

mark Derridinger

Very busy at a tournament.

Christopher Hylander

Place seems a little questionable before you go inside, but don't let that stop you from going in!. The place is actually nice on the inside. They serve alcohol untill midnight on the weekends and they have a nice little eat in spot. If beer and bowling isn't enough they have pool for 6 dollars an hour. Very reasonable price. Would recommend this bowling alley to any family's who enjoy a game of bowling.!

Amber Hudson

it was good

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