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REVIEWS OF Topgolf IN Kansas

Ankit Pandey

Great place to hang out with your friends. The food was amazing. Need to try the Smokehouse burger. There was some delay while bringing a burger so they gave us the burger for free.

Morgan R.

Awesome place to have a fun night with friends or family! Great service. Fun golf games. Great during the day, even more fun at night. One thing that could be improved is that once the sun is almost set, turn down the fans a bit. It’s annoying to have your hair blowing in your face and the sound of fans blowing very loudly when the maximum speed isn’t necessary to keep you cool in the evening. Other than that, excellent spot to have some drinks, food, and fun!

Judy McCaw

Great activity for all ages! Well equipped to handle large crowds. Several games to choose from for every skill level. Would visit more often if I lived closer.

Jerry Eilers

Great food. We had lots of fun. It did not record correctly a few times, thus only four stars.

Sara Anderson

Came in and had the WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I got the “pleasure” to meet Lauren blonde hair and tattoos, one of your “hospitality managers” quite frankly I’m not sure how she got the position considering her nasty attitude. My family and friends will never be returning to this location after that. Completely unprofessional. I’ve never had someone in that profession speak to me like that and to sit around speaking about other employees negatively loud enough for customers to hear? Keep that drama at home!

Brian Wright

fun times with the boys. a little expensive, unless you go in the non-peak hours which we should have done. Our boys 8 and 12 love it-a great fun golf experience.

Jacob Danielson

Really great place for people of any skill level. Great place to practice and get better or just spend some time with friends and have fun. Very advanced technology to show you all kinds of data and statistics. Wonderful food and drinks and a great staff.

Anthony Caligiuri

Food, service, everything was great.

Neil Ritter

This place is addictive! So fun . You can spend a lot of money here if you eat and drink but the golf itself is way fun.

Corinthia Morris

Fun time. Fun time. Fun time. Lots of laughing with our servers for our bay. Drinks refilled promptly. Food was good. Love our visits here every time.

Kim Markward

Lots of fun and the golf is completely affordable. The food and drinks however, are not. Not uncommon for a place like this but if you are playing an evening game and wanted to grab a snack and a couple of drinks, be prepared to spend a $100+, easy. Great place for some family fun or fun with friends. Just plan accordingly, if you are going to eat while you are there! The food IS good if you're hungry :)

Julius Fries

It was awesome for a first time!! Just the service in the bar was bad. I loved the games and all of the other stuff the have in store!!!!

Janet Spicer

Need to improve on service and cleanliness of the bay. Our bay had food on floor and on the furniture. Tabletop required multiple wiping to finally get it clean.

Rodney Taylor

You’re gonna have a good time. The food is very good. A lot of options like wings, burgers, nachos, and flatbreads. Good amount of drinks. Location is super busy, so be prepared to wait. You are able reserve a bay online. You can also sign up for a membership through the app. My group rented a bay by the hour. Luckily the stalls are heated. There are a range of club options. The balls are tracked electronically.

Valerie Davis

Had a great time. Awesome atmosphere. family friendly golfing. Definitely recommend going in the early morning. We got there at 930 am and got right in. Left a little before noon and it looked like a long wait. Will definitely be back.

Jeremiah Nichol

I've never golfed. Not once. No interest or time or money. However, This was a great experience for my family! We all got to try something new in a very relaxed low pressure environment. We were also pleasantly surprised with the food and the service was above and beyond with multiple people stopping by to check on us. We will be back!

Gene Martin

Wonderful night out. What a great way to introduce a non-golfer to the game. Love the food and professional service.

Andrew Fountain

Top golf is always a good time, and great for the whole family. Came here for a bachelor party and was able to hang out and talk with everyone as well as have fun hitting golf balls. Definitely recommended. It can get a little pricey, but overall it is a good experience.

Jeremy lohrmeyer

Was here for a catered event, so it was all set up and well prepared. Drinks came easily and snacks were very good. Throw in golf that anyone can play and it was a good event.

Pedro Murillo

In short: Slow and rude staff. Only care about getting you in and out as quickly as possible. Recommend eating somewhere else and then going there instead of ordering food there. Long Story: Went there last night (Thrusday) at 7pm with my girlfriend and sister as my sister is visiting from out of town. We were pretty hungry and wanted something to do while we ate. We were placed on a booth pretty quickly, and we started the game timer for 1 hour. We placed drink orders pretty quickly, but the drinks took about 10 minutes to come out. Then, we placed food orders while there was still about 45 minutes left on our booth. after about 25 minutes of waiting for food, we flagged down one of the staff member and asked where our food was because we had been waiting for a while, and we would expect at least our appetizer to be here by now. She leaves to check on it and comes back and says "your food is on its way out". 5 minutes later our food comes out. The only thing that is warm is our appetizer. We ordered 2 flatbread pizzas that were almost cold, and a turkey wrap with tater tots that were cold. So now we have about 10 minutes on our timer when our food is finally out. We stop playing to sit down to eat. At the 5 minutes left on our times mark (no more than 5 minutes after we received our food) the staff member comes out and says "your time is almost up, do you want to add more time" to which I replied "no". Then she says "when your time is up, you can move your food to the open sitting inside", and our response is "OK". We use the rest of our time to eat, not to play, but just eat. The very second that the timer hits zero she comes up to us and says "Do you want boxes for your food" to which we reply "no, we just got our food, we'll move inside". We felt rushed thru the entire time, and the staff knowing we received our food late still wanted to give us boxes and get us out of there.

reagan bailey

Top golf is so fun! We took all the kids and they loved it! The lounges were nice to have while waiting your turn, and the staff was amazing! You can order food from your Bay and play as little or long you want. For our first time it was a little confusing with getting all the kids signed up with cards and that added fee but it was worth it! Reasonable price for a family of five!

Brandon Bronson

I have had some great times at this place with my friends. A great place to hang out a swing clubs and nobody makes you feel bad if you haven't swung golf clubs before so a new golfer can come and swing too.


Very fun experience even though I had no golfing experience before going here. The staff were very helpful in showing my group what to do. The food there is also very good but still a bit pricey. Overall great if you're willing to spend quite a bit of money.

dev reddy

Excellent place to hangout for weekend Great food and super facilities to play the sport

Angela Deckman

Lots of fun for whole family


DO NOT CALL AHEAD. Seriously, they won't answer. You'll get the run around of answering machines telling you to reserve online. Did you just decide to go to TopGolf with your friends who came into town for the weekend? Too bad. They're probably reserved ahead of time. The only way to find out if someone cancelled or if there's an extra bay open is to physically go there. If it's open, great. If not, type your phone number into a keypad and wait 2 hours or so. TopGolf is fun when you're playing, but it's no fun to stand around for 2 hours, especially if you drove there from >10 minutes away. This is an easy fix, TopGolf people. Reservations are full online? Have someone answer the phone and tell me if there's any availability. If not, then I can plan something else.

Craig Nichols

It was a fantastic experience even for the people who had never golfed before. The staff was friendly and our waitress Honour was top notch. We have already made plans for our next visit.

Samantha Blakley

A really good time. The attentive server made my sons day. We enjoyed it! Well worth the price.

Gregory Stanley

My daughter took me to Top Golf for Father's day. Had a great time! They sell golf gloves at comparable prices in case you forget yours like I did.

Turning Leaf

I am usually not the biggest fan of golf, but this was a lot of fun! Amateurs and pros would probably love this sport. I can't play very well and I still had a good time! There is a large variety of game modes for golfing rookies (like me), pros, and everything in between. the only downside I could think of was the price. $5 to make an account with them and $45 for an hour (in the evening. Morning and afternoon prices are cheaper). If you go with a crowd, you could cut the cost by splitting that 45 among your group, so I recommend that if you don't have the money to do it on your own. Otherwise, this place was a lot of fun whether you like, or don't like, golf.

Payton Wagoner

It took way too long and they said our bay was ready and we had to wait another hour but we went up 3 times and they did not say anything to us. They just said that it was going to take a few more minutes but it took one more hour and we spent all of are day there. So frustrating. We were told our wait time was 1 1/2 hours and no where near!!! We just left.

Jason Flannery

The bartenders are great!!! All I have to say is the dj is worthless!!! He won’t take song suggestions. Either way, for a professional dj, I’d say if one doesn’t have wifi or internet access, that’s a problem! Peace!

Denise Gibbs

Their reservation system went down and had to wait three hours. This place is ran by a bunch of high schoolers and no one is in charge

Jeremy Mwangi

Drinks, golfing, and more drinks cool spot glad I came back

Brad Williamson

I love this place! Love the concept. Great service, as usual. Props to Ben, who took good care of me but wasn't over-bearing. I was able to hit balls from 9a-noon for $15 on a Friday morning. What a great deal! Everyone should try this at least once.

Jenna Deger

I have been here a handful of times and everytime my experience has been pleasant. Prices are fair based on different times of the day. I don't golf nor am good at golfing but it was still so fun! You can also get food here, play pool, etc.

Jared Hummel

This is the 4th Topgolf location I have visited, and the first one where the game equipment didn't function properly. The back targets did not work at all. The front targets would miss direct hits 20% of the time. When I asked the bay host he said it was having problems that night. I went back the a second night and the problems where different but still just as plentiful. I love Top golf I am glad this wasn't my first exposure to it or I would probably never try it again.

Nina Smith-Nelson

I didn't come with any expectations, as I have never golfed a day in my life except for putt putt. I was able to make a fool of myself with friends and around drinks and yummy food. It was a lot of fun. The staff are really knowledgeable and helpful, and they had fun games that even I could compete in. My husband, The experienced golfer, had called and reserved a spot for us. That was a great idea, as it was super crowded. I would say it is a great option for a night out if you don't want to be caught up in the bar scene.

The Truth

Great food and great time.

Sharlene Marie

Super fun and great food

Delwin Galeas

Nice place to relax...

Tim Downs

Fun for just about any occasion. Someone and their brilliant mind has found a way to charge you more money while you eat or drink. Just brilliant.

Jae Cae

Firstly, it was a fun experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the driving range. However, I can get that enjoyment out of any local driving range for about $8 an hour. Their focus is on the restaurant style food and drink and their private bays. The food and drink was great, but their alcoholic drinks were fairly watered down. The bay was semi private, you had your own table and chairs, and its fairly homey, but its incredibly loud. The bays are a little cramped together, and their "climate control" is an oscillating fan in the summer and a heater in the winter. The only place you can go to warm up or cool down is the lobby, so plan on sweating in the summer and freezing in the winter. The staff are a little overagressive and intense, I had a man stand about two inches from me the entire time I entered our party of 6's information, which made me incredibly uncomfortable. The ball tracker feature was neat but it only worked about half the time, meaning if you're playing for points, count on the system cheating you out of a few balls. Lastly, the price, which is the biggest reason for my rating. The bay required a call ahead reservation, which I believe fluctuates, but at the time it's a flat charge of $50. An hour and a half of gametime, which isnt very long if you enjoy the driving range, was $71. And once you get reserved, and pay for your time, it charges you $5 a person to play. So our party of 6 cost me an additional $30. Like I said, a local driving range will run you $8-$12 an hour. You wont get the high class atmosphere but you'll get to enjoy a relaxing time with your family. Top Golf cost me $151 for an hour and a half. So unless you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket, I wouldn't bother paying the extra $40 an hour for the priviledge of buying an alright tasting meal while you use the golfing range. I know I won't.

martin mcnally

Heater wasn’t working manager done nothing all kinds of other spots open wouldn’t even move us not very good customer service

Shannon Follis

Had a great family night at Top Golf. Played for a little over an hour and shared the giant burger. Food was good. Coffee was good. Would be here all the time if it was more budget friendly.

Rylund Lewis

Stopped in for a nephew’s birthday. I don’t golf, so my perspective might be a bit flawed. Little time waiting for a slot to hit from, ample clubs if you didn’t bring your own. Courteous /friendly /attentive staff. Pricing a bit more than I would have guessed, but against I’m not a golfer. Yes I’d probably go back next time I’m in town if my nephew wanted to.

Pamela Willis

We had a blast! I wish I would have taken my own clubs as the drivers available are not "great" and I would have been more relaxed with my own. But they do offer clubs for you to use so you don't have to take your own. Finally! I have been invited, by others, so many times but never made it. I must say this place is huge on the inside. There are 3 levels and a total of 102 bays. Each bay can hold up to 6 people.

Erin Callaway

This was an awesome family outing. Went with some friends and their kids. We had a great time. The food and drinks were good. The staff is super friendly and attentive. We spent a couple hours and had a great time. Can't wait to go back.

Jackie Stidham

Jose is the absolute best! If you want to make the most of your day at Topgolf request him! He's so friendly and outgoing and will make sure your party is LIT! He goes above and beyond to make sure you and your friends have the best possible time and he does it all with ease. He is naturally charismatic and the reason I keep going back! He also made sure my 10 year old son had "THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVERR!' -my son. He can not only kick it with us adults, but also goof off with the kids! He led a dinosaur parade for my son and made sure his birthday was 'Unforgetable' Which is all any parent could dream of! I cant thank him enough!

Santiago Figueroa

I had a great time when I went, amazing customer service. Will come back for sure


First time and I had a blast! Won't be the last time. The service and food are as good as the golf!

Josh Perlinger

Always a great time! Don't be afraid to go when it's chilly out, they have heat systems that you can control to get the temp just right while you play. The staff is all very professional and polite. Chall especially did a great job of making sure we got what we needed and that we were happy with everything.

Evan Whitley

Fun and decent food. A little pricey though.

Daniel Lane

Next level driving range with full service food and drink options. Pay by the hour and score points by hitting targets on the range. Prices vary depending on what time you go. The golf balls are individually fed out of a machine and tracked for each player showing accurate distance and scoring info. Golf clubs are provided at each station or you can bring your own. Definitely entertaining and seems like it would be really good for groups.


Kansas has declared a state of emergency and you the TopGolf has decided through corporate greed that making money is more important than the safety of their employees. I will not be visiting topgolf in the future.

James Mitchell

Love this place! So fun, especially with a group! Steak fajitas were super tender.

To Ppreservation

A Super bad bad service with lousy system. We came in and the rep said 15 minutes of waiting time for upper level. We waited for 30 minutes and checked with the rep again. He said it was 50 (five zero) it has been an hour and 10 minutes without a message. This place is an rip-off and C+++ service. Every time we come in they want us to make a new membership card for EACH INDIVIDUAL. It is $5 each. Their lifetime membership is a scam.

Pat Phelan

Great for hitting the golf ball, that's it! The service, whether you sit in the restaurant or in a bay, is absolutely the WORST in all of Kansas City! Please train your staff how to engage with the customer and pay attention to their table!!!


Not the best experience unfortunately. Saturday morning may not be the best time to visit? The place was full of people, lines everywhere. They were so busy we kinda had to figure things out on our own. The golf itself was fun.

May Thompson

Love, love, love it! If you are looking for a great place to spend some time, this is the place. We went with our 3 daughters and it was a blast. Youngest is 4 and even she had a good time. I don't typically enjoy sport stuff but I had a wonderful time. The Asian wings are amazing by the way. Highly recommend.

Chris Morin

Great place for lunch and friends and a drink or two.

Noe Pacheco

This place is a blast! Whether you like golf or just hanging with friends, this place delivers. Fun games from great skill level to just hit the ball and see what happens.

Laura Remy

This place is so much fun! Call ahead and make a reservation so you don’t have to wait as long. I suck at golf, but still had a blast.

dalia pan

Great place, great fun! Will visit again to play. Food was nice but cocktails super diluted! We order the topgoft tea which was described to us like Long Island Iced Tea, however it was just lime juice. It’s the first time I could not feel the alcohol in LIIT! Also tried the Red Sangria same story!

Walnut Street Apartments

So much fun! We paid for 1.5 hours and it was up in no time. We extended our stay and played for 3 hours. This is great for families or a night out with friends. I can't wait to go back!

Kyle Regan

Great time! Service was great, so were the prices. Computer had a tough time registering our balls but a guy came over and helped us. Highly recommend.


Great service. Beautiful place. Great for parties and individual sessions. All around fun time there!!! Will be returning!

Katie Marx

First time taking the family. I have two boys, 7 and 5. They not only had a blast playing golf but also enjoyed the food!

Austin Chaitman

Great environment and awesome food. They have several different game mode that any level of golfer can partake in. Only negative is the entire experience is a little pricey but it's a very well kept establishment. Highly recommend for a group of friends or a family outing.

Wesley Hill

My wife and I went here the other night and it was our first time going. We had an amazing time. The food and the drinks were great. We played some team golf game and it was a good time. We will definitely be coming back for sure.

Katie Anderson

This was my first visit. Staff is friendly and attentive. It's great for practice (you can bring your own clubs) and if you have no clue how to play (like me).

Blake Swearngin

Fun place to hangout, they have pretty good food too

james huang

Awesome experience for all of us who are in town for NAAAP. we love top golf and we love KS!

Dustin Matlock

Great place with decent food all around. Service is good as well. I still need to hit some balls here, and I’m looking forward to that.

Tanner Emerson

Very fun experience for people of all ages. I've seen all events hosted here, from birthday parties to bachelorette parties to work socials. This is a great form of entertainment that combines mini games and the driving range with good food and drink.

Josh Horneck

Went here with some friends and had a great time. We requested the third level deck, and will do so again. They have several game options based on the skill or preferences of the group. I don't golf at all, but it was a great time. Will definitely be a go to place when friends and family visit. It's a low key, chill place to hang out. The have drinks and food delivered to your bay if desired. Totally recommend!

Duane Dumler

This place is fun for all. From kids, never players, beginners to scratch golfers. It takes little skill to have a blast. Balls will roll into some of the scoring pods even if you dribble it off the tee. Different games to choose from but if your playing Top Score. A little secret, the center, back fence (240 yards approx.) is the highest scorer. Cool new features. MPH, Ball Tracker, Height of ball hit and amount of curve. During the winter it is heated. During the Summer it has fans. Drinks and food served at each hitting station. The food is of good quality. If you decide to go inside the restaurant/Bar serves the same menu and serves for a good view of the 2nd floor hitting stations.

Tyler Macoubrie

Had a good time with friends. Fun set up and the wait staff was very helpful. Splitting the bill 6 ways took a bit but worked out in the end.

Will Mariner

I thought this would be a perfect rainy day activity for my two boys (both under 10). Turned up at 9.30 and was told there would be a 40 minute wait. I could see bays were empty so I asked what was going on. We only have about 30% of our bays open....can you open more?... no, we need more servers. I get that you want to sell me breakfast etc, but I wanted to have some fun with my boys and the coffee you were going to sell me is very much secondary to the experience I was hoping to have with my kids.

Alejandra Lopez

Fun place to come and hang out. The wait is well worth it. We usually get a number and go to the near by restaurants to eat then head over to play when it's our turn. I take the kiddos early in the morning, they love it. Would definitely recommend. Great food and drinks and music.

Ray Willard

recent changes on how you pay and employees adding time have made this less fun

Tristan Cox

The games are a lot of fun. Highly recommend going with a group of friends. The wait staff really try but there just doesn't seem to be enough of them to be effective. Constantly waiting for a waitress to come back. And even though you are in specific bays they constantly bring your food or drinks to the wrong table. Also good luck trying to get a drink at the bar while just waiting.

Jimmy Barber

Always fun. Nice staff here, very helpful if you have issues. Food is decently priced and is actually very tasty - buffalo sliders in particular. Would recommend reserving online ahead if it’s the weekend, as then you go straight to your bay vs. waiting in line. They also do a killer brunch deal if you’re into going early.

Drake Langston

Don't go here if you want to drink and golf. Worst experience I've ever had. (Backstory) I went there with my brother's age 23 and 19 along with a friend who turned 24 that day and we are celebrating his birthday. We setup to play for 2 hours of golf, eating and drinking in between. Our server was never to be found, I had to hit up other servers to call him over to our table 3 different times because "only our original server could take our order". Coming into the last bit of the night(10:50), I again had to ask someone to get our server because he was no where in sight because I wanted to order a shot. 30 min later he shows up and I know that we are close to last call. I ask for the shot I originally wanted and a regular drink. He comes back 10 min later with a manager and the manager tells me that our table has consumed a lot of alcohol and I'm only able to order one or the other but not both because it was last call. EVEN THOUGH last call wasn't announced for another 5 min (last call is at 11:30 and this was before that time). Our table has been sharing drinks and food with NOT A SINGLE PERSON being belligerent all night long. I tell her that I tried to order this over 30 min ago but my server was no where to be found. She said it was for "our" safety, and didn't matter that we had a designated driver. We where there ordering over $300 worth of food, drinks, and golfing. Yet, we were treated like garbage. I didn't end up getting any extra drinks but they tried putting them on my bill. This is unacceptable and the manager was extremely unprofessional. I would give zero stars if it were possible.

Madison Grimm

Jose is hands down the best server you could ever have. My friends and I come here just for him! He has amazing energy and makes your time at topgolf so much fun!

Drew Horchem

Khalid was the best customer service experience available in the whole kc area, our friend left his card behind and he ran it out to us, above and beyond what expectations

Aubrey K

Topgolf is always a favorite whenever my family is traveling! Similar concept to a bowling alley, with comfortable lounge seating and food/drink waited service. Going with a larger group (up to 6 in a bay) and going during the day will decrease overall cost and wait time. Wait can be lengthy, but that’s what their reservations are for. Definitely a blast for all abilities!


Nice driving range. It’s very well priced in the morning and then gets more and more expensive as the day goes on. I’d say it’s not worth it after 5. The golf games are fun but they seemed to be pretty hit or miss on scoring. They have a machine that has a motion sensor that spits out balls that I’m not really a fan of, it slows things down too much. The food and drink was pretty good but a little on the expensive side for bar food. If you want to play golf games with friends it’s great if you want to work on your swing I’d either go only in the morning or go to a more traditional driving range.

Mistee Allen

I've been before and had a great time. Last night we went to celebrate my son's 15th birthday and the service was TERRIBLE. From the time that we entered the door until the time we finished playing. We reserved bays and the staff that we interacted with initially were rude and were not easy to work with. Service while we were there for 2 hours was very slow, and again staff was rude. I spent over $400, but I will definitely not come back for any of my kids events in the future.

JOEY Gaines

Great for anyone who likes to play games. Don't need to be a golfer. Food and drinks and service all good as well.

Jordon Fiske

Great experience! The staff is super friendly and the game is a blast.. Good atmosphere all around.

Christopher Johnson

I have had several negative experiences at this location. However I come back in town and decide to give them one last chance. This time I met bartender Jenny Wagner. I sat down and with in 20seconds she said hello and asked did I need anything. That was so shocking because the negative experiences I had dealt with were all customer service related. I had one so bad where I sat for 10 mins before a bartender spoke. What sucked is it was the middle of they day and I was the only person there. So kudos to you all for Jenny. She made a good impression on me. She was perfect.

brian archer

What an awesome experience. Fun for a couples night or a family day. The bays have extra seating available for your whole group . Each bay has waitress service so you can enjoy your time hitting golf balls. Lots of cool games available to play to make it more interesting . Cant wait to go back

Alana Lewis

This happened a while back, I was going to let it go, but then a friend told me about his experience and it was quite similar. Never in my life has this happened to me. My group and I can tell the server was giving off a vibe that she didn’t care to serve us. However when she went over to her other tables, I noticed she had more enthusiasm, but we didn’t give off the vibe that we didn’t want to be bothered. I feel as if I was being stereotyped and experienced racial prejudice. I can see by observing that they do the same towards employees, every 1 to 20 person is non-white, just enough to not raise alarms right?!. In the end the food was good and we still had fun AND we still left her a tip, however I will not be coming back again. Sorry not sorry. It may not seem like a big deal to you or you may think I’m overthinking it but I and others of my race can sense when we’re are being “watched” or looked at in a different way AND THAT IS WHAT I FELT!

Guy Link

Absolutely the coolest place u could spend a morning with your mates. plan well and save money.. first time I went with a friend we spent 150$ in 2 hours. Next time I went with another friend we spent 4 hours and with food payed 60$. Watch the promotions. Lol

Ashley Craft

Top golf is awesome! It reminds me of the joke "my drinking team has a bowling problem". Top golf is all about the food and fun and golfing on the side. It's a lot like bowling in that you don't have to know anything about golfing to have fun and you don't have to be any good. It's great to just enjoy being with friends.

Jarrod Tittle

It was a really fun time, but those prices are ridiculous. $127 for 2 people that spent 1.5 hours, had a few beers and ate. Food was not great. Not for how much it cost. Portion size was a joke. The server was freaking AWESOME though. Staff was good.

Nathan Hoyt

I always explain Top Golf as a combination of a driving range and ski-ball. The game itself is fun and rewarding, and they did a great job balancing things out for new and experienced players. Excellent food and drinks menu as well.


A fun, unique experience for everyone. The food & drink options are surprisingly good and they have alot of game variations. Don't worry if you're not great at golf, there's enough padding around to stop you from hurting anyone

Brian Payne

I love this place but they are always so darn crowded. Generally an hour or longer wait.... which is a good thing for business, right?

Tevin Niang-Trost

Been here many times and have never been disappointed. Whether you want to host an event or chill with friends or family, Topgolf is definitely a place you should consider. Great food, great atmosphere, great golfing, and lots of fun to be had.

Brad Coleman

TopGolf is a ton of fun. Most of the people I've been with, don't normally play golf and we still have fun. Good food and a selection of drinks as well. The staff has always been super friendly. The only drawback is the wait. It can be hours. They have a texting system though so you can put in your name and leave and come back when you're sent a text that they're ready. You can also eat, drink, watch TV, or play some free games while you wait.

Grant Watkins

Let me start by saying I was super excited to try Topgolf for the first time. I have heard plenty about it and always wanted to try. On June 5th around 7:30pm, myself and 3 others went and hit balls for an hour and a half. The topgolf experience was great, however the food service simply put, sucked. We arrived and had about a 30 minute wait(no big deal). First we had to chase down someone to get a simple glass of water. Nobody came up to us(despite 6-7 waiters standing around the bar). Once I got up and chased down a waiter, they finally came. We got a couple of beers and appetizer because they didn't know how long we would be waiting. We received the appetizer, no napkins. no forks or knives Once we got into the bay, the same thing kept happening, we had to chase down a waiter(several walked down by us) to get service. I don't know what the deal was, the night was busy but you had plenty of people. Yet we were ignored several times. We were in bay 224 so right by the door, maybe you need to retrain waiters to pay attention to ALL bays.

Melissa Beckenbach

This was lots of fun. We went in the early afternoon. Not a long wait at all. We had an appetizer, lunch for 4 (no alcoholic beverages were consumed) and a bay for 2 hours and by the time we paid for everything including gratuity, we spent $200.00. Experience was awesome, cost.....not so much.

Tanya Brabble

I had such a great experience. Staff was nice and efficient. The whole game concept was genius and so much fun! I will definitely come back!

Gordon Walters

Over priced and very inexperienced wait staff.. Save your money and just go to the driving range...Definitely not worth the money..

Lance Tilton

I've been here a few times with parties of 6-8. Overall very good service and the food (wings, chicken sandwiches, burgers) is always good.

Mike Crawford

Great people and service and a fun time even if you have no clue what you are doing

River Peer

Staff are always great and it's a unique experience. I always take friends from out of town here when they're visiting.

tracy salis

Such a blast each time we go! Awesome food and even better service! One of our favorite spots to bring out of towners for a fun day/night out!

Joe Bui

First time golfer, I had a lot of fun coming here with a few of my friends. It's a bit pricey, but overall it was a great experience. Didn't get to try any of the food, but it looked pretty good.

Nolan Clark

Incredible experience at Topgolf, exceeded my expectations by far. There was no wait for a bay, great food and an awesome wait staff. Cannot wait to visit the Overland Park location again soon.

Andrea Phillips

We went to Topgolf for my wife’s birthday on a weekend getaway to KC from Omaha. I can’t possibly speak any higher about our experience. From the gentleman that greeted us when we first walked in, to the woman who was cleaning up after people left.. everyone was SO friendly! The place was clean, well-designed and had an inviting ambience. I was so nervous to swing a club in front of so many people, but to be honest, once we started I forgot anyone else was even there! The bays were heated! We had a bay with a couch. The service was impeccable and the prices weren’t near as bad as I expected. Oh, the food was AMAZING!!!! We can’t wait for the TG to open in Omaha!

Mark Weston

This place is so much fun. Definitely make sure to book online otherwise you will be waiting for hours. Also, don’t forget to bring your own clubs.

Brian Carson

Went here for a birthday party. It was a fun event, food was good. Kids meals are large portions. Most food is big enough to be shared. Best to come with a group to off set the rental prices.

Aracely Sanchez

Cool place. Food is good. But they NEVER answer the phone!

Chad Bradley

Amazing place! Great service. The staff is always incredibly friendly and helpful. Love Topgolf!


Top Golf in Overland Park, KS is a fun and exciting place to go. We held a customer event for ~25 people that included: -Use of a conference room -Buffet Dinner -Beer, Wine and Soft drinks -2 hours of golf The food was really high quality and better than other places I've been for corporate events. The staff was top notch; Very attentive and friendly. The price was pretty reasonable for the entire package.

S Mac

Golf is good, everything else is terrible, ESPECIALLY the wait Checked in and was told there was a 30 minute wait time. Perfect, went to the bar and ordered a drink. As hungry as I was I decided to not order food because I didn't want to have a food order I was waiting on when I went to a bay. Took an hour before I got the message asking if I was ready. I said yes, and was told to close out all tabs. After 20 minutes of waiting for my bay assignment I went to the desk to ask what was going on. I was told the bay was being bussed, and was only a couple minutes away from being done. After another 10 minutes of waiting I left, and went to a local restaurant to spend my money. I made it to the restaurant AND was seated before I got my bay assignment message. So instead of playing an hour or two of golf and having a nice meal before going into work (I work an overnight shift), I wasted my entire evening waiting around and now have to scarf down dinner before going to work. Completely and utterly done with this place. Glad I only ordered water while waiting.

Big Daddy Jones

Food was Great. Our server was very knowledgeable. Amazing atmosphere. My first time here and my experience was A1 GREAT!!!!

Kyle Backlund

Good time with friends, took good care of us. Price is for sure not cheap, but they didnt slack with service. Cant complain.

Riku Julian

I had so much fun with my family and I will definitely come back soon!

Tajah Hays

I love top golf! I had no idea that you didn't just have to golf. What I mean by that is they have an area next to the golfing bays that you can sit down with friends and family and play other games (Big Connect Four, Big Jenga) as well as eat! The food, drinks and service are awesome as well!

Shawnie Nix

This place is always busy. It's a good place for a date night or team building or even just a girls or friends night out. The waitress we had in the bar area seemed very lazy, not wanting to use or gift card, not wanting to transfer or tab to our bay when it was ready. But the waitress we had in our bay was awesome. It's a fun time and great place to go.

Patrice Stevens

Fun place. Husband likes to go.

Drew Steadman

Great time. Server didn’t pay a ton of attention to us at some times but overall did a good job. Pretty pricey to go and just wack balls but it’s fun. Drinks are expensive as well but this is OP and that’s how things are. Had a great time for a friends birthday and they took care of us quite well. Will definitely be coming back at some point in time.

Joey Birkel

This golf driving range is a perfect gathering for families, meetings and friends! Friendly, professional employees and a clean environment. The staff treat you like royalty here. Definitely recommend this top golf for any family outing.

Vaughn Ericson

Great food, lots of fun. And the staff is very good with helping and giving tips.

Zachary Petersen

Friendly Staff and great modern atmosphere! Good Food! ended up spending $50 dollars for Wings, and Two burgers and a drink plus tip so it was a little pricey for me but maybe not for everyone. It was 20 degrees outside and the dock was still pretty warm. We were on an upper level and the wind picked up a few times but i had a light coat on and that kept me plenty warm under the heaters. Have Fun!

brett hoshaw

I love going to this place. One time we just participated in a charity eating contest and didn't even golf and it was still a blast! Billiards and other games in the basement are a treat as well. Last time we went for a birthday event and they had a local yoga class at three upstairs bar patio! This place is awesome and the food is top knotch!

Pritam Kadam

Nice place to enjoy Golf. Works for beginners to professional. You no need to have Golf kit, but if you have your own that also welcome. Many golf stick available for each bay. Good food and drinks. $25 - $45 vary from morning to evening for an hour. $5 for add on member.

Kevin Gibson

I used to love TopGolf but they’ve really gone downhill lately. You can’t call the location directly and ask them know, like if they have an event that’s taking up a third of the building and causing delays and making it nearly impossible to park. You can have 8 people per bay but only 6 can play. We asked for two bays but were told it would make our wait over 3 hours instead of the 30 minutes they told us (that actually took almost an hour). The food also took much longer than normal due to the event. We’ve decided to cross TopGolf off the list of things to do. It’s just not worth the hassle. TG people - don’t reply telling me about reservations. I’m not paying to get in line.

Nick Alexander

Wife surprised me for date night and took us here, highly recommend even if one or both of you doesn't have any golfing experience. They have heated outdoor "stalls" with provided men's and women's clubs in each or you can bring your own. They have shot replay screens, score trackers and TV's in every stall. Super friendly and prompt staff. Food is decent but priced as you would expect for an activity place. Also good for kids, lots of little ones out swinging. Cheaper to reserve before 5pm.


Driving range with style. Bring a group and have food and drink while experiencing this state of the art facility. Cool off at the indoor bar and restaurant. Service is great and the food always pleases. 5 stars.

Chelsies Reviews

Such a fun time. However, the mixed drinks were awful... the last three times we came here the drinks were not mixed well..

Enzo Matric

The bar area was short-handed, 1 bar tender taking order or 10 tables who were waited for no service after 20mins wait, everyone looking at each other like what the hell. Worst is, it was on the wknd. Where is the rest of waiters or waitresses? Service was of course better once we got to our assigned bay. Good fun driving range place, the place used to be better when they just opened.

Madisson Minear

Terrible service. Rude waiters. Never ever coming back I work to damn hard for my money to be treated so poorly. Learn how to treat your customers with respect and dignity. So sad because I thought I had heard good things. I suggest to not waste you cash on a establishment such as this one.

Owen Allphin

Great place to spend time with family. Live band was fantastic. Food was great and service was also great. Golfing is fun with the scoring.

TheRealSamoan -VOPERKINS

Loved it. The food, the atmosphere, and best of all A GOLF DRIVING RANGE!!! I definitely will be returning.

Stephen Smith

This place is awesome, been 3 times now, once, with company gathering.. That was definitely one of the best times I've had at a company function... Service is Top of the line, everyone is very friendly, grab your friends and go have a blast...

Leanna Cartwright

Golf is the only good thing about this place. The waiter, Chris does not care about his tables at all. He runs off after talking to only one guest in the party and is nigh on impossible to flag down. He also needs to be asked multiple times for the same thing, water, napkins, beer, etc. The food is good but the drinks are not well made. My Old Fashioned definitely had well more than a splash or two of bitters. I couldn't find Chris to get a different drink though. He really had mastered the art of dropping off one item then sprinting away despite people at the table calling his name. The driving range itself is cool though. There are fans for the summer and heaters for the winter. The bays are set up a lot like a bowling alley with a computer terminal for each one. There are different games you an play and clubs there you an use.


Great place to go even if you don't know how to golf. Great food also.

Marisa Richmond

This place sold us a "Summer fun membership" for $200.00. It clearly stated on the website that the hours were from 8am-5pm. However, my husband called to make sure that we could use this pass any day in the summer between these hours, and the person on the phone say: "Yes, you can use it on any day." Well, we decided to take my father there for father's day and come to find out that it's good from 8-5 ONLY M-F... when normal people are WORKING. -_- TopGolf claims they mention this clearly on their site, but honestly: what kind of bullsh*t is this? What kind of stupid pass? TopGolf refunded our money, as they should, but the manager named Shawn was a total jerk about it, accusing my husband of lying about the interaction and referring to him as "buddy", which I find a bit racist. I like TopGolf, but their management is a dumpster fire, and for this reason I am giving them a half a star. Also, DO NOT BUY THE SUMMER FUN PASS. It's only fun if you're jobless, in which case you PROBABLY can't afford to be playing golf and eating $20 french toast.

Samantha Stolz

We love top golf. The staff here is fantastic. Get the Jumbo Pretzel Board. It's amazing! A great way to spend a cool rainy afternoon and still feel like we are outside doing something.

Ricky Campbell

Fantastic experience. Definitely will be back ! Five stars

Samantha Bradley

Had so much fun. Even though I'd never touched a golf club so I lost bad! Still fun and not nearly as expensive as I thought.

Michael Boyd

Fairly priced Clean Great food Great selection Excellent service

P Snell

Wanted to take a moment to let management know what a great experience we had at the Overland Park location. I want to give a special thank you to one of your team members Darren Dobbels. Darren was very personable and kind. He made our experience with Topgolf a memorable one. As a result of him there is no question we will return

Liang Deng

We went here for a company outing. It's got a ton of lanes, plenty of fun variations on the game, and surprisingly good food. The wings are fantastic, as were the Golf Bag drinks.

Jennifer Pothen

It was fun. It's a great place to go with a group. We had a blast

Christian Neal

Overall, the facility was clean and staff was friendly. The downstairs billiards tables are in dire need of maintenance. Also, while in that area, parents were treating it like a free playground for their kids while we were trying to play a few rounds a pool. The food selection is incredible if you don't have any allergy restrictions. if you do have allergy restrictions you may be better off eating before you visit. Wait times can certainly be long if it is busy, but there is plenty to see and do while you wait so it doesn't seem to long.

Steven Salazar

A pretty cool place to hangout! Can get very busy! Went there on a Thursday and it was packed, Our waitress was extremely busy took her 30 min to finally come and ask us if we wanted anything! Kind of was upset about that! Then the fan was not working! So there’s that but overall the experience was fun

Nathan Valent

Fun place for a driving range and other games to play. Food is kinda pricey so I'd stick to just drinks but still overall a fun place to hangout

Kevin Lau

Fun outdoor activity year round. The more the merrier, it's approx $45/hr per bay up to six people. Food and service are a big hit, now how you hit the golf ball is up to you (they do offer golf lessons and coaching if you need that too) which I plan on taking.

Ryan Manning

To dispel some skewed reviews...Top Golf is a great place to go with friends, family, or even "ah solo". The food is good! Definitely not 5 star quality but on par with Applebees, Chilies or the like. And the service is actually quite good. The staff make it a point to stay out of your way as to let you enjoy the experience. Should you need food, a refill, or any other service; simply ask and they'll gladly oblige. Top Golf is a great place to spend a couple hours hanging with friends and driving some golf balls.

Jennifer Moore

Very fun for a group or a couple. Don't need your own clubs,but can take your own. Its nice cause it electronically lets you know where your ball went.

P Herr

This was my first time here. Fun place for a crowd/group/large party/family. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Attentive as well. Had a great time.

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