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8081 NW Roanridge Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151, United States

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REVIEWS OF Main Event Kansas City North IN Kansas

Lee Ann McKinzie

Fantastic experience! The staff are friendly and helpful, the whole facility is clean, and all the games are maintained well. The food was reasonably priced and delicious. We will definitely be back!

David Shetley

I only went once with a couple friends and a 9 year old daughter. We spent most of the time playing video games while the kid was climbing around their expansive gym. Definitely a cool place to meet up with friends who have children, there's a lot to do...

Zach White

Daytime specials were great for days of school. We went for 15 bucks a kid and we could have stayed 7 hours. All the bowling, laser tag, etc you can play. Pretty awesome

Deziray Conn

Amazing night out with my family. Didn't spend a small fortune. Megan was such a helpful employee and made my kids night! Thanks to all the staff for being so hospitable! Will definitely go again soon! Kids loved the ..... Motion game play thing on the floor. Lol

Tamara Pitts

Love this place! Fun for all ages and the food is awesome!

Robertlisa Rosas

Great place and very nice and helpful staff

Karen Soto

The pizza was great. Free refills on drinks. Had lots of fun with the kids

Dorothy Braxton

We were here for our company's Christmas party. We ate Mexican and it was set up as a buffet bar. The food was great and the mango salsa was delicious. They have bowling and lazer tag and pool and of course games. The drink menu is creative but a little high. Overall.. Enjoyed the visit

Ty B

Great place for a birthday party or just a night out with the family. Kids and adults can enjoy this place, as long as you don't mind the noise. Not as good for the kids under 5 but there are still things for everyone to do.

Timothy Davis

This place is awesome. The Company I work for just had an event there and bought the place for a few hours and I must admit I really enjoyed myself. I love the bowling alley set up even though the lanes were kinda dry. I put a lot of spin on the ball and I never had that many gutter balls in my life. This place has everything though it's kinda like Dave and Busters but it has more of a family friendly atmosphere. It has laser tag, a decent size arcade and even a kind of obstacle course. I definitely will be going back at some point.

Tyra Lettington

Great place top have fun with friends and family. Eat before you go. The food is not that great and the prices for food are outrageous!

Kezia Bohanon

Great fun! Definitely go on a Monday night for more reasonable prices to play. Nice staff

Rique L

A fun place to go play with your kids, friends or family.

Yunusa Agunbiade

This is good for play, children love it and they enjoy having birthday parties her. Adults become kids again here because it is fun.

Christina Landers

Fun place to bring the family. Had some issues and the GM handled them quick and efficiently. I was extremely impressed with his care and concern, his actions guaranteed repeat business. Thank you!

M Harper

Don't buy your game passes after 9:30 PM This location stops all physical games at 10pm.

Nick Corbin

I LOVE MAIN EVENT SO MUCH!! My first job and pushing on 2 years still working here! Highly recommend this place! Fun for the whole family!

Jerry Osborne Jr

They advertise this 19.95 deal like it's something great come to find out it's basically for bowling which is something you can do at any bowling center in America for 19.95. The games which of course is what the kids want to do is almost 2 dollars per game to win on average 8 tickets. It's a complete joke!!! I pray it goes out of business for being a scam

John Lewandowski

Had an awesome time! Place is huge, and so much to do. This place is like Dave and Busters on Speed. I am sure they would not like that analogy, but that was the best comparison I could think of.

Shari Grampsas

The place itself is fun. The customer service leaves much to be desired - bunch of teenagers that don't understand the value that customer service adds to a business. Not one offered a smile or to explain the offers to us.

Jason Marsden

Had a blast. The staff was very friendly and helpful amd would go out of there way to make sure thar you had what you needed. A lot of things to do. Perfect for the family

Ami R

Food okay, service not great. Kids had lots of fun with the games and bowling was everyone's favorite! We waited over 25 minutes for lunch on a Monday (which was a holiday), but that's extreme.

Michael Hughes

Great for kids and adults! I like how it is set up they obviously thought it out well how to seclude adult fun from kids fun

William Scavezze

Always a fun place to go! Always busy with a mix of adults and kids. Great food great fun!

Erica Sharpiro

This is the main event to top main events. Lots of fun games and tons of activities. I would especially reccomend going on a Monday because they have this great 11.99 deal where you can play unlimited games so long as you're in the building. No tickets though so doing expect to ticket farm.


Went there with my church group had a blast adults and the kids

Kendrice Johnson

Food was so much better than expected! Kids (teens) had a blast!!!

Ray Plotts

I believe this a good family entertainment center. Good for hosting children's birthday parties. Expensive on their video games. It's no Frankie's Fun Park, but for this area what you going to do. The only draw back is the young staff working at this place. I believe children should have a good time, but also all the other guest there should be able to have the same experience. Were bowling next to a 10 boy birthday party. Where the parents, and party supervisor were letting them do what they want. Acting alot younger than their age, and when complaining to multiple workers there. They waited until their time was up before they did anything. There is a place to have fun, but also a place to kind, and curious yo everyone there.

Tony Weir

Main Event is a great place for people of all ages they have arcade games that are very entertaining long with Lazer tag, a "zipline/rope coarse", a great bowling alley, they even have a bar and dining area. So two thumbs up for me.

Eldridge authentic tycoon Taylor

great place to take your kids

Jia Li

The girl at the front desk seemed disinterested but the waitress/service person at the bowling area were incredibly nice and helpful


I was thrown a surprise birthday party here over the weekend. Customer service and skills were on point. They know how to accommodate and make you feel like you get their undivided attention. My kids were given unlimited cards only downfall was I wished we could've stayed longer

Don Trio

Good times every time we go here. Just fun and laughter. Next time we plan to bowl.

Ash Miller

So much fun for all ages ... That's all you need to know. You can take a date, a kid, or your friends and have a blast.

Howard Cohen

Threw a birthday party for my twins at Main Event today. The staff was amazing and took care of everything including packing up all of the presents and leftovers to a wagon to make it an easy single trip out to the car. They included a round of laser tag, time on the gravity ropes, arcade time and pizza and best of all was that the party coordinator managed it all. The kids all had a ball.

Francine Wise

I went at 9:00pm less crowd when you want to put in a good relaxing game of bowling. There's so much to do at the Main Event. Very Enjoyable for family and friends.

Stephen Scheer

Fun place the summer sale made it well worth the money

James Ring

Staff is great with birthday parties! Definitely worth spending the money here. I mean these people went above and beyond what I would have ever expected!

Lawyer Tillman

I've never been to Dave and Busters, but I would imagine this place is a family friendly version of that! You've got bowling, laser tag, pool, arcade, and sky obstacle course. You can easily spend hours here. Great for group outings or solo.

JP The Best

Always love Monday night, $10.95 all you can play, for my 6 year old. I only wish they could earn tickets somehow because that is always a touchy point come the end of the night. Other than that we had a good time, better service than times before, and good food. Thanks!

Karen Merritt

My husband and grandson had a blast there. They gave a good deal when you go on Saturday.

Latasha Mood

Great fun! Loved the bowling and laser tag

Amnah Alnour

I do not recommend this main event,, the manager has absolutely no respect to Muslim costumers and has banned us with no cell phones witch were left inside and and pulled us over outside grabbing on to our shirt with absolute disrespect...


Had a great time with the family tonight! On mondays you can pay $10.95 and choose unlimited play of either activities such as bowling or laser tag or arcade games without earning tickets. I wish other places like dave and busters would follow suite and allow for some way to opt out of earning tickets to play more games :/ will definitely be coming back soon! Thanks for having a great facility for a low price!

DeShawn Griffin

I really enjoy coming here with family and friends. It's a good atmosphere and great way to get out and do something fun.

chris gianunzio

Great place for the family. This was was surprisingly clean considering it's all teenagers that work there. The staff did a really nice job and were super helpful and friendly. Would reccomend if you are visiting and dont have much to do. Prices were very reasonable.

ericthered kc

Nice atmosphere for families, or group of friends; fun place. Only downside is slow food service.

Dana K Brown

Went with family, bowling, lazer tag, and pool. Great experience.

Seth Tollefson

Brought my son and one of his friends for his birthday. Got the play all day deal and the kids had a blast. I enjoyed a few of the games as well. Sat down in the bar area and ordered an appetizer. Food came out quick and was good. However it took nearly a half of an hour to get my soda. Would give it 5 stars but I feel like the staff, especially in the bar area were a little overwhelmed. I will say it was a weekday during spring break but didn’t seem that busy. Hopefully they were just having an off day. Will still come back as it is a lot of fun.

Bao Vang

None of the staff were happy. They look like they loath their job. They didn't even smile except for the guy that was taking our order at the bowling section. One of the staff didnt even finish helping us and she just left and we stood their wondering if she was going to come back (she never did). I notice the rules here are more strict. The bartender gave off negative vibe. I felt like I was a burden to him. I wanted to order a drink that I have always order at any other main event and he said I couldn't get it because I dont know what's in it. I never had a problem ordering it before though. I don't think I'll be going to this main event again.

Katy Hart

Loved laser tag! My husband, 4 kids and I had a blast.

Elizabeth Brambila

I'll start off with the positive. Great place for kids and adults to play. Games were well maintained and a clean environment. The food on the other hand was horrendous. My husband and I have had better burgers at a fast food place and we're not even a fan of fast food. The appetizers were brought out at the same time as the main course and we were told that appetizers come out at the same time as the main meal. Why name them appetizers then? I will say the manager at least took off 1burger and 1 appetizer so there's that.

Eric Vilavong

why don't more people go here? it's fun and well worth the money for all the things you can do.


REALLY fun. They have pool which last time was free but now they charge so I don't know about that. DDR is really fun and definitely my favorite. No one hardly wants to play it so you could go on it all day and no one would care.

Jason Lye

Lots of fun games for all ages. Great food and bar

Jeremiah White

This place has the best bowling alley I've ever used. We got great service from the waiter at our table. Really great experience with my family.

Jennifer Layton

Food was good. Kids had fun, was a bit crowded. Really go crowded after 5p. Service was not very good. Tables stayed dirty for quite a while before getting cleaned.

Sheila Hill

Attended with co workers for a team building event. Went on a Wednesday, so it was not very busy. Clean, modern and tons of fun bowling and playing an intense game of shuffleboard. Other team members participated in laser tag and a few even took on the zip line thingy. Did not eat any food, as we dined prior to arriving, but the staff was very attentive in providing beverages. I was with a large, diverse group and everyone had a great time. Something for all to enjoy, and I would gladly visit again.

Brodie Leap

Will go back for Bobbieanne (sp?)! She was funny and super personable. She made the trip! Otherwise food is average at best and expensive. It’s expensive in general, but our server was a blast!

Elizabeth Oliver

It Loud but was it was also vary fun Lazer tag was my favorite activity the food was not the best but it could have been worse

Scarlett Cooper

My fave of all the main event locations. Staff seem to be happier and energetic. Whether you go for gravity ropes, laser tag, bowling, pool, video games, or to eat this is a great place for friends to meet up or for families to have fun.

Briana Johnson

Had so much fun bowling and playing games with the family

Tyson Barnes

Several games are broke, the employees have a "I don't care and I don't want to be here" vibe. While the food was good, the service is a complete joke.

Brett Shanks

Lots of good options for both adults and kids. Typical bar fare, but I've never had any issues with the quality. There's usually always a bowling lane available, so I wouldn't recommend reservations unless you have a big group or a special event.

Anthony Quinonez

Sons b party got mass up some where else,,, and main event help us out,, my boy said it was the best B Party he ever had,,, thank you so much,,,


It is a fun place.

Robert Blehm

Went to the location for an office holiday party. Lot’s of activities & games to play. Main issue was the food/service. Menu had a seemingly good selection. Hard to pay nearly $18 w/o tip for a soda & cheeseburger that is barely tolerable to eat. Disappointing.

Anne Morris

This place is so overpriced. The food, prices and people are way better over at the local bowling alley.

Travis Corbin

Great time! Reasonably pricey given what it is but not too bad. Games and space is large and lots of option.

trudy king elliott

Great business for birthday party's. Variety of things to do. Great for children. Nice and clean. Fun for all ages.

James Lillard

Nice clean place. Reasonable price to play pool all day. About $8.00 per person

Steve Gumpenberger

Great place for some good family fun. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Management is top notch! Would definitely recommend

Jamie Jacob

Planned a team event with Rita. She was so easy to work with and was very patient when we had to rearrange our event. The day of the event the entire staff was welcoming and engaging. We had a great time with our team and your team!

k a y l e e

super fun and a great place to take kids :)

Lauren Lewandowski

The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and it is a very nice clean fun environment. However, this place is an incredibly HORRIBLE RIP-OFF! All of the arcade games cost at least $1.50 to play and several weren't even working properly. Games lasted about two seconds leading to very disappointed little children. Not a good value for the money at all whatsoever if you plan to use the arcade. Well this place is nicer you definitely get more bang for your buck at somewhere like Chuck-E-Cheese or a regular bowling alley. Really disappointing.

Dominic Del Debbio

Cool place, we went during the week during the day so it was dead but the place is cool. If I lived thee I would be going back for sure

Justin Meyers

Met my idol there!

Colette Weipert

My husband and I were looking for a fun place for our inner children to have some sober fun! This was a great pick! The shuffle board was nice! The pizza to die for. So many fun arcade games we didn't know existed! Highly recommend this place for children of all ages!

Sam Middleton

Fun place for groups, the pool was free last time we went. Not this time. So a bit more expensive than I had planned on.

Sina Eyasu

was amazing today was like four seas there and guess what my brother was so scared on the gravity thing where they just have to slide off down using a Fiat it was so fun of you put laser tag in the food there is amazing you have to go there

Rebekah Veach

The kiddos had so much fun here and and remembered that I'm killer at skee ball.

Kiyah Garlington

Everything was good the food was good in all but my problem that I had there when I went this past Saturday is that my mom paid 96 dollars for me and my friend and her for the 1 hour arcade time thingy and the worker SHOULD HAVE TOLD US THAT YOU DONT WIN ANY ACTUALLY POINTS TO GET THINGS FROM THAT PRIZE ROOM. I won like over 1500 tickets or points from the games but then when we went in there to cash our points in and get things what did we have oh that's right 0 points.... if the worker would have told us that we dont actually get points or tickets my mom wouldn't even have taken that deal or offer now all of us were upset because we couldn't get anything from the prize room like we thought we would... can yall please start telling people more about the deal that they are taking before letting them get their Hope's up and getting them all excited that they got a lot of coins from 1 machine thinking they will be able to get more things from the prize room. I was excited for nothing cause we had to walk out of main event empty handed and angry. DO BETTER MAIN EVENT that was my dang birthday and I couldn't get nothing.. worst main event experience ever.

James Smith

So I spent about $50 for my little niece it's where she wanted to go for her birthday present we had hours of fun the place was very tidy and I felt like we had it all to ourselves they had an arcade,bowling,and billiards if you want a place to take a group of friends I suggest this place they have something for everyone

Heather Tremper

Fun for families during the day and adults in the evening. Very reasonable with all the old arcade games we in our 40's used to play. Unlimited play with $8 dollar wrist ban, pretty good for bar food, and a nice bar

Ed Stald

Family fun and great games

Shandelle G

Really fun place for a night out with the family. Bowling, laser tag, gravity ropes, shuffleboard, pool, air hockey and tons of arcade games!! The food and drinks are great! The staff is helpful and friendly. Super fun atmosphere too!

Madeline Donnelli

the games are fun but the service is really lacking. if you want to go on the ropes course there’s never anyone there and if you want to redeem your points you have to wait so long just to pay. for how much money you spend to load your card it’s not worth it for the service.


Took my Granddaughters and we had a blast!!! Well definitely be going again.

Melissa F

Fun. What we needed after a14 hour drive

Legend 24 X

OK for an hr. Packets not worth it kids waited for an hr and half to do the rope zip line course. I bought the unlimited waste of money. Kids did it once end it up getting a card for games.

John Martinez jr

Good place to bring the whole family to have a lot of fun and great for all ages from elementary kids to adults

Victor Andonie

Doesn't seem quite as big as the one by independence center but also not as crowded.

Robert Rosas

Great place to bring the kids very helpful staff

Nestor Baez

Pretty place to fun with your friends and family. You can eat and drink. You need to visit this place if you visit Kansas City MO

Dexter Acsenvil

Fun place for friends and family! Unlimited bowling for those who like to bowl!

Wellness Revolution

Spent our soldiers last night before basic training here with out of town family and had such a wonderful time!! Moday night prices are affordable

Tim Smith

Good customer service and great games for all ages. Just pricy from drinks to games

Roberto Lemus

Price was high service was terrible for a slow Sunday. Not where I would go unless you got money to burn


I love this place. The arcade is awesome and so is the bowling! The bowling here is like none I have seen before. There are many different things you can add to your bowling experience. An example of this is the mini-games mode. There are also extra features you can add such as a feature where you can put yourself in the game. You take pictures of your face at the kiosk and after every bowl it will play a funny animation of characters with you and your friends’ faces on them. It’s amazing!

Karen Ceron-Alvarez

First time I ever went to this location and I loved it!! My kids had such a great time we literally stayed in from 5 pm till midnight. It is such a great place for kids of all ages to get away and enjoy the day.

Lisa Icke

Slots of Fun for the whole family very enjoyable! My kids really enjoyed all the fun! And I really enjoyed how it wore my children out!

Alejandra Sicairos

Really good alcoholic beverages.

Shannon KC

The staff is very professional and pleasant. My job had our holiday gathering here and I found the staff easy to work with and accommodating.

Adam Calhoun

Went there for the first time with my family last night. Everyone had a good time. Can get a bit pricey so I recommend sticking to the specials.i do find it a bit unfortunate that the only changing table I found was in the family bathroom. There is only one of these so if it gets full you could find yourself waiting a bit. Also, the staff in their restaurant was friendly. But you can expect long wait times in service. Wait stagg standing around hoping the next guy will take the table instead of greeting the table themselves. They just seemed to need direction. For arcade good value though, I do recommend the meal/arcade combos. Overall I do recommend this place. As with anything just a couple buttons that need tightened.

T Lewis

Nice place. Poor service. Had to search for a waiter at bowling and didnt receive all of my food.

Phil Baniewicz

A fun place for the kids. Yes, it’s expensive (took a group for a birthday party). Customer service was not very good although the manager was kind. Our biggest issue, and the thing that will probably keep us from coming again, is the offensive and not-age-appropriate music videos showing all the time in the bowling area. I will not be bringing anyone under high school any longer unless the video rotation is changed. I just don’t want my kids and their young friends subjected to that.

Chick Griffith

We had a great time wish they let us finish our bowling game last bowler one minute left...

David Cuenca

Modern, fun environment for the whole family! Bowling is great! Game selection is decent. Laser tag is fun. Food is what you expect for this type of venue. Overall, great experience!!

Yazmine BeCoo

This place was so fun. I feel like Dave and Buster's has some of the same arcade games but there was definitely more hands on stuff to do. Bowling and Lazer tag and zip line. Plus there is a restaurant inside. And a nice bar.

Randolph Maltbia

This was my first time there. Had a great time and good food with my family. Had an issue with getting sand for the shuffle board and for some reason the bartender had to get it. It seems like the game department should cover that so the bartender could wait on the other patrons that are eating and drinking at the bar area.

Michael Fink

We had a business outing. We enjoyed the bowling and laser tag. Also had a bar for drinks.

Jeanine Fotheringhame

Super fun place. Just need better explanation of how it all works. Spent way more than necessary.

Kam B

The $7 options are pretty cool.

Britt S

This was a really fun experience. Great place to just relax and spend time with your family.

Tracie Eaves

We took my son for his birthday and all the kids had a great time. It can be hard to find something the teenagers and younger kids can both enjoy.

Destiny Kitchen

Your employees don’t smile at people they look like they hate their job. For the amount of money I spend here I should have a happier experience. But we had a good time. The games are pricey but if you come on a Monday after 4 it’s ok

steven martin

Totally enjoyed the time here!!!! Like a casino atmoshere for kids to adults!!..flashing lites, high tech games and bowling shoes even for big feet!!(I take a 17, they have bigger than that!!)

Pauline Eubanks

Had an Awesome time my whole family of twenty adults, and seven kids we had a blast. Our server Tim went above, and beyond I didn't get the name of the front desk manager, but she was also wonderful. Everything did not go smoothly there was a very long wait for food and it was extremely busy, but the attitude of of the staff made it well worth the wait. We got there at 5pm and left at midnight we had hours of fun, fun,fun. Can't wait for our next visit t

Michael Jay

Pretty fun spot for a company party. A bit expensive for a lot of the game options out of pocket. Limited selection of interesting games... But they do have skee ball and air hockey among a few other fun options! Bowling Lanes were ok, although the electronic options to upload players photos and such were cool. Very basic ropes course, kind of a cool indoor option. Plus Lazer tag.

Olivia Carr

Okay went on a Tues the service was slow and you have to wait for time slots for playing certain things which is a pain. Had fun service wasn't the best people could have been nicer.

Ricardo Quiroz

The all day package is not true because after 2 hours they were letting us know that we had a waiting line. They need to be more specific and have more details and the chicken wings didn’t have everything like we only had 1 stick of salary

Mike kimbell

Pretty fun place to take your kids every now and again, they have a lot of different options for entertainment such as pool, bowling, and a sky walk but my kids mostly enjoy the arcade. Plan on spending at least a hundred bucks to do anything here, the prices are a bit inflated for my liking but seem to be about the same as all the other arcades around. Avoid the pizza place, as we found out they seem like they don't even know how to run a register. Everything else is great though

Joseph Yeow

This place is costing less to play comparing to D&B but at the same time, don’t expect to see anything technologically advance or up to date. It’s a family entertainment center with triple the size and lots of lights. Game wise, Nothing exciting.

Mary Hyde

Cool family summer hangout. Arcade is very pricey, but better prices on laser tag and bowling.

Adrienne Peterson

I have had a lot more fun at other places.

Frank Bohanon, Jr.

Great time. Had an issue with two gift cards. The manager went out of her way to help. She prevented a bad experience. Very professional and very customer oriented. Activities were very fun for the entire family.

danny C. Guillen

It's fun u could take the kids or go wit ur lady!

Kyle Glasser

This place is fun and cool and the people are nice just very expensive better have some money in your pocket

Carie ONeill

Great place for the kids, but very pricey. A few employees were nice, but a few acted as if you were interfering with their personal phone time! Had to wait 40 minutes to play on the the gravity ropes because of a “reserved” birthday party that never ended up being on it. Main issue I had with our experience is when I asked why the designated “time frames” at the front desk and it turned into a little fiasco with the manager! A simple question and for some odd reason, the “supervisor” didn’t want to deal with it and she called the manager up. The manager literally embarrassed me!!! He was more worked up than anyone trying to “explain” why they do the time slots.....good grief! Majority of the employees were gathering around too, I guess because of the way HE was actually making the situation more than it needed to be.....crazy! Unfortunately, we will not be back. Wish I could give a good review for just the 3 employees that DID do their jobs and acted like they wanted to be disappointing


Manager got mad and started raising his voice at me and my family and making a scene "which made most of the employees come over to see what was going on" when we were asking calmly on why we had to wait 40 minutes to get on gravity ropes when we had the all day pass. Will not be back thanks to the manager raising is voice and getting mad over a little thing.

Krista Jamison

I had a great time, the staff was fun and accommodating. So many fun fun things to keep everyone entertained for hours.

Larry T

Great place to take the family but it does cost alot.

Lance Eberhardt

Food is average but overall a reasonably priced night of fun for the entire family.

Lucinda Biehn

Went on a Saturday - waited about 30 minutes to get served. Food was good. Game play was pricey! Not a fan of bad service.

Rhonda Soap

Super awesome place, great family environment

Caleb Fawson

Full of fun and adventure. At Main Event in Kansas City, you have access to all sorts of things, ranging from bowling to lazer tag. From VR games to ziplining. Overall, it's your standard arcade. Albeit, it doesn't feel as fulfilling if one buys the 2 hour pass. While allowing for cheaper fun, you won't be able to win any prizes, leaving many games rendered pointless. In addition, the facility is slightly understaffed. Many times staff members aren't readily available as they are taking care of ziplining or lazer tag. However, when they are available they're as helpful and kind as ever.

Robyn Tuwei

I took a group of 31 6th graders today, and it was AWESOME! I love the idea of the timed cards - all you can play arcade games for a set number of minutes! You can't win prizes that way, but it still fun to play the games! Friendly staff, good pizza, all the games are in working order, very clean! I could go on - but instead, I'll just make sure to go back on a regular basis!

Jewell Smith

Great place for playing video games and any type of entertainment that is the like. But do not go there hungry and expect fast service. We went there for my son's birthday and when it came time for us to sit down and eat food the food was very slow getting to the table and if we added anything extra to the order the server seem to get very upset.

Colin Devick

Food was reasonably priced. Bowling was fun and staff was friendly. All the games were in working order. I will definitely be coming back in the future.

Nick Mcintosh

Great place with great Monday madness night or whatever but the staff was a little slump

Josiah Russell

Refused to take out of state ID. Absolutely 0/5 stars. The manager was extremely rood blaming the stores owners on not being able to take out of state ID.

Lisa Tracy

The price per arcade game is around $1.50 per game. I suppose people don't come here just for the arcade games. Laser tag was fun, would have been nice to be told the general lay out or what things are before going in as a first time player. Bowling lanes are not wood and if you are used to oiled lanes you will need to adjust your game. The gravity thing was fun but relied on a friend to help my kid who was stuck. Employees are not really helpful once they close the door. They need more staff on Saturdays. Did a lot of waiting on people. Pizza was good if you like cheese or pepperoni. I would like to go back without being with a group of kids to experience this on my own.

Go Muscles

Yes this place is pricey but I think it's worth it. Excellent service.

Dawn Low

Nice spot, but reserve your place early

Whitney White

Good time for the kids, they had a lot of fun. The gravity ride is really a blast for my 10 year old. The food is decent. Not too bad at all. Portion sizes are smaller. The drinks are good and prices for beer are about average. The service is always slow. Sat again at a high top table at the bar and server was the bartender, she forgot about us a lot. Happens almost every time we have been. I think honestly they are just poorly trained in this aspect. Ordered a beer and took twenty minutes to get out to me. Almost as long as my food. Same for the Pepsi my daughter ordered. Honestly though we don't go for the food or drinks, so there is that. We go for entertainment. Unfortunately we will be back...

Carrie Nicole

Great place for kids and adults alike to enjoy some fun arcade games, pool, or bowling. They have a nice bar and grill with great food and drink selections.

Theo Brown

Fun place to take the little ones. They have lazertag, bowing ,rope courses, and

kristen turcheck

Always looks for specials to get the most bang for your buck there. Great place for kids and adults.

marcos mercado

Great place. Lots of fun

Jyan Harris

Great experience fun and staff great

su gar

Attended a trick or treat event. We had a blast! The staff was amazing, facilities were clean games all worked. Well worth the visit!

Nate Smith

Nice facility and the staff were great. I wish they had better pricing though. Kind of high. And good luck getting to bowl twice now the has been over a 2 hour wait

Stacey Thompson

Fun place for the whole family

Tony Ross

So many fun things to do here. How do they fit it all into one building? Bowling, Billiards, Shuffleboard Tables, Laser Tag, Video games, Food, Drinks, and an Anti-gravity ropes course. Great place for a date or a family night out. Get prices and plan ahead because it all adds up quickly.

Lauren depetre

Watch out guys, the staff like to insult your kids and call them names to their face! Totally inappropriate and astonished this took place! Not to mention you pay for a pass for 4 activities and in the 4 hours were were there only one of them was available.... not impressed! I'll find a new place to take my kids!

maxamose s

Been there a few times paid for the sky obstacle course thing and ended up waiting 30 minutes just to get up there afyer theyd assured us someone would be there soon twice.

Raphael Robinson

Fun atmosphere, reasonable prices, clean bathrooms, and lots to do for kids and adults.

Lauren Johnson

7 year old Birthday. He had a blast!

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