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2020 Scotty Dr, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, United States

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REVIEWS OF Westdale Bowling Center & Lazer Tag IN Iowa

Anthony Schulte

Great time, nice staff and great food


Typical bowling alley. More expensive than the others in town, and have a very anti-consumer policy of refusing debit cards, rather asking you to pay their service charge at an ATM.

Jimmy Ottilie

Fun for the family. Lazer tag is a little outdated and nasty but it is still working and fun. Bowling prices are typically a little higher than other places I have been to.

Von’Nea Campbell

I’m new to the area and like to bowl with my kids. We tired this place out 3 times who hopes that it really wasn’t as bad as the time before but the customer service was horrible. Nice lady but the guy that’s there was very nasty with us. Our lane got backed up I called up to the front and he hung up on us. Also threatens to kick us out. We will never return

Vicki Emanuel

The young man working deserved an A for effort but the facility and management neglect was very apparent. This has always been my favorite Cedar Rapids bowling alley. I hope they turn things around soon. The alleys were all having mechanical issues and it took 30 minutes to get my grandson a hotdog and root beer. Food service employee needs to wash hands (and wear gloves!) when going between alley and kitchen duties.

Shawna Drexler

Older gentlemen working is so rude, even to children. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Jamye Jordan

I was here Sunday night after dinner with my family. (My mom husband passed away the service was the day before) but we were treated like trash AS SOON AS we walked in. There was a group of us all FAMILY and the guy that runs this place did not want us there for “PERSONAL ISSUES” he told us “NO” very firmly when we had an problem with our lane did not want to help at all with a tech issue than he shut our games off before we even finished. Now we paid $130.00 for us ALL to get in and got back $15.00 this is the second time my family been to this place and was treated like this so NEVER AGAIN!!!!

CJ Flynn

A good bowling alley with lots of events. I gone here a lot for fundraisers for nonprofit events recently and when I was younger would bowl in some of there summer leagues.


So we wanted to go have a good time with a friend leaving for the army. We went in and there was a long wait to get shoes and a lane, which is understandable figuring they were understaffed, but no matter how understaffed you are doesn't give you a pass to be rude and immature about DOING YOUR JOB. We got up and payed about $11 per person, waited maybe 20-25 minutes for our lane to get set up, then decided that we should get a refund. After waiting another 20 minutes for him to acknowledge us we ask for a refund and he slaps money on the table and says "divide it up, you can do math." And demeaning us saying "ok what's four times six" and just giving terrible customer service overall, as well as not giving us a full refund because there's a hidden four dollar nonrefundable shoe tax apparently. This was a nice place, but management has made it gone downhill. No wonder it's understaffed, nobody would want to work for this owner, he refuses to respect anyone. Good luck keeping the business open also, the carpeting is old and should be updated.

Malick Brown

Great for date night

Nicholas Crouse

Great, fun place to bowl. My friends and I always have a great time here.

Adym Barth

I go here every Sunday for Quartermania. The staff is friendly and kind. The equipment is a bit old and had dinged up my ball a few times but they have always fixed it for free. They are always great to talk too and I look forward every week to seeing them.

Turkey Rancher

To be honest it was terrible there was this man who was extremely rude the second we walked in. From what I saw and my friends saw it looked like he had like some sort of gun or taxer gun that he was carrying around. There was poor service and we like space and they put us in between 2 big families and when we asked to move they were like make the most of it. It's like they have no fun in them. I don't wanna go there ever again.

Tim Lewis

Loud loud fun

Ryan Sears

Didn’t let us finish our game. Really?

Brenda Hain

Fun place for all ages

Jan Hess

They played host to Special Olympics and took wonderful care of all the athletes.

Dwight Acoff

It's Nice

Melissa Meis

Honestly 0 stars! The grumpy man and other workers at the counter were SO rude from the minute we walked in the door. They have 50+ lanes and put us inbetween the 2 other groups that were there bowling and i asked if we could be spread out and he said "thats where i put you, make the most of it." He also said we couldn't use our coupon because it was invalid for the time when the time of use was clearly stated on the front..when we showed him he acted like he had a phone call and walked away completely. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! 10/10 would recommend you go anywhere else!!!

tony aguilar

Great place for special offers if you don't mind older equipment. Great for starters

Brandon Schu

Fun bowling alley with some deals. Staff are friendly. Large open area so you don't feel crowded.

Jenny Pettijohn

I like glow in the dark stuff

Leah Jean

Showed up at 9:40 on a Saturday night. Four of us, wr checked the website and knew it closed at 11:00 pm. We walk in the guy working walks up and says "we close in 40 minutes so" then just walks away as we say "yeah we know it's ok!" He leaves us waiting at the shoe rental for about five minutes to start a new game for another group. He comes back and says "you only have 20 minutes so I don't think you can get a game in." It's not even ten o'clock yet, and it's only been five minutes at most since he told us we had 40 minutes and he just started a new game for a bigger group than ours! We told him that the website said they were open until 11 and he responded saying that he closes the places whenever he wants. Very disappointed and annoyed. Will not be going back. There's a better bowling alley on the other side it cr that holds true to it's hours and is polite and friendly.

Nic Ekland

Ahh, while I love the atmosphere and all that is, "Westdale Lanes," (e.g., quartermania, laser tag, and cheap-ish drinks). The intorerable lane quality and fickle bowling ball selection, are driving factors in my decision to rate Westdale one star. During your game(s), you'll feel like you're throwing an outdated, greased up watermelon; down an asymmetrical lane, that's been mopped with years of chicken gizzard sludge. Sure, if you're looking for a place to bring the kiddos, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted brewski -- Westdale might be your move. However, if you care about: scoring well, maintaining your form, or consistent pin action. Then, stay clear of Westdale, at all costs. Otherwise, you risk an existential crisis, as everything you hold true about bowling, amounts to NOTHING at Westdale.

Betty Seaba

Great place. Never seen such a well organized place. They handled Special Olympics competition did an amazing job.

Destry Schildmeier

Lanes broke a couple times. Needs to update.

Ashlynn Averhoff

The service was awful. The workers were extremely rude. Our game shut off early and when we asked for bumpers we were ignored. There were extra untold fees and the place was super outdated. I would never go there again.

Camden Behrens

Went here on quarter mania, paid admission, (like a cover fee) they decided they wanted to close earlier than business hours while we were on our second game. Cheap beer and cheap service. Many things are out of date and underutilized. The bowling alley off 33rd is definitely a better choice.

Alquisha Eison

Kids Had Fun.. Our ball keep getting stuck spent most of out time going to the front desk asking for help.. Employee had an attitude


had great experience bowling with my bff

London Davis

I'm new to Cedar Rapids and this was by far the worst experience I've ever had when it comes to bowling. The lady was very rude last night didn't make eye contact while talking to me, I was about to use my credit card to pay she quickly said we do not accept debit or credit and walked away from me I had to call her back over to tell her I had cash as well. It seemed as if she didn't want us there Idk if she was racist or what but her attitude and customer service was piss poor. On top of that she placed us next to a big family we asked to move one lane over ( mind you there were plenty of lanes open) she quickly told me to deal with it, not to mention our light to our lane wasn't even on. I ended up moving to the next lane and she got angry because I did so. Overall I actually hated the customer service which made it hard to even enjoy bowling. It sucks you spend money in a place and get horrible customer service.

William Barr

Very good bowling alley has bumper pads for youth


I like the atmosphere here, quite welcoming. Its real nice, and has plenty of space for bowling competitons, or large parties. The workers are nice and genuine.

Jay Nunemaker

Dollar games and shoes on Monday

Gaby Galloway

The guy who owns it is a racist

Robert Stoutenberg

Fun with kids

Eve McNeal

Horrible experience here! Got told we have fake IDs. Wife was very rude when we didn't know where to go to pay and we were confused on why we had to give a shoe and she got rude with us. First time ever being to this bowling alley so of course we didn't know. Then the owner says we can't get a drink. Because of our fake id's and he's seen plenty of them. Never again will I come here or bring any friends here. Surprisingly we got our money back.Everyone and anyone I know will hear about this. We're both 23 about to turn 24. Can't believe it.

Tim Adkisson

We have come here many times for bowling and usually like it. Tonight we tried laser tag for the first time and were sorely disappointed. The gentleman who set up the game was rude and my son's pack was broken. No refund for the $5 loss. To be fair, the course is nice with blacklights, fluorescent paint, obstacles and decent strategy. Only complaint is bad customer service.

Mike Summerwill

We decided to go bowling after pizza with another family of four. Two kids are littles still so they played on the lane next to us while the 6 people that could bowl without bumpers played in our own lane. In the middle of the 8th frame our lane was shut off. I asked if they could turn it back on so you know, we could finish our 70$ game of bowling. The very rude and unaccommodating employee, owner? Said that we could finish our game if we paid another 4.95$ for each person. 100$ for 6 people to play a game of bowling. Needles to say we packed up our families and hit the road. I will never step foot in this establishment again, and encourage everyone else to take their business elsewhere as well. I would like to give them zero stars because they don’t deserve even one.

Gaza Strip Club

Total junk and a waste of money. Food is way overpriced because they're probably going out of business soon. Lanes don't work. they don't send back your balls. they have to reset it multiple times during your game and that's if you can get the staff to come and help you. Left before the first game was over after an hour and a half of being there. Gave them back their free game vouchers and walked out.

Alaina Frederick

We went for the first time to this place for the kids New Years Eve special last night. I ordered an unsweetened tea and it tasted horrible. I asked for some lemons and the lady didn’t understand me and started putting them into our pitcher of root beer. I then had to stick my hand in the way sI she’d stop and took the other two lemons. They were so rotted it was disgusting. I almost threw up right then and there. I had to go to the restroom to wash my hands to get rid of the smell. When we told the gentleman of the issue he seemed not to mind and dumped the root beer out and refilled it. The entire place could use a serious cleaning and fixing. Not even modernization but just fixing and cleaning. We still made the best of it though and had fun. All the kids got little prizes which was really nice of them. Overall if you are looking for a place to bowl but not eat or use the restroom then you found the perfect place to go.


Don't even deserve a 1 star. The guy there tonight was so rude. The place had no air conditioning, just old fans blowing hot air when we walked in he tells us don't touch anything because everything is clean and now can he help us. The place was dusty,smelly and hot ass hell went to a better bowling place and had a great time

michael McNulty

Oh my GOD it was your child's birthday lane 7 &8 Yoy know who you where, mom you said you did not want to pay for yourself HERES THE DEAL, YOU WERE OFFERED TO TO PAY TO BOWL! BUT you said no! We are a business not a charity I watched you abuse the offering to pay and I still watched you think defrauding a innkeeper is alright? What's wrong with you people! That is considered theft by any business that offers a service. So sorry it came to you choosing your pride over your childs Birthday! Moving forward, please feel welcome to come back but believe me! 0 Tolerance will be applied. 4/26/19

Brian Coffin

Rude employees and they only accept cash. It's 2019! Only cash!!

David Walker

It was fun and didn't cost much, but it was extremely hot in there and the fans running didn't make it better.

Tara Olsen

Pricing seems to be questionable. I came in on Saturday afternoon before it got busy. Great customer service when we got there. I paid for 1 lane of bumper bowling and 2 games of regular 'adult' bowling. I paid for 8 pairs of shoes. Letting the gentleman know that our friends would be joining for the last 3 pairs of shoes. When my friend arrived he was made to pay for their 3 shoes! I had to go up and ask him to look up that I did pay for the 8 pairs. My friend had paid a little over $8 for shoes but was refunded only $6. We only ended up bowling 1 game of the 2 I paid for of the 'adult' bowling (their term, not mine). I asked if I could refund it since we only played 1 and the 1 game of bumper. I was told I could not since both games were played. Umm, no they were not. I commented that they weren't but I was ignored. Overall, the 6 kids had fun and then played laser tag and had a blast. Not sure we will be back after feeling like we were ripped off.


The most intense match of pool was held here on my school field trip, until we ran out of chalk and they had none left but we still played over all my only complaint is the walls are to close to the pool tables and the food costs too much

Will Stewart

Dirty! Seems like it has gone from bad to worse over time. Employees seem annoyed to have to work.

April Haven

Great place for a first date!

hahaha gotcha

Paid the stupid $6.00 cover charge just to sit because i didnt want to bowl.. The soda tasted really water down and it didnt even have ice in it got pitches of ice with soda that was full to the rim so when you tryed to put ice in it you had to use your hand or spilled soda everywhere. The pizza was not the best tasting the other food was way to high priced.

alyssa varner

Amazing place to take the kids! We have a 3 year old daughter that enjoyed it very much! Very easy and comfortable place! The staff made everything easy as well!!

Andrea Bentley

Not happy with the customer service. We rented a lane for our two kids. We weren't given a ramp or a ball so I had to ask for them. When my 3 year daughter wanted to try rolling the ball down the lane (the same as the other kids beside us) her ball got stuck halfway down the lane. One of the older male employees came and got the ball and proceeded to tell me that she cannot roll the ball and she had to use the ramp otherwise he would have to come get the ball every 5 minutes. How can we be expected to use a ramp when we weren't given one to begin with and why can other kids roll their bowls but we cannot? My family will not be returning to this bowling alley.

joshua allen

Let me just lead off with, if you are considering having fun bowling. This establishment is the exact opposite experience of that! Me and a large group of friends went there to have one last hoorah with our friend who shipped out for the army the next day and the man running the building did a much better job running his mouth, with his precious sidearm proudly displayed at his side to "scare off" those who would care to oppose his terrible authority. I have been to many bowling alleys and have even bowled in leagues, but never in all my days on earth have i ever experienced such unfathomably terrible service like i did at this establishment. I would highly recommened literally anywhere else to bowl... also he does not offer refunds for a game if you even so much as select a ball and never throw it down the lanes. which are quite honestly. poorly maintained

Carla Behrens

Came for Laser yah tonight. I knew the place was old and outdated but the amount of mold there is a health hazard! Can’t stay for bowling.

BlueMan Lou

Fun time for the family. Helpful staff!

Annie Sobaski

Horrible customer service. The lady was intentionally slow and rude. We were there with kids on a no school day and she seemed put out by that. We originally thought she was annoyed and rude to just us but then we watched her repetively to others that came in regardless of age. On top of that we had issues with our lanes, which meant we had to go back and deal with her AGAIN. I would not recommend this place. Spend your money at one of the others nearby that offer more up to date equipment, cleaner environment and bathrooms (theirs were disgusting) and the most important thing...good customer service!

Mary Othman

Monday's are only a dollar for lane,shoes,sodas what a deal

Kathy Long

The reason I'm giving them 1 star is because my brother had a gathering last night for his birthday. His children and grandchildren were bowling and I and my sister stopped by to just visit and spend time with the group. We were not bowling or drinking and we were asked 6 dollars even though we were doing nothing. My sister left and I stayed for awhile. Not good PR!! Making people pay just to be in your business is not conducive to positive feed back.

Zac Lowder

Eh staple of cedar rapids activity entertainment building

Ashley Doser

Always nice, super amazing

Dena Struck

Great place for bowling and lazer tag!!

Michael O'Connor

Very poor center. They only take cash and the man who took our money was very short with us. They we're not full but had limited ball choice and when we had pinsetter problems the guy acted like we were an imposition rather than a customer. Will never go there again.

Brytta Fitzgibbons

Great place for large group events!

Shaun Spiegel

They don't honor their prices and the place is really dated. There are better places to bowl in cedar rapids.

Tasia Grabanski

Would have been fun if the staff were nicer. I had disabled children with me and he yelled and treated me like garbage.

Brian Oviatt

Great place to take kids

austin anderson

Worst place ever the guy that works the front door and takes your money he is completely rude you ask one thing from him and he throws a attitude. He needs to be fired before we come back. He is not for black people just all around rude guy. If you don't leave right at mid night on Wednesday he points his gun at you and tells you to leave. Not a place to be

Nate W

Lanes are too slick. Less oil

Shauna Fink

On a Friday night it was dead. Vary outdated only excepts cash. My bowling bowl got chips taken out of it and the nasty black snot stuff on it. (Not happy at all as soon as we noticed the chip and black stuff on our balls we left we paid the $8 till 11pm and left at 10 when we got there at 940) They have good deals all the time probably cause it get people to come in otherwise nobody would go

Ayana Lindsey

I wouldn’t even give it one star if allowed to give it 0! Terrible experience. -Overpriced:$25+ for 4 games of bowling (2 adults and 2 kids) there were no prices posted anywhere... seems sketchy. And cash only!

Jacob Scadden

Lmfao, don't know how this place even has a 3 star review

Karen Muters

Lazar tag was fun for two of the boys but is expensive. $5 for 1 person for 20 minutes. Disappointed that they now charge an exorbinant amount to use the bumper guards for bowling. I couldn't afford the $24 to $26 and then cost for the games and shoes for 5 of us.

Allison LeGrand

Came on a Sunday to bowl a few games with friends and my friends son who is 2 and needed bumpers. The staff at the counter was so rude from the moment we got there. Then proceeded to set us up on a lane that had broken bumpers and wouldn’t let us switch, even though there was almost nobody there. Will never be coming back. I’m not paying money to get treated like garbage.

Steve Spencer

We went to westdale bowling for a 7 year olds birthday party with our 14 year old autistic son. An older employee was mocking him, so when I had a chance I approached him to ask what his problem was. I was calm and quiet, but firm with him when I approached. The employee pulled a gun on me and told me to get away from him. I called the police at that time. The police escorted me and my family to our car while other officers were talking to the employee. This is not a family friendly bowling alley and I highly advice anyone with kids, especially those with kids who have special needs to choose a different place to bowl.

Patrick Cain

We had a blast! The staff was friendly.

Sarah Sandersfeld

Our son had his 8th birthday party here and hosted 21 kids! The staff was helpful and kind! Great experience and fun was had by all!!

Victoria Torres

Fun time for everyone.

Cheryl Wroblewski

They don't accept credit cards or debit cards!!!! How ridiculous! I was shocked when they said only cash or check! Then the lady said year for the last 20 years we don't accept electronic payments! I said really? It's 2018! Get with the program! I'm not going to use your crappy ATM machine to be charged a fee just to bowl at your place.

Philip Fisher

The bar/grill area smells very bad. Even the paper label on my soft drink had absorbed the awful smell from the refrigerator of the grill area.

Carly Reisetter

I've been here twice in the past week (once for a company holiday party, and once for a friend's birthday) and I'm never coming back. The attendants were openly rude to our group trying to pay them. It costs about the same as the other lanes in CR but the technology is from the 80's. We had a pin stuck in the lane and we called for someone to fix it. She said "I'll be there in like minute" then sorted shoes for 5 minutes until my friend got fed up and moved the pin herself. Absolutely unbelievably bad customer service. However, the bartender (an older man) was very friendly and helpful.

Riley Sondag

Cheap bowling. Cheap beer. Not much else you can ask for.

Jonathan Segal

Terrible place in such disrepare its crazy the rates are very simmilar to the other 2 bowling lanes in CR and its not as good as crbc or lancer the staff also isnt very freindly and u have to pay in cash.

Joe Soukup

Hot no air conditioning and the lanes weren't operating correctly

Dawn Moore

Not a fan. The Service was AWFUL, the 2 ladies running the shoe/check-in counter were slow, & not very accommodating. We waited for a half hour just to get a lane, even though there was only 1 group of 5 people ahead of us. Then when we were finally ready, we went to find bowling balls for all 4 of us, but there was ONLY 1 ball, a very heavy one that we couldn't use! Our lane pin setter kept malfunctioning, so we had to keep resetting it. Then it actually stopped halfway through a cycle & froze! And when I tried getting help, I was ignored! The ONLY good thing about ANY of it was the Laser Obstacle Course! My grandboys actually liked that!

Justin Schmitz

Best place to be on a Wednesday or Sunday

Jesus Delgado

Stereotypical bowling alley, go with friends and have a blast

Peter Barkalow

There not the most friendliest when you walk in the door.

Heidi Franklin

Awesome on mondays ...great staff

christin maiers

I was a frustrated. The ball return didn't work properly (lane 24) at one point I kicked a pin up the aisle and I attempted to call, I attempted to use the service button, and finally had to walk up because neither was working to get the attention of the employees. After multiple times of the lane eating balls and not resetting this happening they moved us to a new Lane. The downside is, lane 22 that they moved us to also did not properly work. 3 employees were aware of the issues on lane 24 and yet while we were still there they put a family onto the lane we had just been moved from, before we left they were also having issues with the lanes not returning not resetting xcetera. When they moved us to Lane 22 they offered a free game following the one that we paid for, this was a nice offer but at almost $15 for the first game and an hour and a half for three people to Bowl One game because of all the hiccups we weren't really interested in staying. I appreciate they don't take cards and the ATM which charges $3.50 has a $2 off coupon(which I now know about after I spent $30 on three sodas a chicken strip basket and chicken nuggets (no fries)) it would have been nice for somebody to make mention of that before I spent $27.25 on those two food items and three pops. Again they tried to make it right, and I mean for this to be constructive but the facts are that and it was not good

Bailey Kelley

Standard bowling alley experience.

Steve Morris

I remember when this was the primo place for bowling. It's gone downhill since. I won't play my own ball in this place...

iTricia Hansen

We couldn't use the cosmic bowling cause we used a coupon...lanes were broke and they were understaffed. Small Pitcher of pop and pitcher of beer was 16.50.

Maria McDonald

Doesn't even deserve a one star. Came here with family at 7:10pm on a Sunday and was told we could not have one of the 20 plus available lanes to bowl one game with my family. Was told by the "manager" that he had to keep the lanes open for "Quarteemania" in 45min. He was very snippy and unapologetic.

Lee Gert

Stinks like feet. Service is awful

Zach Owens

needs a better scoring/computer system!

Jenny Walker

the bartender put her whole hand in the pitcher of soda reported it and they tried to lie while she said ya I did it and had issues with the lanes and they did nothing for these issues was horrible wont throw another birthday there

Jake Kessell

Staff is not friendly, lazer maze for kids is great, bowling lanes are terrible, go to lancer or may city,

Jeremy Mckim

A bit run down but didn't cost a lot

Lucy Jackson

Love their summer package bowling card for $20, it is well worth it. I wish they would staff some teenager or extra person so that they can have someone at the bar and the register. If they are getting shoes and a lane for someone there's no one serving the drinks and food so you just have to keep waiting. They would do more food business if there was someone there to service the customers. A little put off by the guy behind the counter with the gun all the time, does that really need to be in everyone's face? They're are nothing but kids and families and its right there in everyone's face.

Mark Bussell

Friendly staff and nice setup with plenty of lanes. Great special rates make bringing the family an inexpensive, but fun time. Only issue is that our lane had a couple of scoring malfunctions, but since it was just for fun, we didn't care too much.

Amberley Sundberg

Wasn't to thrilled with having to pay a cover charge for 2 people to just sit and watch family bowl. When asked since when did they start charging was told forever,when 8 years ago I never had to pay a cover charge to sit and watch people bowl

Scott Groth

Great value for games and shoe rental on Monday nights!

D Moore

Co-workers gather for a weekend getaway...Staff at desk were friendly and helpful. However, the staff (Older woman) that works the bar could use a replacement attitude ! One person not being friendly, will not stop me from returning, my group really enjoyed ourselves.

Emilee Mitchell

Had a great date night with my husband here. Look like a ton of fun for kids too with the laser maze, laser tag and rock n bowl lanes. We stayed on the regular side and enjoyed a nice 3 games together :)

Norberto Ramirez

Took my kid for her first time. How disappointing this place cant brake a big bill. Glad thers more then one bowling place in cr. Im sure they would take a money.


Fun place for me and my sister to hang out and bowl! I guess my only complaint would be that there is no fans and it gets pretty hot near the bowling area.

Yusung Kim

1$ shoe rent and $1 game on Monday

Tony Cook

Dollar Mondays, great for kids.

Dakota Murray

After coming to this place for a variety of reasons, from childhood field trips to corporate events, this place has grown more and more sour as the years go by. The customer service is some of the most short and dismissive help I have ever witnessed, politeness is key and that is something the employees have lost. I came there with an open mind, as I have had a fluctuation of positive and negative experiences there each time I have come. To start off, as everyone's first experience, the entire establishment is cash only, and in 2018, the reason for it either lies in pure lazyness or dissolution that cash is still the major form of payment, or it is a tactic to extract more money out of customers. As a previous reviewer had mentioned, the ATM, which was "recently" purchased by the owner, collects roughly 3$ for every use, and when I have been there, it seemed every other family ended up at the ATM at some point, and when you happen to not use all of your cash on shoes and games, you can be catered towards the sub par overpriced food. A card reader can be obtained for as cheap as 9.99 at our local Best Buy, yet they refuse to acknowledge any new forms of technology. It is one thing to rush a conversation because you are in a hurry to help more customers, but to act like those customers do not understand when they're being disenfranchised, and then proceeding to talk over them repeatedly, because you are very clearly not listening, is insulting and shameful. The reason perhaps the service disposed towards us was so distasteful, may have been because the group was relatively young in age and wasn't family oriented. However, if we had received moderately good service and assistance when our games were not set up, we would have payed nearly 300$ in total, and instead paid little over $50 due to the lack of ability to refund shoe rentals, even though they were not worn on the lane, nor were they used to bowl at any point, due to waiting approximately an hour to have even the opportunity to play. To turn away so many young adults, that will eventually turn into families looking for this sort of experience, means that the business strategy of this company is losing its focus. Overall I'm dissapointed that such a staple of Cedar Rapids is throwing itself through the mud with immensely disrespectful employees and numerous outdated and overrated areas. I genuinely hope the employees currently tenured with this company are either retrained, or exchanged for more polite and understanding individuals. I believe many areas of the franchise can be improved with better employment, and I hope to see some sort of improvement overall being made here soon before this experience collapses in on itself.

Alison Horak

Worst place I have ever decided to bowl. Terrible services by the man and woman working. I've never been treated worse by anyone in my life even the kids I was babysitting were offended. terrible food and everything is over priced. You would have more business if you changed your workers and prices. Not even worth one star.

Josh Fox

Highly dissatisfied with the service and how the employees or the lack there of treated the guest. Not to mention that there was a problem the lanes every time a ball knocked over some pins. On top of the terrible service when you go to get a refund the employee mocks you and acts like a toddler over an issue that shouldn’t be a problem. All I know is if I could give zero stars I would. I won’t be returning.

Beth Blanchett

Very poor customer service!! Gentleman at counter was very rude.

Dan H

Modern up-to-date place must try the laser tag

Hance Throckmorton

The people who run this place are very nice... we had a very good time.

Rachel Rotter

Our lanes kept messing up

Patsy Irons

Not sure why so many bad reviews. We have been here several times and never had bad service. Place is clean. Very slow tonite so plenty of room.

Debra Hefner

My granddaughter wanted have birthday party their because they have laser tag and they live in lone tree.. so I called on Sunday and the lady Kim answer and was to busy to help me so she said call me back that day .. well if course the call I call back again Sunday and Monday finally on Tuesday she got on the phone didn't like that I told her that not good business and she started to get rude with me and I told her I should be the one who upset then she said this must not be the place for us.. I ask for the owner she said her husband was so I told her I will be letting people know how they are running it.. I will never set a foot in that place again and I will be letting people know since I have a business myself.

Tori Coghlan

Website prices and specials are out of date. We went to go bowling and got told when we got there that they cancelled ladies night prices and made us pay full cover $6 each plus $5 lane charge then quarter shoes. They said yeah but you get 20 games. Not a bad price just dont mislead your customers then expect them not to be upset. Plus half their laser tag equiptment dont work.

Greg Graf

Fun for the whole family.

jason meek

Run down facilities. Wait staff was rude on multiple occasions.

Scott Kolbe

As soon as we arrived and went up to the counter, we could tell the worker (Mike) was not very friendly, was short and borderline rude to us. We went to start our game, and we needed the pins reset, so we asked him if he could do that. He said he could, so we walked back, waited a few minutes, and nothing. So we went back and had to ask again, this time the woman (Mel) helped us out and she was able to fix it immediately. We had a few other problems like balls not coming back, etc. Then there was a problem where something Mike did put in the incorrect score on my tenth frame. I asked if he could correct it, to which he replied "This isn't sanctioned league play, it happens, you just have to deal with it." I said "that kind of sucks", and he replied "If you don't like it.. there's the door" and pointed toward the main exit. I told him this was terrible customer service, and as I was walking away, he said "You are a joke." The woman I was with could not believe her ears. We then got to chatting with the group beside us, and they had a similar experience with that employee, saying he would not accept a coupon from a Kernels game he had received just a few days earlier, and that he was rude to them as well. I have been coming here since I moved to Cedar Rapids in 2006, and I have never had an experience like this (at Westdale Bowl or anywhere else). It was really unbelievable and appalling that someone would treat customers that way, and that the business would actually keep them on. Mel was very friendly and helpful, and from what she told us, she seemed to know and agree that Mike was a jerk.

Charles Struck

Went there for a birthday party. I remember the place being a little more.... modern. Seems to be stuck in the 90s.

Sailorman Dan

No idea why all the bad reviews. Went on Monday $1 special. Friendly staff and had a fun time. Dont believe the haters.

Eric Moore

Fun place to bring the family

Jesse Akers

BRING CASH OR CHECKS. How can you be such a big bowling alley and not take CC? They want you to use the atm SO THEY CAN get some of the fees. They have a pretty great place though. Expensive game room and laser tag for the kids. Bar area for the adults and for food.

Isaac Benjamin

Very cool place to bowl


Broken lane and the kids lane ended 30 minutes before we finished and they would not extend the time for the inconvenience

Rodney Shelton

Bring an extra shoe lol

Maria Cavros

Great place to bowl.

Paul Edkin

Still most fun bowling alley around


Haven't tried the laser tag yet, but it's on the list. Decent food, pretty cheap beer during quartermania, a good assortment of arcade games and things for kids to do on the side. Every time the lanes mess up, someone is there within a minute to fix it, very helpful staff.

Bryce Smith

Stopped in and had a great experience! Affordable and friendly faces behind the front desk and bar! Our bowling machine ran smooth and the laser tag was fun too! Highly recommend trying this place out or stopping back in!

Darianne Hoyt

If all the other bowling alleys in the area are too busy or closed, you enjoy getting screwed out of $30 for "three" games, love poor service, a mediocre selection of balls, an untended bar and lounge, and glitchy scoring systems, then boy, is this the place for you!

Anonymous Customer

I gave two stars because we still had a fun time, and prices are reasonable, but where they lost points for me was customer service. The staff were not too welcoming, but what really got me is when my friend spilled his $3 pop after just buying it. We cleaned it up ourselves obviously, but they wanted to charge us full price for a new one. I’ve worked customer service for years, so I know good business etiquette would have been to just refill the pop due to the mishap. Instead they said “well it’s not something we did”, they wouldn’t even do half off! accidents would have been nice for the staff to show some empathy especially when I know how cheap fountain pop is for a business! Instead they lost at least three future customers for their poor customer service!

Minga Wiegand

Great atmosphere for a ton of fun! Black light bowling and laser tag are great for a birthday party. Bring cash or have your ATM card ready. There is an ATM machine available on site.

Aaron Wade

Fun but pricey.

Regan Stoops

Awful place. Old equipment, weird pricing, greasy bowling balls.

Shawn Albright

Great family fun place.

Noelle McClellan

Fun, cash only fyi

jason hedges

Best place Ever

Pegi Anton

We had a great time!!! We recommend this to all!

Ray Shaffer

From a few of the comments they need to get a remodle bad and better working machines. I get it everything breaks once in a while but from a number of peoples reveiws the machines dont work right. Westdale bowling center wont be getting none of my money

BabyDaddy Pro93

I love the deals they have here. Monday nights there is $1 bowling with $1 hot dogs and $1 beers. The draft beer here is not that great but it's okay. The pitchers are very expensive. They do have a Lazer tag area and a little game room for kids, which is fun. Overall it's a great place to go. It even has two pool tables! Although they are a little off but oh well I suppose.

Lisa Kirk

Needs to update atmosphere. To dark but overall fun to bowl

mo ajram

great deals on bowling, owners take pride in there business, It would be expensive to update the building and to keep prices low

Wayne Haars

Great place to bowl. Kim is the best. Fun club bowling is a great time.

Geoegia Higgins

Great place and cheap too

Darrin Felter

Want to have fun Find another bowling alley We went tonight for Father's Day (6/19/17) They had a $6 cover for anyone entering the bowling alley My son and his cousin showed up before us and the staff said they had to wait outside if they didn't pay the $6 per person When I showed they were a little rude I asked why $6 cover and they stated it allows us to get a great deal on beers So anyone under age gets screwed apparently The staff were unfriendly the dude was packing a pistol and his wife? Was really rude Should have known since there were only about 20 people total in the place What really got my goat was when we went to bowl, which is another $5 per person plus .25 for shoes, they asked everyone for one of their own shoes as security so we didn't steal the crappy bowling shoes I have Never heard of this and recently bowled in LA and they trusted the public Long story short go to another bowling alley Where they appreciate and respect their patrons

Bryan Miller

Amazing staff. More than fair prices :)

David Brentner

Not good!

Dave Oolman

Called to ask the hours that they are open and the woman that answered the phone was immediately hostile for no reason. I have bowled there a few time and the bowling was below par and the service worthless. Go anywhere else to bowl.

Mitchell Kesterson

Hard to beat $1 bowling games! I didn't get in on any Lazer tag but the bar was cheap, the beer was cold, and the bowling was pretty much like bowling anywhere else if your no pro like me! Also noticed a few arcade games and pool tables. Had a blast on only a couple of bucks! Great for an inexpensive date night or fun for the whole family!

Darrell Wiegand

Awesome service. Great bar prices. They have laser tag and a laser room, something like missing impossible with lasers going across the room and getting to a button you have to hit. They have awesome specials. A party room and party packages. They serve food which was great! Good people we're operating all aspects. We went on a Friday night and there was black light bowling. Awesome party! We will be back. Also in the summer they have for students and parents a $20 bowl all summer pass 2 games per day. Call them with questions about that though!

kawichick928 kawichick928

I saw a review that said they charge for bumpers, they do not, our little guy is having a blast only disappointing part is he is 5 and you have to be 9 to play lazer tag other that that great place for family fun

Brittany Burk

We're new to cedar rapids and this was our first time at the establishment. We will NOT be coming back. From the moment we walked in we were treated rudely and for done reason kept being talked to like we were stupid. Then my two friends were told they had fake id's when they are clearly not. I feel as If we were not wanted there. So we asked for our money back and left. Very disappointed. Absolutely horrible customer service.

Tom Chittenden

Place was empty besides one woman at the counter, no one manning the bar/lounge area and no food available. Paid for three games but the system wouldn’t score games properly and the lanes were glitchy in general. When I asked for my money back for all three games they refused to refund them and charged me for two even though they weren’t finished and all the scores were invalid in the first place. Very poorly managed by what seems to be two people that have no care for customer service or providing a legitimate bowling experience. Don’t waste your money here, there are other bowling alleys in town.

Austin Smith

Racist place. Manager yelling at my kids calling police to report rocks was on side work. I wonder why I live in this town for 20years and never go there.

Hannah Newhouse

Workers here were extremely rude and treated us horribly. They put us directly next to two big families when there were 20 other lanes open, and then when we asked to move to one where we would have more room they said no. Also they would take 10 min to come help when we asked them and refused to let us use a coupon that would've save us $20. Never coming back again...horrible experience.

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