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REVIEWS OF Western Bowl IN Indiana

Michelle Conda

What's there not to like? The prices are pretty good, especially during certain times. The fact that it's combined with Cancun restaurant makes it extremely desirable.

Michael Vassell

Great bowl won money and my team came 1st

David Brown

Good food, good atmosphere and excellent customer service

Dan Johnson

While I haven't bowled in years, I had a blast! Great Lanes! Mexican restaurant next door is a delicious place, so make sure you take your family!

Clyde Smith

Friendly staff very helpful clean lanes well taken care of

HiTimothy Rackley

Lots of fun for entire family

Alondra Morales

This is your typical bowling alley.

Mandy Katona

Really fun.

Counter - SJW

Love this place

Heather Marie Huff

Just stopped in to see what it was all about. I didnt bowl or anything. Looks to be a nice place with an amazing 68 lanes for bowling!!

doug inman

Great place to bowl. I grew up behind this place so my nostalgia will probably factor into that but I love this place. I miss Doc Holiday's arcade though.

Alexis Gaballo

Workers aren't that great but other than that me and my family had fun

Joseph Kuklinski

Overall very nice bowling alley. Very clean

shirley quattlebaum

Went to play pool. Had a great time.

Peggy Wolfe

Had a great time playing all the games!

Kevin Brady

Great atmosphere beer LITTLE expensive but good will be back

Carl Addington Jr

Good place to bowl friendly people

Mike Jennings

Me and my crew hit the bowling alley a few times a year. We hang out in the bar before we bowl. It would be nice if they had more specials, but the drinks are reasonably priced and the staff is helpful. We're not pro bowlers but it seems like the lanes are pretty well kept. If you're even semi-serious about bowling, you may want to bring your own ball. All in all though, it's a good time for bowling.

Steve Cook

I good place to bowl

Stephen Zimmermann

Excellent prices and knowledgeable staff

Sirchips Pringle

Love the lanes,nice place to shoot pool, good for a family outing.

Bennie Cooper

Great place. Michelle and her staff always treat us to a great time. Always look forward to this tournament

Alex Bennett

Decent, affordable bowling. Shoe and ball quality/selection is okay. The good Mexican restaurant, Cancun, is a bonus.

Steve Stanley

I will never go to that place again

kristen funaro

This is the cleanest bowling alley I've ever been to and the nicest Lanes. I'm happy to drive the distance to bowl here

Jessica Rankin

Got to western bowl at midnight to glow bowl. The website days glow bowling until 1. The clerk let us buy 3 games of bowling and then 15 minutes later turned all the lights on and the music off. 45 minutes early seems to me like they wanted to get out and we're quite rude when I asked them about it..

mary queentoonlya king

Always a great time out with the kids!!

Lilli McIntosh

Always a family favorite love the pizza! Cancun is next door to and they have amazing food and prices!

Willie Long

I have enjoyed my self for the last thirty years that I've been. Coming here.


We had our bowling league here for 4 years. We went here because they had a deal on beer on Wednesdays, then they hiked the price up on us. We Will not be having our bowling league here any more. Other than that not a bad bowling ally for familys.

Sherry Mclennon

Great atmosphere and food

Chris Heil

Great safe place to enjoy time with the family and friends.

Gregory Tolliver

Went there last May for the hoinkie. Went to throw my first practice ball ended up laying on the lane same thing happened on the next lane.I bowl an average of 40 games a week where I'm from so it wasn't me it was humid approaches were sticky.I drove 4 hours to get there we were hungry the food bar closed at 4pm during one of the biggest tournaments in Ohio they said over the pa system that there was food across the street and next door when I asked if we could carry it in they said no .I mean why even tell us then. Gonna give it another whirl this year see what happens.

Matt Jones

Love the place great staff

Donald Dunce

I want to give this place a higher rating but can't....there are 60-plus lanes here yet the staff for some reason insists on stacking folks on top of one another, its ridiculous. Not everyone is polite and its a real mess most of the time, I usually end up leaving early. The staff also refuses to give a lane with a few spots of space in between. Good thing there are other bowling alleys on the west side.

Michelle Conda

What's there not to like? The prices are pretty good, especially during certain times. The fact that it's combined with Cancun restaurant makes it extremely desirable.

Clark Gast

Nice place for your family or your friends

Carie Evans

I enjoyed it, and I hope that I can do that again!!!!

Michael Vassell

Great bowl won money and my team came 1st

Skyler Cavin

Huge place, reasonably priced

Tonya Cassady-Pendergrass

Would have given a five star except for an employee named Bob who was very rude and acted as if myself and others were a bother to him and the no care whatever gestures he made when something was mentioned.


Had fun with the kids.

Josh Nezi

Best bowling alley in the tri-state

Katy Noonan

A bucket of beer is 15 bucks. For Miller! That is a complete rip off

learning with a twist

Needa some updates

Anthony Asher

Great mixed drinks

Cheryl Armstrong

Stopped in and had lunch. Service was FANTASTIC, Emily was outstanding. Highly recommend to anyone who stops by.

Matthew Morabito

Fun to hangout out with friends after eating dinner at Cancun. Overall great prices.

Christine Emmy

Fun play! Being with all my friends here and had good time!

Trisha Dyer

We got great scores and saved money with the kids bowl free program

Brian Hancock

Fun for the whole family

Anne Qcito

Good bowling alley great staff great snacks

Richard Ritter II

Been going here since I've been a kid. I give it 4 stars because it's a great place they just need to do some rehabbing. It's been the same for at least 20 25 years

Joshua Nixon

Showed up and there’s 30 lanes open. Had a big group and requested a couple open lanes. Refused because they had 0 open lanes. 30 EMPTY LANES ATLEAST. THEY HAVE RATS!!!!!!

lily Christen

Rude staff

Greg Miyam

My favorite alley in all of Cincinnati.

Marie Doumas

Nostalgia at its best. Good food.

Louis Smith

Love to come here and bowl in the Honkie tournament and to get away from home for awhile. The staff are always nice and friendly. Never have had any problems with the lanes conditions.There is also a nice Pro-shop on the site. And there are plenty of places to eat at, between sets.


Great bowling alley. Food was about average. Little run down. Needs some $$$ put into some renovations. All in all a very nice bowling alley. 60+ lanes.

David Rowell

A nice bowling alley, with a ton of lanes. Every time I've gone they've had open lanes, which is nice. The staff are all really nice.

Danielle Williams Bacon

We need refunded. Payed for three games and didn't get through one game.

Mrs. Birkenhauer

Had a great time at Western Bowl. It was clean, and everything worked properly. There were more than enough balls to choose from!

Alex Jarvis

Fun place for the whole family.

Vivian Crawford

Sooooo, fun !!!

Jonathan Norsworthy

I love it here, I come out especially when my friends host Fur Meets. That's me in the photo, taken there.

dea diebold

Nice, the screens had multiple themed options

Josh Stephens

Big guy Chris at the desk is awesome knows our shoe size always friendly me and my girlfriend do the all you can bowl on Wednesday nights the bartender is great also she will id you a million times but is always friendly and can't forget Joe he is crazy but funny lol we go there for our weekly date night and never have any issues

Marie Heard

Lots of lanes, jukeboxes, food, drinks, good prices and lots of fun

Makina Starr

Great family fun low prices

Allie Cat

Good prices, food selection, and large amount of lanes. Might want to bring some wipes though

Maquailla Holmes

Love it every time we go no matter if it is one game or multiple. Plus the alcohol is great also!

Matthew Morabito

Fun to hangout out with friends after eating dinner at Cancun. Overall great prices.

Jay The Happy Chef woosley

Booh! dirty, no planning, aggravation everytime. My kids even hate going there. also expensive.... and the mexican Restaurant is not authentic as posted. They serve Taco Bell meals at 10 times the cost. I also was so disgusted I will never go back after seeing a girl jack off a guy in a booth . Sour cream on the side... WTF not in my place. ever, ever , ever never. They acted as they did not see what was going on. are we in Tijuana?

Christine Emmy

Fun play! Being with all my friends here and had good time!

Pamela Bustle

Well kept Western Hills icon. Held a well run school tournament tonight.

Steve Marr

Great place, lots of specials

Trisha Dyer

We got great scores and saved money with the kids bowl free program

Corey Jones

Man been going here since I was like 6 when the downstairs arcade was open !!!

Kelsey Shannon

Really nice alley. Lanes work well and are in good condition. For tournaments there is a lack of standing room.

Socks and Caramel

Had a blast. But the pizza was trash.

Ashley Martini

Fun atmosphere and good prices.

Paige Walls

Should have better family/ group package deals. The bar tender had attitude.

Nate B

Ive been coming here for a while. I'd never give it higher than a three because the staff doesn't get that they are in customer service. The workers aren't qualified to handle the business. It's a great set up and prices aren't bad, but you will end up paying more than you wanted because of the staff preparation. Its always going to be busy here. They were semi-busy and the person we went through didn't even spray the shoes. We also had to figure out which shoes we we're given. He didn't even tell us which lane we were in. We came to bowl two games with a group of 7, they acted like it was ridiculous. We ended up getting charged more than expected when we went to add a third game. We then didnt get to finish third game because they didn't attempt to understand that we were simply adding another game. The bar was packed for close to 20 minutes because there was one worker and they were out of buckets. Unless there is some serious re-modeling of the staff here, no chance it's above a two star.

LSS Whostheboss2021

A very good place to relax and just have a genuine time.

Kristen Ford

Glow bowl is amazing! I wish they played consistent music though

Janet Sallee

Awesome place to bowl

steffles 123

We went for the tournament and the thinks I seen the staff doing was crazy. Do not eat there. I seen them handle the food with there Barehands and then lick their fingers and start a new order. One of the staff picked up a tater tot off someone's order and eat it and then took it to them. Another took a sip out of a soda so it would not over flow put the lid on it and took it to the customer. When we first got there a man said all the meat was bad and to throw it away, but another man said no and to sell it. The staff is crazy. The tournament was fun but the staff is horrible.

Robert, Krekeler Krekeler II

Cool atmosphere !

Alex Cookendorfer

Had a bad experience with the cashier who was completely rude to our entire group.

Jerome J Tachik Jr

Always friendly staff n well run tournament

J Wellbrock

Great staff , nice lanes , good food.

Denise Carter

Busy clean we had a good time

Darlene Eiler

Wasn't crowded, and really catered to the children...

Teri Tracy

Love getting there early when it's not crowded. Lot's of lightweight balls for little ones. Glad they are one of the participants in kid's bowl free.

Melissa Hines

Great family fun spot! Friendly staff, good prices on refreshments and snacks.

David Burwinkel

The people at the front desk are sticklers and definitely create the no fun zone.

Bobbie Young

Very overpriced. Poor service. Employees on cell phone can't get waited on. Another employee watching T.V taking forever to get my drinks at the bar. Not very friendly at all. So disappointed. Too bad Emily wasn't working she is awesome!

Britany Dumford

I would not recommend this place. I called in the morning asking if there will be open lanes at 7pm and they told me yes there will. I get there at 730 and they tell me there are no lanes till 10 because of.the bowling league. I drove 40 mins to go here and my friends and I can not bowl. I went to ask about it and they just said sorry can't do anything about it. Not happy at all. Also there are families bowling that are not in the league

J Huiet

Completely overrated!! Expensive, I mean really $3.50 for shoes. definitely not worth the money. I have been to better bowling alleys that cost a lot less. Next time, I will just drive a little further to a better bowling alley. I agree with the other review from David!!

Elijah Howell

I had a great time

Tyler Lay

Nice Alley's

Jermaine Holley

Good place to go bowl with friends

Julie McGowan

Like the glow bowl on Friday nights

Ronald Hascher

Because it is right next to the, CANCUNE MEXICAN RESTUARENT.

Jacob Rouse

Bowl here on Monday nights


Pool tables inside, great Mexican resturant next door (same building).

Chris Koedel

I see alot of complaining about prices but there is specials every night except Saturday's Monday and Wednesday from 9 till midnight it's all you can bowl for 6.50 plus 3.75 for shoes Tuesday from noon till 5 it's 1.75 a game 3.75 for shoes and then from 8 til close it's 2.00 a game 3.75 for shoes Thursday night from 9 till close it's 6.00 cover you get your shoes with that then it's only. 75 cents a game and Friday from 10 till close all you can bowl glow bowl for 15 a person shoes are included so there is cheap bowling there plus they are one of the only bowling alleys that do kids bowl free program you sign up online and the kids receive 2 free games a day and only requirement is you have to rent shoes but if you have your own bowling shoes then it's completely free

Jannel Humphrey

It's a great place for bowling...

Malachi Henderson

Poor service all around.

Tracy Barnes

68 Lanes. Not the nicest place in the world but it is bowling. Great place to take family out for a fun night.

Jeffrey Schroer

Building is a little run down and could use some fixing up and updating but bowling was still fun and enjoyable

Lauren Merkle

lots and lots of lanes, went for an event. a little unorganized

Ray Huber

The lanes are well maintained and the alley is in good shape. That said, if you are at all competitive I wouldn't come here except for a league. Since the change in management, their prices have jumped a lot. If you plan on bowling a good number of games, I'd consider just going to another alley that has better deals.

Teri Tracy

Love getting there early when it's not crowded. Lot's of lightweight balls for little ones. Glad they are one of the participants in kid's bowl free.

Sarah Turner

I love it for the nostalgia. Friendly staff, fully functioning lanes. Sure it could use some updating, but it gives it that old-timey feel that makes me want to go back!

Robert Constant

I really like the unlimited bowling rate weekdays until 5!

Rebecca Thomas

Great atmosphere full of laughter and positive energy.

John Meyer

Great so far, haven't booked yet

Jake Lammers

Went there with some people from work after our shift on a Friday and the guy at the desk refused to give us a lane a whole hour before close because he didn’t want to be stuck there till 2AM. He is also pointed at our friend and said he ruined our fun becuase he showed up at 12:03 and not before 11:59. He said I can talk to a manager on Monday even though I dont know how that helps me today with it being Friday. He said he deals with this a lot which is even more maddening! How do you deny customers the service they want to pay for! Decided to go back because maybe he was just having a bad day or something so we went again and low and behold the same guy running the front desk was rude to us. I asked the guy if its possible if we got a specific lane because we had other people there on the lane next to it and he said it’s stupid and unfair to everyone else which didn’t make sense because no one was waiting behind us for a lane. I even told him if you can’t give us the lane it’s not a problem and was just so aggravated with me at that point so he gave it to us. Overall bowling was obviously fun but I don’t plan on going back anymore because of this guy. Rude and unpleasant and doesn’t care about the customers.

Stacy Barnes

At least it's clean. Every time I go here the staff is over the top rude. I come here for fun and usually leave stressed. They don't like it when you don't make reservations even when it's slow (and other reviews clearly state they have plenty of lanes). One weeknight they had a couple birthday parties going during glow bowl. I've worked in the service industry so I definitely understand and respect that struggle of being overwhelmed. I'd never laugh in someone's face for asking a simple question, though, regardless of my day. Good thing there are about a million other bowling alleys.

Reginald Doddu

I haven't bowled in nearly two decades. So I got a chance to look like an idiot. Nevertheless I had a good time with my family and friends.

Alison Wagner

The family and I like to go bowling every once in awhile. The day we went to Western Bowl it was a first for a couple of our kids. My friend brought her younger kids too. Western Bowl is a little outdated which I'm not to worried about. I know business for bowling alleys is so much slower than years ago. The day we went there were a a couple lanes at the end that had adults bowling. They were having a tournament. Then there were about 10 lanes that were empty and at the opposite end there were regular bowlers. When we went to the front desk we asked for two lanes. One for the adults and one for the kids. The guy working had a horrible attitude. He said he didn't have any open... But there clearly were about 10 to 12 lanes WIDE OPEN. I asked about the open lanes and the guy said "Oh you can't bowl there, it's to close to the tournament". Really? Because there were 10 lanes in between them and other bowlers. I'd understand if they wanted 3 or 4 lanes cleared by the tournament... But 10? No! I stared to tell my friends and husband that we should just take out business elsewhere and all of a sudden the guy said.. well I guess you could use two lanes. I said ok great, we'll need bumpers for the kids and he said you can't have bumpers if there's a tournament on the floor

lawrence twitty

Took care of my Juniors. Even made us pizza in-house.

Alana Schaffer

Fun place to go, especially on the weekends during glow bowl. They also have the only pool hall in the area.

William McCain

Friendly staff fun games good food

Carlos Brogan

bring back the party room I choked on pizza

Danny Wittich


Pickell Pink

It's so fun and amazing and a great family activity!

Nick Daddy

Fun times for young kids and adults. Perfect for a cheaper family function.

Isaac Watras

This is a place to enjoy bowling and dinner Cincinnati history.

Joshua Thompson

It's a little ratchet, but I always have fun here anyway.

Michael Taylor

Lanes are bad

LaFonda Hatchett

It's family oriented with lots of activities besides bowling.

Lynda Steinhauer

New but still nostalgic

Sapphire Jeannette

Today was way better than our last visit, last time we really struggled to get anyone to help us get bumpers or the thing that helps kids bowl, today they seemed to be on top of it for everyone! Thank you we had fun!

Sapphire Jeannette

Today was way better than our last visit, last time we really struggled to get anyone to help us get bumpers or the thing that helps kids bowl, today they seemed to be on top of it for everyone! Thank you we had fun!

brady cappel

He told my friend that he was stupid. So I’m never coming to this again

Robert Adams

Used the pro shop , excellent service .

Jessica Oliver

Past couple times we went it was really busy and had trouble getting a lane.

Steve Laird

Nice big modern lanes.

William Ellis

I'm messing. Love this house,

Justin flickinger

Went there Saturday to a tournament to watch a friend at 2:30. While the tournament was going on we went to the bar to order drinks. Bartender already looked a little frustrated looking busy. As we approached we asked for a few mixed drinks and let us know that he was out or never had carried a few things that we requested. As we changed our order, he said out in front of others. what happen to the good ole days of people just ordering Jack and coke? Sounded true of how he felt and I didn't feel like customer service was his top priority. Well next time I'll go back. I will make sure to be riding a horse to the western bowl to give my bartender a little piece of mind knowing he must be a whiskey drinker. P.s. please make sure I have a place to tie down my horse. Thanks!

Jill Frye

Huge place. I'll be back for the USBC Seniors Tournament in August.

Charlee Mitchell

Had a great time. Friendly staff and very good food!!

Alyse Richardson

Family friendly

Anita Dunckley

A great fun place. I love their neon bowl! Great for the family or for a friends night out.

Phillip Cowan

Having fun no good scores

Hitesh Yeluri

Huge Bowling Place, Great Friendly Staff.

Danny Schmidt

Love bowling here, been bowling here ever since it was doc holidays. Great memories

Jacob Holmes

As an Employee of Western Bowl I like the place. It is a great place to hang out with friends. But not sure if it is fixed yet, but the (Mens) bathroom by Lane 40 smells bad.

Brittany Davidson

If I could give this 0 stars, I would. Came on a Saturday night after calling that same morning and being told there would be open bowl. Show up at 7 and Frodo tells us that there is no open bowling until 10, despite what I was told this morning. Counted more than 26 lanes available. Horrible customer service. Don't waste your money.

Jessica Gilbert

Not bad, a ton of lanes! Cosmic bowling on weekends is fun.

Dennis Roa

Fun...could use a good cleaning

Kevin Weber

Lanes almost always available, beer s little pricey.


Nice staff, fun time. Bit of a wait for food, but not a big problem.

James Sykes Jr

Been coming to Western Bowl for years. Good people and good tournament

Dwight Richmond

Very nice bowling alley....great lanes....

G Manhattan

I had a good time the music was good the staff was very nice and it was cost efficient I'll definitely be going again.

BrianB 24

What happened to cheap family entertainment. Took my kids who are 6 and 4 for Sunday morning bowling. $40 dollars for two games of bowling per person with shoes. Crazy.

Keith Heard

A great time of bowling was had by all. They were able to easily add players that showed up late, and we could edit names as the jokes hit us (though the keyboard is a bit frustrating, one of those spillproof ones). The bowling ball variety felt limited, since each lane has its own small selection instead of one huge area with all of them. A couple had to ask for a different shoe size than what they expected, but that's a minor issue. It was Sunday evening so the games themselves were very cheap, and we definitely got our money's worth in entertainment.

Elizabeth Schonberg

This is a good place to go and go out with friends and family. But keep your expectations low. Management must walk around blindfolded not to see how filthy and disgusting things are. This could be one of the best hotspots on the west side if things were ran differently. I ordered a margarita at the bar and it was made with lemonade and club soda

Britney Villeda

Fun place nice place to hang out with friends and family and a nice way to compete.

Brigid Burwinkel

The staff is abrupt and rude, the staff ruined my birthday party with their bnoxious personalities.

Sheila Allen

The one guy working was semi rude and the older gentleman working was very friendly and helpful. The bowling alley was clean and my family and I had fun despite the younger guys temperament.

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