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REVIEWS OF Pro Bowl West IN Indiana

John Cochlin

Went here to the pro shop to have a ball we purchased drilled, as we wanted a very specific color/weight/brand we just ordered it elsewhere and brought it here to get it fit to my wife, and throw a couple games. They then told us we would have to leave it and they could get It done Monday, this was on friday, as he was behind on other things, not sure what since there were others just milling around in the shop hanging out. Went to another pro shop and within 30-45 minutes were out on the lanes with a fresh drilled ball and even new shoes. Pro bowl is nice inside and all with decent price, but very unimpressed with the pro shop and for sure wont bother the super busy shop staff again!

Nathan Chandler

We have went to Pro Bowl in lebanon two times. The first was ok, but they did not have a ball "helper" for the kids to use. It seemed expensive for 2 games ($70 for each kid to play 2 games). The second time we went they did have new dinosaur ball rollers that were cute. It was still expensive and one of our games kept registering strikes when we did not get strikes. We told the desk clerk and he "fixed" it. It didn't actually fix it, so one of us had an almost perfect game recorded when it really wasn't. The desk clerk did not offer to refund those games or make it right in any way.

Keith Lochner

Great shoes, aweaome balls. Amazing lames

Sara C Taylor

Lots of fun and helpful staff

Dallas Platt

It is a vary fine place to bowl. The bathroom was the best I'd ever seen in a bowling alley. So I'd encourage anyone for a night or even a day of fun to go there for it.

Leo Bennett

Good place to go bowling and hang out with friends and get a lot of 12 xxxxxxxxxxxx in a row that is a 300 game it is nice having one but I wish I could

Christie Badillo

They wait staff were awesome! The ice cubes and water tasted like soap. I couldn't drink it tasted so bad. It also took 43mins to get our food.

Carter's Mama

Went there for a bowling tournament. We had a great time. Good food and drinks also

Chris Hammers

Amazing lanes and great staff

Tony Damron

Very nice

Daniel Harrison

We had a horrible experience. Terrible customer service. Seems like the head guy doesn't really care who he pisses off, he is gonna do what he wants and that is that. Definitely will not go back.

Mary Levan

Usually when we go bowling, we have a pretty good time. They have lighter weight bowling balls for small kids and cool little alligator ramps to help them out. Its a decent time. This time i realized what Pro Bowl needs- a faster kitchen. My husband waited half an hour for an overdone burger and no drink, which he ordered. It took forever for the food to come out. We had a large party, and I can understand it taking a little time for food to cook, but this was a little excessive. On a more positive note, all the food was pretty good. They brought out a pin for us all to sign for my father in law and they always have my size shoe, which is always a plus. We had a great time, but we'll probably eat somewhere else next time first. :)

D Chandler

Leonora Felon

The lane service leaves something to be desired. When our lane server didn't come back to our lane, we went and ordered at the cafe ourselves. Then the lane never came back to our table unless we sought her out. Never cleared dishes either.

myn lin

Great for large crowds and tournaments. It has plenty of room for spectating and for the bowlers to still have room to bowl. The food on the menu is very good and can compare to a restaurant that you would find in and around the city. Compared to the other centers in town this is by far the cleanest and best centers in town. This goes for whether it is a party for you kid or a bowling tournament for the pros.

Darcy Gebert

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Awesome and clean environment. I highly recommend to all bowlers from beginners to professionals.

Jason Magano

Had been here before and honestly wasnt impressed.figured i woukd give it another try.little pricy for what you get.really out of date.customer service is also not their number one priority...anywayplayed one game in 40 minutes went to pay for another game and they said oh we have a league coming in 45 minutes and basically said no we cant play again.should of just went to hermitage lanes like orginally planned.dont waste your time or money.take the ride.

Anne White

Fun field trip!

Trevor Hakes

I have on bowling leagues

isaiah Winfree

Sean Blaine

Large selection of bowling balls and nice food and customer service

Tarantula Gamer Eian

Friendly staff good food and a great lanes to bowl on.

jacob strickland

I had a lot of fun

charles rogers

Great time


Great bowling, great food!!!

Jessica Pass

Walter Knochenmus

Joshua Kittel

Always have a good time here

Erica Schleimer

Love cosmic bowling nite Fridays n Saturdays!

Lamar Quezaire

The lanes shut down in you sometimes and the Luke box steals your money but it's still fun

Cheyenne Robinson

Had fun, just extremely too loud.

Troy Wooden

The best! Birthday parties every year! Awesome owners!

Michael Anderson

Great place

Matt Pope

Almost just like Wii bowling but realer

Barbara Westbrook

Was fun

cheryl thomas

We had our granddaughter's birhday here and it was wonderful!! The staff was friendly and extremely accommodating! Great place!

Brad Fulcher

Terrible service, nothing works,the Man in the green bowling shirt was rude,but at least they did make it right in the end,by not charging us extra for what was there fault,bad experience at least

Stacey Jo

Great place to watch football in the bar.

Richard Cummins

Family friendly! Inexpensive, clean and easy.

Kip Somers

Nice place to go bowling

Abigail Schoeff

Fun time bowling, clean atmosphere, even the restrooms, food is great.

FayeSuzanne E

Very clean and well-staffed. A great place to relax and have fun with family and friends. Their food was very good and the service was excellent. I could tell the staff took great pride in their efforts. 10 starts for family fun! Can't wait to return

Kimberly Sarrazin

Walked in at 10:59. Didn’t get seen until 11:02 and were told they don’t do anymore after 11. Are you kidding me? Thanks for ruining the night!!!

Shawna Cochrane


Matt Collins

Great bowling spot, and Troy, the General Manager, was awesome when I stopped by to visit and look around. The place has a good feel and is super clean. Will be back!

Justin Schmitt

Fun place pricey food good service strong jello shots

Xiomara Morales

Very fun place for kids and adults, reasonable prices.....

natasha maldonado

Great place. Most affordable place to bowl and its just like all the expensive places.

Jerry Moore

Outstanding place to go bowling. Great staff and owner. Will be going back.

Amanda Wright

Stuart Hall

Went with my 9 y.o. daughter. Family friendly place with many lanes and plenty of space and other amenities.

Josh Truelove

Great place

Jeramiah Cox

Older place. Dark, small, and in need of a refit.


AMAZING VENUE for Grateful Groove shows!! ☆☆☆☆☆

Sage Pride

They had neon lights and fun games including pool

Emma Symons

Always great service at the counter, bar, and restaurant. They have a great selection of bowling balls and provide a high quality bowling experience. Not the cheapest in town, but definitely worth every penny. Highly suggested over any other bowling alley in the Fort Wayne area. Check 'em out for yourself!

Nora Schwartz

The lanes are nice and clean. The food is reasonably priced. The front desk lady is not always the friendliest. Eli was a lot of help with our lane when the gates weren't working roperly with the little kids and bumpers. They have lots of ball options and plenty for kids.

Ashley Marshall

This place smells as soon as you walk in the door. No one speaks to you at all. I had to find someone to help me. The bathroom was no where near clean. A lot of attitude from people at this alley. And the prices for the birthday parties are just ridiculous. Especially since all we can bring in is cake and ice cream. Yes please take my money on your over priced bowling alley bar type food. No. I'd rather save my money and eat elsewhere afterward. Pretty ridiculous.

Pinney Friedman

Amazing staff! He saw. Us having a great time he came over to us and offered another free game, showed us how to play correctly etc.

majid al-jarrash

Good price. Not the friendliest staff, but it wasn't too bad. There's always something wrong with the machines every time i go but they get fixed right away.

Lynn Nocera

Very nice place. Very accessible. Good prices.

Debora Collins

Grand kids had a awesome time

Rachell Chaffin

Perfect birthday party place...

Teresa Holman

Had a great time with kids. Prices were really good,place was clean and had a good time.

Drew R

They have pool tables too!

Cody Talley

Great place for party's or family fun friendly staff

Ethan Foreman

Worst lane conditions I've ever seen, my father and I bowl in many leauges and we came here to practice and it was the wort quality I've ever seen, no oil on the lanes. Would give a 0 star

Raymond McGee

Tyler Wallace

Open lanes and reasonable prices. Decent drink specials and restaurant quality food from a bowling alley.

Lois Duchow

Great employees!!! Great food!!! Family friendly!!!

Joshua Appel

Went on a Saturday night at 9pm to bowl a few games after league finished up. The line for public bowling was disorganized and people kept cutting in due to the lack of order. This led to a painfully slow start. Additionally, the small bar window is also slow going, it took us almost ten minutes to get a pitcher with only 2 people in line ahead of us. Prices are cheaper than other bowling alleys in town though, and we had a fun time.

Paula Embry

Wish they had more pool tables. There 2 tables are always full.

Vijaya Michele

Plenty of lanes available on a Saturday night. We had a great time.

Jason Smith

The Alley Bar is freezing cold every winter, can we invest in some heat please????? I shouldn't have have to bundle up to go inside. Your projectors suck too, maybe adjust the new one???

Jason Gross

Terrible experience! No food No cook!!! RUDE STAFF!!!

Kimberly York

Good for family fun

Elizabeth Sidell

So fun!

Kathy Kincaid

Great place to enjoy a game of bowling with family. However I'm giving the. 4 stars because they no longer sell bone in wings from the cafe. They had really good wings for the area. Food has pretty decent bar food. Prices are reasonable for shie rental and for lanes.

Jane Sweet

The most recent time I visited your center, (05/11/19) it was a very busy time of night for your business and my family was a large group of about 15, the young lady at the service desk was so helpful and kind! She was able to give us 2 hours of bowling plus FREE shoe rental and placed us on lanes right next to each other! Gabi is an amazing asset to your team and I expressed how pleased I was with our experience to her. We love pro bowl and plan to visit regularly when we are in town! Thanks Gabi!!

Emma Allison

Every bowling alley has its mistakes and flaws but this is definitely my favorite. love the people there and especially Allen. he will help you with anything you need. i have leagues every thursday and to be so busy, it’s so fun

Becky Bredemeyer

Nice place to bowl but just a little expensive

Brenda Neal

Cool place go bowling and have BIRTHDAY party for kids I give them 10

Tiffany Arnold

We had a great family time! Has all the equipment for kiddos to bowl!

Lori Jent Runyon

No ATM. Kids wanted to play in the arcade and we had very little cash on hand. Staff would not offer cash back at the register but told me I could go down the road to an atm

Ronnie Hutchings


Peggy Marschand

It's a very nice bowling alley the kids loved it they get the bumper pads, and we even eat lunch there the food is delicious .Thank you for your service!

Mark Sacco

Bowling alley approach was sticky.

April Joy Campbell

Great bowling alley

Derek Dahlman

Great place to hang out!


Bowling as well as arcade games and billiards for a dollar.

Ben Collier

Thanks for hosting EMTAR's bowling night and silent auction, it was a fun night

Taryn McDonald

First place my boyfriend ever kissed me!

Kami Devine

My favorite place to go for tournaments!!

christina robey

Bowling alley and drinks with pool tables and Bar and kid friendly

Debra Sorg

newly remodeled, great food & friendly service! lots of fun°

Kristie Martin

We love this place

Tabitha Sanders-Jones

Went in for lunch was seated and then asked to move. Had a rather large group, not one person checked on us. Not even to ask drink order. We all got up and left after a good 25 mins of waiting for someone. As we were leaving someone told us goodbye and sorry. That was more then they said to us in our seats.

Tina Freeman

Great family fun

Fat Guy 260

Really chill place great prices

Todd Simmers

Why is a great time to go bowling and this place is clean and really nice

Kim Manos

Arcade was small and crowded

Aaron Richey

This is a landmark in Fort Wayne. Check in advance for availability. I'm happy my son can experience pro bowl like I did when I was a kid with my dad.

ReDonna Johnson

Kid loved bowling party

Shawn Hopper

Good food good staff but they could have 30 people around 2 pool tbles and not give a sh!t cause mngt refuses to care about what the customers want.

Lydia Mann

Surprisingly??? Very well taken care of and super fun. Great for parties I bet!!

Kristen W

Gretchen Smith

Very clean had fun bowling

Kristopher Krueger

Bowl here twice a week. Very friendly staff. Clean facility with leather couches at each lane. Proshop is very helpful and attentive!

Julia Meyers

They have the best staff ever! Very friendly and nice. Good music and great fun! They have really great food at a reasonable price. I recommend this place to everyone! Good job pro bowl west, keep up the good work!

Cathy Hawkins

Vicki Collis

Great place

anne boager

Great crew

Jackson Powell

I like it. I won a tournament there, im only 10 i bowled a 172 189 and 152

brian kelly

Dont bowl personally i prefer to shoot pool. But pool tables are always taken since they only have two

Jason Gammon

Mason Darnielle

Good for families, great service ! Fun place to be. Thanks for reading my reviews.

Ellen Holocher

Well I took my 6yr old nephew and I told the clerk it was his first time bowling and that it had been 25 yrs since I had bowled. She didn't offer to put the rails up so the 6yr old didn't get a gutter ball Everytime. I told her he had never been.... she should have been more helpful.... I didn't know they even had the rails until I saw the kids a few lanes down. So it wasn't much fun watching a 6 yr old cry and say he's a failure !!!!!

heather Stieler

Can't wait to go back


Great place that cares about their bowlers. Went for a tourney and had a blast.

gretchen brunett

The bowling conditions are great. However, need improvement in their kitchen to get food to customers more promptly.

Kyle Sprowl

Not bad...deff not great

Raymond Wooten


Fast and friendly service

Joyce Plante

Great people running the business and great pro shop, they are very helpful and really know their products / bowling balls and how to fit you and do the drilling.

Layara Kirby


Bonnie Oliver

A FUN family PLACE to bowl or have B-day parties!! I've had my adult children's b'day parties there... Many year's ago and it was ALWAYS soo much FUN!!! Now my daughter has had her 4 yr old sons Bday party there this past Oct and Also her 10 yr old and 1 yr old daughter's Birthday

michael hulburt

I called and asked a question and got a very rude response by the manager. The staff is not very friendly either.

Mark Green

Good place for family fun

Don Potter

My family really likes this place

Jackson Schieferstein

Best place to bowl in Fort Wayne! Nice food and beer options too

Savanna Jackson

Tina Moffett

Price of bowling and shoes are good. Service is good. My family and I had a great time.

Its your girl Fake self Queen

Scott Mahan

After reading all the horrible reviews on this bowling alley, we were going to skip this place and drive to Hendersonville. Since we live in Lebanon and this place is only a few miles away we decided to at least walk in and see for ourselves. I am so glad that we did. The place was clean and inviting. The two men working the counter were personable and friendly. We asked if they were aware of the bad reviews. They were, but didn't seem overly concerned about it. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for good family fun. We will return!

Waylon Evans

Sad excuse of a bowling alley. The locals are very rude and such simpletons.

heather mcdonough

Good bowling. Clean. Good prices. Food has gotten better last few weeks.

Trevor Pape

Friendly people. Dated bowling alley. Snack bar is okay. They need better burgers though. Probably the worst burger I've ever had.

Dakota Carey

Best bowling alley in Indiana

James Cross

Kenny Wilkerson

Yony Paredes

Excelente lugar para esparcimiento familiar y grupos de amigos. Atención calificada y ambiente muy ameno y divertido. Lo recomiendo.

Joey Hawkes

Purchased large drink and food waited for pool table to open was outside smoking and was told by worker to play a game or leave this isn't a chill spot would not let me talk I will not be back Smh

Joseph Vaccaro

Best place for bowling and fun. Small shots. Like thimble size.

Kaine Stephens

Fun place but seems to be a local hang out for teens.

Chris Powell

Our balls kept getting stuck and it was just our family on the one lane. The equipment seemed dated for the ball returns and no large TV screens mounted as we've come to expect from other bowling allies.

Dennis Haggart

Ball gets stuck and he is right on it.... had a blast!!!

Janet Gardiner

Great place to take your whole family. Great food.

Jamie Hull

Very clean, nice bowling alley. Staff were great.

Lilia Garcia

It was a very terrible experience the reason is because a lady in the bar was very racist and didn't want to sell us drinks

Breanna Kennedy

Nicholas Bianski

This is the best place to bowl in town and the best I've ever been to. The staff has always been incredibly friendly and they don't mind large groups. It's relatively inexpensive, $2-3 a game and the $10 two hour special that includes shoes is awesome. The pizza and burgers from the cafe are great (get steak fries with the burger!) and are pretty reasonably priced. I'm writing this as I sit in the pro shop having a ball drilled, and Jason and PJ are two of the nicest and most knowledgeable people you'll find. I've been bowling at a few other places over the years, but none of them compare to Pro Bowl West. They've all been too small/crowded/noisy with a bunch of overworked and generally miserable employees. Not here. The lines can get a bit long some nights, but well worth the wait.

stephanie seay

The building needs TLC but staff was very nice.

Mike Craig

Older bowling alley kinda run down

Terrence Mahnken

One of the best bowling experiences I’ve had. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. It’s a smaller bowling alley (16 total lanes) so it’s not incredibly loud and crowded. We took our son for his first bowling party and everyone (kids and adults alike) had a wonderful time. Also, their arcade is impressive. We will definitely be coming back.

jennifer anderson

Julian Pagan

really great place to bowl. especially for practice, competitions, and high school bowling. pro bowl west is my go-to place for relaxation, socializing, and bowling of course! i typically go here since its close to where i live. never has let me down! just one question : why did you get rid of the pool tables? that was fun, but now they are gone.... anywho, i really like this place, i feel everyone should come here. but not everyone likes bowling. just wished they hadn't put those ball racks where the couches used to be, it was better with the couches in my opinion,

Sammy Ventura

What a place. Great staff. Clean bowling center. Very nice place to have an event or outing. GOOD STUFF

Danny Lothamer

Good stuff, great customer service

Andi Harwell


I went with my family over the holiday break. It was clean, the bowling balls were organized by weight, the scoring system was easy to use. We had a good time.

Donald Mumaw

We had an excellent time. The service was great and handled our large party wonderfully. Will definitely visit again.

Brandon Sanders

Saturday night @ 9pm, waited 45 minutes for 2 lanes. One lane kept getting 'out of sync' and not recording the second bowl of random frames. Another lane wouldn't return balls until it jammed, and then would return 5-6 at once. Very frustrating experience. Also, $5 minimum on credit cards at the concession

Angel Kemp

It is an old bowling alley so can't really have high expectations. Popcorn way too salty and everything needs a deep clean. My son did have a blast at the birthday party though!

Wigg Faulkner

Old, small but courteous.

Fredric Menefee

A few of our party started off at the bar with some over priced drinks and heard the overly angered staff about an employee stealing. Which is never good but they also should have been angered over another male employee not washing his hands after eating food and returning to customers orders in the back of the kitchen. (You can see into the kitchen from the bar.) When the rest of our party arrived we put our names on the waiting list to reserve our lanes and was told it would be 15-20 minutes. The woman at the desk told us this for over an hour! Other customers who were not on the waiting list were getting lanes before our party. So when a guest of our party voiced his opinion indirectly about the wait, we were rudley kicked out by the woman at the desk. The customer service and sanitation was horrid for such a well google reviewed establishment. We will NOT be returning to Pro Bowl West.

Andy Martin

Nobody touched my balls. So it was just okay. Two thumbs, counterclockwise.

Bryan Craig

This is a great place for a family to relax and bowl!!

Don Procunier

Nice little Bowling Alley with friendly staff

Raeann Donaway

Clean, lots of lanes, fair prices

keith russell

Very family friendly place and good prices all around! Good food and staff.

Laina Couture

Family had great fun. Clean, low prices, nice shoes, good selection of balls. Desk changed the music when we asked and turned up the volume. Typical bar food tasted good and alcohol was decent price. All in all great time. We will be back.

Wajdi Abendeh

Nice place to spend some time with friends, fun environment & bar on sight!

Sara Rivera

Awesome place. Great atmosphere, music and food. My only complaint is that it shouldn't take 20 minutes for fries and mozzarella sticks. Especially when business is slow.

Keith Elkins

Superior Buildings

Great family leisure time

Georgie Williams

We had birthday party & everything went good til 3 of our lanes went down so we ate cake & ice cream hoping they would start back but we tried to finish our bowling but they turned out lanes off

Megan Sebers

Really nice bowling alley everything was really clean the food was good and the management was nice

J Michael

Good alley. A ton of lanes.

Jon Russo

Bowling lanes are great. Everything else is broken....arcade games, drinking fountain, toilets, change machine. Some arcade games take only tokens and some only paper bills. Sup wit dat? People are nice, just need a new repair staff.

Shanna Moore

Great place

scott noble

A fun smoke free place to relax and bowl!

Peyton Hibdon

Nice bowling alley and arcade fir young and old. The food is better than you would expect.

Paul Huber

As a long-time league bowler, but new to this bowling center, I'm disappointed in the way that it is run. The staff is very nice, and the customer service is good. However, the maintenance of the pinsetters and scoring system in place is second-rate.

Kyle Goad

Paul Hughes

Food and beverage prices are high but good clean place.

cody pyard

Always have league going on whenever I try to go.

Angel Nicolas Aguilar Graciano

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Jim Haberly

Our family enjoys bowling here each year at the holidays. It's warm, inviting, and you can get food if you'd like while bowling.


Took my kids here , great food good lanes , good service .

Mèester E

If you need equipment go to Sidewinders and see William. He is a bowling mechanic. Enough said.

Jess Foster


Small arcade,decent lanes, restrooms aren't horrible. Food and alcohol options

Veronica Wormbly

Super Fun. I really am thinking about joining a league there the lanes are so nice. The staff can be funky sometimes but in general the bowling Alley is awesome.

Alexis Bennett

Many lanes has good bowlimg leagues. The manager is a very nice guy

Justin Federspiel

Great place. Fun atmosphere. Rather cheap.

Ron Rupnow

This is the worst place to bowl in Fort Wayne, seating areas are dirty, approaches are so sticky you cannot slide. Who ever dresses the lanes has no idea how to setup a fair shot. Desk personal are rude and have tendencies to turn out the lights during league bowling while bowlers are bowling. Only good thing is the wait staff is very pleasant and efficient

Michael Ehasz

The price was great, the lanes were nice and the staff friendly. The seating is quite comfortable and I greatly appreciate their organization with the bowling balls. Made finding the right ball much easier.

Jesse Lyle

Great fun at a great price

keanuo hall

Fun on many levels, bowling, pool, and a arcade!

j h

Great bar staff! A joy to be around!

Ben Knight

Devin Bassett

Reasonable priced fun entertainment

Jonathan Spurlin

Joel Buchanan

Clean, well maintained and very well run bowling alley. Came in for a few games on a Friday night. Balls were color coded by weight and the hole patterns were well labeled. Lanes were in great shape and the bathrooms we're super clean. Beer was reasonably priced ($12 for a pitcher).

Deondra Rogers


Donny Orchard

Overpriced. The lanes dont reset correctly and the ball return doesn't work.

Annette Careins

Great for those who are night owls.

Lisa Marie

Food is great! Especially the boneless parmesan wings!

Wendy Cruz

Holly McAfee

Nice clean bowling alley. Great deal the time we were there.

Davis Sturgis

Great bowling lanes. Greasy food to help you suck at bowling, but you don't go there for the food. It's the home to the only lanes in fort Wayne that aren't covered in oil or lacking in it. The perfect medium

Keaton Mathis

Rick W

Great spot to hang out. Very open and roomy complex. Clean facility and updated score keeping technology.

Andy Frisch

Fun way to get out and relax.

sir tyranitar

Perfect! Best place to bowl in Fort Wayne

Jamie Wasserman

Super friendly staff and great prices!

Tiffany Craig

Had a great time and the staff was awesome!

Mary Aldridge

I really recommend this ally!!! The staff is very nice and will not get frustrated to matter what! Just a few things you might need to know. If you are with people and they want to bowl too, press the Down arrow to add the second name. And don't go to Lane 1 because it is very buggy. You have to reset the Lane many times and it is just not a good Lane. And as of now, the bumpers on Lane 2 don't work. Any other Lane is just fine. Have fun bowling

Doug S

Pro Bowl West nice bowling alley. The lanes are fair. The price is fair. The staff is fun, friendly and very helpful. Food is good. House is clean, bathrooms are clean.

Kelli Brenneke

The place is always clean, lanes are well taken care of and the staff seem to genuinely care about the bowlers. Only downside is that it's a little bit expensive for open bowling, that is the only thing keeping me from giving them a 5.


Great place to bowl and have birthday parties.

Stephanie Webster

Hard to find the place

Candace Kinney

Always enjoy bowling here. We go about 1 or 2 times a month and doesn't seem too busy. Nice lanes and has bumpers for kids.

Ujjaval Patel

Old bowling lanes. Old system and lanes are not good.

James Donovan

We had an awesome time there last Saturday night. Service was great - very enjoyable experience.

t_crazy gamer

Fun environment

Christine Crain

This place has gone downhill. My daughter still enjoys going here that's the only reason why I've given them 3 stars. The staff isn't very friendly and the food is aweful and over priced. The staff in the restaurant are rude, we won't ever get food there again. The bowling balls are cracked and won't roll straight at all. The last time we went there the place was filthy, it looked like no one has ever vacuumed, they was dust and grime on a lot of the surfaces, the tables were sticky and the bathroom was disgusting. Like I said my daughter loves to bowl and likes this place and I've been going there for years not it's definitely gone downhill.

Living The Santos Life

Had a great time with our family there yesterday!

Gabe Graham

Great bowling alley. Their food and service are top notch

Cassidy Teeters

Big space, fun environment, wonderful food. Played two games and had lots of fun. The bar area has karaoke and a decent open space for dancing. Cute little arcade area. They do have bars on the lanes for kids.

Jon Sturges

Great family atmosphere! Used to come here every Sunday. Good prices and food is pretty good also.

Amira Lotus

Best bowling alley in fort Wayne their lanes are straight and their desk staff is relatable good people

Michelle Clemmer

Taylor Edgar

Great pizza and friendly staff

Gavin Gillespie

Great lanes nice and clean

Rachel Fuhrer

Great place for a Birthday party! We had a blast! Facility is very clean and customer service was excellent. We will go back!

David Voltz

I Bowl on 2 leagues on 2 different nights! And have been doing so for several years. Staff is always friendly!

Raymond Brousseau

Awsome bowling alley

Elaine Gammons

Great family fun!

the grandma channel

It was fun for the kids. Sundays are very reasonable at $2.00 a game. The food needs serious improvment thought, high prices and not that good.

Carol Hawkins

Great family environment

Anne Boager

Love the crew. Like family

Coak Mann

Little outdated inside but it's big and cheap great place to have some fun

Melanie Manny

Great place lots of, but they need more servers

Salvador González

Excelente servicio tuvimos algunos problemas mientras jugábamos y de inmediato nos ayudaron

Mickey Lewis

Classic Bowling Alley. Friendly Staff.

vbot Bot

Nice picture

Spencer Atkins

My favorite alley in town. Good food, decent prices and everything has been recently updated. Good place to take the kiddos for parties or just family bowling night. Also houses some of the better leagues in town for those competitive bowlers.

Anthony Leist

The last place in town with a true bowling atmosphere!! Great place

Chris Newton

Summer kids bowling program. Thanks for giving us a great program

Michelle Gregory

Nice people. Clean environment. Reasonable prices.

Charlene Miller

I bowl league there on Tuesday evenings and I know Deb Wilkerson and Brent who both work there. I would love to have a chance to work there Also. Cleaning/janitorial and or dishwashing.

Justin Fish

We stopped by the bowling alley while taking a family vacation to stretch. The size of the bowling ally surprised me and everything was very clean. The bathroom looked newly remodeled, but if it wasn't great job on keeping it clean and updated. Very frendily atmosphere and overall a top notch place.

Johnny Washer

Had fun having my son's bowling party there

Brittney Dunn

Me and my family come here every New Years for their new years party of sorts we bowl all night and watch the ball drop on a projector and it’s a great time. They are a clean place with a lot of fun to offer. Even an arcade for children

Andrea Gaudiau

This place is huge! We had a lot of fun, the staff is more than friendly and the food good considering it's a bowling alley. I don't know if it's usually packed or not but on the night we bowled there was plenty of space.

Shane Currie

I love this place! The entire staff is more than freindly and very help full. I take my whole family every sunday and always have a great family experience. The guys in the pro shop are amazing, they will go out of there way, getting you into the right gear or offering bowling tips to improve your game. The facility has to be the most spacious bowling alley in Fort Wayne, lots of room to spread out, very clean and updated. To finish off, compared to the rest of the bowling alleys in town, the cost of bowling here is the most affaordable.

Coy Watson

The manager keeps turning juke box down. And as a poor attitude when helping customers.



don russ

Not that cheep but a good place to have fun

Mollie Smith

Fun times. Decent prices

Dalton Brenneke

Great facility, great food, great bowling, I bowl there Saturday mornings in a league and their establishment is the best around

Cindy Bartholomew

Jason Johnson

Always love it.

Bobby Wade

Great lanes, decent bowling prices, good food!

Amanda Baker

Always fun!

Ethan Grubbs

Great place to bowl. Very large and staff was friendly throughout. Clean environment. It is back a ways off the road in the parking lot all the way on the back wall. Great time and good bowling

Tim Topp

It is a medium sized center that is great for family and individual recreation. It throws good parties for younger kids and has great food compared to any other bowling center in town. The staff is always kind and friendly to all customers.

A. Kennedy

We went in on a whim one day last week around 2:30. We've always been happy with the arcade room, so we played some pool and listened to music. We ordered a pizza and fries mushrooms. The lady behind the counter brought the food to us, sweet as always. It's a pretty chill place to hang out. One of our favorites!

Christopher Aldrich

Great fun good food who could ask for more.

Chris Tenbarge

Would not let me bring in a bottle of water. I understand the no food rule, but this should never be applied to water. They just are not friendly here. If you love to bowl, I'm sure you are fine here, but if you want to spend an enjoyable hour or two with your family, you should probably look somewhere else.

J Thurley


Very nice Bowling Center. Great staff...nice venue. Good drinks. Well managed lanes. Host the awesome....CLASSIC EXPO TRADE SHOW.

Alan Kemp

Great bowling alley. Great pro-shop. My only complaint is the food is a little pricy.

Demond Weir

RubberBrick Discharge

I love bowling at this place! It's like bowling at home except they have lanes, a snack bar and working bathrooms! Oops, I said too much. Alan is always so accommodating, greets everyone like a friend. The bowling rates are reasonable ($3.50 a game when I go, and not much more other times). They have a couple pool tables and a well-stocked jukebox. The large drinks are truly large, not just enough to wet your whistle and they always show the Titans game! You will enjoy your time at Pro Bowl west or my name isn't Rubber Brick Discharge! (My parents were hippies ✌)

Tim Zickmund

Cassidy Zickmund made our experience remarkable!! Deserves raise and promotion!!!

jason coles

Tony Vastano

A very standard bowling alley. Not too big or too nice, but not terrible in the slightest.

Ex Tenant

They didn't even let my grandson play his last string. When I told the guy he said OK have a great night. Never go back

aaron b

Should’ve listened to the reviews on here. Staff is very rude, I won’t return.

Versatile The 0G

Great times good beer

rachel fox

The place is great its clean and very well managed and employed. Price are great and its fun. This place is my second family I've bowled here for years and wouldn't have it any other way.

Jack Overmyer

Great bowling alley in Town

Lela Zink

I always have fun here,the full bar is always a


My friend cheated but it's a very clean and fun place.

Meagan Fokker

Quiet a few lanes. Balls were color coded and easy to choose from.

Eric Hale

Great, helpful staff. Good prices and deals for kids!

Lilbit is Kendallbit

Everytime I go we have a blast...

Life with Delaney

I think it was fun but they toke thirty minutes to fix are lane

Raven McDaniel

Toni is the sweetest! She always makes the food fast and friendly!

Aaron Walpole

Good food and family fun. Loved it.

Rebecca Oliver

Went for a birthday party lanes kept getting stuck they were at full capacity very crowdedsame kids took over the game area so noone else could enjoy anything unless you were bowling

Brittany Mansfield

Favorite spot for fried pickles!

irvin escobar

Very nice place. Friendly staff. You can tell that the location it's kinda old. The food was good.

Jon Wilcox

Great place!! Been coming here since it opened years ago!!

Erin Craig

Me, my daughter, my best friend and her little girl all went tonight and had a blast. The work crew there was amazing and the food was delicious. We definitely will be going back real soon. Thank y'all for all the hard work you do.

Alias Ocean

The old dude that's been running it forever that I hope is not the owner - should be fired. Anytime I go there he does ABSOLUTELY nothing to welcome my son and me. If I were a woman and had a group of girls and a birthday which equals more money cause you have to buy their food , I would be treated differently. What does that say about his character ? Also they are cheap skates. Will fight you over a quarter if their stupid token machine takes your money. And the food is disgusting and way overpriced. They also serve beer at all hours so when you're having your birthday for your kids that's great but there's also a team of rednecks walking around drunk in the place. Not to mention the mini "arcade" with teen drug addicts cursing smoking and sneaking in their own alcohol. The place wants to be like HOLDER in gallatin so bad but it doesn't even hold a candle to holder , which is where I will be going from now on. If you want a cheesy atmosphere, need to kill an hour , want to drink while you kill the hour , and want to be rushed to finish your game , all the while if you have a problem will be instructed on how to fix it yourself instead of being assisted - go to this place. To sum it all up they're the only game in town and they know it. That's what kind of attitude they have. Some places that are the only game in town care about your business - but these people are more than likely bowlers themselves and participate during the week in their own leagues and could care less about weekend business and that's where they get a lot of $$$. Unfortunately I'll go whwre I'm appreciated , in gallatin , I pray others do the same and Pro bowl west shuts down like Lebanon Lanes.

Dennis Cooper

Very nice facility with good diner and viewing area for tournaments.

Morgan Davis

Customer service has declined.

Misty Becker

At our company party, they had a wonderful, friendly staff, and kept the food and soda good to go!

Donald Patterson

Fantastic little bowling center. Good game room for kids, lanes are excellent. Staff is friendly and they have a reasonable sack bar. From what I can tell, they usually have open lanes even on league nights. Will defiantly go again

Ethan Neher

Great "no frills" bowling alley. They aren't an "entertainment center" with a bowling option. While they have a small arcade, it's more suited to the little ones who aren't there to or don't want to bowl. Food is delicious, and resonably priced. Crowded on Fridays.

Richard Pellerin

Great management, friendly employees, good food and fun.

Gary Ratkos

Sticky approach and no consistent oil pattern.

Juli Pate


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