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13825 Britton Park Rd, Fishers, IN 46038, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pinheads - Alley’s Alehouse IN Indiana

Indy Card Exchange

My son and I have a blast on our guys night together. With 4 girls ruling the house, this is a fun getaway for him and me. Highly recommended!

Tyeshia Beck

Everyone was friendly and the food was awesome. I would highly recommend

Robert Burk

Great atmosphere with beautiful friendly staff!

David McCabe

Pleasantly surprised with their menu after thinking it was just pizza. I had a simple hamburger and it was really good. Every time I went back to bowl a frame my fries would disappear!

Timothy Shockley

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Pin Heads for the first time, today.. I pictured another old, stinky, over priced bowling alley in my head and when I walked in, I thought I was in a nice high end family fun center!! The food was delicious, the staff is so nice and helpful.. the one thing I didn't like about it.. the arcade.. the arcade is confusing for me let a lone my 6 year old.. there's cards that get money put on to them, seems smart, swipe the card at the game and that's it!! Well no it goes on point system that does not make sense with the American dollar.. each game we tried was "12.50 points to play" ... Is that $12.50 per game? We found out that that is not the case, but a point scale for an arcade the hosts 3-¹³ year olds to play.. way too confusing for them and we lose money, which means Pin Heads gains that money.. don't think internally but something to work on.. thanks again


This is one of the nicest bowling alleys in the surrounding Indianapolis area. Did was above average and service was great. So dust off those shoes and bowling ball in your closet and go! Have fun!!

Tharp86 2010

Very nice with a lot to do


They don't give a timer for how long you have left which was pretty annoying, but other than that it's a nice place to hang out and have a nice evening of fun and the food is pretty darn good!

Dwayne Thompson

Great place to decompress after a long work week. The staff makes you feel special. The pizza is much better than I thought it would be! Try the Presidential!

melony burdine

Great place for Birthday party

andy cummins

Ive been here twice now. Never bowled but have ate and drank. Both times the service was excellent. I cant say enough about how personable our server and bartender were. I was truly impressed with the customer satisfaction. We had the Chicken BBQ pizza. Its was very good. We had the "Turkey" and Moscow mule to drink. Both were made perfectly. I would recommend to any one!


Our experience here was amazing ! We went and we got an amazing time bowling. The person at customer service was very nice when we needed help. We will come here for bowling a lot because of this. Amazing place to bowl ! !

Robert Baldonado

Love it! The People are awesome and community based

Tanya Isaacs

I took our 7 year old times Pinheads for his birthday . He loved it! Prices are fair, we didn't eat but the looked and smelled amazing. Lots of games, good prizes. We will be going back!

Chamron Brown

Great place with great food, good service and great bands sometimes!!!

Vivek Gopalakrishnan

Nice place. Got 32 lanes. Staff is friendly. Food is good too.

Lynn Spencer-Nelson

Full On Fun. Arcade is bigger than remember. Played musical bingo with friends.

John Kramer

Great selection, fun staff

Adam Swineford

Expensive and crowded. Not really my thing, great if you really need to bowl, but wait times and prices will keep me away. Wall to wall people and everything was cramped. Will definitely be looking for other places to spend time and less money.

JS Williams

Great atmosphere. We play rec vball. The lanes are a ton of fun too. Lots of beer selections!

Rob Acton

Fantastic! The best bowling alley food out there. Good birthday event, fun arcade, awesome prizes. The whole family loved it.

Tracey Hudson

The service and food are amazing! Everything is made from scratch....fresh and delicious!!


Kid and family friendly, even in the evening, with live music, good drinks, and good food. Gluten free pizza and foods are available. Reasonable prices, free parking, friendly staff.

Peter Knight

When we arrived at 6:30 with a party of 8, we were told out table would be ready in an hour. Table was ready close to 8 pm. Within moments of being seated, the server apologized saying that the kitchen was closed! After we complained, we were told that we could have pizza or wait one and a half hours for the kitchen! We went for the pizza and it was only the server Chloe that made the whole experience tolerable. What kind of s restaurant operates this way?

Joe Sorensen

Super fun family time.

B Spivey

Advertising walk ins welcome for the st. Paddys day tent. Completely sold out at 430pm with no one in the tents yet. Very unorganized

Scott Goodwin

Love the new game room. I wish we knew about the change sooner.

Jason McGee

Clean facility, very well kept and managed. Highly recommend.

Neil Neuberger

I have been going to Pinheads for about a year now. During that time they have constantly been changing and updating the place. It shows that the management wants to continuously improve. The food is great for a bowling alley or even as a stand alone restaurant. They have really hit the sweet spot of "something for everyone". They have an arcade, a bar with live music, outdoor volleyball, and a bowling alley. They also have many weekly events like poker nights, beer school, music bingo, etc. I was there the other night ordering a pizza. I guess many of the bowling lanes also had pizza orders in so the result was my pizza took about an hour to come out. My server apologized three times and then the manager came over and apologized and comped the pizza. Keep in mind this was without my complaining or asking for anything. That showed me that they care about customer service and improving. As a loyal patron my only criticism/advice would be in regards to the area next to the arcade. I think its an event room? Perhaps it is booked and makes alot of money, but every time that I am at Pinheads the room is almost completely empty. When this room was put in (along with the arcade bar) it limited the space of the arcade. If the party room is not very busy (as it appears to be when I am there) perhaps there could be a better use of the space. However i am not there everyday and maybe there are lots of events and the room works just fine. Who knows. Overall pinheads is cool. Good work

Rick Hensley

This was my first visit to Pinheads, and it will not be my last. The place was amazing. The staff was very friendly, helpful and just great. Everything was very clean, from the lanes to the restrooms. There are signs up in the restrooms giving customers a heads up to renovations coming, which was nice to see the care to communicate. The food was delicious, I had the pulled pork and fries and would recommend. The price was right as well. It does take a little while to get the food, which would be my only complaint... But the service and taste made it worth it.

Guest b

Nice arcade but at times very busy

Andrew_22 Miller

This place is just amazing and is the best bowling alley I have ever been too!!!! They even have nicer balls with more spin for those who like to use them!!!!

Jeanjean Ada

The facility was clean and was furnished with nice leather chairs in the lobby but that is where it ends. The service was poor and the employees at the desk seemed a little snarky when I asked what lane we were gong to be at. They wouldn't tell us. We waited until 3 And had to ask. They never bothered to tell us. We had some trouble with the screen which stalled our game. The kids went over to the desk to tell them twice but they said they were busy. Eventually, they showed us what to do but we lost a lot of time on the lane. The ppl in the next lane accidentally touned it off so we had to get it back online' again wasting lots of time. We were finishing up the last game with about 3 frames left when it shut off ten minutes early. I was appalled. Clearly, they don't care about what happened. Btw.....I suspect they were a little indignant when I asked if I could spray the shoes I was going to wear because after watching them, there was no way they were sanitized. That was gross.

Eddie May

Amazing place for everyone Top notch

Christopher Dolan

So we have to living in Fishers for more than a decade, I've only been to pinheads about a handful of times. I will admit it's not the greatest place to go to on a Friday or Saturday night as it is always super busy and unless you're a youngster who wants to hang out with their friends and look at memes, and share young people things, you're not going to get a lane right away. There has been a few Friday and Saturday nights where I have gone in with the wife looking to kill a couple hours and play a few games of bowling only to be told that is an hour to an hour-and-a-half wait. With that said I have actually gone during the week and on the weekends during the off times. When you go during those slow periods it is really enjoyable. You get pretty quick service at the shoe counter and if you haven't been bowling in a while this can be helpful, because what you usually wear on your foot is likely to run small when it comes to bowling shoes. I wear a size 9 and found that I was only comfortable in a size 10 bowling shoe. Even the nine-and-a-half felt a little tight. I will give you a word of warning. If you have children that are sensitive to things such as strobing lights, loud noises beyond the sound of the pins crashing, and lots of other people interacting, you're going to want to go during the off times. You can then control the lighting over your ally to make sure it doesn't blink, and the music isn't playing. Most recently we did the 2 games of bowling for $20 plus the price of shoes and for a family of four two games ended up costing about $34. Everything is electronic, and it is super simple to input the names of everybody playing into the score machine. The other cool thing is you can actually tell the computer which players get bumpers oh, so if you have small kids that don't want to throw gutter balls oh, these pop up automatically. everything goes pretty smoothly with the scoring machine, and it makes playing the game much more enjoyable when all you need to pay attention to is who goes next. There is also a pizza place inside of pinheads that you can order and have brought to your lane. It's not super expensive but it's not cheap either. I believe a full pie and a picture of soda cost us about $18. It is definitely cheaper to look for deals online, family packages, and go during the non-peak times. Lastly there is also a mini brewhouse at the very back of pinheads where adults can enjoy more than just soda. as well as they're being a bar setup right in the middle of all the lanes. But in my opinion for a bowling alley the drinks are just as expensive if not slightly more so than some of the local places like Britton tavern or Eddie's. When you are done they have a mini Dave and busters like arcade where there are a lot of games that mostly give tickets for prizes. Of course that is super expensive just like Dave and Buster's and in my opinion is a waste of money. Gone are the days of the really awesome arcades when you can put quarters up or even dump a dollar into a racing machine and have some good old arcade fun. Even racing machine that they have now is nearly $2.50 per game and if you win you still have to pay to play again. So we can the arcade portion is a waste of money in my opinion, and for people over the age of their late twenties will probably not enjoy it. Overall pinheads is a pretty good place in Fishers for some entertainment. But it is definitely an expensive endeavor. If you're going to take somebody here on a date be prepared to drop at least $50 or more. If you're going here with your family be prepared to drop 50 to $75. If you're going by yourself you still need about 20 to $30. overall I still think it is one of the better bowling places I've ever been to and it's definitely very modern for the times which is why I gave it five stars.

Catherine Fritsch

Good food, comfy chairs, good service and nice gaming tables. :)

Karen Givens

Awesome fun. Food was excellent. Service was great. Everyone was helpful. Restrooms was clean and stocked. Well maintained.

Will Partee

i heard about the scorpion burger challenge randomly last night.. since I've never been to this location i decided to research it. i called earlier today (6/30/2019) to inquire about the challenge and spoke with an employee about the details. i drove about an hour from greenwood Indiana to go to this place.. when i arrived i walked passed several employees, no one greeted me.(fine i was just there for the challenge anyways) i walked in the restaurant part and still more idle employees..i get to the bar greeted by the lovely bartender.(sidenote: forgot her name but the long islands were amazing)... i inquire about the scorpion burger challenge and im issued a waiver form.(standard , it says that on the website). Before i could read the first sentence, the head chef/cook storms out and tells me he wont make the burger and that the challenge no longer exists. i then show him the companies website and he then agrees to make it with regular patties.(still no challenge).. about 10minutes later he and the manager (steven) comes out and demands that i sign the waiver that says i agree to the challenge rules. at this point i no longer want the burger because, who wants someone mad at them making their food...(NOT ME).plus why would i sign a challenge waiver when im not completing a challenge. sorry if its too long but i wanted it to be accurate..first time visiting this establishment, terrible experience.

m c

We checked this place out on a Saturday after 10pm. The bowling was cheap 10$ per person til close/1am. The atmosphere was great. Had a DJ playing music . We had about a 20 min wait but there’s arcade games and a bar (they had a live band that night). So the wait was painless. It’s clean, updated bowling alley. Good times!

Ben Liston

This is a fun bowling alley, if you can really call it that. For starters, it's HUGE the arcade overflows into the "common area", duckpin/candlepin bowling (just like bowling, but smaller and you don't need special shoes). There are two bowling areas with 4 lanes each that can be rented by the game or hour, but you have a server that will take your food and drink orders so you don't ever have to wait in line. These areas you can reserve also have private bathrooms, which is a very nice perk. Pinhead's offers a full bar with reasonably priced drinks and the food service and quality are equal to, if not better than, most restaurants. The dining area is large and can be quickly rearranged to accommodate any size group.

Jasmine Prewitt

Super fun bowling alley, great drinks, and they have an arcade with some really fun games. Check it out!

Jason Gunn

Always a great time!

Jessica Balascio

A wonderful place, which has something for - not only the entire family, but each kind of person. Duck Pin Bowling, a bar, an arcade, and bottling. One would be hard-pressed to find someone who refused to have fun here ❣️

Thessalonian Bonds

Awesome place. Great food drinks and entertainment. Kids and adults will love it.

Amanda Knowles

Nice place. Too big for me though.


Great lane service. This one worker kept checking up on us consistently which led to more drink orders for the house! Good job Pinheads staff for an overall enjoyable experience

Kelly Hexamer

I went for a women's event and it was wonderful! It was held in a private room in the back of the game area. The accommodations were beautiful, and the service from the staff was on point times 10! It felt as if we were at some fine dining establishment!! We we're able to purchase a taco bar as a part of our experience and it was amazing! At first, I snubbed my nose at the choice being tacos, but these were not your everyday ground beef tacos! I would absolutely recommend having any type of event at Pinheads!


It gets busy on Saturday! Good food, good service, and a bunch of stuff to do: bowling, arcades, or have a beverage. We have felt welcomed here a few times now. I definitely will be visiting again.

Sabrena Bewley

Great place for great food! Arcade was clean and fun games for all ages. Went here for the first time on a date night and will be going back! Great staff, very friendly and helpful.


This place is incredible. I take a group of people here about 3 times a month and the alley is so welcoming. The food is excellent, the place is clean, and the staff is beyond accommodating. They are super busy today, running around like crazy, but they don't seem phased. I just want to say that this is one of my favourite places in Indy to hang out! Thanks for all the hard work that goes in to keeping this place one of the best alleys around!

steve brown

Always a good time. The new bar and arcade update is great. Food was great, if you like hot foods, try anything with the scorpion sauce.

Paul Berens

Something for everyone... and the pizza was cheesy and good!

Lav Jhanji

The worst service ever. Went there on a Friday. Apparently didn't have enough servers working so had to get the drinks ourselves. The thing about this is that you lose time on the bowling lanes. So technically by the time we got our drink we had lost 18 mins in our hour. When you ask for extension got a rude no. Never ever taking my team here again. Horrible experience.

Jeff Wellons

First time there and definitely will go back again

Chrissy Foland

Lots of fun, and the 4D ride is awesome!

Tim Gallagher

Great bar ,great service,good food

Emilie Williams

Really nice facility. They have made lots of updates, a little pricey because of that but worth it. We have been many times but most recently during a school break time and honestly... they struggle to meet the food/drink needs. Long wait times.

Rohit Akhauri

Lots of fun.Recently included 4D simulation video game are wonderful. It can be enjoyed by every age group.

Adriana Powell

One of the nicest bowling place I have been.

Brian Lawson

Very nice lanes always freshly oiled and consistently may I add. Great arcade to bring the family to and great foods at the alehouse as well as friendly staff.

Jose Leon

Awesome arcade. I wish they had the option of hourly rate for kids!

Jay Sayyah

Had a blast for my sons birthday party. Pizza was excellent as well as the service/staff. Clean facility and great time for the whole family. Try the pizza!!

Michael Moore

Great ambiance. They pitch their craft food but it is mediocre bar food at best. Music bingo on Friday is fun!

shell J

Overall it's a clean place. For a rainy Saturday it was pretty busy. Wait time wasn't terrible but what got me was the price. 2 pizzas and 2 pitchers of coke $51. That's a a little extreme. Then $35 for an hour of bowling plus $3.25 per person for shoe rental. I took my son and a few of his friends and spent another $54. They should consider lowering prices.

Morgan Shoaf

The party room was really fun. We had two lanes to ourselves that was conveniently located next to a bar. We held a work party here and it was a good time!

Lyndsay Herbst

I love pinheads! One night we decided to go to pinheads for all you can bowl for $10 on Friday nights, and we have gone back nearly every other Friday for months! It's a great value, loads of fun. We love not only the bowling, but the arcade has so many options to play as well. The food here is also so much better than what most people think of when they think of bowling alley food. It's also very clean, which I appreciate. if you're looking for a place to go for date night, family night, hanging out with friends...really anything, pinheads is an awesome place and we have a great experience every single time.

Cody Moore

Best center I've ever been in.

Heather Hagy

We had a very nice evening. We bowled, laughed, and ate. We had a pretty large group consisting of about 20 people. The couches are really comfy.

Joseph A

This place makes Dave & Busters look like Chuck E. Cheese. Ultimate adult hangout spot. Clean and modern design. Food is always delicious. Arcade is filled with new games, and the new 4D arcade game is unbelievable! Drinks were made well, live music on the weekends on the bar side is a nice touch. Had a small issue on one visit, but the Manager Kathy handled the situation well, and we keep going back! Whether I'm there with friends, or the wife and I are having a date night, it's always a good time!


It was nice and he employees were very good. And good for groups and kids.

Dan Dripps

Pinheads is by far one of the best family friendly options in the northwest area. With a variety of options to choose from with bowling, arcade, a restaurant, and outdoor volleyball courts there is something there for everyone. I’ve been here several times and never have a bad experience with any of the staff. The DJs on the weekend can be really hard to understand over the mic at times, but that’s a pretty minor thing.

Brandon Kollar

Wow I did not know how nice this place was inside and how much they had to offer. Very impressive

Jennifer Clark

Kids of all ages can have fun here!

Candace Batten

Friendly staff, good food and fun for all ages.

Carry Kohl

Fun place but isnt the cleanest


Had a blast with our kids. Tons of arcade games and food. Maybe a little drink for Mom and Dad. Service is consistently good. Nice job folks!

jtscaddy jts

So much fun I liked it. The cosmic bowling was underwhelming. But everything was alot of fun even the food was great.

Chris C

Redefines bowling alleys! Awesome food!

LaConya Rains

Great atmosphere and wonderful staff!

Josh Lohman

Went on a Thursday night and the arcade was half price games and was very surprised about the quality of the food and drinks. The grilled cheese was amazing, they have several other options that all seem worth the try. It is a great way to enjoy the night!

Brent Sims

Great facility. Nice bowling with lots of other fun options.

Shawna Burge

Loved it, big arcade with a great ticket shop! Prices were very good, also great pizza!

jairaj swann

great/friendly staff, healthy beer & liquor selection.

Miriam Burke

Sooooo much fun and surprisingly cheap

LA* Andrew

Love this place. Bowling, bar, arcade, restaurant there is something for everyone. Friendly staff, good food, nice family atmosphere or even date night.

Jenny Cozad

What a fun place! My group was in their private alley space. Delicious food and a nice beer selection. Great place for a team meeting or a party.

Rex D

A small but busy bowling alley. We were able to get a lane after a bit of a wait. The lanes read differently than the usual bowling alley I play at. I'm not sure if this is due to a lack of oil, or something else they're doing to their lanes. We still had a good time taking the kids bowling. They had a blast.

Mary Young

The kids love it but it is pretty pricey. Ordered one of their tacos - would not have been so bad if they could have given a soft shell that you could actually put the filling in. It must have only been 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

Rick Petersen

Love Alleys!! Great food, great atmosphere. However I got there on Sunday and they they don’t have NFL ticket, had to go across the street. Gotta get the ticket!!!!

Ashley Smith

Pretty expensive like Dave and Busters. It worked to kill an hour. They wont let you pay to up your kids tickets like other places so dont plan to get something nice unless you are spending a fortune. They do have a fun bowling alley.

Jose Huerta

Expanded arcade area is so much fun. They also have a new bar inside the arcade.

Sharon Tuttle

Staff were accommodating and friendly, food was excellent, games and bowling were everything we hoped for! Great job PinHeads!

christina smentkowski

Greaf time here. Took the family out played some games and bowled. Was st. Patrick's day and it was still good service. Clean and well maintained. Redone game room was fantastic. Can get a little pricey so make sure you do your research. Other than that we had a blast

Amanda Comage-Trower

Super clean and modern. Beautiful design not so crowded that you feel uncomfortable but definitely some wait times to bowl. Cosmic bowling on the weekend nights is fun. Great customer service. Ally's Alehouse food is delicious and drinks are good. The cafe for bowling has great food too. This is worth it for date nights or family time.

Shelly Blades

Awesome fun! Love this place

Keenan Browder

Right around the corner from my house. They do a great job of having something for everyone. Improving the bar area was a major plus.

Tom Braden

Best thin pizza in town


No, dont normally post reviews, but, yes bowling was fun, arcade was fun, went with whole family, worth the trip, went on the 4D ride in the arcade, DEFINITELY reccomend that

Douglas Cobb

Bowled a few games very clean and fun. Great pizza!

Aditya Neelakantan

Had been here for a birthday party. Was a great place for bowling but the food was ok (pub grub)

Fred Shred TV

Pizza and the service was great.!

Srinivas Pantula

It is good, little too crowded. Hosted birthday party for my son. Just FYI they have a 10% administrative fee, which is not mentioned anywhere except when u get final bill to pay...

johnna kern

Oh so much fun theres alot to do there its clean and friendly

Jennie Hehe

Perfect night with friends!! Love coming here as much as I can!

Lisa Robertson

Alex the bartender is the best! Love coming here on lunch :)

Robert Ranney

Went for a work outing. The food and drinks were great, the service terrific, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

carldell weaver

Great friendly place

Suzanne Kucharxzyk

Wings were great. St. Patrick's Day Party kickoff was a blast going back tonight and tomorrow.

April Thurston

Had a blast! Very reasonable.

Sherri Essex

Excellent time bowling, great time on dark ride, and some fantastic ales on tap! Management is top notch, will be back very soon!

Scott Main

Wow, very nice and fancy place. Best bowling alley I personally ever been.

Lionell Satwell

The absolute worst restaurant my wife, friends and I have ever visited. Allow me to make this clear, the bowling alley/arcade is fun and a good time, but the restaurant has the absolute worst service I have seen. Multiple hosts/hostesses that don't have a clue and just stand around. Our waitress was absent most the night, but also rude when she was around, which is quite the combo. The food took forever despite not being busy and the food quality is not good at all once you do receive it, (the food was under cooked, cold and the taste just wasn't good for anyone in my party). It is overpriced (they charge just for mayo on a burger), it was way too loud inside and the overall experience was miserable. Eat anywhere else before bowling. Anywhere else.

Amy Hans

Had a private event last night. Was very nice love what they have done to the place..out door volleyball is fun very good!! I'll be back for sure

Brittany Butche

This is the nicest bowling alley I've ever been to. Clean, friendly staff and wonderful food. It is a little pricey, but you're not getting frozen French fries from a bag. They serve up gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, salads, they even have fish tacos...a go to of mine! They have accommodations for all ages, they even have this cute little dinosaur slide to help toddlers roll the ball.

Krystal Clinnin

We wanted to do something that wasn't dancing as entertainment for our wedding reception, but that was unfortunately all that most "wedding" venues offered in our area. We were therefore really excited when a friend recommended Pinheads Entertainment Center to us. They utilize Alley's Alehouse as their exclusive caterer, but that worked out wonderfully because the food was absolutely delicious and they didn't tack on obscene service charges or force us to meet a catering minimum. It's worth noting that the lower cost didn't mean a lower quality of service by any means. Our coordinator and service staff were all very professional and helpful. Even with having an exclusive caterer, Pinheads still allowed us to have dessert catered from a licensed baker. We also had a cash bar, but there were plenty of options available to us in terms of paying for our guests' alcohol had it been in our budget. Entertainment options were also plentiful. We took advantage of the discounted arcade cards and private bowling suite. Our guests were able to take part in whatever activities they wanted and everyone had a great time. Pinhead's policies are very relaxed overall compared to most venues, meaning we had the freedom to create the exact kind of reception we dreamed of and were even able to make some changes at the last moment. We would definitely recommend considering Pinhead's Britton Hall as an alternative to the traditional wedding reception venue.

Lizi Strawn

The dark ride was very fun. I did the werewolves one and it is the best one in my opinion.

Geoff Steinke

Hosted a private party in one of the suites and had a great time.

Jami Marvin

We went for a birthday party. The party room was great. However, adults drinking too much and being rude to kids in the arcade definitely ruins the evening.

Sandy Hayes

Took forever to get my salad, we had the hot pretzel sticks before the salad ever made it to our lane. I had to go up twice to ask about it. Rude floor workers. Remember the customer comes first.

Jeff Bishop

Probably some of the best food. They suffer from a lack of service though.

vivek g

We had a family bowling last weekend. The bowling alley is great, the system is very easy to operate and funny for kids. But I have bad experience with the food service. Food was good, but service was pathetic. I ordered three sodas and it never came. After waiting for quite some time, I went there again and reminded them. They said it will be given shortly. Again it never came. Finally the kids went there and got it. This is very bad service.


Good fun, just be careful some people bring "children".

Abby Gale Reinhardt

The staff were outstanding and friendly, the place is really nice & clean, even our 2 year old loved bowling! The arcade part was a bit overwhelming with littles who are visually sensitive (so many monsters & zombies

Nicole Leonard

This place is a blast! Bowling, arcade(new &old games), bar, and the food was tasty. The only complaint was that the pizza took forever. All of our other food had come out my nephew watched everyone else eat while he waited for the pizza. But it was worth the wait he said. Bowling leagues on Thursday evenings so watch out for that. But we'll be back!

Mark Thomas

I live 30 miles from Alley's yet it's always one of my favorite nightspots to have fun with friends. One of the nicest bars in town & in a bowling alley of all places! But (a really nice) bowling alley.

Jermel Richardson

Fun place. Pinheads ROCK!! Highlight of my visit was the taste of their scorpion fries.

John O'Connell

This was the best bowling alley I've experienced in my life. The service and food was delicious.

Steven Pawluczyk

Amazing, high energy fun for families, chldren and adults. The bar section is for adults only - over 21. Friday evening Music Bingo is for grownups in the bar section. You can reserve a table and bring your friends, play music bingo for free and win prizes.

J Kivett

Enjoyed it. Surprising more kids than expected, but our group had a great time. We will return.

Richard C

Was very nice, a lot of things to do, people were very nice and helpful.

Krish Allen

Great place. We had a private room with four bowling lanes. We had a great time.


Best hangout place Can do bowling and other stuff They also have sand volleyball. Haven’t tried looks pretty awesome

Heidi Miller

Amazing food, yummy cocktails, fantastic staff, and fun atmosphere! Friday night Music Bingo is a blast!!!

Stephanie Staton

Awesome arcade! Expensive, but good game selection. Food is pricey, but tastes great. Bowling is wonderful. Place is very clean.

David Wilson

Love the service Alex provides every single time we are there! Best place to go for lunch!

Jim Miller

Great fun. Clean atmosphere and awesome service! Thanks, Andy!

Bob Jim

Great bowling at a very hefty place! Great pizza and of course, very hefty lanes! I would definitely recommend! Great scrumptious pizza as well

GinjaNinja JKG

Great deals offered throughout the week! Very clean and modern with activities for the whole family

David Burket

Planned a last minute birthday party at Pinheads for my daughter and some of her friends. Staff was great. Even had someone from the café come and talk with one of the kids about a severe gluten allergy to alleviate her fears about cross contamination in the kitchen. Overall, a great experience - highly recommend!

Kimberly Anderson

Whether it's for the kids sorry for the big kids this place offers both. the menu at Ally's is awesome the food is awesome even plenty of gluten-free options with room for a band on the pinheads of course is awesome bowling then you have all of the arcade not my favorite but it's there.


Best bowling alley I have been to. They have the best bowling alley food, the best bowling alley beer selection and the best bowling alley arcade in the state.

Jeff Hancock

What a cool place. Great service and great food. There is some form of entertainment for everyone.

jas wyn

Had great service Alex the bartender made great suggestions based on what we wanted. Will definitely be going back again

Jim Boyd

Great to do venue. Seems like they have it all. Great restuant with outside tiki hut. Volleyball, arcade, bowling, privet rooms. Going to book my sons rehearsal dinner there.

barbara veller

Always a great time there. We go from 2 to 5 Monday through Thursday, it's $7.50 to bowl during that time as many games as you want. $2.50 for shoes if you need them.. lots of arcade games also but those are extra..

Jon B

This bowling alley has quickly become a keystone in the life of myself and voracious lover. We make it a point to stop there every time we are flying down the I-65. You may be asking yourself, why go off the beaten path for such a place. I'll tell you my little bird. It's the piano game in the arcade. A simple treat but more than entertaining nonetheless. I fell even further down the rabbit hole of love when my everything championed the high score. We have enjoyed all of the games within the arcade as well as a few rounds of bowling. The staff was very friendly. Don't be discouraged if a young nerdy child ridicules you for not beating his jackpot score in the ball drop game. That kid is an abscess on society. Just ignore him. That's what his parents do. They were nowhere to be found. But I digress; I cannot reccomend this place more strongly as a needed experience in everyone's life. If you are within 50 miles of Fisher Indiana, then you need to stop here!!!

George Grubb

This must be the best bowling alley in central Indy. Recent renovations with a modern decor, as well as a revamped menu and staff, makes any time here a great one.

Amber M

So much fun. They have so many different games to play, and lots of cool prizes!

jeremy mathis

Great date night fun


Awesome spot to chill out with friends, never had there pizza before tonight but to our surprise it was really really good! And the Arcade is pretty darn cool aswell overall we had a great time.

Ryan Gortney

Working in a kitchen, I understand every issue that can come up. So it really takes someone getting it wrong for me to leave a negative review. I have a gluten allergy, and therefore ordered the gluten free pizza. Thrilled they had it as an option, I waited patiently. My wife’s food came out very quickly and was prepared wonderfully. This is sadly where things take a turn. About ten minutes after her food comes out, out guests food comes out, odd that it took so long but whatever. Another ten minutes go by and my pizza comes out (20 minutes after my wife got her food) and it’s inedible. Completely soaked in sauce, all the toppings slid off immediately and mind you this is after waiting so long, when they really weren’t busy. Our service was less than desirable as well. Seemed to me that chefs should be able to create at least a decent pizza when there was only maybe five to six other tables, so they were by no means slammed. No effort was really made to reconcile or correct the poor customer service. Again, not really one to do this but after being treated so poorly and having a flat out awkward experience, I had to just in case anyone else goes here for gluten free pizza. Sucks because I’ve heard great things about this place and had a whole night planned around it. We were so turned off by our bad/awkward experience that we decided not to bowl and go somewhere else.

priscilla martinez

I love this place!! So much affordable fun to be had here!! Good food,good service,good times!!

Krissy Garrett

Just stopped in Pinheads to meet with their Event Coordinator Emily while searching for a place to host our local chapter meetings for the NFL Alumni and think I've found the perfect spot! They have a great private meeting area and even private bowling areas for our group. The food is great, service is top notch and our server Marla was awesome not to mention the mean margarita she made! On behalf of the NFL Alumni Indy Chapter we look forward to hosting our next meeting at your local in the coming weeks - Krissy Garrett, Events & Marketing NFL Alumni Indy and Bill Schultz, NFL Alumni Indy Chapter President.

Elizabeth Clark

I want to thank Manager Tommi for her courtesy and professionalism in helping ease a very upsetting experience at the conclusion of my daughter's 12th birthday party yesterday, Saturday, June 1 at Pinheads. It was my first and last visit - I do not recommend this venue, and Tommi is the only reason I selected a 2 star rather than a 1 star rating. In brief, both the waitress for Lane 10 next to us and the Bowling Manager Zack were extremely abrupt, rude, and showed a total lack of tact and consideration for myself and my guests by insisting that I interrupt my daughter's' final fifteen minutes we had set aside for birthday cake and rearrange ourselves, our food, and the presents at the table, not because we were taking up the entire table - far from it - but because we were occupying the "wrong" portion of the table. To be more specific, I purchased a Summer Package for 2 hours of bowling, in the afternoon, for 1 lane, 6 guests. My daughter invited four friends to celebrate her 12th birthday. The girls finished their second frame, and we hoped to use the last fifteen minutes of our allotted time to sing Happy Birthday, have a slice of birthday cake, and take a couple of group pictures. A family of three had begun using Lane 10 next to us in just the final half hour we had left. We used the square portion of the table to lay out the cake and presents so all the girls could gather around, and kept the three stools and rectangular portion of the shared table clear for the family just in case. As I was serving cake, the waitress for the family in the adjoining lane curtly informed us we needed to rearrange ourselves in a row along "our side of the table" because the family had just ordered some food. I asked her if we could just use the square portion of the table for the remaining fifteen minutes we had left of our time to finish our cake and conclude our party, then we would be gone. She argued loudly we had to move, and when I told her the three stools and the entire second section of the table were available for the family, she informed me that was not how it was done and they had a side of the table and we needed to move. Again I pointed out the three stools and the empty portion of our table. She went to get her manager Zack, who also, in front of the girls without asking me to step away to speak with him, told me I was wrong, and the lane next to us needed "their side" of the table. A) There is no line of demarcation down the middle of the tables - there are two tables set up in a "T" formation for 2 lanes. B) There is no written rule as far as I was given regarding how the table is to be divided and shared. C) Food for the other lane had just been ordered, no food for them was present yet, and both the waitress and Lane Manager knew we were leaving in fifteen or less minutes. D) There was plenty of room at the rectangular section of the table for the other family to use should their food arrive before we had left. E) There was absolutely no cause for the waitress or manager to be as rude and confrontational as they were to us, since again, THERE WAS ROOM AT THE TABLE FOR THE FAMILY OF THREE. The final portion of my daughter's party was ruined by inconsiderate staff, and whether they were goaded by the family in the lane next to us, I don't know, but the family was happily bowling and seemed oblivious to what was taking place. They had not said one word to us. Needless to say, we rushed through the cake, and as I was walking away with the girls, I saw the waitress bring one plate of nachos for the family. I hope they enjoyed them at the expense of my daughter's party, because those final, rotten fifteen minutes ruined my entire experience at Pinheads. Tommi was very kind to listen to my complaint. She gave the girls arcade cards, which was appreciated, but I will not be back. There are other places to bowl and have a party in Indianapolis.

Victor Nieto

Remodel is nice. I will miss the duck pin bowling, but aging technology is hard to maintain. Servers are courteous and food is good.

Carrie Prickel

We really enjoyed bowling at Pinheads! It is such a cool experience, and the feel is totally different than a traditional bowling alley, with nice finishes, multiple restaurant/food options, a huge bar and servers that help you directly at the lanes. We will definitely return.

Muhammad A'lyada

Really great service on this past Friday night! Alan was super friendly along with the guy who put our names in, will definitely be bringing our family back!

Mandy K Greenlee

Pinheads is a participating member in KidsBowlFree summer program. Two games, 3 days a week, for only the cost of shoes. Great fun in a clean atmosphere. They have options for the displays and give advice for lane etiquette!

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