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11025 SW Hwy, Palos Hills, IL 60465, United States

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REVIEWS OF Palos Lanes Bowling Center IN Indiana

Marwan Ahmed

We had a great time with the family, it’s also always nice to spend time with family

Adam Chorak

Facility is clean and in good shape. Unfortunately there is online advertising for a “wild Wednesday’s” unlimited bowling from 9:30-12:30, and the staff told us they closed at 11:00. They cut off all games in the facility at that time. That’s an hour and a half of bowling that we didn’t receive.

Zahid Shaikh

I had great time with my extended family during my US visit

Anna name

A very clean bowling alley. Even after a children's party the bathroom was clean. The staff is very friendly and kind. There is a full bar and they have a small grill with food. Of course the bowling is great!

Helane Scarnavack

It is fun

Byron S. Rhodes

Behind The Scenes Of B.I.M.

A fun place with family and friend can join on in with Palos bowling they have a bar and a concession station were you can get food over all 10/10

DANIEL Sierzega

Very clean! Friendly employees! Reliable equipment.


Jasmine Lopez

Took family out to bowl and they stopped us playing in the middle of our game.. Only because some of the kids didn’t have bowling shoes.. we were the only family Hispanic and black there.. but another group of family white were doing the same and their game wasn’t stopped.. Racistism at its finest

Jackie Rimicci

Just came to visit my cousin bowling on a League there.... Looks like a nice place it has a bar and a fast food place inside

Stella Rojo

Great neighborhood fun!! Convenient location and friendly people

Miss MiMi

Dennis Lorenz

Tony Castro

Brenda Johnson

Ok place

michelle metevia

$10 just to bowl for 2 hours included shoes!

Robert S

Family owned, good atmosphere. Great snack bar !!

muntaser abuseini

Just don't go there If I could leave negative 5 stars I would.”

Joylynn Mitchell

Very rude management. Overcharged us. The facility itself is very nice. But management ruined the experience for my family and I. They wouldn't let us play a third game eventhough the bowling alley had another 45 minutes before closing. However they still charged us for a game we never played.

Susan Wojtysiak

Love bowling, I'm there 3 days a week. Lots of different leagues. Days when bowling is only $2.00 a game. Snack bar open different hours. Owner is a real sweetheart.

Victor Leal-Painter

Been here a few times for matches and tournaments, great lanes, nice people

Cynthia Cervantes

Kevin Anadkat

It's a good place and they give student discount. Download apps to get first game for free.

Amal Alatoom

Nice staff. Good prices. Family atmosphere. I would definitely visit here again. Great for the kids and adults.

joyce mendez

Keith Pettitt

We need bowlers

Katherin Hillmann

Great family friendly bowling alley.

Michael Migawa

Lynette Cannon

Good place to bowl

Brian Finnegan

Great location friendly service good lanes

Tasha Deppe


Very fun and not that expensive.

Traci Colbert

Had so much fun here

Bryan Gay

A well kept bowling alley, better than most in the area. The managers here don't take any crap from kids either.

Devin Wilson

It was ok

Reece Austin

Wednesday all you can bowl for $10 after 930pm = great deal!

John Diamantos

Friendly as always

Bernard McDevitt

Clean, cool on this hot afternoon.... Nice place to take the kids....

Angeline Frausto

Racist facility.. smh awful workers.. None kid friendly.. They acted so rude and unprofessional

zahkeya powell

Ty Kupfer

Tim Connors

Steven Leitelt

Great alley that still has a nice old school feel.

marty racz

Great time with kids

Rene Hernandez

Inexpensive party packages and especially because they charge per lane.

Jan Potasnik

It great place plus food is good.

Jeffrey OConnell

Wow! Not modern nor dated. Affordable bowling with automatic scoring and graphics when you get a strike or spare. There is video gaming and an old fashioned lounge. Bathrooms were modern and clean . The bartender was friendly , drinks were inexpensive, and service was quick. I liked the bartender because he was friendly and the manager?was also smiling. They made you feel welcome and this was evidenced by the the teens bowling on a Saturday night and an 89 year old lady on the next lane. I am personally going to go here more often because the bowling alley doesn't give off that seedy feeling that drives you away. Kudos!

Kate Melvin

We had our daughter's 5th birthday partt here - everything was so well taken care of and we loved it!

Sue Novotny

The bartender is great! Sweet friendly gentleman. But they really need them to do something about their air conditioning at night. Even before we got these extreme high temps, it was always starting to feel humid after 7pm, and by the time we get to our 3rd game, my whole team is so uncomfortable and sweaty. I just throw the ball down the lane without caring so we can just get out of there. They seem to be remodeling to expand & upgrade their bar area, but if they don't get their ac working properly, I don't see how people would want to stay after their done bowling.

Craig Szplett

Maysa Qwaisni

The old man was rude and RACIST with me and my friends Because we are Muslims

Rhonda Marion

Beth Doolan

Tony Swigart

Pretty good time


Clean seats and lane area and place all together but a very unfriendly staff. Tried small talking with one of them but they weren't having it and just gave me a dirty look like I'm a bad person. Was just trying to be friendly is all. What a letdown and the prices are outrageous too.


I specifically called to see about open bowling...I was told yes there would be, we do have leagues but they do not use all of the lanes, so we have lanes until we close. I take the trip, and go to the counter at 5pm... the place is near empty. The white haired man at the counter says I have no open lanes. I ask him about what I was told and like he was talking to a child he said we have no open lanes, I don't know why they told you that. No apology then he turned and walked away! Wow I will never come to this place again! What a shame! I hope that your league bowlers bring you enough business to stay open

Joseph Iwema

Christian Bafia

Great place, great staff, great time, and clean!

Mahmoud Albarghouthi

Nice places.

Tumblrby Design

Great service and Great vibe while having fun bowling.

Rynesha Westbrook

Nathan Nowobielski

William Nipp Jr

The morning staff is great, no issues. The nighttime staff is a different story they aren't friendly at all. It seems as if you are an inconvenience when you come in. I would bowl another league if the nighttime staff was different. Charisse and Kyle are always great to deal with. The old man that works the bar is very slow be prepared to wait.

Bob Berk

Awful experience. We called in advance to be sure it was open bowling on a Wednesday afternoon. We were told no leagues until 6:15 and got there at 2:00. At that time the clerk told us their children's league would be starting at 4:00. When I said we had called and were misinformed, she said I had talked to her and she was wrong. No apology. 1 hour into bowling, we were the only ones in the place and they started blasting music. When I asked if they could turn it down, she said that there would soon be hundred of kids coming in and refused. Half an hour later, the first kids showed up and couldn't care less about the music. No hot water in the bathroom. Where does their kitchen staff wash their hands? No concern about paying customers. No way are we ever going back. I wouldn't have given any stars, but it won't post without a star rating.

Josh Amann

Typical bowling alley

Cassandra Lee

christa mayes

I would give this place negative 5 stars if I could. From the time my non white friend and I walked up we were getting stares from the two women outside smoking who turned out to be the snack bar attendants. So I’m thinking ok these people are rude but whatever. We go in and proceed to the counter where the man Ron rudely asks us what do we want. Umm, clearly we’re here to bowl so yeah. We tell him our shoe sizes and he asks us how many games we’re going to bowl....mind you it was 8pm on a Wednesday night. A little confused why it would matter how many games we were bowling we told him 2. Ron says ok and tells us we have to prepay. I’ve never had to prepay for bowling before but ok. By this point I’m a little disturbed by the way we’re being treated and I thought initially maybe I was just making more of it than it really was. I ask my friend if I was wrong for feeling some type of way about the situation and he confirms my feelings. So we prepay for our shoes and games and Ron puts us on lane 7....right in between two groups of bowlers. There were quite a few lanes open so I asked if we could have a different lane and he tells me no that he couldn’t give those lanes out. Whatever Ron. So we proceed to lane 7 and when I look around me there were Indians to my left, Hispanics to my right and white people separated from all of us by at least 5 lanes. I was so irritated by this point I really just wanted to leave but since we had to prepay we had no choice but to stay. After we were finished bowling we went into the bar area to throw some darts. We needed change and the 80 yr old bartender told us he couldn’t give us change and that we would have to go out to the counter. There was a register right behind him. He then proceeded to say are either one of you even 21? I’m 43 yrs old and I know I damn sure look older than 21 so yes, we are over 21. At this point we were both so frustrated we decided to leave. I will never visit this racist establishment again.

Bob Weinert

Dominic Benevice

Karol Para

Great time bowling with friends!

William Berndt

Natalie Zakarzecka

Great price but a little outdated

Steven Chamberlain

Paul R

Nice place. My son bowled here for many years in the kids Saturday league, then 4 years of high school.

Marylou Glass

Wayne Beeck

Great time good bowling lanes

Connie Roby

Maggie O


Jorge Rolon

Clean and great summer specials.

Mark Clark

I bowl there and they are freindly

Ondřej Malinkovič

Deb Powers

Debbi Czernik

Had a great time!. Lanes were nice, everything looked clean, nice workers, reasonable price.

Mohannad Safadi

If you are looking for a nice place to hang out with friends, this is the place to go. It's nice and clean, and has more than enough lanes for everyone. Staff are great and super nice.

Joseph von bulow

Great place to go hang with some friends

Phillip Le

I rarely write reviews, but this one made the difference. The tall old man who worked there was extremely rude and unprofessional. When our group (family members) walked in today around 9PM, the said "oh my God" as if he did not want us to be there (or he really did), even though it was our first time being there. A few minutes later, another group of four walked in, and he mumbled "what the f***"??? Even though they closed at 11PM, he told us that we could only play one game.

Adam Gulczynski

robert wilk

Great place for some fun

Eddie O'Donnell

Loved bowling here years ago when I was younger. Still great place to bowl.

Adam Matelski

Lupe A

Ruben Reyes

Nice people atmosphere nice for the family time

Mason Williams

The old man at the bar was dreadful. Other than that. Good place.

Dylon Nancy

Robert Peterson

Great family fun

Kelli Offord

Clean alleys, automatic scoring, nice for groups, they also have leagues and tournaments.

ali 07USA

Matt Juergens

For some reason, nearly every employee was rude tonight. Bartender and at the counter. We were told at 10:15p that we didn't have enough time for another game when they close at 11p. And this is even on Star Wars night

Neldog 773

Edna Tymick

Clean Bowling alley and friendly staff.

Mark Zellinger

TheMisu Fiso

Very nice place

Latise Flowers

Nice place and bar

Edwin Raiford

Oscar Luna

Hamza Kishta

Great place, great staff, just wish the provide more ramps for the younger kids

Michael Talley

Cheap food

Laura Vognar

T Rex

Had a great time with the family, its clean, friendly staff, not too expensive, they also hold tournaments if you're into that.

Kamila Wierzbiak

craze kidz

David Rodriguez

Great place for League Bowl!

Mark Bryniarski

Robert Tiojanco

We come every Wednesday night, always looking forward to it.

Mike Serafin

Great time with another couple we brought all the kids. Some good beer options and great food for all the kids. Next time I'll order a White Russian.


Great place, great fun

Bob Rakow

Son Nguyen

Friendly and clean bowling alley

Linda Bailey

Typical bowling place.

Meg Santiago

Robert Leffler

Bowling at it's best!

Povilas Zakarauskas

Lanes are very decent at reasonable prices. However, the management is by far the worst I have ever encountered. "Manager Dave" (would not tell me his last name) at nights is a very sour human being. He would not honor "last call" saying that we had "too much" (we had 2 buckets of beers between 5 people the entire night). When we asked why, he proceeded to shut down our lanes and we didn't even get to finish our games!!!!! Never coming here again!!

Christine Boerner

David Koleno

Great for kids...

Marek Stryzieinc

cheap, friendly staff and theres alc haha

Eric Robinson

Kid friendly

Micah Somers

Lovely place to bowl and have parties.

Milind Kumar

Jacob Baburich

It smells good--like oil.

Rinareo Moreno

Skyla Lettieri

Horrible experience. Went during week boyfriend and I took our daughter who loves to bowl. Place really doesn’t seem too kid friendly to me. Anyway we pay for shoes I wanted to pay cash and card so was told we can pay for game afterwards. Man at counter hands us a flyer and on flyer it says to download their new app and you can get one free game of bowling and other rewards. I thought awesome I’ll download it and see what’s on there. Sure enough they had the coupon to redeem one free game of bowling . That day was a day where each person can bowl for 2 dollars. Anyway, went to pay and showed my coupon for free game. Man argued with me and was really unfriendly saying Just because the day was already discounted that I couldn’t redeem. I couldn’t understand why so I asked what do you mean? He’s like oh come back another time and use it. Told old man that I’ll never come back and will go out to Tinley instead. Technically if they honored it that day they would make more money the next time we came and paid full price. WHY HAVE AN APP AND NOT HONOR WHAT It says?! I was so mad. Don’t hand out flyers to customers either then if you aren’t going to comply with what they say. There was NOTHING in fine print that said you weren’t aloud to use on a discounted bowling day. That doesn’t even make sense regardless! Also were being gawked at by snack attendants and when I paying for the game I shouldnt have had to pay for we were approached by a woman with a cup and lid asking but rather insisting we take it for my daughter saying she was going to spill her drink. Confirmed to me that the place is not exactly kid friendly. We told her no we were literally on our way out the door..My boyfriend was holding it for her and it was only water with a straw. At first I wasn’t sure if it was a nice gesture but it came off really rude. Never going back . Don’t get an app for your place If you’re going to turn your customers away on what you supposedly offer on it!

German Flores


Queen Bee

It's a awesome place to bowl and hang out

Tonio Rios

Ray Cruz

Went here for a b day party ,great atmosphere and nice establishment

Kenneth Virva


Jay Ferrin

Was nice, bartender was very old on sunday.


kim skelly

Ken Green

Heba Moe

The old man was rude and RACIST he won't let us play "he said that there is something going on u can't play " after we left we called them and ask if they r open and they said yeah we r till 10,, as if we gonna die if he didn't let us play. Hope it will closed down,, people like that don't deserve to have a place like that.

Mark Murray

Krzysztof Domagala

larry podo

Clean and comfortable bowling alley for kids to adults

Ricky G

Horrible management horrible staffing. It might be well cleaned and functioning but just horrible attitude towards non-Caucasian customers. It's a shame that in 2016 we still can't get over the racial profiling.

Lisa Marchese


Valerie Doyle

Mary Amelio

Tyler Sharkey

Heather McCarthy

Kid friendly and inexpensive. $2 open bowl and $2 shoes. Great staff.

Desmond Sarver

Best bowl alley

Moe Raed

Loved it

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