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Liquida Walker

I had my sons 10th birthday party here. It was a blast. All the kids and parents enjoyed their self. Thank you ME for having a family, friendly place for parties at a reasonable price. The young girls that hosted the party were really nice and fun!!!

Antonio Sharkey

We Had An Excellent Time Here. Our Party Host Antonio Was Great! He Made Us Feel Welcomed. He Has The Best Smile Ever! & The Food Is Amazing! Totally Recommend This Place.

Wendy Flores

Emily M. was very nice, helpful, and patience. She made a reservation for me one day before the ladies on the office are super helpful. On May 18 Caleb and his guys were super courteous with the food and drinks. My family and I had a wonderful time I wil recommend to any one and I surely be back again.

keshaun stewart

Everything about the place was great the lanes were evenly spaced, there's a good selection of arcade games, but the only issue was the wait times for food. That can be pretty long if you order at the bar.

Steven Maxey

Wonderful scenery and great place to take the family.

justin herald

Went to marlen macks charity event here and it was awesome i got a bunch of autographs. Its like a dave and busters with bowling, its a nice atmosphere

Kyisha Exford

Held a party of 26 kids they were nice and fast and my kids had a good time

Wade Hicks

Great place to take a large family at a very reasonable rate.

LaOnna Gillett

Had a blast celebrating my son's 16th birthday with his other half of the family. Had a blast bowling

Mary Ann Paris

We have company events here sometimes and it's always a good time. They have angry orchard on tap, and the sliders are pretty good too. Be sure to add your photo to your game profile. The graphics ate more fun that way.

Joyce Uland

Fun! We got ice cream (they call it gelato mistakenly) while waiting for the member of our party for bowling. The service (drinks, food) was good. The bowling lane equipment was a little funky a few times (knocking down pins mistakenly, redo-ing someone's entire turn). They have a finger-size reference system for their bowling balls so you can find the right fit for your comfort. We paid for an hour of bowling for 5 people for $29 (shoe rentals separate). So if you have a small party, you can fit in several games in the hour. Our game pretty much took up the entire hour.

Alec Martin

The service here was absolutely horrendous. A bunch of tables were empty but had reserved signs on them, and our party of 6 was seated at one of the few tables that were available. The waitress complained about even having to serve us, took our drink and food orders, and disappeared for the rest of the night. We were never provided drink refills despite ordering through the kiosk like we were supposed to and flagging down other servers. Our food took an hour to arrive, and when we informed a manager about this whole ordeal, he was very apathetic and unhelpful. Other people who were seated after us were served their food before we even got our appetizers. I would not recommend Main Event Indianapolis to anyone. My advice? Don't go here. Your time would be better spent at Pinheads or Dave & Buster's.


Awesome place. Pricey but they have a deal where it's unlimited bowling and laser tag for $20. It can get extremely busy during the evening/night and on weekends so if you're wanting to take advantage of the unlimited bowling, go during the day...or you'll constantly have to switch lanes or be put on a wait list. The lemon pepper chicken was BOMB!! For a bowling place, I didn't expect much...when I tell you it was so good I wanted to kiss whoever cooked it! Ordered a Mojito as well. Not strong but yummy. You'll really enjoy this place. Kids and adults.

Sabrina So Crazy

Horrible!!! I went to the bar to place a food order and stood there for a few minutes waiting for acknowledgment. So I finally said "excuse me". The bartender turned around and looked at me like we were rivals. I said "Are you taking orders from here? Can I place an order?" She nastily tells me that she's too busy to help me and that I need to place an order on the kiosk. Mind you, NO ONE WAS ELSE WAS THERE WAITING TO BE HELPED and I had never been there before so had no clue that you could place an order at a kiosk. She and I exchanged words and I basically told her it's not what you say it's how you say it. I walked away and continued on with my night and she left. The people that I was there starts telling me how she was rude all night and told them that she was quitting this week and that "black people don't tip" and blah blah blah. Anywho, a gentleman who was there with my family friend told me that I could order food at the icecream station so I did that and as I'm waiting at the counter someone walks behind me and says, "I'll f*ck a bi*ch up today. I'm boutta beat somebody's ass". So more words were exchanged then she left again and I sat down and waited for my food. Maybe 8 minutes later, two police officers come rushing in with her, went to the bar and got her and the manager's story then approached me and asked me to leave. The officer was very friendly and basically told me that no laws were broken I didn't do anything wrong but if a manager asks him to escort someone off the property, that's what he's paid to do. I obliged and told them I wanted my money back first. When I went to the register with the officer for my refund, Frank, the manager DID NOT even look at me. He never acknowledged me at all....never asked the customer what happened......He never apologized NOTHING. I honestly believe that he would have rather taken her story so that she would stay because he didn't want to work the bar. Long story shortISH, I will never spend a dime of my hard earned money at Main Event and neither should you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly Williams

It was okay. Customer service at the front desk was great. Customer service everywhere else in the facility wasn't so great.

Amy McCarthy

I went with a large group, the buffet was slightly warm, the food was okay. The games had a good variety but were $1.50 and up each. There are a lot of bowling lanes and lazor tag. Over all a good experience, just eat before you go.

Amber Kirk

Great place big and lots of options! We did wait 45 minutes to get water and appetizer ( some sort of emergency?) However , we had a blast and so did kids. Parents very prepared no lockers ,lots of seating but if packed belongings might be an area. Unload the kids, make sure everyone has gym shoes and cross body bags and have fun. We had a 3yr old, 15yr old and us had a ball!!!!!

Stephanie Coiner

Had a blast playing with my grandson. I'm an old arcade fan.

Alyssa Miller

It has a lot of different options for fun! Unfortunately for my trip, my card wasnt working for the games and took a significant amount of time to figure out by management. They were really nice about it though. The food was good, but the server was terrible and didnt acknowledge us at all (not even when we said hello). BUT the manager was very understanding and gave us free bowling games for this inconvenience, which was much appreciated

Truly Blessed

It's so much to do here. I had fun and so did my kids.

Shawn Hunt

We used to bring our family here every weekend. They had a one hour unlimited card for the arcade for $10. It was perfect for each member of our family. Now they have gotten rid of this option all together and the arcade is pay as you go. Now $10 will only get you two or three games. What a terrible business decision and you just lost 4 frequent customers for life

Jacque Eversole

Would like to give a five. But most staff could not explain anything to a new customer and how it works that we wasted over 60 dollars for hardly anything. Hopefully next time is better . Would love for my son to have been able to bowled with the fun pass that allows us all to bowl. Actually was horrible, manager would not even assist us either. Don't think we will be returning.

Erik Beam

Great for parties and larger gatherings! Only place in Indy with bowling, laser tag and an arcade under 1 roof! However, if it's just a single-family outing, I think you'd find better value elsewhere.

Willie James Harris III

This was my very first time in Indiana, and i must admit i had a blast. Main Event was amazing and would love to go back. All thanks to my wonderful career at PSSI.

Chad Smith

mostly blacks that think they have more right to be there than you do your kids probably wouldn't have much fun cuz you have to make room move out of the way cuz you're white I wouldn't want to go there cuz I'm not going to move out of your f****** way my kids are going to have as much fun as your kids are believe that just went to the Chuck-E-Cheese on Washington Street will never go there again thought I was going to have to beat the f*** out of somebody while I was there. But they didn't escalate the situation. I would have. I was just there with my two boys trying to have some fun with a 7 and 8 year old. But they didn't escalate the situation I would have giving them what they wanted they would have wished they hadn't asked for it. So come on with the comments I'm not racist but I'm not going to let my kids get punked buy some older kids.

Nimesh Thakkar

No tickets Or prizes for unlimited time play

Coltyn Miller

The most disrespectful service I have ever had. They treated us horrible when we were trying to pick teams say she couldn’t split us by boy or girl or however we wanted because she stated that was discrimination. After paying 20 I would expect a good service. Then when it came to getting food it took 15 mins or more while everyone was behind the counter talking. Very disrespectful when we were asking for our services to rendered. I would hope the owner doesn’t run a business like this, however, by the looks of all the employees acting the same way it seems to be that way. HORRIBLE and wouldn’t suggest returning even if the prices are not that bad.

Kayla Williams

The Main event was so much fun! We did the unlimited laser tag, bowling and pool for $19.00 and the $10 1 hour game card. We had the age groups 12, 27 & 33 and everyone had a blast! They dont promote their food very much so we left and was able to come back with the wrist bands. I'm only giving 3 stars because the bathrooms were not very clean, there where a ton of dirty dishes laying around and the staff at the front desk had no personality- which continued throughout the facility. Not everyone but most people. All in all, highly recommend for groups and fun!

Angel Pope

I took my son here for the first time and first of all lets start with they do not have the rope course that when you go to Indianapolis pictures it shows. 2nd they lie about wait times for bowling if you get told 2-2 half hours yeah try almost 5 hours and they pack you in like sardines so good luck sitting between turns or getting the right size shoes. Now lets get on the game cards. No one tells you that the day card is completely worthless nor is it posted anywhere that sure you can play but you get NOTHING!!! My son who has issues was a complete mess because of all of this. Thank you for ruining his 1st. experience. I will never waste my time or the MASSIVE amount of money that this cost. I could have taken my son to Great Wolf for cheaper. I wish I could have given 0 stars.

Tyrone White

Customer Service was outstanding and I highly recommend this place for family fun times! Thanks for making my daughters birthday great!

Kayla Aaron

My first time here I loved it! There are many things to keep a variety of personalities busy. Eat, drink and play until your heart is content.

Salvadoran Bachini

Every birthday party is the place to go for my niece and nephews even for my own kids, the service is amazing, the food is amazing, the personnel is very professional, I love it and I'm sure if you visit this place you'll love it too.

Jerome Daniels

The servers were very courteous. The drinks weren't really strong. I had fun though

Eleshia Britton

This was absolutely a horrible experience. My family and i came there and got the 19.95 game deal that they had. After we bought it the gentleman then told us oh there is a wait for bowling, ok no big deal right? WRONG! We waited 2 and a half hours for the bowling. While waiting we decided to eat only to sit down and there were no servers. We sat for 15 minutes before anyone ever came and spoke with us. Once they finally did and took our order we waited an additional 40 minutes for our food just for it to come out hard and nasty. When asked to speak with the manager several times the manager NEVER came to the table. The place is very unorganized and they need a better staff. They won't ever get my .service/

Burt Hurley

Great all-around fun place

Deshawndre Brown

Atmosphere is amazing. It was fun and I would do it again!!

Nita Maria

I really enjoyed myself!


Good place for going out with friends. Beer, bowling, and video games. Yes please

Arthur Wasik

Bowling Lanes were fine but the lane service was slow AF.

Jeff Sanford

I chose to have my companies Christmas party here in December and we had a great experience. I decided to take my family and friends here on June 30 2019. My parents arrived 45 mins before me and set in the bar and tried to order some food before we arrived. They did not get waited on for 20 mins and did not receive food or drinks for another 35 mins. I had already made reservations online so when we showed up they did not have the two lanes that we reserved. So we had to wait until they could figure that out. We went to the bar to get a couple drinks and it took 3O mins to get 3 drinks. We got to our lanes and we ordered food. The food was good and came out quick. There is normally a waiter or waitress serving your lane and that was non existent. We had to help our selves to everything and felt like we were chasing down some one all night. We reserved two lane for 2 hrs. Our lanes shut down after 1 hour and canceled our current game. We had to find a manager and prove that we purchased 2 hrs pretty fustrating. Overall the service here was poor and the staff obviously needs better training/ management. I spent about $500 dollars here and I can saying will not be returning any time soon.

Lexi Gillium

The prices for game cards are better than I would have ever thought. Plus you can get an unlimited and share it with one other person. The restaurant is kind of expensive for the quality but really, I'm there to play Mario Cart.

bluemuffy T

This place is the biggest nastiest place but I guess that what it's supposed to be when the only adults working is at the bar, so unorganized the bathrooms are disgusting, our food was disgusting, and when we checked in the guy told us it was a 2hr wait, we decided to wait and we wanted to pay for 2hrs of bowling he takes our card and rang us up for 1hr then says it's refundable,and he says you can only pay for 1hr then half way thru your game come back and pay for another 1hr so we did just that and he say your lane has already been booked, we will never return and I will tell anyone I come in contact with never go there. What a waste totally digusted. I went to the bar and the bartender was over pouring, i'm considering calling the board of health someone is going to get sick or catch something from the filth our table was dirty asked the napkins that were on the table had sticky stuff on them so they were clearly dirty the were tables that were never cleaned off people were standing around looking lost just aswe were when we got there that was my first and last time going

Michelle Pahl

They have a seven dollar special but there are stipulations in that special that make it NOT so special. You can bowl as much as you want as long as you’re willing to wait in line every hour after you have used a lane for one hour. The wait could be another whole hour so in reality you can bowl an hour at a time and you may have to wait 1+ hours for a lane to be available again.


Had a great time. Laser tag was fun. The customer service in the restaurant needs work. I felt like our waitress forgot about us.

Helmuth Gonzalez

To be clear, I was not there for entertainment as I attended an info session consisting of different speakers (by the pool tables). Although the space was nice and private, unfortunately, I don't think the venue is conducive to these types of events due to its constantly loud background noise of arcade and bowling alleys - it was very difficult to hear the speakers. Besides this, the staff was very friendly and seemed like a great place for some family fun.

Ameenah Starks

Took my 8.5 year old for her prebirthday. She had fun!

Christina Ryan

Fun experience, was just a little pricey. The staff was a little slow, we were almost done with our first round of bowling before we got our food and drinks. Otherwise fun time!

Abby Fortune

Went in for Monday night madness and later found out that it does not include ALL GAMES as advertised (unless you take the time to read the fine print) and you also do not get to actually keep the points you earned from the game in exchange for prizes. Food took forever to come out, and was mediocre at best. Asked if we could restart our bowling lane almost an hour before close, and was told that they were closing in a few minutes and that the lane couldn’t be reset. Absolutely ridiculous. I have never been to a place like this and received such horrible customer service. The girl at the front desk was rude, didn’t give us all the information (causing us to have to go back multiple times to ask basic questions), and mumbled the entire time she did actually respond. Came in with such high expectations and was severely let down. Definitely not worth the money that was spent. My boyfriend and I will not be coming back again.

Tyler Simon

Didn't go bowlng or play laser tag when I went, but definitely plan on it in the future. They have great value deals like the "Food and Fun" specials. Definitely would suggest going for the $32.95 "Food and Fun" pass. A majority of the games seem to be $1.50 per play, so it gets you a great amount of games. We did have a issue with one of the machines not working, but the customer service was great to get us our refund. Another great thing I found is that I was actually able to walk out with a good amount of prizes that felt like it was actually worth the money I spent to play the games. That doesn't happen to often.

Kent Rohlfing

The staff is friendly and helpful. The place has lots of activities. Surprisingly good pool tables.

Lisa Menjivar

Awesome place! It was our first time there, so we didn't know what to expect, but we had a great time!

Starla Dusk

Food wise taste was good service was lacking because I my waiter never showed up. Got there at 5:30 and got asked for our drink order that we didn’t get till 6:00, and she never asked for our food order we had to go ask multiple workers for our food. When it came time to pay our group of 10 people (who wanted to pay in groups of two) we had found that our order was put on one tab missing multiple things and double other orders. Our original waitress wouldn’t fix our predicament and just kept suggesting we pay the incorrect bill. Btw it’s 10:20pm and our table that we sat at still is how we have left it EXACTLY. I gave this two stars ONLY because Stephen is a star on his own as a waiter despite not being one! He worked the front desk, gift shop, and as a waiter! What were all his coworkers doing? They were standing around talking, ignoring a line of 20 customers for 30 minutes! Stephen better get a raise because he’s the only reason why Main Event is in business!!!!

Gina Green

Not impressed. The first time I ever came to Main Event I accompanied someone coming to a bowling event. It was pricey but fun. The second time I came we were NEVER served our drinks. They have this tablet order system so we did receive the appetizer we ordered but never having our drink order filled nor did a server ever check in with us was disappointing. We chose to come in tonight to try to give Main Event another try. I don't love that the servers only visit to drop your order off and leave. The tablet system does not allow a patron to order an alcoholic beverage so that is another thing that just seems stupid. The only good point so far has been the server Shawn. He has stopped by our table and been attentive and figured out what was taking so long with our dinner. I also overheard him giving excellent service to the table behind us when he told them the kitchen had run out of cheese bites. We came to celebrate my husband's birthday and at this point I am not even sure if we will stay to play any of the games or attractions. Overall disappointed but Shawn made the night soooo much better. Editing to include that we decided against playing any games and headed over to Dave and Buster's just like the second visit. Pretty sure we will not be giving Main Event Indianapolis another shot.

Craig Stephenson

Arrived for our first experience at 912 pm. Had to order drinks and food with kiosk. Why the kiosk you ask? Because the only server walked by 3 times saying "I be right there". There are a total of 8 people in the restaurant area I had to track down a girl who was cleaning tables to get our food. Our server told me several times our food was coming but just disappeared. I waited 15 more minutes for drink refills. Excuse- "We're really busy" Wanted to play games, bowl and explore this Main Event. We ran out of time due to poor service. Skip the newnesss and stick with Dave & Busters. I'm still typing waiting 15 minutes on a manager. It's now 10:25 pm Update manager is busy with another customer. Kristina was to busy to talk to me.

Hannah Williams

We waited over an hour in the lane for food service. We went to the bar, they told us go back to the lane and they’ll send someone over. They never came. I even went to the manager and still, no one came over. I saw other people in lanes being waited on for beer and various fries, but not us. And in the middle of a game, our lane shut down and no longer descended pins. It took us two times to go up to the counter for anything to be done about it. I was over it and at that point I didn’t feel like it was worth the 50$ we spent for unlimited bowling. Mediocre at best. Half the games were broken or not working all the way. I left feeling very frustrated. I couldn’t even order a fountain drink

Herbie Hanson

Pretty fun for a corporate event. Lots of variety to keep you entertained for an evening.

Delani Williams

Main event is very fun, but it grows increasingly frustrating each week when the staff is not on the same page about closing times/does not want to run games/is unorganized. My friends and I come to Main Event most Monday nights for $10 activities (mostly laser tag). In the past, we've played laser tag until midnight, sometimes the person running the game actually joining in and having fun with us. Recently, however, we've gotten almost the exact opposite experience. We're told laser tag closes as early as 10pm and we have to clarify with them whether or not they close at midnight, to which they "suddenly remember" they're open later. This has happened the last 3 or 4 times we've come, and the closing time is different literally every single time. Either the staff is not on the same page or they do not want to accommodate our group for whatever reason. We'll gladly respect the closing time, but when it's inconsistent every single time we come, the perception is that we are being told inaccurate times because the staff does not want to run games for us. If the hours of laser tag itself were posted somewhere outside the arena, this problem would be solved completely. On our last visit, our bowling lane broke. Staff was informed and our group waited for almost half an hour for someone to come fix the lane. No one ever came and we got up to do something else. Many times we've visited food has taken forever and arcade games are broken. This place is very fun, but the service makes it a very frustrating experience almost every time.

Paul Atkinson

Enjoyed the bar well the kids played

Emilie Williams

I really wanted to like this place but on multiple occasions have visited and been disappointed. This last time was easily the worst and we probably wont be back. We had a gift card and a coupon this time for the games so we went to the front counter and waited for a staff member. The lady was short and not helpful, but we got the cards to play games. Went to get in line to check about bowling. I kid you not, they had over 10 staff at the front, one guy on the register. Not ONE of them made eye contact, said that we would be helped in a minute or offered any service to a LINE of people at this point, including someone who looked to be a manager of some sort, Kaleb. He just walked right off to chat with staff in the arcade shop. Once we got to actually talk to anyone they said it was a 2hr wait, which we were totally understanding but we didnt want to wait. Instead we were going to just spend more money on the arcade but the guy walked away SO fast we couldn't even ask him for help! It just went downhill from there. Customer service is sorely lacking and I would rather go to the other many arcade/bowling venues in the area. Even with gift cards.

Shawna Coleman

Great place for children and adults to have fun. All the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter had a wonderful time for her 12th birthday party there.

Derrick Garrett

The Games, Bowling, and food was amazing had a great time with the family.

Tenisha Ann

Came on a Monday with my two little ones and they had a great deal. We enjoyed. My son always ask to go back.


Liked the venue and location. Every staff member we encountered was friendly and helpful. Lady running the food area across from the bar has a fantastic personality. Game specials right now drew us in and it's a fantastic deal. Not sure why this place gets negative reviews. It's clean, inexpensive compared to other places and has a ton of things to do. I wish Evansville would get one.

Brian G

This place is reasonably fun. However, during my most recent visit, they were drastically understaffed (3 wait staff for the entire place if I remember correctly). Service was slow, waits were astronomically long, drinks were constantly empty, bills were completely mixed up, placing an order via the tablet on the table resulted in being charged for a game no one played. Wouldn't recommend it based on this visit.

Alex Borgert

Service was good, and was really fun!

Sonya Greenwade

We came to celebrate my daughter's birthday. It was our first being there. They had really good deals on the games. Everyone enjoyed the laser tag and bowling. Everyone had A great time, except when it came time to eat. The service could've been better. The wait time was crazy. They were messing up on our orders. I think next time we will eat before we come.

Dave Morgan

We had our company Christmas party at the facility. All areas were clean and well maintained, bowling was excellent and the staff was very accommodating. We got great feedback from our staff as well. Everybody loved the pizza!


If you want to play laser tag go to a better place that can actually follow its own rules!! This place laser tag has lots of cheating if you actually want to play go somewhere else. All I could do was stand in the corner and get hit. This place laser tag is bad. If you want to try and win of move when you get in then go to a better place!!

Jacob Reeves

Rates aren't too bad. Fairly cheap compared to Pinheads. Staff seems to be a bit more unprofessional than what I like to see but if you're looking for a fun date this is a good starting place. Arcades great but over priced, ticket payout sucks. Redeeming things is even more of a chore. Stick with bowling.

Joshua Leroux

$10 on Monday for unlimited games. Great deal

Alyssa Darcie

We made a reservation like a week and a half in advance but the lost our reservation but since my mom records all of her phone calls we were able to get what we were promised. I have a few drinks all were good

Crimson 1214

Great environment and the games were really fun. Food was definitely good

Bre Brickel

Pretty big rip off that they FAIL to tell you if you get the all day play you get absolutely nothing for it. Not one ticket. Be prepared to have let down children. Especially awesome that the lady who checked us out REMINDED us to not lose our card because we don't want to lose our (zero) tickets.....the place is nice but they really need to be more clear about tickets.

Lawanzer Johnson

This was my 1st time their, we was their for a birthday celebration. Service was a little different but good. And we had fun bowling. Didn't get a chance to finish our game but we were fine. Alcohol bev a littme watery

Amanda Hensley

Had my son’s birthday party here...he loved the party, the bowling, and the arcade. Because he was too small to do the laser tag we added money to the arcade card. Each kid had $40 to spend at the arcade. Even the parents had fun and bowled and acted like a kid for the day. Thanks for making it a moment to remember.

Jason Rodriguez

Always have a good time. Food, drinks and games. What else do you need. During the weekday, has great deal. Go with some friends and just have a good time

Dan Fehr

This place is amazing has a lot to do.its kind of pricey but what you get is worth the money. Everyone there is polite and respectful, it's very clean and has good food. It's a place that you can take your whole family or just have a date night. How can you resist good food, drinks and laser tag. I highly recommend if you enjoy food, games and drinks.

jariah riche'lle chambers

Oh! My fricking God it was,really nice ,and the food was so good taste ,quality and Temp

Jeremy Webner

What's not to like. Do you like D&B arcades? Drinks and bar food? Who doesn't like bowling? Hm, I can order drinks while I bowl!? Wait!? This place has laser tag as well!?!

James Reginald Mitchell IV

Super fun atmosphere. Enjoyable games. Great deals.

Miranda Sams

Omg had so much fun there tonight.. I believe the workers name was Asher he was so helpful tonight and very sweet. Thank you for a fun family night.. Will be returning soon..

Our Time

It was horrible. Wanted like a 1 and 10 minutes for our dinner.and they wasn't even busy.,and the have this big sunday thing for like $16 and it was missing half the stuff and we want almost 40 minutes for ice cream. It was just not a very professional place. I would not recommend anyone to go here. Maybe just for the games and Bowling but that is it. We drove 1and half for nothing.

Nicole Wakelam

We were recently there for a birthday party and they took wonderful care of us. Our guests were late getting there, so they were flexible and moved our party down to the bowling lane a little early. Our party host, Inez, was very attentive and made sure we were taken care of. All interactions with all of the staff were very positive, and we certainly felt like they appreciated our business. I've been there in the past and staff were not very friendly or attentive. Definitely a good change. Keep it up Main Event managers and team! I would highly recommend this place for a birthday party.

Kurt Kriese

The Main Event was clean, the food was delivered in reasonable amount of time, and the staff was helpful and friendly. This venue is a combo of a bowling alley and some higher end video games. The bowling was commendable and worry of a 4 star rating, the food was good for bowling alley food, but the games were quite frustrating due to a lack of maintenance. There was a Mario vs. Sonic, which should have been fun, that really stank because one of the 2 controllerS DIDN'T work AT ALL. About 25-30% of the machines were defective.

Sam Cloud

The service was good once it started. You have to use a table kiosk to order which is fine but you can't add notes to your order. We always enjoy playing Billiards and shuffle board.

Amanda Highbaugh

I was here today with my 14 year old son and his friends. As we were leaving around 6 pm one of his friends was accused of accidently bumping into someone and it escalated when we got outside of the doors. A woman and her 20 something son got into my 14 years old face trying to fight him. When I stepped between them and told them to get away from my son the mother pushed me into another person and the doors. I was physically assaulted by this woman and not one employee came out to calm the situation down. I am sore from the assault and after I was shoved with much force this woman and her family left before I was able to get their license plate number so I could report her...this place has no security and I will NEVER come back.

Seazun Tyler

I had a nice time customer service was terrible because of low staffing but otherwise it was fine

Paula Dickman

Fun place with great food

Lori D Edwards

Had so much fun!

Amanda Stone

Took the family for a birthday party. It's pricey but the okay your way card made it reasonable. We went on a Date night and there were very few lines. The drinks were made well. Laser tag was awesome. We played pool and arcade games as well. The whole family ages 11- 38 had a great time together. Will definitely go again.

Steve Littell

I went with 10 people all in their mid 30s on a Sat night around 7 pm. We all thought it was too crowded. A group of 30 people were celebrating a birthday party in the 5ft wide isle behind our lane. The lanes were in good shape, they had greased them well in my opinion. If it weren't so expensive I would like to return at a quieter time. While we were there, the kitchen shut down for an hour because they were too busy, but about half of the restaurant was unoccupied. Maybe the kitchen had a walk out, I don't know. I was only impressed with the lane condition.

Nick Raikos

It's a good place to go hang out with friends, co-workers, or even on a date. The food is good, but one of the things that I didn't like was that while bowling we had reserved the lanes for 2 hours and at the reset after the first hour there was a pit crew of employees that were trying to get us out of there even after we told them we still had another hour, they didn't care they just wanted us gone

Stephanie Cole

Please do not go here if you want a seamless fun event. I had my husbands birthday party here. They told me to arrive 15 minutes early to meet with our host for our party and to go over the details. When I showed up the people at the front did nothing. Didn't greet us and just told us the party already started on the end lanes. We didn't even know to get our shoes there and finally had to ask for them. So we went to our lanes and our host never showed up nor did a manager greet us as they said would happen. After 30 minutes went by, so 15 minutes after our event technically started, our host finally comes around. At this point we have been struggling to get one of our lanes to even work. We had to talk to a manager AGAIN and seek him out. Finally 30 minutes into our event they got the lane working. We were only scheduled 2 hours so for 1/4 of our time we didn't have a whole lane and they did nothing about it. I had ordered a buffet which the food was late and on top of that, it was cold. Even in the warmers. Then to top all of that off, they didn't even have all the food out that was ordered. I had to ask for it. Lastly, I was told that the wait staff would be able to get us drinks and refill our buffet. Neither happened, again, had to ask for it and the drinks we were told we would have to get ourselves. For the amount of money we paid for this event, it was beyond a disappointment. Please, do yourselves a favor and spend your money elsewhere. I took a while to write this post because I completed a survey after our event and at the very end it asked if you wanted to be contacted. I said yes, to give them a chance to right their wrong and three weeks later, no word.

Schyler Gillett

Got a $100 card and an hour unlimited-games card and after an hour and a half we ran around swiping for random groups of strangers to spend the rest of the hundred. Friendly staff.

Lois Young

Fun place for the per hour option. Bowling, laser tag, billiards and plenty of games for the kiddos or a quick date.

T Johnson

Could hace been cleaner and food ok

Stephanie May

Super friendly staff, very clean, and easy to get to. Overrall the selection of games was not the best. The number of arcade games to ticket/point games was pretty unbalanced. Far more point games than arcade, and the type of arcade games available were mostly racing. They also don't currently have time based play cards, and with games costing an average of $2/play it can get pricey. However, overall selection of games was very new compared to other places. The bowling lanes were nice, laser tag was quite fun, and the current $7 for unlimited play promotion made it a good deal overall. Probably be back again.

Emily Kristina

Food was completely awful! It was cold and came out extremely late. I do not recommend buying unlimited because you don’t get any tickets and it’s rude to not give you prizes when you give them money. Dave and Busters is way better. So is Chuck E. Cheese.

Venatta Dunson

Really like this place, food is good kids love the chicken and games reasonable prices

Expert Reviewer

Great place to take in on a weekend. Lots of activities and things to so for both kids and adults. Perfect door teenagers as well. definite place where you can go spend 2 to 3 hours. Nice bowling lanes with plenty of seating and tables for eating and drinking. Really nice waiting area... Just a fun place to take it all in I highly recommend taking the time to check this place out.

Theogony Lord

I have an amazing experience everytime I go to Main Event and with the wristband you get unlimited bowling, laser tag, pool table, and shuffle board. You can also enjoy playing arcade games or have a meal from their restaurant and bar area. The staff is nice and helpful.

Dustin Galster

Place is a joke. I walked into this place went to two different counters and in 40 mins not ONE employee asked if I needed help. Sat down at a table and waiting again for 10 mins. That's omost 1 hour I was here and noone wanted to help me spend my money. Well definitely not be BACK!!!

Alexander Harris

My girlfriend wanted to go play laser tag for her birthday and we found this place with a great sale going on for saturday, 24.95 for everything all day. So we called on Friday to make sure that the deal was still going on and they assured us that it was. So we gathered up all of our friends on Saturday to head over there and when we get there the staff told us that they are not offering that anymore even though their sign clearly said that it was and when we pointed it out they Just said we arent. So needless to say we were very upset considering we just drove a hour and half for them to go back on what they had told us the day before. Would not recommend

Desarae King

Not a bad place. Best to come early to take advantage of the unlimited deal. Lazer tag is fun as always and bowling. Mixed drinks aren't strong. Not a bad selection of food and drinks. Nice environment. Friendly staff but they aren't always present at the front (main) desk. Waited quite some time before someone showed up to book another bowl game.

King & Queen Nai

Gteat place but the place is poorly managed. You can't tell who the manager is lbs

Charlie Quinn

My friends and I came as a group, so it's understandable that things can get a little backed up. However, our service was absolutely terrible. Our waiter came to take our drink orders and didn't get back to us for almost 25 minutes. She dropped off our drinks and then walked away without seeing if we needed anything else, despite more people having shown up. She would only check up on us every 45 minutes or so. When there was confusion with the check because of the computers our waitress wasn't helpful in the slightest. The only blessing was a man named Stephen who was more than accomodating. Whenever we walked up to the food counter he would be the only one to come up to the front with a smile on his face, even while seeming to be running around like a chicken with his head cut off. The games were fun, the food and drinks were good, but the overall service was terrible. There was more but I think I get my point across.

teresa johnson

Great Food. Fabulous Games. Kitchen and Bar services poor.

Neal Starkey

Nice and clean. We got the all day arcade pass for $20 each. That turned out to be a great deal given that most games were $1.50-$3. There were just a few you could not play. The food was ok but pricey. $60 for a family of 4.

Sage Arbor

Better than average bowling. Gutter blockers automatically in and out based on user. Face images on animations fun for kids. Video games are very expensive... $2 for 30 second games

Jerome Greene

Food Service is Awful! Games are Great!

Armando P

Clean, friendly, tons of things to do, food was excellent. The laser tag was a blast. Arcade is a bit overpriced for the newer games, but this is a real one stop shop for entertainment, and appears to be run and maintained much better than the previous occupant of thia space.

Andy Rogers

Expensive place although if you have a group get an hour card and swipe it an all the games have a runner that will make rounds. The food is super expensive but decently.

Elan Robinson

Bowling and the games and laser tag all in one place and in arms reach something for each family member to enjoy under one roof

sparkle Jones

Great place for both children and adults to interact!

Evan S.

Fun environment with a lot of activities. Seems like a great place for a birthday party or work function. I went there to play some pool after work and it was not too crowded which was nice. Staff was awesome as well!

Nicole Godoy

It was ok for our first time. Not sure if we will go again

Big-B 89

Very displeased we live in Kokomo about and hour and 20 minutes north of this location and I drove down to celebrate my sons bday and there was nothing on any website or fb page about Saturday having an event scheduled already just a sign out front. The employee who approached us laughed when we expressed how displeased we were and said “ ha idk even know where that is” last time I was in here I dropped about 450 dollars won’t be returning. Ever.

Nicole West

Weekends is crowded wasn't able to bowl because the waiting list was long. Good service was awful. The food was not great. The prices are higher in games . I rather go to Dave & Busters.

Carlton Young

Enjoyed every minute that I was there through my son's birthday party here laser tag playing the games bowling oh my God even the food was good and I enjoyed my adult beverages to the max I will be returning

tamara turner

This place is awesome we have our after work get togethers here with our families. So much to choose from like bowling arcade games laser tag or just playing pool. The food is great as well. I also have family nights here it’s close to home and they offer great specials. So happy they extended closing time back to 2 am. Definitely check this place out

james clayton

They advertise gravity ropes but don't have here. Dave and busters is better then here. Unless you want to bowl. Then your good to go!

Anesta Zapf

Over all fun place. Very short on staff. Didnt get to bowl because people reserve lanes on line but then never show up. They would rather wait and see if the people show up than sell lanes to people who are actually there. Seems silly. It was hard to find a server. Food took FOREVER!! But Jade was super patient and keep a smile on her face. All and all we left Happy.

Corey Cordell

It was very busy. But there is a lot to do. We went with 2 kids and they had a great time. The adults had a great time too. Mostly spent time in arcade. There is an all you can play option and an option where you play like a traditional arcade or pay as you go. Games would be very expensive if you paid as you played. Bowling and lazer tag also. Plus more. We also ate in the restaurant. Food was better than expected. Service is poor. Too many people eating and only one or 2 servers. Will go back but not going all the time because it adds up quickly. Expect 30 to 60 dollars per person.

Sandra Goodwill

A lot more reasonable than another chain we have been to.

Debbie Anderson

This is a great place to go with family and friends... Actually not bad price for a all day activities. For the whole family

Ann Brown

Went here for a company birthday celebration. The food was fresh. Mostly finger food choices. They offer bowling, arcade and laser tag. It is a step up in family entertainment. We didn't pay for anything so can't speak on prices. The company rented the entire place for the day and we really enjoyed the spacious facility.

Joe Janik

Service was terrible! Brought in a group of 20 people and despite letting them know days in advance, they only had 1 server to handle our group. Drinks took forever, so long that it was more efficient to go to the bar ourselves. When the first round a drinks did arrive the server dropped the tray off and walked away. There was no identification of who got what ect. Do not plan on coming back here anytime soon.

Taylor Williams

Great space with lots of potential. Awesome TV's above the bowling lanes. I don't understand why the service is so slow. once we finally got a bowling lane we ordered some drinks and the server had to talk in to her radio several times to remind the people that for the drinks that we actually wanted to pay money. There were several employees just standing around talking to each other while we were waiting for our lane to be cleaned up and ready for us. Bartender did not make good use of time. I'm not a bartender but I've been to lots of bars and I could have definitely served lots more drinks and made my company way more money. Like I said coolspot, lots of potential, they just need better employees. We were told it would be one hour for our bowling lane. I understand this is an estimation. Ended up being more like an hour and a half. The last half of that time was spent watching the lanes sitting empty while employees were chatting with the manager and nothing was getting cleaned up. And the manager was totally rude to my friend when she had to leave to pick up her kid before we got our Lane. Oh and also we ordered the same drinks three times and were charged three different prices each time. What is up with this business model?

Travis Griffin

I get there and am told there is no open Lanes for 3 hours but yet noone bowling


Laser tag, bowling,pool, rock climbing, food, games. All the things this amazing place has. I suck at Lase Tag, but the staff made sure I had the best experience, bowling is always a fun game, I enjoyed it. Pool with family, A1. Food absolutely delicious, seriously who are the cooks? Games, Dave and Buster's who??? New it place, and location for my birthday party.

Jason Gallaga

It took almost an hour in the food area just to get our food which they had to remake twice and it still sucked their game selection is very limited mostly ticket games the only good thing i can say about the place is they had decent prizes for their tickets

Eric Hyder

I had an amazing date with my ex girlfriend, we broke up but it was still an amazing place to go to. You don't have to get tickets to have an amazing time and a good date night. I also got a good drink there concession stand was on 100% that day

Leslie Kelley

Staff didn't really care about anything. Place was a MESS. Bowling area was disgusting with food and drinks spilled everywhere. The games were fine other than expensive for each play.

Lauren Jant

Super slow service. There were 100 people on shift literally doing nothing. 2 managers walking around looking pretty important but clearly not directing their staff to serve customers, clean tables, or help their coworkers. Really frustrating. It's also a "big deal" to split up a tab? I'll pass on this experience in the future.


Jason and the rest of the staff were so friendly, helpful, and attentive the whole night. My friends and I had a great time and will definitely be back!

Olivia Lacy

Made an online reservation for a birthday party, paid and received a confirmation email but when my group arrived they had no record of the reservation. After they set us up and we’d started bowling, staff members came over holding shoes for another group and said they needed us to move lanes for another party reservation even though there were other lanes available. The waitress was slow bringing drinks and then closed out our bills on the tablets before we’d even finished ordering food or drinks, and never came back to check on us. Very unimpressed.

Dolores Malcolmson

Great place! Priced reasonably, food not bad at all, through games not part of unlimited pass were confusing to differentiate cards brought. Need a better system to help customers out.

Crystal Maxey

We went for my son's birthday. I opted not to purchase a birthday package, and instead got unlimited game cards and reserved a couple of bowling lanes. We enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Although I didn't get to eat the pizza we ordered, it must've been really good, because the kids killed it. The adult beverage I had, as well as the nachos, were delicious. The only suggestions I have are: have someone clean off the tables more often, like wipe them off, and if someone orders the nachos, give them a a fork. Also, the youngsters that were working the area where you get the passes for laser tag need training in customer service. They shouldn't be ignoring guests to have their banter.

precious brady

They have great games and good food the host person we had was a 10 out of 10 great job

cindy smith

Had a great time they gave us a deal and food was good. They could use some more wait staff that was slow!!!

Zach Sweet

A little pricey but the games were decent. The food was ok but the food service was absolutely terrible!! 15 employees walked past us before acknowledging us. The food came before the drinks and really had noone helping us. We will not return.

Pedrom Rejai

Great concept, but the staff here is very slow and poorly run. Takes about fifteen minutes to get a drink at the bar on a Saturday night. Laser tag is fun and the deals are good but don't expect any service.....

Retta Jackson

It's a place to have some family fun. Thanks Ms. Jackson

Marla Koch

We had a great time, the food was good and front desk Justin C. was friendly and helpful. We will go again.

norma Ramirez

The nachos were stale and undercooked. It wasn't too busy for service to refill all the drinks, so it interrupted bowling when we had to refill ourselves. Bathrooms definitely need to be checked a lot more. Still a great place for bowling and games.

Tony LaMere

Our first experience wasn't great. The bowling lane had multiple issues...ball stuck, pins stuck, then it just shut off in the fifth frame. We couldn't get an employee to answer the call button, so we gave up and went to play laser tag.

Thomas Stephen

Beautiful and scenic. Hope to return someday.

Marquis Holmes

We had a Great time lots of fun we love it

Red Beard

A bit pricey, but you will have a blast here and the kids will love it.

David Pemberton

Put my wife and I in mind of a circus that was being run by the monkeys-- and not them little cute ones, either. It seemed nothing had any rhyme or reason. Worst date night we've ever had. Service was nonexistent. When we finally tracked down our server (I use that term very loosely here) and got our food brought out to us, it was cold, soggy... barely edible.

amber wyss

Decided to try this place out for our first time on my birthday, very disappointing. We stood at what looked like the hostess stand on the restaurant side for a good 10 minutes while multiple employees walked by and did not say anything. Finally we stopped one of them and asked what we did if we wanted to sit down and eat and she informed us we could just pick a table and sit down and someone would come take our order. We did that, sat down for 15 minutes and still no one came to our table. Common sense would tell any server that open menus on a table and no drinks means we probably need some help. Guess that is not how it works there. We also had some questions about the food and game combo, so my husband walked up front and stood at the counter waiting to be acknowledged, yet once again we were ignored. Needless to say we left, probably wont be back. We will stick to Dave and Busters where we dont get ignored

Kayla Cronk

Love this place. My boyfriend and I go here almost every weekend.. the bar staff and management are absolutely phenomenal every visit!! Great prices and lots of fun.

Ariana Milligan

I had my daugthers 5th birthday here tonight (9-22-19) and it went over my expectations! All my party guests and my daughter's had a BLAST!! Steve (Steven) WE LOVED EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR US YOU WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND!! GREATLY APPRECIATED! We will be back!!

Rich Bartlett

Pros: tons of stuff to do, (every game and bowling lane actually works!) Cons: rude and inattentive staff, bathrooms in complete disarray. The guy at the main desk was actually pretty nice. Every other staff member I had the displeasure of speaking with replied very sarcastically or just straight up rudely.

Brittany Dukes

Came to this establishment for the first time today. Let’s start with the fact they had one person working the front counter to buy play cards....stood in line for about 35mins for some very over priced game cards. That in of itself is ridiculous considering it’s a Saturday night! The place was a mad house, but let’s get down to it. The restrooms were absolutely disgusting, I mean trash and toilet paper all over the place! Let’s not forget the fact there was no soap, no toilet paper in most stalls(besides the shards on the floor), and there were no paper towels either!? Gross, honestly I would rather take a squat outside than return to those so called restrooms!! Now while there is definitely plenty to do the place is just all around gross! Trash receptacles over flowing to the point there was literally trash all over the floors throughout the entire establishment. Now onto the food and beverages. Now I didn’t eat because well I can’t imagine anything impressive with the way things are ran here. However I did get my daughter and her friend a slushee, guess what another long line where only one employee is working, whom I will add was rude and I saw her pocket money after taking a guests order but never ringing it in just took the cash. Overall save your money and don’t come to this establishment because you will just end up disappointed and have spent well over $100 minimum! When there are other places like this choose the other place!!

Hiwatha Walker

Over all the setup is nice however the service is BAD!!!!!! It took 20 minutes to get our nachos appetizers. My Jumbo wings weren't jumbo and the waitress was batty! Didn't get any of out orders right! Smh. Food did taste good.

Kareema B

First time here for a birthday party. I would say it was ok. Average. Nothing to write home to your mom about. I like that it's a bar and adult area and kid's spot. Hopefully parents have enough sense to not mix alcohol at the kid's party. Bowling area was nice and organized. Laser tag was fun but the line area is small and overcrowded. Restroom was really small for some reason. Can barely turn around in there. Our host Alexis was nice and accommodating. Seems over priced. I can say the staff were amazing.

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