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220 Bedford Rd, Morris, IL 60450, United States

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REVIEWS OF Echo Bowling Lanes IN Indiana

Kiya Terry

I went here with my cousins and I was pleased with my visit until she denied my younger cousins bumpers. She claimed the age limit was 10 and under but my 13 year old cousin is half blind and I still had to argue with her to get bumpers. She continued to say it doesn’t matter about that, that she was too old. I had to proceed to tell her that my cousin only uses a 8 pound ball and bowls under 10 miles per hour. She finally said okay but than said I would pay $600 if they break. Terrible customer service.

Jesse Shields

I bowled down for a couple Tuesday nights during the summer and I loved it now I am joining a league. Can't wait for the season to start.

Shawn Wood

Went there today with my wife and son I’m from Texas working out of state. We paid for 3 people and 2 games still have the receipt on hand. During game one of the two we paid for on round 5 our game shut down and told us to see the front desk.When confronted and asked why they tried to tell us we had played both games and had only paid for 2 people from the start.But I’ll just end this review on this note if we only paid for two people How’d we get three pairs of shoes? The women couldn’t answer that question she just looked at my wife as if she was shocked. And told us to have a nice day.

Bill and Terri Kelly

William Stewart

Nice that there is a bowling alley in town so close by

Tiny Dancer

Awful customer service!

Nathan Anderson

Fun place to bowl, (soon to be laser tag) eat food, get shakes, and if you're of age have a drink! Great prices, and friendly staff, pick your own music to bowl to on the juke box!

rita Connor

Ladonna Wharrie

Cesar Diaz

Jodi Crank

Love it

Houston Millsap

Judy Zimmerman

Wonderful family owned bowling alley that I have bowled at for over 40 years. Lanes are well kept, great place for school groups families ,friends, and leagues. They welcome birthday parties and celebrations.If you enjoy bowling or laser tag, this is the place to be!!!

Randy Buck

nice place

mr Nintendo

Laura O'Keefe

Nancy Hall

Lisa Leach

Fernando Vazquez-Barrios

Amanda Hooper

David Bell

Excellent place to take the kids.

Ronald Sjosttom

corey g

Fun place to bowl.

Samantha Pastorik

Very clean and fun. Lazer tag was neat place

Amanda Burns

Janine Pens

Expect to be disappointed. they false advertise their Tuesday family night,, then when the lane start to empty out they leave them empty for a half hour before they offer Lane to you and you have to beg them for it. They offer $0.25 shoe rental and $0.25 games 50 cent hot dogs and 50 Cent fries on their website . The employees are unfriendly at best and downright rude at worst I would not recommend displace to a deadman.

Steven Smith

Bryce Nix

John Frederick

Christy Gunier

Super nice people. My 4 year old really enjoyed it. Nice atmosphere mid-day too.

Kevin Dale

Went for a kids birthday party. Really well run and organized. Upgraded bowling tablet like displays were pretty intuitive and we had a lot of fun. Laser tag was pretty neat and seemed to be run well

Stephanie Olson

Cost friendly activity for the family. Good weekly specials. Only downside is that it's hard to tell when they close. Nothing is clear on their website and no definitive information given when you call

Dawn Sallis

Wasnt thrilled with the pizza and need a better selection of music.

Jazmyne McNamara


Lisa Beazley

Shania Zavadsky

Noah Sytsma

Derrik Kuder

Priscilla Carter

We just had my nephews bday party here with a 40+ Guest list and the staff did an amazing job! They decorated for us and accommodated every request thrown at them. I am just amazed with how organized and stress free the experience was! We will definitely be having another party here.

Marcella Boers

Worst bowling alley ever! It was way over priced. I went on the website and saw cosmic bowling on Saturdays so I took some friends and when we got there the guy at the counter charged us regular price and there was no cosmic bowling. Apparently, cosmic bowling is towards the winter more but it didn't say that on the website. As soon as we were done with our game, he turned the cosmic lights on. Everyone paying for games after that had a discounted price. I am going to file a complaint about it because it was very unprofessional how they did it all. I would love my money back. The lanes sucked anyway!

David Berrong

Nice place, little pricey,but lots of eletronic displays

Justin Daugherty

Always have a good time here and haven't tried the laser tag but I've heard good things. Food was meh but not really a restaurant so..

Sarah Miller

I will NEVER go to this establishment again!! I called for a birthday party, but the woman on the phone was so rude to me I decided against it. I asked if she had a party room and she said no. Then I asked if I could bring a cake...again just a no. Then she explained it was $13 per child for 2 games, bowling shoes and some pizza and pop. Even though it was only $3 for shoes and 1.50 per game of bowling....Which would make it $7 extra for a slice of pizza and a pop per child. We decided to just go there for the cheap bowling; especially it didn't seem like we would be getting the fun atmosphere a kids birthday party should have. Well, there is a reason it was cheap. We decided to get a pitcher of pop for the kids (which was almost $8!), poured all the cups, and took one drink. The "Sprite" we ordered tasted disgusting. When we went back up to ask for another one the snooty little teenager behind the counter replied "I don't drink pop so I will have someone else taste it." After verifying it was indeed disgusting they said they would change the lines and bring us out another pitcher. About 15 minutes later we went up to ask what happened to our pop. They gave us another pitcher, but it was just as gross. They don't even have fountain drinks. They use that cheap hose that you just push buttons on. At that point the kids were done bowling and we just asked for our money back. The little girl said "no, you already drank the other one". To which I replied, "we weren't going to drink it out of the pitcher, we had to pour them into cups and had no idea how bad it would be until we took a drink." The cups were still sitting on the table with the "sprite" in them. I then asked the girl to give us to go cups since we were leaving, and she refused. I told her that the customer service was horrible there and she informed me that her parents owned the place and she could "throw us out" if she wanted to for "giving her an attitude". I told her that this was the worst customer service I have ever seen, and I couldn't believe she was willing to lose business over a pitcher of pop, again which was $8, that we didn't even drink. The girl was arguing with me as I told her this is not how you run a business, and you do not treat your customers that way. After telling us to leave they told us we were not getting any refund nor were we getting any pop to go. I told her I would NEVER go back there again, and I would share my experience. I am still a little in shock right now. We took the birthday with all the kids over to R' Place and had a great time after that! I told them what happened there, and some of the locals informed me that they knew the family that owned that place and it was typical of them to act that way. If I can at least get one person to stay away from that place then I will feel better about having my friends and their kids drive 45 minutes to come here, only to be treated like garbage. Thanks for listening and just go somewhere else!!

Datboigerg Pie

J Waite

Awesome staff, very friendly and incredibly generous owners! Good bowling and Lazer tag, great place for family night out.

richard groff

Robert Warren

Keeyah !!

I was at a tournament today. it was very cramped. but my best friend made it to state so I guess it's alright

Ajitesh Abhishek

Good ambience and affordable.

ronald harris

Lisa Berger

Felt a bit expensive. Food menu has really increased over the years, which is good. We didn't play laser tag, but that is a great addition.

jay burt

Niki&Muriel Sucher

Ds Nuts Warchol

Worst customer service ever, gave them three chances which was too many. Employees are lazy,rude and conceited. Was told my parents own this place I can do whatever I want by one of the employees. Tried booking a kids birthday party was told ok then two days later the owner canceled it but wouldn’t refund the deposit till over a month later. Doesn’t even deserve the one star. Don’t know how they stay in business making up there own hours.

Morgan Mcinnis

Kelly Stroud

Pauline King

Joel Gonzalez

I don't like bowling here for a b'day party..

Ken Cox

Kelly Thomas

Lazer tag is way too much fun! As long as you can walk with the vest/pack on and hold the gun you can play. We played with the entire family. Everyone from 5 to 65 enjoyed it equally!! We've already been back and plan on going all the time!!!!!

Jennifer Duffy

Erik Goldman

mark paulauskas

Rock star place to go


Brett Housman

Way too pricey. Ugly building. Uncomfortable. Bad food. Rude service. Awkward seating. Go elseware. And there was this ridiculous high pitched noise that never stopped. A 9 pound bolingball is more rare than gold in this place. The 80s soundtrack does work however.

Jeffrey Middleton

Madison Koster

Jeff Adam

The atmosphere at night was cool but it was REALLY expensive for bowling.

Andrew Stewart

miss keisha

Chris Cwik

Fair prices... great time!

Jake Van Cleave

This place has poorly trained workers, overly priced food, and they charge you per person instead of per lane.

Joe Conley

Toni Drummond

ashley lynn

A very fun place to bowl and spend time. Mostly nice staff except the blonde woman behind the counter.(by the way, theres multiple complaints about her) Very rude and didnt give the proper information over the phone resulting in an overpayment with no refund. But except for her, great place!

Michelle Skurkis

Nick Frantz

We called to see what time they close and were told 9pm, after being hung up on the first time calling. We came at 8:25 to play Laser Tag and the doors were locked. I called and was told they were closing early, this after we just called and were told they close at. I ended up with 3 crying kids because they closed prior to the time they said via phone and was posted on the building.

Justin Mann

It is a great place, too bad all the workers here are rude and treat everyone like crap! If you like being treated like you're a child and ignorent then come here, they definitely will NOT make you feel welcome.

Tina Foster

Fun laser tag

Luna Valderrama

rose gomez

Mykayla Schlappi


Terrible experience. Horrible staff. Terrible atmosphere.

Jayson Carter

Norine Thompson

Ben Farcus

Very compassionate staff, even set up the bumpers for my almost 2 year old daughter after we added her to the roster. Will definitely go back!

Jamie Hage

Nicole Bargo

Lots of fun things to do for the whole family!

Phil Hart

Clean place nice help there

Samantha Hand

Brian Williams

Carpet is cool, beers are pricey, food needs help

Rik H

Super fun, the laser tag was a good time. Very helpful staff and the owner even works there and is super cool.

Ethan Paulsen

I’ve always had a lot of fun here. A little pricey as far as bowling goes, but they make up for it with quarter bowling on Tuesday and kids bowl free in the summer. Plus the laser tag is a great addition! Tons of fun.

Kelly Radde

Read reviews, some bad, decided to see for ourselves. Great place, great employees, clean, busy, happy people. Pricy, but where isn't. Bar great place to wait, 45 min on Saturday. Bar had top shelf Great music, only complaint, with all the people gotta keep extra toilet paper around, accessable, bathrooms were clean. Sooooo don't lose out because a bad review. We went Saturday night, on a whim, glad we did. Support local businesses

Ashley Murray

Just tried to go bowling... The website says they are open till 1 am. Doors are locked and I can see the employees sitting at the bar. So my husband calls and is told they didn't have enough customers so they closed at 7:30. Awesome.

Ed Matyk

This place is so cutie


Awesome as usual!

Paulie Cap

Fun Place to Bowl

Ty Hakey

Mr. Sokolowich

It's just not good. 3.75 per "game" actually means 3.75 for one person's game. I bought 3 games. 2 for 2 people and paid $15 (7.50 each) for 2 games. And then 18.50 for the last. This does include rentals. I spent more then I spend at Brunswick zone. And this place didn't even look nice. The customer service was not good. After my shock for the prices, the lady at the counter proceeded to say... "This is for 3 games, you know that right?" Don't come here. Please take your money where it is worth wile and not be a disappointed. Go some where else for $5 flat rate for a game.

Megan Dituri

Nice bowling lanes, great laser tag, good prices!

Alina Bucha

1 star only because I cant give a negative star.... worst place ever and way over priced, not very clean, very rude counter staff/ underage teenagers bating there eyes at each other and took 10 minutes to understand what I wanted , the blonde anorexic/lay off the diet pills or drugs, working the bar needs to eat a sandwich and learn how to make a drink and wash her hand before handling a drink, the food sucks and is freezer burnt. definitely a bunch of dopers working here...and to top it off the lanes are very badly oiled and badly conditioned with no pattern, extremely dry. Gosh I hope they don't hold tournaments here. the laser tag smells like straight piss hopefully you can stomach it when u go in there. hopefully this review will help others change their mind about this facility and go elsewhere.

ml Chung

Great place for family activities and friends' gathering. You will have a good time!

See How I Think

Since the last time i visited such an improvement. Laser tag was awesome. User interface and ball return flawless.. great time

Boone Tondini

Cole Miskell

Jeanette Patterson

Seems to be a good place for young bowlers to have fun.

Robert Willan

Great place to have a kids Birthday party.

Heather Poppleton

They are a great place to go.

Keri Kewley


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