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1219 W 76th St, Chicago, IL 60620, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Roller Skating and Bowling Center IN Indiana

cella White

Took my daughter here for her 12th bday, lots of family and friends joined us. Had an enjoyable time until a family member came to drop off my daughters cake. I was told I couldn’t bring the cake inside due to me not buying a Birthday party package. I was extremely upset due to the fact I knew nothing about a party package and I spent wayyyy more money with my family and friends, on skating and food. It was sad that they made me take the cake back to the car. I tried talking to management and still no consideration. There were barely any people in the rink so I really didn’t see why they couldn’t be a little understanding towards me. I’ve witnessed many times, people bring their own cake in without a party package. I sure didn’t spend another dollar in here after the rudeness of the staff!

DeAngelo Washington

Great place to go with the kids, skating bowling gaming area. It's nice for the area to have a place to go and have some fun and not spend too much of your hard-earned cash. :-)

Jess Wal

Friendly staff. Nice place

Bobbie Jean

I was very shocked to find that to enter this establishment I had to go through security where they used a hand held metal detector to search me as well as a security guard who personally went through my purse ... I was attending a bowling fundraiser and the security entrance process made me feel like a convicted criminal and not a paying patron ... The parking lot was very raggedy as well ... Not the experience I expected for a bowling event ... They also ran out of bowling shoes ... Just a rude experience...

malcolm vaughn

Just need to upgrade their choice of music. Music was just horrible.

Ro-Chanda Varnado

You'll Enjoy every moment one pf the best I've been my children love the pool only use the play gym in not so Hot weather sun beams directly on kids or sun sreen& play!!!

Mastering Motherhood

They need to update their quality of food we live in Chicago and have some of the best food. Some of the games were out of order and need to be fixed. The skating rink is beautiful. Music needs to be more kid friendly. Their are mostly kids skating and the music should reflect that.

lon less

I'm a kid and I went when the had skating lessons and I know how to skate now it really helped the teacher was nice they had good drinks lol ..and staff was nice I'm coming today I haven't been in so long 5/27 so yea keep up the good work

Simone Rush

Was very crowded! Majority of the arcade games were broken and the ones that were working took 4 tokens... And didnt received any of the tickets we did win

joe bass

Scratched my bowling ball. Lanes are not oil, good place for kids though

Brandi Hogan

Customer service was very bad but I will go back for bowling


Great place to hang out with family or even on a date

LaTasha Bell

It's a nice place for children. It isn't very big but it's comfortable. Kiddie food and kiddie entertainment. Children 8 and up can have a good time here. They have armed security here as well. Thankful for security but makes me wonder what kind of problems might arise. Only stayed in the skating section, didn't know about the bowling. Pricing seems reasonable but I went to a birthday party there so didn't see what kind of packages they had for the children.

Glyce Mitchell

This place is just a no to skating here. There is nothing wrong with the skating rink or bowling alley. It's only the arcade and the service. The arcade has a lot of broken games and to get tokens, you have to wait in the cafe line which often long. The last time I went, I was waiting in line to buy lunch. After 20 minutes, most of the workers left so the line was moving slow again. After a long time, the workers came back and started working again. I was already restless since it took 45 minutes. I couldn't believe that out of all the times I went, this was the slowest. But then it came the time in which we had to leave since it was going to close so I gave up hope. Maybe now the service improved but I'm not going back to see.

Cynthia Givens

Nice place to take family for skating and bowling. They just need more employees to help move things along more smoothly.

Foreign Classics

Nice place to kick it with the fam! Pizza is ok.parking is secure and at the door.prices are ok look for specials.packed on the weekends.

Steven Williams

Great thirteenth birthday party for my daughter!

Morgan Kennon

Was there for a childs birthday party and this place is ok. it was difficult to explain to a group of kids why they had to be wanded/pocket patted by cops. Nothing special about my experience.

Takayla Kennedy

It's great it just need more people working on the rent the roller skates side

Victoria work

Ignorant staff. Horrible experience will never return. Not worth repeating.

Stephen Cornelious

Had a great time and its safe

Inspirational Songstress

Great fun! Friendly staff. Youth oriented.

lacreasia smith

it wasn't how I expected it to be or how I heard it was. for my first time it was just ok. they only had one person working the concession stand.

Lashawnda Shepherd

Fun place to hang out

Tunyona Frazier

My babies won a game and it didn't fall. Not only that it was a Birthday party and we couldn't get in and the walkwau wasn't clean from the snow. They dont even deserve that. A 1 that is

Norisea Chennault

Fun for the whole family

Kathy Cunningham

Very nice place to go. But need to up grade to bigger space so the children can have a separate place to change their skates. Also would like to see a dance floor added. So children and parents that can't skate they can go to the dancing room.

Candice Mackey

No games work! D.j only played whateva he wanted, never took our request. Bathrooms always nasty and stanking

Latoya Williams

The rink was a nice family place, however it stunk so bad from the skates. I’m guessing they don’t spray anymore. The food was reasonable and the staff was nice. They just need to tighten up on the odor from the skates.

Natasha Madkins

Shoe rental was quick and easy. The concession stand is a joke both in food quality but especially the service. All in all, we just weren't overwhelmed with the quality of their customer service. Employees made us feel as though we were a burden. I will not be returning.

Karen Miles

Petty petty work there. Hated it.

Lysia B

Nice place, had fun. Love to skate

Daniell Moore

I was very excited to plan a birthday party for my daughter. I went inside the establishment and asked if I could speak to SOMEONE about booking a party. After a few seconds or so a young lady named Alexandria greeted me with a smile and sat with me to explain everything. She was very professional, courteous, and on point with any questions or concerns that I had. I would definitely refer this business to anyone who is planning a party or just wanna go out and have some fun. The staff is friendly food is good the environment was safe and everyone enjoyed themselves. I give this rating 5 stars!!!!!!

Amber Myers

Horrible establishment. Will need visit or recommend to anyone

Catrina Turner

I use to love this entertainment place until it became unruly and to crowded they have enough space to expand the facility. That would be a great idea more space bring more profit

Tomaneka Fortune

Add this is a great neighborhood spot, there are a few things from the skates on up that can be upgraded.

Angela Richmond

I haven't skated in years I went on ah school trip WID my grandson an we had fun

Bernice Irving

Nice place for my kids to skate eat play games

Erica Davis

Hot soda and VERY rude manager


It's great to meet up with your friends

Tamara Mitchell

Came out for my cousin birthday party. Amazing experience for my daughter. Great DJ and hostess.

Deon Reed

Skating floor is really smooth. Seem like a great place for children! Also have like an arcade and bowling alley as well. Send like the perfect spot for a kids birthday party.

Miranda Collins

Staff was nice and helpful. My kids and i enjoyed ourselves. It was my son's first time skating and the ref on the floor was so caring and sweet and helpful. I don't think you can get that service anywhere. Thanks guys!!!

Shandy Porter

Had fun with the kids. I'll bowl I'm not getting on those skates, I got to go to work today. I can't skate, ice blade, ski none of that and I tried them all when I was younger. Pizza was decent, I had coupons so I was good. We had fun!!

Niyah Niyah

Take me back to these days man i miss going here

Dwigbt Bragg

It seems like a good neighborhood skating and bowling for family fun also they have Security checks point for all the family safety also birthday parties available

Alicia Collins

It's a really good family place with reasonable prices

Baby Momma

My niece invited me to come to a party there. The staff wouldn't let us in they said we had to pay. Then they told my family something completely different so we came back. They said we had to pay and acted like they never talked to my mom and niece. There are alot of fights at this place. Go during the day. Don't come after 6.

Bundi Stovall

Workers are great, but the crowds are very rude and ghetto every time I go. I only go because of birthday parties. Also The food is horrible

Domonique Walker

Music is straight trash what happend to the good music.

Arlette M

The place was nice clean and safe the worker could be a little more attentive friendly and professional.

Sparkel Lewis

Nice skating ring

Delia Wiley

As long as the kids were happy fine with me

Ramon Honore

Nice place for family fun, but it needs a thorough cleaning, starting to look run down because the unclean areas. Also it's a family friendly place, I didn't appreciate seeing grown men walking around with their underwear purposely exposed. Food is boring.

sherri willis

Didnt not enjoy

Jermaine Reed

Fun place. Clean and affordable. The video games barely work though.

B. Cazares

Could of had better service than waiting a while 30 mins after we spent $200 For the assistance that took them forever and even replying yeah I know or is, I wad told and still not help resolve the issues... poor service and not even politeness at all...

Toshiba Rials

Always over capacity but the kid's love it.


I booked the Classic Birthday Package (Skate and Bowl) for my daughter's 10th Bday on a Saturday 8/4/2018 , 3:30pm-6:30pm. I was able to use the discount that they were offering so that was great. The staff seemed nice but the overall customer service experience was disorganized. The DJ did not do a shout out for my daughter, in fact there were like 3 other Bday parties going on and I did not hear one single shout out from the DJ. It seem as though the staff didnt know which package I booked so I had to explain it to them dispite having my confirmation receipt with me. The cheese pizza's were really good but my second pizza took over 2hrs to come after the 1st pizza(and our host was passing out pizzas to the other parties like forget us or something). The host of our party was really sweet but I literally had to hunt her down for every little thing which took away skate time from my party(and Iam pregnant). In my opinion there shouldnt be a host if they are not going to check up on you ever so often and assist u as needed (for example no pitchers of water were offered and the kids were really thirsty after the soda was gone). The skates seemed uncomfortable to my guests(but very few of them knew how to skate anyway lol) and the bowling lanes were malfunctioning (but the kids still managed to have fun). If I come here again I would NOT book a party because its a waist of time/money considering we werent treated as special as they advertised. I would just bring the kids on a discount day ($1 day or free day), get a slice of cheese pizza and let the kids practice skating a bit.

Brittani Gordon

Nice place for fun family activities

Kinnon Hunter

The worst experience ever at a skate rink in my entire life. First off the place was so overly crowded it seemed as if it was over capacity limit with toddlers, children, teens, and adults! The skate sessions are so short and are split up. For example the boys get the floor for an amount of time during the 3hr session, then girls, then adults, then altogether. Out of a 3 hr session you’ve paid for you’re only lucky to skate a total 1 1/2 hrs when everything’s said and done. Please don’t get me started on the food wait!! Omfg we waited nearly two hours for our order we placed as soon as we arrived. They did give us a free session for our wait but it was joy worth it at all honestly! Never again and all that money spent is ridiculous!! We need more than one rink for sure. If you have anxiety like me do not go!!

Kathy Davis

Nice family place, plenty of seating, great music selection. The food choices and flavoring course use some help

Michelle Luckett

My kids live it, close by my house definitely will continue to go

Lynell Jones-Baker

Overcrowded!!! Too freakin small Draws a heap of families and everyone is on top of each other...

Dana Giles

There was no bowling the day I went. Need more games and a better system for counting tickets won on the games. Overall my grand daughter had a good time.

Xtreme Branden

I just came from the skating rink and it was okay it gave me a chance to get out of the house the food isn't that good though but besides that it was overall decent.

Crystal Zaragoza

They ran out of food so disappointed...

Cassandra Butler

Don't care for the music.

Laurick Harris

Nice place to take your children. Call for special prices. When I and my kids would go they had $1.99, or less from 4-6 .family meal deals $18 dollars family pizza and unlimited beverage. But they've changed their deals now. Call or look on the website for new prices. Nice place for your kids birthday party.

Maurice Williams

Great family-friendly spot in the inner city

ronald creswell

A place you can and learn two (2) different ways your style of 'FUN' , This is building up the real 'You' . People don't know how skilled that are until they step forward ,and showing their Stuff !!!

Aaron Boykin

I came to celebrate my nephew's birthday. I brought my wife and 5 children with me. Even though the security is present for public safety, I believe that they should not frisk patrons and they should not be allowed to frisk our children. I felt highly violated and helpless as I watched them pat and search down my children. As a black father, I really felt as if I was a criminal. There need to be a better way to provide security. I do not recommend anyone to come to this establishment.

Rashawnda Moten

Music was great but food and games need serious upgrading. My cheese fry was burned and pizza not good at all. The kids didn't even eat. Had 2 buy Popeyes after the birthday party.

tashay horne

The staff was rude and the security gards was pushing the kids and parents out the door one even pushed me with my child in my arms

Michelle Cole

A favorite of my children. This visit they obviously gave my pizza away, but I waited another long time for a new one. We had a good time though.

Louis Harris

The size of the rink is excellent. However, the DIRTY FLOOD is very aggravating. I'd love to see some improvement. Each new manager inherited the same problem. Intermediate and advanced skaters can really tell the difference. Well, I'll continue to pray and hope for change. Really don't want to go somewhere else.


Best roller skating place in Chicago!

KalCity 24

I really hate to give this place a bad review, but yesterday when I was there out of the 24-25 games only a handful of them worked none of them had any tickets in them, one game had a sign that said 4tokens to play but it wasn't anywhere to put the tokens and for whatever reason you could smell the restrooms throughout the whole skating rink, I've been through alleys that smells better than that. The seating was uncomfortable and tight. This use to be a great place to come to now I'm not so sure... Other than that it looks nice even though I didn't the kids seem to had a great time.

Tenisha Turner

This is a nice place, but the skating floor is smaller than expected. They do have some games for the kids to play. The bowling alley was down for maintenance when I went. Best time to go is there first session if you have small children. Second session will usually be more crowded. If you have your own skates you save $3.50, and skate mates for the kids are $5. They also do not have military discount.

Jerry Shannon

I've been coming to this place for years I've had all my kids a birthday party I've even had my own 80s party here before but after today I promise I will never be back. The young lady Calissa was so rude to me today I her job should be taken away from here. Customer service is everything and this young lady was TERRIBLE!!!!!!

Englewood E Chi-Town

Great place. Today was my first time there, and I must say I was very impressed with the staff. They were professional, patient and the cashier at the food station was GREAT. My family and I enjoyed it. We will be back.

Rocboi B.B.G4L

Game broke down taking your money dont buy token or play games just skate n bowl

Jay Jackson

I came when they first opened on a Friday at 4pm. The young lady at the concession stand was very attentive and courteous. It's a nice facility offering skating and bowling as well as games. The facility is very clean. It's a nice open floor plan so you can see everything and everyone.


This skating trip was just sad. The music kept going in and out and the music selection wasnt good. The employees at the food counter were not nice. I've had good experiences here but it was when they first opened.

Taylor Wednesday

Clean facility, kid friendly , workers are nice and they accommodate children with disabilities ❤ , i will be back to support!

Aliyah Love

MLK skating rink is a lovely place to take your kids to have a great time. On March 3,2019 i took my children there just to see how it was and to see if its really how people say it is.There was a young lady at the cafe named Jasmine she was really lovely and really respectful unlike her manager Bre that's really disrespectful. Also It's a nice facility offering skating and bowling as well as games. The facility is very clean.#KEEPUPTHEGOODWORK

Kamiko Haywood

Great experience for the family.

Crystal McDonald

Fun place for the family. Reasonable prices. The only thing I dislike is the arcade area. Most of the games are not in order.

bryan dickerson

Dirty game area. Pizza was horrible. Skating was cool and the bowling alley was Dirty also. The entire venue NEEDS a overhaul. This a iconic building and it should be treated as such.

Shea Henderson

They need to do better with their customer service.

Keona Minnion

This place leaves alot to be desired. The lack of professionalism is sickening. The customer service is sub par, they don't even communicate with each other properly as a staff. They want you to pay to breathe!! Half the games didn't work, and they kept forgetting my tokens! I ran back and forth to the front desk way more than I should have. And to make matters worse, they wanded the children. Frisking and wanding kids?? Really. Never again! And I had to wipe off my own tables! But several employees looking like there's nothing to do. A joke! Never again!!


Good morning world, On Monday i had a birthday for my grandson at Dr.Martin Luther King Skating Rink!! They have the worst customer service ever. It was only 2 birthday parties there not crowded cause of the week day and one cashier fixing food and taking orders & one cooking the food. Pizza supposed been ready by 7pm came out at 808pm and they close at 830pm....This is why sometimes people dont support our kind. No structural at all. Then on top of that some guest couldn't attent cause after 730pm no one else is allowed in. We have do better but they don’t tell me this when I Booked the party I paid 277$ plus 30$ more for more guest to come in and my host Cassidy where so bad didn’t check on us the manager is so poor and he like he don’t care about my food come out later and cold pizza the cottons candy was so nasty they makes it with the blueberry icee smh I will not come here again it’s just sad no customer service at all!!!!!!!

tiffany franklin

Great service but need improvement on food

Kim Sy

The children had a great time. Employees were friendly. I paid to enter for a party but I was reimbursed when I informed the young lady we were there for a party.

Ebony Fairley

Ok, so I’ll keep it real!!! Customer Service Suckssss!!! Keyana you already know about that pizza issue. I should have been able to order at 4 and the session was over at 5. Rink size is ok, but floor is dirty. DJ suckssss!!! Repetitive music. It’s a typical S.S of Chicago establishment and let that say it all. *Fix it Jesus!

Beverly Simpson

Always a good time....the kiddos enjoy their selves....Keep up the good work MLK skating rink staff!

Kandee kiss

Horrible!!! Ghetto, didn't feel safe at all in this establishment... This is suppose to be a fun and safe place for kids, it felt like we were walking into the County Jail! There were three security guards with bullet proof vests patting everyone down and we were there at 1 in the afternoon! Needless to say My children and I will not be returning!

Serena Dixon

Horrible server and customer service experience Brought out food with no plates, brought out drinks with no cups, brought out our ice cream 5 minutes before we were put out, game machines malfunctions, just an overall bad experience

Mulan Jackson

I was there for a birthday party yesterday 02-06-19 The service is terrible My host forgot about us the kids Couldn’t play games because they were out of tokens which is what came with my package My host didn’t even want to put the pizza on plates for children neither did she want to cut the cake an addition they charged certain of my party guest to get in when really they Chaperoned kids of the party they was charging different prices for certain people when it’s only 1 original price some guest paid 3.50 some paid 6.50 as well no one gave money back for them tokens I paid for that we ain’t get and the manager they have there (Charles) Has a nasty attitude they didn’t play the birthday request staff was late and not to mention they had me set up my Party by myself in the dark And at the last min someone cane out trying to help me I WILL NEVER BOOK THERE AGAIN THIS WAS TERRIBLE . Oh not to mention security was Fluky too As in addition to watching me leave out the rink stand outside smoke a cigarette and when I came back in he try’s to go in my pockets after he watched me the whole time I was in front of the door In I’m the parent who paid for the party I was there inside at first THEY NEED HELP AND NEW TEAM OF PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO WORK THERE BECAUSE THOSE MEMBERS THEY HAVE ACT LIKE THEY DO NOT ENJOY THERE JOB ! Never booking with them again

Judith GotYou OnCamera

This is a nice place to hold an event. Pleasant and courteous staff will assist you.

Crystal Clay

I'm glad we have a place like it in our community, wish there was no need for metal detectors and armed guards though.

Purple Passion1

It was good my great niece had lits of fun. The Smurfs came out as we were packing up to leave. I think they should of came out a little earlier so the birthday kids could of taken pictures with them.

Monica Ward

We arrived an hour (5:30) before bowling was done (6:30) and wasn't able to get in, they stop admitting people an hour before the next session, they need to post that on their website. Very misleading, we were from out of town, drove down there from an hour and a half away. Disappointed

Kurt Zellner

Took a group of high schoolers here for an after school event. The facility is clean in my opinion. While it may be in a rougher area, they do have security, who checks each person as they enter. I felt very safe here. We did not get the food so I cannot comment on that, but the skates and the rink seemed great. The kids really enjoyed it. The music is loud, but its popular rap music as well as some throw backs. The prices for groups are very reasonable. I think we will be back!

Ameera Harmony

Loved it.Its lots of fun

Ariana Moore

Wow Lol All Of The reviews from 1-2 days ago are completely fake and that’s crazy. Customers come to google reviews to get honesty and that is definitely not what the reviews from Andria Shavers, Dominique Walker, Dion Brazil, Tiffany Wallace Are giving. Those people are either former or current employees. Whoever the manager is should be ashamed of themselves but this isn’t something new; a lot of the good reviews are fake and this has been going on for a long time. This facility is complete trash and a waste of money. The Community deserves something way better. Hopefully this has helped future customers find out the truth about this place. And Also why are you guys only responding to people that give good reviews? What about the others who didn’t enjoy their stay? Do you even care? Disgraceful

Janay Dowd

I was really fun but I wish the would play they new songs

Tammy Ford

Great time...the children had a ball. Skating, games food were all included in the party pack. Our host was awesome, very accommodating and was made sure we got the best of our experience. One criticism, the skate guards should put on skates not stand on the skating floor having skaters dodge around them.

Frances Lennix

I was there to reserve a bowling alley for a group. They were very prompt and helpful. I also appreciate the young lady in the office smiled and said thank you and have a nice day. Customer service is a good thing and they at least give you a good experience.

Terry W

Great place to take your family. It’s very secured.

Victoria Gaines

Good place, customer service good but slow.

Jacqueline Vega

Cheap and fun for kids

Kashmere Haynes

Fun place. Pretty reasonable pricing. Food was good. Service was good. Kids enjoyed bowling. Even the security there was nice.

Tiffany Wallace

I recently had my son’s 8th birthday party here and Andria was my party host. Everything was perfect and just the way it was supposed to be! On top of that, my party host Andria was EXCEPTIONAL! She was very attentive and super friendly with the children! Great Job MLK Roller Skating Rink and Andria! We will definitely be back for an open skate session soon

Dion Brazil

Great place. Great people, jasmin, drea and the manager went out they way to make sure we had a very pleasant experience.

Lacy skater

Tuesday night 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. great session

Chyna Dobyne

My daughter ALWAYS enjoy her skating experience here. The food is not as good as I would like but hey the kids enjoy it. AND Most times customer service is on point and then there's times when hopitality isn't so great. BUT Security is ALWAYS during a great job to keep us safe while enjoying our skating experience.

Google Contributor

Large facility, kind of pricey. Best to go during the daytime if you have little ones

Eula McNulty

Clean, big & comfy BUT the skates really need to be cleaned. So much gunk on the wheels that they stopped rolling.

Toni L

Overpriced bowling but I'm still happy to see they are still there for the kids.

John Holton

Skating rink was clean & organized, food was very good. Music too loud & dee-jay wasn't good.

LaDarah Hampton

This place is a death trap and a rip off. They locked us in during the session, made us clean our own bowling shoes ( and all they had was a liquid spray), our bowling shoes were soaking wet so we asked for a refund. They insisted that their was nothing they could do (excepta nacho tray). Didn't start the game until the session was almost over and was very rude when asking us to leave!

Stefecia Spencer

Nice relaxing place to ease your mind

Ramelle Wallace

Great fun for kids and adults to Skating and bowling kid themed parties.

Adrienne BuildOurOwn

This place not worth one star if you ask me. Take your children to skate at a place where the food is good and not overpriced and taste like garbage, the workers are respectful and knows what the heck they are doing, and in a safe environment. MLK will not be proud of this establishment and would want better for his people. You’ve been forewarned

sheena robinson

It was nice and relaxing had alot of fun in the bowling section but the security guard was very unprofessional and aggravating

LaNice Hamilton

Great fun and great service

Sheila Nutall

Today we celebrated my nephew 12th birthday and we had an awesome time. The staff was extremely friendly and one exceptional employee name Andria was truly outstanding. Her Customer Service was truly refreshing, she was very up beat with the children, patient and had such a pleasant behavior. If you are looking for a fun an inexpensive place to celebrate your childs birthday I highly recommend MLK Skate....

Yoongi Aguilar

I actually when here for a field trip and i love it i learnd how to skate and the food was good

Shannon Hammond

I love coming here with my niece, we always have a great time. Lanika and Teaira are always very pleasant, I appreciate their willingness to make sure we leave every visit smiling. These ladies are friendly its always a pleasure to be welcomed with smiling faces

Andria Shavers

Staff has amazing attitudes. They are all willing to help in any way they can. The kids at the parties looked like they were having a great time. everyone skating was enjoying themselves. Talked with Alex and Tierra R about having a birthday party for my kids and they were extremely helpful! I love this place!! I cant wait to come back!!

Nitaz Golden

This was our first time here. I wasn't sure what to expect but we got a great park on the street, although they have a parking lot. With the snow I guess the crowd was small. The rink wasn't particularly as large as where we usually go, but I like being able to see the whole rink from the many seating areas. The food was okay and priced as I'd expect. I will check them out again. The kids had a nice time.

Keesha Hall

This place has so much potential. The owner needs to freshen up the inside. The bathrooms are gross, the staff requires extra training in customer service and the menu could be refreshed.

Roland L.

Safe and fun setting for a Family outing! Reasonable pricing, Great for a group outing also. Get your excercise on roller skates or sharpen your skills on the bowling lanes.


It's not the best of the best but you do have to appreciate it... Maybe someone will donate new skate

Javian Jones

MLK skating rink has been great for many years and it will become greater I'm the years following

Bertha Coleman

Clean, nice staff, good food, & fun times!

Casey H

We enjoyed our self, music was for the young kids, but hey they loved it, food wasnt bad, skates was available, and over all environment was smooth

sholanda welch

So I went here on a Monday and they had a special going on for $10. Now I didn't want the special I was told I still had to get the special. I'm not about to pay for something that I do not want. The special was skate rental and all you can get pizza one of my kids eat pizza the other didn't want it. This crazy that u have to buy a special that you don't want to get ... Will not go back to this place

Melissa Datro

My family booked a party on 1/21/19 for 6 pm first all let me say that the wait to get in was crazy even if you did pay for your party so the time was wasted my host forgot about us at the table ..bad very bad I had to keep asking her were are my pizzas that come with the party package. I was suppose to get 8 pitcher of soda ..i only got 6 bad I asked for sprite there was none the host said it was broken I ordered cotton candy tower for the party that was also broken .I didnt get my party glow sticks. Didnt get my. Birthday girls song request ..the skates needs u spraying and update 385 .00 of a waste please everyone book your partys else ..very bad service hosted was no were to be found didnt even say thank you never again never

Dominique Walker

I recently had my daughters birthday here & I must say we really enjoyed ourselves! From booking to the party date. I dealt with Alexandria in booking & she was informative & helpful. My party host Andria was excellent. Food was brung out on time , she danced with the kids , sung happy birthday & even gave my baby a shoutout. The person in skate rental was prompt & even the guards on the skate floor. My experience was great & I will be booking again

Mitzi Carter

Very nice and courteous young employees

Dolflamingo Pirate-King

The kids had a great time. Fair pricing and good service

jovanda harris

It was very nice & ok I liked it

La Shanda Bell

I had to find a venue for my son's birthday party at the last minute. Alex was a life saver. She was very accommodating and professional. My kids had a great time. We may have found a our new family hang out spot. Thanks Alex and team

Anthony Cox

I truly enjoyed myself.

LaShaun Woodland

My students loved it!!

Ke'vion Copeland

best place i ever went to on god no cap # ttv_

Shadawn King

I take my kids there last year in October. My kids had those skate helpers. They are no good the kids kept felling. My daughter was using one of those skate helpers and it flip over she fall and broke her arm and wrist. I got a call from the skating rink a week or so later telling me they were calling to check on her and do we have insurance. That they was sorry and going to send a card and gift. Which she never received or got a call back. We was only there less than an hour. I called back to get a copy of the report they took. They would not give it to me. That's just bad business. So they get no star's from us.


This place is horrible, customer service is horrible because there are kids running this place. The staff not all but the ones I came in contact with was. I went for a party and I had to pay for 2 of my kids myself NOPROBLEM. The lady tell me to go to the window right there and they will help you, I go to the window say excuse me at least 6x. So another worker comes to talk to her telling her to take me next (because I was obviously being ignored) and you could see the girl telling her No she wasnt going to help me and I had to wait AND NO SHE DIDNT TAKE ME. I wasn’t rude or anything. Another girl that was in the booth helped me. And I believe it was a manager watching all this and did nothing. This place is ran by kids with no manners or respect. Stay away

Tiffany Tate

That was my first and my last time going there, the restrooms were really nasty the staffs attitudes were really nasty.I ordered me and my kids some pizza and buffalo wings the cashier stated it will be 25 to 30 minute wait but I waited an hour and 15 minutes the pizza was okay but they gave me some raw wings that were half done a cold on the inside. I took the wings back and just ask for a refund and they act like I did something wrong. Terrible customer service and I will never go

Tearra Brown

It's hot asf in there.. no air conditioner what so ever... yea it's for kids but all of those bodies in one place with no air smelled pretty disgusting. I bought six dollars worth of tokens and nobody told me that none of the games worked...... they should really take some of the profits and fix their establishment

iasia white

Im not understanding why the staff made us get off the floor at 8pm when skating was supposed to be from 6-9pm... I felt rushed by the workers.


Had the opportunity to visit the new and improved King Center and I must say I’m impressed. The new custom glow in the dark art in both the skating rink and bowling alley is attention grabbing. I love how the artist promoted all of our Chicago sports teams. I also noticed that the employees are more customer friendly. My family and I will definitely be frequenting this establishment more often.

Aliya J'anai

Worst place ever. Absolutely filthy. Smells gross. We went on a field trip for CHILDREN and the DJ was playing hood, sexual and VERY inappropriate music even after requested not to. His response to the request of playing more appropriate music was, "it'll be too boring." Boring for WHO?! Not these babies!!! Irritating.

Irene Heidelbauer

Very clean - well managed and friendly staff. Great for a school field trip

Caroline Hopkins

It's a great place to go in the community.

Dawn Price

Came with kids on a summer camp field trip. The music was way too loud for me, but then I'm an old woman, lol. The campers enjoyed themselves which was the most important thing.

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