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4805 Wheeling Ave, Muncie, IN 47304, United States

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REVIEWS OF Clancy's Village Bowl IN Indiana

Thomas Davis

Ripoff...they want a "$15 cover charge" just to be in the building to watch over our 13yr old kids to bowl. Went to Anderson's Champion Lanes, much cleaner, very friendly staff!!

Edward Wyatt

Nachos were ok, lanes were good but, I think the a/c is broken!

Drew Brown

This place used to be awesome. They've increased the prices, but failed to adequately maintain the equipment. Did cosmic bowling and the lane damaged my ball. I won't be back any time soon.

Winter Dodge

Mindy Moskaliev

Sarah Yoder

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Memory XX

Christopher Cross

Sammy Hawkins

Awesome fun for the whole family,we go every other Saturday as a family outing.40$ 2 lanes 10 of us the 40$ covers your shoe rental and a pizza and pitcher of soda...

Rhonda Hubbard

Sharell Johnson

This is the best place to go bowling at in muncie

Kim Upchurch

Good all away around

Kimequa Davis

They have cosmic bowling and they also have a special program for kids over the summer where they can bowl for free a certain number of times, if they register for the program!

Kyle Miller

Shaneice Fletcher

Amy Cooper

Mike Gibson

Get your bowl on. Good tenderloins!!

Steve Kroemer

Absolutely fantastic, great atmosphere, courteous and friendly staff. And very good food. Definitely will return again

Camron Stewart

Needs to fix the bowling pin machine


Very fun

Jason Laforce

Devonna Allen

Chris Frtz

chynna swoveland

Went there on a Saturday night for cosmic bowl. We had a party of 5, all of which are over the age of 21. We had a DD so we all planned on spending a good amount of money at the bar. We got there at 10:30. Cosmic bowl didn't start until 11:30. We sat at this small bar for a good 15 minutes before the bartender showed up. We ordered drinks then walked around and found an amazing sports pub at the end of the building. They have bowling lanes right there at this pub as well. The bartender was amazing down there. She told us to request a "bar lane" and she would serve us all night. We played pool and downed several alcoholic drinks. When it was time for cosmic, we had to stand in a long line of people where this completely rude police officer was going down the line taking everyone's debit cards. No matter where you were in line, he took your card and then just tossed it on the counter where the cashier was. This system was so damn messed up that there was a huge commotion of mixed up debit cards. Someone about walked away with my card. Talk about a hugeeee invasion of privacy and huge probability of identity theft. This was a total buzz kill for us. When we finally got up to the counter, the cashier told us that we weren't allowed to have a bar lane because they were closing down that half of the bowling alley, including that bar that we planned on drinking from. They assigned everyone to one lane right after another in chronological order. Now, there wasnt that many people there. All together, I think everyone only took up 50 lanes. But they would not space anyone out so it was so crowded and packed that it really sucked. Cosmic bowling is only 2 hours long. But by time we had got all the debit cards figured out and finally got assigned to a lane and trying to find room on where to sit.. we wasted 35 minutes of the limited 2 hours we had. This place could have really made some good money of off us last night, especially since we were all wanting to really drink. But that was a missed opportunity for them and we all agreed that we are never going back after how horrible that was.

Gregory Lawrence

Kyle Bell

Well, it's not bad if you want to go somewhere quick. The lanes and their systems are more than outdated at over 20-25 years without renovation. The employees, well some are nice but they lack professionalism. Tonight, as I wrote this review I am bowling next to a group of 5 or 6 people. They are not using bowling shoes. They are using socks only and going themselves down the lanes to knock pins over by hand. They are talking foul, and when a employee noticed they weren't using proper shoes, going down the lane, and throwing balls while the sweeper was down purposefully he said be careful of management but he doesn't care. No wonder they suck here. Their lanes are pitted and the balls hardly return without retrieveing them with the reset button. It's a joke. And yes, I've been here a lot. I'm here about once a week with friends. But from now on I will be using better bowling facilities.

Julie Walker

Jason Clemons

Christopher Gaddis

Man they ran out of pizza

Prashanth K

Great family place to hangout with your family and friends. Many lanes and has an in-built restaurant, games. Fun place. You should come and visit!

chris young

Great time very family-oriented just really fun stop by try it out for yourself. The bar is a pizza the music don't forget about cosmic bowling the group family discounts all the varieties on the menu they actually use grenadine to make their cherry Pepsi that's amazing very fun the couches are very comfy they have a wide variety a bowling balls too all reasonably priced the only that I would change it's the color of the bathroom other than that it's a pretty good time


Tj Ma

Great fun for family and or friends of all ages

Luis Sanchez

Cherri Johns

Cadynce cross


Alvin Beard

Places so ran down nothing in there some new Saul old monitors old everything

Rachelle Pratt

If it was possible to give zero stars I would!! This place is a JOKE! Horribly rude staff who constantly make snarky comments, dirty and run down facility, equipment that doesn’t work half the time. Needs updated majorly and desperately needs a new staff. I will never come back

Amber Patton

Clancy's Village Bowl is wonderful they has the high school bowling every third week of the month during bowling season for high school. They have a wonderful Pro Shop and they also have cosmic bowling on the weekends

Project ZerkeX

Newly remodeled bar area is quite nice. Pool tables work well. Friendly staff.

Mandy Arnold

Fun place but employee we dealt with was rude...

Tim Spradlin

William Chalfant

Kaitlyn Jackson

The past 5 times I've tried to take my family bowling websites and Facebook says they were open but the door were locked or no one answers the phone. Last Saturday he said we couldn't bowl because there were too many birthday parties and a tournament. This Saturday they only have a tournament but aren't allowing any open bowlers. Seems next to impossible to take my family bowling.

Mark Grile

Grant Terry

Really fun

Bobbie Tarr

We like this place

Johnathan Early

Great time with friends. Very friendly staff.

James Gann

Melissa Brown

The party for my granddaughter was great, but some of the help had a bad attitude and was very rude. Not sure if we ever want to use this place in the future.

Annber Daye

Brenton Call

Always a fun time, value was great! Five bowlers, two lanes, two hours a pizza and s pitcher of pepsi for $49 with a coupon.

Dustin C

James Toby


Dennis Daily

Large facilities loved it

Herb C Halley

Alicia Ganion

This place could use a few updates, but it's not a bad place to bowl. My family has spent many weekends here and we love it!

Lrb Lrb

Chad Mckibben

Betty Toney


Tammy Koons

Tyler Benedict

T.R. Gooding

Kelli Reutman

Jonathan Davis


David Green


Valerie Falkenstein

Good place for fun but there nachos suck...$6 for a bunch of chips, hot dog sauce and 1\2 cup of cheese...not worth it...

Tayler Huffman

Terrence Evans

Morgan Mount

Great place!!

Nick Taylor

Glenda Burcham-Hilligoss

Nice place for family bowling

Jennifer Luttrull Lambert

Joshua Hoyt

Sunday fun day

Matt Mercer

Great place they just need more help around there the few that were there was killing it tho

Erica Wilson

The lanes are clean and the staff are great. I would give 5 stars, but food and drink prices are a bit high.

Khalifa Kush

it sucks

Matthew Reed

Really nice that there's a full service bar attached. Lanes haven't been updated in quite some time, but they're not warped and it gives the bowling alley a bit of a retro give, which is cool. Don't fix it if it ain't broke

Tony Stump

I had birthday party there.. excellent!!

Andrew Hill

Richard Clamme

Bar was closed on a Saturday night, sucked

Ric Lynn

Bowling alley was nice management not so nice

Keith Dishman

I would recommend bringing your own bowling shoes.

Tim Taylor

Good place to go bowling although far from me. A lot if ball state kinds go there. Place also canine quite loud at times.

Brody Barcus

They have a ton of lanes and the people are nice. It's just kind of dirty.

Danielle CoeWysong

Derek Moore

This place has kind of gone downhill. The staff at the desk was not very helpful and we had to switch lanes twice because they wouldn't work properly. Just needs some updating I think.

Ronni NLove

Lots of fun

Andreas Destiny

Great place with great food & prices! Family Fun!

Grey Wolfe

darrell may

We had a great time

Eric Reffitt

Michelle Fowler

Bill Bunnell

Dee Dee Jones

Meadow Carr

Crystal Rowles

Awful experience!!! It was extremely hot in the building when I asked if the air was on was told yes and he would check. The temperature never changed. Didn’t get everything that the $100 package offered. Called for a week straight and no one ever answered the phone. Won’t ever have another birthday party here again! Save your money folks!!!!

Gregory Ferrell

Best place to take your kids to have a good time and to bowl a few games

Tyler Ozbun

At a wedding reception and the drink prices are ridiculous

Laura Morrison

Friendly staff and low prices.

Brad Rodgers

Fun place to go on Sundays!

Henry Craig

Grate place to bowl good lanes ball return was super fast The lanes were kinda dry. The staff was super kind. Prices are ok in my opinion I think they should take them down about 40 cents but im not the boss so I just go with it and leave with a Smile. Not as busy in the summer. I will 100% be back

George Wright

It's a great place, had tons of fun and keep returning. Only complaint is some of the buttons on the machines are so worn you can't use them and the other machines break and need reset half the times after each bowl.

Ehcsah Inc

Very fun place for party's! Felt like a kid again!!! Haven't bowled in a very long time and still had a great time!

Nick Smith

Tyler Hurley

The guy who ran the front desk was super cool

Shannon Burris

Justin Dobbs

The guy over charged us 5$ dollars

Lina Malone

Cearie Girl

Cookie Armstrong

Good place for a birthday party for young adult

Jayma Durnal

Haley Spurlock

chris Osborn

Brittany Kennedy

Brock Tilley

Advertised that they were open 3-7 on Christmas Eve, we planned to have our family Christmas party there, catered food, and showed up to a hand written sign on the door saying "We're closed the rest of the day....Christmas Eve." Not sure who owns or runs this place but that was a real scum bag move.......

Dennessa May

Tejay Taylor


Sarah Campbell

Fun time! Great deal

Adam Jones

Steve Lynn

Bowling and booze

Cheryl Carter

Duane Pruett

If it was updated would be best bowling alley in Muncie.

WhackMeister FedoraTip

ZeZett Giroux

Fun place

Christian Rowe

I had a great time!!

Chastity Fryback

Takyra Thomas

Today was irritating! We had to reset the bowling pins 5 times within the first game and reset the pins the WHOLE GAME! Even after we spoke to the staff TWICE and was moved to another lane we STILL had to reset the pins. And we were charged an hour fee which we shouldn't had since we had to reset the pins every round. I went to bowl with friends last Saturday and everything was fine, we did have to wait for an open lane but that was about 5 minutes of waiting. I do think they should give people the right to reserve lanes if people have to wait for lanes to open up. This is why I give them a 3.

Eugene Crum

Timothy Bedwell

Kids had so much fun

Charlotte Shillings-kimmel

Went there on Saint Patrick's day for birthday party love the couches the bar and the pool the personnel was very helpful comminated our group would recommend The next year have cosmic bowling on Saint Patrick's day it would be fun

Mark Orr

Randy Hunter

Jessica Miller

Could not find staff when needed. Could not get drinks often if at all. floor and approached need repair

Capital Thrills

Well maintained, good guest services, and overall great quality. I look forward to visiting again.

Allen Jackson

This place suck, kept having to reset my bowling lane and for 3 people to bowl 1 game cost me $20. Plus the kitchen was closed so there wasn't any food. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone

Brittani Owen

We always have fun bowling here but the staff is horrible. No communication, no concern with helping customers, & can't perform simple math to split the cost of a lane.

Kirk VanOoteghem

Nice. Fun place to bowl.

Katelynn Lozano

Autumn Fairchild

12$ for 2 hours of bowling, the music wasn't loud, but a pitcher of beer was 9$... overall though great place to take your family and still give the appearance of being an adult haha.

Ashley GillespiehP

We wanted to have a birthday party at this location. After never receiving a response though email, I called and left messages. I still did not receive a response, so I went in to see about reserving it. I was told it would be fine, the day of party no one knew anything about it. Everything worked out, but terrible communication among the staff.

michele Brown

Great place to bowl

Debra Taylor

Cant seem to bowl on Sunday because all the open lanes are booked up with birthday parties.

Cathy Wilson

It's a great place for a party.

David Keller

Good party deal. Great staff. Multiple entertainments. Great fun with family and friends.

Lisa Hitchens

Corey Croucher

Lots of lane but, sorta hard to find the staff

Derek Bailey

Nathan Brosher

Nice clean facility and a great place to bowl.

Robert Webster

Busy but prices fair

travis Quakenbush

Don Martin

Boyd Wright Jr.

Really nice bowling alley all together. It has an awesome pool hall slash bar. The staff there are awesome, nice and really helpful. Great place for a day with the family or a night out with the friends.

Tim Sims

Decent place for partys

Shirley Sloan

People were nice place was clean. I will b back

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