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9176 Winton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231, United States

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REVIEWS OF Brentwood Bowl IN Indiana

Patrice Carpenter

Great p lo ace for family and friends to meet.

lisa Watts

I was invited to a birthday bowling party. There was about 30 people. We had 4 lanes. Didn't have any issues with the lanes sticking like other places. The food was delicious.

elena bishop

We had fun!!! Even though there were leagues going... they made room for us and we were a larger group which we appreciated.... the bumpers weren't so obnoxiously placed or anything that we big people couldn't enjoy playing but the little ones still felt very much a part of the game... I can't wait to get back by there with my niece and nephews!!!!!!

Andre owner

Camron Smith

It was OK, not very clean.

Robert Eder



Nasty barmaid.. The bowling is a lil pricey, but it's clean..

Mike B

Dingy, old, friendly staff

Rick Adams

Just went for a meeting, the place is getting cleaner.

Daniel Cronin

Old and run down but clean and we'll maintained. 10$ minimum on credit card purchase and the games are a little expensive but the bathroom was semi-clean!

Charles Pickrell

Services suck. No friendly faces

Donna Good - Hopkins

Going to get me a Dog Wood Tree at Brentwood Bowl in celebration of Earth Day, it was my Aunt Mary's favorite good bless her heart

brad56t darius03

The staff, with the exception of two people, were fairly rude and dismissive. It was my daughter's 35 birthday party, and she had spaces reserved. She was treated as if she were a nuisance. I will NOT recommend this place to anyone.

Deborah Spangler


Tony Edwards

I have always enjoyed bowling at Brentwood.

Herbert Wilson

Had a great time there with my children on Father's Day looking forward and going back again the people there was nice your surrounding people that was also bowling very friendly they also have a good time

Patricia Weaver

Love to bowl there meet with family and friends

Mark Shannon

Works with the special needs community!

Mary Whittaker

Everyone is soooo friendly in this league

John H Straughn Jr

Nice bowling alley. fun after leagues

Apple Meadows

The fake bartender they have was rude and just nasty. Her attitude was out of order due to her not knowing how to take drink orders never again will I go in there and order a drink and get a water. The liquor was watered down. Not worth my money or time.

Michael Macklin

Nice lanes family atmosphere

Kathy Korn

Poor poor service!

Nicole Parson

Fun Time

joy whittle

Had a chance to get some food at the soul food place it was the bomb . I will be going back plus the music was really good. Great place to go.

robert morris

I bowl on a league here. Friendly environment

Lonzo Huff

Very fun nice friendly family atmosphere

barbara seward

Actually went to the restaurant inside the bowling alley. The food was great!!!!!

Rosemary Weaver

Tiffan Stephens

Great place for a family outing. The people who run the soul food window-the food is the bomb. Somebody's grandma has to be doing the cooking!!

Sheena Ector

Soul food restaurant is great

Chanae Brown

I had a fun here. The place could use some renovations, but they have good drinks and the food is decent too

Anne-Laure Naud

The kids don't have a ramp and no ball lighter than a 6 !! Our lane didn't work, we had to reset it Everytime after throwing a ball !!! And the cleck didn't give a s...t. most horrible experience ever, unprofessional as I've never seen. I highly do not recommend

lawrence twitty

Nice staff but dismal environment to have fun in.

Joe Luckey

Vette Mo

Lights kept going off in rotation. Sound system blew it’s amp. Personal balls went down the lane but never returned. The parking lot was poorly lit and badly maintained .

Colleen Edwards



I have never seen a bowling alley in such horrible condition the lanes seem to break every throw, the vending machines are out of order all the time, and the people who work here are someone of the rudest people I have ever met.

Joran Cruz

Great Play

Stacy Barnes

I like this place a lot. They have a ton of lanes, are pretty nice to their patrons, and it’s a very laid back, fun atmosphere. Probably the best bowling alley in town, and I’ve been to a lot.

Perla Rubi

Fast service, helpful staff, have special promo for the summer and even has a kids league for bowling. Needs some upgrade but overall a good place to have fun with friends and family

Anne Qcito

Great place nice people nice bowling alley

Maray Campbell

The older guy at the front counter... White w the grey beard rude as hell. I been up there two times, and both times, his rude... The bowling experience is great, however they need a new host... We want b returning

Just Renee

Decent but the place needs updating, ceilings look like they are about to cave in.

Tyra Colvard

Bowling balls kept getting stuck, the lanes kept messing up, and the staff was unfriendly.

Manav Sharma

Nice play to hang out but the bartender was too slow to serve customers.

Teia Davis


Fun for the family.

Adrian Ray

Had a really good time

Deaconess Angie Ortiz

No credit card machine only ATM and only cash the staff can keep up

Tony Black


DK Trey

I've bowled in tournaments at this facility for years. I always enjoy the atmosphere and staff.

Brian Wilson

Good company makes a difference.

Ace Lewis

Littledragon125thegamer Gamergirl

Jeff Burton

Updated interior; lane and machine equipment makes this an enjoyable experience for a everyone

Carson Kiley

Jill Martin

Extremely slow and rude to high school league play. Would never come here just to bowl outside of s school match.

bubble gum

Too crowded and busy...

Vonda Kellum

Nice place to socialize with friends

Carol Lucio

Cleanest bowling alley I've ever seen!

Jonathan Jordan


Gina Gordon

Nothing works properly

Jackie Smith

Sunday evening bowling with family & friends

Christopher Cade

Great time with family but the sound system didn't work until we were leaving and we enquired about it upon arriving.

mary a

Friendly place.

Mark Pose

Fred Jackson

Elizabeth Smith

Plan out Rude!! Threw an birthday party for my son went terrible. Was told i could bring my own food .When arrived with pizza and 50 party wings, I was told to eat it outside.When i questioned the rude lady ,she said due to the restaurant you could only bring in side dishes.The pizza could be eaten here but the chicken couldn't since it's not an side dish.Wow what an joke!! lol we just put the chucken wings in an pizza box.The stuff needs to update their personally along with building.Run go somewere else like Madisonville bowl awsome place.

Joyce Farley

Very rude!!! Need to get their customer service together even the bartender!!! Only thing was good was the FOOD

G Hemms

Very poorly run, waited a 1/2 hour in line to get a lane. On a good note, chicken wings are great.

Darrell Lenoir

L Christon

Lynda Allen

I was visiting a restaurant inside Brentwood bowl, the food was excellent.

Brittany Cooper

Worst bowling experience I've EVER had. We had to be switched lanes twice and they still cut ours lanes off at the same time as if we didn't have to wait forever to get changed, not to mention how long we were vigilant bowl because the lane was broken! The lady running this place is the last lesson on earth that should be. She just had a nasty demeanour. Despite how horrible the lanes were and the customer service....the ABSOLUTE WORST PART was how this manager was treating an employee. I believe he had maybe some sort of handicap. And because he wasn't Johnny on the spot....she HUMILIATED him. I have never been so disgusted by someone. She screamed at him in front of us and everyone else. When he couldn't get our land working for like the 3rd time it messed up (as if that was his fault anyway), she brought her nastiness out from around the counter(God forbid I'm sure), she really let him have it. And this poor guy, all he could do was apologize to us over and over and over, which infuriated me even more. HE DID NOTHING WRONG! He, nor does anyone deserve to be treated that way. Everything I've ever been taught about business, manager, customer service FAILED MISERABLY that night. And the fact that I spent $70 to half way bowl there was a joke as well. I truly hope that poor man is not still there. Needless to say, my g family and I will NEVER RETURN to this location. If you are iffy about going her bc it's convenient....DON'T! Drive the extra few miles somewhere else.

Tarelle Harris

Yoga with the cool kids11 And my diys

I won all three games

erik Ayers

Carla Riesenberg

Fun and cheap

Cedric Shields

Great place for family get together.

Carol Kalwa

Chris Hunter

Great place

Mork Lachniet

Neicy Boo

Decent drinks. Lanes could be updated

Colleen Martin

Cynthia Oglesby

Great place for family fun.

Mary Wykoff

Tony Suarez

Joslin Martin


Charles Briggerman

Irene Mayes Barth

Kimberly Nelson

This place needs a serious update. It’s old, at the bar there were jars with liquid in them to kill the gnats which you saw. I wasn’t even going to entertain eating food here, but also the thing that really pissed me off was the public couldn’t bowl till 6:30pm Saturday, so although there were plenty of open lanes AND the fact that they’ll let the public in, you can spend money on poor ass drinks, stale food, jukebox and pool all overpriced as well don’t come here thinking you can BOWL if your not in a league. We waited till 6:30, and the attendant goes “ give us 10 min”. REALLY your making paying patrons keep waiting and waiting to bowl when there are open lanes??????????? IDU this rule. Me and my son left they weren’t getting any more of my money. Won’t be going back.

Kelvin Harris

Bowling was wonderful but food service take to long and need younger bar tender too . Along with older one. Music great

Lee Riley

I had a great time friendly people, great service

Felix Maye

Family Christmas bowling party

michelle s.

Tajuddin Al-Muqtadir

Itz cool

Zach Sprinkle

Anthony L. Mitchell


Karen Murph

It suck

BlackAtheist Speaks

Always go to the bowling alley for Billiards and they have a ton of tables and no wait. The prices for lanes are reasonable too!

Robert Adjei

The people are nice and ready to assist...It's just that the place is a little old and needs renovation......

Copper & Silver Stacker

This place is awesome for family partys. League bowling and to just come in and bowl. if either you were just bowling for fun with friends or practicing.

alexis frazier

Their lanes still break down even after 10 years since I've been there. They do have music that makes you want to dance though.

David Crosby

Fun place for family and group fun

Brian Steward

Old school setting but friendly service.

Luphelia Allen

Pam Davidson

Nice place

Iam WhoIam

C'mon, get it together. I want to patronize Black businesses BUT I won't spend my money ($35 for 1 adult and 2 children, 3 games) for rude service and lanes that break down every other frame. They only reason I didn't give 1 star is because I was given an apology and free vouchers for our next, and maybe final, visit.

Mike Pfeiffer

Great time, friendly atmosphere, good music. Place to bowl and have a fabulous experience with family and friends.

tracy Shirley

Good fun in my neighborhood. It has a bar and food. My grandkids loved it.

Nicholas Blum

It’s a pretty old fashioned bowling alley. I’m not sure whether they don’t do renovations to keep that cool 90’s atmosphere or they are too cheap to make said renovations. It’s a decent place to bowl, but I would elect to go here as my first choice. Food is pretty subpar, as is the drink selection, though the latter has improved dramatically in the past couple years.


The carpet smells and you may have to wait in line for a while if the understaffed crew is cashiering and bartending at the same time!

mike geiger

food is always good and prices reasonable

Kiyah Laray

They have a restaurant featured in here called RaggDolls and I absolutely love it. I believe it’s operated by family and close friends. They have amazing soul food. If someone wants to go bowling in Cincy I’ll definitely recommend Brentwood bowl. The lanes are usually well oiled. I always a great night out with friends here.

John Burton

Great place, nice service and pleasant atmosphere. Employees are courteous and friendly.

Zak Stegman

Empty alley and we waited for 25 minutes to bowl - rude lady. Then in the middle of our game, she shut down our lane bc she thought we were sneaking a bowler, 20 min later we were able to finish our game. Frustrating birthday party for my nephew. :(

Don Dada

The lanes not slick so the ball won't spin. Other than that it's fine.

Zachary Purdin

Best place for miles

Chelsea Smith

They Amazing alley to bowl on and music also

Jewel Lee

It was a nice atmosphere! Nice restaurant inside. Good food

Lebraun Huntley

Kimberly Poellnitz

Lanes kept messing up. Stag was nice and friendly.


Something always broken not well maintained the oldest equipment of any lanes in the city.still use 13" computer monitors for score keeping the system fails a lot need to adjust scores manually.

Timothy Stiggers

Great place for a league practice or starter bowl other than that it's an ok place just to hang out and have fun

Brandi Linn

Fair prices, had a great time! Staff are nice and patient. They let us finish our round near closing time. Will be returning!


Brentwood bowling alley is a great place to bowl but no pro-shop and no grill everyday.

D'Audra Eakins

Very rude and inconsiderate manager. The old lady at the bar is rude. The service is slow. I would never come here by choice.

Al Rosser

Fun place to spend with friends

Jeff Frederick

Miss Pumpkin

I've been going here for years good ol fashioned fun

Charles Claridy

Great experience

Jessica Wilson

Go here if you want the man at the front counter to curse at you under his breath multiple times because you need a pair of shoes, and yell at you because he let a customer in front of us walk away without paying, which is his job not ours. We kept telling him we don't know which "girl didn't pay!" And he literally kept yelling it at us. I would recommend Madison Bowl, we went here because it was closer but next time we are driving the extra distance to Madison.

Carol Rucker

"Creatress" a Mural by Joe Castrucci: ArtsConnect/Artworks I've never been to Brentwood Bowl but I've been watching as artists painted this beautiful mural on the wall. They finished it recently and it really cool!

kimberly hunter

Terrible experience

Dave B

This place and everything in it is decades overdue for major renovations. The attitudes I've experienced from employees is anything but welcoming. This place is in such disrepair they should be glad to have any business they can get but they don't seem to care. I would never go to this place by choice when there's several other places close by.

Charity Sims

I love Brentwood. With there new lanes and good food they make me feel welcomed. The people at the counters are very polite and nice, and even sometimes crack jokes to make you smile. They have great costumer service and I definitely won't stop going to this alley. Love Brentwood

Horace Robinson


Very rude and condescending to high school league players & parents. They wanted to herd us like cattle into a very small section to make room for an adult league. Yelled at us over the intercom like dogs. Major liability & fire code violations on Brentwood's part. Very overcrowded. The place was absolutely filthy. I hope that we never have to bowl there again.

Spencer Harrington

48 lanes, pool tables, multiple bars and usually multiple restaurants. Great atmosphere. Only issue is that a number of lanes fail too often for a 5 star rating.

Brandi Miller

ray florence

One of my favorite places

Corban Robinson

Awesome spot for bowling, clean, affordable, great staff

Randy Fowler

Great music.

dave hunt

Samona Crooks

It's very family oriented, my daughter bowls there an it's like seeing family every weekend that we go.... Everyone is so kind..

Rain Be Lit

I had a great time bowling with friends and family. Also the worker there was really nice.

Teresa Anderson

Nice place to bowl, meet friends and eat wings

Lovely Durham

Horrible! Go somewhere else. The manager Mr. Gary has a very poor disposition and zero idea of good customer service. Half of the menu was obsolete and the food came super slow! Not worth it. Jordan is the only reason they get 1 star. Poorly managed and maintained!!!

Orville Hughes

It was enjoyable sperience Bowling with friends

Elaine Menifee

DeEntre Thompson

Ragdolls has good food

sam d

This place is the worst. The staff is rude and if they went any slower, we would have went back in time. Never again will I come here. I should have paid attention to the bad reviews!!

Gypse Rachel

Great for families it was a little cold in their. We had a small fami it gathering and was able to bring our own food and just enjoy. Shoe rental is too high with the games that you p lat

Novia Jackson

Fun with my family after the crazy young people music was turned off

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