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REVIEWS OF Thunder Bowl IN Illinois

Kevin Foster

Great time. Service was 3 stars. We had trouble with ball returns however the staff apologized for the inconvenience. Lengthy downtime but nice time nonetheless. Try them. Near Chicago Gem.

imageking1 .

Thunderbowl was very clean and updated very nice place to bowl. Very nice bar and grill also great hamburgers

Nick Mergen

Fun time. Good lanes and updates scoring for great family fun!

Diablo In Hell

Good place to bowl, but the customer care is only so and so they don't put much effort in it to get things fixed.

Nat T

Every time we come we always enjoy ourselves. It's always clean, staff is friendly, 24 lanes, and good food. We've had birthday parties here and it's always pleasant.

April Whitely

Nice, fun bowling alley. Wait/bar staff was excellent with out large group!

fabian reyes

Does the best it can with the space available. Not very clean, kinda cheap.

Derrick Matthews

Decent experience. My only gripe is with the jukebox. They charge you more to play hiphop yhan they do rock. Management lowers the volume on hiphop and pumps it up for rock misic too. I know bc I requested both rock and hiphop when I paid to play music.

Leo R.

Fun place were you can bring the whole family. Cosmic bowling is a blast!

Anthony Margis

Great food, brews, staff and lanes!

Lindsay L

Reginald McCune

Lawrence Mcdonald

Always loved this place

Nathan Hughes

This is great for family's great time

Carol Turner

Love this place

Race Wright

Staff are rude and unhelpful.

Christophe Gsell

Rick Graser

Nice place to bowl and hang out and watch sports

Dan Genty

Good cheap fun

David Englehart

The family love it, the bowling was great. The restaurant had great food, a little pricey for family night, but overall a good night out.

Edward Eudave

Love the bowling section as well as the bar. Great chill place

Clare Montelpasse

First time , waitress cool , food cold , had wait almost 26 mins for drinks delivery by different waitress. .

Heidi Brick

Visited for a charity event and the space was great. The lane kept glitching and had to be reset frequently, but the staff were friendly and helpful. Great place for charity/fundraising.

Noah Davidson

This place is amazing. Great food. Love the vodka pasta


Great place.

Dylan Glogowski

Nice clean lanes but every time I talk to the staff they are rather rude and give off the impression that they don't quite care about my experience there. Still one of my favorite alleys to bowl and and I often go to the adjacent bar for a drink and a game of darts. The bar has a much more friendly and personable staff

Chandra Craig

Excellent drinks. Good food. Nice sports bar

zaris draws

It's really cool gear and the food is great Btw I'm winning

Firas Naji

The staff are all great. The lanes were clean and even with a full house the wait wasn't too bad. Only issue is with the arcades. All of the games are geared towards teens and older but there were a lot of your kids, under 10, who were too little to play. Plus several of the games had broken components and/or ate tokens. It's the only place to wait when waiting for a lane, it should be better taken care of.

Eric Maniel

Had a candlelight bowl. Employees were festive and nice. Had a good time with the family.

Maureen Langer

I have never felt strong enough about an experience to write a review, but today is an exception. Just left the bowling alley and I will NEVER give that place another dime of my money. First, we called to make sure they had open lanes and the person on the phone was rude, but I brushed it off. When we arrived there were two young men behind the counter and they seemed annoyed to have to wait on us. I didn't see anyone that would have been a manager or an owner. It was clear that no one wanted to be there. A few minutes later we walked back up to ask them to put up the bumpers on our lane for my son and the punk behind the counter (with his backwards hat) actually rolled his eyes. OMG! I wanted to slap him. The waitress was nice enough but the food took forever. My son ordered a child pizza and fries and we waited a good 30 minutes for it. (almost as long for our beer) If they were slammed busy, I would have accepted a lot more, but there was only about 8 lanes in use when we arrived. On top of everything else, it was literally freezing in there. My nose was running and my son had to bowl with his jacket on. We will stick to Strike and Spare in Lockport. It's old, but at least they appreciate your business.

Grace K

Christopher Mirtia

Great place to bowl and the food was decent

Michael Banning

Dun family place, pizza is decent, service is OK. You will get what you make out if it.

Tom Boyle

Great atmosphere

Kathi Franzen

We had a great time at a private party in the back room. Good food and the service was phenomenal

Michael Hiller

Fun place

Midi Abubakar

Good food, great staff

Matthew Krupa

This is probably my favorite bowling place of all time. Staff is nice and courteous, and after going here for 4+ years, I have yet to be disappointed!

Christopher Janotta

Brian at the front desk is one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. Best place in the Tinley Park area to play pool. Awesome all around place, and better than the other alleys in the area.

Ken Howard

The food was excellent and service was good while bowling. Would definitely eat here and bowl here again. The dish we had was the Nacho Plate. It was huge and good.

Mario Ramirez

Great place to bowl and have a kids party. Staff was helpful and made sure we had everything we needed.

Mark Wirth

The pizza is awesome. I've had quite a few of the items on their menu. Everything I've tried was delicious. Friday nights are out of hand. Definitely a popular spot with the younger crowd. Good selection of Craft Beer and Wine. Friendly staff.

Anna Wilson

Don't go here for the food or the service, just come here to bowl! Its cheap, and fun and disco bowling is just great fun!

Joshua Stepney

Had a wonderful time

Anthony Cain

Hands down some of the best food I've ever had at a bowling alley. The nachos, baked chicken, tacos and pasta are all good choices. A couple of issues I have are the bathroom urinals don't have the divider to block "peeping Tom's" and at times the lanes randomly shut off or their extremely dry or overly oily. However, I continue to visit because the food is great, prices are typical and the workers are cool.

Eric Van Dyck

Fun place.

tyler podest

The place is nice good time, quality bowling. But I called and asked if they were busy and if I there would be a wait, the guy who answers just said “first come first serve buddy, first come first serve” sounded like he is not enjoying his job there, he needs to quit and work a job that makes him happy

Adam B

Had a lot of fun here

Jessica Veenstra

Fun for the kids, staff was friendly, bathrooms could use a cleaning.

wolfs binder

First time here with my son and his friend. Had A great time and they really enjoyed the lights and music.

Stacy Ruzich

Alley food wasa bit overcooked. Most times excellent service and food!

A Google Person

This place used to be the best seven years ago however all of the bowling lanes constantly are getting broken and we have to wait 15 minutes for the staff to get them back online.

Josh Amann

Fred Hyser

It's a nice venue, but overpriced. $3.50 a game on thursdays... $1 at Tinley, $2 at centennial. Either way, staff is nice, lanes are decent, but overpriced.

Jach Davi

I recently had a birthday party here. I was worried when I first called and spoke to the event coordinator named Marie - she was very rude on the phone and made me reconsider having a party here but I'm glad that I didn't change my mind. I went in to put down my deposit and spoke with someone different - a man working at the first desk. He was really nice and said if I needed to make any changes to the number of people who were coming to my party, just to call and let them know, also told me I only had to put down a $25 deposit whereas rude Marie had grouchily told me on the phone it was a $75 deposit. Got there the day of the party and spoke with a staff member at the front desk, I think his name was Brian, he was really nice and so was our server. The cosmic bowling experience was unique and fun. Besides speaking to the rude event coordinator, the other few things I'd complain about are how we got our pizza really late (we were bowling from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. and the pizza finally arrived at 4 p.m.), some of the arcade games were out of order, and once 4:30 p.m. hit they just shut off all of the bowling lights and lanes, which left everyone confused on what was going on. I knew we were supposed to bowl from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. but I didn't expect them to actually shut everything down like that - I thought that they'd at least let us play until 5 p.m. or they could have at least made an announcement saying they were getting ready to shut down all of the lanes and lights. Overall, though, my party and I had a fun time and I'd come back to this bowling alley for another party or just for a leisure day with friends and/or family. Good prices for the amount of people I had in my party, food was pretty good, and the bowling experience was fun.

home stuff

great place love it.


So peaceful and clean

Patrick David

Popular bowling and a good time with family or friends. Gets busy on the weekends so just be prepared for that. Table service can get slow then.

Jamie Wood

Staff is great

Phil Sheehan

Went on a sun. It wasnt crowded or very noisy even with the loud music. The other people bowling were respectful with no drama which is nice

Jose Taboada

Very nice and clean atmosphere and kids friendly.

were all mad here

Decent. Clean n fun

Nick Kaiser

Clean, good food!

Roman Machacek

Good place to hang out

Gia Jones


Sean O

Good drinks at a decent price. Staff let us play bags inside after the pool hall area was reserved for a private party.

chris bowen

Pretty terrific bar. Good service and a fun atmosphere. The food is fantastic for bar food.They have pool tables which is awesome

Mike Berg

Pretty awesome by bowling alley standards

Michael White

Awesome food for a bar/bowling alley. Would eat here over many nearby restaurants. Nice big bar with friendly staff

Nathan Fowler

Looked like a nice place. Didnt bowl though. Noticed almost half of there arcade games were out of order. Bathrooms in bowling portion were absolutely discussing. Trash can was over flowing to the point where I acually pushed paper towels on the floor out of the way when I opened the door. There were maybe 5 lanes going when we got there and just 2 when we left so I know they were never checked, probably since ealier that day.

Tamer M

Always a great time the pizza is the best chicken wings and the drinks are awesome. Bowling Lane is clean and it's up to date.

josh falcone

Awful service, don't bother coming in after 12:30 because they'll tell you they can't put you on a lane. Food is average. Overpriced bowling. Go somewhere else

Jessica Montelongo

Service was horrible!!!! Waitress took my order and after an hour of waiting for it I asked where my order was they said the kitchen had closed. So ridiculous! They never told me that when I placed the order. Not to mention the beer was warm and the big guy at service desk to bowl had a very bad attitude, not at all people friendly.

reaper reyna

Great place to have fun with friend

brian mcclintock

Had a good time here although the lanes were constantly breaking down

Hemory Phifer

lunchflavor Bojangles

Overpriced food unreliable lanes

Tex Mover

Excellent!!!! Plus I don't drink ALCOHOL & discount too !!!

Maura Nacker

A fun place to go with family. Pizza EXCELLENT. When the weather is cold and snowy it's a warm friendly atmosphere.

Angelo McCaskle Jr.

Went here with my family and all of the bar staff were rude and didn’t want to serve me or my family. I asked an employee where can I get a soft drink from and she looks at her coworker and says “I’m done tonight”. How rude can you get when I’m paying my money to be here. I will NEVER come back here!

Errol Pugh

Enjoyed it very much.

Elizabeth Tucker

Great Staff, all around. Behind the counter, & wait staff. Was there for family party. Used 8 lanes. Great time by all. Buffet was not bad either.

Megan Balabon

I have been here a few times, but never for the bowling portion. In the past I have been happy with their service, but today was not a good experience. I took my kids and my nephew for some bowling and pizza. I had noticed that they had a Wednesday special for 1/2 price pizza. I thought that would offset the higher price of bowling for the kids and I could treat them to pizza at the same time. Well, they didn't honor their price. They claimed after I got the bill and the kids had eaten the pizza that it was a holiday(hello, the day before Thanksgiving is not a holiday) and that they were charging me full price. I politely said to the manager that there was nothing mentioning holidays on the website and I had even pulled it up on my smartphone prior to ordering and talking with them. Basically, she told me it was too bad. I paid it and tipped my waitress as it wasn't her fault, but I think that it was not fair or good business practice to not honor their specials. Especially when there was nothing stating otherwise. They lost a customer who has previously hosted a school reunion, baptism and birthday party there for a whopping $10. There are plenty of options for me out there and I will definitely not go back.

Harry Bernstein

Fun time, though a little pricey for bowling. Food was great but service was a little off

Frank Golden


edbert carroll

Clean, Spacious, Friendly , Lively and Great Lane conditions

John Vandyck

Not the best place to bowl. During open bowling, it's all cosmic on Saturday. If you are a serious bowler, not the place to practice

beverly catalano

It's a fun place to go anytime, it's very clean and the staff are always very friendly and smiling. And the food is great!

Edward Miller

Fun atmosphere great place love it.

M Margarita

Fun for the kids


Fundraising event...great service!

Sara Roberts


Pant 81

Good prices on bowling and absolutely great craft beer selection


Amazing food. Large selection of bowling balls, you can bring your own if desired.

Megan Kmetz

Cosmic Bowl with daily open hours. Loved it.

Adelinne W.

Fun, cheap, and we were surprised with cosmic bowling!

Veronica Delamora

Nice place and friendly people!

Steve Tijerina

Individual games are over-priced. I ordered a large pizza and waited over an hour for it. The front desk was also very rude.

trouble saad


Fun place to go with some friends and have a good time. Prices are reasonable and the place is well maintained.

Nick N

Just ok, it was kind of rowdy when I was here. Might not be good for people looking for a quiet place to bowl on a weekend.


Clean, friendly staff, well maintained lanes

Jennifer Parker

Small but clean. We came on a slow day, no one was in there but us and 1 other person bowling. Overall great service.


Bowling was fun. Food was great. Service also very good. Recomend.


Always a good time.

tamara freeman

Fun for the kids

E Blatz

Didn't bow here this time because then had no open bowling. Came here on Christmas eve with friends and family and had a great time. Seating around lane is pretty compact. Would bowl here again.

Travon Cordova

I don't really like that place there's always something wrong with the lanes everytime I go there

Victoria Patton

Clean facility, friendly staff. Family oriented

Redtail barracudas Yellowtail barracudas

Beautiful place to go bowl and have a down to earth time...!

Kathleen Ruzanski

Fantastic food ! Can't go wrong with with anything here! Nachos are the best! Bowling is fun crowded but not to crowded !

Ssgss Metro

Very fun playing bowling here but some ac wouldn't be bad.

Douglas Kirschbaum

Great place to bowl with your family. Good food, clean facilities and bathrooms. Nice employees as well. Our buddy had a knee drop out on him and they rushed to help and get ice. I recommend Thunderbowl and the pool hall/ bar area as well. Great food too.

Stan Tarr

Good food. Great service.

Jordan Roy

This place sucks

Sam Klauba

Marty Costello

Great times always

Steve Farr

Nice, clean!

Sheri Culver

Great time we had an employee holiday party and everyone enjoyed themselves. Service was excellent.

Lorrie O'Brien

Good atmosphere and food

Maria Matejka

Have some family time with auntie and cousins. Nice time at reasonable price. The gang even got something to eat as we played

The Family of O’s

Everytime I come here there is never availability.

Amanda K.

Their staff are horrible not friendly at all...don’t waste your money.

Nicholas Karaskiewicz

Day I went lanes were perfect for a lefty at least. Ball was reacting quite nicely on the oil. Pro Shop was closed day I went which was a bummer noticed they are a Motiv dealer which is hard to find with a lot of the pro shops dominated by storm

P Manson

Pizza is over priced. Eat before going!

Bob Heiy

Lanes break all the time and the owner never wants to fix them. Forget about there pizza unless you like under cooked and bland pizza

Tomas Garb

Best bowling alley around. GINO is the man! He was running around like crazy & the bowling alley was a full house tonight and he was getting everyones orders bringing them food by himself and sweating! The man deserves a promotion. Great atmosphere, AWESOME FOOD, and great service by Gino.

Lovely Kenya

Had a great time! Wings and drinks was pretty good! The place was really nice overall.

Ms Tish

I visited this location for the first time this past Saturday with my daughter. We both had a good time bowling. I felt relaxed and we ordered their nachos which we both enjoyed. The place was nice and cool. The staff at the check-in desk and also the staff taking orders were very nice. It wasn't crowded at all when we went after 12pm. I look forward to going back.

Vance Pierce

Solid food. Great lanes. Great service!!!

tony decker

Good time for a night out

Ryan Zimmerman

Great lanes, nice people.


No problems with staff good service and no complaints

Marlie Buckingham

Mike Maddox

Great pizza. nice bowling ally.

Christopher Brown

Fun fun fun awesome food and services

B M F'n K

Nice bowling alley, some pretty interesting people to say the least.

Bob Blue

Awesome awesome food

Tawneyton Perona

Clean and friendly staff

Kathleen Crissey

Bowling was a blast. Bathrooms terrible, no locks on stalls, toilets don't flush!!!!!!! Really needs to be fixed

Peter Fattore

Rena Smith

It was ok

Brandi Wright

Such a fun time. The food is always superb and the staff is great!

N. B.

Nice fun place to go & eat & have fun with the whole family!

Michael Prachasitthisak

Standard bowling alley.

Constance Smoot


At the bar I was overcharged nearly 30$.

Chris Mitchell

Hi my name is Chris Mitchell.. I used to work at this bowling alley. They never let me bowl, drink, or eat for free.. Man this place would of been 5/5 ☆☆☆ if they didn't fire me for a no call no show.

Aracely Capetillo

Is our First time coming here and we love i! Is a great place to have Family and friends reunions Delicious food and drinks.

Stephanie Severson

Attended a bowling birthday party here. Well maintained, good music and fun. Pizza was quite tasty.

John Lindemulder Jr.

We had our company party there the food, staff and bowling were great. Would reccomend for fun night out.

Toni Nino


Kathleen Hesse

Nice place food was great

Brian Vesely

Great clean fun

Matthew Paluszak

Miraculously clean

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