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REVIEWS OF Strike Ten Lanes & Lounge IN Illinois

Wesley Ramirez

Went with my family to play two games. The cost wasn't bad for the shoes: $16 for 4 shoes ($4/pair of shoes). They also have the rack for small kids to use for bowling, which was nice. Unfortunately, the lane shut down after 7 frames. We pushed the button for assistance, and my husband even went to ask for help, but nothing happened. We waited for about 15 minutes before deciding to just leave, as it appeared that no one was even heading to the back of the bowling alley to help. Just know that when they charge, they are not charging the group for 1 game. It charges games per person. So, for a family of 4, one set of 10 frames equals 4 games.

nick patrick

This place seems great for friends and family to go have fun. But if you are bowler of any kind I wouldn’t recommend bringing your own equipment. The lanes had zero to little oil and the lane I was on had a hump in the middle of it.

Ryan's Video Projects

Good prices and food selection. Hasn't been updated in a while though.

Brad Vos

This is a great fun spot to hang out on the weekend or during the week. The homemade pizza was really good and they have a well stocked bar

Anthony Tomaras

Place had decent food, well priced beers, friendly staff, but gee whiz I think a speaker went out and only very staticy treble was coming through. Other then that, they were also understaffed for a Saturday, but that will happen. We'll end.up going back there cuz the staff was very friendly, like I said. You cant ask for any more in a bowling place!

Keisha Cee

The lady at the front desk was rude and made me feel uncomfortable. Makes me feel not wanted here.

Deborah Jimemez

It's not for me spend like $116.00the first time we went there they don't ha e no specials


This place is ok for the general bowler who doesn't mind the bone dry lanes and glitches in the system. The skirting above the lanes sags in the middle and blocks the top of pins from view. Maintenance is clearly being neglected. Drinks and food are ok.

Konrad Jop

Nice place, good fun for group.

Hammy I

Brunswick? Forget about them! Elk grove bowl? Forget about them!! Arlington lanes? DEFINITELY FORGET THEM. Strike Ten is better then all of those places combined. Great environment, good lanes, bar, great food, and most importantly great customer service. What else can you ask for when going to a bowling alley? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ALLEY!

jenish bhagwakar

By far the best bowling alley I have been to. Totally worth drive, place is always extremely clean and they’re always ready to assist you.

Manish Thakral

Not for professionals

Kate Lis

So from the outside it looks as bad as it looks inside. Buuuut! The food is great, the prices allow you to play and have a good time for some time (unlike other big name chains). The only negative is the bartender. He can't multitask to save his life, and it's a small bar. You have to wait at.least 5 min for a water let alone a drink. Also do not ask for beer recommendations. He didn't even know deschutes was a brewery

michael schwind

Great times.

Jackie Hable

Not very Friendly people who work there very expensive

Shawn Campbell

Great place to bowl or have a drink at the bar

Filza Naim

A.small mom & pop type bowling alley... Very nice people. We went there with the kids on a week night and it was empty, so we enjoyed the quiet playtime there. Food is ok, not the greatest, pricing is reasonable.

srikar chilla

Decent prices for everyone(groups or single) including drinks and bowling

Atik Makda


It's a great place but like every other bowling alley I wish they would have lighter balls that have fingers that were thrilled for men to throw down the lanes all the bowling balls that fit my fingers we're 16 pound balls and nothing less and I don't have huge fingers like my dad

bharani kumar

Worst pizza .please don go.

John Blankenship

Friendly staff, modern lanes, and clean facility.

Tina Papa

Cute little bowling alley

Muzammil Faizi

Not that great when your lane keeps turning off in the middle of a game.

Ashish Surti

Great venue with super staff. Had a great time.


This place is really dirty, that was my first and last time

Ryan Haggard

Rude staffing. Came here with my girlfriend and her two friends and the receptionist kept mugging and rolling her eyes at us. Then, she have our group the nastiest table. Never again

Lindsay Barrons


Good and cheap place for family time.

Syed Hashmi

Worst bowling alley ever

Vanessa Burns

Looks run down on the outside, but is actually nice inside. Not great for large events, but it is good for smaller groups that want a more intimate space.

yony medina

Excellent customer service. Highly recommended for friends and families. Food and drinks were amazing and would come here on the regular.

Aaron Kopecki

Made a visit here a while back with my family. Absolutely up-hauled at the way the Managers behaved. I had a problem with my food being burnt and spoke with the manager, he said his name was Jason, who had my food recooked which was fine. That wasn't what bothered me.We were there about 5 hours because my kids were having fun. What bothered me was Jason saw my 3 young children with me when he brought back our food earlier in the day. I went up to the bar to get a pitcher of soda later that night, while I was waiting there with my youngest I saw that Jason was pretty drunk which is completely unprofessional while you are managing. To top it off He was cussing very loudly and telling the bartender about some sexual things he had done to a woman, all right in front of my child. I hope this woman discovers how disgusting this little boy is that talks about women like that in front of young kids. I have never returned since. Do not support this place!

Karl Hintz

Very nice bowling alley. Comfortable couches, good food.

Brando 4sho

My girlfriend and I favorite spot to bowl

Taiwo Abdulkareem

This place is Fire!!!!! Highly recommended!!! You will not regret it!

open mind

Ok place.


Peter Kiwior

Cool place for a night out with friends.


Dirty, cramped, sticky and uncomfortable.

Eric Williams

Had a work xmas party here. Ironically, I didn't bowl. But the full service bar had no trouble keeping me well watered with a handful of craft bottles/taps and other standard macro imports. Sampled the pizza and I'd say it's pretty good for a bowling alley - not bad in general, regardless of venue. I don't give a rip about bowling but it's a decent place that satisfied my needs.

Alejandro Jr. Dimas

Clean. Small but enough room for small to large groups. Will return.

piya k

Sign saying closing at 2am on Saturday night. Got there 5 mins before 1am, they said we closed early today. They dont need business I guess.

Kristy Habbley

We had fun, not too crowded.

Dave Barthel

Decent alley. Sensors don't work good. Was giving us spares for ones we missed.

Joseph Witkus

Great bowling.

Erin C

We always have a good time at this bowling alley. It's clean, has good food and it is always a perfect outing for our family and friends!

Ricardo Licon

Great location beats Brunswick! Had a party there everyone enjoyed definitely coming back!

Metan Patel

Best bowling alley ive been to. Environment is so alive and better than the other places. Enjoyed the games, video. Games, bar. People are Friendly. Glad to have found this place

Timothy Meyers

A really nice place for bowling, food, or just meet up with some friends.


A small art deco-ish neighborhood bowling alley. Good bar. Decent food.

Mo Patellio

I wish my town had this type of establishment. This is a clean, modern & family friendly place. The beer selection on tap & in bottles was impressive.

Wojtek P

Great place, good music and food, not sure why its rated at 3.5, its definitely 5. The equipment is new and works great, automated bumpers for kids that can be selected on the screen next to your kids name, its just a great place to spend time with your family or friends

Aneesh Ethakota

Brian Mottl

Very nice and clean. Great atmosphere for people to bowl and relax. Great prices and good inexpensive food. Gave it four star because we waited pretty long for the food to come out.

Joe Pelayo

It was a good time playing here. We had our company outing here recently. Everyone liked it and the service was great. Good equipment too.

tim coleman

Well Paul perhaps the owners son is a regular guy with regular problems still trying to inspire someone to strive towards greatness in their life. Word is he has never missed a day of work in his life

Shreepaad Dave

Great time here!! Very nice atmosphere and great food. The DJ's spin music videos, and they have a very nice balance between family bowling and nightlife. Great for family parties and/or a good night out.

Senthil Swamy

You probably won't find a better place to bowl than Strike Ten. The workers are extremely friendly and very helpful. The food is excellent, the lanes are in perfect condition, and the environment is great for any sort of occasion. Highly recommend Strike Ten Lanes for your bowling experience.

Mayur Talati

Service was not to level we expected. Food was ok .

Justin Torres

It was OK $16 for a sub sandwich.... way to much. Don't get me wrong I was good. But $30 for 2 people to have lunch little much

Allison Rogers

Visiting from Cali. The place was nice. Customer service good and you pay at the end :0).. not in L.A.

Nicole Wnek

Nice place, slow service

Dana O'Donnell

Nice clean bowling alley. Kind of expensive though.

Rose Mandolini

We had a great time to lot of fun clean nice friendly atmosphere the food just could be a little Bit better Other than that it's a very very nice place highly recommend it inexpensive affordable for families the great time

Kristina Jam

Prices are high but workers are friendly

Cindy Perez

All three employees were constantly on their cell phones during work, even when we were waiting for a lane assignment, and trying to buy drinks. And it wasn't just ignoring us and texting, it was full on on the phone talking to someone instead of doing their job. If I was the manager I would have disciplined the employees, except the manager was the one on the phone the most. Also, we were outright lied to. When we asked to move to one of the other 6 free lanes, mind you there are only 14 to begin with, because of a family of 16 bowling on the two lanes next to us and they were constantly walking all over our lane and almost getting hit by us bowling, not only did they refuse to ask them to bowl properly, the employee said they had a league coming in. And that's a joke. I've been on a bowling league for 9 years. No decent league would bowl at this crap location. Also, it was slow as hell walking into the place at 6pm on a Saturday. That should have been a clue, no one wants to be here. We didn't either, unfortunately both Brunswicks in the area had tournaments going on and we felt like bowling. But this is not the place for that. If you are an avid bowler this place is not for you. Lane conditions suck, the booths were dirty, the employees sucked and their manager is a straight joke. We paid $80 to that terribly run business. I really hope the owner realizes the potential this place could have with better management.

Michael Majewski

Low key, great for kids and adults alike

Jordana Goldner

After waiting for over 40 min I tried to ask how much longer for a lane and was met with sarcastic snarky responses. After I told the guy he was being snarky he did apologize but at that point I was very turned off from the poor customer service. Furthermore as I left I did notice him on his phone and really not paying attention. I get that it's busy but that's not an excuse to be snarky.

Samara Burrows

Quiet and musty. Enjoyed it with friends though.

Ravi Rawat

Very good place

Adam Šertler

Just bad

Kamlesh Shah

Great for fun,food

Ranjit Doshi


Sarah Van Landuyt

Not a bad place but not very clean. The restrooms needed more frequent checking, there were greasy fingerprints everywhere, and a single baby carrot in the front lobby the entire time we were there.


Funny place for family and friends. But it's not that's clean there.

Manjeet Bhalla

We've visited this place several times. It's always fun. They have great lanes, an awesome bar, and even a good sized party hall upstairs. Definitely recommend this place for a fun time. They management is very friendly and always looks out to keep the customers happy too...oh, and the pizza and wings are delicious!

Joey Apple

Great bowling alley we visited on our stay in Schaumburg IL.

Ray Ramljak

Went on fathers day and only 1 person working entire facility. Cashier, bartender, cook, etc. Also no large fingered balls for my dad.

Mit Patel

Great bowling alley, nice and quite

Stephanie Geving

Went for an afternoon with the kids. Had a great time. Ordered pizza. Great service by Jeff.

Tommy Tommy

this place is a dump manager gets very easily agitated I've been bowling for 48 years just as bad as Streamwood Bowl

Tina G

Love the atmosphere but food service takes way too long. Had to wait over 2 hours for pizza and a few cheeseburgers

Mari Bar

Really nice staff and good bar. Good place to casually hang out, drink, and bowl!


Fun place

Luis Mondragon

Awesome place to bowl and relaxed.

Ken Foreman

Fun place but needs more servers!

sarah packard

BEWARE!!! Bowl here at own risk. We encountered by far the WORST costumer service tonight by the "owner", Jason. He not only tricked us into playing an extra game by saying two games was the same price as one, he also overcharged us. We knew something was sketchy when he told us the total was an even $75. After asking to see the receipt, we realized he charged us $20 too much. This place will trick you into paying more than you should if you are not careful. The staff was rude, unenthusiastic, and careless. Jason refused to give us our money back, which is complete bogusness. Not only does this place have terrible customer service, but it is extremely unsanitary and not worth the money. Do not *I repeat* DO NOT step foot into this horrid place they call a bowling ally. Absolute bogi!!!

Steve Sabu

It's a subpar bowling alley. It's not very big, but enough space without being cramped. The bowling lanes need to be oiled better. The ball does not roll well down the lanes. There is a full bar, but it's pricey. They do have deals for games and shoes.

Vladi S

Rude barmen, nasty food, never will back to this place.

Gracie Bednarczyk

I came here the other night with my best friend and my boyfriend. My boyfriend is black and the bartender was outside having a cigarette as he was walking in and asked him “if he knew where he was at”. Then my friend who is Latina (who came here legally and has papers) was having a drink at the bar and the topic of politics came up and the bartender and another man at the bar told her she had no rights as a human being because she was an immigrant and said “build the wall” and went on to say that immigrants were criminals. Clearly not knowing actual facts and statistics on racial incarceration percentages in the United States. I go to the university of Chicago and am majoring in sociology. Their comments were extremely ignorant and uneducated. I live closer to the city of Chicago and this kind of treatment and behavior is not tolerated. I know that a suburb like Roselle Doesn’t consist of many different backgrounds or cultures of people but if anyone is educated enough to understand why comments like these aren’t okay I wouldn’t suggest coming to this establishment.

Viane Paris

Don't care to go again. Place was dirty, staff was mediocre. We called to see if there were lanes open, they said yes. We get down there, no lanes open, they said they tell everyone that.


Terrible service. Talking to each other rather then taking care of costumers

Shawn Hairrell

Had a blast. Got a lane as soon as we got there, played 3 games (would have played more but the kids were getting tired). We had some drinks and food, all fast, great service. Definitely going back.

Anthony B

It's very pricey compared to other Bowling alleys.

Bartlomiej Krol

Nice lanes and good atmosphere.

Shannelle Whitaker

Awful management. Nice place but the workers are completely rude. I tried to purchase a beer and the clearly miserable employee wouldnt sell it to me because she doubted if I was the person in my I.d picture because my hair is now longer even though everything is clearly legitimate. Don't come here its not a fun place to bowl

Noah Clark

I really like this place. I went bowling with a few friends here, as a nice end to winter break, and we all had a blast. Everyone loved the food, the atmosphere, and even the TV's in the background. It was, honestly, probably one of the nights I won't forget. This wasn't our first choice, only because Brunswick Zone was $2 a game bowling at the time, but I'm glad we came. It's a lot nicer than Brunswick Zone, and it's cheaper than some other places I know of.

Carlos Rosales

Nice place to bowl

aakash shah

Nice fun place for game, fun and food.

Jagat Shah

Service is not good

Glorieuse Tartibu

Fun time, not too crowded.

Taivontae Chamberlain

Great for picking up in a game with some friends

Natali Otano

Fun but pricey balls kept getting stuck and under staffed and waited for 30 mintues to get service.

Sofia Malapote

Great, chill place for family and friends to bowl. Affordable food and drinks too! Highly recommended!!

Swetal Parikh

It's an okay bowling lanes

Beyleigh Duda

The place was very modern and the staff was on top of it and the prices were cheap. Perfect way to get out and have some fun.

Jamie Martin

Bad service. Did not have size 14 shoes

Helen Logothetis

Had a work party there a couple months back and they charged my co-workers and I a lot for both shoes and games. I would bring your own ball. Poor ball selections. I would not recommend this place to bowl

MBS Nation

My church took the children here for an outing for bowling it has a really nice environment and affordable prices for bowling the kids had alot of fun will definitely return

Vito Rodriguez

Pretty much an updated version of an old school bowling alley. I liked it, might return might not. But nothing turned me off about it. Its casual, and not really for children. An intimate place for a hideaway date. Full service bar too

Vishal B

Nice bowling alley and arcade. It's smaller but updated compared to the other big places. Full bar and a nice place to bring a group

David Salkin

Service at the bar could have been better

Syed Ibrahim

I went to this place and it changed my whole view of how a bowling alley should be. Great lanes, great balls, amazing food, great service. Great place to throw children birthday parties!!! If your looking for a unique bowling experience you have to go to strike ten.

Trevor Murphy

All the lanes have couch seating which is nice, and the pizza is good and not too pricey. They don't have any specials for bowling so it's never really cheap, but it's still a decent value.

Geeta Borse

Its a small affordable place. Arranged a birthday party. The service can go slow on a busy day. Lanes were good.

Frank Carl

Only reason 4 stars is because if it could be bigger it would be that much better. Good lanes and good drinks.

Piyush Gandhi

Awesome place for bowling. Their pizzas are great too and if you request they can even make Vegan Pizza

chris Schuele

They will have a waitress bring you drinks to your Lane if you want them. Clean not spectacular

Tyler’s World Of Fun

Nice Facility attended a party here the owner is extremely cheap the party had unlimited pizza and pop for an hour and half. Service was slow on purpose to save on pop and pizza will not be visiting again.

Brian Briggs

I only bowl here in an attempt to make it better, because it's close to my house. Staff is overworked but nice. They have very few bowling balls that fit adult men hands...which make it difficult to enjoy.

maria colindres

I came to this bowling alley with my friends and had a horrible experience. I sat at the bar having a few drinks and ended up in an argument with the bar tender who was very rude to my friends boyfriend who happened to be African American and made a racial comment to him. The bar tender also had 2 friends sitting at the bar who were there with her all night. I’m not going to get into all the details about the whole conversation we had, but long story short a political topic came up and the bar tender AND her friend made racist comments to me telling me word for word that I “have no rights because I am not American” because I am a Latina girl, and I ended up getting up and leaving with my friends. I will never come back or reccomend anyone to go there because of the bartenders unprofessionalism and racism as well as having a friend who was not an employee, sitting there both making racist comments towards me.

ajit bantia

Great bowling

Raymond Vieyra

Great Service. will be back had alot of fun

Beckie Cosgrove

Nice place but pretty pricey!

amar mahal

Lanes need work

Barry Zagozdon


Slava Reyngold

This place looks nice and modern, and their food and drinks are actually really good.

Jolli Patel

Just lost a customer today. Deal was 2 games + shoes = $12 .... charged us 3x more. One game was played by 2 toddlers (with 2 adult help who didn’t play at all) and 2 adults who played. He said we played 7 games. Was there for only 45 minutes cuz of kids. Ya go ahead enjoy the money right now but in long run, u lost a customer who could have been regular and also all our friends and family. Think about long term when doing business. Gave us card for 1 free game and shoe. Already in trash cuz there’s zero chance of us EVER returning.

Chait Goli

A little old style bowling alley and probably needs some maintenance

Paul Tymchyshyn

Good place to bowl

Robert Barker

Solid bowling destination. One of the few places to offer open bowling on a Saturday. Only negative is that there aren't enough staff on so you're sometimes waiting to be served or waiting for drinks etc.

Nathan Bonnet

Awsome place , great people

Alex Lobos

Good food now greate bartenders smile faces good atmosphere good setvice we came back again

Chris Murnane

Lanes are shot

remus c

I would avoid this place on busy days; they put us on a waiting list and estimated "30 minutes" before we can get a lane; one hour passed, during which time I could see the owner taking multiple parties ahead of us, even though he said he does not do reservations, and the respective parties entered the premises after us. Poor management.... the lanes are not very good either.....

paul kuchar

Horrible service. The owner's drunk son was all over our lane and was constantly trying to interact with us. I also think we were double charged for drinks. All-in-all I walked out very disgusted. will never go back!

Manika Trivedi Vajpayee

Very poor service. The employees are on phones all the time and are busy texting. The owner is obnoxious and is very cheap. They promised unlimited pizza and great service for a party but what we got was slow service and limited pizza and water. If you have party they will over count people and include kids less than 2 years who can barely walk. When you ask for explanation they will start arguing. Long story short - terrible service and very cheap owner. Will avoid this place - there are better bowling alleys in 5 miles......

James Johnson

Good lanes. Friendly staff.

God Frosty


Elvira Llanos'

Terrible bartender didn't know how to make drinks

Aaron King

We went here on Sunday night. They close at midnight based on their door and website. We arrived at 940pm and advised them we had a group of 10 and we all drove separate. A couple not in our group walked in with us. The two guys who worked there had all the lights off and everything shut down. 2.5hrs early!. They offered no appology and just said it was a slow night and we couldn't bowl. Why post hours that are not accurate? We messaged all our friends and the 10 of us met at Brunswick Roselle instead. Thanks for nothing. We won't be back and letting everyone know not to trust the hours here. Call first or don't bother going.

D. Dalb

When we went there we didn't know how much it was or how many lanes were there. I was assuming they'd have some sort of all you can bowl for like 15 bucks or something like that since it was a Saturday night. Turns out it's 4.50 a game and 4 bucks for shoes. Also there was a "30 to 40" min wait for a lane. We were waiting for some one so we waited. After the person arrived and about 50 min we checked to see what was going on and they said we'd be next in a few min. Another like 15 min or so went by and we checked again. They said sorry for the wait we will get you in really soon. After about an hour and a half we FINALLY got a lane right before we almost left. Luckily for the extreme inconvenience they let us bowl all we wanted for free because that this point it was about 930 or 10pm. The facility seemed alright. Kinda modern and a couple decent sized tv's by the bar. At one point the music was extremely loud and someone else complained about it and they turned it down but they played some good music. Rap/dance with a little throwbacks. I may try it again sometime but not anytime soon because that night kind of sucked until we got bowling.

Steve Aites

Fun times

Amber Rienna

Fun spot. Slight glitches in several lanes delayed our "tournament", but the prompt food delivery and bar smoothed that out.

Tomek Roztocki

It's nice family friendly place.

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