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REVIEWS OF St. Clair Bowl IN Illinois

Alec Ockrassa

Bowled a tournament here. Staff was friendly, place was clean, and the machines ran great. A really great time.

shannon jones

Great place

Roy Ferguson

“Night Manager on Duty name John was VERY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL” My daughter whom loves to bowl but isn’t very good at it likes to use the rails so she wouldn’t have to see more gutter balls than pins being knocked down. A paying customer preference. Well this VERY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL manager named John tells his worker to raise the rails that they are for children around the ages of 8yrs old or so. Being that my daughter is 17 and respectable she continued on with her night respectably but Unsatisfied. When she gets home she tells me (her father) what happened. I called up to speak to management. John gets on the phone and I ask is he the head manager to discuss a issue that took Place in his establishment tonight and he replied yes. I POLITELY expressed what happened and he responded to me that it was the company’s policy that kids 8 and under could only use rails because they are expensive to fix and the older crowd breaks them. I asked is that policy posted or can I find it on the company website. He RUDELY replied I don’t know if it’s posted but that’s our company policy and I would have to call tomorrow morning and talk to management and he hung up on me. I called back to get his first and last name and to tell him as I was polite and respectful to him that he should be the same way. He wouldn’t give his last name . He said just say John they will know who it is. Well listen up John I will definitely be calling to speak with your boss in regards to what happened tonight. You ruined my daughter fun night buddy. She is a paying customer. She wasn’t being disrespectful or damaging your rails. She was responsible and respectful of your establishment. You need to be demoted and retrained John.

Brien Bednara

A good bowling alley with nice lanes and plenty of room to watch around and behind the lanes. Good bar and kitchen with typical bar food and great cherry coke. They also have a kids arcade and adult gaming room. There is a private room as well. They do parties and crazy bowl events regularly. If you are looking to go bowling in Fairview Heights, go to St. Clair Bowl.

Jamie Weiss

Big Alley. Pro shop was very helpful. With open bowling the lanes were oiled. Big snack bar.

Mark Wittenborn

Big place, nice amenities.

Kevin Felton

Not a bad place. Justbsucks seating wise. Trying to watch a tournament and the upstairs bar is nice. Just really sucks you have to pay for music.

Shayla Garrett

They have a space for private events, at least 17 lanes, fun food, upstairs bar with

Sharmaine Williams

Fun and clean place to hang out on Saturdays.

Sharon Sherrer

They need to do updates and fix the lane setters. Sometimes the scoring machines give wrong score. The personnel are friendly. Snack bar has good food and the pro shop is good.

James Hebert

Fun place to bowl.

nana squad

It's was okay if that ladies where so rude to my family

Larry Nelson

I had a blast. Great environment and atmosphere.

Danny Jones

Love the experience of boys state and the college athletes.

Tim Yandal

Boots on the lane! Great time with the veterans bowling.

J Schr

Some apparently higher Staff micro-managing which is appearing by their presence in high traffic areas. But they have zero interest in interacting with customers. It's not a good impression to have a stuffed shirt not seem to care about the patrons.

Colleen Lablance

Was just there for pokie stops.

Austin Carter

Pretty dope, cheap bowling and decent priced pitchers. Cheese fries is bomb as well

Tommie Brooks

I love St. Clair Bowl. I took my grandson to the gameroom area to play games with him.

Ashley S.

Love St. Clair Bowl! The staff is very friendly. It is clean and we'll maintained.

Eric Nielsen

Fun times, friendly staff.

Chance Atherton

Was here for a tournament my son was bowling in. Friendly staff, clean environment, and good working lanes.

AYsrayl ROB

They could have the upstairs opened longer than 12

Mark Shelley

We are average bowlers. We do enjoy the sport. We have come to this alley several times. Customer service is extremely helpful and nice. The prices are good. The alley's are care for nicely. I have not personally had their food, however I have been told that it is good. There are games in a game room to play if you are not a bowler. The restrooms are always clean. They have a bowling shop if you need to purchase bowling equipment. The parking is free and adequate. This is a family place where you can enjoy having fun. It has everything you need for a great family outing.

Shannon Abdul-Latif

It's a good bowling alley. I guess the Customer service could be better, but it's a bowling alley so what do you want. Decent food, good drinks, clean restroom. Fun time.

Joanna K

Still a fun place to visit. Has an arcade for the kids, and a lounge upstairs for adults only.

Rey Parris

As far as bowling alley food goes it's great. Try the Bosco sticks. Seriously try them! They have lots of lanes and if you don't bowl they have a gaming area and a bar upstairs with darts, pool, foosball, and more. The staff is friendly and inviting. Great place for meeting up with friends

Lord Rizzr

Enjoyable time, and for a tuesday it was busy.

Tyrel Anderson

This bowling alley still has the "classic" nostalgic feel but still has everything you need. It can get pretty crowded in evenings due to the number of leagues and schools that call this home, but it's fantastic for our family on Sunday mornings, and cheap then too!

Kelly Cooper

Lovvvvvvve it my boys do to great place

Ivanova Helf

Good food, great bowling, video games,and lots of family fun. We had a blast!

Joe Sherrill

So much fun for the whole family

Bobbi Stewart

Always a good time here. Busy a lot, so call ahead for open bowling times. We are here 2x a year for high school tournaments.

Christopher Wolf

Nice facility and arcade. There was a tournament going on during our last visit so it was very busy.

Tyler Jackson

The pro shop staff is amazing and we are glad we spent our money there as opposed to online. The only complaint is the arcade attendants have been less than friendly.

Heidi Tedder

Good pricing, but machines malfunction so each new game I had we had to have the clerk manually start it and setting up the game wasn't working either which ate into our rented time. Still had a good time though.

Kristen Lands

It has everything! Food, drinks, bowling, video games, room to spread out and let the kids have fun out of the heat for summer. We spend a lot of time here and enjoy ourselves.

LaToya Curry

Love that there is a Pro Shop on site. Food is great!

DrRenee King

Quick service, traditional bowling alley food, but our family always have a great time. The water cups smelled like a ton of bleach so I just paid for a plastic water cup. Bleach is good but I don't want to smell it in my water. Would I go back? Of course it's our favorite family gathering location

Kevin Lovett

A little bit outdated but its an ok place to bowl. Could use some cleaning.

Makesha Caldwell

There is something for everybody here of all ages, not just bowling; slots, bar, game room, food, VIP room. All in a laid-back atmosphere.

d sue greer

We paid for an hour and a half, the time started before we got our shoes, let alone put them on! They gave us a lane that didn't work, changed us to another lane (this took at least 10-15 minutes). Our time ran out in 65 minutes, we didn't get to finish our game. We had 3 preschool children, they take time! I was not happy, won't ever go back!

Angie Hammond

Love this bowling alley. Always friendly staff. Brings back memories from my league days.


They have good dales on game so they are a good for bowling


It's a really underrated alley and I feel it need more attention than it gets. Personally I enjoy bowling here and I think others would enjoy it too.

Julie Clifton

Had so much fun bowling here.

Uvonne Cherry

Cousin rented a party room for her baby shower. For the high price she paid, they didn't do anything but give her a room and there was dried blood splattered on bathroom stall.

Afreya Woods

Best Bowling Alley in the area. The staff always make you feel at home. The prices are pretty good. Best offers for League Bowlers & the food is good.

Jesse James

A very good place to be friends and just relax watch the bowling and eat

Fredrico Taylor

Nice time. Friendly employees

Teresa Alexander

This time was a little disappointing because my step daughter ordered French fries and someone else got her order when she got her order it was like a hand full of fries

nicole curran

Standard bowling alley, decent food, but the pool tables are upstairs, by the bar, and you aren't allowed to be up there unless you're 21.

Aric Donnelly

Great bowling alley. Came here for a tournament and they laid out a nice house shot. So I bowled well, but tee was still a challenge. Great house, 50 lanes!!!!

Jodi Renee

Awesome perks when playing their gambling machines-nice, trendy room too. All places offering gambling machines to play should follow their ideas/perks/etc! Your making enough money from those who gamble that you too can be so kind and welcoming like St. Clair Bowl does! Way to go guys, your awesome! I will be back AND will bring all my friends/family too!! Thanks for the perks:)

Customer Service Connoisseur

GREAT PLACE TO BOWL!!! Trudy is always the friendliest! Such a great place for the family.

Angela Garth

Clean, family friendly, bar& food, atmosphere#

Ang B

Mary is the best!!

jack heaviside

Great bowling alley with fantastic pro shop

Angel Wu

Great place to hang out with family & friends! Definitely recommend :)

Dale Weston

People are great and have 50 Alleys and good game room too.

Amanda Tipton

LOVE this bowling alley. Plenty of space for your group and everyone there is very friendly and helpful, from the staff to the bowlers!

Brian Dancy

Very chill.

Cheyanne F

It was a lot of fun! Our lane kept messing up but to be honest it could've been our fault. Although it kept acting strang the staff knew how to fix it quickly and were super friendly about it. Not to mention how family friendly the atmosphere was. Overall a extremely affordable, friendly, and fun place to visit! Will definaly be going again.

Nikki Larnell

Great experience this evening at the New Year's family party. Great music, great food and great staff. Everyone was so patient even though there were so many families present. I plan on coming next year for the 2018 celebration.

Elizabeth Jackson

I love the bartender name Angie. The drinks are reasonable and good.

Rex Richardson

Good lanes and Trixie's is fun also.

Jay Hilmes

My friend went to many places looking for bowling shoes. 3rd place we went. We should have went there first. Staff was Super!

Nicole Roper

Love the accessibility & accommodations! You’re greatly appreciated!

Marcus Baker

Great place to drink & hang out wit friends and family

Kitisha Bradley

Really fun place and the owners were great!

Lynn Kite

Great Food

Barbara Dickerson

It was awesome. Very friendly staff.

Kirk Greer

Great place for fun and food. Very nice staff.

Tajah Ferguson

Terrible service. I went bowling with my boyfriend for a bowling date. I can’t really bowl so I asked to use the rails. They denied me from using the rails because of my age. It shouldn’t matter what age you are to use rails. If I need rails to help aid me with my bowling then it shouldn’t matter, considering I am a paying customer. Never coming here again and wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

Patrice Fields

They have game room for kids food ....for adults darts pool table club like atmosphere upstairs

Leandre Scott

I love it its the one bowling alley I go 2

TPG cahokia bound


Alexandra Carter

This is a great bowling alley! It has plenty of lanes and is the home of many middle School, high school, and college teams. The food is good and everyone was really nice. Has a nice home feel to it.

Angela Watson

Took my grandson there for an puting and he enjoyed himself.

JJ Entertainment

Horrible customer service, guy behind cash register didn’t know what he was doing and was taking 20-plus minutes to take care of a party of 10 people with a line waiting only one register open with a long line and other employees just sitting around instead of helping customers!!! Bowling alley in Belleville is way better!!!!!!


It was a good place to bowl, but the service was not great. My ball had a crack near the finger hole, and when we used bumpers, our bumpers didn't work. An employee said "bumpers are for toddlers". Then I ask myself, If you don't want people to not use bumpers, don't put bumpers as an option.

Josh Settles

Great people from front desk to food court, very reasonable prices for a not so frequent bowling family like our self's!

Ashley Shubert

I visited with my family and had a great time. I will say that having two people man the front counter is a bad idea though. The old man that was checking everyone out for their lanes and shoes admitted he didn't usually do that part and eventually the younger lady came over and helped him, but there was easily 8 families behind us waiting to pay for their games and shoes too. This was about 230 on a Sunday. Also, don't order food unless you have to. The hot dog was odd. A little than leas the size of a crayola marker (which is really tiny for a hot dog), cut in half down the length, and super crispy. Not burned, just crunchy. I posted the only photo I took there even though it doesn't show you anything other than how bad we are.

Ken Duff

Great place to bowl! Well kept lanes and equipment. Great staff!! Kiddos love it!!

Audra Poovey

I love going and having fun with my family!

Beverly Skelton

Eevery one is very nice

Mason Shubirg

Great atmosphere. I've been coming here for years. I'm never disappointed by the staff, if a problem presents itself, they are quick to fix it. Great for kids as well.

Chad Hardin

I bowl a Wednesday night league for Junior Gold and they have really nice staff with some really good food. If you are looking for a place to bowl this would be one of my top recommendations. Since there are so many lanes, you are almost always able to bowl. The prices for games are a tad high but it worth when you are enjoy a fun game of bowling.

Katie T

Fantastic staff and very fun place!

Samantha Bator

They manager I the snack bar part of the bowling alley was amazing... it was my first time there with my kids and she answered all my question and was very nice to us!!!

Austin Crook

Always have a good time at St. Clair Bowl.

Han Pan

Bowling regionals were very crowded. Not enough seating for spectators. Had to stand the entire time. Only 3 people in the concession stand. Stood in line for a glass of water only to find out I had to go to the bar to get a glass of water. State is coming up!

Odell Bryant


Maurice Muhammad

Great place and good food... We enjoyed our time together here!!!

Alex Tabor

Did Special Olympics bowling there

Christopher Diep

Loved this place since I was a kid.

Betty Harris

It was fun! The food was great

MaryLorraine H

Always have fun at St Clair Bowl! They offer tons of classes for kids and adults. Good selection at snack bar. Plenty of great games at the arcade. Staff is very nice. Will keep going back again and again!

ray santiago

The food was good, they just need to let you know when its done.

gg mc

Great for family fun

DrDeonna King

Delicious food, great bowling rates for groups and everyone is so friendly.

Michael Hoehnen

Great layout, just needs a little TLC, maybe painting, carpet, update the TV'S in bar area.

Jeff Smith

So many lanes. Not the nicest employees though

W.L. Fort

New dart boards, video gaming, great food and bowling. Visit Belleville area merchants to obtain a free bowling card. Good between 1 May and 31 October

robinslay _

When you bye stuff it is to high don't go there

Rainer Valentine

Always a fun time

Mack A Wiliams

It was Awesome experience just Amazing. Cant wait to go back again

Roy Turner

I love this bowling center

Truly Sorensen

Not very fun.

Denean Gibson

Great place 4 family Nite OUT

Millicent Black

Friendly staff, a lots of fun!, nice place to hang with your family and friends.

Emily Kempfer

Best day is Sunday but great anytime.

Regina Young

Great gambling room

Dani Phiffer

Love this bowling alley but was disappointed that they didn't have open bowl due to national high school tournament. Feel like they should have a black out date for the kids free if something is happening. Wasted gas and time!

Edith Wetstein

Climate controlled fun center with huge food choices and the "game" is always on.

S Thompson

Great bowling alley. The staff and patrons are pretty friendly and the lanes are nice. The lane computers work properly and so do the ball returns. Seems like basic things, but most bowling alleys struggle with the computerized lanes functionality. I have taken my child here at least 20 times and he loves it. Great spot.

Angelique Bast

It's a great establishment. The people are so nice. Love it.

Zac Zaiss

It's a pretty average bowling alley. The concourse and seating area was pretty clean, the lanes and machines were fairly dirty. I think the best part was the bar upstairs overlooking the lanes. The staff is pretty friend. Biggest downside was craft beer selection, but that's not really the idea of a bowling alley. Overall would bowl here again in the future.

Donnie Rogers

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Rachael Wheeler

Fun place to take the family or just a date night

Amy Shockley

Lots of room. 50 lanes. Food is good too. The only draw back is that there is only one table for two lanes in the bowlers area. So someone is going to have to sit farther back and on the carpet. It is pretty cool to bowl on the same lanes that Mckendree University bowls on.

Nick B

Been going here since I was a little kid. Fun place

Tamara Nelson

One bartender upstairs with a lot of people needing attention. Overserved a party with an under age person who ended up throwing up in the aisle near the couch. Told the downstairs manager but he wasn't able to even come to the counter and respond.

Joshua Lightfoot

Very good

Dan Holloway


Wing Man

Fun place, I've been her many times before. It has been a few years since we have been here though, it is still kept up very well and the Cafe is pretty decent as well.

Lacretia Moore

It's a cool place to take your family.

Robert M McGraw

Pretty nice center. Working on upgrades. Feels like some history is inside. A little issue with the climate control.

Chad Lidisky

Cheap beer on tap and good bowling. Older place, nothing fancy but definately fun :)

Mz Pretty To You

Had fun.. nice atmosphere.. good food.. great prices

Geoffrey Havens

Decent bowling alley with lots of lanes, pretty good special values, and the usual mix of greasy and good/bad for you alley food. Definitely looks a little worn and the lane we had was a little generous with pins toppling over that maybe shouldn't have on a gutterball. All and all, a nice experience though, and one of the few places open on the evening of Christmas Day.

Jason Slack

Great location, plenty of lanes. Game room, booze for the grown ups, birthday parties available. Better than average food.

Brian Salvi

I must have accidentally made it One Star. I apologize. It should be five stars. I enjoy going to St Clair Bowl. It is always a fun place.

James Shew

Very nice. Daughter in law bowled. First time i've been there for a long time. Nice people and clean. Highly recommend

Tim Livingston

Four of us went to bowl. All lanes were full - in fact the last open lane was given to a group that walked in ahead of us - so we put our name on a waitlist. After awhile, lanes began to open up - three in a row - and still were not given a lane. Asked at the counter as was told another lane had to open up next to it before they could give us one. Four paying customers walked out the door. Don't plan on returning.

Robert McGraw Jr.

Great bowling alley! I bowl here in leagues and tournaments every year and the place is always as I expect it. For you open bowlers, its only 3.25 per game but they have great party deals. Pro shop is the best in the state! They also have a slots room for adults and game room for kids. Would recommend for any ages!

Denae Cherry

This bowling alley seems to be a forgotten gem Fairview Heights. I haven't been there in ages and just recently visited with my niece and sisters and we had a blast. Because of bowling Isn't So mainstream it wasn't crowded, we were able to play in peace, the staff were extremely helpful and nice, and we had a great time in a great environment

Stephanie Holle

Staff is kind of stand offish. Just acknowledging a customer can go a long way. Bickering at one another should not be in front of people. The bathrooms are really clean though.

jess Lester

Great place for the family.

Cynthia Darty

A nice place to take your family

Emma Johnson

I had a wonderful time. Everyone having fun bowling. Nice hangout.

Will Israel

Nice place to bowl and upstairs there's a bar....pool table....and darts......real chill

Johnny Jickerson

Recently, I have been reviewing a lot of places I go to. I usually leave something short and something that gets to the point. But the service here was amazing. Keep it up.

Stephanie Bohlen

Good place to have party or family gathering and bowling is always fun.

Sharon Thomas

Great place to have some fun with your friends.

Chelcey Mixon

Bomb ass facility. Except for the Nacho's. The Supreme Nacho's sucked LoL

Walter Taylor

A very fun place to relax

Arkiemah Sherwood

We always have a good time when we go there. And the food and drinks are good and fairly priced.

Ken Keleher

Bought bowling ball at reasonable price

Scotty Coleman

Love this place for the house shot .wish i could carry the 10 pin

Jordyn Daniel

Great place to just hang out with friends! They have a wonderful staff and are great at remembering their regulars

John Dixon

Just hanging with famiy, my first visit bur definitely not my last had a great time!

Andrew Kern

The Bel-Air is a lot cheaper and has a better variety of bowling balls.

Mary Baskett

Great job with tournaments.

David Kolesa

Decent staff and always has specials going on!

deborah wright

It was comfortable. We had s nice bartender and good atmosphere. The food wasn't the greatest. The drinks were decent. They have alot to do for adults.

Joe Moore

Bartender was nice , had a good time with family

Renee Kromray

Great fun for the whole family.

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