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REVIEWS OF Punch Bowl Social Chicago IN Illinois

Marie Watkins

I LOVE the Atmosphere and Ambiance but most of all the drinks are creative and forever changing. I Love the staff they're always friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable and professional. The Food is Amazing and the menu changes are seasonal. I bring out of town guests and relatives here often. Parking in the area is HORRENDOUS so get there early and stay late. You will enjoy it.

Tal Crook

Punch bowl social is a great place to hang out. They have ping ping, pool, bowling and reasonably priced food and drinks. We went there to see the NCAA tournament and we saw the game on a projector that kept cutting it which was frustrating as we were missing crucial moments of the game. Additionally I wanted to try out the adult milkshakes but they were cleaning the blenders and had no plan to open it soon. It was weird because it right after work on a Thursday.

Kristin Osborn

I like this for an after work happy hour spot and was super excited they had pressed juices as an option for non-drinkers. I do drink but the cocktails were nothing to get excited about and they had no dark beers so I stuck with the juice. So many different rooms you get lost at night and it’s not my scene in that way but again for a large group close to downtown it works. Food was okay.

Clara Muhammad

Cool atmosphere, fun place. Food was not so good. Maybe they were having an off night?

Christopher Kinkade

Not our crowd. Definitely a hipster / dink paradise. Food and drinks were priced a little on the high side. Plenty of other things to spend your money on like bowling and shuffleboard.

David White

Fun place with pretty good food. But bring a friend. Nothing but groups.

Adrian Mazur

The only thing good about this place is that they have vr games but other than that the drinks are w.e most places at least try to present it for what its worth. The grilled chicken tacos were dry but the beans were good.

Daniel Estevez

Very cool idea and many game options. Would be nice if some of those were a bit cheaper or free.

Enrique Nieves

Although this place is nice inside I can only give it to Stars for good ambience. Each time I've gone the bartenders overcharged me for drinks when they're clearly stated prices on menus. The milkshake drinks are never available due to the fact that they only have one ice cream machine in the whole building. And I've ordered drinks and the glass was only half to maybe three-quarters filled considering they charge 10 to $12 a drink I think you should be given your full drink.

Robert Roberson

Lots of fun, they have something to do for everyone.

Brandon Eble

This bar is HUGE. We did a work outing here with 20-30 people and had more than enough room for everyone. There is also a ton of games for everyone to play, which made for a fun night.

Aldo Castaneda

Great experience, food is awesome excellent location!

Nicole Smith Daniels

Had a great time bowling. Good drink service as well.

Maggie W

Great selection of games from bowling to board games and karaoke. We spent hours planning foosball, giant Jenga, what do you meme?, and darts. The food was pretty good too. I liked the falafel burger. I personally wasn't a big fan of the punch, but the rest of my group liked it.

Minal Varma

Great gaming arcade. Plenty to choose from. Good place for large groups.

Tatiana Roberson

Punch bowl is trash. Their customer service is trash. It's obvious they dont care about the everyday consumer. We attempted to participate in the available activities several hours prior to closing only to be mislead by the staff governing the activities counter. We were told certain activities were booked but waited hours only to see no other patron was even interested. It was a truly disappointing experience.

Emma Meister

Really fun! Kind of expensive, because you have to pay for anything you do and the fees are kind of high. The food was really good, all of my friends enjoyed theirs. But, the atmosphere was the best part. Very cool and really artsy, people into photography will enjoy!

Rene Pierce

Big place, lots of TVs, food was ok. I think they just had a bad night in the kitchen. Management handled it well. Would be open to going back and giving them another chance. Drinks were delicious!!!

Christy Kaye

Located in the best loop, aka the West loop. This is a bar that really has it all! A ton of space, a great variety of both food and drinks, games, karaoke, bocce, bowling, darts, Jenga, pool, shuffle board, life size magnetic Scrabble, and fun atmosphere! This is a great place for a party, or just a fun night out on a Friday. 100% worth a visit.

John Tyson

Family friendly until 10p. Drinks are good but typical Chicago prices. Tons of fun games that you can check out. Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area.

Marquise McGriff

Awesome atmosphere. Phenomenal (non-alcoholic) beverages!

Antoinette Gentry

Punchbowl was an okay place...the drinks are a bit pricey and not good enough to support the price...for its namesake, I'd think there would be more punchbowl drink options but there were only a few...I didn't try anything from the kitchen...the karaoke can be sold out on a weekend night...and they are skimpy on some of the games(Jenga definitely was split between two containers, why not buy another one)...the bowling was okay...this was an "experience place" just to say you went, not for dancing...more for hanging out.

Thomas Tyralski

Fun place. You don't need a reservation to eat necessarily. There's a bar area that is first come first serve for tables. Though service can be slow.

Neena O

Finally decided to check this place out. The inside is rather confusing as if it's a maze. Staff is nice. The photobooth machine is terrible and took our $5 without us being ready for pictures.

Courtney Foster

The layout of this place is awful (minus one star), but the games inside and the vibe is SO fun. Definitely a great place for a big group.

Alison Yuhas

REALLY really fun spot for a random weekend afternoon or a date night! I've been on both a Sunday afternoon and Friday night, and even though Friday night was more-crowded, it wasn't obnoxiously crowded. The place is *giant*, so the crowd gets spread out pretty well. Even on Friday night, there were 2 of us and we were able to bowl without a wait ($12 per person, per hour), which was shocking. The nachos are my favorite (they don't skimp on ANYthing), and the french fries are amazing, as are the tacos, but I wouldn't recommend the ceviche, as it was some shrimp in lemon juice with a handful of chips. Cocktails are also 100% worth it, and even though I was skeptical about their Manhattan at first, it actually wound up being pretty amazing. If you go on the weekend though, and want to sit at a table and not the bar, be sure to make a reservation!

Ari F

Literally the worst experience at a restaurant ever. 2 hours, no food, manager doesn't know what's going on, drinks with no alcohol, etc Don't come here.

Jasmine Jones

Beautiful decor, great food, great service.

chanoch moller

Went with a friend a little over a month ago.Had some food which was great, cant deny that. However after we did a half hour of vr and got charged double. 4 phone calls and a month later, still nothing credited back to my card. Note that they agree it was a charge in error, it's just they dont feel like sending the money back, and they'll get to it when it suits them.

Vanessa Lech

Food is tiny portions and not amazing. It's kitchy and cute if that's your thing. Wasn't impressed.

Liz Flynn

Food is good, service is meh. It took well over 30 minutes to get someone to take drink orders and more than an hour total to order food at brunch on a not very busy weekend recently. My double espresso was delivered as...two espressos (?) Maybe it was just our server, but it feels like the kind of place where the waitstaff is almost aggressively bad and leaves you wondering if it's part of the shtick, or you just came on a bad day.

Christine Decatus

I had the best birthday party here. The staff is so cool and accommodating. Evan was more than a server, he was like a party coordinator. Isabel, our server in the dining hall, ensured we had a smooth transition to the holiday room where Evan took over. I gave her my birthday cake and she made sure Evan brought it out when I wanted it. They don’t act like every employee for themselves here, they help each other. My girl accidentally knocked over her drink, breaking the glass, she apologized profusely, but Antonio the bartender said, “it’s not your fault, it was an accident,” in a very sincere, kind way. Ya ya, the games coordinator, was so fun and helpful. Food came out slowly, But every square inch of that place had a person in it, and the place is huge, so I don’t fault them for that. I devoured my bologna and cheese sliders on buttery Texas toast. My drinks were delicious. The decor: cool, smart, and cozy. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun singing karaoke. The place has great views of downtown’s skyline and the overall charm of Fulton market - Lamborghini’s on cobble stone streets. Celebrating here almost felt like times I’ve hung out in the meat packing district of New York. I really hope they keep all of this up .

Kenneth Greenberg

Great place for a team/work outing. Bowling Lanes were a little narrow but overall the atmosphere was great

Kelley Farrell

I love Punch Bowl Social! It's a *huge* terrific, fun venue with something for everyone! I was there for a children's birthday party but what really stood out to me was that both the little kids AND the adults had plenty to do. Also, the food and drink weren't bad at all! Highly recommend!

rebecca bustamante

My husband's company Christmas party was here and we had a great time bowling. The food set my rating at 4 stars because it was buffet style, so the food was cold and dry. But the Mac and cheese was great! My favorite thing about this place is their NON-alcoholic beverage menu!!! We don't drink alcohol but we didn't feel like a couple of kids drinking our sodas which is usually the case at most places. The variety was amazing on that menu, I was very impressed. They even served many of the non-alcoholic drinks in martini glasses, etc, which was nice. I would go back on a date night or group outing anytime because of that drink menu.

Dale Francisco

What an awesome concept. Great venue, good time and well kept.

colleen richmond

Love this place, but the sevice was underwhelming. Messed up 2 drinks, charged for both despite being told they were supposed to come off bill, and servers were either flaky, surly and/or nowhere to be found. Too bad. This place could probably be 5 star if they trained their waitstaff to do a good job.

Hassan Buho

Great hanging out spot and good food. Drinks are expensive.

Jamar Johnson

Professional staff, great Vibes, I would visit again and I would recommend this place to friends.

ankit patel

Nice gathering place. Not too loud music and you can have conversation. Good drinks and great food

Tracy Atteberry

Great food. Good games, including bowling, bocce, shuffle board table, board games, etc. Service on site was great. Minus one star for telling us the lanes couldn't be reserved, but showing up to find all lanes reserved by large parties.

Marcus Robertson

Great food, gracious staff and the best grown- up activity bar/ restaurant I've ever been to.

Nicole Lee

Punch bowl social is a beautiful venue in a perfect location. The activists are super fun! My boyfriend and I bowled and played board games. The only reason I’m giving a 4 instead of a 5 star review is because of the employees. The shoe rental ladies were great! No issues there. The issue was that most employees were unprofessional, sitting on their phones, some were actually talking on their phones, and in general just not working.

Quintijo Ellis

Various activities for individuals to enjoy. Drinking, billiards, bowling, games and such. The combination of appetizers we chose were good. We had the chicken tacos, buffalo wings and a flat bread with potatoes, arugula and prosciutto. The groups thought that the potatoes threw off the flavor but I personally thought it was quite tasty. The watermelon punch bowl could have been filled more. The group complained that it was enough for the price. The atmosphere was nice. The layout is nice. The wait staff was cordial. Overall, the place is a good place to go with friends. The group enjoyed the ambiance. The group's average collective opinion of the food was above-average. Drinks could be a bit stronger. The grade is B++ (just fractions under the A-.

Jonathan Curry

Definitely a big place and brings out crowds of people. Different activities to do with others. Food is not bad.

The Kidd Organization

Expensive drinks, cool vibe and atmostphere. Cool bartenders, go with a group of people. Don't go on a date or as a solo couple if you want the real experience.

Alanna Condren

So fun! Great for a big group and lots of fun activities

Kevin Conroy

Great place to meet with friends and do basic b stuff. plenty of room for activities

Teshaun Lyons

Definitely a fun spot to enjoy a ton of games and good food. Great service a the way around

Anthony Batts

Very cool place to go and eat

Sinthuja Ramalingam

We went here on a Saturday night. It's a wonderful space with loads of activities to keep entertained. However, the staff seemed overwhelmed with the number of patrons. We ordered 3 dairy free espresso martinis (due to intolerances) and a typical espresso martini, and specified to our waiter that the level of the intolerances were high. After at least 30 minutes of waiting, we get the dairy free espresso martinis. They looked like they had dairy in them (we had previously made the same order, and these three looked like the espresso martini with dairy). We asked if they were dairy free, and the waiter said they were, so my sister took a sip and could immediately tell there was dairy in it. So we sent it back, and requested that there be absolutely no dairy in it, and no ingredients with dairy. An hour later, we get the three dairy free espresso martinis (the regular one hasn't come yet), and they look the same. The waiter insists that he asked several times and there's no way it has dairy. My sister tries again, and it definitely has dairy in it. This time we go down to the bar with the drinks ourselves. As soon as we explain it to the bartender, she tells us she put Bailey's in it (which has dairy). Completely unapologetic, mater of fact, and annoyed we had brought the drinks down. A different bartender made the new drinks and we took it up ourselves. Another 15-30 minutes later the regular espresso martini showed up. I don't know where the communication between the staff broke down, but there is no way we should have been given drinks with dairy twice after explicitly stating there was an intolerance, and why my sister should have suffered from stomach pains for two days after that. Just thankful it wasn't a deathly allergy.

Tim Compton

Sunday brunch: Beautiful bloody Mary bar. Fantastic bacon. The French toast is really good as well. The location is great, parking is tricky, either garage ($14) or valet ($11). Space is massive. Can't imagine needing reservations for brunch. Service is prompt, kind and professional

Matthew Wetzel

The home of bar competition.... Bowling, darts, bags and not to mention great drinks

Jason Coyne

Good, clean, work family fun.

Brandon Russell

amazing I jus walked around and accidentally fell into a lit roof top party with twista doing a show

Wendell L Summers Jr

Good drinks, friendly staff.

Matt McFarland

My girlfriend and I loved this place so much. My company had its annual holiday party here, and I was astonished by how fun and large it was for being down town. Now I am not a person that likes extreme crowds, nor am I a person that typically likes to do things downtown in Chicago. However, this place had so much more space than I thought it would and so much more to do. I took part in the bowling, virtual reality gaming stations, and arcade areas. Those were all very fun. I should have done the karaoke, but didn't have time to. The food was delicious in addition to there being so much to do. Hint: if you're going to come here, plan on spending a lot of time here. There is almost too much to do!

Furrunnecia Newberry

This place is big, cozy, and perfect for socializing funners. Looked it and plan to make it a regular visiting spot for me and friends. You will love the private rooms for Karaoke

Danielle Braun

Very cool place with a lot to do. Menu was smaller than expected but the rosemary fries were a different take.

Zachary Levitz

Great bar. Tons to do. Big enough for even the largest groups.

Dominique Rian

I've walked past/ heard of Punch Bowl Social so many times but never walked in. I was very surprised at how big the place was. There was 3 different bars between two floors. The downstairs floor has a bar along with a ping pong table, jenga and ring hook game. The upstairs has reservation seating, open seating, fuss ball, billiards, cornhole, bowling, and various board games. The ambience is chill and very laid back. We ordered the green chorizo fries, spicy beef brisket chili, sweet and spicy wings. The food is decent and all were shareable items. I feel this place is perfect for a group because there is a little of something to do for everyone.

Maxime Laboy

Great service, fun games, great food and drinks


A true wonder of a place. Exciting and accommodating at just about any hour of the day. Some games are more fun than others and figuring this fact out is a great time.

Patrick Tate

HUGE location with a wide variety of games. Good service and a nice atmosphere and music, with a lot of televisions around the place.

Rana House

Food good ! Service good! Experience all good! Hang with co workers, double date ,girls night out , date with you and yours .....go here its worth it


There is SOOOOOO much to do here! You can be a kid again, while enjoying the time like an adult.

Rena Rose

Celebrated my birthday here. Friendly staff. The Lobster Roll was delicious. The carrot cake was amazing. The music could have been more hip/upbeat. Shout-Out to Carlos for my complimentary drink (Pillow Talk). All in all, a fun night!

Terry Lundy

Fun must see and do spot In Fulton market. Great food and drink selection and close enough to the loop to walk. That area is really fun.

Francisco Tranchesi

Nice place to meet/drink with friends

passion broxton

Great place to go by yourself or with friends friendly environment drinks are great prices are reasonable


This was actually my second visit. I love going here. It's an all in one wonderland for adults. They have karaoke, darts, pool, you name it; essentially something for everyone in the gang. They mix great cocktails too.

Danny Summers

Absolutely amazing. Bring to Australia please!

Jonathan Gostelow

Great fun space for the family. Food and drinks were great, and the service was friendly.

Adam Litzenberger

Huge bar and event space with lots of games and activities. Punch Bowl is a nice place to hangout with friends or host a group event. Friendly staff.

corniki bornds

Cool place to hang out with a crowd or on a date. Nice bartender and server. Food was ok too. Prices were good

Enrique Orosco

One of the worst meals I've ever had. Tried to ask for a medium-rare burger only to get told it was impossible, and it only comes well done. The kale melt was even sadder with a stale, chewy ciabatta that was painful to bite through, an old slice of cheese that was barely melted (how can you call it a melt), and barely a tablespoon of kale. Their nachos aren't bad, and the drinks were ok (tasty, but really little alcohol). Would never return! Edit: they responded saying their burgers are medium. We explicitly asked the serve, and she said they only come Well Done.


Very nice lay back atmosphere


Such a fun bar with a lot rooms for you to have a good night

Andrew Negru

Great place to start your night or even end your night. There's always something to do or play. Drinks food and vibe are great can't wait to come back and do a real review

S Lee

I went for a work function. The set up for group activities games, karaoke, table setup, private food stations , drink servers was excellent! The section was conducive to sitting and talking as well as sharing fun play time with colleagues to do some team building. It's a great place for meetings if you're not hungry! The food was horrible.

Corey Blakney

A lot of games, extensive menu

Ebony Blue

This place serves a variety of great flavored punches. It also has a number of spaces with a variety of activities. There was cornhole, bocce ball, bowling...etc. It is very LARGE so you don’t have to worry about not getting in.

patrick ciezki

this place was fantastic! overall the place is massive so don't think its one of those tiny Chicago places where you feel stuffed inside. the drinks were really good and the games are extremely affordable. great first date place

Julzy Chi

Came here with a large group of friends for a going a party. This place is HUGE and has a fun atmosphere. They have bowling lanes so you can bowl while pounding down some drinks. Also their drinks are great, they have a wide variety. Not to mention it's quite the photogenic place. Perfect for photo opportunities. I highly recommend this place!

G. Dillon Murphy

Fantastic place to kick off a Notre Dame Game Day when you're taking the Irish Express Party Bus

Emily Kapostas

Came here for a holiday party and it was excellent! The food in the buffet bar was hot, fresh and yummy. The cocktails were good as well I started with the strawberry daiquiri, and my husband had an old fashioned. They were both good. The service was great, very attentive and they had great suggestions on new drinks to try. The place is HUGE! It is definitely a great place to throw a party, there were at least 4 other parties going on and you could not even tell. In our section there was pool, darts, Scrabble, and a couple of arcade games which were pay to play. It was fun and we look forward to going back.

Kush Oza

This place has the coolest vibes I have ever experienced in Chicago.

Brian Rudnick

Good drinks and food. Unfortunately, like most bar first; bowling second type of places, they do not oil the bowling lanes. If you bowl with a hook don't even bother. Use the other amenities instead. Would be 5 stars if lanes were oiled.

Jay Colingham

A fun, activity filled atmosphere for groups and meeting up with a friend or two, Punch Bowl Social provides access to entertainment. The space is a lot larger than it looks and includes an array of bar games, lawn games, and more. The staff is really nice, surprisingly attentive for the atmosphere and go above and beyond what is expected of them. We had a great time talking and catching up as it was never too loud to hear the person next to you or across the table.

Nicholas Brady

This review is for the bowling: If I could give this place negative stars, I would. It is genuinely the worst bowling alley I've ever come across by a factor of millions. I would rather sit and stare at a blank wall for an hour than bowl here. I like to bowl for fun. I don't care if I suck or do well. Just out to have a good time. But this place left me frustrated over something I never knew I could be frustrated over. See list below: 1) The lane is extremely dented. The ball does not roll properly. You can hear all of the dents as the ball rolls over them. 2) There is very little, if any, oil on the lane. Any spin causes it to go immediately into the gutter. This completely destroys any other way of bowling besides throwing it straight down the middle. 3) The pins are on strings which changes the way they react to getting hit by the ball. Again, completely changing the game. 4) And this is the most frustrating thing, the ball rack is in the way of the bowling lane. It literally prevents you from bowling correctly because it literally blocks the way. Every turn my foot would hit the stupid thing and throw me off. I don't even care if I suck, but if the bowling lane is blocked, then I'm going to be frustrated. See the attached photo. Never ever, ever go to this place if you want to bowl. I never realized you could screw up making a bowling alley so bad. It seems pretty simple to get right.

Ricardo van Dijk

Great bar in the west loop. They have many different rooms and some are large enough to host 20+ of your friends! The drinks were way better than I expected. The boulevardier and the lavender sour were both exceptional!

Chelsea Fox

Low key and great food and drinks

Monicka Franklin

Sunday me and a few of the ladies went here and we didn’t get any good service there at all when we got there we all set down and ate bad experience & bad waitress so we decided to try to do karaoke we get to the stand where you put your name down to be on the waiting list we was told it was gone take 15 minute because both rooms was already taken ok it was cool waiting til the rooms come available, so then here they come saying we had to wait another hour because the people who was in the rooms requested more time ok we was okay with that at this time it’s like 10:45pm so again they come to us and say well we can’t let y’all get the room because all activities stops at 11:00 so now I have a problem because we been waiting and waiting now y’all telling us we can’t get the rooms very very unprofessional so we decided to gone shoot pool now at this time it’s 11:30-45pm now after we was told we can’t get the room because all activities stops at 11:00pm here comes a group of people walking into the karaoke room now at this point I’m lost if all activities stops at 11as we was told why are there’s people walking into the room now this where the problem comes in at

Alex Restrepo

Very cool atmosphere and decor. Fun games, but service was a little slow/hard to get. Would still recommend for a night out with friends!

David Dekalo

A lot of fun. A lot to do!

Anirudh Kaja

Great place for hanging out in the evenings and nights. You can bowl, play darts, play ping pong and even use the VR. Would go back once again.

Drew McDowell

Always good time here. Great for grouo outtings!

Esther Harrigan

A super fun place where we had our company Christmas party. Lots to do with really good food stations.

Derrick Collins

A very lively place to be. Plenty of people and lots of things to do plus Food and drinks

Prakash Prabhu

Great place for large group social

Luke R.

Very friendly atmosphere, waiters very nice. VR is best ive ever seen


Such a cool vibe! The whole place feels funny and open and just fantastic to have drinks and hang out. Their adult milkshakes are delicious and the cocktails are nice and boozy. It's a great spot to end a night!

Patricia Profitt

Had a law firm party. It was good enjoyed myself. The food was good. There was different games to play.

Bethany Jengic

Went here for my birthday, it was lots of fun but can get really crowded. Especially if you want to do karoke, you can expect a long wait on weekends. But otherwise there is something for everyone!

Ariel Lopez

Great for groups to hang out, drink, play games.

Leanne Prince

Great food and drink selection. Little disappointed none of the activities were available, they were all booked for private events.

Rosendo Castillo

There's always something to do here. If it's just hanging out with friends playing darts or having great drinks and bowling or karaoke. It's always fun here.

Michael Golden

Fun place with games and beer. There are so many games it can be hard to choose, from tabletop shuffleboard to bowling to just plain cards, it's hard to find a boring thing here.

Michael Marciano

There is so much to do! Will definitely be coming back to hit up the VR and bowling. Totally cool atmosphere and the food and drinks top notch!

Charles Gunnell

The place itself is fun with bowling and what not. The not so fun part was receiving food and finding a half eaten gram cracker hidden in the napkins. We will be back for the games but probably no food.

larry lampkin

The location is full of night life. A great place to meet friends and drink, eat, play games and be merry.

Bobby Wojo

Fantastic bar. Tons and tons of awesome activities to play or rent (bowling, bocci, shuffleboard, bags, ring toss, karaoke, VR, and more), an enormous amount of space, and a great selection of drinks and food. Definitely one of my favorite places in the city.

Salil Gandhi

Good time. Huge. Lots of different things to do. fun!

Joe N

we were a group of 8 ppl, ordered some food n drinks besides bowling. the food was ok, but there were not enough fork and knives for all ppl , then the glasses dissapear we order a second bottle and they didn't bring back new glasses, that wasn't good. on the other hand the bowling area is great so the overall experience for this high end bowling place is ok

Marla Issac

Food is fantastic, drinks are off the chain, atmosphere is lively and eclectic. I love this place. Will definitely be one of my go to spots this summer

Tricia Hans

Had a great drink and appetizers. Really cool hang out with games.

Kristen David

The waiter took it upon himself to increase his tip from 12 dollars to 17 dollars. BEWARE FOLKS! Save your receipts and double check your credit card statements later.

Gilany R

Came here on a Sunday and tried to Karaoke at 10pm. Mind you they close at midnight and we were told all activities stop at 10pm. It doesn’t make sense to me that an establishment is open until midnight but shuts all the activities down two hours beforehand. Honestly I never write reviews but it’s crazy that the employees here have the worst attitudes. I would expect more out of Fulton market.

Captain Jeffro

Bowling, karaoke, video games, 5 star food and full bar? YES PLEASE! This place is wonderful! Full of style, fun and GREAT EATS! We had so much fun. I really loved this place. Bowling felt personal as the lanes were spread out. Full service no matter where you are. My wife won't let me see the bill, so I guess all the fun and booze added up beyond the point where I could process that info and not fly into a rage of regret...

Joe Ann Watson

Great place. Lots of fun stuff to do but very pricey.

Megan Hagemaster

Good time nice staff, a little run down and lots of really drunk people.

Yadid Gutierrez Huerta

I had a great experience! The food was amazing (I had the Nachos with shrimp as the topic and I had the chicken wings--both were great! I also tried their watermelon polo bowl was delicious!)! The service was good (the waitress checked on us in fair intervals and made fun small talk)! The atmosphere was fun and lively (everybody looked like they were having a blast and enjoying the environment). The games were an added awesome experience! The virtual reality space was amazing!

Monica Quinonez

I love the environment, aesthetic and concept of this place. I’ve been to two locations, in Chicago and Schaumburg and enjoyed both experiences. There are so many cute games to play, some for free and other for a cheap price. (Corn hole, board games, giant jenga, scrabble, darts, karaoke, etc.) It’s a perfect place to relax, drink and have fun!

Kenni Terrell

A great place to hang out with friends and play games. Just be careful of your budget because some of the cocktail prices.

Sarita Sashington

What an amazing place! Full of great ways to have fun, be engaged with one another and connect without a cell phone. The place is huge complete with party rooms, food and drinks. I couldn't give it 5 stars because the food was just sub par.

Ana Chavarria

Lots of options for entertaining a large group. Two items bothered me. 1: The microphones in our karaoke room did not function well. 2: The food. Our group paid for a taco bar—very tasty. While the taco fillings were generous, they were parsimonious with the flour tortillas. How the heck were we supposed to eat the tacos? Also, there were lots of leftovers which management did not let us take home.

Ethan Shaw

Not the typical bar food, it's seasoned very well cooked to perfection. Awesome games especially the VR. We had a b-day party here and had a blast booked the VR and bowling food was also included. We had the the room for three hours with about 20 ppl. Had such a good time most of us stayed afterwards and hug out played some arcade and darts. Very relaxed atmosphere as well.

Emmanuel Leonard

The venue is really nice. It can be noisy depending on the day and time you go there. I think I prefer smaller more intimate settings when playing billiards or giant jenga.

kyle schmitt

Fun with a group. Good whisky selection

Jason Brinson

Amazing atmosphere and amazing staff. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Alex Mayer

Interesting place to visit. It's huge. The biggest sports bar I've been too. They got bowling, Billiards, Foosball, Table Tennis, Bean bags and more. The food is amazing and the drinks are

Neeva Shrestha

It is a good place to be but not on weekends. It is Too crowded. There are a lot of games you could enjoy with a good variety of drinks and food. There is karaoke but I haven't tried. I would really like to when I go back there. The other attraction is VR games.

Edward Blunt

Very cool atmosphere with an industrial vibe. Not too noisy, you can carry a conversation. There are TVs with sports playing and a decent amount of seating. The specialty drinks were good, as well as the food. We ate mostly from the shareables, but they were all good. Good enough that we ordered more of them. They have plenty of activities. We bowled. There were 6 of us, but we were able to get 2 games in in about 2 hours without a problem. We didn't do anything else there, but the was ping pong, shuffle board, VR, and some other things. I know they have other things like a arcade, but i didn't explore to find them. I will definitely go back next time I get the chance.

Nicole Kelly

My youngest daughter birthday we went on a Saturday evening quite crowded. But I like the concept of bowling, ping pong, billiards, and board games, also karaoke. What I didn't care for is they take your credit card or debt card and open tab. But u never can find your server because working butt off so crowded and no other server can close u out. So go to another part of the club and take card again and do same thing. So scared something was gonna happen cause I had to find my servers to close tabs and hours in between bowling etc and in between looking for server. Also no bowling shoes but have given us a lane only 1 hour to play 5 out of ten of us had no shoes. Finally they tell us just bowl in our gym shoes. Very unorganized. One of my daughter's friend ended up having a problem being over charged with this open tab can't find my server thing. They did correct but guys do it right in first place.

Scott Jakubowski, CM

This is sort of a grown-up Dave investors but without many games. There are a few bowling lanes and also a few pool tables but only three or four pinball machines and one ski ball machine. Definitely not enough to keep you entertained if you are not getting plastered in the delicious punch bowl cocktails that are served here. Also, parking is hard to find and very difficult to enter and exit the garage.

Devin Dunn

Great atmosphere and food/drinks!

Cathy Evans

The food was very good! We ordered the crab rangoon dip, soooooo good!

Helena Jach

Super cool time to play as a big kid. Food was good and well priced. Great drink offerings. My only and MAJOR complaint was that it was a milestone birthday for me, in which case my husband ordered an expensive, ornate cake. We requested the kitchen staff cut the cake (for a fee of course), but assumed they'd only massacre the precious cake after I'd have seen it at least once and had those in attendance at my celebration sing "happy birthday " ...and then blow out the candles--not so much, it came from the kitchen chopped in all different sizes squares barely in tact with the candles added. Horrible experience in that regard and forget about the cute standard b-day cake photo that was a major let down!!! Otherwise, we'd go back.

Brad Smidt

This place never ends...all kinds of good areas to hang with friends. Go here and if you dont have fun you have a problem...haha

Nikkia Crews

Nice retro lounge atmosphere. This place has it all! Bowling, arcade games, a bar upstairs and down stairs. Plenty of seating and great service. I definitely recommend checking out Punch Bowl Social!

Sarah Wagner

Love this place!! Have come with family and friends and there is something for everyone. Great drinks, great food, and a fun atmosphere. The location and games make it even better. Highly recommend if you are in the area to check it out!

carl r

Fantastic place. The servers go out of the way to make the customers happy. Lots of games and activities to play, great night out with friends

Jacob Might

We had a reservation on a Friday afternoon and when our group showed up, the staff seemed very confused like they didn't know what to do... which was a little odd. We were waiting so long to be seated that some of us went to get a drink at the bar. The 'punch bowl' we got from the bar was actually pretty good, so I give them two stars for that at least. Unfortunately, after being seated, the wait staff completely abandoned our group. I am not exaggerating when I say they seated us and literally never came back. There was about 15 of us, so I am very confused how they forgot about us. After a while we just left. We walked to Parlor Pizza Bar, which is a few blocks away. We had a much better experience there.

Corazon R.

My first visit and certainly not going to be my last! The nachos and tacos are fantastic. The drinks are to die for. I had a great time from the moment I walked in the door. Gotta go back for the karaoke and bowling ASAP!

brooklyn strong

The food was good and the service was good too

Lori Adams

Fun experience. We had a large group over 80 people. Food was good. Service was good. Had a great time with the games. Would go back again

Erika Hall

Great energetic atmosphere. Huge place to roam with plenty of activities. Good music- they played top charting singles. I will certainly return but I will not come hungry. The food selections weren’t great- I settled on the chicken sandwich. The sandwich was fine the fries, however, were bland.

Elisabeth Troyk

This place is such a fun hangout spot. It is HUGE inside, has a restaurant portion and more of a bar feeling area. Tons of games like bowling and shuffle board. During the week they have a great happy hour as well

Jesus Acosta

Best place top take a group with

James Schaefer

Crazy awesome menu, hip spot with VIrtual Reality stations, bowling, shufflepuck, and some other games... Come as you are attitude.

Jackie Torres

Food was very good. Great place to go in groups as there's games as well and bowling

Shantrelle Haymon

Great place to meet up and hang with friends.

Kaitlyn Nowicki

Wait times for bowling average 3 or so hours, the staff is VERY bothered by your questions, they let people reserve the entire dart and game area for small birthday parties, and all around just not a great spot to be for a fun day/night. Would not suggest

ezell hudson

I've been here several times and i normally have a good experience. This time was a little different. My main complaint is i felt bartending service was a little lack luster. Even though it wasn't crowded it took forever to get someone attention for service. Was never asked if i needed anything else even after clearly the drink and food was done. Overall felt displaced. I going to count this as a one off because normally i have a great time here. Also i tend to be on the second floor vs the first but im not sure why that would make a difference.

Lucy Holden

Absolutely terrible service. First come, first serve for bowling and when we got there, they said there was an hour and a half wait (the servers who were playing scrabble instead of working). We looked over at the lanes- 5 lanes and only 1 was open. Asked again and said it would talk them an hour and a half to open the others (it was 8:30pm at the time on a Wednesday). Really??? We left. They lost our service.

Doris Aguilar

Had a 15yr old's karaoke birthday party, OFF THE HIZZOOOK!!

Eugene Spivey

Good food Great Service!

Fabian Valencia

This place is fantastic, it is huge. So many areas to eat, drink and have fun. There are many games to play from pool to bowling. I felt I was at a bar, a back yard party and a night club as I was walking through this place eating and drinking. The beer selection was pretty good as well, at least a few IPA's on tap. I want to go back soon!

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