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Robbin Liu

Great place to bowl. Nice open atmosphere between the dining room, pool table and the bar. Bowling area and arcade area are nice and updated. Very clean.

Adam Spychala

Great place to have fun but way too expensive. If you have 2 people for bowling you have to pay a min of $36. Go elsewhere if you are in a small group on that front. The arcade was fun but all priced too high. $20 allowed for only 8-10 games.

Neocean Long

This place is amazing and the day and time we went was not crowded at all. Great place to take your kids and have fun.

Anita Blake

Lots of fun. Many things to do. Great food and drinks

Ryan Spradlin Vlogs

I can't see myself going back. This place has a lot of things going for it and sounds awesome, but when you enter, it becomes a little disappointing. Everything is separated and not very organized. Here is a quick pros and cons list: Pros: A lot of things to do Cons: Expensive Long waiting lines Tons of kids running around Arcade is small and overpriced Overall, it was a great idea, it just isn't executed to the top of its ability.

Danielle Di Cosola

My family and I went here for a party. The inside is very spacious with a lot of different activities to choose from. What I liked most about it was there was stuff for the adults and stuff for the kids so none of us were bored. The food was pretty good.


Kids enjoyed this place.

Lynette Rugg

Great place to have some fun!

Meena Beena

Came here and got the summer fun deal for $20, give or take, that included unlimited time with the ropes coarse, bowling, and laser tag. We had a great time and it was worth the money.


Great family fun. Depending on where you are located perhaps a bit out of the way, however in this self contained playground for kids and "adults" you find a plethora of activities and food to keep you busy for a full day! I hate to compare to D&B (Dave and Busters) but this place has much more, Laser Tag, bowling, Pool Tables, Zip Line, Arcade just to name a few items. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Kathy Przywara

Hosted a birthday party for my son there. Got to say I was not very impressed. I felt more rushed than anything. I understand they have a schedule to follow, but I hosted parties at different places and this one by far was the least private and most stressful.

Amy Delgadillo

It was great and the service was spectacular! I enjoyed myself and so did my kids

Jaime Hjelm

They do a really great job for kids Birthday parties. The food is good too. The establishment overall was very clean. Staff were extremely helpful.

Antonio Rodriguez Jr

It was amazing. My Employer through there end of the year party and had the whole place to ourselves. Staff was great., Food was alright. I am not much of a gamer but Bowling, Laser Tag and Pool was fun.

Zariah Campbell

Came here for a group outing with my team at work. The staff was very nice and helpful. I had a blast on the gravity ropes, although it was terrifying at first! There is also bowling and a ton of arcade games. I highly recommend for group outings.

Grant Langbauer

If a bright bowling experience is what your looking for then Main Event has you covered. Best to book lanes days advance for the weekends.

pete steele

Competitively priced with other venues, but still expensive. Lots for kids and teens to do! Only real complaint is the sanitize stations all seemed broken.

Bernard Barnes

Great place for bowling, arcades and laser tag all under one roof.

Kennedy Khalimsky

Today I went on a 6th grade end of the school field trip with my fellow classmates. My friends and I had a great time, until it came to the ropes course. The ropes coarse was fun, it was just the people running it that ruined the end of my day. At 10:30 am, my friends and I reserved a slot for the ropes coarse for 12:50. When that time came, my friends and I got in line. We waited until the young women (forgot her name but she was about my height which is 5 ft, and had long, yellow acrylic nails) took our receipt/ ticket and checked it . Even though we got a ticket for 6 people, it said 3 people, which is fine, they just messed up. So then we got a new ticket/ receipt that said 6 people. We handed her the ticket, but she declined. She said that only 3 of us could go on. We were a little confused and wanted to talk with her, but she wouldn't listen to us. By then we we didn't care and we lowered the group to 3 people. Then we asked to go on (me and two of my other friends) but she said that we were to late and she wouldn't let us on. We were really mad then. We kept pleading her to let us on, but she just ignored us like we were thin air. By that point my grandmother got involved and was trying to talk to her, but she ignored her too, such a childish thing for a grown up! Finally after waiting, she was going to let us on, but instead of helping us get our harness's on, she threw them at us and waited for us to figure out how to put them on ourselves. Once we put them on, she attached us to the course, and we headed up the stairs. When I got up there, another lady was standing there. She told us that if we didn't follow the rules, we would be kicked off, which I respect because that's regarding our safety. So then I started across the coarse. When I got to the other side, I waited for my friend. As she was about to step on, the women grabs her by the arm and pulls her back and said, "did you hear me? If you don't follow the rules, i'm kicking you off." My friends and I were very confused, she didn't do anything wrong, yet she grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back just to repeat what she said? Ridiculous behavior from these grown women. I Love main event, but these particular people were very rude to me and a bunch of other people (not to mention that the same thing happened to another group of boys from our school).

Hasan Zafar

Extremely fun place to go to with friends/ family

Yadhira Tenorio

Super fun place to go to and there fries are amazing!

Mark Anderson

If you live around here or just are in town stayin in the Schaumburg area, this place is a must visit. Bowlin, billards, rope course, laser tag, all for super cheap. Had a bday there and Jeff the manager was so awesome, their servers are all really nice, and you csn spend an entire day in there with everything they have. 10/10, will be back a bunch more.

Sam Pappas

Great place for food and entertainment. So much to do here. Excellent for kids' birthdays.

Ram Manoher

Nice place for kids to have some good time.

Vibhav Mehrotra

Great place for kids and adults. We have hosted two birthday parties here and all kids loved it. Their service is great and activities are excellent.

Manuel Hernandez

Awesome place to go and have fun!!!! Took my son for his birthday!!! He absolutely loved it!!! The food was good with pricing at normal prices for a place like that. They have bowling, laser tag, arcade games, adventure course. Many things to do at not bad pricing!!! Definetly will go back.

Greg LeVault

Horrible, horrible service and to say it's overpriced would be the understatement of the year! Hated it and so did my daughter.

TheRandomOnes 23

Very fun place. Bowling is exciting, the games are fun, the food is great and the service is excellent. One thing that should be noted is that the unlimited bowling is unlimited for one hour, then you need to ger back on the waiting list.

Tracy Pinson

great place to take the kids. So many gaming options, and games for the adults too. The food is good and very fair priced.

Mateusz Rogowski

Main event is really fun place for kids and adults alike. I do dislike the wait times on a Saturday night. Bartender was kinda rude when I asked to be put on the list of the pool tables. He told me there’s a lot of people already on it.

Miguel Morales

Good place to hang out with a group of friends. It gets full and there are a lot of kids running around on a late weekend. Other than that, fun place to bowl, game, eat, and drink.

jaden clothier

I say it is 1 star because there is good food but they make it seem like its unlimited but it is not what a RIP off

Gabby Veneziano

This was absolutely amazing my entire family went and we had an amazing time the gravity ropes were my favorite part. I also enjoyed the laser tag and the arcade! Definitely would go again!!

Najuan Mack

Great entertainment for family and kids. The all purpose wristbands that allow you to play all the games are a great value and definitely make this a trip worth it. Main Event is also great for date nights as well.

sheila vergara

My son loves it but a little expensive

Andry Ellen

This is not a place to celebrate your child birthday party . Please be aware that the customer service is bad they will charge you extra for something you didn’t order . I will definitely not recommend this place . Missing plates and cups at my table . The color girl who take care of our table very rude . I’m wondering why she looks for a tips on the receipt ? She didn’t deserved it!!! They ruined my party!!!!

sophia Morris

Fun place to go and have a good time with family and friends.

Tara Robinson

The kids enjoyed so that was it for me.


Great fun! I liked all the games, it has guitar hero and vr, 10/10 would go again.


RIP off. The bowling alley is very cool, but you can get that elsewhere with better service and cheaper! We had bad service all around. $300 in an hour and a half is crazy. (We bowled 1 game, 30 minutes of arcade time, and drinks) The unlimited $7 bowling is only if there isn't a waitlist. The people next to me were able to do an online reservation for 2 hours right away, while I waited in person for an hour, to bowl for an hour. (Not enough time for 6 people) They didn't tell us we'd get kicked out after an hour. The waiter asked if we wanted to order, so we asked how when we only had 5 minutes left... there were no tables. So we went even able to eat. It was a look big drive anda waste of time and money for us for sure!

Megan P

Pricey but fun

Alek Pirkhalo

Great for company events, selection of liquor is poor though, and spraying bowling shoes in front of customers is probably not a good idea.

Gregory Beck

Modern place to go bowling and play video games. There are cheaper bowling alleys in the area. There are places in the area that have more video games. However they have Lazer Tag and inside rope gym. The modern upscale environment is also a plus.


Fun loving place always enjoying with kids.

Stewart Perez

Great place to go with the family. Spacious feel with lots of games and food options. Service was very slow and our waiter forgot to enter our child's meal. The venues concept is good, they just need to work on customer service. Update: visited this location on 5/19/19 and AGAIN the waiter forgot to enter TWO entrees! Really!! I'm very disappointed in the service.

akshat handa

Very bad service. The workers weren't listening to us at all. Me and my friends bought a ticket for 9 people gravity course but the person read it upside down and said only 6 people could go. We tried telling her but she didn't listen. I tried asking for another one and the guy said no, but gave to other girls that asked him. Also they were ignoring adults that were there and yelling at us. Would not go there again.

Mell A.I.

Nice, clean, funny place for kids and teens.

Matt Thomas

Pretty cool, a little pricy if your bring a family there but its a fun time. Love the bowling cartoons

Geri Hoopes

My husband and I went three for a company work party. Great food and entertainment.

kubajanowski YT

Love this place. It is fun for kids and if you have kids they will have a blast.

Riya Thakkar

Fab place! Enjoyed a lot watching fireworks with fam!

Kim Tomlinson

Fun activity center for adults and children. Bowling, billiards, laser tag, and a zip line adventure course. Skill and video games. Bar, food, and ice cream. All in one night put for the family and friends.

Daniel Lightner

Food and fun. What else do you need to know? Very clean. Well staffed. Service was great.

Angel Moore

The biggest Main event I have been to. I love this place.

Jacylyn Villanueva

The most fun I've had with arcade games in a long time! Mondays give you the option of choosing either unlimited arcade games, laser tag, or bowling.

S Koby

It's nice, but extremely over priced for everything for the games to the food and drinks. It might be nice if your a just a couple. But family wise it'll drain your bank.

Carl Ben

Fun for everybody but too pricey especially the food.

Christian Ortiz

we loved it. we went as a family and my nephews and nieces had such a blast, also the rewards are not that expensive so we got a lot of points that way my nieces got the rewards they wanted.

Dan Murphy

Main event has good food a great bar in lots of ways to entertain yourself from bowling to rock wall climbing to laser tag and arcade games with prizes...Saving the best for last in my opinion is they have 8 pool tables that are 8 foot in size which makes a great practice table for those of you who are in League’s playing on 7 foot tables...The main event in Hoffman Estates I have played pool at more times than I can count and as long as I am having a beer and possibly a snack from the menu or even a meal I never get charged for pool! Thank you main event!

Julius Felix

It's a very fun place, there arcade is fun, the gravity ropes (aka: an obstacle course) were also fun, and, Lazar tag and bowling were fun, my only complaint would be the power outages(they only lasted a few seconds), but that happens rarely from what I've seen.

Zimmy Videos

The birthday party here was so fun!! Just have a question, why does laser tag have SO many players every round? Theres like at least one person everywhere you go. But still was great experience.

Joe Mammano

Fun friendly and good food

Federico D'Antonio

Employees at ropes course were yelling at the children and ignoring an elderly women trying to talk to her, which was a classmate's grandmother. She also threw harnesses at children and didn't let people on, Regarding what the number of people said on the RECEIPT( Even though they paid for it)

Kathy Moore

The food there is amazing and the waitress are friendly and nice I did not like the fact that they had no rock climbing, mini golf like it says they have

Timur Alymbaev

Great venue for kids! Good service and staff.

Chuck Pav

Just fun and food

Erica DiChristofano

Overall experience was AWFUL. I reserved two lanes earlier in the day for our large party. They made me pay for ALL lanes and shoes for two hours when we called. They turned off both lanes after just one hour. When I went to the front desk to ask about our second hour, they argued with me. They ended up giving me the other hour I already paid for. Our party got to bowl only three frames and all of our balls (even extra ones we threw down) got stuck and would not come back to the ball return. So we complained and they said they would fix it. We sat in our lanes for 30 minutes waiting!!! They ended up kicking us out of our lanes becuase another party was coming. When we went to the front desk to return our shoes, we complained yet again. The manager at the front tried to get us to stay and play other games. At this point all members in our party were over it and just wanted to leave. He then proceeded to give me vouchers to come back for two hours of bowling. When we got home and looked at them, one of the vouchers EXPIRED June 27, 2018!!! Awful, shady service!

Andrew Sawicki

Best place to go with kids and adults to lot of fun fun bowling to

Royal Shows

It was horrible I got at least 15 jackpots and none of them counted. I put money on my card and I only go 315 points when I should’ve gotten at least 2500 point. The lady at the desk kept saying he same thing over and over again, it’s a timed card you can’t earn points. Even though we put money on the card. It was a horrible experience and you should go to Dave and busters instead.


No ware near as expensive as it looks....great environment for groups of friends or small groups of kids

Letisia Martinez

The service to get food is very slow.....our waiter did not come to us and when we asked another waiter to please get our waiter she signaled with her hand that she would be there ...and still did not we asked a 2nd time for someone to send us a waiter ....finally she came and said that her shift was ending and we needed to pay on the spot for everything .they should have better service than this....this place is fun...but they need to get it together with their service

Joe Pelayo

We attended a birthday party here today. I was amazed with pretty much everything here. First off, the service provided by the staff making sure the party ran smoothly was top notch. There were no issues. It seemed like everything was thought of. They had labeled bins for the party to place coats, gifts, etc. The party area was nice and open with big tables so space wasn't an issue for the kids while they ate. The staff took care of everything, food, game cards, bowling, drinks, shoes, etc. They seemed like a real well run machine. The bowling is awesome. And the arcade is really cool too. Check it out. And have a great time.

Jaime Idiyaly

Can't beat the Monday night all you can bowl/pool, etc. deal! Great atmosphere for adults and kids. Highly recommended

butter king

Love it here. Love the laser tag and the vr games. Would recommend

Sandesh Adusumilli

Great place for fun

Greg Graham

Good times. Fun for all family members

Skel The Enforcer

An amazing place for overall family fun it's enough for the kiddos to do and enough for the adults to do that leaves everybody satisfied. Somewhat pricey wish they had an all day Fun pass for the arcade it's still great atmosphere with loads of Fun


Great place to have fun and unwind. From bowling to lazer tagging. All ages can have fun.

Lauren Jones

This is a pretty basic arcade & Bowling Alley. It's just wider and has a lot of neon signs. If you are coming here by bus, note that the bus stops running at 6:00 PM SHARP!! I was stranded there once by Pace & by the cab companies. It's really just a blowing alley, arcade climbing area and bar.

Michelle Caruso

I’ve tried to give this place the benefit of the doubt the few times I’ve come in, but this past weekend was the last straw for me. I walked in, and as usual, there’s not enough seating for the volume they do. It was my daughter’s birthday and she wanted to do a round of laser tag with the family. After looking online, website said it was $9 per person, per session. When we walked in at 5:45pm, the young lady at the counter said that there was no individual activity option, that I had to buy the $20 wristband for all three activities even though I didn’t want to play the other two. But on the monitors behind her, it clearly stated “ Saturday Activities” and continued to list the price for each INDIVIDUAL activity, including laser tag at $9 per person, per session. I’m not sure if it’s a sales tactic to increase revenue or a lack of proper training, but not giving correct information to your guests is a good way to piss people off. The manager did give me a refund, so thankfully we were able to leave and head elsewhere without paying the incorrect amount.

The Cool Squad

It's fun but the food takes like 30 minutes and there wasn't even that much people.

Stan John

It’s a good. Just a bit pricy

Belen Navarrete

Very similar to Dave and buster's with the exception that this place offers a bowling alley and laser tag. Had a good time

Chaz Pav

Service and food were great

Vivian Rodriguez

Nice place, clean and fun. My only qualm is the game time you get and the pricing of games. I payed $1.50 in credits to play space invaders for literally 40 seconds and game over. That's a pretty big rip off. I left after only an hour because they program these games to rip you off.

John Hernicz

Place is great! Service is the worst. Come here all the time with the kids and I’ll sit 10-15 min waiting for a server. Rediculous.

Felix Estrada

Booked a private room for an birthday party and was impressed by everything. First off, staff was super friendly. Then was greeted by Jeff the manager there and showed us to our private room and seated us and brought out the food. Pizza was ok, would have preferred another item but it was the better option. Their other items on the menu were good as well. They gave us 2 hrs of bowling and did laser tag. We were also given 2hrs of arcade time. Jeff did a magnificent job and really took care of us. Will definitely be having more parties and events here. Well deserved 5 stars!

Becky Moe

Great place. It was fairly quiet and they catered our group well.

Josh Swiderski

Daughter attended a friend's birthday party. Great time was had by all!

Mason Drake

Their food was amazing and the employees were nice the games are super fun they also have VR recommend coming to over the weekends or during a birthday and on Mondays the credits are 10% off

Julie Milford

It was really fun! Friendly staff!

stefani molina

Food took forever. But it definitely had a good atmosphere.


Alright, my class went here for some field trip and the employees were hecking terrible. To be fair, most of these were teenagers/young adults, some of which didn't even listen to other adults/the elderly which is a pretty stupid thing to do for 18+ year olds. That's more like an edgy 8-year old thing do. When I've went here other times with my friends, it was a mix of adult and teenager employees, so the service was pretty good. Basically, don't have the young adults work because they act like stuck up fetuses with no common sense that read the number 6 as 3 like a bunch of idiots. Go back to your mom's basement you young "adults."

Amy Brumm

Expensive!!! Be prepared but drop $50 per person at least. Games are at minimum $1.60 each with many $2.00 each or more.

Theories with Cannon and blank

They were being mean and were not letting us on the high ropes course and kicked us off for no reason and we took a long step and they kicked my friend off because he took to long of a step and overall they were in a crabby mood and were being mad at us just to be mad at us. Also 8th graders were pushing us and swearing and using games improperly

Assap Miguel

Fun place to be food was good and service was great very nice people

Iliana Flores

There is alot of games to play its like Dave and busters but more fun

Debbie Honn

Our family has a lot of fun here. Not much for kids under 3 here. Has a bar, pool tables, games, laser tag, bowling etc.

Alex Torres

Gross! You didn't want to touch anything. Everything was sticky and dirty. The restrooms had no to and the was a mess everywhere. Service was horrible. This was my first visit and last. I understand it was a Saturday night, but this was beyond acceptable.

Jennifer Hail

Laser tag, bowling, zip line, arcade games, food, and SO much fun! We had teammates here for a fun day of building a close knit team, and they had a blast! They spent four hours here, and it flew by. Super fun and awesome! Not bad prices either!

Monica Mora

Great place to go and have some drinks. Drinks are affordable and taste good.

Lisa Duffin

My boys had so much fun here and it wasn't expensive!!!

Dyana Espana

Loved it the kids had a blast and its definitely alot of fun. The food is reasonably priced. Monday madness is so great for the price playes for hours. I recommend it.

Marisol Sanjuan

My first time there, Went there for Easter Sunday with my family, it was fun & it's a great place to spend time with family & friends, only issue was that alot of the employees there had attitudes, every time we had a question or something they would respond in a rude way , if they don't like their job then why be there ?

Jake Switzer

Great place for the family or a quick night out with friends or loved one

Diana Hoffman

Games are ok (still slightly annoyed with broken Guitar Hero). Very pricey.

amit b

Hi. It was fun. Kids had blast!! We had two cards that had unlimited games that expired couple od days before and could not do anything. Could not wait longer for manager.

K Moore

Where an adult can have fun too!!!

Keisha Allen

Great place for a fun time out with family or friends. They have bowling, video games, laser tag, high wire climbing (with safety harnesses), and a few pool tables. It’s even a cool place for Corporate events that are for a laid back gathering. The food menu has a variety to choose from, well plated, and portion adequately. They serve beverages for kids and alcohol for adults.

Ian Quan

Fun bowling alley, games, and entertainment center. Really good place for groups and work events. The food was decent as well

A. Walker

This is My Family Hangout Spot! There's something to do for All Ages. My Son had his Birthday party here. All the Parent's at the Party played Laser Tag, we had So Much Fun! It can become expensive but Well Worth it for Family Fun.


The kids usually end up enjoying what they actually get a chance to do however I'd rather pay for 2 rounds of laser tag than a band that covers things like ropes and billiards which my two young boys will not do. And forget bowling, there's never a lane available. Having the unlimited wrist bands is great in theory except there needs to be better monitoring of the lines. All my boys wanted to do is laser tag but while standing in line at the time written on their slip, bigger kids and a huge group from a birthday party just walked right in front of them like they didnt exist. They were 1st in line and ended up being near the last to go in. When signing up for a time we should be told that a party would have priority in that time slot. So what went from a line of 10 people ended up being at least 4 times that. Quality over quantity really should be the motto but at Main event it's clearly not. The employees are all teens who look like deer in headlights when you as a question. There are other options for family entertainment around, I dont think we will be back. I'd rather spend my money on quality!

Rich Lam

Really enjoy my time here anytime I visit. Fan of arcades and bowling plus laser tag is fun with large groups. Newest addition of Beat Saber is worth the trip if you dont have VR

Susan Hernández

We use this place all the time for our summer camp field trips. It's the best to give kids unlimited cards for playing arcades, bowling, laser tag and the high ropes (forgot what it's called). Kids have a blast all the time.

David Stoev

Their bowling system doesn't work properly. One example is that the bumpers sometimes randomly turn on. They also have the worst workers ever. When you tell them something they either can't remember what you said or they don't understand you after explaining something very detailedly 20 times. They need to get better employees.

Suketu Patel

Great concept and a place to have fun with kids, but purchasing wrist band (kids) for unlimited bowling, Laser Tag, and some of other activities not worth it. Given my kids can't even utilize anything but bowling at their age. Even worse, when you pay for unlimited bowling but you only get an hour at a time, and get put on waiting list. We went there to celebrate Birthday, pizza and service both sucked

kat deithloff

Pretty nice lots of activities to choose from. I really like that there's sanitation napkin stations throughout the area. Love how the kids can climb safely above the arcade. Seemed pretty organized as well.

TJ Jackson

Went here for my best friends birthday. It was my first time. It's really amazing! From the cost being reasonable to the service being outstanding, I'll definitely be going back.

Nina K

Plenty for kids to do and the food was actually really good. I really enjoyed the Players Platter appetizer. It's nice to find a place that both kids and adults can enjoy. It's all a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I would rather pay a little more for quality food and games than save a few bucks on a dingy atmosphere and mediocre food. This is a great hidden gem in the suburbs.

liz velez

Such a fun place for kids and adults, reasonable prices great food and full bar for adults win win win!!!

Gizelle Cervantes

Family friendly, clean. Family had fun, food is good.

hugo viveros

Went for a friend’s birthday party last night. Cool space but slow service. I got wings, they seemed barely cooked and I didn’t finish them. I am now sweating and have a killer stomach ache. Thanks for the food poisoning!

Jose Baeza

This place is nice of you like pool and bowling. Been here twice for company events. Bad part, only one full sized bar. Would be good during the day for kids.

Kristian Serrano

First time going n will definitely be going back

Israel Becerril

love places like this, bowling, pool tables, arcades and more in just one place, very reasonable prices and really nice atmosphere, I'll give it 5 stars but I didn't because some of the staff members could use some attitude adjustment, other than that, it was great!!

Gianna Pietrini

Me and my class went there for a field trip, the service was terrible the people at the high ropes course refused to let people on, they were screaming and yelling at us, we got tickets and the ticket lady messed up I asked for 6 she gave us 3, when we tried to get the 6 person ticket she took it from my hand And told me that’s only 3 of us can go on. I said that it was unfair because a lot of people didn’t get to go on.i would never go there again. We are only 11 and 12 year olds and that’s not how I would like to be treated.

david garcia

Great place for the kids. We went for their monday night special. 20.00 for unlimited games,bowling, laser tag, and a ropes course. We stayed from 4 to close at 12 and the kids were said that we had to leave so early. Great staff and very clean location.

Heriberto Venegas

Main Event is a ripoff. Don't waste your time with this overpriced hype. Dave and Buster's have better deals and better games.

Kevin Hines

Friendly staff with a great food selection and decent beer selection. Large number of bowling lanes and other great options for the kids with a zip course, video games, etc.

Xiaoyan Tang

It's an awesome place for families. I enjoy playing all activities with my son. We go there weekly during winter. They have a great deal on some Mondays.

Rick Hogan

Fun place to visit! They have video games, bowling and other fun activities. The food and beverages are very good, too.

Audrey Robledo

The idea was fun but it didn't live up to our expectations. The place was pretty disorganized and as much as I wanted to like it, I couldn't. They don't mention that there are waiting lists for bowling, laser tag, or the gravity ropes. We got there and ended up waiting an hour and a half before being able to do anything. When we finally got to bowl, I placed an order for a few glasses of water along with a few glasses of soda to start us off. When the server dropped the drinks off, we asked if she could please grab us another glass of water. She told us to get it ourselves at their water station. First of all, their water station is just a water dispenser sitting on a wall by the bar. You use little paper cones to drink out of if you're lucky enough to have water in the dispenser when you got there. Every time we went, it was empty. Secondly, if I'm paying for drinks and tipping, shouldn't the server be providing the service? I would understand it if we weren't sitting around and just wanted a quick drink but that wasn't the case. Any way, the big fun super sundae was fun, delicious, and definitely worth the price. The food was also good and inexpensive. I'm not entirely sure I want to come back but if I do, I'll definitely wait for another special. I can't justify paying full price for the experience we had.

Tanya Bland

What a cool place, hidden but we were recommended to stop in. The games and drinks are fabulous.

Zia Syed Hussaini

Awesome place for kids and adult worth it.

Moneki Hamlin

It was clean and the milkshakes were very good .the games were nice staff was friendly


It's expensive. but the food very good and the games was fun for the family but it cost a pretty buck!

Chad Steele

Lots of fun activities and the place is gigantic. Good staff and food. Great selection of drinks too! Overall though the pricing is premium. You can definitely lose your wallet in here....

ryan bell

Kids loved it. Great place for families

Lino Barraza

This visit was okay. My wife and I decided to leave the kids at home in order to spend some time together for our anniversary. Of course on a Saturday and it being Spring Break, it was packed. My wife and I got our cards, which they charge higher fees for the cards than other places, and the games.... Are extremely over priced. The cheapest game was $1 per play and that was for ski-ball. The other games ranged from $1.50 and up. Completely over priced for those. This is exactly why we rarely go to Main Event.

Benjamin Sobanski

I was not even let onto the ropes and the people where cursing at me to move faster the people did not like that I was in a group with my friends they did not let me

Ed Arriaga

Great time. Staff was awesome. Especially very courteous young man Sergio.


Visited a few birthday parties there. Nice.

Tushar Parmar

This is a great place for family fun with brand new bowling lanes, large selection of kids friendly video games, as well as food and bar is cherry on top. Must go place if you want to have fun time with family or friends. Food & drinks are relatively inexpensive.

anita szeto

Fun, clean indoor amusement center with bowling, laser tag, video games and a ropes course. We attended a kids birthday party for 7 year olds. They bowled, ate pizza and played video games. The kids had a blast. There were attendants helping with bowling shoes rentals and food. Video games are about $1.50-1.75 per game with many games awarding tickets for prize redemption. There is a full service bar and eatery. They are pretty busy on the weekends and reservations are recommended to reserve bowling lanes.

Jeannie Dilger

Fun place to hang out with friends. Also good for networking events.

Thomas Treml

Pricey etertainment,nice atmosphere.Absolute Clueless Bowlers when it comes to bowling courtesy.We were surround by baffoons!

bocamp bocamp

There's a variety of activities and a decent number of arcade games. Fun, family-friendly, fantastic staff, fabulous birthday package, and worth the money if you don't mind blowing as much as $$$ once in a while.

DawnD Roucka

Lots to do for all ages

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