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Rohacks3716 .

This place is bigger than I expected. Also, I have never knew that there even is a bowling alley right by Hawthorn mall. Great service, very unique for the interior, love the nyan color inside. Love it!

arunkumar chandrasekaran

Nice place to have fun with family. I was hesitant to go as i have a two year old, but enjoyed a lot after going. My daughter was all excited and played well using the helper

Sushanth Reddy Palepu

This is one of the worst experience I ever had!! It took 20 mins for me to get a lane because there was only one person to attend that too on a weekend.... and it took 35 mins to get some booze! One person to serve booze and the food ( who was literally taking turns between food and the booze) In one word it was- PATHETIC

jason kluczyk

Great lanes.

Darren Bieda

Place is starting to look worn out and dirty.

David LSI

Clean and professional place and staff. We enjoyed ourselves.

Anita Chase

The management and bar staff are awesome! I especially love Dottie, the bartender with the sparkly glasses. I had a long drive when I was leaving and mentioned that I could use some coffee and she made me a fresh pot immediately. Her personality is as sparkly as her glasses and everyone who worked there was very welcoming. Great customer service!

Ricky White

Just had my 5 year olds party there. I felt like it went very smoothly. The lanes were reserved, getting shoes was no problem. The pre ordered food and drinks came out with no issues. The food was great by the way. The manager Nick was very cool and was there to answer any questions. Frank came over multiple times to chat and see if we needed anything, I was very happy with the whole process and my guests said they enjoyed their time with us. 10 kids only bowling with food, food for adults that are chit chatting. This was perfect.

english Dod

Denise Conley

Had fun.. very nice and clean bowling alley.

wilfredo lopez

Carl Edelman

Ponnusamy Ganesh

Nice to play with friends and family

Matthew Gage

The atmosphere and lighting is cool. There wasn't a very long wait time. But the prices are a tad much. Not too overpriced but could definitely use readjustment.

Mathurshan V

✔️ Clean lanes, balls, and shoes ️✔️ Nice glow in the dark lighting ✔️ Decent prices for food. The food tastes pretty good, but they're smaller servings ✖️ Expensive games

Alan Fox

In poor condition. Frequent lane breakdowns and requires major overhaul. Management promises changes are in the planning stages but will take time.

Robert Garbrecht

Bob Mounce

gonzalo mendoza

Patrick H

Went in for a drink and not a single person was at the bar. Had to hunt down someone to get us a beer. It was on a Sunday but still......We stayed for one and left. The date on the Coors light had passed a couple of weeks ago. Management???

David Park

The guy bartending there was cool. A basic Brunswick and exactly what I expected from a bowling alley

Bernardo Martinez Tarin

Great bowling alley, typically not very crowded. Staff is friendly and helpful. Good selection of beers. Moderately priced

Veronica Castro

Sudheer Vijayakumar

Place is ok. They have a decent party hall. Ok for kids. Nothing fancy

Mike Mohrfeld

Bowling fun

Judy Winkleman

There are never more than a couple employees in the building that know anything. And sadly, there aren't enough others to take up the slack. This makes the service level extremely low. The alley is in need of major repairs. They tried painting to spruce up the place, but until the remove the old carpet and all the other outdated stuff, it was just a bandaid. They charge more than a couple other really nice bowling alleys within a 10 minute drive.

Kimberly Zeitler

Guy at the front desk was friendly and funny.

Javier R

1st and last time I will come here, lane broke wings were cold when they came out, music was very off for a bowling place. Only nice person here was the guy working at the front desk (not the manager) nachos didnt have nacho cheese they melted a piece of american cheese and put it on chips and called it nachos stomach hurt a lot after eating the food, bartender was very upset with manager and argued with him in front of customers.

Al Bogenschutz


Nate Johnson

Mark Evans

Stevan Pastar

I haven't been there in a bit, so I went to check it out with some friends. They must have raised the prices since I don't remember them ever being that high; however, I did notice that the interior was remodeled a bit.

Thomas Pearson

I came here to have fun with my and it was ruined. Out first two lanes broke 3 rimes. Then we asked to be moved. It was going great until our next two lanes broke more than 7 times. It took forever to fix each time. Finally we got to the middle of our first game and it broke again. In an hour and a half we didn't even finish a game. I finally told them I would not be paying for the bowling. They didn't argue and we got free bowling. Not a good experience. Will not be coming back.

joey perrone

Cool lights and music

Madhu Tatampudi

This place is horrible. Horrible service and low end technology. This place could be straight out of 1987.

Joong KO

Good place for the birthday party.

Will Raines

Great place to bowl even though they do not have bowling leagues.

Dean Bakkum

Recent updates have really helped making the place more enjoyable.

rebecca s

Came here on a field trip with my camp today. My group had 10 people, 2 councilors and 8 campers (including myself). We were split between 2 lanes, and our lane was broken. The TV was just advertising their party service and the typing pad wasn't even on. We decided to just group together on one lane, but lo and behold, one side of the bumpers weren't working. Everyone wanted bumpers for their turns and only the right side of the bumpers went up. The councilors imformed the people at the desk, and they did nothing. We decided to just all switch to two other lanes. Then we finally got to actually start bowling. Wasted about 15 minutes of the field trip on trying to get our lanes to work. The place in general is just very outdated and old. Also pretty dirty. I suggest just going to the Bowlero in Buffalo Grove. Newer, bigger, and much cleaner. They seem not to care about this location as it looks like it hasn't been touched in years.

Het Thakore

THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE. horrible service especially in food, employee is horrible. Thats right 1 employee is only present, and that one employee is irresponsible, he refused to take my order. The technology is outdated.

Wesley Gibson

League bowling

Dave Mason

Nicely remodeled

Weekly Manner

Lanes keep breaking.

Blanca Sermak

Kind of dingy. It sucks that they won't let you bring in food, but their food is absolutely disgusting. The person who made my food came straight from dealing with bowling shoes, went to the register to ring me up, then started making the food. I didn't eat a bite. And the kitchen looks filthy. Additionally, we often have problems with our lanes. I don't know if it's bad luck, but we always have to ask them to fix something when we go there. Also, the employees look like they hate being there.

anto mike

This place IS HORRENDOUS not sure about the other staff members but the one in restaurant was the worst. I was making an order for a cookie which was easy job but the stupid waiter said 20 mins wait time. SERIOUSLY WHO NEEDS 20 mins to serve a cookie. I recommend u guys not to visit here as the have some old school tech.

Charlie Newman

Horrible service and overpriced. DO NOT visit their Pro shop. The service is absolutely horrendous. Brought my bowling balls to their shop way too many times, and I would receive them damaged and unfixed. I would be charged each time a mistake was made. Alleys are poorly maintained. Food is decent. There are multiple bowling alleys nearby that are much better than this horrible location. Visit Brunswick's or Lakeside Lanes if you want to have a pleasant experience. Do not visit this bowling alley.

Heather Hitomi

Pete Oliva

Health Hazzard

Jodi Kaplan

Was expensive to bowl in the middle of a week day, but staff was friendly and the alleys were clean

Anthony Frasier

There was no one at the front desk when we went in. The manager was stocking the vending machine while watching the line form. Our screen was broken and he refused to give us a new lane, told us to call the desk for changes. Go to any other alley, this one is terrible!!

Dean Z

old equipments

Zayd Anderson

The bowling is good and the service is great but that's only when there are younger workers the old ones are just always angry, not exactly sure why

Daniel Rysz

Dirty place now after Brunswick took over. Been in a league here for years and they just keep treating us like crap year after year. Won't even oil the lanes properly for a 30 team league before we start.

Derek Chandler Jr

I had a great time bowling

Augusto Zandomeneghi


A waste of my time


Ok to go but there is only 1 or 2 staff who will be handling billing counter as well as giving shoes and return items. You have to wait for long time to get your chance

Shubha Kirani

Lanes available easily.

Seth Boswell

Pricey all the sudden. Still a great time for the family but does seem to be getting a bit rundown.. shoes were in especially rough shape.

Dayna Haight

Kim Brownlee

Great place to bowl. Employees were very kind!

Brajesh Sahu

Great place

Socrates Vela

Equipment is in decent shape.

Sweta Lee

Good people, nice place to bowl with kids

Aaron Winslow

Basic bowling alley. Pricy on prime times.

Justin Kellogg

Tony Virdi

Fun Time Place

Alesa Rosario

Participated in a corporate bowling event here. The entrance is not easy to find. Food was okay at best.

Andrew Bloomfield

Lanes in good condition and not too busy when I was there

Rob F

Terrible service at was nasty..burger not good, salad not good...Service was horrendous...never again

Deb Norton

Michael Jacobs

Corporate run center, I'm active in the sport so I make my time positive for myself and other bowlers who bowl in leagues here. Add a few extra dollars to your pocket, corporate has raised prices. The best things to do is join their mailing list for savings!!! 3 stars due to poor cleaning of the bathrooms and bowlers area. For the sport of bowling it's a well run center once you step up on the approach! 12/2018, I have lowered the rating to two stars. Center is getting dirtier all while being told things are being worked on to improve the center. Ran a special event in the center staff not once came down to clean up after bowlers, offer food or beverages. Basically the entire event was self-serve all while they had 2-3 parties on the other end of the building they catered to in every capacity.

Michael Francisco

Awesome place to bowl

glue omar

Its alright, overpriced but well run.

Carl W

Way too expensive

Hyun Kang

Nice place for bowling. Open space no beams in between lanes... Proshop is there in case you need drill the ball or replace your finger insert.

Aravind K

Good place for bowling and some good fun and food

Quinn Dailey


Adriane Price

Dan was absolutely fantastic. He was very friendly and helpful. It is very nice when customer service is priority for a company. Truly made the birthday gathering better through his attentiveness and his pleasant demeanor. The Assistant General Christopher was also great and Had a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you both for everything. It was greatly appreciated.

Austin Fortner

This is an expensive spot for bowling and there is nothing special about it. It's actually pretty dirty. I also was once served undercooked chicken tenders here. I'd recommend finding another bowling alley.

Damon Boyd

Support staff needs organization

Rosa Ordonez

Hyun Kim

Nice and clean, but expensive

Ramon C Casey Sr

Not that great....I go to practice on lunch typically no one is at the counter for assistance. I also inquired about bowling lessons and they referred me to a guy named Bill. Over the phone he was professional and we set up a lesson. Later that day I went to practice and Bill was there. I introduced myself and he had a strange look on his face once he saw me. I called to confirm our lesson for the following week and there was no response. I am a director for a large corporation but I think my skin was an issue. I still practice there on lunch because it is the closest place to my office. I have seen Bill twice and he turns the other way to avoid me or walks past at a fast pace. It's unfortunate in today's society this is still an issue.

James A Wright, Jr.


Jeff T

Very slippery lanes. One kept breaking down. Staff was very nice but lanes need upkeep

joel gurstell

Old time bowling ctr. Great with the kids

Karthikeyan Loganathan

It was understaffed. The staff were overwhelmed and didn't provide any direction/communication to the guest. We stayed in the line for way too long. They couldn't provide any update/idea for wait time. The cafe was open didnt serve any food. Closed without any notice. Looked like they messed up schedule with local league and didnt reserve their lanes....very disappointing experience

Aslan Lee

Cool place for bowling, pretty much it. Been here since I was a little kid. The only downside is the crappy food and arcade.

Mario Russo

One of the nicest burning alleys I've been two. Lots of fun. Well kept

Conor Donahue

Solid deals for cheap bowling as well as very good lanes. People who work here are helpful as well.


Super fun environment, great music, i have friends that work there too!

Ricky M

My family and I go for the summer pass and love it so much! Also during the school year we go too

Michael Leonard

Bowling was fun. Food was, okay.

Ranga Manthena

Nice place to hangout with friends and family. Service is nice. Looks like the the equipments are old.

Sheldon Starr

Best place to bowl

TL Pricescope

Answer your phone!!!!! I want to talk to a human

Isabel Efroni

Nice friendly

Bobthebuilder TV

Fun place for a field trip!

Tommy Tommy

No upkeep on the alleys or the bowling alley it's self

Steven Castleberry

They need to lower their prices so people will actually come here... It's always empty.

Heather Ulrich atkinson

Great place to bowl. Everyone there is always helpful and friendly

D West


The bowling is great, the food is fake, and the fun is real! Great place to bowl and have fun with family and friends.

Gary Stoodley

Lanes are in good shape and game costs are very reasonable.

rowtheatl. alt

This is a really bad Brunswick. Here, I paid $30 for 1 three player game. In other places, I have paid that, but for 2 hrs of games. It's just a ripoff now. It's not their fault, their prices changed, but that they never said it is what I am angry about

Mark Hackendahl

Poorly managed and customer service is non existent. Went there on a Friday at 9pm and it was dead. Took forever to get a lane with only a small line in front of us. Bathrooms were a disaster. Bartender did not care about her job and was upset she had to be there. Would not go back for any reason.

Kevin Ratliff

Limited ball sizes


Bowing is aways what you make of it, so I always find cleaning fun. Staff is a little clueless.


Very well displayed, clean. Delicious food and just a very warm atmosphere.

jeremy burkart

The lanes we were in were constantly malfunctioning. The bartender was terribly slow and didn't know what she was doing. She was not busy at all and it took her over 45 min to figure out how to make a bucket of Miller lite. She either needs more training or more help behind the bar.

Mike D

Parties have become their main focus. They do not care about league bowling. The carpet is filthy, crumbs (sometimes cake frosting) on the countertops, bathrooms are usually dirty. The lanes are always breaking down. There's typically never enough staff to handle the counters, bar and snack shop. I bowl on two different leagues here and spend around $1400 each season, not including any drinks I buy (when there's staff available to tend bar). Not any more. I'll bowl on leagues elsewhere.

Harlie Des Roches

Fun place for kids and adults. Good pizza.

Vachel A

Hard to find at first. Hella lanes. I think the guy working there was new because he couldn't pour the beer out correctly and wasted SO much beer. Nice staff. Although kinda pricey

Bennett Whitney

Good bowling, mediocre food.

angel romero

Way too expensive!

Amir Mir

Lanes are okay but over all the place has a pretty dead feel to it.

Scott R

Very nice place to bowl at.

Bradley Knoll

Coach Bill is the Best , Great Bowling Alley

Nathanael Wingfield

Fun place. Very nice looking overall but the seats need an update.

Alma Solis

Just a great place to have fun

SH Shin


Slushyed _

The experience was amazing the employee was so nice.

Marcus Kim

Understaffed when I was there. Cook didn't show so our food took over and hour. Otherwise a good experience.

Nathan. Klemstein

i would rather go to lake side lanes.

S. Sebastian Lee

Good place to bowl...

Devin Atkinson

Back ends are not clean. Lanes are not clean. The people who oil the lanes have no idea what they are doing. Everytime my ball comes back there is dirt and grime on it.

Jack Lambert

Lanes malfunctioned alot

Lino Agpoon

Sraff realy good. Had a good times playing with my friends

Brian F

Decent place, decent service - $34 for couple - 2 games with shoes.

Paul Degen

Awesome for a birthday party we were at. Great staff and food.

David Ortiz

Brent Conley

Fisher Peacock

Fun time but horrible customer service

Ted Sparrow

I love this place not only is it extremely close to my house but it also is very family oriented the staff there is awesome everybody there is so friendly usually there is that one or two employees that hate their job but it seems like everybody that works there loves doing what they're doing and it shows I love this place and will continue to go back here with my family and my daughter when she visits me and it's extremely fun later in the evening they shut down the lights and do the awesome light show

Janine Harris

Great time

John Themanson

Nice facility! Very accommodating for parties! Had a good time!

Amit Lamba

Louis Young

Great pizza, fun place for a corporate outing.

Ashish Agarwal

had a great bowling time. restrooms suck big time.

Marta Salas

They charge you so much per game. It is such a rip-off!!!

Darren Fernandes

Must improve !

Max Tolsky

Not the greatest alley around. Management has declined recently.

Roberto Sanchez

Its a good place to hang out with friends

Tylor Rybarczyk

Where do I even start, the lanes are on their way out ( three of my friends bowling balls got damaged) played 6 games and the lanes were constantly breaking. The bathrooms are a disaster.


Our "host" was VERY friendly/accommodating! The food took a little too long to get...

Andrew Harmon

Modern, clean, inviting, with pleasant staff.

Junho Kim

Dalila Jasarevic

Loved it!

Closed Permanently

Great place for a family and also for adults after hours

Dhruv Patel

Cool interior lighting

Deepak Ojha

So many lanes that you always get one free for you.

Adrian Klimaszewski

Jerry Key

Clean place. Lots to do.

Keith Kroll

This place has become a disaster. Dirty settee areas. Bugs on the floor. Mechanical issues growing more common. Total lack of leadership. Where is the accountability?

Anastasia Vassiliev

Good service and incredible special prices, get you to a lane fast, a little out dated

Sandra Swanson

Saturday night and there was one guy at the bar, which was the same one at the food counter. Front desk had one maybe two people. Nobody cleaning the lanes up.

Val Squared

Friendly staff. Kind of a hidden place.

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