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1770 W Broadway St, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, United States

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REVIEWS OF Skyline Lanes IN Idaho

Logan Marotz

Capture Life2018

I will never be coming here again. The employee working the desk was very rude to my entire party of 20. The place is not clean. The men’s bathroom smells really bad. Repairs are needed all over the place. I would have only given this a one star, but the kids did have have.

Anita Mason

Ok place. Decent prices.

David Hunt

1 of 2 bowling alleys in IF...

David Sholder

Fun place for the kids to bowl but lacking in seating.

Khalea Allen

This was really fun. I called to reserve a lane as I recently moved here and didn't know how busy they are on a Saturday afternoon. They said they needed a credit card to ensure we'd come in and that was fine. Didn't charge me because we only needed one lane for 3 people and only 3 other groups were there when we arrived at 5:30pm. Its $3.75 per person per game or $17 per hour per lane, but you have to tell them before you start. We got shoes and s couple pitchers of soda, and had a great time. We shared a ball return with a family and they were super nice. All and all a wonderful return to a favorite hobby after a long break.

Blake Waddoups-Hamm

They prices are quite cheap and the lanes are good but they had a few malfunctions. The service wasn't the greatest with only two staffs

Adeania Green

Need more specials


I swear lane one is rigged but had fun

Mitchell Bratt

kaitlyn dahl

Good food

Heidi Baker

Friendly staff!!


Really run down and expensive. The place reeks of smoke and fried food. it needs a good face lift and new shoes. The shoes were in super ruff shape.

Sauce God

Lanes kept on messing up and lanes were slow

Jeremy Barry

Bowled leagues here. It was awesome. food took forever to get so you had to make sure you ordered it first thing through the door. Joe always did an amazing job helping everybody out and keeping up with us.


Sometimes the lanes get stuck but they fix it quickly.

Jesus Valencia

Good price for the cosmic games. $20 per 8ppl for an hour. Our Lane kept messing up but they gave us extra time without having to ask which was nice. Food was a good price but not they great of quality. Overall we thought we were going to stay for an hour and ended up staying for 2. Had fun and would recommend

Greg Hokanson

Lost 15 minutes of our hour lane rental, due to the equipment breaking down and was not allowed to finish our last 2 frames. Food portion was a joke. My wife asked me why I ordered a small when she wanted a large....ect. Do not recommend at all.

ek mama

Nice staff. Small town bowling. Decent prices. 70s music. Good burgers.

Donald Davis

A little over $16 for one 25 minute game with 2 adults and one 2 year old. I thought the price was a little steep for what we were getting but it was still a lot of fun for our kid.

Rick Johnson

Cristian Aponte

Nice place, fun for the family. A bit expensive to play but food was cheap


robert kemp

Do not book a birthday party there the worst manager cut are bowling short we would have stayed there customer service could be a lot better.

Jace A.



Poor seating . You would think being in business as long as they have that they would be better prepared for a tournament. When you know it's going to be crowded pull out a few extra chairs and bring in a few extra hands.

Blanca Chavez

Amy McClellan

this is a fun place to take the family or meet up with friends to play. took my kids and one of my kiddos is HC, she did just great! the staff was very helpful. we had a lot of fun!!

Jose Angel Alvizar

Paul Harris

Very good place.

blt packer

Shawn DeOrnellis

The people that work here afe very friendly and helpful!

Death Sasquatch

Harley Henry

K Conklin

This has all the old school flare and friendly experienced staff. I love their burgers too!

David Wilson

Good food friendly service

Joe Rush

It's fun I have a blast when we go . But it seriously needs to do upgrades .

Travis Farrer

Friendly staff, clean and pretty good food. Made for a good afternoon.

Mark Pawlaczyk

Bowling bowling and more bowling at the best bowling in Idaho. Thought it was my own private Idaho.


Nighttime is fantastic... sadly the day crew refuse to help customers, dont give change back, or prepare food in a timely fashion. Today they had forgotten to even make my food at all and a half hour passed before we went up to the counter and asked for our food. And it was obviously not worth the price either. The staff is extremely unresponsive towards customers and unreliable and unkind. 1/20 These issues need to be resolved.

Kaisha Blackburn

Love bowling it sucks that they always have leagues

Wendell Gaming

Cache Crnkovich

bryton Pickett

Rich Pottorff

Clean modern well run

Lily Young

Horrible. Very rude & unprofessional. No customer service skills what so ever. Hostile environment. They treat you like your a burden. Not family friendly. Please don't go here. Save yourself the headache. Make the trip across town to the other bowling lanes.

Rod Scott

Not the greatest, not the worst

Nicholas Carter

Beyond great service! And one of the best certified bowling lanes around Idaho Falls!

Kyle T

Was here for a company Christmas party, the lady at the shoe counter was grumpy and rude. She acted as if she had something better to do than her job and as if we were an inconvenience

CoCo Kraning

Fun place to play! If you want to go during rock and bowl, be sure to book a lane.

Stephen Tomasello

A fun place to take the kids and do some bowling have a good time family-orientated

Jason Martin

I've been here on multiple occasions, but I think I've only actually been able to bowl one time. They never have lanes open because they are always reserved for leagues. Staff isn't super friendly, which isn't unexpected for a bowling alley, and worst of all is they make you leave your shoes far away from you in unsecured areas.

Jade Henderson

The service is always bad. The staff seem to hate customers that aren't on their bowling leagues.


Burgers were surprisingly good. Kids had fun bowling.

Matt Stamm

The lady that runs things is plain rude... people like that shouldn't work with the public

Kelsey Ottley

Philip Mondy

Just you lovely run of the mill bowling alley. They have leagues and everything. Never played in one here so I couldn't say if they are PBA sanctioned but I image they are. Good cheap place to drink beer too.

Quirino Torres

Nice place to meet people

Lindsey Anderson

We called to book a party and when we got there, the man at the counter didn’t know anything! We opted for the “birthday package” because that was the only way we could have food for the party. They order from dominos which was great but we were only allowed one pizza per lane. We had a lot of little kids and older folks that couldn’t bowl so we didn’t want a bunch of lanes but we still wanted our guest get pizza. Even after telling them I would pay extra they still wouldn’t budge. Then to boot they would only allow one topping pizza. We were not even allowed to choose what kind of pizza we wanted to order! Also we showed up early to set up for the party and get the pizza ordered, that’s when we were told we have to wait for everyone to arrive first the. They will order the pizza. On top of all of this we were only allotted one hour for my daughters 5th birthday party. By the time the pizza arrived we didn’t have much time left. When our time was up they didn’t even let anyone finish the game. They just reset our lanes. It was absolutely awful. I will never go back. Customer service was terrible. It was hard to enjoy such a joyous occasion with such rude people running the place. They made all my guest feel uncomfortable and myself included. It was sad that I was relieved to be leaving the place by the end. I would highly recommend bowlero if you want to bowl!

Mike Higginson

Wilhelmina Veile

Food extremely overpriced! Owners / manager incredibly disrespectful to patrons.

Tawnya Rojas

We had the best time and the guy running the desk was extremely helpful and kind! We would recommend this bowling alley to anyone

Elizabeth Romo

Joseph Ashcraft

I love bowling here, especially during cosmic bowling!

Wyatt Johncena

Alex Foster

Its a great time

LoDiZZle InfiniteDab

I am going to go ahead and give Skyline Lanes at 2 because when I went in there multiple times I have horrible customer service also there's only about 10 Lane so there's a pretty good chance if you go on Friday or Saturday that you won't be able to get Elaine also on top of that the food isn't very good and also it is more expensive than Bolero so I would suggest going to bowlero over Skyline Lanes any day

Kent Salisbury

Good place for leagues.

Luis Tobias-Jemmett

We held a team activity at Skyline. My coworkers and I had a great time, however, we had a terrible experience with their snack bar’s customer service. There was an older gal there who seemed frustrated and she had no problem taking out her frustration on us. My spouse and I got yelled at, and she didn’t seem friendly at all. We will not go back because of her. If you can’t handle a fast pace job; work at a laundry mat.

Kevin Petersen

Bowling is always fun for the kids.

Christina Helgeson

People there are so nice and let our business come together and they helped out alot

Chad Russell

This bowling alley has been my favorite place in Idaho Falls to bowl since I was a child. The establishment has only been updated recently because you can still smell the stale cigarette smoke in the walls and carpets. Cosmic bowling is fun as is league bowling. If you live on the west side of Idaho Falls, this is the bowling alley to go to. They serve hamburgers, fries, sodas, and beer.

Ben Schetrompf

Mitch Larsen

Fun place to go! I love the owners, they are such fun people to sit and visit with!

Clayton Wood

Great old fashioned bowling with great prices. Well worth the money spent to get in bonding time or maybe a date. Friendly staff!

Alexandria Slaugh

Nice ally, clean and fun

Wendy Griffel

If I could rate this place negative stars I would. Worst service EVER! We had a reservation for 3 hours and they booked over our last couple hours. Booked, EVERY SINGLE LANE. Threw us into the arcade room, and with our package we had pizzas ordered. Refused to serve us pizzas. They began to kick us out, said we had to leave within 30 mins, because the other party was coming in. Let me add this was a birthday party for a little girl. We finally tried to speak to the manager, employee refused to give us managers office number. Nor even give us his name. Needless to say, will never go back again.

Kizzy Johnson

Any other time it would if been a 4 or 5 but the night ppl and weekends so much better than the day we tried during the day because 1 am is a bit late for a 7 year old but not any more they were rude ignored you and an hour for a pretzel n pizza rolls and then I sent my 7 year old to get food and watched the older gentleman take the money tell my 7 year old there is no change my son came back tward the table and the old man took the cash n out it in the tips jar like really 135 in change may not seem like much but to a 7 year old that's his allowance and 5 dollars for a pretzel with cheese really it was not nice and this was done 2 him twice today so it is a recurring issue for Friday n sat night bowling awesome place but not during the day

Lyss Tozier

Not the cleanest and they are a little pricy. Woman at concessions has poor customer service.

Conrad Hansen

Dingy but fair prices. But if your drunk and hungry there is no better place to be. Kitchen closes before the rest of the alley so late comers beware.

David Ness

Melanie Vineyard

Honestly, the woman at the front could not have been more rude. It was just me, my wife, our two year old, and our infant in a car seat and you’d think we were a herd of drunks by how she acted toward us. She even got all snotty and told us “not to hit them on purpose” when we asked for bumpers. Really? Who are the bumpers for, if not a toddler? She let me look for a light ball for ten minutes before I finally asked for a light ball at the counter. Again, toddler. I would have thought this was a given. I could go on and on with each thing she did that was far below what I would consider human decency let alone customer service, but I don’t have time to write a novel here. One star because there was a nice girl from the food area that answered a couple questions for us. We ended up just letting our son bowl a quick game since he was excited but neither of us bowled because we were so turned off to the place and wanted to leave. We will likely be forced to return since bowling alleys are limited to two in this town, but I hope that we get someone else to help us next time. Poor, poor experience.

jonathan Bell

Nothing more fun then bowking with the kids

Sam Reyna

Me and a couple friends came to bowl the other night and some gentleman with glasses at the counter was very rude towards my group for no apparent reason. We felt as though we were not welcomed. Bathrooms seemed very dirty and shoes were very poor. Overall very poor and rude service.

David Hunting

Mike Ward

It was a pretty good time for new year's eve but I think they could up their game a little bit. Bowlero is a bit more upbeat for the occasion. Don't get me wrong... the employees there did a fine job.

Casey Mickelsen


David Brimson

Absolute fabulous experience! Always friendly helpful and professional and it's very refreshing to see a place that caters to special needs We wish all there a Merry Christmas

Savannah Jo McCrae

Caleb Mahon

It wasn't that great. I have honestly been to better bowling alleys for better prices. The food and the lanes are pretty expensive. The lanes don't seem like they are really taken care of. In addition to that, it's not very family friendly.

Nate Carlson

Great place to go bowling or playing some pool

Arturo Ruiz

daniel little

If I could give zero stars I would, guy at counter has a power trip, rude will never go back

Mika Ockerman

So there's not a lot of options in IF. This place is not real nice. The food isn't very good and it's over priced in my opinion. There were a few technical issues. But we got to bowl and the staff did fix the issues and so it worked out in the end. Recommend cheese sticks and tater tots if you want a snack.

Deric Deede

Luke Smuck

Rude people

Deborah Farrell

Great if you like to bowling at a friend's house..nice owners..and long time residents of a small area...these lanes are nearly historical Idaho falls

Caitlin Croft

Great hole in the wall place! Good prices and fairly friendly staff. Always call ahead because they have a lot of events!

C Reid

Kensie N.

there is a pool

Boom Poof

Courtney VandeMerwe

Small bowling ally. Make sure to call ahead of time because there are leagues that take up the entire space and no public lanes available. Outdated. Save your money and go to Bowl-ero down the street!

Misty Darrah

Good but not enough employee to help when needed,long wait as a result

Becky Buddenbohm

The workers here are so friendly!! The prices are reasonable too!!

Zach Rigby

Closer than Bowlero, but not better

Jamie Smith

Very rude customer service at front desk. Bowling lane score keeping didn't work. We only got to bowl half of our game and was not offered a refund. Save your money and go across town.

Lettie Renak

Nathan Humpherys

My friend and I stopped in for a few games, just to have fun. The staff was friendly, the prices were low, and the whole place has a wonderful small town feel that you'd expect from a place in a town much smaller than Idaho Falls. I quite enjoyed myself. It was wonderful.

Tiffani Kinney

Not a big fan. Got a bad lane. And the time before we went, wasnt a big fan of it either. Definitely not worth the time or money.


Purchased my bowling ball from here, Dale was very generous with working around my schedule to get it cut and sized. Games are fun, lanes are clean, fantastic workers, I love coming here.

David Crew


Atlee AXTL

It has good food, an arcade, and a bar but the service isn't that good and it's a bit rough around the edges but it's a fun place to go too

Mike Reinbolt

1 million subs with no video challenge

Good place to bowl but machine breaks often

Lance McDonald

Jeremy Norman

Pretty good, sorta craby staff, but they also seem understaffed, I'm happy I can pay per hour on the lanes

Ben Eddy

The price listing on their signage is a little confusing, so we read it incorrectly, and we later disputed the price. That was our mistake but at least we were able to do so in a calm and collected manner. The gentleman at the counter rather than just showing us the math or pointing out how we read the sign incorrectly acted very unprofessional and immature, slamming his head in the palm of hand, raising his voice, and when we asked to see the math he told us to do it ourselves. Again, misreading the sign was our mistake, but that doesn’t excuse unprofessional behavior.

craig scott


Clark Jones

Place was very busy....most lanes were filled.

Mahana Gallup

There was just absolutely terrible service and the employee was very rude and dumb. I did not enjoy my experience there like I wanted too and that made me mad and left me not enjoying the rest of my night because of the stupidity of the employee that worked there. He charged us for 2 games even though we said we wanted to just pay for an hour so it's his fault I had to pay double of what I wanted to pay. I should get a refund cause he didn't listen enough and it's his fault. So I did not enjoy my time and was NOT pleased at all with the service. The machines to take the pins off kept freezing up too and had to keep getting fixed so, they don't have good bowling appliances either. I would put zero stars but they don't allow that so that's the ONLY reason it's getting one star just for your information. Skyline Lanes can suck it. It isn't good at all.

Kortney Klinkel

Nice lanes. Cold beer. Open Sundays!

Chelsea Barnes

I am in a league here and it's always fun and lanes are great! Food here is good as well.

Shaun DeVore

Great service. Regular lanes, nothing very special but we had a good time.

Zachariah Jones

Beer only service was half ass

Topher Wilson

A perfectly fine old bowling alley that needs updates but of course given the limited clientele can't really afford them. And that would be fine if it weren't for the mixed bag the staff is. The snack counter help has always been nice, but, without fail, the shoe & payment help have always been rude and unprofessional.

stephanie beamis

Called for a lane...... wouldn't take a name and wait for 10 minutes for us. He said I have a few open.....I said we are on our way!! Get there and no open lanes and he was a jerk!!!! Will never go back

Kandice Holverson

We just had my daughter’s birthday party there and they were so kind and accommodating! The guy running the lanes was super nice and every time our lane got stuck he was very quick to fix it! We had a large group and the staff was very easy for everyone to work with since we were all paying separately! I definitely think the building desperately needs updated but overall we were very happy! Definitely would recommend for a birthday party (but I would do it on a weeknight when they aren’t as busy) and we’re excited to go back!

bobbie koskinen

Had a great time today playing darts with my kids. Thank you for being so friendly.

Spencer Harding

Michael Bean

Place was clean and prices were decent. We ordered some food and it all turned out great. Customer service wasn't incredible, but we got what we needed. Had a good time.

Alejandro Nunez

A little spendy but good place to go out and play pool or bowling with your family also has beer !!

John Rainville

Kayleen Shaw

Decent place for bowling. Restrooms are a little scary. Birthday party packages available!

Tonia Silva

John Tsantis

Good customer service

darla lison

Greg & Sharilee Furrows

Good place to bowl and eat. Great tasting food at good price. I have bowled on leagues here for quite a few years.

Juanyz Alva

savatair mrmo

Great place to bowl

michael berggren

Bubbles n Lipgloss

Ugh. They cafeteria serves the smallest portions. They charge for even a little cup of ketchup! They're too cheap to hire help so the wait time for your order is LONG! Everything is expensive. The lanes are in pretty good condition but I have received a few deep ball marks n missing chunks from the ball return. We need a new bowling, family fun center !

Natalie Crane

Amanda Curzon

Dylan Johnson

Greg Larson

Came in and they were dead and had to wait for service...the old man was somewhat helpful in getting smaller bowling balls for our children...we had to leave early because of baby issues lol but the guy prorated the hour which was nice....over not a bad family experience for not much money

Chey Wilson

Was there for State bowling. It Was fun.

Dalin Bahr

Kayden Mahoney

Brian Gray

Good family fun.

Isaac Grijalva

Lanes are nice, needs some updating in the common areas though


Hey nico its your cousin let's go bowling

lacie lane

Friendly employees and owner's

Morgan Martin

James Ridings

This place is junk the guy was rude and our lane reset so slow the lanes on both sides of us reset twice before ours did once not to mention the mens bath room was so gross it almost made me puke... This was my first and last time here

Neil Hansen

Nice place to bowl. Need to modernize.

Doug Buddenbohm

Philip Terry

Jessica Henderson

very grateful for wheelchair access down to the lanes!!!!!

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