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REVIEWS OF The Painted Pin IN Georgia

Shanterria Daniel

The best bowling alley I have ever been to. I did not expect it to be this fancy. I would suggest not to bring kids. Although I was about to good thing I didn’t Because they ID at the door. I don’t know how old you have to be but I am 22 and was able to get in and I was the youngest of my group. We went in and was assigned to a 3 section couch after paying at the door and being told someone would bring our shoes to us our shoes. The live singer was amazing. And unexpectedly we had a server. We had menus brought to us and if we got 3 strikes we got a free beer! I have never had beer nor do I drink but the felling was great and I decided to. Try it! (Wouldn’t try it again but I was having fun!

Annette Turner

It was fun had a great time and the food is good

Andrew Hultstrand

The craziest bathrooms in Atlanta! Also, super swanky bowling alley with delectable cocktails and all the best classic bar games (darts, bocce, ping pong, etc).

Will Johnson

Great atmosphere, plenty to do, awesome food

Rori Robinson

Amazing food and great atmosphere for parties, groups, or dates.

DaVon Pridgen

Super cool place. The set up awesome. Drinks and food were great. Bowling is 1st come 1st served, so make sure to get there early if you have plans

Morena Kubat

TPP was fun the first time but I don’t think I’ll ever go back. The novelty of it wears off pretty quick. - Cool venue but when people are literally fighting over seating and staring you down waiting for you to get up so they can take your seat, it’s not fun anymore. The fact there is no reservation system is REALLY annoying. It’s 2019... They could easily implement a res system to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable. - Staff gets annoyed easily when you ask them simple questions. They also make an effort to avoid eye contact and dodge people as they walk around. - Bowling itself was fine but overpriced considering they don’t even have nicer bowling shoes/balls than your local Brunswick family bowling place. Wait times are easily 3 hours. - Food was really great except you have to order at the bar so the bartenders are overwhelmed. They need a separate food bar. - Parking is a disaster even though the location is out of the way in a business park. Either pay $5, valet or Uber. - Highlight for me was the bathroom design.

Charles Conti

Very attentive staff. Nice selection of Bourbons. Good selection of beer. An amazing amount of fun at a reasonable price. They kept bringing our group lots of appetizers and snacks to keep the party going for hours.

Queen Cindy

Fun games, drinks are a good price for a reason

Takia Cooper

It was nice! I was invited for a birthday celebration. The person that took our bowling shoe order messed up majorly! We got mix match sizes and sizes we didn't order. I feel like the server for our lanes was just putting in bar orders no one requested due to random drinks arriving. Other than that bring your socks or you can purchase some for $1. The fully loaded fries were delicious with jalapeno peppers, bacon, sour cream and cheese. I would prefer the Punch bowl in the battery more so going out to this place.

Davis Steven

Several choices of games other then bowling. Great time

deb zahariades

Been a few times in the past but I had a great time last Saturday night, one of the best bands I have ever heard at the Pin was Project Detour. They had me and my friends up dancing and singing along, need more music like this on weekend nights. Good bar and the bartenders were quick and friendly.

Shakeela Jackson

You will absolutely have a good time when you come here. I've never had a bad experience. Great food, signature drinks, and lots of fun games!! Their live bands always sing the classics..... must try their Moscow Mule slushie!!

be you jamila

Fun atmosphere and food drinks

Arthur Enright

Fun place. The food was good and the lanes were well kept. Seating can be a bit cramped with large parties but otherwise good.

Ethan Poole

Excellent bowling alley with great service and food. More costly than your average bowling alley, but well worth the cost.

Tara Smith

Last night was my first time visiting. It was alot of fun. The atmosphere is nice. The customer service was excellent and the food and drinks was also good.

Tiffany Jones

Great space for a special events. Amazing staff

Lexxus Lace

The Painted Pin features a beautiful interior, phenomenal atmosphere, delicious food, and unique cocktails. Perfect for dates and celebrations.

Iris Cummings

Went here to enjoy a friends birthday celebration. It was quite a long wait, but we were expecting that because It is just always busy here. The valet is only $2 that's a nice super affordable amount. The live band that was playing sounded awesome. I didn't get their name but it was enjoyable to my ears. The servers at the bowling lanes are very attentive.

De Marcus Roberts

It's a nice place. Can be overcrowded at times. I'm sure the owners don't see that as a bad thing. Nice casual ambience.

Atlanta Ga

Atmosphere good, not enough staff for crowd

Zy Harris

Can do better with music like invest in a DJ on the weekends to make it more exciting

Jacqueline James

Ladies had a great night out grown up style!! Atomsphere was great, the food was on point!! Drinks to die for!!

Jessica Laird

Good place to hang out and enjoy some drinks and games. A bit pricey in my opinion. Drinks are $9-12. I ordered a burger and fries. It was $20, but burger did not meet expectations. Their custom sauce is bitter. I normally eat whatever I order anyway but I was done after two bites. It was so nasty. Bowling is $25/ hour + $5 for shoes and $4 for socks if you need them. Also, it’s valet parking only. They guys said I had to pay $2, and whatever is extra is considered a tip. I heard the place is packed on the weekends, there is hardly anywhere to sit. We went on a Monday night so it was pretty empty and fun.

Chris Samila

The interior is super slick, but valet situation is a flippin disaster. It takes absolutely forever (20+ minutes to get your car) and they insanely have the smoking area in the valet line so you are choking on cigarettes while waiting in an outdoor tunnel for your car. I would never hold an event here again until they fix this mess outside.

Adam Akka

Nice bowling alley, the mahi-mahi tacos were very good.

george callaway

Laid back atmosphere. Great time with party of six

Renee Anthony

The Painted Pin was REALLY cute!! I'd gone for a birthday party... I suggested that we all continue to meet there every quarter to catch up!! Great time!!

Raymond Croteau

What a great place to chill with friends. Serious game of Jenga.

Alon Bajayo

Just a fun place. Lots of things to do, most of them are first come first serve, basketball hoops, darts, other fun games. Bowling allies are fun and not too pricey. Atmosphere is fun, great music, and nice staff and people. Loved it. Will definitely come back when in town

Toni Prothro

On April 21st, this was the prelude to celebrating my 40th birthday. My husband had planned a day/evening full of events. We all had never been to The Painted Pin but from the youngest to the oldest guest, we all enjoyed it...even the person that had no plans to bowl ended up bowling! Everyone was so friendly and our awesome servers kept our area cleaned and food/drinks replenished. It was the perfect beginning to the start of my birthday celebration! I definitely will be back...and consider for future group events! The food and drinks were great too; I cannot think of a single negative. So happy I found this place and picked this venue on my weekend of events! The package we selected was perfect. We gave guests tickets to use for their alcoholic drinks...Food was fresh, hot, and delicious... I'm overdue with this review but it was well worth it! Special thanks to William S. for helping get the logistics taken care of during planning.

Bobby Stillz

Great space, entertaining assortment of games, and excellent food & drinks.

Jeff Nordman

I can't say enough good things about my first experience here. I was there for a work event and the atmosphere, food, and service were all top notch. My only complaint was that it was difficult to find from the street as I didn't see a sign.

Adrienne Anthony

Nice ambience! Several options of games to play. The food look great.

Pedro Sanchez

The place was very nice, it is cozy All good to be honest BUT the dry martini on a vintage champagne glass !!! And it wasn’t good

Devan DeVoe

Had a GREAT experience and lots of Fun


Always nice, although the server charged me for shoes and lane usage even though I didn't bowl. There were nine of us, six bowled. The rest of us ate, drank and socialized. I was perplexed but didn't make a scene. Is this the norm?

jason fulwider

This place is awesome. The bathroom is amazing.

Capricha Laskey

Fun atmosphere good food. Gets very crowded and there can be long wait times to bowl but there are free games to play while you wait

L. B.

Very cool place with lots of games and occasionally live music. Unfortunately they don't accept reservations for the bowling lanes, so you have to get there very early or just wait really long. But at least the other games (giant Jenga, ski ball, hoops, etc.) are free while you wait.

Mr. Gono

They had the people who invited me here wait for 30 minutes and played lousy songs. They topped it all of with lousy food and lousy service. My new name for them is “The Lousy Pin.”

Stasia Jordan

Really nice atmosphere. We arrived around 10PM on a Saturday and there was a 2-3 hour wait for bowling. We went to the bar to order drinks which there was no wait and sat down on one of the couches with a table. Our waitress walked past us about 5 times checking on everyone else around us. I had to ask another waitress if we could order for her to then tell me she would go get our waitress. We ordered fries (give you more than enough) boiled peanuts (wish they were a little spicy), pretzel bites (good) pizza (good) and oyster sliders (real good according to the guys). We got to our lane around 12 and I like how they bring your shoes and socks out to you. Overall we had a good time and will definitely go back

Ilya Khanimov

Adult only bowling alley. Totally awesome experience. The wait wasn't that long, but during the wait there is plenty of things to do while you wait. Like hang out at the bar, shoot hoops, play darts and many other free games to entertain yourself while you wait. Totally will come again and the best part no one smokes in the facility.

Shala Scott

Attended a team building event and had the BEST time!

Sharise Cunningham

Too crowded. Too loud. 3-4 hour wait for a lane with no guarantee of getting one better closing. Website says two ping pong tables, only one. Decent drinks though. Cheap valet.

Christine Olivier

Great place to unwind and hang out with friends. I loved the live music! The food was surprisingly very good and the service was even better. Our server Katie was awesome. It's a pretty busy place so expect a wait on some nights. Very fun and hip atmosphere.

Tanya Johnson

Had a ball. Food and drinks on point and reasonably priced. Valet parking an added bonus! One of our new favorite spots!

Maria Pinto

This place is definitely fun! It gets very busy. They have the best Moscow Mule I've ever had! Amazing! The food is pretty good as well.

Gulshan Kumar

A nice place to hangout with friends. Valet parking only, so be ready for it. Good collection of games but if you are here for bowling and plan to arrive after 7 pm over the weekend, expect a wait time approximately for 3 hours. However, a cool bar menu will compensate the wait time. Live music may be available for the night.

Maria Ruiz

This place was so much fun! We visited for NYE so I can't speak for wait times on less busy days. Cocktails are fabulous as well.

Cia L.

We ordered almost everything in the menu: ribs, meatball and cheese dip, crispy chicken sandwich, oyster po' boys, a couple drinks (including a slushie) etc., And it was all surprisingly delicious! There is a giant bar. There was a live band when I went, which went back and forth between Irish rock and 80's American rock. There are free little side games to play like Jenga and shooting hoops. A game of bowling for four was about $60 for an hour, including shoes, which they bring to your lane. (They also provide socks, ladies, for an extra cost.)

Anoni Mus

I like the atmosphere...great chill spot for grown folks who still like to have a little fun!

Terry Ham

Awesome place, nice drinks and pizza too

Kyle Geveshausen

Great atmosphere and great staff. Wasn't too fond on the seating when bowling but otherwise it was great.

LaTangela Daniels

Went for a friend's birthday and we had a great time. Nice, quaint environment.....not setup like your typical bowling alley. The food was okay.

Oyewole Oworu

Very nice entertainment center with good deals on drinks and food. A lot of games to be played and a lot of space for straight lounging. Probably the best bowling alley I've visited in a while. All lanes were working without issue and bowling balls were readily available. I would definitely visit again.

Nazmus Sahadat

Great place to play and have fun

Sony Luangrath

A nice night out in atlanta

Ben Rodman

Pretty cool environment but it's expensive for what it is. They have some bocce ball, ski ball, and basketball games you can play as well. It took us a few frames to figure out that the red pin is always "free" and you always get credit for it.

Joey Goodall

We love that a lot of the games are free. It’s a great place to bring a large group or for a date night. You can just get snacks or a drink or an entire meal.

Keisha Riley

It's nice.

Eddie Wise

A fun place to hang out and party. Fast, friendly staff.

James Griffin

Best first date place ever

Chaka James

This could have been a great experience for my group. The evening started off great with a group school officials and administrators. We elected to bowl a few hours. Almost everyone in our party except two ppl bowled. We were harassed by the attendant who stood at the end of our lane the entire time we bowled. While there many other notes taken, the venue and concept is a great idea but of course you have to factor in human interaction and I'm pretty old school where your customers are always the first priority.

Kenneth Gibson

Good food, drinks. Well kept equipment. Music was too loud to talk.

team sef

Service food and games were great

Christopher Liseo

Great experience, good service at the bar however when we arrived and sat in the middle booth seating we went about 25 minutes without being said "hi" to by any staff even though a gentleman eventually in a dark gray or black button down walked by and informed us "someone would be with us shortly." Not a big deal, but I could see some losing hope for the place based on service staff literally walking by them and not even acknowledging them as customers. So, bar staff was excellent and managed well. The fried calamari pizza was TERRIFIC and had a great level of spice to it! Drinks were good, games were fun, others guests were all respectful. Just a note to the facility, take care of ALL of your customers. Luckily I'm not that picky, but I will just go to the bar to order food whenever I come in now as I don't want to wait 25 minutes for no reason.

Dicarra Alexander

Service was good. I wasn't impressed with the food.

Bard Keeler

Great fun completed with bowling alleys and a collection of other games including Skee ball The food and drinks were spot on. Don't expect the usual bowling alley food fare. This is a step above.

D Nicole Williams

This place has a very nice atmosphere. The decorum and space layout make for a ton of fun whether your party is large or intimate. As far as intimacy, this is a great venue for it. It's nice for a date or some other form of adulting. I would not recommend for families/kids. The service was excellent and everything was done in high fashion. Good job Painted Pin! It was an awesome experience!

Kim Miller

Where have I been that I didn't know about this joint! Had a great time!

Mr Okohson

Great staff, good beer selection and no kids

Melissa McFarlane

The few minutes the lane stopped working...but other than that nice atmosphere.


Good Tacos

John Cronin

Had a party here. If you like competition don't come here. Scoring is terrible. It's broken. They had a football game on TV then changed it. When asked to change it back I was told "they asked me first" by management. I didn't have to ask you, you just didn't have to change it. But this backwoods, meant to be upscale bowling alley, will not fork out separate boxes for their TVs. Preferential treatment for no reason. Never coming back and when asked about this will tell people to avoid.

Todd Brown

Great little hidden spot. Not enough seating and extremely long wait time for lanes. Wait staff needs improvement. Told our food waitress we needed our checks she never brought them after waiting 10 mins. We went to our lanes and told the new waitress we still had a check in the seating area. She brought over some of the checks but not all. After looking for old waitress and couldn't find her we left. The card on file was charged.. although I couldn't verify but the part that is wrong is the slack waitress gave herself a 20% tip for horrible service... the place itself is awesome and worth 5 stars but the service staff makes it a 3.

Deirdre Copeland

The. Best. Bowling. Alley

Sara Magdeline Abdulla

In case y'all are uninformed, there is this randomly exquisite and bourgeois bowling alley in Lindbergh that's changed the game for bowling nights. They have a free arcade with white-collar versions of pinball and a full bar and menu. We had a lot of fun, even if it is pricey- they only charge for bowling by the hour and then shoes.

Lynne Charles

Very cool place, cool concept! All age groups were present; this was interesting to me..very casual vibe. Food was good. Nice drink menu. Moscow mule slushie. Gotta try it! Biggest takeaway of the night, was the bathroom. Make sure you check yourself out in the mirror before you leave!

B. Smith

This place isncs crazy craxy cool. They not only have bowling. They have darts, jenga, pingpong, basketball, gourmet food. And 3 other games I dont know the name of. Its so classy with the big leather comfy couches and wood tables. Curtains etc. Its a must go place for a date

Patrick Bird

Loved it! Absolutely brilliant! The variety of activities available, the service, the food and drinks were all great. I highly recommend visiting if in Atlanta area.

Brian Ozment

Full disclosure, I don't know the cost of a lane. I've been twice but wasn't paying for the lane. The place overall is very nice inside, upscale bowling alley. The food is above par, service was good, the balls are really nice with universal sized finger holes, the shoes don't suck. I would definitely go again. The oven fired pizzas are awesome, the chicken sandwich was very good. The drinks were cold. It was packed on a Sunday at 2pm. I would consider reservations if they accommodate.


I came here as a part of an after work function. I only had to pay for drinks and food I ate, so my opinion doesn't factor in the price of bowling and other things. So, I don't bowl. I can't really judge this place on the quality of bowling provided. However, when I was first invited I was worried it might not be up my alley because it's vallet bowling. That seemed like super overly poshe-hipster-cool for something I've always thought of as like cheap fun everyone can afford. However, I can say the place is definitely more laid back than what I was thinking it would be. It's not like $30 mixed drinks, $20 beers, and a bunch of stuff that makes bowling like the most expensive pastime ever My bartender made good drinks (under $10) and the food looked tasty (I'd already ate, but it all looked and smelled good). The environment was cool. It's definitely hipstery but I'd say it has a nice amount of of it rather than being just "ughh, too hipster for me". Also, there's tons of parking in the area. The website says valet only but there's totally places to park. Most people I saw were parking across the street and walking over,

Susan Bachman

Was here a few weeks ago for a friends birthday, and honestly I absolutely loved it! Great vibes!

Jennifer M

Im not impressed. Only 20 bowling lanes. It's more like a club where the millennials hang out

Valencia Sims

Very quaint and mature atmosphere. Love the vibe.. service was good, food also. Would definitely return and let friends know

Sean Raeburn

Great place, service and food was good

sarah orr

The live band was phenomenal. Our bartender was awesome! This place is an adult playground. There is a hybrid soccer / pool game as well as shuffleboards and other classic games. Bowling as well.

Frank Williams

Great decorum and the best moscow mules I ever had.

Ryan Tolle

Great place with very good food. Would recommend coming early, grabbing dinner and putting your name in for a lane. Waits can often be 4 hours, though those are typically over quoted.

Julio Placido

Cons: Couldn't find any spare bowling balls. Machine kept swallowing our balls. Pros: Great customer service. Beautiful, attentive staff. Food and drinks were great. Atmosphere was terrific. Lots of games to play besides bowling.

Natasha Overton

Beautiful place. Fun active night out. Great spot to go with a group or a date. Food was good! Service was friendly and attentive.

Douglas Lowery

So bring a group of 25 people. Told that the policy if you can only get 2 lanes. Halve are folks are bowling, the other half watching. And at least 5 lanes been off for at least 1/2 hour. Go the the front desk and ask if they want to make more money?? We can’t give you more lanes without Manager approval. I asked to see the Manager. She comes out and tells me there are more people waiting, mind you 5 lanes sitting empty for at least 30 minutes. If they do that every night that’s at least 250 a night say time 5 nights, about $50K in lost revenue. Guess owners of this establishment aren’t interested in making money???

Alexandra Lawrence

Had the worst experience here. Was kicked out because one of their servers claimed that I was throwing up in the bathroom. Just for clarification, I wasn’t. Not at all. It was highly embarrassing to be thrown out in front of my whole party, especially for something that never happened. Will never go back again.

Justin Shaw

Such a dope place! Games. Food. Drinks. BOWLING! it is everything you could ask for. Great place for parties and dates and get togethers with friends. I'm impressed and will definitely return. It's like Chuck E Cheese for grown folks. (But cheaper and nicer.) Highly recommend this spot.

yowseph Dapier

The drinks were perfect and the atmosphere was fun! super low-key

Michael OB

Super fun bowling alley with multiple bars, lounge areas and all types of bar games. If you intend to go there to bowl then expect to wait up to 2 hours for a lane during the evenings. Call ahead to find out what the wait is if that is specifically what you are going there for. Otherwise, there is plenty to keep you occupied until it’s you’re turn to bowl.

Senica McCray

The food and drinks are really good! Staff is friendly and attentive. Cool games to choose from including the bowling. Parking nonexistent. Must Valet. I typically do ride share.

Nickolas Ray

This place is always a good time. The staff is friendly, food is great, and frozen Moscow mule is great. Valet parking is mandatory.

Marie Kumerow

Just don't go, super overpriced and uppity staff. They laughed when I walked away from asking to be moved to a different table, because their "policy" is to cram you like sardines on those fake leather couches even when they aren't busy. Like if you want to be a buckhead bar, just be that because you are a pretty awful bowling alley.

Shayla Fong

A lot of fun...once you finally get a lane. Took a out 3 1/2-4hours but at least when we signed in they advised us of the wait and thankfully they had a few small games to play. Had a lot of fun just wish was a little cheaper

Lindsay Johnson

The Painted Pin is fabulous! We hosted our company Christmas Party in their courtyard event space and received so much positive feedback from the guests. Event space has a cool atmosphere that promotes fun for all ages. As well as the food is totally awesome! Staff is incredibly attentive and accommodating! Highly Recommend.

Richard Taylor

Tons of fun. Can get a bit crowded, but fun none the less

Chapter One Trucking & Logistics LLC

Watch out for them, they went back and charged me more than what i signed receipt payment for! Contacted bank. BEWARE. It's a nice concept, but there's better places. The seating area near lanes is SO cramped together you can smell the breath of whoever is bowling next to your lane. It is even hard just to get up and walk when its your turn to bowl. They have cool other games to play but there isn't enough compared to the amount of people that's there. 2 of each and those are free. No time restrictions or sign up sheets you may never be able to play and we couldn't. The hostess has the worst attitude, the waitress never came back after bringing our drinks, and the bartender served watered down drinks. Parking is valet at their door, DO NOT get tricked by a guy flagging in the street saying $5 parking. I won't be going back.

Hector Contreras

Good atmosphere, very fun, live music, plenty of activities from bowling, darts to ping pong.

Emily Mae

Bathrooms were pristine, food was absolutely incredible, drinks were made the right way and the service was perfect. Everytime I tirned around someone else was there to ask if the could get me something. Even the bowling shoes and bowling balls were clean, nothing felt gross or greasy. Everything inside is leather and velvet. There is also skee ball, basketball and a couple of other games. The only thing that threw me off a bit is that the sink area of the bathrooms are connected men's and women's. There is a round mirror above the sinks, but there is nothing else separating them. You can literally reach right over to the other side's sinks.

Duane Bacon

“Swanky” is the word for this place. It’s very cool and trendy here. I love the atmosphere, and the food too of course. I didn’t get chance to bowl, hopefully next time. I must say this is an Atlanta hidden gem. If visiting on the weekend I suggest calling ahead to check wait time if your party plans to bowl. I love the live band, awesome!!

Barbara Williams

Fun with friends. Get there early to bowl

Clint Padgett

Had a great time bowling. Very upscale. Would like a few more vegetarian options, though. But the boiled peanuts were fantastic!

Jason Reichman

Other than being cramped all together while trying to bowl, this place is super awesome. There is all kinds of things to do/eat/drink. One of the poshest bowling alleys I've been to.

Karen Armstrong

Loved it! Food too pricey

Kristina H.

the painted pin is a great place to go as a hang out. They had vintage games set up through out the facility. Basketball in the middle, shuffleboard games. There is a centralized bar where you can order drinks and food. There's space to be rented out for private gatherings. I love the design of this place, I just hate the wait! You need all these other things to keep you busy for the 2 hour wait... if you choose to stay. If you find this review helpful, please "like" below.

Ed Allen

While being able to go bowling at a club is cool, the music was way too loud for conversation. Wouldn't go again.

Kassie McCurdy

Great way to celebrate a birthday/celebration, or just to have some fun with friends or a date night! Drinks are on point. Great atmosphere. Great entertainment. Will definitely be going back. FYI it's EXTREMELY crowded on Saturday so just be prepared to wait for a bowling lane. They have a lot of games, a full bar and dancing area while you wait for a lane to open. Everyone was very satisfied in my party. There was some confusion with getting back into the venue if stepping outside for a bit. My boyfriend was grabbing his bowling ball and shoes and when re-entering walked toward the enterence and was told to show his ID to the guy checking them, but he had a sticker on his hand and everything. That was a little odd/confusing, but, it was a Saturday and there were a lot of people/switchover in staff so who's to say. Thank you guys for a great time! Definitely will be back!

Tasha Ross

So much fun! Great service. Awesome bar!

Jesse Baird

Ok, so I enjoyed my first time and would come back however my expectations based on other reviews were not met. I think this place is a solid three stars. The bowling was fun and I really enjoyed the extra activities (bocce, shuffleboard, etc). The servers were also helpful and pleasant. The arrival was awkward because they weren't prepared for us. The food was the most disappointing part, it was just not great and should have been better. Give them a try because I think you'll have fun despite a possible hiccup here and there.

Ronnetra Thomas

Great fun, food and drinks! However our server was kinda slow in the aspect that we barely seen her.

Byron W. Blackman

Awesome experience. Wonderful service, Julian is the best bartender.

Antionette Edwards

I enjoyed this place. You could find a husband in their bathroom.

William Rollerson

Ohhhhh my goodness. This place is absolutely stellar let me tell you. The food is good. The drink are good. You want a place to chill? This is the place for you

Dexter Byrd

My sister was in town for the weekend so the wife and I decided to take her to the painted pin for bowling and beverages. We had a great time. The spot is very swanky, with a really cool vibe. Our server started off a little slow, but recovered nicely. The pizza was really fresh and the crowd was diverse and eclectic. I’ll definitely be back.


Great fun spot for bowling and games. I'm from New York so didn't find it over priced at all. The French fries with the garlic aoli sauce were to die for. Great music was playing too. Entrance was hidden.

Kendall Roseboro

Very cool place to gather with a small group and enjoy some bowling and awesome drinks. The aura is amazing and you will for sure have a great time!

Misty Gann

Absolutely love the atmosphere, food, and service. The night we went BandX was there and the music was fantastic. Unfortunately, I don’t know how you would ever get to bowl because there are very few lanes and loads of people. Our group was on the waiting list almost three hours and we were never called.

Khalid Hosein

Good place for some food, drinks and of course, bowling. Just a few nitpicks: could be a long wait to get in with your car for valet parking, and unfortunately there is no other readily available parking either on the street or in the other stores' parking lots. If you care, check Google Maps for traffic. Inside, they have some comfy bench seats sitting perpendicular to the bowling lanes. For large groups, it can be a minor pain to get through from the main entrance area over to the lanes. They could use some walking spaces between some of the seats through to the lanes. Still worth a visit if you're looking for some good eats and even if you're only bowling gutter balls!

Dave Thomas

Vibe is nice, food is decent, and pretty fun spot.

Bill Peterson

I think the painted pin is a super cool concept and they deliver on a fun experience. It gets really busy but people still flow in and out smoothly. We came at 8:30pm on a Saturday night and were still able to find a table and couches to sit at with our group of four.

Sharon Hudgins

Great place! Good service, food and drinks were on point! I loved the decor and ambiance!! Will definitely return!!!

Melanie Stout

Very fun atmosphere. Fantastic food and bar.

Brittiney Harvey

Attended a birthday party in the evening on a Sunday. Had an amazing time! Very intimate eclectic space. Drinks &food are really good. Real chill but fun atmosphere. Can't wait to go back soon!

Jake Bendik

Top notch establishment and service all the way around. Had a company event here, and had a great experience. Food was excellent!

Adrienne Hacker

I visited The Painted Pin yesterday for the third time and I must say each time it gets better and better. Our organization booked an event yesterday and it was nothing short of amazing. From the time I inquired until we left the facility, we have been treated like royalty. The owner's w were very responsive to all inquires leading up to the event. The manager's and staff did a phenomenal job ensuring we had everything we needed to enjoy our time there. All of the food was superb and the drinks were absolutely amazing. This place is first class all the way. The valet parking was a plus as well. We are already planning the next event there!!

Oriel Wiggins

Fun place, great staff. Fabulous drinks and food. Would definitely recommend!!

Diane Flowers

Had a work event here. So much better than a sit down dinner as everyone could mingle with different people. Food, drinks and service were amazing.

Ro Dennis, Realtor

Nice adult venue with a variety of social games , bar that serves spirited and non- spirited beverages, and the food appetizer dishes were excellent. We ordered the margherita pizza with pepperoni. It was delicious. It was large enough to share with 4 to 6 people if everyone ate one slice. The intimate ambiance made it a fun, a bit erotic like set up for singles and couples to enjoy an evening of fun.

Askia Abdull

Love this place went there for a hosting with some of my friends that hosted the night and they treated as well. Food was really good

Christal Stargirl

This is a pretty unique spot to have good clean fun with close friends. Try the House Caucasian!

Chetara McKinney

Nice ambience and great place to enjoy light fun, bowling, and indoor games. A place that stays open until 2am, and has valet parking for convenience. Great concept! The restroom is amazing! The food choices are not typical game room food nonetheless it is overall an B for food taste.

Andrew Todd

The Painted Pin is all the classic childhood fun of the bowling alley, but all grown up. They have great music, a solid bar, a fun & classy atmosphere, & even some alternatives to bowling like arcade-style basketball, ski-ball, darts, & more. The Painted Pin is ideal for spending a relaxed few hours with friends or coworkers.


Fun atmosphere since it's opening. Food & drinks are tasty as well.

Janaia Wilson

Great atmosphere and food. Drinks were unique and tasty also! Very impressed.

Syndy Buchanan

Always a great time!!! Bowling on a greater level, much better food than your average bowling venue, sexy atmosphere, and GREAT guy and girl place! Wait time is long for bowling lanes... about 2-3 hours Friday and Saturday especially.... but so much to do there and enjoy.... it's not even an issue. Looking forward to coming again!

Khamille Barbosa

First time. Super cool vibes. Husband and I went for a date night and we really enjoyed ourselves. The food was amazing and oh so delicious. The drinks we nicely done and most importantly I beat my husband in bowling

Michael Barlow

The place, on the inside look fabulous, the false bathroom mirror is definitely a fun and unexpected occurrence. The huge issues have is actually finding the place. Google maps takes you right to it, but the sign is so small and unnoticeable, it is easily dismisses. If you're looking to go here, look for the small circular sign or the public valet. You will be in the right spot.

Simon Eldridge

Held a work social here and this place is awesome. More a cocktail bar with bowling and other pub games vibe than traditional bowling alley. Great cocktails, tasty food options, and a really fun environment. Highly recommend, I'll be going back.

Alex Shindnes

Fancy bowling place. Good drinks and beer. Good bar food! I would highly recommend the calamari pizza. Biggest draw back is this place gets packed! Getting a bowling lane is nearly impossible to do without waiting an hour. The parking situation is apocalyptic here. There are limited self park options near by so you have to use the valet. Last time I was here they could not find my car and I had to wait for 30 minutes before I could go home.

Kurtis Moore

Great venue and staff. Came for an event left with a smile. Everything was well done and expedited. Enjoyed the reasonably priced valet so I could experience the whole night quickly and safely. The drinks flowed freely and the food was bountiful. Definitely recommend for team building experiences.


Fun Sunday night out with the girls. Get there early. Valet is $2.

Nick Hustak

All in all a really cool place not your typical bowling alley - I was surprised when we got there (We're going to a bowling place) how cool it was. Upscale with a few twists. Waiters and waitresses are attentive.

Ashley Guzman

The bougie factor to this bowling alley is unnecessary especially when the bartender gives attitude and doesn't even know how to make a proper French 75

vera bettin

So I’ve been to this place a couple of times during the day it was OK… But tonight we got here at 10:40 PM, on Google it’s listed as open till midnight, but they wouldn’t let us in. They said they close at 11 and they stop allowing people to come in at 10:30 which basically means they’re open till 1030 and that’s the hours they should have listed… Not sure who is running this place but honestly I don’t really think they care about people or customer service or anything like that so unless you’re going to come during the day don’t waste your time!!!

LaToya Harden

Had great time here. First time there and I'd definitely come back. Good food, drinks, and customer service.

Jarret Black

bad servers with unbelievable wait time 2.5hrs.. Constant delays on lane. Will never come back or recommend

Tiffany Ellerbee

This place is cool with a very laid back atmosphere. There are about 10 Lanes and a few other activities to participate in while waiting to bowl. They had a live band the night I went which was crazy good. The food was good also can't wait to go back.


This is very grown and sexy bowling alley. After 5pm 21 or younger is not allowed. It's pretty packed on the weekends. Love the pizza and chicken sandwich. I've tried numerous drinks and they all were good. Highly recommend this place!

Gando Diallo

We just had our spring Corporate outing at this place. It's clean and beautiful. Just like most playrooms though, don't come here expecting a formal dinner. But if you like bowling, drinking and finger food, this is a good spot. To me, the taccos were aweful, but that just me. My colleagues devoured them. All in all, I am looking forward to the next time.

Torey Weaver

We had a really fun time. Lots of fun games and Bowling to partake in. A little pricey for my taste but that's just Atlanta. For three people a few drinks and a game of bowling ran us about $300, 400 with tip. The staff was fantastic, very courteous, attentive, and made great recommendations. It was obvious their intentions were to ensure all of their patrons have a great time. I would recommend this place but because it's so pricey we won't be frequently visiting them, but will definitely be there in the future.

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