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1458 Church St suite e, Decatur, GA 30030, United States Located in: Suburban Plaza Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF The Comet Pub & Lanes IN Georgia

Kenyada Hampton

Has changed completely. In a good way. Lanes are greased food is good. Even hace a bar to relax yourself and enjoy yourself! Even a game section for the kids. I am very impressed with the new changes!! Come check them out

Don England

Great bowling alley. Went for company, holiday party (I dominated, though that doesn't affect the review) and had a blast. Clean, nice, excellent selection of draft beer, as well as a nicely stocked full bar. Definitely check it out if you're near downtown Decatur.

Annie Dorman

Coolest lanes in Atlanta. Drinks are cheap. Nice staff

Savannah English

This is a really nice place I just hate that after 10pm you have to leave if your not 21 or up.. like what bowling alley does that. I am over 21 but my children could not enjoy family night out because when we finally got a lane at 9 and we barely bowl 1 whole game before it was time to leave. I wouldn't say this is a family environment if you making people under 21 leave at 10pm and this was a Saturday Night.

Dwarrenee Hughes

Very nice atmosphere and great bar and concessions

daja dennis

Open late cheap lanes cheap shoe rentals and not over crowded


Understaffed, decent drink menu,'s what you expect.

John Carter

Great lanes...friendly folks. Will be back!

Bill R

Drinks are price time

jaquin sconier

Cool place to hang with ur girlfriend

Lori Feig-Sandoval

Very friendly staff, easy online lane reservations, great cocktails, good food, fun vibe, the go to way to be active yet relax with family or friends, especially when it's not outdoor weather.

Antoinette Martinez

Reasonable prices and friendly staff!

Kevin Wright

Nice environment to get your bowling in, Just feel its need a updating. The pizza is a great go to on the menu simple but yet tasty, Very tasty!

gail victor

I had a great time

Ransome Sheets

Great bowling alley with fantastic beer selection

Lindsey Gray

We visited on a Saturday evening, and there seemed to be one girl running the whole place. She was working hard, but maybe more employees could've helped the flow of patrons. The shoes were clean, ball selection was good, and electronic displays worked well. The music was just the right volume. Overall, a great place, and we would happily return.

Ells Campbell

I have a love-hate relationship with The Comet. It is definitely one of the most friendly and accommodating bowling alleys in Atlanta. They do not have sanctioned leagues or tournaments, and most play is an "anything goes" vibe. They do not have a pro shop and they do not sell any common bowling gear via a vending machine, so be sure to bring everything you need! They really don't oil the lanes as much as they should. They seem to only condition the lanes around league play, so going on an off-day is likely to be similar to bowling on sandpaper! Overall, this is still where I bowl most frequently in Atlanta...but there is much improvement that could be made in terms of supporting hobbyist bowlers. Instead, they cater exclusively to the casual crowd.

Narwanna Adams

Under new mgmt. Revocations are great. Good food nice lanes great staff. Many specials.

King Djay

Excellent bowling

Ms. Callaway

Upon arriving, we weren’t greeted, but pointed off by the lady with a ponytail, red lipstick, and a black hooded jacket. The younger woman who served us ( ginger hair) didn’t greet us when we walked to her side of the counter, even though she was tolerably “nice”. After we were finally rung up (3games*3ppl+shoes) I noticed a sign that said “ 5-10PM $8 FOR 1 PERSON -1GAME & SHOE RENTAL” clearly a lower price than what we paid. So I asked her about the special and she said “ yeaaaa sorry”, didn’t offer to change anything. After the awkward stare, we got our shoes and socks, and proceeded to our dirty lane. After approaching the counter again to tell the Ginger about our dirty lane and recommending one closer to the counter, we were immediately cut off by the FINGER POINTING lady saying “ No! Those lanes are closed”. We ignored her and waited for the Ginger to respond. She gave us a decent lane and we left again. We set up at the lane, started to change our shoes and I realized that my socks were kid size. Went to the counter AGAIN! I told the Ginger she gave me the wrong size and she quickly switched them out. I just wondered why someone would knowingly give A GROWN WOMAN a kid pair of socks. After returning, we bowled a bit, ordered drinks, the bearded guy at the bar was amazing, bowled some more, then left.......... I will never come here again to be completely honest. Being an Avondale Estate resident, this is the closest bowling alley to us, but I definitely will be driving to further locations with better customer service than this place.

William Sprewell

It's a real old school bowling alley.

carlene knights

Great service, good bowling.

Shanice Bennerson

Super fun place. Pizza was the bomb; top tier greasy all American pizza. Beer was phenomenal. The staff are down to earth and funny. Will be back.

andy lovell

Great food and friendly staff. Very clean.

Rakim Means

Great and cheap place to go to bowl. If you bring kids they have to be gone by 1000 pm

Afirst A

Went there with my wife and 7 kids. The employees were very nice. The shoes were clean, well kept, and comfortable. The digital scoring system was neat. The general ambiance was nice. We are from out of town, but will return on our next trip.

Craig Mccullough

Wasn't crowded service was quick and enjoy the company

Sean Mahoney

Great fun for 5 year old birthday party. Too warm inside for me, but maybe that was just me.

Joe Tinter

It's an OK bowling alley. A number if their lanes have inconsistent scoring issues, and ball return problems, but bowling us always a fun time with friends. The bar food is pretty on point here.

Lonyay Sangster

The atmosphere was nice, the food was terrible and the lanes their malfunctions. Which caused our game to be delayed and couldn’t be played properly. Due to their no refund policy, we were given two free games to play, but because we had children under 21 with us they could not be in the facility after 10 pm. However, because of the policy, we were unable to unitize the free games still. Overall, the manager would NOT give Us a refund for our games we paid to bowl; this was a bad experience.

Ronald Finney

Nice place, good customer service, good prices.

Mickel Magness

Great bowling alley. Clean, reasonable prices, good beer selection, and great food! The best chicken tenders I've had in Atlanta, no joke.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Old school bowling atmosphere. Modern bar selection! Comfy seats next to the lanes. Customer service was awesome! Small arcade area while you wait for a lane or for the kids. Plenty of parking in shopping center.

William Rose

Nice renovations and very fun bowling alley, bar, and game area. Very family friendly before 10 PM. Great for kids and family time. The game room is great for kids and younger folks. Bring lots of quarters. They do have a bill change machine of course. After 10 PM it's over 21 only. Police presence keeps everyone safe during late hours. The bar is big and the service is fast and super friendly. Their pizza is really great and good fries and chicken tenders if you like comfort food and who doesn't!!? Lots of parking space with easy in and out parking. Highly recommend this Decatur area bowling alley and game room!

Rich Benton

I never visited before the remodel from Suburban Lanes but the Comet Pub & Lances is a nice bowling facility. My only concern is there neeeds to more consistency in cleaning the bowlers seating /floor areas. This should be at least swept after each session to prevent the accumulation of dirt which then transfers onto the approach areas.

Brittny M

Pretty cool place where you can eat, drink, and bowl. They have a full bar and all orders are taken at the bar (food too). Four stars because we had a lot of issues with our lane when we were there. Sometimes it would count extra pins or reset in the middle of a frame. It happened enough to ruin the game, which was unfortunate.

Troy Cono

Honestly, I spend a lot of time here, and as long as it's league night, the lanes, and sometimes the approaches, are good enough to bowl on even if you're a real bowler. Any other time, don't even bother if you're a real bowler. Also, the service ranges anywhere from incredible to incredibly insulting, depending on who is serving you. But, they have, randomly, thee best nachos in the world, no joke, and a great beer and cocktail menu, so, when it comes to bowling alleys, you could certainly do worse.

Tiffany smith

Great place for fun food and drinks. All grown folks after 10pm

John Berger

Love coming here on Tuesdays when it’s $2 games, shoe rental, and Miller High Life pints. It does get really crowded, so expect to wait a little bit on Tuesdays. Can’t attest to other nights, but Tuesdays are always a good time.

Andrew Hanson

Came here with some friends for a bit of fun. Machines were fast and easy to use. Thank GOD. The pizza was below average. Not that great. The bartenders, however, were very accommodating and helpful. Would recommend.

Snapper Morgan

A good old fashioned bowling alley that has been rennovated to look hip and trendy. The menu is great and has interesting sandwiches. A nice cheap place to bowl and eat.

Patrick Bruder

Love the remodel. Great food and bar. Reasonably priced.

Ronald Cargill

Tuesday's $2 BOWLING ALL DAY


Best bowling alley and I feel like a champion

will mays

Great food and great bowling, owned by the same people as Twains in downtown Decatur I believe so the food is expectedly amazing

R Solo

We had fun in this place but the music needs to change

Daniel Kitron

Hipsters kept it classy updating and rejuvenating this neighborhood favorite alley

Kenny Cranford

Great place! Solid food and drinks. Friendly staff and good family fun

Janet Handy

We had a blast here for our office Christmas party. The food was surprisingly good. I really enjoyed the wings and pizza. The staff had so much fun bowling. This was a great idea for a fun get together!

Cora MacBeth

Great location but horrible service. The group of folks working the check in counter either don’t know what they’re doing or really don’t care about care about their customers. Really slow and inefficient. They kept telling people there was a 20-30 minute wait even though our group watched eight lanes open up. We went to counter after 50 minutes to ask what was going on and the lady was like oh- I just got here/ I don’t know what’s going on. I would recommend midtown bowl.

Terri Williams

Loved it had a great time

Rich Palma

Good atmosphere and fin time had by all

Miklos Halmos

This was our third trip to the lanes and it's definitely becoming a local favorite of ours! The beer menu is extensive, the food is great, the employees are helpful, and we've always been able to bowl right away. Great Tip: you can reserve lanes in advance, just go to their website! The prices are reasonable, and if you go for a late night you and a group of friends can bowl all night for less than 30 bucks! Just make sure to check for league nights 'cause thats the only time you may not be able to grab a lane right away. But just grab a table and drinks, and play some arcade. Great Tip: there is also an entrance from the larger lot with a door between Half Price Books and Joann' s.

Kelsea Lozada

So awesome!! There’s a small arcade and some pretty decent pub food. They have promotions every week too! The best time is to walk in on Sundays after 5pm - $10 for unlimited play!

Kristen Williams

Always nice to visit here. I go often and service, drinks, and food is always good.

Carolyn Brown

You always have a good time and the employees are so helpful and happy.


Clean facility. Unfortunately we have repetitively had trouble their equipment and the staff didn't seem eager to make it right (other than to continually reset pins and eventually changed our lane to another with the same problem). We ended up playing without being able to keep score or take even turns. This was over 2 visits.

Benjamin Hunter

Cool set up, nice open floor and much cleaner than most bowling alleys

Brent Petit

Awesome food drinks great time. Clean smells good. High quality bowling alley.

Tjae Gary

I absolutely loved it!The food quality was to die for!I will come back here!

John Green

Cool people. Nice place

Sunshyne Anderson

The man bartender made my drink weak, it was too juicy instead of strong. $10 drink was not good.

Margaret Allstrom-Luttrell

I don't think I've ever left a negative review of anywhere, ever, but this place has some shockingly bad policy, so here goes! My first negative review. I grew up in Decatur, always loved suburban lanes, and was so hopeful about the new ownership, who (bafflingly) manage to provide good service elsewhere. Came here today with a family of five, dropped a packet on a rare whole-family outing with dinner, and even left generous tips for all of the service staff. Unfortunately, the games became defective as we started the second of three. They told us to hold on for a minute, which became 10, 20, etc... As they will, the kids started to get tired as we waited for them to fix it. Asked if we could be moved or credited. No they cannot! They have a no refunds or credits EVER policy! Even if you paid for something they have no way of providing to you! Asked if we could just have fun in the lane and toss down balls. No, that will make the problem worse! Soooooo we cannot play, now or ever, half of the games we paid for. We waited around a while longer, and eventually just left. I don't want to blame the service staff, they were not rude (okay, one person was a bit rude, but we all have bad days, so no biggie), but if you maintain a policy that you never refund even for services you refuse to provide, shame on you. We don't splash out like that very often. I would love to continue going here because the food is passable, the beer is good, and most of the service staff is perfectly pleasant, but I hate hate hate when places take advantage like this, so I very much doubt I will. They need a big sign out front that says "we will take your money even if we give you nothing, so plan accordingly".

Bran B

As a kid I would come to this weekly during the summer. After a recent visit, I realized that the name is not the only thing to have changed about this business. What used to be a Surburban Lanes is now a place where racism is acceptable amongst the staff. Employees such as CJ should not be allowed to work in the front of the house in this place of business or any other place for that matter. I recommend bowling elsewhere.

Rebecca Knowles

We had a good time with friends bowling on a weekday afternoon. They participate in the free bowling for kids program in the summer, so by registering online our kids got to bowl 2 games for free (we only paid for shoes). The adults could enjoy a visit while they were playing, though the games went fast! We then moved over to the game area, where we watched a soccer game on the big screen and had some snacks, which were tasty.

Kalief Legend

Great drinks but very busy bowling lanes.

Ernesto Caesar

Fun bowling facilities, friendly service at affordable pricing.

Abby Norman

My father had an emergency and they were so amazing.

Bridgitte Colwell

They've done a phenomenal job of keeping the spirit of Suburban Lanes alive. Comet feels super retro, but it's an updated experience. The staff are super awesome, the food and drinks are great. We had a blast!

Cassidy Young

Foods good, bartenders are awesome. Lots of people here but had a great time.

Keisha Willis

Not impressed the area we sat at was not clean. Shoes were cute. Drinks are too expensive, but food was ok

Jessica Burnett

Best food I have eved had a bowling alley. I'm talking house-made pizza crust. Yum! The bowling game was just okay. It was hard to find a ball lighter than 11 pounds. Plenty of parking. Reasonable prices and clean bowling shoes. Try it out. You'll have pin-ty of fun!

Lennox Nobleman

Was singled out and carded among my group of friends then, forced to leave because i had a recently expired i.d.. Don't really care about the id issue, just confused as to why i was singled out. Even my friend within the group was under 21 yet he did not get carded. I just think its weird that me, being an obviously above the age of 21 year old male, with dreadlocks and dark brown skin, and 6'4 in height was singled out. Other than this strange incident, everything was enjoyable. I just don't know why i was or appeared to be descrimimated against. Doesn't make any sense. They even kicked me out before i finished the game that i rightfully payed for. I tipped, i was courteous, no disrespect was given. I just don't know why this happened. As far as my future in bowling.. I will not be visiting this establishment again.

Emily Scharf

I went with a large group of friends and we had a blast! They got us set up quickly, and also handled our large food order. The food was great and so was the service.

Rose Finney

Service was great. The lanes were nicely price and not over the top. Our pizza and drinks were delivered to our lane. We will definitely be coming back here.

Michael Cono

Great service and friendly staff.

Cameron D. Mitchell

Wonderful food, super nice place. Nothing negative to say. They charge you buy the game and they aren't timed, which is also super dope so you don't feel rushed when you're bowling. A1.

Brian Booker

Cool spot with good food

Tony Baloney850

First time coming and tbh I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend the wings

Brent Ferricci

We always have a great time at Comet!

William Pulling

Surprisingly clean and well managed. The menu was definitely not typical bowling lane fare either. A little expensive on Saturday afternoon, but the electronic scoring was impressive.

Stacy Aigbe

It was my first time at the comet and I'm not in a hurry to go back. The atmosphere was nice, drinks and food was reasonable and there was options for activities outside of just bowling. I'm giving this place 2 stars due the staff and bowling experience. We encountered some rude people. The bartender lady snapped at me twice, once for standing at the side of the bar and then for going back to my table and not waiting for my drink... I didn't realize I had wait when she asked what table and party(tap) I was using. Then the announcements about people/kids stepping over the bowling lines were a bit aggressive... if you know what group is doing it...don't stop the entire bowling rink... just speak to that group! The bowling experience was awful because our lane wasn't acting right, messing up points, missing pins, random resets, or no pins at all. It happened so many times we notified the front desk, and asked for a refund but was advised no refunds allowed. A staff member followed us to the lane and by that time the issue resolved itself momentarily, like it had been doing all night. The staff member, Rod, was extremely rude and condescending, snapped us for not saying something soon. I immediately but him in his place without being rude and firmly thanked him for nothing... this triggered him to walk away abruptly while laughing hard like a Disney Villain... it was quite bizarre and unnecessary. Bottom line its not somewhere I'm dying to return to anytime soon.

Tyler Walencis

The lane were great for bowling. And really loved the art on the walls.

Tee Dee

Cute spot, older spot. Clean. No pool tables but a few arcade games and an air hockey table. Great service at the reception and bar.


Great bowling alley, has food, drinks, good music, and also has great going balls here. All the equipment is like new! Definitely a great place to have a great chill night!

Colin Sandage

Food came little late but still really good

Loretta Phillips

Nice clean place. Good food had a great time.

Lianne Stewart

Fun night bowling. Great food options. Lots of beer (bit higher price). Good balls and shoes. All around good time!

Narwanna el-Shabazz

Very nice renovations. Great atmosphere of you are looking to hang out or host nice for all!!

Yvette Bell

I like this location they have a pool table with a few pool tables and old fashioned video games

Deborah Hunter

This historic place has been a fun place to go to since I was a kid. With a few rules put in place for minors, after a certain time the adults can enjoy bowling, the kitchen, and the bar.

Jason Reed

Good food and atomosphere but lanes act up to much

Jake Hayden

I'm obviously not a golfer, but the lanes are pretty nice. Service at the bar is very quick and friendly. Impressive draft beer list as well. My only complaint would be the food; the pretzel and pizza both came out quite underbaked. The wings and fries were good though, so I'm not subtracting a star. Very cool place with a diverse crowd.

Michael W

I have been here a few times with the wife and kids. Always on a Saturday morning when there are only families. The food is decent and the drinks are cold. The staff is friendly and the lanes are well taken care of. Don't know what this place is like at night but during the day its pretty chill.

Josh Bogal

This is my local alley, the place is always clean. The food and beer are great they have a great selection. People there are friendly and helpful. I personally enjoy that they don't do cosmic bowling and the lights stay on all the time.


The lane mechanicals are not what they used to be. The place could go for an update.

Courtney Capps

Mixed feelings. I'm glad they revived suburban lanes, the prices drinks anfood were excellent . The lanes were broken and the service were terrible. The employee, Rod, yelled at us for not complaining right away when the scoring was wrong on our lane and then let a a Disney villian style cackle as he walked away.

Tom Nguyen

Cool place. I’ve been here several times with my friends. The wings are my favorite dish, and they have a variety of beers.

Elijah Allstrom-Luttrell

Machines weren't calibrated, told us not to keep playing because it would make the machines worse but still refused to refund our money, completely awful experience, never going back (damn shame because it was actually nice when it first opened, now I just miss Suburban Lanes). Really nice bartenders, clearly poor policies set by management. For the record, we bought three rounds of bowling, plus drinks and food, and the score and machinery started messing up the first round, we got to the second and it was even worse, asked them to just give us a credit for a future round or a refund for just the third and they refused saying it was against policy. I'd honestly have gone back if they had refunded the third game (which we didn't play because what's the point if the pins don't reset or just keep resetting in a loop, which happened), OR given us a credit for a future game, then they'd be able to make more money out of the future food and drink sales, but their policies are just stupid. But hey they'll make money regardless, so why should they care right?

Ricky Foster

Great place! WILL BE BACK

Sheena Clawson

Came here for Valentine's day and it was ruined by a glitch on a dysfunctional lane. Lane number 5. We checked in at 8:14 pm and our game malfunctioned more than once. When I reported to the front desk they said it happens and there's nothing they can do. When it kept happening I reached out to several associates as well as a manager who refused to come over and address our problem. After speaking to the last associate he stated he will give us two free games at 9:20pm. Then the intercom came on saying no minors can remain in the building past 10. At this time I asked for a refund again and was told its against policy. I asked to speak to the manager once more and after 20 minutes or so he then came seeing we were not leaving and seeking answers. I informed him that we paid for a service we didn't receive. He said we could not stay do to the liquor license and he he couldn't give a refund even though he agreed because he would be in a lot of trouble from management. I definitely was disturbed. He gave me his name Josh Sexton and complimentary bowling for a family member who resided in NC and leaving tomorrow. I feel taken and uneasy for owners/ companies who force you to pay for a service you didn't receive. As we left, our lane was given to another party. I am an honest military veteran who didn't become ignorant or get out of character with the management team and the level of care or concern wasn't there. It became my problem and not the company. I believe integrity first. I will be contacting the general manager for a response. Please beware of this place. You pay first and no help after they have your funds. Go to companies who care and support the communities they serve. I didn't deserve this and it ruined a family gathering.

Kayla Coots

This place is awesome, however they charged us per game even tho it was a $10 all you can bowl night and when I asked about the charge I was met with such a rude and uncaring response which went like this “oh yeah, you have to tell us if you want all you bowl, it’s basically a secret password. We don’t just give it to everyone.” That’s strange cause it’s on EVERY TV display in the building. I’d rather drive out of my way for bowling from now on. Thanks for your “service”

Guillermo Newton

Totally amazing urban Decatur bowling! The dude abides! You must experience the Zen of Comet Bowling. Great place to bring a family or come solo. Order from the beer case end of the bar and get good service from guys who know beer. There's a lot of local and regional craft beers to choose from. The food is reliably great bowling alley food. So many lanes, so little time....

Lola Love

Love this place..never have to wait for long..just hate the kitchen close at 11 but bar stays open till about 130

m Lissa

Came for $2 Tuesdays, service was awesome, drinks reasonable, and cheese fries were the best

William Martin

Very fun place to eat and play. It is fun for adults and children. Great family experience. Clean and well taken care of. Definitely recommend for a family night out.

Rebecca Herchenroether

We wanted to do something fun because it was my friends parents last night in town. Unfortunately, one of the pins got stuck while we were bowling, we pressed the help button and waited for 15 minutes for someone to come help us fix the situation. Then all of a sudden we notice the help button had been turned off.... but our pin was still stuck.... we waited a few minutes to see if maybe someone was on their way. Nope! No one showed... my friend decided to take matters into her own hands so we could finish the game. Next thing we know someone is screaming into the loud speaker at the top of her lungs, embarrassing my friend because of what she did. I understand it may not be safe to remove the pin herself, however it was clearly acknowledged that our lane was having issues because the help button was turned off! And the same lady that screamed into the loud speaker walked past our lane 3 times. I have never felt so disrespected in my life... and I wasn’t even the one she was rudely screaming about. I will never go back. On a side note, maybe someone should mention that if your speaking into a loud speaker you don’t need to yell. The loud speakers purpose is to amplify a persons voice.

Chris Kelly

The place looks good and clean everywhere (bathrooms included). Lots of TVs and a little game area for kids. After 10pm adults only which I like. The problem came when both our lanes we use to bowl was horrible. They kept on resetting messing up each player score and customer service had no solution or was helpful. We only stayed for one game with a party of 8 people. Never coming back.

Vamsi Reddy

Lanes did not work for some reasons. Had to approach the counter guy multiple time. Hope they correct soon :)

Rukhsaar Turk

Fun place to spend time with friends/ family

Kerry G.

Great adult atmosphere on the night I attended. It's a good date night spot. Bartender she was very nice & attentive.

Ashante Alexander

Awesome food service and drinks

Christopher J

Nice Clean Fun Good Food Friendly People Great Prices!!!!

Yoel Hyman

Cool old school vibe.

Brent Sattelmeier

They have bowling lanes, some games (including air hockey), a variety of brews, and tasty food. Be sure to reserve lanes ahead of time, especially if you have a large party. The food is good, but it isn't cheap. Definitely a Decatur location. There is a bar, and they have sports on the big old TVs.

Analytics Account

Great place for family bowling. Also, good reasonably priced food.

Tarick Boynton

High prices on food bathroom smelled like a water treatment plant.

Elise Gillison

They had a very nasty attitude when I ask for process. Don't let them offer you any deals bc they will not refund or exchange anything. I will definitely not come back ever


The food and atmosphere here are amazing! We have gone here you bowl two years in a row for my partner's birthday! We love it! Great for the whole family.

Karmell Clair

This is a great bowling alley for parties! And great prices to! The location helped tremendously.

Rude Boi

Atmosphere was awesome.. Music was great.. Drink prices werent that bad

Sean Ellis

Really disappointed. The food was fantastic, the beer selection was stellar... But the bowling was awful. Not only are the balls over-drilled (finger holes too large), but the approach lanes are too worn and do not slide at all. My shin hurt the next day and my friend's hip hurt. Really poor quality. Probably will not go back for bowling.

Benjamin Latting

I went there with my dad my brother and my brother's friend. We got there at 6:45 it seemed like there were not a whole lot of people. When we went to the counter and asked how long the wait was the woman there said it would be between 1.5 hours - 1h 45 minutes. Once we had been waiting for almost an hour and a half, my brother asked how much longer the wait would be. The at the person at the desk said 30 to 45 minutes. DO NOT go there unless you're willing to wait a couple of hours and then wait about 30 minutes longer than you were told the wait would be.

Collette Nicole

Music was pretty great! Old hits from 80-90's-ish. Clean. Decent, somewhat friendly staff. Not too busy. Had a nice experience twice within a week.

Nolan Valk

Good bowling alley. Cheaper prices than most in Atlanta

James Burk

Great food and atmosphere.

Lynitia .Felise

Great food, drinks, and atmosphere. I took a star off because the kitchen closes too early and the music needs to be more diverse.

Chris Smith

Nice bowling alley. Nothing spectacular. Couldn't find it in between the other stores and shops. Cheap craft beer and happy hour specials.

Quincy Acklen

Great bowling and great prices. We had a rugby social, and The Comet loved us too.

Patrick Winn

Great place! Good food and excellent bowling lanes. We have had two company Christmas parties there and had a wonderful time.

nikki s

Fun and affordable except for the fried only get 4 pickle spears for like $8 ...such a rip off

Crystal Carnahan

I work here, family friendly, and fun for the adults after 10pm!

David Warlick

Good bowling electronics, kids like the fast food, new shoes, easy to find a ball that fits, safe environment. Some days and hours are cheaper than the regular prices.

Tenisha Daniel

I had an issue with my food last night and the bar staff handled it perfectly!! Great customer service! Will be back!

birah rasheed

Great bowling. Great food & bevos.

Darryl Stevenson

Very different, but pleasant experience. It was clean, lots of ambiance, food portions were adequate.

Clarissa Dupree

Fun bowling

Christa Bowman

Nice bowling alley, had fun!! Clean, wings were good!

Amber Chalfin

Vety fun had a work party there. Good food, great cocktails

T Specht

Jennifer is great behind the bar! I come regularly now for the past month or so... she is definitely icing on the cake to a fun place to bowl!!!!

Janaia Wilson

We paid for 3 games. But only played 1. They said there was no way to give a refund. Even though we were stopped 3 times in the 1 game for lane malfunctions. They are crooks. Not to mention the extremely rude bartender, HORRIBLE SERVICE all the way around. Please find a better place to bowl.

simone williams

Visited this alley on Wednesday night. The alley was great. Everything is new! The chef is also great and accommodating, the pizza we order initially wasn't up to par. The chef (I forget his name) made us another. My gripe is the music selection. Based on the demographics, I think it should of been more accommodating. They played hard metal, (I'm not sure that's the correct term). Anyway, I think top 40 or something would've been great!

Matthew Curtis

Bowled over 100 for the first time in my life here, so clearly they're doing something right.

Angel Oyakhire

Very Fun! Long wait time duuring the weekday but they have very good deals.

Mic Al

The friends & family atmosphere was very comforting. Pleasantly relaxing, I even partake in a couple alcohol beverages. Besides the multiple rounds of bowling with co-workers, family, & friends. A night full of fun laughter a lil competition. Everyone enjoyed the evening. "See yin's in a lil bit"

Leigh Harris

The food and cocktails are amazing and beyond reasonably priced. I can't say enough about how great the staff is either! If you want a fun night out with your friends, this is where you want to go!

Colleen Fendley

Perfect indoor activity for the kiddos, date night, birthday! The entire facility is always super clean, the shoes are in great shape, food is surprisingly good with some health conscious options, even. Oh, and the beyond decent beer selection is the cherry on top!

Shawn Corey rosenburg

Awesome Lanes! Good food and great beer selection

Jean Glover

Been awhile since I bowled. My little person enjoyed it a lot! Great family activity - game room good for little ones.

Daniel Pirkl

Lots of fun! Good selection of pub food favorites and pizza to feed whole family. Great drink selection, too.

Robby Wilson

I take my employees to this place once a month for a lunch/bowling outing. No problems with the bowling. The bar staff however are always very rude and seem annoyed to take our order. We just accept it and have fun with our bowling. This week the bar staff hit an all time low in customer service and without boring you with the details just know that we will not be back. As a customer that lives next to the Twain’s in Decatur I just cannot believe the same people own these two very different places with varying customer service. Change the bar staff, they are going to chase a lot of customers off.

marirosa hofmann

Great deals, cool place. We had lots of fun! Food takes a while so order when you arrive so its ready when you want it. The margarita pizza was much better than regular.

Brooklyn Salazar

Found this old school but upgraded technology bowling alley, there are enough balls and sizes the shoes are new and stylish, Adam & Lebron kind and courteous at the front desk. Had that New York welcome even though one of them is from Connecticut still doesn’t count lol. The lanes worked amazing, they also have a bar with a variety of different kinds of brews on tap and a good selection of Food. Def will Have to come back to this play...

Robert Bibb

Been waiting an hour with 6 Lanes open but unused. Do not come here without reservations. Took 30 minutes just to clear food from one of the tables. Also half of game machines are down including the change machine.

Ron Parker

Freaking fantastic! The only thing that is missing is a waitress. Definitely doing this again!

Jorge Garcia

Great food and drinks. Super nice since it's been renovated

Rebecca Beasley

Always have a good time here, you can't beat the weekday rate specials .

Sibyl Ellison

Cool spot! Pretty laid back...lots of families.

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