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REVIEWS OF Main Event Atlanta IN Georgia

Wolf Strife

Awesome place! Plenty of pool tables, excellent arcade and there is always a open bowling lane. You can even buy a card that lets you play infinite arcade games for the entire day, and infinite bowling too. Great prices, fun and safe atmosphere. The perfect place to take friends and family.

Danny soto

Place was kept up and staff helpful. Would of gave them 5 star but a lot of the arcade games were not working due to connectivity issues with the card reader. It kinda stinks that your kid wants to play a certain game and you have to keep repeating to them it's not working. Other than that great place to take the family.

Cherelle Fortier

They have customer service issues. Gave them a second chance only to be disappointed again. First experience went with my job mid week, place was empty. Food service was beyond slow and nothing was hot. Black bean burger was burnt. Front desk service was great. Went second time on a Saturday with my family. Was busy, as expected, front desk service was good, bowling service was not that great. Food abd service was better. Ordered the hummus this time. No complaints. Won't be back anytime soon.

Christina Dira

The girl closing on sep 1, 2019 at the gift shop area was so extremely rude to everyone who was trying to check out. I understand it’s CLOSE to closing but you could still talk to people nicely. As we were leaving the building, I heard multiple people talk about the same girl saying they had the same experience as us.

Justin Mattingly

My favorite spot to catch a movie and relax. This place never seems so crowded that you can't get in to see a show but always has the best service around.

Matthew Salisbury

This place is okay. The service is okay. I received good service and bad service at the same visit. The food was good, no issues. The bowling was a bit crowded, we also went on a Friday. Overall, I didn’t think the prices were too bad, but I didn’t play any of the games. Unsure if I would return to bowl here, I live across the street so the location is good.

Shaquana Frazier

I'm a big kid so I love places like this. I took my kids for their birthday and they loved it. Great prices and friendly staff.

Bee Winfrey

Had a blast. Everything is conveniently located right there. The drinks were great also!

Belinda Lindsey

Had fun at a corporate event. The staff was very attentive.

James Luttrell

Good food. Lots of fun games.

Challah Muhqueed

Lots of games. very fun my book club had our meeting there

Nancy Vargas Lozano

A lot of options to have fun! Even if I suck at everything, place is amazing

Gardy Banks

I always have a bunch of fun at Main Event. The food is decent, the drinks are good, and you can have so much fun between the bowling and all the other arcade games. Great for all ages, although they should kick all the kids out when the street lights come on.


Great place for a birthday or a graduation party. Nice place to spend with the family or freinds and the service was great. Highly recommend

RayJay Serrano

I had a blast! Fun Pass for Unlimited Activities!!!

Crystal White

Been here a couple times, once with a company party and a few other times with friends/family. Let’s just say not the best customer service. During the company party there was only one server to take drink orders of about 30ppl. She was very frustrated and kept disappearing. The food was cold when it was finally served. Other times were just ok. The staff needs to be trained on proper customer service.

Thomas Goossens

Nice facility. Very clean and bright. Staff was friendly.

Chaunte Banks

Enjoyed ourselves! They need to have adult nights

Stereo Steve

No complaints. Activities for all here. Well lit parking with police on-site.

Ceressa Ward

Front desk is extremely slow and unprofessional. The guy didn’t seem to be interested in assisting us in purchasing our passes. Someone had to ask him to help us because he seemed more interested in doing something else. This is why I prefer online prepay and self service kiosk.

Lane Greer

Games were fine. We we're one of the only people here and decided to get some food. Just my son and me. It took them 20 minutes to let us know they were out of what my son ordered at the same time they brought me my food, so I have a choice. Eat my food in front of my hungry son while they make something else for him or eat my food cold when they bring his out. Service was terrible! We WILL NOT be eating here again. Oh and there were only three tables seated and there were three floor staff. We had a dedicated server we only saw one time the whole time we were there.

United Casablan

This a great place to take the family out for a day. They have a lot of stuff to do here and the food is pretty good.


Awesome fun for a WHOLE family! There is something for everybody to do! All age ranges will have something to do!

Derek Riley

This place makes me feel like a kid again. Still not sure if it's the games or the drinks..

Nekki Boult

I enjoyed playing on the motorcycle game downstairs. I haven't bowled there yet however it is really great option for some family fun or a cute date night

Maxiecat CreeperKiller

All the kids had fun. That is all that matters. And the food was pretty good.

Telly Flynn

Getting service to eat was impossible and we kept getting sent back and forth between the places to get seated the hostess stand had no one at it so we went to bartender who sent us back to hostess stand when finally someone from nearby table came up saying we had to go seat ourselves because the area he was in was a party for his manager. We sat Forever... 20 minutes at least before even being greeted and they were not busy at all

nina simmone

Customwr SERVICE and the cleanliness of it was great..HATS off to management AND ALL THE y'all see you soon.

Cora Hollingsworth

This place is very fun, with lots of activities and food.

Michelle Smith

Went to main event for my daughters besties birthday party this weekend(Saturday 1/5/19 3pm-6pm). The staff is slow and unenthusiastic. You know you're working with a lot of children so where is your energy? Not to mention it seemed very unorganized as well. The party didn't "flow" properly. They abruptly stopped the children from bowling to go to the next activity only to find out most of the children were to short to even participate in laser tag. I stepped away to get a drink from the bar and I SWEAR THEY HAVE THE SLOWEST BARTENDERS EVER like no sense of urgency! They didn't even acknowledge me. When she got close enough I loudly called out my drinks and then she asked me to give her a moment. I'm currently an event planner and I've worked in customer service/hospitality/ sales (bartender, server, cocktail waitress)for many years and this staff is simply pathetic. Definitely not enough managers checking on guest. I would NEVER recommend anyone to host an event here. They really need to tighten up because the potential is there and it could be so much better.

lauren frost

Some of the games didn't work otherwise I would have rated it a 5 star. The staff was friendly. My kids enjoyed the prize selection. Lots of smiling faces all around the facility. Very popular with birthday parties.

Aerobics Delivered

Great place for bowling. Sincerely, LaWanda Brokenborough

Gaylen Ferguson

So much to do! Eat, drink, video games, carnival games, lazer tag.... Great layout, friendly staff, clean and great for the whole family.

Minow Minow

It is just alright. Would not go out of my way to get here. Best for people and their children who live very close to the location. Limited amount of games, not so good prizes, and long wait times for bowling alley on busy days. Food service and wait time was also mediocre.

Mimi Bush

Tons if varied fun activities for the whole family.

tippi reid

Lots of fun! However the wait is long and the customer service is horrible. We where kicked of the bowling list accidentally twice. Never given a clear reason as why. Finally after an hour and half wait, got to both lanes and the area was filthy. Trash all over the floor, four tables to include one of the lanes had trash at the starting line. Tracking down somebody to clean took another 10-15 mins unexpected wait. Very unacceptable! Pizza was tasteless but the margarita was amazing. You need better service, make sure to thoroughly clean as well as remove previous patrons trash and food before you seat the next guest. No excuse with cleaning and make sure you have enough staff to service. If you are not going to provide a clean and friendly establishment let your patrons know, so we can move on to other great and clean establishments. How do you allow your employees not to clean up and not be customer service oriented?

Fisherman Hooked

Nice place for family and friends and the price beats David &Buster's

YarProductionz Y.A.R.

After working here two times I have to admit that whatever they charge is got to be worth it they have tons of bowling tons of arcade games alcohol in a place the size of a huge movie theater oh did I mention I also have a movie theater

Jiovany R

Bartenders are extremely rude and unprofessional. For being a family friendly place, you shouldn’t have to BEG for water. I asked Janel my bartender for water and she walked away to talk on the phone while wearing her AirPods at work and then started to cut strawberries in front of me rather than give a guest water.

Lazavion Wesley

It’s honestly a waist of time and money! Paid $20 to bowl and play laser tag. Bowling worked but stopped in the middle of the game, there was an error with the game that the staff wouldn’t come and fix. Laser tag was next. We waiting for a half an hour to play but the staff was so terrible. She didn’t give us instructions on how to use the guns or even tell us when it started, she acted like she hated her job and didn’t want to be there at all (she had on glasses and looked around 4’6. The only successful thing about this experience was the refund. Staff was horrible except for the manager Terrance.

AMJ Squad

It is awesome and it has great pizza and drinks to celebrate a birthday. It has plenty of games and it is a family hangout place.

Ladyjaye Green

My family and I had an AMAZING 1st time experience! It's plenty of activities to enjoy and the staff was very helpful assisting us!

kee & tay

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! the staff is terrible and rude! Paid $20.54 just to do nothing everything we planned to do wasn’t working, staff didn’t wanna help! But the manager was good & helpful he tried to make the experience better, but for the staff the whole staff need to be fired!!

Polina Chekhmir

Start with positive- the place is very clean and well accessorized, and the atmosphere was fun. But the service was very disappointing- we waited 40 min for pizza, had to ask three times for the drinks. When we asked to speak to the manager, she/he never came. We will consider coming back, but we suggest bringing snacks from home.

Special Things

What a fun place. My husband and I felt like kids playing laser tag, bowling, and my favorite, shooting pool. What a great date night, just to get out and have fun. Highly recommend this place.

Terri Miller

It was our daughter's 8th birthday and this year she chose Main Event. We've been here before for another party but this time she received all of the birthday perks. Needless to say, we had an amazing time (both kids and adults). I would definitely recommend Main Event to friends and family as a place to host a party or just to have a great time. By the way, the food was delicious as well. Kudos to our hostess and everyone else who made this day special for us.

Aphrothena 1221

This was the best time I've had in a while. It lives up to it's name. I went with a large group and it didn't feel overwhelmed at all. Nice staff. Clean places. The catering left something to be desired though.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Chain. Fun for families with kids. Something to do for everyone. I wasnt that impressed by the menu. Has a very corporate chain feel. Not my scene but again great for families or people who dont mind that sort of atmosphere. Service was really great though!

Kencey Hett

Had our teambuilding event here for my company and with over 130 guests we all had an awesome time

B d

Family friendly but still has a bar. Bowling, laser tag, ropes course, and arcade games. The ropes course I did once and probably not again, more for kids I think. They have specials on some days like Mondays you can pay a flat rate and do any of the activities. Arcade games are semi limited, wish they were a bit cheaper per game (cheapest is $1) but theyre fun

Taylor Reese

This was a fun spot, laser tag, bowling, billiards and a lot of games.


Its a good place to hangout with family. I just wish it had more games.

Sashelle Alexander

The workers in the pizzeria are rude. If you sit at the tables behind the bar, good luck getting someone to take your order. Only one of the game cars rechargeable machines work. Teenagers running wild everywhere. Many of the games are out of order. The place is overpriced as is.

Jason Rutledge

Only people in The Who place bowling, been here 30mins and they still can’t get our bowling lane to work. Had to talk them in to loving us to one of the other 24 lanes

Danielle M Starita

Good food and drinks! Fun atmosphere. Great for a company networking event, or if you want to play some fun games.

Bryan B

If you have young kids this is a great place for them to get and stay busy. The food is good and drinks for adults. Not a bad place to spend an afternoon.

Pam Buffington

Very disappointed in main event. 1) summer fun pass is only sold if they’re not busy. Now we’re going to scalp you because it’s raining. 2) no way to buy the play and eat pass and play before you eat! Can only buy them via a server when you dine first. (What?!) 3) next gravity ropes not for 2 hours because we’re so busy (so no one is staffing gravity ropes for 2 hours!)

Alexus Moody

Waited an hour for food that never came out somehow got thrown away but the manager Russ made sure everything was taken care of & my food came out hot & delicious . It’s a Saturday night so I can’t complain to much . Our waiter Jamila M was amazing like so attentive nice & prompt. She’s the reason I’d return again.. her customer service was the best I’ve gotten in years .

Not Daphne from Scooby Doo

fun, i went on a school trip so a massive amount of teens arrived and they handled everything perfectly

Cassi Sewell

I'll probably come back and change this to give stars if I ever go back. I can only review what I actually took part in, which was bowling and food. The bowling was great but the food was just edible. It wasn't all that good but I was a part of a group buffet set up so the food that you can actually just lay be better. I would go back again when we had more time.

Eboni Joy

Pricey game play, but they have a Monday night $10 unlimited game card deal that's worth it! Great for gaming, laser tag, dining, and milk shakes. Light up dance floor for kids, bowling for the whole family, and pool for the adults. The food is alright, but it's fun.

Rachel Gordon

I had my son 16 Birthday party there and it was so fun, the enjoyed there self's and all of the staffs was so nice. We will be going back very soon. Thank you Main Event Atlanta.

Vincenia Bolden

All around Great place. Great food and entertainment

Yevette Carter

My kids had a blast! Management was awesome and on point, anything we wanted they got. We came late like at 9pm, ended up not being able to do a lot of things we want to do. But the Management still helped our kids time there enjoyable. We played till like 2am.

Kimata Thomas

The staff was helpful when you could find a team member, but they were VERY hard to find.

Ish Laos

Real cool place especially for kids. The pizzeria inside is one of the best tasting pizzas I ever had. I noticed that they have a lot of new age video games such as virtual reality and 360 games. Very up to date and modern arcade games.

Leonie Davis

Bowling and games indoors, plus food (and alcohol if you desire). Good way to get out of the house with family and friends.

michelle price

One of the best manager encounters I ever had and the rest of the staff was also friendly. We will be back

Miranda Holloway

I went to Main Event for the first time yesterday afternoon with my girlfriend and we were both highly disappointed. The $7 per activity, play all day special is very misleading and it was the main reason we decided to go there instead of Dave and Buster’s. We were thinking that for whichever activity we decide to do, we pay $7 to play that activity as long as we want. But one of the staff members told us that we pay $7 to play for half an hour. How is that playing the activity all day? The staff was very unprofessional and rude. No one acted as if they worked there. No one wanted to help us when we came across issues with the games. We played a few arcade games. We tried playing air hockey. We swiped the money card twice and the machine never dispensed a puck. We saw a staff member working nearby so we went up to him and told him about the issues with the air hockey table. He never made eye contact with us and his response to our issue was “okay,” and he continued working without even attempting to help us. At that point we were ready to leave but we decided to see if someone else could help us since we lost money on a broken game. We went to the front desk and talked to another staff member about the issue. He walked us back to the air hockey tables and he tried to make it work with his card. The machine still didn’t dispense a puck so he took a puck from another machine and gave it to us. As soon as we started playing and the puck went into the goal, it never came back out. At that point we were highly upset and left. We even still have money on our main event money card. We will never go back there again. Dave and Buster’s is much better. I have never had bad service at D&B. Our visit to Main Event was a waste of time and money.

Julez Jackson

Needs more games, but it's a ok place for family fun.

Latasha Thomas

Definitely want to go back when specials are in place, so that I could maximize our time at less expense. Took a bunch of teens. They had a great time.


Really enjoyed our party at Main Event, Laser tag was really fun. Place was really clean and staff was welcoming and friendly.

Lolotte's Web

I'm not a gamer but the children really loved it it's pretty spacious you don't feel very crowded in there and the games are pretty fair. The food is not bad and I just really love that it caters to all ages with the decor.

Kim Miller

I had a great time bowling with my family on a Thursday evening. It was not crowded. We were able to order drinks from our table and have them delivered. Seating was tight. But overall bowling was nice. I returned on Saturday but it was way too crowded for us. We decided to come back Sunday morning. The kids wanted to play in the arcades. We purchased the Summer fun pass, at $19.99 each only to find out arcades weren't included in the pass. I was very disappointed.

Caleb Umunna

The place was decent. Went there for a sponsored Overwatch event. The games were alright but the cards we were given never saved our ticket balance and one of them was considered invalid after we finished using it. A rather luckluster event.

Anuj Saboo

Best place to throw a kids birthday party. No after cleanup, no liability, no watching the kids, simply fun times for kids and parents.

jeremy Campbell

Foods good games are good they have plenty to do

Ashanti V.

Kids enjoyed the games, BUT THEY ARE NOT CLEAN!!!! Bathrooms are filthy and they don't have anyone coming in regularly to clean restrooms when they know its busy days.. They are TOO SLOW when it comes down to ordering your food regardless to what side, if its the pizza shop they take your order and don't even tell you when your pizza is done they just let it sit in the warmer until you ask if your food is ready.. If its the side where you sit and dine, the waitresses are rude and SLOW.. They talk in the back and they take their time when it comes to serving and bringing you your order. No matter if its a busy day or slow day they have you wait longer than 1 hour for your food!! They are so busy running off at the mouth with each other they don't know how to give correct customer service. This use to be a nice place about 3 years ago but I don't know what the hell happened!!! Soft drink machine in pizza area is filthy and smells, tables were half clean.. Needs NEW AND IMPROVE MANAGEMENT and CUSTOMER SERVICE.. But like I stated, kids enjoyed the games but they could do EXTREMELY BETTER ON SERVICE AND CLEANING..

Ruberman Rodriguez

Could be a better service when I got there. The guys handling the service in the bowling were great. So they got an extra star

Jesse Bragg

Awesome lanes and friendly staff! Definitely recommend for good bowling fun!

kendall lightsey

A lot of the games didn't work but took your credits. The girl working the reward shop seemed like she didn't want to be there. Bowling was sold out . Too many negatives for me I'll stick to D&B at least the games work....had some fun activities but a lot of things didn't work...bummer

Latoyia Coombs

Cool spot and a variety of activities for adults and kids.

Marie White

Kid friendly. Great food


Went with a party of 16 people for a birthday lunch/dinner. Terrible experience. Had to beg for water refills as we waited 1hr. - 1.5hrs for the first few plates to show up. Several orders were wrong. A couple orders never showed up forcing cancellations. The birthday person was the last to get their food about 1.5- 2hrs. after ordering. Also tried my luck with a desert cookie that came out warm (missing the ice cream) and quickly became hard as a rock and couldn't be cut. Lastly, it took about 1.5 - 2hrs. after the last meal arrived to sort out the checks with the manager. Can't say I ever recall spending 4hrs+ trying to dine and sort out a check. If you go with a large party, maybe you should consider avoiding weekends, or eat somewhere else and stop here for games which the majority of didn't try; as we spent far too much time waiting for food and sorting checks.

Nikki Jenkins

Good place to take your family for games and food. If you liked Dave and Buster's, you'll like this place. After a certain time, it becomes adults only. Closes at 2:00am. Took one star off because some parents don't watch their kids and they terrorize players.

Maurice Robinson

Their lemon pepper wings were really good along with their fries and burger which were all excellent. Drinks were on point and prices not bad either. We bowled and played pool all night for the price why not. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed for our friday night date night


It's perfect for spending time with family I greatly suggest this place

Rukiya Williams

Loved this place. The service was great and drinks and food are also.

ulana wesley

Omg..very bad experience from when i walked in the door till I walked out...the manager Terrance was great but he need a whole new staff. Was looking forward to lazer tag but nothing worked and no one tried explaining how it worked or anything, the staff was very unprofessional and rude i ended up getting a refund because of the bad service!! Never again

Rosa Galloway

More of a 3.5 I enjoy their Monday night event. $11 for unlimited activities (Bowling (shoes not included), laser tag, billiards/pool, shuffle board, gravity ropes) and or $11 for unlimited game play. I like the space. Big screens, nice lanes with color effects, nice sized laser tag area, and a good number of billards tables, dining tables, games etc. Cons: Restrooms look like no one services them, drinks are weak and not tasty, service is sometimes slow, some of the games don't work or need maintenance or attention.

Dawn Walton

I am unsure if we went on a bad day or what but this was a bad experience for me. We waited an hour for a table when we were told only thirty minutes. Then when we were seated our waiter never showed up. We ordered all of our food and drinks at the table kiosk. Our waitress didnt show up until after our drinks arrived. Then after eating we tried to play games only to find out that majority of them were broken. We had to get the manager because the games were taking money off our cards. I could have just went to Dave and Buster's honestly. I just thought it would be fun to bowl and play laser tag but the wait for one was four hours and three on the other. This place was a joke.

Nurah Washington

Super fun! Lots to do all in one place.

Asharee Campbell

Great place to take the kids and just hang out. So much to do there and so much fun. Bowling is my favorite.

Tracy Floyd

Go while they have the summer deal, it is much cheaper. Had a lot of fun.

Jamison Smith

Super fun for da kids live this place

callie wiley

I was invited back here after a not so great experience with the Veteran's day promotion. I brought my mom in on a Saturday morning since she is a Vet and we had a great time during this visit. We purchased two all day activities passes, game cards, food, and drinks. The staff was friendly and attentive. The only issue was with the cleanliness. The bowling area was not sufficiently cleaned when we got there in the morning and once the large parties came in the food was not cleaned up quickly. The bathrooms were not very clean and ran out of paper towels. We tried all the activities except the gravity ropes and we enjoyed all the options. We each had the wing basket and had some signature drinks and everything was tasty. We will be back because they have some weekly deals and there is something for everyone here. It can get crowded so get here early.

Damon Basey

I did the bowling here and the atmosphere and staff were amazing. Everything seemed to be fairly priced and my group had a great time here

Pamela Miranda

My first and probably last time here. I was the only one in line and it took about 6 min for someone to attend me, even though there was a woman with a register ready, talking to her friend. The friend attended me and did give me the best and cheapest bowling deal for what I was looking for. She did not mention that after an hour with the unlimited band, we had to go back to the front desk and be put on the WAITING LIST. Once our hour was up, the screen took out our game and we were confused. THAT is when they told us about the hour limit. I asked the lady at the desk if they could just put us again in the same lane we were in because there was clearly no waiting list and there were MULTIPLE lanes open, and she said that there actually was a waiting list and that they already put someone in our lane. We were in our lane for another 10 minutes after that, NOBODY EVER SHOWED UP TO PLAY. Also, we played AN ENTIRE GAME for our food to arrive. Super slow and low quality service. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was nice and clean, but WOULD NOT RECOMMEND to anyone because of the HORRIBLE SERVICE. Apart from this, I even saw fellow bowlers next to us that were also having technical issues with their game.

Vipster 8

Absolutely Amazing Place! I would highly recommend going there. Great games, good customer service, and great specials. Great for kids and adults. Always go there. In my opinion best arcade there is in Atlanta.

Stephanie Green

Fun for the whole family and doesn't cost alot.. took my daughter here for her bday

Jennifer Brown

Bowling was fun. The ropes course my daughter went on. She got to the top and freaked out because of the height. The manager was very nice and refunded it and even offered her a card to play games in the arcade. She was so freaked out she just wanted to leave, but the manger was exceptional.

Zaneta Williams

It was spacious and fun and prices were pretty good food was awesome

Johanna Herrera

Great place to go in a group. The catering was really good. The aisle are clean friendly family environment.

Anjelica Timms

Not a bad theatre but also not a favorite.

niyz.clowers !

Games were fine, Restaurant customer service is HORRIBLE! My cousin and I is continuing to wait an hour and a half for our food. This is ridiculous! I wouldn’t recommend dining in. Manager isn’t helping nor waitress. Running back and forth to the kitchen for answers that aren’t being given is unacceptable.

vicki witherspoon

Was there with with some awesome boys this summer it brought back memories.

Teddy Marcelle

Competitive bowling prices. I could bowl all day. Great games. Easy parking. The bar is a mess but they try their best. Give em a break. sheesh.

Jordan Hill

Lots of fun activities under one roof, bowling, billiards, arcade, laser tag, movie theatre, bar, and restaurant

leaf thread

This place was decent alongside the food, with really fun games for a cheap price. (there's a easy monkey game that gives you 800 points if you win)

richaun jeffers

I love the vibe here! Exceptional customer service and specials

Andrew Heetderks

Ample parking. Very open. Certainly popular and busy. It is an arcade with laser tag, bowling food and drinks. You can get your own party room or table. Prizes for tickets. Your party will have a host to guide you. Looked clean and games seemed pretty new.

Kheayanah Forbes-Lee

Main Event is most definitely a vibe. But it's not the place that makes the experience, it is the people that make the moments worth while. Much love.

Kristina H.

We came here for a church event and had a blast. We're only did bowling and didn't play any arcade games. The bowling lanes are clean and clear of debris and nd there were plenty of bowling balls and shoes to rent. We had food and it was also good. At did fun out of plates a few times though. We'd definitely use this venue for future group events and everyone has such a great time. If you find this review helpful, please press like below.

Ellis Curlee

Had a work event there, was perfect place to have a large group gathering.

Lesley Stafford

My children loved it. Something to do for all ages. A little expensive considering it's just a big game room.

jasmine Middleton

This place is trash do not come here. After sitting at my table for the 30 minutes someone finally came over to take my order. While I was waiting no one came over to me and asked me have I been served they all just looked at me and kept walking. Finally my order was taken and I had to wait an additional 30 minutes before demanding to speak with a manager. The manager was very unprofessional and insensitive about the whole situation. My food never came because they told me after I spoke with the manager that the kitchen was a hour behind because of a big party. I would never ever come back here.

Donovan Walker

Huge variety of arcade games, nice bowling alley and laser tag Arena. The pizza was good as well.

Reggie Owens

Awesome! Good food/Service, clean, slot of things to do here.

Litwan Lester

Great time, but a bit expensive.

Tameela Woodruff

This is a really great place for everyone. The prices and food are affordable. We had a big group and we had a ball. I look forward to going back.

Stephenie Benes

We had a great time! Most of the staff was very nice and accommodating, the front desk gentlemen was very helpful in explaining our options. The woman at the bar was personable and made a great drink. However, some of the staff didn't care to do their job.. which meant we were left standing around wondering if/ when attractions were going to open.

Wykeithia Yancey

Great times! The summer rates are awesome!!! We were able to do everything in the facility (bowling, the ropes, billiards, laser tag, and game room) for under $75 for a family of 4. We went a few times throughout the summer and thoroughly enjoyed it.

MizzQueen Smith

I love this place..We had our family reunion here. Laser tag was the bomb. I tried gravity ropes... Boy i chickened out. Someone had to get me down. Bowling was our competition game. Will visit again.

Google Contributor

Nice place to hang out. There's a $7 special for unlimited bowling and laser tag every day except saturday. The arcade portion could use some updates and the games are kind of pricey but the rest of the venue is nice. I think it's better for adults than for kids. Convenient location

Christy Lattimore

There are three levels on the top level is the theater, second level is game room, and third is parking. Over all it is pretty awesome

Nazareth Davis

Nice place to take your family on an outing.

Chobbly Stevens

Awesome place. The activities areas need better air conditioning. We had a very good time.

Freda Reed

My grandson works there, great job for teens

Bianca Jenkins

We went on a Wednesday for my son birthday. It was perfect. Everyone was friendly.

Lynn Carmichael

Fun place. Food decent. Had a good time with coworkers.

Chad Stanfield

Had so much fun with the crew. We did unlimited bowling and lazer tag, but they have much more to offer. The food is also pretty good as well.

Darryl Carpenter

All though there was an wait for was. Fun. And the summer pass prices ...are terrific...

Dee Scott

Food was better than I thought, but they help is a little scarce..

Tori Moore

Nice plenty to do and eat, loved this place nice and clean. Plenty to do for adults as well as children.

Milagros Rivera

I loved this place. I'm visiting from nyc I wish they had one like this but I truly enjoyed watching my kids have a blast. Thank you

James Johnson

Had a great time! The summer Fun Pass discount comes in just under $20 a head and is perfect for an afternoon of fun (unlimited bowling, billiards, laser tag, and ropes)! I and a friend went and bowled (an additional $4 for shoe rental) for an hour, and then did multiple rounds of laser tag between arcade games.if I'm ever in town again, I'll definitely consider visiting again!

Kwajalein Johnson

The arcade area was nice, however, the staff could be a bit more professional.

Kishawn Mills

Pretty fun. Had a great time in the arcade with my friends. Food prices are similar to six flags and movies theater prices.

Aisha Walker

We had fun bowling and playing air hockey and shooting hoops. Drinks are good I had a Sangria Swirl and it was great! Had an issue with my server or it would have been a 5 star.

Christopher Reynolds

This place is wonderful the atmosphere is just what you need the food is good the people are friendly I love this place

Thomas Woodson

If u want something to do while in Atlanta definitely check this place out. Billiards, bowling, laser tag, arcades. Whole lot of fun that will please even the pickiest child.....

LaShunda Day

Me and my family went here for the first time on yesterday. We had heard about it and wanted to take the kids. We signed up for laser tag and all of the kids were excited. Well their was no one at the desk. I had to go inside of the laser tag part and get someone. First off the little girl acted like she didn’t want to be bothered. I told her it was 8 of us. She told us that my 2 twin nephews could not play because they weren’t tall enough. We said ok. She told us what time to come back so we went to play some games. The first one we went to did not work. Their was no one on the floor like I go and try to find someone to get my money back. That took forever. Half of the games did not work........we go back to the laser tag and no one explained anything to us. Then I see a little girl maybe 2 years old and asked how come she gets to play but my nephews can’t?? The teenage boy said they can as long as someone is with them. I said that’s not what the other girl said and now their mom has taken them to another part of the arcade. They really wanted to play so that was very disappointing. They let us in and it was so many people in there that we couldn’t even enjoy it. The teenagers that work there that we encountered really need some more customer service training. I say all this to say we will just continue going to go to Dave & Busters because this was a waste of money and we did not enjoy it.

DeShawn Nicole

It's cool... something to pass time

Robert McQueen

Main Event was not ready when we arrived and event started 30 minutes late. Got out late and threw schedule off. But it was good while there

Rose Spearman-Davis

I love it here but I only gave them 3 stars because it took over an hour for our food and that was still not the complete meal. Otherwise a great place for birthday parties and family fun.

Bethany Clark

Great entertainment for team building. Servers for bowling area haven’t been the best the past few times I’ve been.

Bob Albury

Reasonable prices, ok customer service The associates needed another body

Wil Character

Steak not cooked well. Service was great. 20 bucks to bowl one person bit pricey

Christopher Wyland

This is a nice sized Main Event. Bowling, Laser Tag, big arcades on several levels. Food was above average, for sure, but what really stood out were the staff. Everyone here was awesome. They had some Pac Man plush toys that I really wanted but ran out. There were several claw machines that held them and the girls working the prize desk found a manager who could get inside the claw machines so I could buy them with my tickets instead of trying to win. (Dont get me wrong, they weren't given free, but they went out of their way to really get me the prizes I wanted). It's the little things like that make me visit a place repeatedly.

Monay Monay

Worst service ever !! Bowling lane kept messing up and they never fixed it. The laser tag vests didn’t work as well. The employees are very unprofessional they just stand around and look at you instead of actually helping you.

Marcus Lundy

Had such a fun time with two of my friends and they have the amc upstairs which was super convenient since we wanted to see a movie that night too! Didn’t get to bowl because there was a two hour wait time :( but we were having so much doing all the other activities that we didn’t mind at all!:)

ali c

We had a group reservation at 11:15. When we showed up at 11:00 when they opened the person at the front desk couldn't be bothered to look up to ask if we needed help or to tell us she needed a minute before helping us. The whole check in process made us feel like we were a bother. We had a group of over 30. We reserved 4 bowling lanes. They were able to accommodate adding 2 more lanes for the group (hence an additional 2 star). However our group was ready to spend money on food and alcohol yet didn't get a server, even after asking several times, until 11:45. ONE server for over 30 people. We made our reservation several days in advance so they could have been better prepared. 2 of the 6 bowling alleys didn't even work so our group had to spread out across too many lanes. The food is fine - the apps came out quick but burgers took forever. I know they were busy with a couple of other groups but those have to be planned so they should have had the staff to support them. They could have at least been attentive and apologetic but there was none of that. We won't do a group outing at this location again. This behavior is pretty standard at this place - I've been many other times with much smaller groups and have had similar experiences with indifferent staff. It's too bad because it would be a great place for team outings otherwise. It just put a damper on the whole experience from the very beginning.

Crista D

First time going and probably the last if I can avoid it. Me, my sis and cousin took our 5 kids here for the first time tonight and we were the least bit impressed. Reminds me of a bootleg Dave and Buster's. Half the games took our credits when the cards were swiped. The laser tag had too many people to where you couldn't enjoy. I didn't even bother to notify someone of the issues with the cards because by the looks of the workers I could see, they wasn't there to assist, but just to get a check and go home. It wasn't at all what we expected, given we've heard others speak on this place . We made the best of it for the kids sake. Might be great for others, but not for us. I'll pass..

Marcus Albert

Had a great time, definitely enjoyed myself.

Shareef Abdur-Raheem

Very cool spot with a lot of things to do from the arcade, bowling, laser tag and more. There's a bar and some good eats as well. I reccomend going on a weekday because Fridays and Saturdays are very busy and it a bit harder to enjoy all of the cool things here.

Sanithia Bell

I love the game room l hate having to wait to bowl. The food was hot but we waited a long time to get it. Needs to be a little more organized l will give them a pass because it was Thanksgiving weekend. Otherwise the games are great.

Jacques Hipplewith

Went for a corporate event and had a great time.

Marcena Davis

Great place to do multiple activities under one roof, i.e. arcade games, bowling, laser tag, pool. There is even a movie theater above the facility. A good time, but kind of pricey. During the weekend, You quickly go through $100 just taking the family of 5 to the arcade for an hour, without food included. Still a fun time.

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