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REVIEWS OF AMF Savannah Lanes IN Georgia

Rebecca Mullis

The customer service was great! Super organized and clean :)

LaQwesha Anderson

We went during a kids event. Never been there before and I've lived in Savannah my whole life. They are seriously understaffed. The line for refreshments was VERY, VERY long. You would think they would have at least ONE more register open during such a busy event. The line for getting a lane took at least 30 minutes just to get through and once we were at the counter, the guy that works there was busy doing at least 3 things, running back and forth, before giving us our lane. Never once apologizing for our long wait. Also, we weren't given the option to PAY for extra time. We weren't really keeping up with the time, because we were having a good time despite it all, and our game cut out on us in the middle of it. Before we could buy more time, our lane was given away. So we left. I like the event, despite the busyness and crowds, the place was relatively clean and we had fun. I would like to return on a day that's not so busy to really have an assessment of the place.

Shanti Moeller

It's sad when one person who works there ruins a whole experience. In general the staff was ok but one lady was angry and aggressive. Scary when you're with kids. It isn't for me.

juan batista

Love the place really friendly people had a lot of fun

josh clark

Good but dated bowling alley.

Edward Whitman

Great time bowling

Katie Valente

The place was alright. Not run down, didn't have any mechanical issues with the lanes, and my kids had fun using the ramps and bumpers (they're 3), but I thought it was a bit overpriced. $50 for 2 games for 2 adults and 2 toddlers with shoes (one lane). This was at lunch time on a weekday too, so it's not a busy time of day. Think I'll try another place next time because of the price.

Chris Franklin

This place has nicely upgraded over the years since I was there about 10 yrs ago. Nice job.

kamura davis

Had a great time with the family looking forward to visiting again soon.

Creating Unity

Very accommodating and fast service

Sakinah Leah Williams

Very helpful friendly staff

Natalia Housey

Great place for the family to have fun!

Victoria Chaney

It was fun and we had a blast.... an employee even came over to make sure everything was well!

Shrome Mustipher

It was so much fun I have a great time with my kids

Tiffany Handy

I've been going to this bowling alley since I was a kid. The arcade is pretty cool. It's like Dave and Buster's. We were waiting in line to get bowling shoes and dude straight up closed his register and walked away when we were waiting to get shoes. We ended up just playing in the arcade and leaving because of it.

Krystal Cooke

Staff sucks but we love to bowl

Kathy Eady

$2 Tuesdays are always packed but worth it!

Donald Pease

The "NEW" looks cheesy, is dark and resembles a sleazy barroom. There were comments that next week we can expect the "pole dancing girls" would be there to greet us.

Brett Blevins

How are you going to have a bowling alley who doesn't have the ingredients to make a white russian? Like, really? What's next? No tasty sarsaparilla? This aggression will not stand, man! This bowling alley does not abide.... *Update* Still lacking and now your lanes are screwing up bad! Sounds like it's time for new managers. We'll go to Frames n Games from now on since you guys just can't get it...

Jovan Irving

This bowling alley in particular is more league based then anything. Great food, alot of lanes, go have fun!

Monica grant

Great prices food sucked

Jenny Gagnon

its expensive to take a family out bowling...they need new shoes!

B.W. Russell

Had a great time bowling

Sherry K. Gaddy

Very big and spacious. Everyine enjoyed themselves.

Kyle Brooks

Great lanes, food and drinks

Courtney Bond

I can always appreciate a bowling alley offering a full bar and decent food options. The drinks are good and the music appeals to most. Another nice note about this bowling alley is that they offer pretty good specials if you can catch them. Whether you are apart of a bowling league or are hosting a child's birthday party this is the spot to do so.

Lakisha Tiller

Enjoyed a awesome night of bowling. Good food, clean location.

Diana Roche

Needs some updating done to bathrooms, need electronic doors for entry ways.

Paula Ford

I love the lanes!

Aaron Smith Jr.

Engaged staff, good food and clean family atmosphere. My family had a ball.

Knikki Howard

Great atmosphere

M Osborne

Great lanes. Friendly, courteous and helpful staff.

Bubba Gump

League bowling is fun!

dan wiggins

Had a blast..lots of fun and good food

Elizabeth Bruin

The staff here are very accommodating. Went here with a large group right before Christmas and they were all so kind and very prompt with all of the orders. We order several pizza, pitches of beer, glasses of alchohol, chicken fingers, pretzels and we bowled for hours! Never had a problem with the lanes jamming or balls getting stuck. Everything went very smoothly!

Carlotta Pickett

Great place for families and friends. Good food and drinks. Lively music and videos.

Jeremy Lands

A little more pricey for my liking. The lane I was bowling on broke down for about 20 minutes and couldn't get someone to reset.

L Watson

Had a great time

Jerome Bailey

I enjoyed it very family friendly yet with a full bar to enjoy as a adult

Nathaniel Cochran

Nice updated and good food clean lanes and new balls

Andrea McDonald


Joshua Griner

Staff was friendly, and helpful. When our lane had an issue they got on it right away. Price was good. We went on a Friday night and it was $18 for unlimited bowling. We didn't get food or drinks so I don't know how the food was.

mary rykard

Snack bar very slow and no lane service.

Vincent Williams

Great atmosphere. Go price! Great staff.

Jason Strickland

Clean, pretty friendly. Arcade is a bit pricy. Lower prices a tad on arcade Games and would get much more business I believe.

Darren Barnes

It was awesomely fun competition and exciting outfits. Smiles everywhere!!!

Jessica Anderson

Has improved since I was a kid.nice gaming area.

Jason Nash

Decent bowling alley. It's rather expensive in every aspect for the quality. They just redid the arcade they have and it's really nice, you do however have to get a card to play games (Coins / Bills not accepted straight up). Drinks are way over priced and so is bowling if you dont choose a special night to go bowling to get discounts.

DeJay DeJoseph

great time there bowling in the men's Georgia state championships

Marcos Gonzales

Me and my daughter have good time

Jackie Osborne


Amber Ashley

Family friendly ! I always love taking the kids here or just going out with friends or your spouse!

Johan Carrillo

This place is DOPE !! The employees here are great!! You can request songs and they put then on without a fuss they are just GREAT!!!! I really RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!!!


great atmosphere

Tad Duncan

Great place for large or small groups. Catering options and good food. Nice bar, too.

Rekita Thornhill

I went here with my students so maybe I didn’t get the full experience but I’m used to a more polished bowling alley, the floors weren’t shiny and the restrooms weren’t the cleanest. First bowling alley I’ve been to that allows you to bowl in tennis shoes or flats and doesn’t require bowling shoes.


Good place to hangout

Bob Francischetti

Only bowling alley in the area.

William Barnhill

Fun atmosphere and great date night place that's reasonably priced.

Kenneth Davis

Wonderful place to bowl, and socialize.

Ricky Snipes

Fun to play bowling with group mental healthy people joined around us

Big Slimm

It was OK. They could do more things to liven it up a little more. But I guess if u just wanna go somewhere to bowl and hang out for a while, it's a decent place

Lincoln Hiott

Great bowling ally

Brian Tippins

Overpriced. Shoes too expensive. I played two games two people $35 Saturday 10 in the morning. My opinion too high

Sue Ruehl

Clean, friendly and good prices

Deeyuke' Harris

This place is always clean, the beer is cold and its plenty to do for the whole family.

Lisa Wolfe

We had our work Happy Hour here tonight, and it was so much fun! Thank you to the AMF Bowling gang for putting together such an awesome set-up for us. The food was great, and we couldn't have asked for better customer service. We will be back!!!

anndrea marsh

Kind of felt like we only saw 2 employees all night

Abbie laurene escobar -lopez

My teenage daughter loves this place. The only downfall is they recently removed the arcade. The arcade was small but it was just enough to keep her and her friends occupied for a good little while after bowling a game or two. They especially loved the air hockey table. The staff is great and helpful. They have plenty of specials each week as far as prices. Edit: Recently, we heard there is a new arcade. Cant wait to try it!

Kimberly Cunningham

Great Family Fun

Robert Meyer

It's a beautiful place to go bowling with the kids

Mike Wadsworth

We had an absolute blast! Friendly and knowledgable staff! Will definitely return

Catherine Willis

Ray was very helpful, patient and kind! You could tell he does his job very well and I got to amf all the time. I’m glad there is a few good employees to take care of my experience. But when I complimented Ray to I think his manager, Henry he was very disrespectful to him right in front of me. I think that type of hateful environment should be addressed, it is not healthy for the employees, company nor customers. Thank you.

Tyler Craft

Pretty good won’t do large orders at the snack bar unless preordered the food

Kameron Lineback

This is a decent bowling alley there are many lanes and friendly staff but.. Our group had made a reservation at 630 and upon arriving we come to find out a bowling tournament had been scheduled as well with ALL the lanes being used for the tournament. This wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact this was not communicated to us and our group so we did not bowl until about 730. The least that could of been done is inform us of the delay so our party could of adjusted and so forth. Someone sropped the ball on communication there. That being said once we got to bowl we had a blast. 2 games per person are about $12.00 and an additional 6 after those two. We stuck for the two games and I thought our party would be held there a bit longer so I ordered a pitcher of beer, but unfortunately we decided against the additional game and I never received my pitcher within the 30 minutes it took to finish the game. The plus being that they were not hostile when I asked for a refund after not getting my order, as some other alleys I've been to. The staff generally seemed like they wanted to do their jobs and do them right but they were obviously severely understaffed for a busy spring Saturday night. I commend them for their effort but they need some help. So let that serve as a warning to you if you consider going here. Tl;dr decent alley, good people, fair price but beware of slow service on a Saturday night. But that isn't their fault so I wont hold it against the staff who made me feel welcome and valued.

Mau Knight

Very friendly staff, from the front cashier to the food cashier to the bartender. Had a fun night after the league games died down

John S.

Bowling is pretty standard, as well as the food and beverages. The arcade is admittedly impressive for a bowling alley in my experience albeit on the pricey side. Feedback: I wish each individual bowler didn't have to pay for every game when the lane is being shared by other bowlers

Dustin Pop

Big and people are nice. New pins and ball returns are effective

Pam Carey

Friendly service nice place to spend a few hours.

Shelly Darrow

Would have given 5 stars but our bowling balls kept getting stuck in the back and they'd have to reset constantly. It was rather annoying and ruined the fun.


Three words: Boring as hell. Also, don't go if u are an average bowler like me.

Deidra Wirick

Friendly staff and very clean, well taken care of establishment. The food was delicious amd served quickly.

Rodolfo Campos

Very crowded staff does not upkeep the place. Balls are very limited and customers/workers do not put them back up had to look around for a ball for 15 minutes. Strong drinks very strong bartender needs more practice

Brittany Spaid

This place is getting better with all the painting and renovations. The lanes are still not the beat and malfunction a lot.

wolfies fan

Great business people talk with respect nice cater your needs

Georgianna Conyers

Bring a sweater its usually cold. Otherwise Good service and good food.

Karen Shields

We had a great time bowling! Staff wonderful!!

mike crosby

It's a bowling alley....

Rochelle McMoore- Jefferson

To expensive for everything!! The wings are horrible!!

John Gabe

I haven't played in 5 yrs but i had a blast!

April Mixon

Nothing fancy just a cool place to go bowling

Roshena Irwin

Love it had alot of fun

Monique Chatman - Green

Very nice with 50 Lanes, great game room for kids and love the old 50's dinner vibe. Clean and we'll keep!

Angela Moss

I love to bowl & have my own shoes and ball etc. & was recently in town and stopped by here for some practice. The place was clean, and the seating areas are nice. Didnt have too much mechanical issues w the lanes. The staffs morale could use a boost tho, you could tell they were over it and everyone. The lanes were also very dry during open play around 3pm on Sunday when they should be maintained at all times for practice bowling. Other than that, it's a nice center. I'll probably go again. :)

Tonio benton

I Can BOWL !!!! DUUH

Herman Blakely

Good for The Family.

Denise Linnell

Took my class there for a fun day they had a great time.

Inga Barham

Always awesome, friendly staff when we come. Not sure when or why they changed shoe rentals to full price on Tuesdays, but overall everything was Great!

sheila ward

The video game room is great taken my grandson.he had a blast and ask when we going back. And he is 3years old

Michael Ploski

Friendly and helpful

Tess Dimick

Love bringing my grandson here. Great staff!

Heidi Byers

Two years in a row visiting. Great customer service and good food options! Anthony, the manager on duty, and the staff were extremely attentive. We’ll be back

shanazha Johnson

This place is too over priced. One of the workers would even tell me how much everything was. So i end up pay over $100 just to roll a ball.

Patrick Movery

I always have fun when going here!

Pam Heeter

Great bowling ally. We were from out of town and my son was bowling with a friend. They had a set of lanes set up with a sport shot so was able to practice as well as have fun bowling. There was a game room and a great menu for food. Very good place

Brittani Eicke

Took my family here, and while trying to order food an older white gentleman looked very frazzled, and after him walking by me 3 or 4 times finally began to take my order by asking me “to be gentle” to him. There was a summer camp here at the same time, so I imagine they had just been through a “rush” of food orders. I told him we were simple and just needed a cheese pizza. There was a display of pretzels at the counter and I asked if we could get one of those also. He looked really frustrated and rolled his eyes. I let him know we didn’t need to order anything and walked away from the counter. I work in the service industry and understand being short staffed and over worked, but the attitude he had was unacceptable. The food is incredibly over priced, but we were willing to pay the $16 for a pizza and the extra for drinks etc. Needless to say we left the ally a lot earlier than planned since taking our money for their over priced food wasn’t “gentle” enough for the man behind the counter. We will find somewhere else to spend our money going forward.

Gacha bad girls

I LOVE THE GAME ROOM lol.I like watching people bowl.I ordered french fries there DELICIOUS

Riley Howard

Nice arcade.

Heather And Daryl Tate

Had a great time

Jennifer Ness

Nice bowling alley. Really friendly staff.

Michele Lynah

It's an old bowling alley and its a little run-down but we still had a great time with the kids.

Helena Duty

The bowling is fun and the service is friendly. It’s a little expensive to do the gaming and mist of the more attractive games were out of service.

Sam Farrington

It's a bit rundown and outdated for the price but I guess bowling in general hasn't been popular in a while. The lanes are playable and the shoes they rent you aren't bad. Overall, it's just ok.

Jill Ladd

Was there for a tournament. Great place. All employees were fantastic.


Oily lanes!

Esteban Mejia

Nice place to the family's

Lindsey Fife

Everyone who works here is awesome! I had my daughter's birthday party 3 years ago and have been back several times since, including this past Friday. The young men working the counter were friendly and super helpful. As are the girls behind the food counter and young man working the bar. Just really exceptional staff as well as a great time bowling!

Hadrian Bessette

Very clean, courteous staff, and a stellar arcade!

Alyce Martin

Fun fun fun. Leagues every evening beginning at 6pm. Come out and join in the fun.

Tyshene Neely-Heyliger

Food service is fast

Derricka Roberson

Its was the worst place ever!!! The girl in the kitchen needs an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! The manger was super nice and the girl that did the shoe check in was both nice but one person can mess it up. Having three children who wanted to enjoy late bowling and having to leave to FIND a place that was open was bull. NEVER WILL GO BACK...PERIOD!!!

Avi Nitekman

Great bowling. It's quite during the slow hours (that's when I would take the kids) and nice and exciting during the busy hours. Didn't try the food but it looks good. Great selection of bowling balls in all sizes and weights. Overall good place

J D Snyder jr

Grea zzz d7 bcc c zz 'll u d. &b. Yellow what's up brother

Blue Storm Agency

We had a lot of fun! Plenty of lanes and game room for the kids. Bar drinks a little weak but hey, its a bowling alley.


Always a fun time to be had at the bowling alley. When you also factor in menu improvements and a serious upgrade to the arcade, its a lot of fun for the whole family.

LeRoy Bartell

Fun place to take the family

Brian Ginn

Had a great time. 3 people bowled multiple games. Ate food. It was not bad on price at all. Enjoyed ourself and the atmosphere!!!

Gordon Alexander Fallon

It is a fun place for the whole family. The food is not bad and reasonable priced. I had not bowled for years and was surprised to see that it is very nice and affordable. I will be back and bring friends.


Not a bad place, staff is pretty nice and prices are ok.

Lena Mack

Always have a great time!

Austin Kirk

Great prices on draft beer and had a blast bowling.

Shelley R. Stringer

Always fun. Love bowling. We went to a birthday party. The kids had so much fun.

Brandon Perry

Fun spot, could use some updating and new seating.

Helen Pettway

Great experience

Maly P

The experience was fun and all but they charge games per person, so if you go in a group of people all of you have to pay your own game charge plus shoe rental.

Herberta Frazier

Lots if fun for our older crowd

karen Oldland

Fun place!

Donald Borte

Good fun but very expressive 4 kids 2 adults 2 games $ 115 bucks eat first snake bar is even more expensive

Clifton Turner

Great atmosphere and great customer service

aaron smith

We have a great time every time we bowl here.

Jerry Armstead

Love the promotions that they run.

Curtis Boyer

Food was average and had multiple problems with the lane. Took 5-7 minutes each time to get help to fix it.

Michael Wedum

Great space, plenty of room. It's about par for price but it has an arcade and a bar. 50 lanes.

Shanesse Sanford

The music sucks!!!! Over priced drinks & food.....atleast play something EVERYONE can vibe to! Than you Kindly!

Joe Green

Perfect place for a good time n great service

Ashley Forrest

They are great

Charles Smith

It was fun but the bowling was a little jacked up and was wired but the food was amazing and on point! The arcade games were really nice and a great family experience!

Adam Avant

Manny has been working here since 1985! He stopped by our lanes several times making sure we had everything we needed. There's a full bar, and the prices weren't outrageous. More fun than Pooler's alley.

Gregory Gray

Fun fun

Valencia Hollis

Loved the Kids Fest!!! We had an amazing time!!!

Melvin Rosa

Full of fun and great family enviroment. Will come back

Wanda Vasquez

Fantastic Place!!! We loved the staff, the clean place, and also how organized everything was. Everyone was friendly, and they all continued to check up on us.

LaVonne Wright

Atmosphere is nice, place is clean, if screens with music videos while you bowl. Nice!

Sam Brannen

This place was seriously happening on a Tuesday night. There was a bit of a wait to get a lane but I'd chalk that up to league play night.

don michaels

Pizza ain't that good but everything else was great.

Courtney J

This is not the best place to bowl their kitchen hygiene is pretty rough you're bowling pins and Lane get stuck quite often to get help is terrible and their customers service sucks

Joey Morris

Great atmosphere

kevin norton

Lanes are well maintained and challenging

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