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REVIEWS OF Main Event Orlando IN Florida

Krystal Louard

Nice place. Beware of the false advertisements on their website. I specifically put in the Orlando location but when I got there they didn't have laser tag. When I asked why the website said they did when clearly they didn't the employee said that it was corporate who did the website.

tessa cruddas

Foods always amazing. And arcades for the kids/adults what a great combo. 2 year coming and it's still brilliant nice to see nee games aswell connect 4 basketball was great fun.

Lakiasha DeLoach

Clean and spacious. Staff was professional and courteous. Only downside is the waitlist for certain activities when using the Summer deal for $19.95 All you can play. If you got a huge group that isn't the best deal for you. Otherwise everything else was great! Food was decent and there were plenty of tables to eat on a Friday night.

K Ferry

Monday night seemed very relaxed. Great deal for unlimited games (10.95) the Sirloin meal had good flavor but became a little tuff (med-well temp) after eating my salad.... drinks were great (tequila and tonic).

Janet Valdez

Arcade, bowling alley, bar, food, pool, etc. Truly something there for everyone. Wings and fries were good.


I have 4 teenage kids, great deal!! $14.95 Unlimited bowling on Mondays (with shoes) per kid; $10.95 Unlimited video games. Clean bathroom and food (important for me). Fun spring break, I'll go again. P.S. Adult drinks were responsible.

Lexi Fodor

Really cool spot has arcade games bowling drinking and food as well as an indoor obstacle course. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for a night out of fun. It's only four stars because the machines are usually pretty nasty/dirty just like Chuck-E-Cheese, and one time I went it reeked of puke & urine.

Layla Bell

Lots to do. A bit pricey if you want to do everything. But it will definitely be worth it!

Kelsey Dailey

This place had great service! The bartender made us awesome drinks we’ll be back on our next visit .

Jennifer Pettay

We saw avengers Endgame here and the theater was huge and the seats were so comfortable. This is definitely the place to go see a movie you are really excited about.

Alex Roberts

The event team is on point! Thanks to Todd, Garrett and Rudy for making our event seamless and super efficient! The tech was easy to work with and the space is great for gatherings!

Brandon Godboldt

Loved this place. We showed up on a Monday night and we were excited to find out that they unlimited plays for $10.95 (no tickets earned) and it was a blast. My 8 year old loved it.

adam shepard

Great place with tons of things to do. I only got the chance to check out the arcade on my visit but it was well worth it just for that and theres lots of other stuff that I'm certainly coming back for.

Lady Vertical

Easy to find location, staff was all very nice. Came for the Twitch Orlando event. We did have a couple issues getting them to come back to the event rooms to take our order but I think it might have just been busy & forgotten. Understandable.

erik wedsmark

I don’t know that I’ve ever raved about anything on here before, but this deserves it. The zombie mission VR game at Main Event Orlando BLEW my expectations out of the water. Well worth the price for 45 minutes, but do yourself the favor. A must try!!! I took a woman on our first date here tonight and we certainly got to know each other, and learn to trust each other quickly to make it through. If each backpack and gun set wasn’t $10,000 I’d definitely retire my Xbox! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Lolaaa 22

This review only applies to the mainevent bar. As tourists we wanted to order a cocktail, but did not get one because we did not have a US passport or driver's license (we are from Europe). Our ID cards did not interest the bartender at all. We just feel discriminated and therefore can not recommend this bar.

MJ dj

Love this place. I wish it was one in Ocala FL

Ed Bischoff

A great entertainment place for the whole family. Bowling, pool, video games, and laser tag this place has it all. Good food and a full bar it's truly family entertainment.

alicia Willis

Went with the family on vacation, reviews made it look like it was going to be great! When we arrived the doorman was nice and directed us to the restaurant side so we could eat and get the gameplay combo, which sounded like a great deal! We seated and a waiter came over to help to take our drink order, was about 10 mins before we received our drinks which were suppose to be 6 waters, he dropped off 4 waters and walked off .. didn't even ask if we were ready to order which we were... We waited another 15 mins, he passed by us 3 times never even looked at our table, never brought us our other 2 waters..we got up and he just watched us leave, and again walked passed us never saying a word... If we were able to eat we would have got $30 game play cards with a 2.95 meal and free parking.. but I guess they didn't want to hand out that deal to us.. so we decided to go to arcade city and our kids had a blast and they were so friendly there. We would not recommend main event to any family vacationing in Orlando.

Mary Lawlor

Stopped by on my way to see Toy Story 4 at the Regal Cinema upstairs at Pointe Orlando(because a super super large popcorn and coke is not going to be enough to keep me going during the emotional rollercoaster that is Toy Story

Nic C

We had fun playing the arcade games like Skee ball, air hockey, and others but the options for other activities were limited. The website is deceptive in that it seems like the activities on there are available at each location. Call before you go so you and your group are not disappointed. We made the best of it.

Pedro Lovera

Great place that offers a little of everything. The best value is on Monday's where they have 10.95 all you can play arcade also have bowling and lazer tag and other games I didn't play myself but nice to know there's things I haven't done it. Food is mediocre but they have beer so that's good with me lol.

Chris Manns

It was fun, my kids had a great time!

Lina Alvarez

Disappointed for no lazer tag, its advertised online and outside the building and the main reason we came. We took my son and his friend for the day for his birthday and they were so disappointed! Had we known there was no lazer tag, we would have made other plans. The bartender Ruben was awesome :) The games we're fun. I rate it 3.5 only for false advertisement.

Anthony Lopez

I am not happy with the whole experience. It was my first time there with my girlfriend and three other friends and l am leaving very furious. We could have easily walked down the street to go to Dave and Buster’s instead, but we wanted to do something new. We first started the evening at the bar with a few drinks. The only bartender working m was friendly. As a fellow hospitality worker, I was understandable and patient with her while she seemed to be “in the weeds”. I did not mind it one bit. However, it all went downhill after closing our tab. My group decided to get a table to order food and more drinks. It took about 20 minutes for any employee to acknowledge us and finally take our orders. Fast forward, we played a few arcade games. Some of which we had issues with. Towards the end of the night, we were at the Wizard of Oz coin pusher. That is were we spent most of our credits on after reloading our card. We won a lot of blue and yellow coins and character cards worth a good amount of points. We tried to turn in the coins at the “Winner’s Circle” area, but we were instructed by another employee to go to a machine to redeem them. While we were in the middle of doing so, everything shut off. We went back to her to inquire about what just happened and she shrugged. There is nothing they could about it and that we basically lost majority of our coins. She neglected to remind us that the machines would shut down nor did she do anything to compensate for our lost. Highly dissatisfied with this whole experience this was our first and last time at Main Event Orlando.

Esai Brito

We always go to main event when we go to the movie theater. This time we went and it was empty at the bar. the bartender took a lot of time to attend my wife and I, then she comes by and ask what do we want without offering menus. Once we told her we didn't have menus she threw them in front of us and left without saying a word. We got up and left immediately. Rude. Bad service. My wife and I have worked in the Industry for years and we know how it is but this woman was just distasteful.

Monique Dorsey

My family and I had a BLAST at Main Event!

Jie Frye

My son went to his friend’s birthday party there and had a wonderful time.

Eric Wrigley

This place is fun. The food was actually very good considering this is part bowling alley, part arcade, part pool tables, part bar etc. Friendly staff and my kids enjoyed it.

Buddy Luckock

A great place to have fun

Yolanda Rosado

We took four 11 year olds to celebrate my grandson's birthday and we all enjoyed it, adults and kids. Plenty of arcade games, bowling and billiards. The food and drinks were also great.

Trevor Doss

I enjoyed this place. Cheap fun. Good food.

candice lovings

Wonderful staff clean envitonment all around 5 star facility.

Gretchyn Boshart

Extremely aggressive behavior from a employee name Calvin. We were there for a friends birthday party he was asked what his name was because his behavior was very in appropriate. He proceeded to swear smash his hand into his fist and circle around the main event employees and posturing the customers. Very inappropriate. Reported to management they did not take it seriously and the sheriff's office. And the employees still working there. That is not a place that should have an employee like that specially being the center of Orlando I figured I'd voice my opinion and let everybody know about this thank you very much


Bowling was great. Wish the tight ropes could've been a little longer but still a good experience for the kids. Food was ok.

Joann Randall

Our company had an event here this weekend. The food was great, and although all the servers were amazing, there were two people that really stood out to us for their customer service. Casey and Monica were the best!! Would recommend this place to ANYONE looking for a great time, good food and great service! We will definitely be back!

Sonjia Thomas

Make sure you check to make sure they have the activity such as laser tag and Monday Madness $10.99 only applies to certain activities. The place small like you are walking into a stinky locker room or bad smelling feel. But my son enjoyed himself. It's fun for the whole family.

Wanda Full

Our family had a blast. Highly recommended.

Sarah Mincey

We bowled, after not bowling in a long time is was funny getting back, "in the swing." But it neat lighting, air conditioned, very clean and good service. There is an Arcade with every game you can think of and billards. Oh, and best part, a FULL BAR.


Fun arcade and other games good for kids and adults.

Navin Boodhan

Nice theater, but public restroom smells horrible. The stench of urine is nauseating.

Olga Camille Cruz

I had the worst service experience ever. The server barely came to the table. She did not bring us our check and I had to ask across the bar area for more water, which had been empty for 10 minutes. We were her only table. General managers and the District manager witnessed my horrible experience and did nothing. I had to call someone over to speak to me. I was told the server was pulled to the back by the GM. Why didn't someone come over to apologize? I will never go there again. My sister went there today and also had a horrible experience while management stood by and did nothing. She had to go talk to them and they asked her "What would you like me to do?" This place needs serious re-vamping all around. Very disappointed. That's not how you run a successful and long lasting business.

Reggie Jackson

Great place to hang out with friends, bring the family or a date. Great games, bowling and activities. If I had to say anything negative, it would be about the food. The food was not bad, but could use more options.

Janira Alvarado

I took a group of teens for my daughter's birthday. It was our first time here. Everything is so expensive!! I spent over $300 on 2 very short activities for 7 kids, but they had fun so I'm happy about that. After paying, we went to the virtual reality line and the employee told me controllers were not working so he needed to fix them, so basically we waited longer to actually do the activity than what the activity actually lasted. Fun place but super expensive and activity is too short.

Tim Cichos

They were under staffed but did the best they could. Food was also good.

Linda Ormond

Bowling great. Service from lorraine great. Hated the food. Dont like ordering from an app. Wrap to spicey for me nothing to inform you of heat from it. To much ranch mayo just dropped out all over my white pants. Very hard to get out. Wouldnt eat there again.

Teresa Taylor

Food lacking, but it is a place for games more so than food. Atmosphere was great, kids & family having fun

Scott Maynard

Was very clean, awesome atmosphere for friends, no smoke filled billiard room...exceptional experience!! We will definitely be back over and over!!

Apolo Aguilar

really cool place to hang out with family and friends. Nothing is overpriced and the food is pretty decent. They got about every arcade game you can think of, bowling and even an indoor high beam harness climbing thing.

Rob McCartney

Fairly standard experience with regards to bowling and arcade. Service was slow and when I asked for a beer I had to show my ID, I am 53! and not being a US citizen they would only accept a passport, needless to say we won't be back

Ramon Fontanez

Good food. Great service.

Messiah Messiah

I’ve been to main event numerous times and I always had a great experience with my family. The only reason I’m not giving a 1 star is because of the great times I had before in the past. Last night I figured it would be like every other day but it was just terrible. I don’t usually leave reviews but I felt so strongly and insulted that I must. Immediately when I walked inside of the door and went to the counter the employees were standing there talking for approximately 10 mins about non work related things with no acknowledgement of a customer what so ever. When he finally looked , I was greeted with “what” instead of how a normal welcome to main event. While purchasing my pass I felt like such a bother instead of enjoying being there. After the bad encounter at the front I was passed on a time card by my friend that was there earlier, I asked an employee at the ticket center where the prizes were, how did it work, so he explained and then swiped the card To see the time that was left on it. He insisted that there was 0 time on it and that he will take the card, I disagreed with him and wanted to make sure for myself. When I swiped the card at the arcade, it said I had 3 hours. I was distraught because if I had gave him the card and bought a new one, I would have been hustled for my money. After purchasing a card that is eligible for points to buy prizes with, I took my 3 year old daughter to grab a prize. About 20 minutes later I had an employee questioning me and then my child if we had stole the prizes. That’s when I had enough. At closing time all the machines turn off and T.Vs at the bar, I hear an employee shout “YES” as if they couldn’t wait for us to leave. Main event was so fun to me and I honestly just felt so bad. I did not enjoy my time and the fact that I talked so highly of this place and brought new people made me feel embarrassed. it might have just been a bad day to go or I’m just expecting too much.

JAB Kaswan

Not to happy. Went to a birthday party. Had to pay for parking. Was told they wouldn't validate unless I spent $30 or!

William Jennings

Good for parties. Food bowling and games that kind of thing. Most of the service was excellent. Wife did get into a tiff with an extremely rude employee. Kinda let to a standoff. Customer not always right I guess

ken finley

Hidden gem. Under the movie theater at the point.. Clean newer equipment. No lines, great food, we were part of a corporate party. And had great attention and care...

Mr. Deswang007

A cool place with tons of stuff to do with family

Lidennise Jaquez

I absolutely adored this place. The staff is amazing they make you feel like at home. They are wonderful with the kids and very knowledgeable. I will definitely come back

Jan Hughes-Allen

Need more stores but great place to hang out...


Love this place i will be back and tell a friend

Courtney Casto

I waited a week to review this place because I was quite upset the day we visited. If I had written the review after lunch and visiting the game sales counter, I would have given it a 1. Thankfully the virtual reality, bowling and bar experiences were excellent so it redeemed the place. If you don't feel like reading this long review, the summary is that you should definitely not eat in the restaurant but that the rest of the facilities were pretty good. I want to preface this review by stating that I worked for Disney and Universal as both a regular employee and low level management-- 4 years experience in entertainment/customer service. We met there with a large group (22) to eat lunch and play games. We were given 1 server, who was one of the most unprofessional servers I've ever had in my life. We started the experience by being read our drink orders multiple separate times, her walking away and coming back several minutes in between, to make sure she was keeping it all straight. I've literally *never* complained about the service in a restaurant before -- but I asked the bar for a second server after waiting more than an hour without putting in food orders. I was immediately surrounded by 3 new employees, who took my order and my husband's, but did not take the orders for anyone else at the table. Lunch turned into a 3 hour ordeal. I had to argue with our server that she never gave us the play cards we were charged for (she had already given them to everyone else at our table) and that we wouldn't be paying our check until she did. She also told us several times that she was just yelled at because of us and that it would be really beneficial if we gave her compliments. While I don't think her behavior is justifiable, there was a table of managers sitting near us watching the whole thing unfold, and another manager came over to apologize -- but the service never improved. Shame on management. It was way too many people for 1 server, let alone 1 who was visibly frazzled the moment we sat down. They even gave her another huge table during our second hour. They set her up to fail. Next up -- game sales counter. Several of us wanted to bowl, so we tried to reserve 2 lanes. We were told there was a 2 hour wait and no one wanted to wait that long. (It was now after 3pm when we had arrived at 12, many of us with small children.) My husband and I bought summer passes for us and our son because they covered "everything" except for arcade games -- ropes course, bowling, billiards, laser tag. The person who sold us the wrist bands never even mentioned that you have to schedule a time to do any of those activities -- so we waited in line at the ropes course and then were told, oh no, sorry -- make an appointment. We had just visited a similar venue where you did not need an appointment for the ropes course after payment so we had no idea. While over by the ropes course, I couldn't help but notice that not a single bowling lane was occupied, moments after being told there was a 2 hour wait. (Pics below) The arcade games were pretty average but all appeared to be in working order. My sister paid for me to do the virtual reality and we had an incredible time! 5 of us played with varying skill levels. The VR attendant was knowledgeable and friendly. Incredible game experience and equipment. We paid for 15 minutes but all said we should have done 30 minutes after. Everyone in our huge party had left at that point so we decided to use up our wrist bands and do the ropes course and bowling before we left. Our bowling attendant was great (we ended up getting appetizers and drinks bc it was now dinner time). The lane worked well and equipment was great. The ropes course was a lot of fun and the guys working it were friendly, knowledgeable and reassuring. If there are managers reading this -- I recommend training the people at your main sales counter to better inform guests of how everything works, and to schedule more than 1 server on weekends.

AnnMarie Carrion

Its okay best to go when have deals

Christine Jurado

Good place for kids.

Angel Agosto

Excellent love it best place to go with family and great deals

Michelle Henderson

This place was so much fun and surprisingly the food was super good. The wings are yummy.

C Skor

We happened to walk by this place when we were on our way to an escape room and we thought we'd kill some time while we waited in the arcade. Then we found out they had VR experiences and we said h*ll yeah. The check in process was great and we ended up being the only two people during not one but two experiences. And they were fun! I haven't been able to do something like this before, but I had a blast. The arcades were similar to those we have back home, but that didn't make it any less fun. They also offer bowling and a restaurant, but we didn't have time to enjoy those. Overall, it was a great time and I encourage anyone who has even just a little free time to stop by.

Carla Marie

Had such a great time! Everything is clean and well-maintained. Staff is helpful as well.

Kevin Boyd

Awesome Service from the moment we walked into the door. Great all day special and we added an hour of unlimited arcade for only $10 more. We will definitely be returning.....I have an air hockey score to settle with a friend

Michelle Maloy

This was our second time at main event and it was a good time once again. The concept of having so many different activities and one venue is absolutely fantastic. Also remember to park in the garage and they will validate your ticket for you so that parking is free. My son particularly love the ropes courses and walking up high near the ceiling. I am too old for that and was afraid when I try to . Lol. The female bartender was very friendly and the Patron shots were very large. The house Margarita was very good and reasonably priced. We bowled there during both visits and we really like their bowling alley. One of the nice things is that you can get a wristband for about 18 bucks and it includes bowling, ropes course, shuffleboard, Arcade play and billiards. On Monday they have a great deal, Monday night madness and it is all you can play for only $10 a person. This is definitely something I would do for my son during the summer as well as the school year because it’s extremely affordable and there are a lot of entertainment choices. If you are going on a Friday or Saturday night I recommend that you go on the website and reserve your bowling lanes otherwise it is a first come first serve basis and the lanes are rented one hour at a time. If you want to finish two games then don’t put more than four or five people on the lane and then you’ll be able to get two games in one hour.In terms of food, I like the chicken wings in my son likes the burger. My friend said that the chicken sandwich he had was pretty tasty as well.

Danielle Heath

The staff was amazing. The venue. Is bigger than it appears from the outside.

Elise Knable

Good spot for a rainy say but be prepared to spend money!

Mary PYH

We had the $7 p.p bowling deal & it was awesome. Planning out next trip!

Pemig Fuentes

Great place for celebrations they have so manny options and a lot parking super fun

Patrick Hernandez

$11 for all you can play and $12 for ultimate nachos!? Yes please! The food was good and the selection of games are pretty good for a few hours or fun. Didn't try the bowling or high walk thing, but it definitely looks good. Great place to have a good time!

John Mc

We enjoyed it I was there for a birthday party midday on a Saturday. I thought the Main Event host did a great job with birthday party. I will return, I would also consider for my child's birthday.

Rene Zayas

Great place for the family. Love the Monday Madness

Lydia Mott

My family and I visit this location and we took advantage of their Monday madness deal. The arcade was fun and so was bowling. But the bowling area only had one server who was overwhelmed and clearly irritated. We asked for basic things like water and napkins and those request were forgotten. The kitchen and bar took over an hour to make our food and drinks, that we never got by the way, before we decided to leave. This experience was very annoying and ruined our night.

Kevin Chandler

Super fun place super friendly staff it was late with no bowling available so they just gave us game cards had an awesomely fun time

Denise Spurny

Food was good. Drinks were not watered down. Very crowded with kids running around everywhere. That is to be expected. I liked the arcade, pool and bowling all in one place.

frank newborn

made me throw away my pizza that i paid for. and the wings to. this is a complet scam . if you want to family bond go to chucke cheese they give reused pizza is good. so my name is daniel mohammed and i made this review rchc les go boys

Aaron Prohaska

If you like paying to play bright, noisy video game or overpriced bowling, in fun atmosphere, you'll love it.

Lisa Gray

Fantastic fun for all the family. the staff are amazing and service was excellent

Rebekah Costa

I love this Place!! it is soooo fun and the food and drinks are good and i would really love it if there were more gluten-free items!! I had my birthday party at main event on Sunday and it was amazing!! LOVE THIS PLACE

Amy Perez

This place is amazing for family fun! Even for a date night the vibe is real chill. The prices are reasonable and staff is great. Food is really good as well.

Daniela Green

this is a fun place , they have a big arcade and bowling and also a bar. its great for every age


Fun place with an arcade and bowling. Lots of noise though.


Had a great time with the grandkids.

Gaming Through The Generations

Great place to have fun whit the family and friends.

Trenton Bernat

Somewhat fun, has bowling, pool, ropes course, and arcade machines. Everything was fun but the arcade machines could be better

Abigail Roland

Terrible food! Burgers were burnt and my chicken was burnt and raw w/ blood. Only thing good was the wings. Told the server about our food and he was rude didn’t even acknowledge it. I will not be returning here again. It was terrible for the price we spent

Ducati Depot

Fun place but a little pricey

Rebecca Mrazek

Great family place on a hot July day in Florida. We took advantage of the $30 in play with an entree for 32.00. The boys had a blast while I enjoyed a great Bloody Mary.

Janie Marin

Was very disappointed.. . We are visiting here from Lubbock Texas.. . Tried to buy the 19.95 summer special for 6 family members and was refused because of a 30 min wait on bowling lanes and billiard tables . This pass includes laser tag and ropes and it is an all day pass so I don't understand what the problem was if we didn't have an issue waiting for a lane.

Cator Best

Spent a whole day here, rain or shine. No better place for fun time.

Julie Z.

A good place for having fun in family !

Dan Christian

Fun games, bowling and other activities great for kids, nice place to get out of the heat and have fun for a little while

Cecelia Wheeler

The entire family enjoyed themselves, so much to do and see!!

Shannon Primrose

Great food and service we will definitely be back

Crystal Johnson

I am only giving this place 4 out of the 5 stars due to Everytime we go there, we have trouble with the machine where you purchase the gaming cards. No matter which cards we use, it declined them except for one time. I like the bowling area past the bar area. It is nice. We left and had to go to Dave and Buster's and had no issue with their gaming card machine.

Linda Fortin

They have everything! Centrally located, easy parking. You can eat have a cocktail, bowl, play video games. Loved this place!

Quandra Love

Nice place for family and friends gatherings.

Ms. K Boyd

This was the second time we were invited to a birthday party at main event...its strange that they have seats and tables for the kids to eat at but all the adults have to stand up. Its hard to stand and hold my Sprite, chips and dip all at the same time and help my daughter not make a mess at the table..lolol

keyandra graham

HORRIBLE customer service! I mean horrible we waited 30 minutes before even being acknowledged. After we waved down a waiter to finally get our drinks order waited 30 more minutes for our drinks and our waiter (Oscar) was telling us lies we didn’t even ask for. We sat a couple feet away from the bar after ordering we noticed our waiter was all over the place then he came to our table w/o drinks as we watch the bar tender make them and tell us the computers is down that’s why we didn’t get our drinks then he turns around and says they where watered down so she had to remake them. But mind you we watched the lady fix our drinks that’s 2 in 1 lies we didn’t ask for them finally we got our drinks after they was sitting up there for over 10 minutes we noticed a family came in with a different waiter and how they was prompted well received there drinks and food before us that’s when we knew our waiter was horrible. Oscar then comes to our table after having to chase him down to take our orders around 9:15pm he disappear again then comes to our to table at 9:50 to let us know the “cook” had to leave at 10pm and the cook and manager was fussing about him leaving bc food still needed to be cooked blah blah more bull sh*t we did not ask for. So I asked him how much longer bc he can just cancel our order he proceeds to tell us he will check on it and disappear yet again so finally at about 10:15 our food comes out and it was ALL WRONG! He forgot items, I told him not to worry about them just bring us the ticket we was ready to leave he decides to bring items we told him we no longer wanted bc of the wait basically forcing it upon us! Horrible horrible service even the manager was sorry. This place needs a whole new crew

theHerbal Cache

Was here for a work conference. Food was good. I thought they rushed us on closing our tabs, thought it was odd, because then we had to go to the bar and start another one for drinks.

mai s.

My family had alot of fun here and the service was good. I didnt have fun tbh but that hot blonde guy playing with the ball welcoming people made it better.

Elyza Pabon

Unlimited play thurs 10.95 great deal

Dana Reynolds-Sakowski

Nice new facility. Food was good. My son loved inlimited bowling for a great price.

Taisha Arce

Good place for kids and adults to go in and have a good time. Similar to a Dave and Buster's

Brenda Silvera

We had the most beautiful evening Thanks to Rudy and management of Main Event.


Had a great time. Staff very friendly and attentive. Nice, clean, fun place. The food was also good. Had appetizers and drinks.

Julia Bennie

Very cool place. Just checking it out today. Will definitely be back!

Katie Hauss

Monday night you play unlimited games for the price of 10.95 each person. And it is fun! But no tickets, and some rides are off limits.

Corey Robinson

Nice and fun environment but games are crazy expensive. They'll offer you a 30 credit game card for 10 dollars, but the average game costs around 6.5 credits.


It's great for family fun. Could have more of a selection tho. But no complaints staff are friendly.and it reasonably priced

dwayna upshur

Great place for children love this plce

Lorraina Zamudio

Nice and fun place for the family.! Great deals and great staff! Definitely will be visiting on my next trip to Orlando

Tracey Bowens

Lots of excitement and fun to go around!

Jessica Harper

Had my daughters birthday here and it was a blast! Parents can have a cocktail while the kids play:) perfect combo! They also do a lot of the parties and are very helpful with set up and service.

Angi Higgason

The staff altogether are very nice and accommodating, as well as very knowledgeable about their facility. The place is white-glove clean, which I really appreciate. The games are a little expensive for the length of time some of them last, but it is a tourist place, after all. They range from $1-2.50 per play. The bartenders aren't very versed in drink-making, but if you order something simple like rum and Coke you'll be fine. All in all, we will return, because it was a fun atmosphere and the air hockey is awesome!

Israel Hernandez

Great value with many activities to do.

Andrew Fletcher

Excellent service! Friendly staff! Well worth a visit.

Andrew Bacon

Had a great time here. Some of the physical games failed to play, but the staff was very willing to refund the credits. Drink prices were decent, but the variety leaves a lot to desire; Bud Light audience has quite the variety of equally generic beers. The experience can not be blamed. The staff is awesome, and they jump to every chance to make things better, and fix any problem you have. The only lament I could possibly imagine is the lack of variety of the beers on tap, and the tweaky computers on the games themselves. Otherwise, a great time.


this place has everything! bowling, pool, extensive arcade, high ropes, more and more; i don’t know how they fit all of it. the place has pretty good food. my only qualm is their pricing. it’s an expensive place but for a night out it is fun! while it is meant for all ages, a good amount of the clientele are young adults so keep that in mind if you’re bringing a young child. definitely one of the best arcades (if not the best) in Orlando. check it out!!

Christopher Wyland

Big arcade, bowling, laser tag, rock climbing, and great staff. Decent food for a bar/arcade setting. Like the other main event locations, it's the staff that sets this place apart for me. They're always great here and I appreciate that more than most other amenities.

Farooq Akbar

Good place and good deals, with Arcade, bowling lanes, pool, food and many more

Debra Lee

The kids and adults had a fun time everytime we went. But the reason I am giving 3 stars is because they don't have any vegan options when I went. The chef was nice and was going to try to make something but they need some vegan options on the menu.

Brandon Durias

Wasn’t happy at first because I was in line before 12 but only had one employee helping customers. The price changes at 12pm so by time I got to the register it was 12:05 and was charged a higher rate. I spoke with a Manager and she took care of the problem and refund the extra charge to arcade. Kids love!! Thank you!

Mark Girona

Awesome experience with the exception of an issue experienced while splitting a bill in half. Instead of charging half the bill on two debit cards, the full amount was charged on one card in addition to half the bill charged on the other parties debit card. Update - The social media group & the store manager reached out to help ensure the problem was resolved! 5 stars!!!

Tiffany Jureatic

Great food (Cali chicken and skillet mac n cheese) and the birthday cake shake is awesome. Our waitress also sang happy birthday without prompt and was very attentive. The VR experience is awesome. The 15 min zombie survivor is a great experience .

Leandro Pinillo

Beautiful playroom and arcade. They have funny stuff here and really nice to espend some times playing with friend

Migber Rodriguez

Its so much fun

Matt Somar

I normally go here to kill some time before going to the regal movie theater, which is directly above this location. I would suggest signing up with their email list. They give pretty good deals like free arcade play for up to an hour. They also have pool tables, shuffle board, bowling, laser tag, and a ropes course. Their arcade selection is pretty good, and it's an all around fun and entertaining place.


The virtual reality escape room was a blast!! Highly Recommend.

Annie Dee

Enjoyed our time bowling.

Denique Lyles

It was an experience..My family loved it and yes we did see 2 gators huge

Melissa Jimenez

Had a great time with the kids. It is a very fun spot, with a good variety of activities. And the price is good. For an added bonus if you sign up for email you get 30 minutes free arcade time. Will definitely be back!

Tangela Terry

Food was okay...nice spot for family fun.

Nashay Lesane

This place is awesome. My family enjoyed this place and had a blast! The staff is kind and the service was excellent.

Racquel Lockett

Great games and deals...excellent time there!

Britinee Svetik

Terrible service and it was terribly hot during bowling....we were drenched in sweat after 15 minutes!!!! Do not recommend going here for bowling, but I cannot comment on the arcade area.

Joe Lyons

Fun sports atmosphere, very friendly staff. It has dual shuffleboard tables!

Michael Cabot

The VR experience was absolutely amazing! It's immersive and runs for the perfect amount of time so that you play without getting tired.

Latisha lee


Monica Hobbs

In the middle of our game it shut off, per the attendant our hour was up. We all forgot socks and they gave us a one size fit all, they were more for children versus adults. Needless to say, we will think long and hard before going back.

Misti Blair

Me and my friends drive to Orlando from Tampa on a regular basis just to visit this place and we always have a blast! Great drinks and food, pleasant staff and plenty of fun. Games, bowling, pool and much more. It sits in the heart of International Drive, surrounded by other cool clubs restaurants and fun houses. Main Event is family friendly and a great time at all cost. I love it!

Luis Montijo

Great atmosphere and very friendly and cooperative staff. Lots and lots of games to be played. They have around 12 bowling lanes on each side . They have billiards and high rope walking. There’s a bar for the adults and a very nice area for eating with plenty of space. It’s mainly for children of up to 16 but us older children ( adults) can DEFINITELY join in on the FUN!

Kevin Metzger

Had a lot of fun. The group I was with received enough lanes to bowl comfortably. We had an hour to bowl. Enough bar food to keep us full. It was all inclusive. To top it off we all recieved an hour of unlimited video game play also. The facilities are nice and kept. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful. Our family now plans on going on our own in the future. FYI it is VERY COSTLY. $$$$.

Anil Singh

Pleasant people..clean and exciting

Lucas Castro

Went on a Sunday and it was awesome. Didn't get to try any food or drinks unfortunately. But the arcade here is every bit as fun as Dave & Buster's, but much less busy and the prizes are better. I'll definitely come back to try the Gravity Ropes and Bowling.

Leslie Hunt

Our server Tyler was great and the most friendly one.

Ashly Dale

Better than Dave and Busters. Harder to locate tho. They have a VR experience that's totally worth the visit. Not overly expensive, full service food and bar. Unlimited bowling for $7. You just have to find it since it's hidden in a weird location inside Pointe Orlando.

Daniel Lesh

Very slow service, only one other table occupied and it took almost 45 minutes to get our food. Once we got our food it was very good. Manager very apologetic, reduced the price on our cost to compensate.

Matt Mills

Every time we go to Orlando we stop here for a little fun and food.

Hadoken Luis

Didn't like the staff cause like 3 ppl cut my daurther and I in line and they saw it (staff) and did nothing about it ... Other than that it was nice there

Brentley Crismore

Was a great place for the birthday party my son went too!

Alan Scholl

I gave this place a low score because of their policy on “carding”. The bartender requested an ID to verify my age, I presented a foreign drivers license to which he said he cannot accept. I am 51 with grey hair in my beard and head but yet I could not get an apple cider because my “non US” issued ID was not accepted? My drivers license is accepted as a valid drivers license in all 50 states but yet I could not get a cider. Nevertheless I had a Pepsi with a good tasting burger, and the food service was good.

Lee Robine

Chaotic unorganized entertainment. We had a group event for bowling. My lane ordered a few drinks, one was Malibu and pineapple, we got a mojito and pineapple. Ordered chicken tenders, paid, then they claimed they delivered them already, someone else got some free chicken. They replaced my order but then came to me with a group bill for drinks that i had no clue about. They were able to wrangle the "owners" of the bill down to pay, just really started to seem like I was going to get stiffed with someone else's bill because they didn't collect pay upfront.

Robert S.

Plenty of things to do, usually some kind of specials available to help make the fun last longer. The attached restaurant has good food for value. Only down side is that service can sometimes be a little slow.

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