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Rick Wyatt

Newly remodeled! We had a great time here! Game room was a blast! Be sure to check out the special drink offers! We enjoyed some very inexpensive Mai tais! Staff was friendly and helpful. If they would add some new house balls, it would be a 5 star!

Kristina Wikoff-Edstrom

Very nice! It was my first time visiting with the new ownership and I have to say it looks really nice inside. They did a great job and the people were very nice, the staff is very helpful. :) much better than it used to be.

Blue Phoenix

I was pleasantly surprised! It was clean, smelled nice and staff was friendly. It was perfect for a birthday party. Game room was nice too.

Marie Carr

Really fun bowling. It was really clean, the staff was nice, the food was surprisingly good. We a sampler of appetizers and a yummy skillet cookie dessert. Menu was really fun, I wish I had come more hungry...which you don't expect from a menu at a bowling alley!


This is THE place to bowl if you're looking for a fun night with family and friends, or if you're trying to improve your game. The impressive food and bar, as well as the upgraded arcade make this a great place to go even if you don't bowl. If there's a game or show you can't miss, the TVs on every lane guarantee you won't miss a thing. Bowlero also has a lot of league options from beginner to competitive, so regardless of your skill there is a place for you. I highly recommended checking it out for yourself!

Samantha Bileth

Great bowling alley! Newly updated, great staff! Awesome arcade/pool and bowling!!

Joshua Ligon

Had a great time. Pool tables should be bar boxes. $8 an hour is kind of high for pool in a bowling alley. Must be trying to make all the money from the facelift back ASAP...

Alexis Hall

I love what they have done to the place! There's a completely different feel to the atmosphere because of the interior design. Fun for the whole family!

William Thornton

Ashley is a great bartender!

Maurie West

The bowling alley is great, And the arcade as well.

Jeff Hobbs

Had a great time staff is excellent, pizza fresh, nice atmosphere, good for all ages kid friendly

Dixie Salter

Love this place! Clean and lots to do.. Bowling, play pool, arcade, bar and food!

Dustin Houser

awesome time other than the claw machines robbing me and my kids i showed and addressed it with a female employee and my answer was yeah it happens ...i lshrugged it off we were having ablast

Miguel Ruiz

Used Groupon. Great deal. Played enough to wear my arm out.

Victoria Walsh

Alley is in great shape. Atmosphere is very friendly and clean. They staff tried but was definitely sub par. It wasn't busy so we expected a little better. Food is way to salty, and I love salt.

Josh Faille

Didn't bowl but tv screens everywhere. Semi decently priced beers.

agent starseeds

Much busier than the other locations, some of ppl can really roll. Big up to my maintenance man Dylan, the tattooed guy. Ball returns were prompt and the timing is key, waiting too long messed up my Zen... Praise be to the Lord Jesus, I still can't hit 200 Jesus. Amen

Bre'anna Scott

Wasn’t really impressed with the “updates” . They “tried”. There was only 1 waitress for 5-10 lanes. If she can’t around more or if she was giving up, I’m sure we would’ve stayed longer. Prices was a little expensive. The tables were so close together, the lanes were outdated, our screen kept freezing, the list goes on.

Patricia Henderson-Kellar

Love the new look haven't been in a while closing time is a serious thing to them

Michael McKinney

My kids and I showed up for Kids Fest. Well what a mess. They scheduled an adult league on the same day as Kids Fest. So they are taking up half the lanes. So, the line is about 75 deep. It's only 1030. I have bowled here for years. The new management sucks. They do alot of stupid things like this. If this is how its going to be I will bowl elsewhere from now on.

Bill TheEndPlateGuy

Great family bowling. My wife received some free instructions and tips from the pro shop pro. She started bowling much better after a few tips. Had a fun time on a cool rainy day.

jason contreras

Had a great time with the family loved the atmosphere and staff was really freindky. Arcade was very fun to play you can also win some prizes in the arcade so that a plus. Food was good and didn't take long. Overall a great family fun experience.

Patrick Lucey

I'm having a great time with my workmates!

Chad Mathers, Realtor 941

Had a really great time last night. The staff was very courteous. The lanes were in great shape. Even the house bowling balls were pretty good.

clutch master 1

It was a nice place but it was too expensive than I thought it was. But I will come back if I have more money to spare.

Jenny Fitzpatrick

This place is awesome for bowling and the arcade is nice. The bartenders are fast And food is good! But, DO NOT use their claw machines though. They took the rubber tips off the claw so they don't grip anything. I'm not sure if the machines are regulated by the gaming commission here but, that's supposed to be a violation.

Christian Link

This place has plenty of lanes for everybody, decent prices, and the largest claw machine I've ever seen, good place for playing Pokémon Go in between turns too

Utopian Oasis

We went this past Sunday 4/28/19 for my grandson's 9th birthday. We had a great time. The place was clean (including bathrooms) the staff was friendly and helpful, they even made us feel like they were part of our event, it was great! The lanes were nice, the arcade was fun, food and drinks excellent! I am disabled and in a wheelchair, they were very helpful and made me feel extremely comfortable! ZERO COMPLAINTS! We look forward to coming back again!

Nate SoFla

I took my 10 year old son there and had a great time. It's nice and clean and had good snacks, service, and cold beer. It's way better than it was before.

Danielle Schaal

Where to begin! Besides feeling unsafe, the management is a JOKE! It takes 20 minutes to get a drink. They didn't have the correct shoe sizes. While trying to have a fun family night, the manager came over to tell us (in the middle of our game) that we need to move lanes because of a league coming in

Meghan Willen

They put all this money into redoing the bowling alley which is great... But try going to the women's restroom and they didn't even try... I had to man handle the door shut and the handle was falling off... Didn't feel great about that thanks... Please fix the bathrooms they are important too!

Myosha Thompson

The computer kept giving out strikes when there weren’t any actually made. Got sick from eating the food. Seems like their beer lines aren’t clean and the beer towers definitely don’t look like they’ve ever been pulled apart and cleaned.

nicholas labrecque

Great place with the renovations made here, it feels like a different bowling alley.

john kelly

Dustin at the front has zero customer service skills. Improvements are quite nice.

Rachael Q

Had my child’s birthday party here!! It was awesome!! The services was great, everyone had a blast!!! Would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Jean Jacobs

Great place to bowl in our league but Sara, the young woman who I think is a supervisor or manager is great at what she does. Keep her around.

Patricia Vargas

It was my son's birthday on St Patty's day and we all decided "let's go bowling" It was the first time we have been bowling in eons! We didnt even know where to go but we found Bowlero and we are glad we did. There were 9 of us with our two grandchildren also. The staff from the front counter, ( he took our ice cream cake to their freezer) our server, the techs having to reset our lanes a couple times were so accommodating. Good food and great bowling. We will so be back! Thank you for a great St Patty's day!

Laura Cornish

Cool place with blue lights and many TV's. Loved it!!

Donna Pearson

My kids had a blast

Lea Clark

There too high to bowl. Spent $101 in one night for 4 games and shoes. There not reasonable and then they told me I couldn't use summer pass I was going to purchase for $59

Sherri Laverty

Ever since they remolded and it's beautiful by the way. It is really expensive to say the least. There was 8 of us and it cost 145.00 just in bowling them another 100.00 on food. It's not that affordable when you have multiable people. Thought it would be cheaper like it use to be but they have to pay for the remolding which we gave towards that today. And we also cleaned up our own table

Roberto Castleberry

Great place to spin the weekend


Love the new remodel, and the arcade games. Great family place!

Madison Catalano

They did phenomenal on their remodeling! I took my toddler daughters and they had a blast!

lfrancis Besio

Let me start off by saying I’m a single father and live paycheck to paycheck. I Was told it was 6.29 to bowl for my son and I. I was under the impression I was going to have a cheap night. 13$ and change, I could deal with it for an hour of bowling. They charged my card gave us shoes and a lane and we were bowling having a good time. When we were done my son handed in our shoes and we were on our way, good night. When I woke up the next day to my surprise, I had a $84 charge on my card. I called and was told to drive there and we could sort it out. I was told they swiped my card like at a bar, I had a tab. We bowled 5 games so that 10 total. Plus your shoes were$. At $6.29 a game x10, damn. That’s a shame no prices posted anywhere in the alley and they are acting like nothing is wrong. They refunded me 1/3 of my money and gave me 6 free games. Free games don’t put food on my table or $ in my pockets. Never again will I go back to this facility. I feel like I got robbed and there’s nothing they would do. I had to take the L. Be aware there are no prices posted anywhere. It’s not per hour it’s per game. There hustle is real.

Eli Gilbert

Everything you could want from a bowling alley! Bowling isn't exactly a classy outing, but that doesn't stop this place from being tidy and stylish and clean. They've really updated the quality more recently, with its wooden floors and fancy bar. Checking in and getting shoes is easy and the prices are reasonable. The pizza was of surprising quality. If you're in a bowling mood, I recommend this spot!

Denise Williams

Had a great time!! 10- 1:30am. Clean and friendly! Could use more staff. Bar tenders and kitchen. Drinks we're ok and we ordered the big pretzel and cheese and garlic bread. It was good!!

Hailey Dunay

Great place, but we got charged for one game that we didn't play


Looks great but food quality is poor and prices are very high.

Wendy Matias

Nicely remodeled! We had a great time!

Nadia Reátegui

Really a fun place. My daughters had a great time. The only problem is the food and drinks are way too expensive.

John Felix

Tuesdays and Sundays you bowl for $2. Love this place

Brian Holland

My friends had a B-Day party for 7yr old tonight, 09.27.18. I'm very happy to see the entire place is being renovated, looking great as it needed a fresh look! Sarah (mngr) and Kyla(our hostess) were pleasant and very helpful! Thank you for making the entire evening a success!

Angela Ashworth

Really nice place, currently undergoing renovations. We had a good time. They have lots of different specials and events throughout the week.

Andre Essington

Good times were had by all during the bowling fundraiser! Much appreciated.. The a.c. MAY work too good, bring a sweater

Dawna DeStefano

Not happy. The games over 6$ per person, per game. The shoes were over 4$ per person. A small soda was over 4$. I stood in line for a soda for over 5 minutes. 7 people working there walked past, not one of them even looked at me. Customer service here is terrible. Horrible experience. Will not be coming back.

Jonathan Dunwoody

Really quick and fun place to go for some bowling, staff is very friendly and efficient, especially with the food and drinks. They have you swipe your card before you start playing, and then you just play however many games you want, and pay at the end. Better than losing your lane and going up to pay for another again and again and again. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a family fun time or just hanging out.

Marisol R. Serrano

Family friendly fun spot.... bowling,Bar, and pool

Joshua Scutt

Awesome place. Great food, good bar

Aerion Sexton

Had a great time with the family everyone enjoyed themselves

Tyler Peacock

Overall this place is massive!! Very clean establishment. I enjoyed the layout as you could watch TV as you bowl && I didn't get bombarded with cigarette smoke so that's a plus. It has many other alternatives (bars, arcade, pool, etc) to keep you and everyone entertained as you bowl or wait to bowl... Next time, I definitely have to try out the food and order that BEER TOWER..

JunJun Gilbo

very fun,and taco is really good,I was eating all night

Edgar Pino

Great place to go and have fun with the family, not to loud and clean all through out. Attentive service and they have an average menu selection so everyone should be able to snack on something while playing.

Ian Blanco

Hardly recognizable from the AMF that it used to be. It's got something for everyone; arcade, bowling, pool, food and drinks.

Charissa Fowler

Excellent service for our party

christe mammarello

Very entertaining atmosphere, great for adults , kids and families

Steven Hier

Place looked nice. Waitress was nice but took over 20 minutes just for 2 drinks. The men’s restroom was disgusting. At the end of the night (which was an hour and half later). My wife and I were charged $54 dollars just to play 3 games for TWO people.. Never again.

Wilmaura Nieves de Moreno

Excellent. It was our first time and we want to go back soon


Awesome place. Good customer service and its very clean

Meghan Sanchez

The bowling alley was clean and revamped for our visit on Saturday. It was a kids day event and they ran out of kid sized balls and ramps for lanes. After the event time, we stayed to bowl and our balls kept not returning to us. Happened in every game we would have to call and a guy would have to go behind pins and manually fix it. Pay for an hour, play for 45 min...

Tiffany K

This was my 1st visit since the name changed. We happened to go on a busy day but we were a little uncomfortable with the lane we were given and just asked if we could be moved to a different lane we were told "no they were booked." I saw lines of people that were walk-ins after me getting lanes with no problem. I just got a refund for my family of 4 and left my kids were disappointed but I cant put them in any situation that we arent comfortable with

Ms Girl

This was our first time since the place was re done and its was nice. Food was a lil over priced as well as the arcade. The kids loved it tho and we had a great time. On tuesdays its 2.22 games and 2.22 long island iced t as well as 2.00 for a 5$ game card. Will be back again

Jon Mogollon

Waited there in line.... With only 3 people in line ... At least 4-6 people working and not a single person came to see what I wanted. I thought with a chain they got better but I liked the old management. Sad to say it as I don't review alot if ever. Hopefully y'all have a better experience the place looked great

W.G. Colton

had a real fun time there it was fun to go to a different bowling alley than we usually go to. The food is surprisingly good for a bowling alley and the service is really really good we've been there twice so far and I'm sure we'll go again great afternoon way to spend the day!

Frank Kearney

Love the new setup..... And arcade

Joshua Sweetnich

Really Awesome since the renovation!

Natasha Mendez

Your Team took the time and listened to the dilemma our Program had concerning needing an alternate activity for our youth to do due to their Beach day being cancelled due to the weather conditions. They gathered our information and gave us a great price for our entire group! Not only that but when we arrived we were treated with quality service from door to door. Our teens had an exceptional time and admired the new renovations especially the arcade. One even won a large stuffed Ninja Turtle from the claw game. Your team went above and beyond for us and Thank you!

Jorge Carbajal

I love the changes they made with the large TV on top of the lanes. Every other screen was music videos but there was one at the very far end that was playing the Simpsons so you can really get to see whatever is on TV really and I think that's really amazing

Papi Aj

Poor customer service and had to wait two hours just to get a single lane when there were over ten lanes available and when we told service about the lanes available they just ignored us. They are completely worthless and I do no recommend this establishment. Even after 2 hours of sitting down waiting for a lane, we didn’t end up getting any type of discount

Critit and Quitit

Best bowling alley. I bowl in a league here and never have had any problems. Stay is always good to go.

Tammy Dixon

Under staff bad customer service

Karen Vowles

Pounding, repetitious music!! No one is listening. You also can't hear each other talk. Come survey the bowlers about the music choice. It is NOT working!! Ladies rm toilet paper dispenser broken for a month. It's finally fixed. Now there is No toilet paper or paper towels in the entire room. Soap dispenser is not properly attached. Soap is pouring on the floor instead of coming out the spout.

Jonathan Hufty

Remodel is nice. That's about it

Emily Rivera

I went at 10:00 pm with my family because they're open till 1am but we stayed longer than expected waiting for food because the sirvice was slow bit we had a good time anyway

Tanika Ross

We had our daughters birthday party here. It was awesome. The staff was wondering. There are alot of food options and the food was yummy. All the kids and adults had a blast

Bill C.

Fun and attractive place.

Jennie McAfee

love the remodel. it's very modern, clean, has good deals, and a great arcade and tasty food. we loves it and we will prob go once a week now.

Dan Zibble

Modern, clean, tons of lanes with cool lighting and jumbo monitors at the end of each. Friendly staff and decent prices. And the beers are cold!

Kavirma Alicea

Family place. Good offer we enjoy.

Causelame Causeline

Clean and customer service is good. I go here alot

Diana Zambrano

Great experience. Thank you for the free bowling! The kids loved it. Beautiful and clean place. We'll be back for sure!

Patrick Odell

Nicely remodeled and great fun!

Kelsey McDonald

Service was horrible . We were told “everyone keeps quitting so we are short staffed “ that’s always nice to hear from your server . No highchairs or booster which I thought was odd seeing you advertise kids parties . We received half of our food and received the other half about 30 minutes later . Server dropped our napkins on the ground , picked them up and handed them to us to use . We weren’t able to get my toddlers drink without ordering his food right that second . He was bowling for a little and then eating . We didn’t need his food right then and there . Overall not the best place to take people . I’m hoping it gets better because it looks like the place has a lot of potential .

John Vanella.

Great family fun, very nice facility, clean and great staff.

Laura Benafield

This place is a joke. We were out to have a family fun night and it was all ruined. First there was an employee that was flat out rude and not helpful. Then my son ordered tacos and found a piece of glass in it while eating. I will never go here again and definitely plan on contacting corporate.

doug mitchell

Tons of bowling fun

Rhea Hornback

Love AMF lanes, my Son goes bowling league.. price sure is worthy and reasonable. Come and stopby they're food are good too as well as the server

Laura Petrillo

Better bowling alley than what it was before (AMF lanes) but they still gave the old nasty bowling shoes. Waitress doesn't come around to the lane tables. Only saw a lady once check in on our table. My shoes were falling apart, separating on the inside and torn outside. Very shocked about why they didn't update their shoes. Bowling alley is definitely nicer to enjoy with all screens back where the pins are top watch sports, movies, music videos, etc.

Jacqueline Jones

Awesome place to play

Becky Smith

New look. Have a big game room. And food are ok.

Brandie Christman

After the remodel the place looks great and very fun .

Robert Hawke

They always have some sort of deals, so the prices arent all too outrageous. They'll remember the regulars and treat them with care, and that truth holds true. Truly a great place to come and be with friends and family.

Clint Skees

It used to be AMF bowling center! 1 star! But since BOWLERO bought all AMF CENTERS, they( BOWLERO) brought in their own design and registered for the pro’s tour to stop at this place in the future! Public prices are high, changed their food to better food menu.. join a League and you get 2 free games every week for each league you join if your a bowler... for league bowlers discounts are 20% off food and 3.00 per game VS. the public bowler at $6. Something. They need to take some ppl out of their that’s been their for a long time, a few have no concern for the league ppl..I give it 4 stars now since BOWLERO bought out AMF.

B. Gavilanes

Service dog friendly. Amazing service. Quick. Well maintained lanes. Really nice and clean shoes.

Antoinette Joseph

The bowling alley was great and the arcade was awesome. Felt like a little kid again

Tamika Taylor

I cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience was today at Bowlero! We celebrated my son’s 7th birthday and everything start to finish was simply perfect. I ordered online and my party planner Emilie reached out to take care of all the details. Emilie was simply outstanding super cool, fun, knowledgable, and professional she made booking so easy. When i arrived at the party I was immediately greeted warmly by the Manager and our party conciere John. We kept them super busy entertaining over a dozen rowdy kids and they handled it all with a smile. They laid out a wonderfuly prepared buffet style meal and we bowled our hearts out, then topped it off with some time at the Arcade. This was truly an all-inclusive type experience, worth every cent. I highly recommend Bowlero for any event or just a good time!


Unbelievable bad experience! Unfriendly staff! After 30 minutes still no service,asked the server if she can come to our table. No I have to clean the tables, it’s better if you get it from the bar. After 60 minutes we still couldn’t get any drinks and then our friends were refused to get a beer because they were internationals with European ID‘s. Unprofessional and unfriendly service and management.ruined our night!

Sharon Stevens

very clean very nice very expensive but fun it was over 9 dollars for a pretzel and drink but lanes great

Bianca Griffin

Plenty of lanes. Spacious

Casey Long

Was awesome fun for our family but the food and drinks were super expensive! We liked the prices for the lanes but the snack bar n the drinks were way. Overpriced$!!

cedric stephens

My first time. Everyone that i know has been there before and said that everything changed. The floors are updated to wood grain from carpet. Theres a brand new bar that opened. Decor is updated. Apparently it Is night and day compared to what it was. Overall good food. Good service. Good time.

Melissa VanderLinden

Love the new look. Have not been there in 2 years

Jason Adamson

Great adult and family fin had a ball will go back

Mark Taylor

It was a great time, clean, fun. Older movies playing on the TVs. Some sports as well. Jared was great! I have a suggestion for your mobile website survey: Either allow a person to type in his/her birthday, or select the year from a drop down menu. Hitting back 486 times took me awhile.

eric lenertz

Awesome place! 2$ games on Tuesday which is incredible for bowling. Very groovy place to go with friends or a good family night out. Food and drinks are offered here as well. Would recommend this place to anyone.

Sara Clark

Still in the renovation stage but looks awesome and nice place to have an adult party or kids party!

Arthur McMillin

Caught athletes foot from your gnarly rental shoes and btw your lanes don't have enough oil. And whose bright idea was it to put televisions above the pins? It's all about distracting your kids some way, I get it. You're a disgrace

Chanse Horne

The remodel is a major uplift to the place. Definitely recommend now.

Robin Tilburg

Clean, good atmosphere and attitude. Good food. Grandchildren love it.

Buster Bud

Nice atmosphere following a remodel.

Epoxy Experts

Same great bowling. Much better family-friendly atmosphere with a good menu and a great arcade. Well done on the remodel!

Hollace Hare

It fun after a while of bowling to settle down at the arcade. It is rather pricey for me but I don't really go to bowling alleys that often. Honestly it's the only bowling alley that I've been to in my life and it's pretty fun to just goof around with friends on how bad we are at bowling. It's nice being able to hang out, go bowling, eat food, and later play video games all in one place.

Nat Bianca

Came on a date night with my hubby and had so much fun. The bar and food was pricey but good. Their burgers were a little bland for me. It's nice set up though

Carmin Estrada

The people that work at this place are thieves! Literal robbers. They will try to nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING! I unfortunately bought a Groupon and didn’t realize the fine print of “all sales are final” but when I say NEVER again! I mean it! Filthy place, the food was cold and the lines were ridiculously long with only 1 rude front person doing the check in. Definitely check out other places in the area before resorting to this place. Would of gave it 0 stars but it wasn’t an option.

Liz Inman

Really nice upgrades! Dont play the giant claw machine in the arcade it's totally rigged!

Brittnay Glover

Sunday Funday at Bowlero, the perfect date night!

Gavin Jackson

A little overpriced for two people for two games including shoes. I payed almost $40.

Ryan Young

Gets a bit crowded and full of the younger crowd, but had a decent time


Finally getting much needed upgrades. Still not there yet, but certainly showing signs of life with a new bar, arcade, ball retrievers and I was told, digital screens are being put in for entertainment during play. It may be 4 stars if the lanes come through on the final renovations, audio and updates it's bowling lane software.

Glen SRQ

Came in here on Memorial Day. The place has been remodeled and it looks better then before . Light fixtures have been removed and replaced and the place a way better flow. Large added screen that runs all the way across the lanes. New open floor plan for lounge/Bar also remodeled game room for kids . Place looks great . I don't bowl often but of I do its here. Out of all bowling joints on this area this one is top notch! Staff is on par and always there with a smile . Will be back with more friends next time

tiffany dniels

Everything is new and updated and looks fantastic also service was awesome

Nella Gomez

I loved how they remodeled! Will definitely come again!

Sally Payton

Great fun with family, but food too expensive

Jose A Colon

Lovely Place...Clean and Fun to be there. Large enough for little wait for lanes.

naquila gregory

Loved the updated look of this place. It's far better than it use to be. My family and I had a blast.

Mike Marquez

Love what theyve done with the place i hadnt been in over 3 mos and the changes are amazing, nice clean. The still small arcade still accomodates a large group of children which games are affordable and love the "credits" machine where the credits earned for playing can be rewarded instantly. Did i mention full bar?

Tiffani Collins

Looking great with all the updates they've done!!

Damaraliz Cintron

Enjoy your evening or night out with the family or not. Lots of fun, food, drinks, music and more!

Katherine Stufflebean

Staff is very friendly and helpful!

Arjun Kaul

Cool spot for the family or a group of friends or both. Bowling, arcade, food, drinks..

Wesley Rosengart

Very clean bowling alley. Drink prices were very reasonable

Karen Haight

What a mix of chaos and understaffed mayhem. The equipment and the score was broken. It cost us a fortune on Fathers Day. We are all experienced bowlers with our own balls and shoes. And the bathroom....oh my goodness!!!!

Desiree Ramey

You cant control your customers. They have great special but when they do the crowd definitely changes. I would suggest pay a little more to get a less ignorant group on the lanes you. But the remodel and staff are great

ChaseBjamin 167

Great place the machine bugged out on accasions but other than that it was great

Matthew Springer

I have a great time every time I go. The food is better than expected for a bowling alley and drink prices are reasonable. They are currently in the middle of remodeling the location to enhance their arcade and bar. They are open during remodel. The only negative I can say is bowling can get expensive quickly. Generally 4 people with shoes and two games will run around $50.

Jason Pointer

Love the new look. Lots of fun. Great place to bring the family.

Jerry Ingram

Great place!!!?? Now anyways. I seem to recall that this place has changed hands a few times. Well the owners whoever they may be have it down pat now. I think most impressive was the staff in the proshop. The gentleman (his name escapes me) knew his stuff. Had a good selection and was able to take care of all my needs right there without a wait They have really done this place up nice

James Ganske

It was an amazing place however the beer service was slow we waited a whole game

Shatark Bajpai

AMF Bradenton have many lanes so there is no wait time. Place was clean and staff were very responsive and friendly. They keep running offers and prices vary each day... specially on Tuesday prices are very reasonable. My family and friend spent good time and we will definitely visit again. Serve food and drinks.

Julia Stephens

I love to bowl, but it way too expensive. $6.50 per game, and $5.00 shoe rental with tax is outrageous. They have remodeled and it looks real nice, but if they lowered the prices they could pack the house.


Had a great time and the place has been remodelled. Looking good! Soft drink prices are going to the movies high!

Ashton Hanes

So fun, i like going here. Highly recommended

Grammie Grams

My greatgrandson had his 8th birthday there. He and family and friends had a great time bowling, opening gifts, eating and of course his birthday cake. I was amazed at how good those little ones beheaved and how well they bowled. The servers were very kind and the food was enjoyed. It was a great day and was enjoyed by all.

Leo's Place

It was ok. Nothing to write home about.

Mary Shanks

We absolutely love the upgrades, everything looks nice. The price of bowling has increased, but we were fine with that. The food is super expensive- $12.70 for a lemonade and a pretzel. The arcade games are expensive too- $1 minimum to play each game, most are $3-4 for a single play.

Tim Lester

I really like what they've done! So new and clean now on the inside!

Jessie Lugo

Pretty packed due to spring break, but the were pretty accommodating

Angela Donofrio

Upgrades are really nice but way too expensive! $150 for a date night at a bowling alley is crazy! We played 6 games, 1 pizza and a couple beers for 2 people... neveragain! Need better specials on weekends.

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