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REVIEWS OF Bird Bowl Bowling Center IN Florida

Florida Boy74

Had a birthday party here for my nephew and some of his friends. They had an awesome time as well as the parents who stayed for the party. There were other kids having birthday parties there around the same time as my nephew was having his. I thought the staff did a great job with keeping all the parties entertained and involved with there game activities!!!!!

James Korge

Really cleaned up since I was there a few years ago. Nice bar section, fun arcade games. Great spot for a chill night out

Laurent Mercier

I grew up with bird bowl and it continues to be my number 1 bowling spot for family fun!!! I highly recommend anyone to pass on by.

carlosmiami drone

Great place for family bowling. It's a fun place.

Mott Marvin Kornicki

Fun for everyone - when was the last time you went bowling?


Very good place to bowl lots of different offers but im just saying that be there on time because that place is super packed everyday

Jessenia Arias

we have bring coming here for years but tonight was the worst experience in a family outing , we came for a birthday celebration and were treated extremely rude by the security who begin telling us racist remarks, and management was worst than the staff. Our night was ruined by people who have no business dealing with customers, theres plenty of bowling alleys in Miami if you dont want to ruin your experience DO NOT COME HERE EVER !!!!!

Crystal Rantin

Love bowling love the place but bartender suck and are rude nd will try you I got 1 drink went back get another tried to charge me more when I literally just got same drink then realized it and was like oops gave me the actual price

Young J

Really good prices and fun crowd. Music is great although slightly loud. Good options for drinks and food available. The arcade is decent as well. Conveniently located with plenty of parking available. Good place for friends to bowl

Charlemagne Paulino

Can be filled with pro competitors having tourneys during the week...can get packed... arcade is fun... kids can get prizes with tickets won

Amina Sheikh

I went today on Jan. 2nd with my boyfriend and they charged us 30.95 for an hour instead of the advertised 1.50 per game on "Wacky Wednesdays" which was today. The front desk attendant said she wouldn't honor it. I feel taken advantage of as a customer with their false advertising that was THEN shown on the big screens when we were bowling.

Sandy B

Omg it's ok if you're 15 or 17 but full of youngsters and took forever

Jess Fernandez

Can't wait for the new area to be opened! Love going and watching my good friend that's on a league bowl! Super fun times! And of course playing pool with my friends is definitely a plus!

Rossie Pa

Atmosphere was great, they should turn off the lights at night maybe like at 9 and put some music that would be awesome besides that everything is great, love the remodeling that they are doing

Asis Cummings

Good times like ole times

Elena C.

Always have a good time. The staff is friendly and whether you're playing bowling or pool there's plenty of good equipment to use. I'd say it's a little expensive but pretty much the only bowling alley in town either way. At night they do a fun lights out disco show and have big projectors to play sports games. They have food trucks outside and a full bar inside.

Yoilán Fimia León

Great Latin boiling club.

Tato Seguro

I went there on the last weekend. The place is nice. But the atmosphere not too much at least this past weekend. Some people do not respect the personal space, and there is not too much between lanes You share the tables and balls feeder. What gets me upset was people taking ball from another lanes. Like there wasn't enough of the size I and the rest was using (at least in my area) and not respect at all from those people. Management should take this on account to guarantee the good experience of their customers.

Alex Garcia

Been bowling here since the 90s. Went last Saturday at 8pm and there was only a 5 minute wait

Henry P

It was great, good food, fun and great customer service.

Jennifer Vega

Fun! Nice atmosphere. Good food.

Yainel Hernandez

I personally love this place. It's overly popular so you gotta know when it's best to go... Wednesday is their cheapest day yes, however expect the wait to be up to 2 hours. I don't see that as a negative though just how it is, work around it, call in advance. I like to go almost every week with work friends or family. Good bonding time and everyone loves a win lose situation

Luca Zini

Wanted to order a tonic water for my pregnant wife and the bartender, Daniela, refused to sell it to me claiming it wasn’t possible. I then ordered a gin and tonic asking for the gin to be in a separate glass and she refused. The manager was called and he approved the separation of gin and tonic. I reminded the manager that rules aside the attitude of the bartender, Daniela, was unprofessional and “rotten”. She threw the drinks on the counter with any consideration of customer care. This is my first and last time coming here. Whoever is in charge here should be ashamed. Dr. Zini

Melany Castro

It was super fun it has the kids area that has machines for kids to play with also adults can play I loved it.


We're visiting family in Florida from Texas. A mist all the things and attractions we've seen since coming to Florida, this place was one of the top highlights. I see some people made some comments about the food - we thought the food was great; we had the Mozzarella sticks, wings, and chicken tenders. Bowling was great, arcades was fun for the kids. We wanted to try the billiards but had too much fun bowling. Adult drinks were great. Overall we had an amazing time. Good job. A++ this will be on our itinerary next time we're in Florida.

Alberto Navarro

awesome time with my family.

Oscar Villanueva

We had a lot of fun great place to go family friends and on a date

Erick Alvarez

They've made a lot of changes and it looks nice. Although the shoes could be a little bit more comfortable.

Rafael Pais

Thanks so much for th mk 6 on 7t I'm me8

Lilly T

Still a great place after so many years in business. Fairly priced and staff is friendly. Clean environment. After school crowds are overwhelming. However, I'd rather bowl here than at the other over priced places. Value & comfort over Trendy 100%

J. M.

Customer service is not their best attribute however what bothers me the most is the schedule for the Kids Bowl for Free.

Michael Ramos

The beer too experience, but everything else was wonderful

Marlene Henry-Allende

Great time!

RGB orbit

It wasn't too bad just near the end our booth kept crashing

Ahmed Guevara

Kind staff and great environment.

Paul Hernandez

Great time for friends and family

ONIX Swayy

Pretty fun place, if you want to go bowling this place is the best place for bowling. At 8 o'clock theres a DJ and you can name songs you want the DJ to play

Fares Alzahrani

Great place to have fun with your friends

C Mac

Great family fun, i usually go at times to avoid the crowds.

Bridgette Turner

Love Bird bowl, great prices... So happy that the dining area is open!

Nick Rodriguez

Can get pretty busy on the weekends but there is almost always an alley open unlike dolphin malls bowling alley where the wait is almost always 1-2 hours. Pool tables are also a great way to have some fun here

Janet Bailie

Always fun! Staff is friendly and the birthday parties are fantastic!

Evan Goins

Great bowling experience especially at night when they put down the projector screens and all the fun lights. Currently they are remodeling one of the bars and kitchen. They still have one bar open on the west side of the building. They also have an arcade room and billiards room. I've been coming to bird bowl since I was a kid and I've never had a bad experience

Gilly Kidd

This place is amazing and so are the food trucks outside. You must go to this place if you ever get the chance!

Ntiago 92

Cool place to hang out with friends.

Elias Kawa

The oldest and longest running bowling alley in Miami. Service is average but very friendly staff. Definitely recommend this place to come with family and friends.

Olga Cao

Full disclosure...I am old... been bowling hundreds of times.. but it's been awhile. However, I found the whole experience at bird bowl underwhelming. I remember being able to rent shoes and you should get little disposable socks free. Don't expect that but at least sell them at the counter.. but no..I have to get them from a vending machine that only takes cash! No worries says the "helpful" cashier we have an ATM.. so I spend $3 extra in ATM fees to buy $.50 socks that cost $3. RIPOFF. Never again bird bowl...I just wanted to take my kids bowling not participate in highway robbery! Also customer service is deplorable.

Maria M

Nice location to spend time with family and kids. The place is nice and they are adding upgrades and renovations. Unfortunately, the staff at the front desk ruins it. We asked for lanes away from the construction noise and the girl at the register had the worst attitude. She was not helpful with the lane change or the shoes. She was so bothered she sent us to a lane that was in use by another family. Unfortunately the lack of customer service and disrespect from the cashier ruined the mood of the outing.

Lisette Alba

I love all the upgrades they have made so far with the restaurant area. I had a great time playing with my coworkers and my kids today.

Jose Zayas

I love going here with my family we have a lot of fun! The place is even nicer after they did the remodeling they did and the staff is always nice! The place gets very very full and sometimes it's hard to get a spot but I like that they always have deals going on!

Joseph Palomino

Excellent place to have a great time...!!!


Rent the lane per hour on Sun AM. Affordable, no service / staff problems and clean sitting area, lanes and BATHROOMS!

Asim Nabi

Amazing place for pool and bowling This is one of the best and nearest place from FIU for playing pool and bowling. On weekends the place is full of people, the service and charges are pretty normal and the ambience is overall good for gaming. I enjoyed it a lot. The bowling arena is huge and full of people on weekenda

Andrew Hernandez

This place is great especially with all the remodels. The only thing is the outdated bowling system. Kept breaking down on us.

Kirspy Kreme

Had an amazing night was the best bowling place I've been to yet.


This place has the potential to have 4 or more stars however they need to work on a few things. For starters, the bowling line our group was assigned to didn’t seem to be working right. It keep resetting or restarting your turn after first shot. Staff is young and green. The food is ok, not bad or yummy. The shoes I was given at first had holes in the them. The arcade area has a lot of games but they are all incredibly pricey! Otherwise the place is clean and has decent restrooms. They also play good music.

Mark Hedgemond

Great place for family Fun

Harry Castrillo

I had a great time, playing bowling and pool, only problem is when they use those different lights, in the bowling alley, it's easy to get distracted.

Lisa Francois

This was my first time at this bowling alley on an employee outing and I fell in love!!! Unfortunately the restaurant was under renovation but they had that covered. A food truck was outside for convenience and comfort. The customer service was great and my drinks had me lit!!! I'm going back with my boys.

Laurita Olortegui

Nighttime bowling here is always a lot of fun. They have a billiards room. Ladies nights. The arcade is fairly priced. Lanes are not super tight like at other bowling spots. Also it's in a great location, you have a bar/cafeteria next door. A Reys pizzeria across the street. Free parking. Bring your own shoes and save about $3.50

Alex Padron

Awesome Service and Atmosphere!!

Joyce Tacecru

Great place with good ambience! They are doing some renovations, so it looks that the place will get even better! Our host Stephanie was amazing and will be definitely be coming back.

Andres Cantillo

We went on Wednesday night for $1.50 per game per person plus shoe rental of $3.95. When we got our lane, we said we had 5 adults and 3 children so we got 2 lanes. We split the kids on one lane and the adults on the other lane. While the adults were in the middle of playing game two the lane turned off. I went to the front desk the woman in front said that because we did not split equally the amount of players between lanes that it took time off the adults finishing up the second game. She said she was not able to do anything so that annoyed me because they should have explained that from the beginning. The food was good but a bit overpriced for the quantity of food. Overall the experience was alright except for not explaining about splitting people equally.

Alberto Pocaterra

Great place. No queue. Good food. Perfect for birthdays and family fun

Tarannum Islam

A great place for family bowling and discount on wacky Wednesday. Easily visible from afar with bowling decorations.There's food trucks outside and inside there is restaurant and drinks are also served. They try and make it look like a disco after 8 pm. Bowling shoes cost 4 dollars to rent. They have variations in price during the whole week best too keep their price list in hand for offers.

Dani Yunis

Very well kept bowling, Staff Great, system and food great, music iandvlighting gives a fun feeling, music louder than I like .. overall 9/10

Alayne Yeash

Clean and good food choices.

jose puron

Great experience here. The staff is very friendly. The food is incredibly good and made very quickly. It is normally crowded but with over 40 lanes everyone can bowl and not have to wait. For the most part the experience is great. The beer is a bit over priced and so is the hard liquor but hey it's Miami. Ten dollar beer night is what were known for.

Glen Ramjattan

Very good experience, very friendly staff

Stone Anoint

Excellent place to hangout!!! Super professional staff, warm and polite!!!!

Luis Leon

Great place to play pool and to go drinking. Nice place to relax and eat some food.great place to enjoy yourself.


great bowling and pool tables, the service sucks though


Great family fun.

Suren Seetal

Great place to come bowling an or shoot pool anytime of the day! Has a nice crowd of people, music, and drinks too. It tends to get packed, so be patient.


Great place to bowl with your kids.

Osvaldo Monduys

Good quality time with friends and family

Alexander Hughes

Miami, you all need to hand out at Bird Bowl! They have great full size lanes unlike another bowling alley in Miami. They have a new bar and food area. I support my local bowling alley!!!

Ronald Valdes

A complete ripoff ..go to spares way nice and cheaper.. 2 lg pizzas $37.. as soon as your game ends there's already new people on your lane so you can't play another game in the same lane.

Vidal Sainz

Great place to go bowling. Much cheaper than those trendy places and easier to get a lane.

Jair Nuno

Good family experience! Went there with son during the week and we had a great time. I know on weekends it can be a little busy.

Marla Reyes

Best place, over price but good

Andy Rodriguez

Great place to take the kids

John Fernandez

Very clean, well lighted, excellent family atmosphere, excellent security, also customer service.

Shiony Solis

Fun place to get with family and friends

Carlos R

We had a great time!

Andrea Baez

Be aware of time planning, it took us almost 45 minutes to get a lane... But apart from that it's a good option to have some fun

Greg McClendon

Love the remodel. Craft beers are wonderful.

Cynthia Connor-Urbina

Great family fun!!

Esther Cooper

Great environment for the entire family. It has a lot of lanes, food and drinks. It was so much fun

Andre Gay

I really enjoed myself. I must come more often


It's the last relic of a bygone era on bird road this used to be the farthest building on bird road in the 60s/70s. It needs never to shut its doors and must be kept open at all costs. This is the classic spot to go if you want to be or to continue your "Miamian" status. You must come here atleast once in your lifetime whether you're visiting or living here. Go atleast once for the pool hall or let your kids hangout in the old school vibing videogame hall (it's small) or hit the 50 lanes they have for all your bowling pleasure

Colleen Mathis

They have the best lanes!

Alex Duran

I've never had a bad experience at bird bowl. The staff is always professional and helpful.

Reuven Lefkowitz

Went with a camp, we all had a good time.

Jo Gonz

Bird Bowl is one of the best. It's almost always packed but if you go early in the morning you will enjoy the fun of bowling. The bar has a wide variety of alcohol


Lots of fun for a family outing. Bowling, arcade, and more.

Richard I

It got alot of activities and games!

Antonio Daniel

It's ok for bowling but old and not upgraded since way back! The newer bowling centers around Miami have a better ambiance and better seating and dining! If you only care about bowling then go here.

Nimbus Gaming

Terrible experience. Staff was super rude. They were no help. We were waiting in line for hours to have our spot get skipped by family members of that staff. Never going back. Any other bowling place is better than this one.

Santiago Montoya

Great experience, although it's a bit pricey on Friday nights.

Maurice Cortes

Had a great time with good friends of mine

Egbert Peter

Such a fun place to go bowling. There aren't many family friendly places like this so very nice to be able to go with children

Rommel Guerra

Jeff gebhart (operations manager) was absolutely Rude about trying to let me use the kidsbowlfree promo, after 3 years coming to the same place, using the promo in summer and also coming as a regular every Wednesday night. I feel very disappointed and upset about the way this manager treat regular customer.

Juan Lopez

Cool place for the family !

Orlando Marquez

Very nice place. Good ambiance good staff and always fun

Diuvert Rovira

It was good had a blast with the kids

Darin Mislow

Great for kids birthday party.

Dione Price

Glow bowling late night!

Jae Treats

This was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had literally . I have been going here since 2012 and I’m not sure if they’ve changed management but this was by far the worst . From the moment we walked in the security was harasssing us about bringing outside food but keep in mind the place doesn’t even have a kitchen. After going back and forth with the security he finally decided to leave us alone we started our game but that didn’t stop the security from following us and watching us after 30 mins into our game he sends someone over there to tell us that we can’t have 8 people on lane mind you I’ve NEVER had this problem anytime I came but the every other lane around us had 8 people . I came here for my birthday and it was the worst day ever not to mention the manager was very nonchalant .

B Em

The atmosphere and DJ were fun. Great music. I would say go more or less after you ate so you wont be so hungry and be forced to eat there. Families can bring their children but be aware some children were walking in front of other bowling lanes with no parental supervision. That can be a hazard. Other than that the food and drinks did not look appealing but for 62 dollars we played for 2 hours which is not bad. I love that you have so many options of bowling balls to choose from. Shoe rentals were like 5 bucks for a pair. Bring socks when you go DO NOT FORGET. They do turn off the lights and have lots of lazers and loud music after dark which I like but if you arent into that its suggested to go a bit earlier on. The arcade looks really cool. It looks upgraded and probably a little pricey.

Nicolas Webley

Good food and fun. They had a surprisingly diverse and entertaining arcade.

David Balderas

A little dated but loads of fun

Edwin Loubriel

It was a fun experience. The staff was all very friendly and nice. The bowling center was very clean as well. We had a great time there and definitely recommend it as a family fun day. We will be going there again soon!

Latoya McCray

Great place to have fun with friends and family the food is great as well and there is even a bar with great drinks

Alex Lozano

The best time to go is during the weekdays when it's $6 a game because during the weekend the prices almost quadruple. If you are feeling hungry it would be best to eat before going because the food is not worth the price it's sold at. And don't be too surprised if the bowling ball you use is covered in dents and scratches.

Chris Babcock

This is a really cool place, fairly clean and well run. Busy place, so call ahead on a busy night.

Daniela cancio

They have improved quality but the pricing are some high ,but a good place for family and kids

Desiree' Perez

Great place for family fun

Tony Perez-Pinon

Fun, fun, place.. Like going with friends and family.


A family place to have healthy fun. Big and small people, parents and children. There they sell pizza, hot dogs, chicken wings, sodas and beers. We recommend it!

Eric Cahill

Great family and friends kind of place. A great mix of old and new school. Plenty of bowling lanes, pool tables, and nicely renovated bars.

james nall

Great place to bowl on full size lanes. Best bowling alley for kids. Many places are sizing down to smaller lanes to fit in small areas but this place is dedicated to bowling and very family friendly. I have taken many of my camps here and have always had a good experience

Anthony Rivera

Great experience. Haven't gone in about 2 years. Went for my nephews birthday and my family had lots of fun. The new lounge looks great and the wings taste way better than before. Great job guys!


Nice normal bowling place. Cool birthday parties. The pizza is too small for children though but you get a DJ and a bowling pin to keep for others to sign

Stephany Cuellar

Bird bowl is a good place to bring the family or co workers the prices are usually good and there's a bar. There's a lot of stuff to do there it is a little old and a lot of parts are under construction. There is usually a different deal every week so keep an eye on that the weekdays at night are usually the cheapest times. The arcade is pretty small used to be bigger. If you are coming DONT FORGET YOUR SOCKS or you will have to buy some from them.

Alejandro Marcos

Overall the bowling was great but the drinks were very over priced. $30 pitchers of Margaritas is steep for a Monday at a bowling alley.

Nory Gonzalez

Great family place. We have the family package and the “kids bowl free” summer program. This how we can afford going throughout the summer with the kids. Eat before going or plan to after. The food isn’t the best for kids. Lots of arcade games extra $$.

Samantha Alvarez

It's a great place to group up with friends, or go on a bowling date (which I did and beat my boyfriend) and just relax. There's a small arcade too to play your typical arcade game, and a pool room to play pool. There's an open bar (Which is under supervision to ensure minors' safety). It isn't high-maintenance, but it's still standing.

Messengerof Wrath

My favorite place to take my son. Getting a little expensive though

Taranetha Jones

Awesome field trip. Very organized.

Kevin Morrissey

Worst bowling alley for league bowlers and actual bowlers in general. The GMUSBC deserves so much better then this awful house. Miami needs another bowling alley badly

Cassie Steiner

Great place. Wish they served food though.

Aldo Massardi

Reasonable prices, a lot of lines. Friendly staff.

Eric Castaing

Great experience! Went to the arcade while waiting to get a lane and the worker in the arcade was super helpful. Bowling was fun and the family enjoyed it ! Definitely going again soon.

Carmen Miranda

GREAT had a wonderful time thank you

ari s

Classic bowling alley, with all the frills. Everything you would expect, a restaurant, bar, and arcade in the facility. Everything was clean, easily accessible and the staff has been friendly both times we have gone. We have been there during the day and it is very readable pricing and we were one of few groups there at that time.

Dino Wilmot

Nice place to hang out

lourdes morales

The food we ordered was amazing! It was all very fresh,and cooked to perfection.renovations look great❤

Mike Browning

Lots of fun! Nice. Updated. Did not get to check out pro shop

Sarah Nicole

A two hour wait in the middle of the weekday with nowhere to sit. You have to be 21+ to sit by the bar or at a table near the bar area. Ridiculous. The lanes themselves are great but there needs to be a seating area inside the building.

Harley Foust

Granddaughters birthday party. It was great.

Allen Tapanes

Fun fun fun. Love the Music.

Loigrand De Angelis

Great fun... perfect place to play bowling and other games like pool and arcades.. it is up to date with technology and overall the equipments including the balls are in good shape.. the food it is so so, but good enough, at the end you dont go there to eat. :)

Cristian Huarte

Wow. How things have changed. They serve no food. No drinks. Only alcoholic beverages! And this is a "Family atmosphere." I had to spend $7.50 on three 18 oz bottles of Pepsi on their vending machines since they also do not allow drinks from the outside food truck vendors they had in front. Had fun besides that. The lanes were in good conditions. Going somewhere else next time.

Daniel Iglesias

You can't beat Bird Bowl past 9pm the games are very cheap and you have a great time playing bowling Wednesdays

jose lavernia

Great service and food was great. Had a blast.

Larry Blue

Adult bar, CLEAN, Super friendly. Stop wondering and come enjoy!!!!

Marisa Cruz

I just went there with my family and they blatantly didn't allow my daughters support dog. I have been living here all of my 56 years and will NEVER go to Bird Bowl again. We proceeded to go to Chuck E Cheeses and they ALLOWED our dog inside. Bye bye BB!

Lino Castro

Nice place to bowl and after 9:00 pm it become almost a disco.

vianessa andion

family friendly ,I found it really cheap in comparison with other bowling places and they also have good promotions during the weeks!

Ignacio Bellomo

Chill atmosphere, mostly go to shoot pool. The table is about $10 an hour which is a great price. The arcade has some games to choose from, at least while you wait for a lane to open up if you're bowling. I've had a great time every time I've visited.

Sandra Gibson

It was great! Group of 10 was $110 including shoes. There's billiards, big kids' play area, a bar, and good pizza.

brian herring

It's under construction but still lots of fun. Be warned if you have rewards saved they won't work there system is down . We had free game and shoes and weren't able to redeem.

Deese Rodriguez

They've revamped a little. So much fun! Food is pretty good. AC doesnt work well on one side of building, so we were really hot!! Definitely a good time.

Nicolas Lecat

Cheap and dirty... Perfect

Luis Diaz

Best place to play with family &friends will come back.

Daniel Gomez de la Vega

Super bien atendido. Excelente staff. AS all bowling alleys should be...

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