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REVIEWS OF Basement Miami IN Florida

C Price

Super cool place but it comes with a South Beach price tag for sure. Amazing interiors and aesthetic. Not a huge place in terms of boiling or skating but we got serviced right away. Def. Going back

Maciej Salaga

Come here if you like electronic music. Nice interiors and big dance floor. We had a lot of fun.

Alex Granier

Fun place with a chic bowling alley and skating rink. Dance chill and play around.

Aurora Vintilescu

My favorite club in Miami! Me and my girlfriends had so much fun dancing,bowling and ice skating, all in one place. The staff was great, the drinks were good (they had herradura reposado, which is not that easy to find) and the place generally very instagrammable :)

Antherson Hilaire

Spencer S

Drinks, skating, and bowling were all pretty ridiculously priced considering this isn't a top tier club. Also saw bouncers kick out a seemingly sober man who was getting shoved by two very drunk guys twice his size, and then shake hands with one of the big guys who was bullying him. Bouncers are obnoxious enough already, doesn't help that they're friends with the rowdy beligerant regulars. Their beer selection was pretty laughable too. I'm glad I checked it out but I would not go again or recommend to anyone else.

elvis james

Allie H

Black Light bowling alley, arcades and night club. Beware of ridiculously expensive drinks!

Alberto Cantor

You must go to Basement at least once. It's fun, eclectic, and if lucky, you'll get an awesome crowd.

Paula Hernandez

Location is great! Drinks are a expensive but what can you expect. The music and ambiance is great + bartenders were very attentive. Great place to go with friends but it's always better if you have a table.

Jayvone Johnson

Scott Nazarian

Great Old School Vibe if you're looking for 80's/90's beats



Erkan Erdem

Young J

The ice rink and bowling sets it apart. Good music too

Brandon Cooke

Great Djs and Good drinks

Marco Roca

Pretty unique space with a nightclub, bowling, and an ice-skating rink. Don't drink and skate!

Salvatore Di Bari

Becky Curran Kekula

I never realized that so many things could fit into one basement. It contains a club, bowling alley, and a skating rink. It can get really crowded but it has a really cool vibe.

ines campos

Great staff! Music and drinks were on point!! And Angelo was amazing when it came to customer service!!

Tamar Kanter

Emre Gumulu

Cesar B

Brendan Raftery

Vari M.

James D

Olga Chernyshova



To say I will never go there again is an understatement. For rich and famous it must be great, but this place is a literal shoe box. Bowling has like 4 lanes, ice skating ring is 30x30 feet and is $30 for 30 min. Drinks are overpriced. My lil glass of margarita was $20, and if you valet your car is $25. Total disappointment.

Amit Ukani

Dope place to party.

Ezra Van

Basement is a good place to go out clubbing when in Miami Beach. It's typically old school hip hop and some 80's but they book DJs that vary so check the calendar. It definitely has a 70's retro feel to it and is a hybrid lounge/dance club that holds about 1000 people. Sound system is good. I live here and go about once a month and always have fun. I recommend it often. The crowd is late 20's to mid 40's and no sneakers, shorts so you should dress it up a little. Nice shoes and dress for girls; nice shoes, jeans, nice shirt for guys. It's very typical of South Beach clubs where: 1. there is a velvet rope so if you wear shorts or look like you didn't shower, you aren't getting in. If you get there between 12-2 you may have to wait a bit 2. drinks aren't cheap (you will pay about $15-$20 anywhere in south beach where there is dancing) 3. it's a little more grown up than a college crowd. It's people on vacation from around the world. 4. if you look like you know what you are doing and are dressed right, you probably aren't paying or waiting in line. Again, this goes for most Miami Beach nightclubs. One thing that people really like about Basement is the club is on one side and the ice rink and bowling alley is on the other so you can hang out there and it is more loungy with a quieter DJ so you can chill and talk if you don't feel like being on the dance floor. It's also much less of a scene/hassle at the door as Liv or Story.

aron lang

How anyone drinks here I'll never know, much smaller venue in person and extremely expensive, 50 dollars for 2 drinks

Rachel Rodgers

A cool place, very friendly staff, need more room to dance though.

vanessa villatoro

We went yesterday (Tuesday )it was dead . The waitres told us to use the bowling we had to spend $150 on drinks.. our billed came to $220 . We were in there for an hour n had a total of 4drinks !!!! Really pricy!!

Saboria Leonard

Great club with great people

Carmen Sandino

This place SUCKS!! Do NOT go here.


Came here with a friend on Wednesday for Ladies night. It is such a cool spot in SoBe. It's one of those places if you have out of town guests or you have never been and you live in South Florida you should check it out. They are located in the downstairs "Basement" level of a hotel. Which is actually Street level as the Hotel is built up on a slope. They have a "pick your entertainment" style feel. You can walk in and see people dressed casual chic or dolled up High Life. You have the choice of bowling, ice staking, lounging, playing arcade games or dancing. It's got enough for each person. The place offers ladies free sluchy Rose drinks until midnight. The place starts getting full around 12:30am. Ladies there is no cover. Not sure about the gentleman. But I know a guy and if there is anything about Miami it's if you are a gentleman make sure your Girl to Guy ratio of your group is 3-1 at the minimum.

Josh Abbey

Always pretty fun. Go with a girl so you don't have to wait/pay. The dance floor gets super packed, sometimes too much.

Raquel Martinez

Unless you can afford the VIP area, definitely don’t recommend. Cramped space for dancing, hostile staff, and DJs that play the same songs all night. Giving it a star solely based on its location.

Justin Jennings

had a great night

Harold Worthington

Dancing?yes... drinking? skating? Yessss.....bowling? Of course

Christopher Hongosh

Jose Almodovar

Just like every other typical miami beach "night club" not a huge fan.

Leonardo Zapata

A great venue for some fun with the kids ! Everyone is incredibly friendly and & warm! No better place.

Ivan Frank

The club has the "right to close" whenever they please, but they will also sell you an mid-priced cocktail ten minutes before; kicking you out, which forces you to irresponsibility chug your drink or abandon it. The bouncers will also push, shove, and threaten even when on public property; and antagonize you to react - as there's a camera directly over the exit. The one pictured took particular joy in doing so. Looks great in pictures, and books amazing musical talent. You can usually get in for free with even ratios or guestlist. Guys will be wanded and/or padded down (lightly). Street parking nearby. LEAVE BEFORE 2. The nightlife management team, including an alleged "James" - who wasn't sure if he wanted to tell me to come back another time, or never come back - leaves a lot to be desired.

carlos flores

Great experience soon I walk in! Amanda Tur took care of me like family! She show me around and make me feel like I was home ! Going back soon to stay at the Miami edition

Ruby Sloan

The address says collins ave, but you actually have to enter on 39th st. Located in a beautiful hotel. However the bouncer was rude, the bowling alley could be a tad bit bigger. The drinks were ridiculously priced. 1 Hennesy with a lot of cranberry juice was $19....Music was cool. I would not go back!

Rudy Sopher

Joel Fridman

Better not show up hungry, kitchen closes at 10p.

Joseph Cornely

Great atmosphere

Hcs Diverse

Disgusting crew. Racist, not professional, kept lying about manager wont speak English

Jeffrey Frank

Pros: it's great to have a few extra things to do just available, even if you aren't really going to use them. Good vibe for dancing if you like the style of music. Kind of chic hotel meets frat house meets hip hop dance hall. Great crowd even mid week. Quality lighting makes everyone look great on the dance floor. Cons: you probably aren't going to use the bowling or ice skating. They are premium priced and almost too small. Drinks are premium priced without the special touches that make them worthwhile. Acoustics are an issue, with seemingly only a few places that get the right volume and everything else too loud. Three stars because it's fantastic if you know just what you are getting into, and it's a bit oversold otherwise. The hotel above it is worth a look on its own.

Ryan Frandsen

Miami HEAT. Surreal white hotel lobby, down into the blast furnace.

Rita Roach

This place is amazing great music good atmosphere

Kashien Latham

Very laid back atmosphere. Perfect ambiance for a date

Doctor Lockmsith

Extremely bad , racist crew , lying about manager wont speaker English

Fabiola De Armas

Great atmosphere, music, and activity selection

Vigdis Pettersen

Expencive drink and unfriendy Staff.

Armando Rossi

Tasnova Ahmad

Lisa Wright

Riccardo de E

Andres Loredo

Worst club in Miami, people treat you like nothing even if you get a table. Avoid it

Larry J


May Thu

I am extremely disappointed by the service I received from this club. I went out on a Friday night with about 18 people and the only people the bouncers denied to let in into the club were my four Burmese friends and me. We all brought our valid IDs issued from our countries and we weren't allowed to enter the club. My other friends, who happen to be from Italy, and other European countries, also presented their national IDs and were allowed in. I am extremely awed by how the bouncers treated me and my Asian friends and would go far enough to call it racism. I'm extremely, extremely disappointed by this club.

Ludmila Machado

Dinesh Rai

Nice club !! Nice crowd



The employees were extremely rude and unwelcoming. You do not get the service you pay for. They either need to hire more workers or retrain them. In regards to the crowd, the lines were uncontrolled and they were clearly letting in high schoolers/people under 21. The architecture itself is very innovative - the bowling alley and ice skating rink was an interesting idea. My recommendation is to start scanning IDs because that will weave out the children and also change the atmosphere.

Berny Lam

It's different great security

Lloyd Lucas

Very expensive drinks, venue get filled pretty quickly. The bowling alley and ice skating ring are pretty gimmicky. Young crowd, dress code is very casual, I don't see this place being popular for long.

lor Gir

Brian Minarovich

Had a good time fron what i remember


cutty brown

axelia ailexa

Really unique club. They had a skating rink and bowling alley inside. But what I like the most was the music and crowd. They played hiphop/r&b music. Also Its not like most upscale club with no one really dancing and pretentiously having fun.

Victoria Brambilla

The only reason I am not giving it one star is because I had gone to Basement with my friend about three Fridays in a row because there was never a huge line and it was simply a blast in there. However, about 3 weeks ago, I went out with three friends (one girl and two men). We were 23, 22, 21 and 21 years old. I had to show them my FL license + passport + credit cards to prove it was me on my ID, mind you, I am a 22 year old woman. After I walked in, one of the 21 year olds' ID would not work on the scanner and so they started to yell at him to get out. Of course, they had made sure to check the IDs AFTER the two guys had each paid the $20 cover. We asked for them to call an officer so they could confirm my friend was indeed 21 years of age and they refused. I asked to speak to the manager and once he came, the bouncer did not even give me a chance to speak and said "those girls are trying to get in some underage kid" and the manager himself grabbed us both and threw us out telling us to, and I quote, "GET THE F**K OUT." I understand that underage drinking can be a huge issue for nightclubs, but that is why we had asked for them to call an officer since they have the ability to verify my friend's age. After being treated this way, I will not go back to Basement. I was yelled at, insulted and accused of engaging in illegal activities. I even tried to call the next Monday to get my friends' money returned (the $20 they had paid on cover), saying I could scan them their passports or any documents they need but they never called me back. If you happen to go there, make sure you bring fingerprints, a blood sample and a birth certificate.

Plug ties ENT

Jonathan Guez

Cool place. Drinks are very pricey, and the lanes weren’t oiled or something so it felt like the balls kept guttering. Either that or I got worse haha. I dig the vibe and having televisions playing sports is a big plus. Worth visiting.

Vy Nguyen

Fun place, bowling is great before 11pm ($50) but after that it's too expensive ($300+). Ice skating seems fun too. Music is nice, but not a lot of space to dance and people don't really dance that much either. Drinks are mid range in terms of price.

Drew Martinez

Great ambience and a fun location! Also loved their music at night

Greg Mccaster

Randy Luddy

Great sound system and lights. Percent sized club.

Ev Delen

Nightclub and bowling alley in the basement of the Miami Beach Edition Hotel. Crowd was upscale and well dressed. Music was good and sound system had excellent bass. Bartenders weren't the friendliest but were suitably efficient. Decore was modern and nice, well thought out and consistent throughout venue.

Amanda Schwank

All the workers were super chill and the DJs were playing good music. Went on a Saturday night.

me and my family

Rebeca S

O V E R P R I C E D.

Nishant Saxena

Madelaine Soler

marius george

Staff was nice , good place , good drinks

Heidi Familia

One of the best venue for old school hip hop music with new school swag

Ashley Burks

Love this place! Great venue! Love their bowling alley and ice skating rink! Super cute!

Ralph Raphael

Hidden treasures of Miami

Davontae Chapman

Amazing place I don't know where to start the ladies

shena epps

There are two sides to have a good time

clare keller

Wasnt for me.

carlo fava

Thomas Reesbeck

Cristina Tenaglia

Very cool place! Versatile space offering a real club space versus a more quiet bar overlooking a bowling alley. Ice skating rink is a fresh offering and crowd is a balanced mix in terms of age and styles.

Jordan H

Went on a Saturday. Drinks are not very good and overpriced for not being very good. Almost $20 for a mixed. Didn't bowl but the ice skating is a joke. I realize this isn't a professional place but the ice hadn't been redone in forever and the skates were terrible and missing hooks for the laces. The music was disappointing. I'm not sure how they can claim to have DJs when all I heard was a Top 40 YouTube mix from the last decade. My SoundCloud playlist would have done a better job. One waitress at the bar next to bowling served one of my friends and then my other friend tried to order when she got her drink but the bartender said the bar was closed. Rude. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this place. It's overly-pretentious what it actually offers.

Jeff McSpadden

Luigi Saggese

Megan Hunstad

James Gibbons

A unique nightlife spot in Miami with bowling and ice skating right in the club; always a good time.

Саша П

(Translated by Google) Login $ 20, $ 17-34 cocktails. A bit crowded but the atmosphere is fun. (Original) Вход 20$, коктейли 17-34$. Тесновато но атмосфера весёлая.

David Oxford

Jonathan Gimenez

I got kicked out with my wife for throwing the check at the bartender after making me pay for drinks that where not how I ordered them. The manager came out saying that the club would buy a drink for mis having without returing the $130 wasted on drinks without trying even them. The drink they invited us to was lemonade. Did he laugh at us? I been to this club 20 times and wasted lots of money. We are done. Dont go.

Mohammad Mostafavi

It is a pretty nice club, but it mostly designed for groups. If you have one night in Miami and you are by yourself (like me), it is not the best place for you.

Shukail Al Shukaili

Aleksandra Kudryashova

mc sky

Ladies skate for free on Wednesday, great Djs, great staff in general. king combs slid on the random. accommodated my ♿ thats a major

Katelyn Roland

Absolutely ridiculous that Basement Miami charged for tap water. I asked for tap water and was told it was $8. I even had a free drink voucher ticket, but the bar tenders would only take the voucher for well drinks. The Licensing Act requires any restaurants serving alcohol to give customers free tap water. This place deserves a zero rating for not abiding by the Licensing Act. Not allowing people who are drinking free water could result in alcohol poisoning or even worse.

Paul Huberts

Hector Soto

Fun place!

Ronnice G

Tarja Singh

I had a blast !

Simran Emerald

I don’t usually do these kinds of things but I’m not giving one star to the basement because the basement is amazing but there is this one club promoter named Greg who was completely sexist, discriminative, and rude, it was 2 of my best friends birthdays and we were told by our hotel that once we pay 40 to 60$ we get the awesome activities, unlimited drinks, and then the club. Greg didn’t give us the time of day.... he let women who didn’t even pay into the club, he disregarded me and my friends who were one of the first people at the location and it sucks because it was their 21st birthday and this was something special to them. I don’t recommend getting assisted by this man and if you do.......I’m sorry!

Official Malika

Fun spot to go bowling! Love the neon lights! It can get pretty packed in here on busy nights! Prepare to be shoulder to shoulder when you go!

Lashon Green

Nice place to have a good time

Rodriquez Perry

Definitely not for broke people lol! But very nice place best i ever been to to be honest with celebs galore walking around!

Hillary Lam

Cool ice skating rink, definitely needed to be zambonied


Samay Shah

Philippe Napoleon

Notgoing ToTell

Super cool club idea, with ice skating ring and bowling alley.

Lisi Curley


Heydi Lainez

Andres Cacciamani

Awesome spot! Club, bowling alley and ice skating rink. We went ice skating at $30 for half an hour its a bit steep but worth trying once, especially with the great music that was playimg. Next time definitely going to try to get some bowling. Had a bourbon orange slushy drink, which was surprisingly really good! I definitely recommend checking this place out on a Fri or Sat night

Danny Aldecoa

Stanley Fowler

Sandy Angela

(Translated by Google) Super cool place (Original) Endroit super cool

Mohammad Eslamipour


Dommy B

Fun place to bowl and get drunk

Sergio Ladino

Dipika Mouli

Daniela Urbina

One of the worst experiences I have had at a Miami beach Lounge/ club to date. A group of friends and I decided to try this place out on a Saturday night since it is a new, different, hip spot. Who wouldn't want to go listen to some good music and have the choice to ice skate and bowl? I should have known it would not end well once we showed up and there was a herd of people waiting to get in. I have never been shoved so many times BEFORE getting into a club. After 25 minutes of waiting and pushing and shoving, we finally entered only because one of my friends had already entered the club. The males in the group had to be a cover of $20, the females went straight through. Once we entered the actual spot, I thought things would look up... Wrong again. The place was overcrowded with the rudest people. Of course there was even more pushing and shoving, barely any room to even enjoy the music. Drinks? Forget about it, $20 for a mixed drink and $9 for a beer. My friend had a drink spilled on her TWICE because there was barely any room to move. Definitely not a place I would recommend for people coming from out of town unless they want to see the ugly side of Miami. Never again.


it's lit but the dance space is limited

Obed Salazar

Very expensive, $50 an hour, and they charge you an automatic %20 gratuity on the whole bill which includes the $50 bowling. Seriously!?... $10 tip off the top for what exactly? The lanes are terrible and make the most sound I've ever heard when the balls drop. The music was low and generic.

Khira Holloway

Went there for my sister's birthday and we had SO much fun. I'd definitely go back to try my luck at the ice skating and recommend it to everyone

Fania Narcisse

Really fun place to go. The music is a really good mix by djs.. there's lots to do like take pictures at their cool photobooth for free and send the 4 pics out of 6 that you like to your email, bowling, clubbing, and playing pool. Mixed crowd but still fun!

Enrique Nodarse

Very cool place with an ice skating rink and a couple of bowling lanes.

The Blondie Alejandra Ciss

Eric Schorr

Ali Ahmed

So much to do

Rubensly Severe

It was lit

Adam Burke

Bowling was way to expensive

Fernando Vargas

Leo Ehrlich

Brought a smile on my face

Kevin Jacques


I think we went on the wrong day!!!! This place was fun for the wrong reasons. We had pre drank so we were all ready for a party however when we got there, it was a bowling alley with very few people dressed up like us. We laughed away and took loads of pictures of the deco - which to be fair was really nice. If we was not in heels perhaps we could have played a game of bowling or so but I’m sure we had gone on the wrong day! Oops! ( I think it was a Sunday).

Rowan Pritchard

The club is ok. The DJ is generally pretty bad, playing pop music for 10 seconds and then switching tracks - be more original DJ! Has some cool areas to chill as well and is not too expensive.

Gigi laf

Damian Alberti

Very cool spot. Ice skating, bowling, pool table and an intimate club...what else can you ask for. Just come ready to spend money as the drinks will run from $20-25 a piece.

doran richardson

Great party atmosphere

Deondra Greene

Jackie Times

I had a great time here. I could dance a lot, because the music was soooo great. They play R&B n hiphop on fridays. Danced so much, I jumped on the sofa, on the stage. It was awesome, had a blast! The space is big, with different things to do: pool, bowling, sky, but I mostly danced a lot.

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