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REVIEWS OF Forest Hill Lanes IN Delaware

Joseph Wisniewski

Had my son birthday party there. It was nice and fun

nikki chavis

Decent prices and the food was good. There was kid friendly music. There's a restaurant attached that sells drinks and seafood. Yiu have to leave the drinks inside but they let you leave it and come back to it.

John Steadman

This bowling alley has been problematic for many years. I first want to address their description: "modern bowling alley with high-tech amenities, sofa seating, full-service restaurant & game arcade." This is not exactly true. They are far from modern, though they are in the process of some minor renovations, they have a long way to go. The high-tech amenities mentioned are solely the new touch-screen scoring modules. They also mention sofa seating, there is no sofa seating. Refer to the picture I included below. There is a restaurant that is attached to the alley but what they do not mention online is that you are rarely able to take alcoholic beverages to your lane once they are purchased (this rule seems to be ever-changing, there is no consistency). They will not allow pitchers of beer to leave the restaurant service window. I cannot speak to the game arcade because I have not noticed it. I called the alley on a Thursday around noon to inquire if there would be open lanes later that evening. Surprisingly, I was greeted by a friendly female employee who informed me that they leave several lanes open aside from reserved league lanes, first come first serve basis. Fast forward to Thursday evening around 8:00 PM; I called again to make sure there was in fact open lanes before we drove there. The male employee on the phone told me they had leagues and there was no lanes. I told him that I had called earlier and was told there would be lanes available. He took a pause and then said "we have two open." I told him I was confused as to why he originally said no lanes available then a minute later changed the story and said he had a couple open? He then told me "we just tell people we don't have open lanes because it's league night but I have a couple open." We arrived at the alley and spoke to the younger male employee at the desk. We asked for a lane, he then said "hold on I don't know if we have any," meanwhile I was looking at roughly 8-10 open lanes. He got the attention of another employee who appeared to be a manager. He then asked the manager if we could have a lane, the manager paused and said "yes but we're closing at 10:00 PM." It was only 8:30 PM at that time but the manager made it seem like it was a timing inconvenience. It appears that lane availability depends on the mood of the manager. Moral of the story is that they are dishonest. I do not understand why a business would turn away paying customers other than lazy, incompetent management that does not want to take on extra work. It is even more disappointing to know that this business is owned by the Klein family, I expected better. There needs to be an overhaul in management because their current business practices are very poor.

Jay T

Great food. Decent bowling facility. Good fit a meet up out dinner

Candis b.

The bowling it self was a great time but, if I pay to bowl from 8-10 I should be able to bowl that amount of time. We didn't actually begin bowling until about 8:15 and then at about 9:50 we noticed when we bowled our balls were not be returned back to us so we didn't actually bowl until 10. The check in process was a cluster and the man at the front checking in everyone wasn't very patient. It was my first time being there and though I understand everyone has to be checked in and it must be done efficiently if I don't understand something or have a question don't rush me through or talk to me as if i've been there and should automatically know where to go or what to do. Unfortunately, not that great of a first time experience there.

Brad Ogle

Good family fun! Can be a little expensive. Leagues have all lanes reserved at times, so double check before making plans!

Francis Galczynski

Always fun. Kids always have fun, the pizza is not bad and the soft pretzels are good

Nicole Shields

Rock n bowl is awesome

Doug Hamilton

Well run bowling alley with a full service restaurant attached. They even have a Karaoke night.

Greg Riley

Fun for the kids and adults,bumpers and even a dinosaur to help the younguns roll the ball,also has a bar for the adults i didnt partake but its there if you need it

Steven Ways

Wonderful, as usual. Great food--it keeps bringing us back!

Robert Royster

Food at the restaurant is fantastic and cheap! Who would ever think that one of the better restaurants around would be in a bowling alley? Well it is. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Malcom Wilson

Very annoying tonight. The website says open bowling is open, so we decide to make a night of it. Eat at the Fishermans Catch, which isn't great but is convenient. Had bad service but we looked forward to bowling. We go in, and the bowling alley is closed. It's 7:30 on a Saturday night but they don't open until 11 for bowling? Come on. It's a Saturday night, probably the busiest night and they are closed. Really?! . Update your website.

Curtis Mobuary

Great pro shop. General staff is pretty cool. Lanes are well maintained.

phyllis besold


J Arnett

I mean it's hazy, which is of course needed in order to get the groove on with the Disco lights and lasers and all that, guess it's worth it, whatever they use for smoke has to pass the health and safety inspections so I'm sure it's fine. The music is very loud top 100s songs (I'm fine with that), not quite nightclub or rock concert level, but loud enough that you can't hear the person right next to your speaking at normal volume, this could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences. Food was good from what experienced, fast enough, and surprisingly for me cheaper than I expected, that's subjective though. I would say slightly cheaper to about the same as most other bowling alleys and movie theater type establishments. Gotta say I did get a couple epic strikes in there with a 12 pounder, that's my judge for "ball quality", definitely foolproof. In my childish mind I will always love swivel-ey seats, which unfortunately are missing near the lanes, so no knee bruises and less maintenance probably, but that's that. I'll probably come back.

Ray Perseghin

Great food and friendly people

Mike D

Great food and service as always.

Lauren Davis

Had a lot of fun with the family. Will definitely come back again.

Lt Yeck

Fun place to go bowling.

Ryan Zerbe

Bowling is decent, but have had numerous issues of pins out of sync with what's on the lane on the last frame. Food is bad. Cardboard pizza and frozen microwaved soft pretzels. It's to bad too because they won't let you bring in any outside food for parties and such. They would probably do better if they had better food or let you bring in outside food of some sort.

Derrick Gilbert

Fun lanes...

Karen A Mihalos

I had a great time. The place is clean and everyone was nice.

Michele Reedy

Nice atmosphere. We went around 5 and it was not busy at all. Good price for family fun. Restaurant was great too.

Emily Roberts

It was good

Paul Smith

This is a great place to go bowling.

Michellee LaRocca

Good for open Bowl on Sundays no crowds.

Jon D

Lots of fun, great atmosphere, just don't get the pizza.

Barney Bolt

Great place for a rainy afternoon, the lanes and shoes, etc are un great shape. Kids love when they raise the rails and there is a small pub to get some food or beer. I suggest beer only, food is typical pizza place food.

Elite Power Washing LLC

Had a great time with the family called and reserved a lane for 2 hours we went from 7 + 9 a lot of families were there had a good time food was great

Rick Covert

Fun to go bowling after 25 plus years. Lanes had dips and rolls. House balls are

Brooke Muranko-Gunzelman

Offered food at the lanes as well as restaurant seating. The electronic scoreboard was convenient and had neat little cartoons for different scores. The seats were weird shapes and they don't seem prepared to handle packed nights too well, but the staff was on any issues immediately and the atmosphere was fun.

Duane Duncan

The Food at the Restaurant is Outstanding. .Best Burger anywhere. ...Friendly Waitresses

Nicole Rudderforth

Great family outing.

Shushil Sagar

Kids had lots fun

chris pence

Website said Sunday Special was $30. We get there and they said it was $50 and would not honor the price on their own website. Their excuse was that they do not run their own website and that the price had been changed for months and that we were the first people to bring it to their attention. So I guess it’s my fault? This used to be $25 and charging $50 for 3 people to bowl is ridiculous. Should honor your advertised prices. Have also been here for several birthday parties and staff never seems to care about your business.

Christy borst

My family and I love to bowl, But hate driving all the way to Forest hill unfortunately Forest hill lanes is the closest lanes we have. The facility is nice but could use some updating. The people have always been nice but are hard to find sometimes if you go in the morning.

Cascenta Whyte

Well kept clean modern bowling alley. Good place for general fun.

Jeanette Hardy

Tidy. Friendly. Could really use a family restroom for handicapped use.

Tanya Diaz

Clean and cheap on Saturday

Nick Gray

The only place worth going to if you want to bowl in Harford county

Jan Thompson

Food was french fries around..very large portion of shrimp on shrimp salad sandwich.. servers very friendly...but it took a long time to get food once ordered .. interior of restaurant needs updating..

Zachary Mohr

Been in the community for as long as I can remember. Great family place.

Jason Van Bemmel

Forest Hill Lanes is a nice bowling alley. They have decent food and a friendly, helpful staff. When we were bowling, the lane glitched several times- balls got stuck and not returned, pin reset machine malfunctioned a couple of times, etc. They helped us each time we needed it, but it was a bit inconvenient and they never apologized or offered us a freer game or anything. I was a bit disappointed in that.

Kim dirzuweit

Nice place. Good deals during the week.

David Trigg

Nice lanes. I need to get into a league one of these days... the Pub sucks but I think it's a different entity so I'll rate that separately

Mignion Faretta

I only go here once a year for my company party but each year it'd a wonderful experience. The staff is fun and friendly. Bartenders are awesome and the restaurant food is fenominal.

Matt Strong

Lanes were awesome, price was great, staff were a bunch of douchers.

Carol Young

First time there. The kids had a great time. The prices were good and we only tried the French fries but they were very tasty. We will be going there again.

Annie Vecchioni

The staff was completely rude, especially the black guy running the shoe area. They will do everything to rip you off and are not at all accommodating. Their website said that they closed later than they did, we had already paid for a game and was not able to finish because we got there too late, even though their website said it closes late. I do not recommend, they are very ignorant and I don't suggest for families.

Cathy Markland

Lots of family fun inside. Nice people staffing the facility. Food and drinks available at the snack bar. At 4:00 a nice restaurant opens up.

Chris Boscia

My family has been a part of this bowling alley since we moved here from PA. Great fun ... great staff except my bro who works there (jk)

Gary Johson

The black guy behind the counter is vary rude heard him talking to some of the people working with him. He told the guy he was fat. It vary rude and disrespectful he needs to be fired he always has an angry look on his face and never seems happy when im in there. Hope you guys do something soon about this it vary upsetting to see and will not return until something is down about this

Jessica Clark

The staff was not very kind or helpful. The snack bar seemed understaffed.

Karen Davidson

Restaurant inside has good food.

Thomas Oldham

I took my 2 grandsons. We all had a good time. The staff was helpful and patient with us.

Holly Kins

Every time we are in MD I take my kids here. It's even fun for the adults with the Saturday Night Strike.

Lisa Nestle

I wanted to make reservations for open bowing for a Saturday afternoon with friends. Can't do it on the phone, can't do it in person (I tried) and can't use Google chrome as the browser after I spent half an hour trying to reserve online! Called another bowling alley in Harford county and it's half the price and they took my reservation gladly without a credit card number. I'll happily give my money somewhere else. I rarely write reviews but wanted to let others know about my experience!

Jen McNamara

I don't go here often but I went for work not long ago and it was alright. It's a bowling alley. I've seen worse bowling allies.

Gus Mixon

Employees are little rude and caused a full party of 10 to be denied a spot because of someone who when in through the side doors, keep in mind there was 10 people versus 2 people, don't you want the bigger party for the larger profit?

Al Mann

Fair disclosure, I have been in a league here for three years. With that in mind and having read some of the reviews I may be able to provide you with some good information. If you see empty lanes and are told no lanes are available, there are almost certainly leagues scheduled to bowl. There may also be parties booked. Call ahead, make reservations, and be understanding of the fact that a last minute decision to go bowling without checking availability may leave you disappointed. This is a fairly rural area so it's not like there are a ton of bowling alleys around. Check their website and call ahead for availability! The staff does a great job of trying to make sure that everyone has a good time in a family friendly environment and the lanes are well maintained overall even if they are not PBA tour caliber. There is a decent snack bar and a wonderful attached restaurant and bar. The Fisherman's Catch restaurant has fantastic food and you can dine in or order to have food and alcohol carry-out at your lane via a walk up window. You cannot have alcohol at your lane unless everyone is of legal age and everyone must show ID. They are very strict about that. The restaurant food is incredible. You can't go wrong with the cream of crab soup, prime rib, or any of their seafood dishes but they also do a great job with pasta dishes and subs and sandwiches. Have good time bowling, enjoy some fantastic food. I look forward to my Friday night league and have made some great friends.

Bianca Sugars

Had an awesome time for our Team get together. Ross, the manager, was awesome and worked out all the plans we had. He is very nice and I'm so thankful that he was able to make our last minute plans happen. Kudos to you Ross! Thank you!

steven 21014

Great place to take your family

Destiny Willams

Fun place to go with friends and family to pass time and hang out

Nunya Bizzz

Had a great time!! Clean, fun and good customer service!

Sheila Welborn

We had a lot of fun but bowling is to expensive

Andy Radcliffe

Wish you could drink beer on Saturdays. But Harco Gov wont allow it.

Michael Blum

I've been to the New Year's Eve party 3x and it's always great. A wonderful way to usher in the new year -- bowling! In general, this is a traditional, very simple but well-run BOWLING ALLEY, not an "entertainment center." The food is not provided by the Lanes but by an outside separate vendor, so one cannot criticize the Lanes for what it doesn't do (see other reviews which don't understand this, although they have signs up that say so). But the BOWLING part is excellent, with many interesting and flexible discount options to save money, especially on weekdays or when the LEAGUEs don't fill up the place. All in all, we are lucky to have this facility, which is a throw back to the way things used to be (and all too rarely are, any more!).

Jon Hartsock

This place have been around for over 20yrs. I'm glad to see they are still keeping bowling alive. So many other alleys have closed their doors. I can remember going bowling here as a young kid, not I'm in my mid 30s, and I'm taking my kids there. And it's super clean, well kept. Keep it up! Only down side of my visit was the pizza. What is that?!? Some cheap frozen pizzas from the grocery store even Wal-Mart would be better than what we were served. Fix the pizza and I would give 5 stars.

darla hoover

Youth leagues are outstanding

Tyler Winnett

Do not recommend for birthday parties. They lost my reservation, nobody helped carry the pizza, sodas, plates, cups, forks to the party room. We were basically on our own to run this party by ourselves. The woman running the snack bar was unpleasant and was hesitant to let us borrow a knife to cut our cake. The pizza was not good. We never got our included game passes. We asked about the passes in the beginning and they said they would bring them later but never came and we forgot about them. Any one thing is excusable but the issues kept accumulating.

Mary Baxter

I didn't bowl. We ate there. Great food and people!

Kim Allen

It's a clean place, reasonable prices but the employees can be "Richards". Which is why I'm only giving them 3 stars instead of 4. We asked to be moved due to a bunch of kids quite literally standing in our lane and we couldn't bowl. We didn't want to be mean to the kids, they were just having a good time. Anyhow, the very grumpy older man behind the counter acted like it would take an act of Congress to move us to one of the many unreserved available lanes. He eventually moved us after giving us a VERY NASTY attitude about it.

Anthony Taylor

It's a great place for a date. Good food and bowling can not be beat!

Josh Burns

The staff is always so miserable. I have been coming here since is was a kid and it is such a shame to see this. I have tried to go back and give several chances but no changes. You never get a smile on a nice welcome just an ignorant person to take your money. I will drive far just to visit another location.

Frank Pietruszewski

Good place to bowl and has a Pro shop.

Darlene Riley

Did not go here from bowling. I only went to go to the restaurant that is attached to the bowling alley. I believe it's called fisherman's exchange. They have really good crab cakes in the rest of their food is very good. It's crowded most of the time

John Harris

Definitely don't like that 20 lanes were open when we arrived and 20 lanes open when we left, but they were booked solid and couldn't give us the two-hour rent-a-lane pricing. Very bad business. Won't be back.

Bob Nelson

Bartenders are always great and the service is wonderful. Lanes are a problem sometimes, but all in all, nice place to relax and have fun

Heather Grindle

Great fun for the whole family or party. Has a nice resteraunt attached.The sunday special hours are not accurate on website. They are actually 10-12:30 instead of 9-11:30.

Vicky Karczewski

Food is always good. Need to change the broccoli to another veg or offer more choices.

Robert McArtor

My there with friends and had a great time!

abdu almabari

We have a good time.

Kimberly Porter

Great, clean, fun for the whole family

Julie Siejack

I like bowling there, but there staff is very rude. I have been there two times and both times with different people and they both were nasty. Asking for my shoes and paying for the games made the experience not good. I show up with a bad impression and leave with a bad impression. I almost forgot to mention the staff is standing around talking and there was no Damn toilet paper in the women's bathroom. Like seriously if you,have time to talk and eat papa johns pizza you can put toilet paper in the bathroom and clean it up i felt like I was in a out house.

Tony Kulesza

Professional took the time to help me. Did not feel rushed. Genuinely seemed to care about doing all he could to help me in a pinch.

David Zupko

The Fisherman's Catch restaurant which is attached is a Great place for lunch. The Reuben sandwich is thick and tasty, great with the crunchy french fries and the delicious cole slaw. With a pitcher of cold beer, it's the best around. Service is fast and excellent too.

taylor lee

I was trying to say hello to my friend and this bowling pin looking man yelled at me. I’ve been a customer at this place before and have been treated like absolute garbage. I don’t know if you guys don’t resepect younger customers but it extremely frustrating to me that people can’t act correctly when I give the same money as an adult would. Inconsiderate people. Also when my family went the people were extremely unhelpful and disrespectful.

James Natoli

Good place to hang out. Very clean, they have 40 lanes so there's not usually a wait. The food they sell there is overpriced and not too great but you don't have to buy it. Take advantage of special offers like Rock 'n Bowl which gives you unlimited games for a flat price on saturday nights

Dan Breimhurst

Went here at 5:30 on a Sunday, they staff wouldn'tgive us a lane since they had decided to close at 6:00 on account of "not enough patrons." Three quarters of the lanes were taken and the parking lot was full. Wasted an hour of my time driving there and back home. If you inconvenience a customer like that offer them a free game or shoe rental on their next visit. I hoped that the negative reviews on Yelp and Google were wrong and took a chance here, total waste of time. Stay away.

Brittany Kirchner

My fiance loves bowling so it's probably the best place to go in Harford County

Beverly Adams

Fun times for bowling and great food at Fisherman's Catch

Jessa Rosenberger

Very rude employees tonight working at the desk. When communicating rules, there's no need to be rude about it.

Duane Lederer

The restaurant there has great food at great prices.

Melissa Irmen

Very nice place to bowl

Linda Reynolds

Good food & great service at a busy time of day.

Sam Raborg

Bowling here is always great. Great atmosphere with great prices.

Deirdre Gizinski

We enjoyed bowling the prices were okay but the front staff was not friendly at all. The guy helping us when we first arrived was rather rude and seemed annoyed to be bothered by us. However the people at the food stand were friendly even being as busy as they were.

Scott Welling

Above average bowling alley with a decent restaurant attached.

Dana Machnic

GREAT food, great service & nice atmosphere

Ernest Brawner

Cheap and fun

RoseAnn C Spalt

So much fun, haven"t been in years. Don't know why. We all had a great time.

Noelle Lipira

Went here for new year's Eve and the event was great! Very family friendly! They provided us with a box of hats and noise makers, sparking grape juice for a midnight toast, and had raffles throughout the night. Couldn't have asked for a better event!

George Bahr

great atmosphere and deals lights and music Awesome.

Chrissy Alford

Great food! Always a good time

Damon Braxton

Very nice lanes, well kept.

mikel kelly

Great place to work at

Chester Karwowski

Attached restaurant is pretty good.

David Pearce

I was there for lunch Fisherman's Fisherman's Wharf had crab soup Maryland vegetable crab. Went back for dinner had a crab cake very good almost as good as my own I would rate it number one very friendly people

Matthew Erisman

A lovely small town bowling alley. They have league bowling week nights, free bowling weekdays and weekends, bowling events Friday nights, birthday parties, etc. Typical bowling alley aesthetic and a small bar/seafood place attached. One of the best places to meet friends and hang out.

Al Balcerak Jr.

Great place to bowl

Jacelyn Young

We had a great time with our very large group. The place was clean and well equipped. The young man, Cory, at the snack bar was patient, efficient and friendly even though he was overwhelmed and desperately needed help. I was dissapointed that they only had one person working the snack bar with the large crowd there. We made a reservation for our group and there were three large birthdays going on as well. They were Definately understaffed but only at the snack bar. It was a wonderful experience and we'll surely be returning.

Jon Dick

They have the BEST chicken salad sandwiches!!! Hands down, no one touches them. And service is great, very personable and homey. Also fast!!! Generally an older crowd, but good homey old school vibe.

Wasted Wages

Nice and clean. Has proshop and a full resturant. Alcohol is limited to the bar and resturant area, no alcohol is allowed in bowling areas.

Pat Frye

Very nice clean place

Troy Amadeus

fun times here especially at Night Strike. you never really have to call ahead for a lane it's never completely packed. they don't allow outside food or drinks tho so if you're hungry, i hope you like greasy food that takes a minute

K. Steph

Lane 30 kept giving us trouble after trouble. Snack Bar takes WAY TOO long. 6 and 7 weight balls are only given to children. 8+ are only for adults. I am an adult, and I need a 6. Others are too heavy for me.

TJ Kryven

It's a bowling alley. Lanes were freshly oiled and the place was clean. What more to ask for? The restaurant has decent food and coffee.

Jamie McCann

One of the few childhood memories that remain the same today. Same frozen pizza, semi flat soda, same great times with friends and family.

Shannon Bushall

Very good food good prices

John Stout

Excellent place and very clean

Scott Micheal

knock em down great past time

Robert Carman

Very good crab cakes served here

Christopher Bridgeman

$225 for 12 ppl for 2 lanes. Could only get one game in. They shut our lanes off with two frames left, manager said the party was timed and I have to pay more to finish it. Food employees and bar staff were rude. Kids had fun thou and the signing of the bowling pin was a hit. Waitress in the restaurant was very helpful and had nothing to do with our party.

Jessica Griffith

Prime rib tasteless. Service slow, didn't get my potatoes till done with the rest of my meal.

erica johnson

Yessss. Guys stop in on DJ night. Its awesome and so so much fun

Timothy Richardson

My son and girlfriend and I had a great time!

DB Carey

Friendly staff, good food.


I always have a good time there. The entire staff is great.

Manuel Thodos

Worked here for bit and bowled her a good bit. Enjoy the people, the workers, and overall atmosphere.

Hines Design

So much fun at Early bird Night Strike! We ate at the restaurant attached to bowling alley then enjoyed bowling. Lights, music and fog machines added to experience.


Great bowling alley, very reasonable pricing on games. The staff is very friendly. Food and drinks available.

Robert Garnett

They dont allow alcohol outside of the adjoining restaurant and they bunched us all together even though more then half the lanes weren't being used??

Scott Kramer

Good food, great smiles and great workers.. Wes is a lovable panda bear who will help anyway he can and Ross is ALWAYS filled with excitement to people coming in. Join the fun!

Lee Berglund

Was there for school fundraiser. Very clean, snack bar was fast. Staff was wonderful. Overall A+!

Caitlyn Radel-Paaby

Pretty inexpensive for bowling and very clean fun environment.

Selena Lang

Getting a lane was quick and easy. The bowling alley was very clean and well taken care of it seems. The snack bar was great. The fries were delicious and there was no long wait for it either. Quick and efficient.

nope nope

It's your average bowling alley. 90s neon carpet, overpriced but decent food. Not much else to say.

Eugene Smith

Fun fun fun

Pat Klara

The Fisherman's Catch is the best kept secret in Hartford county. The sea food is fresh, well prepared and the staff are very friendly.

Winter Wolf

The setting is well quite amazing. The bowling alley has a whole separate restaurant, and between the games he got their moterella sticks, and some fries.They were amazing and the staff provided excellent service.

Ed Suitt

Fishermans Catch. Great fresh seafood!


Great bowling and stuff but arcade is meh

Stephen Winstead

Great time, great food, great place.

george kelly

Fun clean and friendly

D Bradley

Had a great time and the it was not crowded at all.

Christopher Patrick

Nice safe atmosphere to take the family or have a birthday party. Leagues are well run and the lanes very well maintained. Staff is friendly and helpful. My family enjoys bowling there. Look for specials they have quite a few.

Allen Russell

Very clean,friendy manger greet us.Price is for low rating.Special or coupons we tried to use and was told

Bo Stables

A great place to bowl. Great staff. A little pricey but I still like coming here. I've been bowling here since I was a kid and will keep coming back.

Joshua Stanley

I love this place is good for kids and the family to have some fun

Brenda Covert

My family and I decided to go bowling and found ourselves having a great time there! It had been years since the last time my husband and I had gone bowling. We made alot of memories with our family that nite...and isn't that what its all about. GO'll have a ball

Chad Kuciara

Took our daughter bowling for her birthday. The whole family had a great time.

Samantha Bowers

Very clean and great bowling atmosphere. Staff was very welcoming and helpful.

Heidi Wilker

We had a birthday party here for our 10 year old. It was well put together. The staff was helpful and informative. The pizzas and drinks were delicious. The kids had a wonderful time. I recommend this place for birthdays.

Michael Jenkins

The shoes are soooo stinky.

Christopher Hill

I love bowling

Charles Hendrichs Jr

Awesome bowling alley

The Pomfrey Team

Apparently there are so many people (literally) in the Forest Hill that love to bowl around the clock that you can never get a lane here. I like to bowl occasionally, but they never have any openings here.

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