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1600 S Governors Ave, Dover, DE 19904, United States

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Where is Brunswick Zone Doverama Lanes?

REVIEWS OF Brunswick Zone Doverama Lanes IN Delaware

Joel Flores

(Translated by Google) Fairly wide and variety of entertaining games (Original) Bastante amplio y variedad de juegos entretenidos

LaDafrica Kesler

I love this bowling alley! We have done birthday parties here as well and the staff is great.

Joseph Drejka

Fun place to have fun


Clean environment, okay prices, fun games

Jamie Mack

It's a nice bowling alley. Clean and well kept. Friendly staff and typical food. This has become a birthday party staple for us and we've always been happy. It's such a fun place that our youngest is looking to go m9re often so that she is a better bowler by the time her party rolls around.

Caroline Glenn

Clean place, good food, and good lanes

Andrew Rossetti

Expensive for open bowling, but clean and fun.

Mimi Pfeiffer

My daughter was invited to a birthday party here and for our first time being there it was fun. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Ricky Waters

Lazy help..on fridays

Trevor Wilt

Bowling was fun, though the hour long wait for a single order of mozzarella sticks ruined my whole experience.

TinkerFuse Hyd

Fun and delicious food

Barbra Martin

Good place to go

jeremy truax

This place is phenomenal! A must visit for you and your family in the Dover area.

frances evans

Went this Friday night and paid for unlimited bowling. The lady at the counter was very unfriendly. When our Lane was shut down earlier than everyone else, I went to her and said our Lane was shut down before anyone else her answer was "will you had only 3 minutes left anyway" She just had a baf and attitude.

Josh Hearn

Fun time!!! Cheaper games after 6!!!!

Jessica Garthwaite

Got a great deal on groupon. Staff was really helpful and patient with all our needs as a family.

savage hit um up

It's a great place to go and just have fun

Charles Woodard

Lots of fun!

Ryzen Tunnel

edmound yousefkhanian

The staff and management very helpful and always eager to answer questions let have always had a great time on my visits

VintageGypsyQueen Gonzalez

Food is excellent and always have fun here

Raymond Ford

Did not like this bowling not take kids unless you want them watching gangster videos all night...employees were kind and friendly...but the music they play is not kid friendly

John Carter

Its a bowling alley!

Connie Miller

Great place to bowl!!!!

Cornelius Beale

Nice staff and environment. Some games need to be fixed tho

Milton Miller

Have to have credit card for pool tables is only downfall

Laurie Lane

Great place to bowl. The staff is very friendly and even deliver food to your lane. I have so much fun everytime I go.

Tee Robinson

No alcohol on a special night and food took 30 min and it wasn't busy

Jamie Yayme

The only reason I gave any stars is because of the one guy working the food and alcohol section by himself and the friendly lady that helped us getting shoes and the ramp for our kid. These two people were very nice but as soon as we came in, being next in line we still waited ten minutes, even though I saw at least 3 computers and 4 workers behind the counter. One of them looked like a manager, short older man that just glared us down the entire time. I truly felt uncomfortable the way he looked at me to be honest because I never saw him do anything besides stare at people. Not even smiling. Very unwelcoming personally. Also, this was my second visit as we came last Friday and was told it was league time. I think it's a terrible business move having the leagues so often during the weekend. This is the only time families have to do things like this and a lot of them can't get out until later in the day. The reason I had to wait in line is because the lady in front booked a bday party IN ADVANCE ONLINE. 2 hour bday party when it would be running into "league time" If you want to have business popping you need to have leagues come during weeknights. Also, half the place was empty but they didn't space any one out at all, it felt very cramped up when all those lanes were open but we had to keep watching where we walked because it felt so cramped with the tables and all the people that were trying to hurry their game up before the holy "league" people show up. Also, the ENTIRE arcade section is shut down and doesn't look like it'll be up anytime soon so count that out of the list of things to do. I also wish they would space peopep out because early league people were getting drunk and cussing next to me and my family with little ears. i thought ppl were not allowed to take alcohol outside the bar but I guess u can bowl holding a beer now. And please fire that creepy staring guy that literally stared at the line of people and did nothing. Very classy, Dover.

David Hagens-brandl

Fun place have not had fun like this in a long time thanks to the staff and a good environment

kimberlyn jones

Good bowling place need a bit of an upgrade and you'll grab more people

scurv baker

I got my first ball there, cheap bowling

Dina Nacin

I didn't actually bowl. I was just meeting someone there. Staff was very friendly.

SmartBuy Center

The environment is awesome!, but when your bank account is overdraft the manager have no customer service. I'm extremely disappointment in management customer service. It is frustrated trying to get a refund and I honestly feel that management make no effort unless you call 24/7 to find out what is going on.

Tina Barnes

Nice place but they take to long to check in and fix the lane and get your ball back

Ranelle Naylor

Alot of fun.

Caley Murphy

Everything is really low but other than that I would rate it a 5

Chris Mcmillen

For no reason I can understand they have league night on Friday and shut the place down completely on what would be their busiest night. No wonder they are going under. The bowling alley in Milford thanks you for all the weekend business.

Jeremiah Ewing

Bibiana Nicolas

If you are looking for something fun to do on the weekend, I highly recommend this place.

Katie Bryant

Place is clean and a great place for parties!

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Dumb place don't come

Cynthia Jasmin Accime

Clean, family friendly fun!

d coop

Great place

Edward Falkowski

Good lanes and great prices

John Boone

Great place to go bowling especially if you go early enough where it's not too crowded and the kids can enjoy the game... prices were a little higher than I remember but still an affordable trip especially when you see the excitement on your family's face well they're having such good fun


Don't bother coming here unless you are a league bowler. Those are the only clientele they care about. I'm not sure what time normal people are supposed to bowl but my bf and I are only off on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We went there on one of those days around 8pm. Walked in and there were plenty of lanes open and leagues just got done. We tried to get a lane but she said she only has ONE open available but it was a league lane and it's not good for amateurs cus the oils not cleared off. We understood because we thought maybe it was just a league night and it was our first time there. So I asked the lady when was a good time for us to come would be so we knew in the future. We did like the look of the place and wanted to bowl there since we were trying out new places. She asked what days so I told her our wenes/Thurs. She looked it up in the book and apparently me and my boyfriend are only welcomed there at 430pm for about 30 mins before they would kick us off because of leagues. This place is a joke. Why even be open to the general public then? Make it clear that normal bowlers cant bowl there besides I'm guessing late night weekends. They have leagues EVERY day both day AND night. I think it's cool if I was a leaguer but I'm not. Don't try and sell your place as family fun when all you care about is your league business. I know a lot of people say it but I definitely won't ever be going back. Normal people just looking for fun aren't welcomed. Besides maybe on a Saturday after 930pm.

Jr Short

Took my 2 kids there for bowling. We bowled 5 total games. My son and I 2 and my daughter 1, she chose not to bowl the second game. The kids both needed shoes. My final tally was over $35. Ridiculous. I bowled here for years and have no idea why these prices are this high. I guess they had to pay for the paint on the outside but I guess soon they will fall be the wayside like other alleys. What a shame.

Dorothy Horton

Excellent bowling facility. its clean and the prices are reasonably suited. The pro shop staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Good place to meet people.

Havre Hamilton

Lanes are good. Friendly staff.

Ed Meekins

First time here, very nice place


Great bowling alley

Dj TheyKnoDeafJam

A clean and great bowling place, Friday is unlimited bowling after 8 so it's not a bad deal if you plan to stay while :)

Deja Russ-Young


jason leach


Margaret Brown

Great watch my grandson win a gold medal in the Special Olympics! Again!!!

ann marie Eaddy

I love it

Joshua Donnatien

Very cool place.

Corey Cole

Awesome alley. If is the best In the state

Sarahjo Corder

I grew up there, my parents were bowlers. Us 6 kids ended up being bowlers too.

Kirk Johnson

Recent Birthday Party was a blast. Staff was helpful, organized, and attentive. Fresh fruit and veggie platters were very good. Everything was clean, and the lanes well maintained. Two hours was long enough for those of us out-of-form to have fun without over doing it.


I personally think the food should be improved but everything else was fun and enjoyable

Linda Smith

Good place to take my grandson

Kent Takao

Price is cheap in the Sunday morning.

Carrie Wallace Nicholson

Kids and I were not impressed we went here twice since moving to Delaware. The staff is amazing super nice and helpful. The arcade games didnt give tickets the 1st time we went even thought the staff compensated us it was a pain. Then we went back and everything was electronic with the pay cards to play games. Which was fine but the kids saved all there points the last time and the prizes were still a joke for all the $$ spent. Definitely only going for bowling next time no games lol.

wei kaimei

Love the staff. Sweet ladies. Had a birthday in January on Friday for my mom. They were so nice to our family.

Terrell Carey

Best bowling alley in town. The... only bowling alley in town.

Preston Williams

Great time...

Dawn Merkel

Nice place for family fun. Sundays before 12:00 they have a $1.99 deal for each game, shoe rental is $4.29 (a little pricey?) Staff is nice & helpful. They have a snack bar and adult drinks too

Darrell Dudley

Gary Brown

Joshua Boulanger

A joke we get there 5 somethijg in middle of game told leagues are coming and that we have to stop.... they said next time we can have free game screw that. And the bumpers what the hell not electric, so everyone had to play with bumpers.... renovate this dam place first time customer lost my business

melissa brown

Good deals, everyday specials

Evan McHenry

Regularly moderately busy, sometimes in the evening it gets busier. For a bowling alley it's clean, organized, and well ran! Great place for kids' birthday parties and events! The food is pretty decent and the staff have always been helpful. There are plenty of seats and tables as well as space, so crowding is rarely an issue.

Lowkey_Nya4 Scott

Mel Barnhart

Nice lanes, good food, clean atmosphere

Lisa Carrion

Bruce Bynum

It's the only game in town.

Blaine Maddox

Ronda Hodges

Waited almost two hours for a lane. Watched another group with 6 go ahead of us. When we said something to management, they Shrugged us off. I've never felt so disrespected. We went to the counter several times to check on our reservation in line. I've got a different reason why we weren't bowling yet each time we asked. I will never recommend this place for anyone. In addition there were clearly 6 to 10 open each time we asked.

Nick Z

I actually phoned my old man before making this review and considering he bowled in the 50's and 60's, they even had a button to reset the pins and this place didn't. This place has to have some of the most outdated hardware and software I've ever seen as if there was a pinsetting error, I had to talk to the front desk as I couldn't do it myself. Also, the device to clock your throwing speed was very inaccurate. I like to think I could hurl a ball at 35 mph but that's not the truth at all. Unike most AMF companies, the screens didn't switch to the lane you were supposed to be on like most modern places do (as I bowl league style). On top of everything else, I was in the middle of a game and they cut my game off having booked my lanes for someone else. I was doing bad in that game to begin with and they did compensate me for the inconvenience, but the fact remains that I had to start all over and it shouldn't have happened as usually at the front desk, they're supposed to stay on top of that kind of thing. I've never done a one star review yet and the only reason I didn't do one on this place is because the manager was really nice and really hot. As you can see from the pics, the stuff really is outdated.

Michelle Sparrow

A great place to take the kids or just hang out to watch the game. Bowling, arcade, and bar. A great time with the family

Alexandria Lewis

It's a wonderful bowling alley. They may not be the most updated, but they do have a lot of admenaties available. Such as a pro shop, an arcade and even a bar for the day. They will let you finish the game no matter the time. The food there is good but a little of the expensive side for nachos and chicken and French fries. But overall, it was a great experience.

Vandod Anderson

Nice, clean, friendly. Our lane acted up but the lady working the register did all she could to make up for it.

Shannon Le Wolfe

First off , There was a group of people in the parking lot smoking pot in broad daylight. At least 8 people . Second , We are standing at the counter to get a lane and 4 shoes . There are 4 employees standing there talking for at least a minute and it's wasnt about working. Finally a guy comes out of the office and helps us . He wasn't pleasant or intelligent in any way. 3rd. The cost was insane. 4 people 2 games $56... really . Then the ball roller assist thing for kids was bent and threw gutter balls . Then help at the concession area was horrible . I'll chew my fingers off before returning

Lisa Futrell

Nice place


Good bowling alley but is expensive

Jessica Allen

William Hinson

Had fun with my wife and brother last night


Wanted to get a ball to start bowling regularly and the store in the bowling alley said open but the lights were off. I proceeded to ask the gentleman at the front desk what the situation was and he proceeded to tell me the guy would be in whenever he gets up. Sometime between noon and 3. I won't be back

William Warren

It's pretty decent. Service is a little slow

Andy Ryan

Kids love going here. They only last about one game then they are bored

Michael H

Too expensive, bring back 2 hour bowling.

James Martin

Fun place to go

Troy Harris

Nice place, a little expensive, and the service was crazy slow on all levels, but nice people

Marva Horton

Love to bowl


Clean well kept.

Wendy Johnson

Fun times... A bit pricey though.

Omegia Randleman

Great place to have fun with family and friends!

John Worrall

No lanes open

Brian Zimmerman

I'll give the bowling alley a 5!!! The girl at the front text needs to crack a smile. Seems like she cant stand her job.


Fun arcade good bowling good everything suggested

Jude Nelson

It's a pretty good date spot

JJ Harrison

Arcade time

Jess Tharp

Prices have gone way up for was a fun time but I think they need to lower their prices just a tad.

Tanya Marie

Wish I could go more, we had a great time

Sharlene Graves

Clean, spacious, lots to do.

Latoya Dancy

An older school bowling alley with a nice, mixed crowd of young/old as well as singles/families. Pretty good arcade for kids and the lady at the front desk provides great service. Food and drink options were available but we didn't partake. The location seems a bit sketchy but no big red flags.

Laura Rust

Foods a little pricey but it's worth it!! My boy Arron is awesome always willing to help with whatever and the bartenders are great too makes amazing mix drinks!!! Pro shop did the greatest job ever when they fixed my ball up for me, they size and pug etc. right there they have everything you need to get you started bowling!!!!! Never had a bad experience here and I've been going there for 16 years or more..... Keep up the great job and see you Saturday night!!

Liz Raney

Staff friendly, food great, clean facility, sometimes scoring machines are off though holding up game while you make corrections.

Barb Filds

I am really sorry they got rid of the 2 hour bowling. It was so reasonable and fun. Now when I go there and ask for three games I must tell the attendant I payed for three. After each game had go to desk and show receipt. This was very annoying. I will be looking for a new place to bowl.

jessica Barnhart

Great place for family fun


My daughter and her church group bowl. They have established a couple night of bowling at Brunswick.

Jada Hilton

Aaron crenshaw

Love this place!!! Small upgrades coming a little at a time since they were just purchased by a new company.

Ryan Baron

Cheap bowling

Hilary Lombardi


Marissa Cooper

Vickie Townson

Prices are high. Lanes need better care

Julia M Pillsbury


Anthony Krueger

Awesome experience!

Sylvia Jones

My family & I had so much fun, lots of laughs

Jean Faison

Sunday\Funday is the best time to go bowling for cheap.

Barbara Ramsay

Kids loved it.

Kaden Covington

Food service was slow and bartender was toilet juice.

Tinisha Wheeler

It was cool

Hemanth Reddy Sankepally

Good hangout spot within Dover.. abundant lanes, decent crowd, decent number of beers on tap.. not sure about the food though

Nikki Sykes

Always a great time with my family

Elliott Ziegler


wayne adkins

Great fun

ludwick stellar

Nice place

Leonard Ross

I love it

Amana I Choudhri

They could use more staff to speed up the process.

james gorham

Great, staff very professional and helpful. Thanks

James Mullen

We were there for Special Olympics. They couldn't have been nicer.

Mercedes Jennings

I went with myself and two friends. When we were trying to pay the card reader wasn’t working, and we had to pay with cash. When we were able to bowl the machine ended up malfunctioning on us and wouldn’t reset the pins, which we had to ask for help with. We also decided to order food, which took a whole game to arrive, we were charged for two salads when we asked for one, and our other order did not come as advertised. The highlight of the whole experience was the staff. Any issue we had they happily corrected with smiles on their faces, and were constantly making small talk to try and help with the wait. The services may have been subpar, but the staff always corrected everything, and overall made the night enjoyable for it.

Lynn Russell

Fun times for all

Juanita Taylor

Hot wings and fries were great.

Crystal Ginn

Excellent atmosphere great place to hang out and have a good time.

Marty Stoken

Over priced bad crowd theres people there doing an selling drugs very unhappy not for a family outings ill never go again was really upset with my visit

Kingdom Links Youth Ministry

Pretty good

Zin Moorer

It was very fun got to meet new people and learned a couple of things

Randy Barr

Emma Prettyman

The smell in here clings to you for the rest of the day when you leave!

Bob Amadi

Great place to bowl

Denise Jackson

Fun family activities

Barry Record

Went there with my brother and girl friend to get a couple of games in late Saturday night. Pin set and ball return equipment was constantly malfunctioning. Had to go up to the desk multiple times. Could only get get 1 and a half games in before they kicked us out to close. Cost us $44 dollars for 3 people to bowl. We asked for partial refund and they said there was nothing they could do. What a joke. Won't be back.

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