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REVIEWS OF Spare Time Windsor Locks IN Connecticut

Allison Ferreira

Took the kids here for the first time and we will DEFINITELY be back. The worker who helped us you was Jessica and she was AMAZING! So helpful and super sweet. Totally made our visit very enjoyable. Lots of really nice deals throughout the week. Can’t wait to take my boys here again.


Loved the setting! The arcade room has plenty of games. The staff was amazing! Highly recommend this place!

Erica Perry

The renovations are very nice, the music could be better but the decor is amazing!

Michael Tracy

Food was really good, had alot of fun and never even went bowling

Paul Burney

Awesome bowling alley. New 8 million dollar facility with suites, arcade food, and bowling. Also cosmic bowling available

Steven Smith

Got there 20 minutes early for the Outbreak escape room. Staff couldn't get logged in for my reservation. Manager offered me an apology for not doing his job. He didn't even offer to make up for his incompetence. A 1:00 reservation is 1:00 not 1:30. Adventure escape room up the street is way better and more organized.

Kim McCloud

Had a GOOD Time, nicely renovated but very PRICEY

Elvis Hayes

Great atmosphere good hanging out spot to have fun

Kari Ruiter

The arcade is pretty impressive. The service for food and drinks is incredibly slow. We were done with our whole game before the drinks came. Lanes are verrry tight and not near as many lanes as bradley bowl had before this bought it out. My boyfriend says its a kids dream, basically chucky e cheese without the rat.

Rob Lee

Awesome food and drinks in the bar area. Service was excellent

Louis Vlasic, Jr.

I loved Bradley Bowl. Spare Time not my type of place to Bowl and have fun. Too Commercial Oriented.

Ken Anstett


Jonathan Cruz

Definitely the fanciest bowling alley I've been to. Pizza was actually good.

Don Towery

They turned me away because of leagues which didn't start for over an hour. I ended up going to AMF in Chicopee, much better experience!


I liked the setting. It's like a Dave and Busters. The weekend on a Saturday seems pretty busy. The wait for a bowling lane can run you 1.5 hrs.

joel christofori

Place is awesome!! Really nice modern lanes, comfortable seating area, and a fantastic arcade area for the kids

Greg Rozclos

Great family atmosphere! Staff could be a bit friendlier but overall a good experience

Andy Young

Good luck trying to get any open lane time. Not to mention they cancel league bowling for parties. Been trying to go bowling a handful of times the past few weeks and it's either a 2 hour wait or "no open lanes sorry" good thing I didn't wanna bowl at my local bowling alley

Mandie P

Although it is more updated than the one in Bristol I had a way better experience at that one. Windsor's food was just a bad experience especially for the price. You ever waste so much money on food you didn't like? The wings were super dry just tasted like fake chicken if that makes sense. The motz sticks had no cheese at all! I literally broke everyone one of them in half to check and no cheese at all all breading! The burger had more bun than meat? And the waitress forgot my drink multiple times had to share one with my boyfriend. She was in a rush trying to get us in and out gave us the check as soon as we finished our last bite didn't even have a second to breathe. The woman who set us up for bowling did not pay attention to us at all lastnight I kept saying 6 people and she kept saying 5 I was still saying 6 then she said 7? Bristol one was way better even it's not as pretty or updated! Lastly they kept booking all the lanes after one another and there was a whole other side that was not being used! My group easily spent 300 on one game and food! If you're going to go here eat somewhere else.

Victoria Martinique

Wow!! They did a fantastic job remodeling!! There is so much to do!!!! Bowling, arcade games, lounges!! OH MY!!

shane burby

Great place not your typical bowling alley. The games are in point and the food is good.

Rodney Motta - REALTOR

Great place for fun or just to have a drink. Stop is very friendly and the drinks are cheapest around.

Balaji Mankompu Subramanian

Has more than just bowling. Serious Bowlers might not like the place

Mike Fillion

Bowl and good food and drinks.

Casey Prestash

Recently renovated, spare time changed from a place with bright lights, alot of lanes, and a couple of arcade games. Now, It's around 15 or more lanes, ALOT of arcade games, an escape room, laser tag, a bar, and a food area. I like the new design. But it feels alot like Dave & Buster's, even the outside design looks like you are about to enter Dave & Buster's. If you want to play the arcade games you have to get a rechargeable card and put minimum $20 on it to play the arcade games. When bowling the area tends to have more of a "club" feel than a bowling feel. I don't mind it but some of my friends didn't like that atmosphere when bowling, which i can understand. Overall great area if you want to spend time with family and friends, and if the kids don't like bowling or your in the mood, just go to the arcade and play some machines.

Ron Narcisse

Very nice. Looking forward to spending some fun times there

Nathaniel Fauber

Not really an expert on this kind of environment. Staff was good. To me it was mixed bowling alley, arcade and restaurant. Good place to visit waiting for a flight , or relax for a few hours.

Tasha Oliver

Wonderful we will return again

lasander williams

They are going to lose money once a lot of people have gone there to see what it's all about because they're not catering to real bowlers and what keeps a bowling alley open are the leagues not just the open bowlers. The open bowlers are the real bowlers that go to practice and the price is delicious the way they have it set up they want you in and out. it rushes you through your game and the oil conditions are horrible. They will never get a league to form there. The one Star is for how nice it looks inside. I used to bowl there on a regular basis 6 to 8 games at a time but not anymore and ran a small league there. There are no more league conditions anymore. I am so sorry they won't last long. The only way they will stay a float is to have a lot of specials

Mary Gallagher

Fantastic revamp of the Bradley Bowl. Great atmosphere.

Suzanne Mondor

Great time at the arcade and bowling arena. Check out their bowling specials. They also have laser tag and an escape room

Christopher Croal

Beautifully redone. Love the ambience. Staff was really pleasant and helpful. Will be going back soon..

Jackie Wilson

Great place for getting together. Drinks sucked to much lemon juice or lime juice.

Monica Mazzeo-Vaccarelli

Very expensive arcade. Free bowling for kids in summer is very cool!

Sonia Medina

Nice spot. Arcade area and food was great!

Melissa Oliveira

Love the new look

Lisa Marie

This was our first time here, and we were part of a private party in the banquet room. The place itself is pretty cool. It has laser tag, an escape room, a huge arcade, a restaurant and bar, and of course, bowling. There are several private lanes in the banquet room, which was neat. The animations were pretty cool. Unfortunately we had many times where our lane malfunctioned and no one came to help fix it. Our event was catered by the property, and while everything tasted amazing, it was cold. Like, not just not hot, it was really cold. And they want 3.75 for a 10oz cup of soda. That's a bit much.

Duane Lewis

Great arcade, nice bowling section....and good comfort food

Saphire 4eva

Lots of things to do and very sanitary. Good prices this is a very good place because it is very lively there. Really good place.

Steve E

I had to give them a 1 because you can’t give them a zero.We went today for the first time and probably the last time.We had a party of 5 and we were bowling with a 1 hour time limit.With 15 minutes remaining the alley we were bowling on broke down,I went to the front desk and Steve said he would take care of the problem,meanwhile the time clock was still running.The problem was fixed and Steve was coming back from the back and we reminded him that the clock was still running while the alley was down and he said he would put 5 minutes back on our time but of course he didn’t.My son then went to the front desk and told the woman at the desk and she said she couldn’t help us.We weren’t very happy with that answer but it actually got worse.Our buddy Steve came back over and we explained that we didn’t get the 5 minutes back on the clock and he replied that he had done it and when the 5 of us all told him that he was mistaken he just walked away. The worst part of this was the alley shut off in the 8th frame when my son was bowling his career best game.What kind of business basically calls their patrons,liars.All in all a horrible place.

Michael Bertolini

The place is more exciting than it once was, but it can be easily overwhelming to anyone uncomfortable with crowds. I spent most of my time in the arcade, which has been greatly expanded and uses new technology like VR in some games. There are now Escape Rooms and a laser tag arena in addition to bowling and arcade games, but I haven't experienced them yet.

Stacy Chrzanowski

We had a great time. The location has been fully renovated, the staff is super friendly and the food was very good. We took advantage of their weekend night package, $37/hour of unlimited bowling for our whole group, plus shoe rental. We will absolutely be back.

Amaris Uribe

Love this place!


Clean place , has Game Center , food , bowling good place to spend a few hours

Matthew Weir

A fun place to spend a lazy weekend day, you really need to look at their online specials though as the bowling is incredibly expensive regularly. The arcade is a fun diversion for a while but can also be expensive. They have lazer tag as well, but I did not see the prices or participate in it though they do have screens in the arcade where you can watch people play and it looked fun and busy. Food was adequate, but again, pricey.

Janine Iacolo

There's a lot to do with the kids and for adults as well!

Dylan Teixeira

hard to see it going from the original spare time to the new renovated one but they did a great job

Corey Staves

Not liking or loving the new set up. It is way 2 loud. They definitely did have the league bowlers in mind. There is not enough seating for anyone who comes just to watch, there no coat hangers. The wait staff was slow in getting drinks, the pizza person keep burning the pizza but having fresh pizza is a great idea so u smelled that most of the night. Will not be going back next year unfortunately.

Henry Lopez

considerable number of games in addition to bowling. Place is brand new and well taken care of.

Bella Grieco

Beautifully renovated!! Great service good prices

Eddie Ross

Fun for the whole family

Alicia Grieco

Great renovations!! Unrecognizable from when I was a kid!! Great time.. amazing bday party!!

Concerned Mom

Be careful when sending your teens, call ahead for prices... this Sunday it was $40 per lane .. my teen went under the assumption it was at regular prices. he had no $ to eat as he had no options to play orher than the $40. The manager was kind enough to give us a gift card after we complained. Suggestion to Sparetime— post everything in the website so the public knows ahead of time and in addition to promotions, have the option of not buying the promotions.. promotions should not be the only transaction...


It is a shell of what it used to be. The lanes are the same old ones as before, it looks nice but it's not the best.

Franchise Designs

Cool place for adults and kids. Food was great..Had chicken wings, pizza, nachos, loaded fries, plus they had a full liquor bar...good times

Tony Lazio

Very nice inside and the staff was very friendly but it was prided on the high side.

Lily Flower

It remodeled and brand new inside and very elegante. It has arcade games. And laser tag.

Michael Alinauskas

Nicely renovated, with restaurant and bar on site. Very nice.

Denise Koseski

Very nice. Lots to do. The arcade is a bit expensive.

Tina Weeks

This place is fantastic and my son and I couldn't even go bowling due to Bowling league so we made it to the restaurant and the boneless Buffalo chicken was delish they had great 90s music playing on the flat screens so you can actually see the music videos which was pretty dope and its loud great for kids and y'all have an arcade oh and a escape room just stay open 24 hours .... Thanks

Robert Tobiasz

Wonderful re-model. Arcade is awesome, food has been upgraded, lanes are nice. Hope it does well!

Teddy Yo

Good place to go with family and friends

Ed Sutton

What a transformation! Place is great for family and friends.. food was pretty bad and staff not friendly or helpful. I also thought it was too expensive

luz rivera

Excellent! The staff were great, and constantly checked in with our group. A must try drink "pain killer"....

Wyatt Schaffer

Would be 5 stars but needs more ac

Sylvia D Reid

This place is absolutely amazing beautiful and affordable. Love he bowling graphics and staff was genuine and professional....excellent pizza and wings!!!! If there were more than 5 stars they would get 10.

Luis Camacho

I had a blast with my wifey it was amazing

Marion Strickland

Workers are very nice and also management team good job

Lelani Armijo

Awesome place to eat and play, super clean too!

Kate D

The noise level in this place is horrific, the arcade and lanes were quieter than the bar. Need to install sound buffers in the ceiling, than maybe you can hear your bar mate talk.

Erica Caginalp

Did the escape room. It was fun. Good environment.

Max Jones

Amazing facility. Ambiance of a 5 star restaurant with the rattle of bowling pins in the background. Laser tag and escape rooms seem awesome as well! Can't wait to try them out.

George Pillar

Very good gaming and things to do. Reason for lower rating is the food took over 45 minutes from the time we ordered it. Food was good but wat to slow


Had a team building event there; wicked good time!

Patrick Cincotta

Great renovations to the place but it seems like the new bowling scoring system needs some tweaking. Even still, would definitely go back again

Angel Marie

I had a blast, doesn't matter how old you are it's super fun

Kim Ciak

This is a great place for the kids and families to have fun, if you have the money to spend.

Daniel Davieau

Nice place. Music was a bit too loud but otherwise it was wonderful

Tashieka Sillem

We made it a family get together and it was awesome we had so much fun

Z man

Had a blast here with my girlfriend. Lots of fun. Drinks not to expensive. Only down side is bar is located in a odd spot. Wish they had little satellite bar closer to game area.

Carl Donatelli

This place did a complete 180° on it's interior but it's very nice now. I've been going here since I was but a WEE lad, always a great time. Nice to see it got a face lift and is still in business

Abigail Heroux

they were extremely slow with putting us to a lane. i went up to ask when we will be getting one and they gave me attitude. they started assigning other customers lanes that came in after us. the arcade is super expensive and you do not get much tickets when you win. after being told several times it will be just another 10 mins we decided to leave. overall very disappointed, and the customer service was unwelcoming. ended up just giving the buzzer back and walking out. i do not recommend this location to anyone and wish it didn’t change this much because now it makes bowling unenjoyable.

Damon Rhodes

Could not have had a better time!

alicia robinson

It looks great, but the vibe was kind of boring because the music was low and unrelatable. The deal was great, but the prices for games and activities are a bit much.

Benjamin Fabrycki

Cool escape rooms, great arcade and bowling games. Did not receive great bar service, waited at an empty bar with ample employees for close to ten minutes with no service; went to the other bar for drinks.

jasmine vasanth

It s renovated and was fun. They have a seperate (party guests only) bar and 5 alleys for private parties. And the food is really good too.


Not an enjoyable experience... Not necessarily the atmosphere, but the company wasted too much time utilizing the facilities resulting in us having to rush the hour. Then to top it off the food didn't accommodate my diet... However, it may just be what my date ordered. I'll definitely have to give it another tryto makea final decision.

Violeta B

Fun place!

Ann Marie Irving

The place is spotless, and the food was fantastic and was not over price.

Timothy Norris

The place is beautiful. Modern decor and tons to do.

Rebekah D

This place is completely renovated! With a bar, arcade, lazar tag and even escape rooms in addition to bowling

Mark Bratter

First time there since the renovation! Great hangout. Much like the bowling alley at Foxwoods. Fewer alleys than before but the arcade is huge. They have escape rooms. The bar is very nice. The only complaint is we didn't really get a server to our lane in the 2 plus hours we were there. Had to go to the bar every time.

Travis Berthod

Incredibly rude, if you have someone who has hair dye don’t expect to get a drink. Servers say it’s not your Id

Christian Brooks

Very nice renovations. Has a Dave and Buster's vibe now...

Michele Diggins

Went there with a group of teens and adults...had a great time. Very nice bowling, video games, and laser tag.

Zanetta Henderson

Great place for bowling and having fun with friends.

Casey Menard

I just wanted to advise of my recent dissatisfaction when trying to book some lanes for a birthday party to happen on March 3rd. My original request for more information was submitted to the website on Feb 9th and was answered rather promptly on Feb 11th. But after several emails and phone calls no one ever responded back. I was originally emailing with Amy about the private event space or renting lanes. Once she sent me the information on these I reached out to her to see what her schedule was so I could stop in and book something vs. going back and forth through email. I emailed Amy twice asking when she’d be there and received no response. On Thursday Feb 21st I then called the alley and was transferred to Amy’s voicemail and I left a message. Then on Saturday Feb 23rd I called around 11am and was transferred to Stephen. Stephen advised me that it was very busy and that weekends are busy and to call back on Monday. I realize you are busy and that this location was newly renovated and opened for business but this is just very disappointing. And the most frustrating part now is all the time I wasted trying to get ahold of someone there. Now we are a week away from the party date and need to scramble and book somewhere else. Thanks for nothing.

Aric Lemieux

Overall, a good experience. Very clean and aesthetically appealing. Noise level wasn't overly loud. Food was good. Being a new place, I'd expect a growing pain or two. Sat in the dining area for 10 minutes before attempting to locate a waitperson. I'd check it out again.

Robert Brogle

Place is fantastic, newly renovated, great time, we'll be back!


It looks like they remodeled this place and they did an amazing job.

Diane Smith-King

Our family had a great time here. A lot of options for the kids - playing Arcade games and/or bowling. I would definitely recommend going to this place.

Titan Arroyo

Had a great time with the family

ricki malcolm

Nice and clean. Liked the food and drinks. Going back to do the Escape room

Maryellen Beturney

Cost to must. Not just to do there.

LN Grant

Great family friendly environment. Food pretty good too.

Marc King

Good time and great food

Stephane Cloutier

Went with coworkers. Service appeared prompt. Drinks reasonable at bar. Escape room malfunctioned a few times. Bowling was good, lane seemed to make a few people slip. Aside from all that still had a great evening. Would return again.

Dwight Morgan

Everything was good the waitress the bowling prices food everything

Aerial Pace

Real nice inside My kids (and me) liked it were going back

S Mulhall

Fun great for family. Good food and drinks too

Erick Vega

Amazing atmosphere, great drink selection, good game selection. Prizes require too my tickets for the little ones though.

Taha Altareb

Nice indoor place for kids and families

Poonamthillana Bala Subramanian

Very rude staffs. They dnt make u feel welcome.. Not going there again.

Laurie Thibodeau

Wow!!! Beautiful inside! Super friendly staff. A little pricey for bowling if there are no specials going on, but we went before noon on Sunday so it was only $3 per game. Will definitely go again.


Went here for an impromptu birthday celebration for my daughter. The staff was beyond courteous and food was good also. The 5 kids that I had with me and 6 adults all had fun. The only complaint that I had was that the machines were a little confusing to use to add the tokens and the staff in that area were a bunch of teenagers that couldn't answer any questions I had.

Chris Beaudoin

I have gone to 2 fundraiser so far. The first one they double booked the lanes so I was unable to bowl with my friends for an hour. While waiting the fundraiser offered pizza. However they ran out of dough, even though they knew the fundraisers expectations, and was then told to "take a piece from someone else" which was ludicrous. The next visit was a fundraiser for my sisters soccer team. Apparently they were booked with 2 other fundraisers and could not provide any lanes for the full 3 hours of the event. I do not recommend planning birthday parties here either since I called in December to get my sisters birthday party their (this was before I saw how they hosted events so I guess that part is on me) and I still have heard nothing (March 24th). So if you enjoy spending money on seeing the managers of the establishment not know how to do their jobs and waist a lot of your time this place is for you. If you actually want a fun place to enjoy yourself you can find much better.

jazleana daley

Was super fun but my food was horrible and I didnt even receive my drink

Tata 196

Great fun place, family friendly and very affordable. The food was great too. Staff was amazing


Arcade was fun , bowling was too but pricey ... Service for food was horrible at the lanes ... Took our waiter a good 20 minutes to come to our lane and another 20 to bring food which was not what we order and another 10 minutes to bring out our ice tea and sprite for drink order. We re ordered our food which took around a other 20 minutes and it was also the wrong order. The manager did try to make it right and comped our meal but the overall experience wasn't that great .

Nicholas Chanese

A little expensive, but a great way to spend an afternoon. Kids love it


Beautiful place compared to what it used to be. Very modern and we'll outfitted. Great arcade too.

mohoc x

This place was pretty cool. Lots of lanes separated by a bar and plenty of tables. The food was ok and the prices were pretty good. Updated and fun technology on the lanes with an arcade as well with new games and fun things for big and little kids to do. They serve alcohol and food, rent shoes and have balls out for you to choose.

dolores cahill

Wow, they have redone the place. A first rate place for some family fun or a great place to meet up with friends. I really like the way it is sectioned off.

Gilberto Heredia

Our 1st time here we had a lot of fun the pizza was very good and we are definitely going to do a adults date night there looks like a lot of fun!

Amanda Lein

This is a great spot. It is a great fun place for all ages. The bowling is great. Food was delicious. Staff is friendly. They have escape rooms which are a blast. This is a fun night for family if you are looking for something to do! Enjoy!

Chris Malecki

If you haven't visited since their have to stop and see. It's really very nice. My grandchildren and I played a few strings then had a ball in the arcade.

Andrew Tallarita

Seriously impressed with the remodel. Before, this place was on the verge of being seriously dated. The place stunk, food was bleh. Now. Daaaaamn. Really stepped it up a ton! They have an escape room, laser tag, arcade (decent size too), the lanes are beautiful. There is even a "private" area with several lanes and it's own bar and restrooms. The food is so much better, hell they even have REAL plates (no paper ones) and waiters and waitresses! Everything is modern and visually pleasing. The main bar is huge. You can really spend several hours to a chunk of a day here easily, especially if you have kids. It's far more kids friendly than a place like Dave and Buster's. My ONLY reason for docking a star is the cost, especially at the arcade. It's a bit pricey. The average per game cost in the arcade is $2! Easily cook over $100 in 20 min with 2 kids, nevermind food, drinks, bowling, laser tag or the escape room. You want to to all that, expect to spend closer to $200 or more.

Desmond Berry

We had out company outing and had a blast!

Jim S

Nice place but expensive.

Liz Menafra

Went bowling with the family and had a very nice time. Beautiful, new renovation.

John Sobala

Sad to see the old Bradley Bowl gone. Although it's a nice place for family fun.

Idyn Quinones

Food was very cook very well done.. the remodeling to the place very well done!

Mark Lapointe

Your asking me to review a place I was 5 months ago???? Great job Google! I'm sure it looks much better now than when I last saw it!!

Luk Christman

Great place to enjoy good company and be interactive doing various different activities... for young and old... wish I had one in my home town...

Rich Chabot

Nice people, good place to bowl

Ronnie E Rodriguez

A fun time any time of the day

Lia Pasquale

It's a nice, well-run bowling alley. The food is ok but it's a bowling alley so the expectations aren't high to begin with.

Sean Miro

Had a great time. The updates inside look great

David Bowie

Looks and feels like Dave& Buster's

Mike C.

It's nice that the place is newly rennovated and is good for bowling, but my goodness it takes wayyyy too long to get a drink. You could stand at the bar for 10mins before the bartenders would even look at you (let alone get a drink).

Brittany Dixon

Waited 2 hours after being told about an hour. Bartenders took about 15/20 minutes for simple drinks. Derek the server in our lane was very fast and apologetic for the wait times tho! He made our night by being kind and patient, thank you!

Patricia Stiles

The lane kept breaking down but we still had a great time

Nuno Bernardino

They did a great job updating this bowling alley. Lanes updated with up to date tech, convenient restaurant right on the middle, or you can order food from the counter, private rooms available for rent and a big arcade section. Our party for 25+ had a great time and the kids loved the arcade area! Will definitely be back as it's a great night out with the family

Sofia S

This place is spoiled coooool

Mackenzie OConnor

Honestly the staff were sweet and the venue looks really awesome....however, we cant reserve lanes so its first come first serve so we had to wait 15 minutes for us to be able to pay to bowl then there were no lanes open for us to bowl for an additonal 15 minutes after paying....then when i ordered a tequila sunrise(orange juice, grenadine and tequila) i was given grapefruit juice with tequila. So we began to bowl and then our lane experienced technical issues and it took about 10 to 15 minutes for someone to notice the sign that sos for a service call. It was just overall dissapointing.

Nicole Violette

Wish there were more gluten free options for food.

Nicole Smith

Entertainment was excellent but need more food varieties.

Ethan Newhall

I used to love coming here all the time when it was still Bradley bowl. Plenty of lanes, prices were decent, and the staff was fantastic even on a busy night. Most of this has changed since becoming part of the Spare Time chain though. Never thought I'd say this, but take a trip to Blue Fox in Simsbury if you don't want to wait around for a lane all night. Waited over an hour for a pair of lanes to open up (for a group of 6), only for our 2nd game to get cut off towards the end since they charge by the hour as opposed to by game. Food service wasn't the fastest both at the lane and in the waiting area, but the staff was very nice the entire night (2nd star just for that). Be sure to check the food before you eat it, as we did find a hair in the plastic wrap with the cookie we had ordered. We did have a slight issue with the pin racking on our lane. Didn't seem like a huge deal as no one else around us had problems, however we did have a couple times where the system would fail to reset all 10 pins.

Dee Parrish

Fantastic! Super chic.

Mohammad Afzal

Well organized and priced place. Loved it

_zeebear_ art

It was a nice experience. The food was okay, the arcade was fun but kind of small. The best thing about it was probably the laser tag. It was fun, though.

Christopher Tatro

The lanes are amazing and well taken care of. The price has more than doubled since I have been there last but everything still looks the same. Food is pretty standard and the bar has a few decent options.

Scott Powers

Beautiful place excellent pro shop tell stroman norman I sent you.

Donna Rodriguez

Had a good time. Food was expensive

Elliot Hosack

It has honestly been a long time since I have said, "Man, that bowling was so fun!" It was really nice and for a bowling alley, was sparkling clean! The staff was nice and helpful, and the additional laser tag and escape rooms were rather fun!

Tim Copeland

Good food, good beer, good atmosphere


Fun time! Only complaint is waitress took sooo long and only checked our status once over a couple hours, had to leave bowling area to get service.

Balaji Mankompu

Has a lot more than just bowling, may not be the place for serious bowling. Has a good ambience.

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