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REVIEWS OF Spare Time Bristol IN Connecticut

Tyler Roberts

Denise their manager is a child running a professional establishment.. most unprofessional experience of my life. will never bring my children, bring any of my business, will never recommend anybody completely disgusted.. I'll be sure to go anywhere but here... You can renovate a million times but a business is only as good as the people that run it..

Drazen Vayne

With the recent reconstruction and addition to games and even a new virtual reality station for young and old installed the new Spare Time has a upbeat and fire like feel. Wanna bowel in one of the polished and brightened lanes from new lighting then they have that. Feel like you want to run through a laser tag round against friends aiming to be the top then they got you covered. Along with the many games like space invaders connect four and halo and alien coop shooters for thrills this place is your one way stop to enjoyment in Bristol with fellows and strangers alike.

Kevin Patterson

Spare time is great fun for people of all ages. Seriously they have bowling, laser tag, some VR video games and an entire arcade and bar. With them doing renovations recently, it looks even better. They're always running specials too. Go once, and you'll set spare time as your go-to family fun night.

Mike Cessario

for dates it's cool, for bowling the lanes rarely get oiled unless league night

MaggieiMarcin Ostrowski

Definitely good place to have family fun

Jeffrey Mead

Clean, family friendly and affordable.

Sourisong Sikhounmuong

This Is the best place ever they have a lot of arcade machine like the giant etc. The bowling was just awesome and some of the price was good and some of them are not and hopefully they can bring some new stuff like new nerf guns thats semi automatic and you don't have to pull it back every time, intex ball pit, pools etc, pipes and nets to build for a ball pit and the semi automatic nerf gun should be at least 500 ticket while the ball pit are 400 ticket per each weather you have enough or something like that, the pool should be 300 ticket. the pipes and nets to build for the ball pit should be 800 ticket, jumbo basketball and soccer ball should be 1000 ticket, the regular basketball and soccer ball that is not big can be use for 600 ticket, hedstrom ball from walmart can be at least 1200 ticket, the exercise ball can be 1500 ticket while the dodge ball can be 200 ticket. They can also bring in the dog toy like a piece of cake from marshall and the color is blue and pink, ice cream cone like vanilla from stop and shop and the regular dog toy like blue or any other color for 100 ticket and if they can do that I'm gonna be so happy when I see all of those awesome stuff. They should bring in nerf accessory so this was people don't have to purchase online and it can be use for 900 ticket.

Patron Review

The KIDS that work here are complete idiots we drove an hour to come here just to walk out because people don't know how to do their job!!!!!! I'd give A ZERO STAR IF I COULD BUT UNFORTUNATELY I CAN'T!!!!!!!

Mike Martinez

GF loves to bowl here. Good food and things to do for the kids. Bar is nice and staff are friendly.

Clint A

Original review below: Thank you for reaching out to me amends for what happened. Over an hour and a half later and I decided to cancel my order for a buffalo chicken wrap. Meanwhile everyone else was getting served. I'm good.

Sherri-Ann Chapman

They made us wait with open lanes! I even asked if they wanted me to go to Plainville?? It was fun once we started


Had a nice date night here

tom zanone

Pretty fun spot

LuE Dee

Pretty cool. Arcade games were cool. I got there late on Thursday so i missed out on the great deal of unlimited bowl night.

Jeff Shimkevich

It fun place for some fun with friends.

Joey Pisani

We had fun but the staff was not very helpful even though there were a lot of them working and spent a lot of money

isabella Weiss

It was awesome

Darlene Barriault

My son loves to bowl

Jimmy Smith

Will be shut down in 6 months. Games are double price now. Cheapest game is $1.25, goes up to $4!!!! NOPE. Byeeeee.

Lindsey Caminiti

I love to go here on weekends with my kids, but now their is a new manager who is so rude and acts like he is better than everyone. I love going but really wish they had a new general manager.

beverly villanueva

It was fun

Jen Gutierrez

Customer service is horrible there. I was there last night for the first time with my boyfriend. He enjoys to bowl and wanted to teach me. Sadly it was a bad experience from the moment we walked in. The person at the desk looked completely overwhelmed. Some parties had finished and she was organizing everything. We wouldn’t have been so annoyed about waiting but the manager who was there didn’t even help attend to the people waiting. We stood there for a while. Finally when we got assigned a lane we started To play. Maybe 10 minutes into the game none of the balls returned. We told the same attendant who was overwhelmed because she was the only one available and she called someone in the back. Nothing happened. We told her again and she tried to handle it herself. They couldn’t find the bowling balls. The workers who seemed to maintain the lanes had no clue what they were doing. So not only did this ruin the good momentum we had, brought one of our own personal balls and it was stuck somewhere. It seemed like they had no clue what to do or where it could be. The manager knew we had a personal ball there and didn’t even bother try to ease our concerns about getting it back. Our worry was that it could get chipped or cracked seeing that they didnt know how to maintain their lanes. After what was a long wait they finally got the balls out. The manager asked if we wanted to switch lanes and we asked if this was going to happen again? His response was we won’t know unless you try it. What kind of response is that? I guess the lanes just break down? No reassurance at all. We said we didn’t want to bowl anymore and wanted our money back. The manager said ok and left. We got our money back, but not even a sorry about it taking so long or about what happened. Even our waitress was embarrassed about how they handled everything. I would give this place no stars but the waitress was nice. Don’t go here if you want to have fun bowling and expect good customer service. It was our first time going and we won’t be back.

Carrie C

I come here monthly for a social gathering and the staff are incredibly accommodating. The new renovations are great as well

kim Jenkins

New Spare Time.0 renovated w/more games & a new bowling lounge....

Nicole Weston

Came on a Saturday not 1 acknowledgement from the waitress as we sat on a booth. My friend had to go the bar to get drinks. I recommended this place...

Ana Irizarry

Fun place to go with the family. A little on the expensive end.

TAMMY LaPointe

I luved their fried pickles served with a surachi dipping sauce. And their burgers are nice and thick. Not thin and your wonering,where's the BEEF?!! Its all newly remodeled. They have lazer tag,brand new bowling lane and plenty of other games too! I am going back again maybe to watch my favorite team (Patriots) on their brand new television screens!

Riley Johnson

Sparetime is a super cool arcade they have a restaurant a bowling alley and laser tag you should Vista and spend lots of money there

Jason Rivera

Fun place to bowl and play arcades.

Leeann Frohn

My kids ❤️ it!!!

Orlando Padilla

Friendly and excellent service

C Capatan

Laser tag, bowling, arcade, and private event area....Wow! Spare time is a great place for anyone to have fun and hang out. They are attached to City Sports grill for some great food as well.(see separate review) The event area looks like an amazing area to have a party and has it’s own private lanes.

Ryan Bartholomew

This place is awesome!!! My son had his birthday here and everyone had a good time.. the best deal for a kids party by far.. no clean up and food is provided..

Mark Nelms

Good food and fun the staff really is awesome and swift with the drinks

Traci Moran

Fun past time place for the whole family

Colleen Miller

Increased prices, lacks in cleanliness and staff is not as friendly as they used to be. Looks like they are trying to upgrade building but what they really need to do is upgrade customer service

Marc Lozier

They were so helpful for a group thing we are doing

Hailey Gendron

Extended the arcade,looks great $5 a game, $4 shoe rental so it's affordable

Stephen Kole

Gotma lot of games kept kids busy and they won prizes.

Dwight Smith

They remodeled everything and it looks great. Great place for the kids.

Yogesh Valvaikar

It's our weekend late night fun place. We enjoy bowling here. Sometime it's really busy like mostly on Saturday and Thursday. Food is ok, can't expect restaurant quality to be honest, and the bar serves almost everything.

Shiquan Roman

Renovations make it feel new. It's still a work in progress but it was due for an update.

Jesus Cruz

Great Family Fun

Reina Sosa

I went with my foster parents and my adopted brother we had so much fun. Food is kinda good but dont look at it for the food see that the employees are nice and really help if u need it I love this place.

Jean-Louis Barreau

Great for fun games and parties


We had a blast! Place was clean and there were lots of games to play besides bowling. If you wanna have a fun night out with the fam..this is the place to go!

S. M.

Went for one drink at the end of the night. Alicia was the bartender and she makes great drinks. Nice place, they've remodeled since the last time I was there.

Destinee Rodriguez

1st time here. The front desk service is excellent

Edward Browne

Laser tag games and bowling great to pass some time

Arthur Didsbury

Fun bowling, good people working there.

gamergeek 1213

place is great and try arcade is fun even if it's a little expensive (you'll be spending about 20 to 35 dollars a person) shoe rentals are just insane.

Julian Martinez

Great staff, great food my kids had a blast, my wife and daughter said they were the best arcade games they've seen around.

Colleen Jones

Bowling, pool, arcade games and laser tag. Lots of fun! Tuesdays are 1/2 off laser tag and arcade games.

Daniel Popp

Great arcade and laser tag

Gerard Polito

A fun place for the entire family.Laser tag,bowling and lots of arcade games.Scott Yarnall,general mgr.andJamie Colon are both great.

Shinelle Sookdeo

The staff was nasty ..they are racist . We got kicked out after paying for unlimited bowling because my child didn't want to bowl anymore due to her feeling sick and allowed her brother to bowl. They turned off our lane without warning and refuse to give us our money. Called the cops to escort us out. I will never go back.

Jeff Salovski

Made the mistake of coming here tonight for a business appreciation event they were hosting . Let me start off by saying this, Denise the manager doesnt appreciate anything. She cant even get her employees to properly allow people entry and get a event started on time. My girlfriend and I showed up at 840 expecting to have a great date night, but Denise ruined that. At first we were allowed entry with no issues. We waited until 930 and still the event hadn't started. Denise came by to check on things and I had asked her why my coworker wasnt allowed in with no Id but my girlfriend was. We were promptly told to leave due to no id. Mind you this is a bowling alley that has children in it at all times of the day so what's the big deal? We were told because it was a event that served alcohol. Yet they serve alcohol every single day with kids there. I would highly recommend going elsewhere. They called it a business appreciation night but clearly dont understand the definition of the word.

Jennifer Brasile

I enjoyed this place as it was first time bringing my 9 year old son, but i was NOT happy with the food and how long it took, that was just ridiculous.

Lisa A

Love this place! Had a wonderful time with my kids ages 6-18! The pizza was very good, staff friendly and accommodating. We were there am when a server wasnt available but t by e bar worker served our pizza and was helpful. The man running laser tag made our experience extra special. He was friendly, outgoing, helpful, deserves recognition. You can't find that in a lot of places!

Genesis Domanii-Shields

Great for kids

Michael Maniscalco

Had a great time. Kids had tons of fun. Pizza was pretty good. Everyone was helpful..

No No

Laser Tag is great!

Samantha S

Food and service at bar was not good

makayla jones

Love bowling

Kristin Marie Rouse

This place is wonderful. Glad I found it! They have laser tag, bowling, and many arcade games. The staff are nice, however they can be a bit inattentive at times. Otherwise, it's a lot of fun. Love the half price on Tuesdays. Have been three times and would definitely go again!

Veronica Chacon

Nice, clean and friendly environment

David Zwart

really enjoable experience, the whole interior has been updated and half of it turned in to an arcade. looking to go back and try the lazer tag next time.

Flaccid Unicorn

It's good

john muniz

Great for family fun and great prices.

angel rivera

Good place to be with ur family

Leslie Rand

I take my grandson's here it is their favorite place, we bowl and we spend time in the arcade and is a great day together!

Johann Fitzpatrick

Best lasertag experience I've ever had, and that's saying something

Shane T

Nice place fun and good deals

Jeanette A.

Very cute location and the fur bowl meet is a blast! I love that there's plenty to do here too. So, if you're not into bowling, you can always wander over the the arcade section or go play some lazer tag.


So much fun

Stephanie Nicolia

If I could give this place zero stars I would! Tonight I was invited by a friend to go to spare time’s event and when we arrived the girl working the table put permanent marker which is very toxic on my hand indicating I was not able to drink. My friend did not have his ID either so they let me in but not him - didn’t make sense. The girl at the table who marked my hand was giving the wrong information, Once Denise, the unprofessional and disrespectful manger comes over and tells me I have to leave because we didn’t have an ID but we already got through because we were stamped. Other than this event, anyone is allowed there without an ID to play arcade games so why was I forced out of a public place? Denise was making a big deal out of nothing when we both look over 21 that she needed an ID from us. Also the beer is watered down and overpriced. I would never come back to this place and I recommend everyone else to go to a different bowling alley if you want a better experience. This event that they hosted was not on time, it was 45 mins late. No one knew the rules or when I asked questioned everyone looked dumbfounded and clueless. Very poor costumer service!

Brandon Marino

Went to Sparetime Bristol with my wife for Industry night last night and we were extremely suprised with the service and atmosphere. The manager was very accommodating and helpful with getting us a lane and food service was beyond our expectations. The renovated restaurant was beautiful and the drinks we had were delicious. With the event being FREE we were willing to wait because the center was very busy with more 300 people. We will definitely be back to play laser tag and grab a bite at the restaurant.

Joseph Gaboury

Went there for a birthday party. The kids all seemed to have fun. The staff treated the kids great and the kids were always doing something fun. Good selection of video games in the arcade. The laser tag was a blast we all loved it. We are already planning a trip back.

Steve Lubin

Fun place...fair prices

zohan 7894

I enjoyed the galatic bowling tonight but the drinks tonight took a little too long to get.

Mark Duhaime

Would alot better if up to date. The also need a new manager cause the new manager is horrible. He treats his workers like they are all beneath him and he is very lazy. The last manager was 100 times better then this new GM John.

Zach Apruzzese

I've gone here a few times and usually have a good experience. I usually order the same drink (grateful dead) and they are made relatively the same way. Today I had the worst grateful dead of any restaurant I've ever been too. I did not finish my drink and instead of offering me a free drink or discounting my second drink the bartender offered to add more mixer to my already overly sweet drink. Pretty disappointing experience.

Gracey K.

It was a blast. Huge arcade, fun bowling spot. Good food

Mokia Rules

Great place for family had no issues

Yong Chang

at the restaurant/bar, I had the absolute worst dining experience in my life. I ordered a burger with onion rings and my wife ordered a taco salad with guacamole. first of all, our food took over 30 mins to come out in an empty bar. and it comes out without lettuce , tomato and red onions. onion rings were non existent. the taco salad came out without BEEF! and the guacamole was non existent. how do you mess up a simple order like that? and when we asked to see the manager it took over 30 mins for her to come out to run a refund... no-one was at the restaurant. they only gave back half.YOU ARE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE INDUSTRY! did you guys forget?

Craig M

I love this place- so much fun stuff to do and a bar to enjoy at the same time. Laser tag may seem like a kids thing to do but get a round of your buddies, do a shot or two and it's a freakin blast! Definitely go visit !

Keira Galaise

I'm sure that a lot of people had fun there, and it's important not to base your expectations off one review. But I would be remiss if I didn't state my own experiences at Spare Time. I only went there twice; and the reason being is because the first time I went there. I tried playing the Cyclone that sits near the Air Hockey table. It ate up $10 off my card, and wouldn't let me play once. I told several employees at least 5 times that day that the game wasn't working. I even told the manager, but he just kept saying that he would send someone to fix it. They would then tell me a couple minutes later that it was working again, only for it to keep eating my money. I eventually gave up and tried playing Wheel of Fortune, but it wouldn't give me the tickets at the end of the game. All told, the exact same thing happened the next time I went. I probably end up reminding the manager like at least 10 times, but some of the games are still broken, and they don't bother to do anything about it. If you were able to make it to the end of this review without nodding off or losing interest, then I commend you, as well as recommend that you go somewhere else if you want to have fun. If you want to lose your money for no good reason and end up frustrated, then Spare Time is the place to go.

Michael King

Food is delicious and place is clean


Sometimes they have a really great Bartender but today I came and 15 minutes later I have not been served. Sitting here at the bar empty.

Randall Carrillo



Nice lanes and friendly staff. Machines a bit outdated

Brandon Evans

First time and had a lot of fun. The have bowling, laser tag, arcade, and a bar. Perfect thing to do with a group of friends. And the wings are banging lol. I was actually really impressed. Would definitely recommend.


Cafe & Bar ,, Friendly Service Great , Food & Drinks

Ryan Davis

Great time

Ashwini Nikam

Every Sunday night it's only 8$ per person 8pm to 11pm.. and on fri & sat night.. for galactic Bowling it's 18$ (shoes include) per person 10:00 pm to 2 am with glow-in-the-dark party central with laser lights. various sizes of bowling ball available... so it's pretty awesome.. and crowd was good ... service was good.. last but not least I like the choice of music they play :)

Dipti Edla.Naidu

Nice place for kids. Bowling is fun for grown ups. Good place for birthday party.

Eric Hall

Great family night out. Good food, great arcade for the kids and bowling is always fun!

jannell commeau

Love spare time! It's only flaw is location . Bristol sucks

Tanisha Dawn

Fun bowling for inexpensive on a Thursday night. Food was good, wings and pizza. Drinks were well made. Grey Goose and cranberry. Wait staff attending us were attentive and considerate. I would definitely go back.

Martin Carrano

Sunday was crazy, kids spilling food all over lanes, some bowled down our lanes not knowing, so if your there to compete forget it on sundays

kevin melecio sr.

Great place for family fun.

Yuli Love

Kara was our Birthday host and boyyyy she was amazing I’m so thankful her her help, cheery personality and a great heart! Thank youuuu

Brenda Galindez

Great place for family and friend

Tyler Clark

Great place to bowl! Reasonable prices and somones always around to help.

Melissa Dingee

Wonderful family atmosphere you have multiple choices of things to do with the kiddos

Aerial Pace

Nice place not that good for younger kids but fun

Talie W

Clean, recently renovated, friendly staff

Kate Dumond

Haven't been for at least 10 years before I went a few months ago. Nicely renovated, tons of fun stuff to do, and awesome deals on bowling. I had a great time and our server was phenomenal! Pizza was good too!

Laurie Guenther

awesome! very friendly staff

karen luna

Nice place. We went with friends and we really enjoyed a lot. While we were waiting for a free spot in the Bowling

Magnu Supreme

Lazer tag with family wow very fun

Gunner Peterson

Hello and good evening Bristol Connecticut. Just stopped in at the Spare Time Bar tonight. Inside the bowling alley. Wow! Full bar, and dinning room, lots of great big screens, hot music, great food, excellent prices, best chili and fries anywhere in town and our servers the very best around. A special shout out to Makela and Kacey and Diane the manager. Regarding others experience that was not like mine “EXCELLENT”. Maybe you went to the wrong place? I am going to be a regular. I highly recommend this wonderful place. Please tell them Gunner sent you. Peace America ☮️

William Bateson

What an update they did here recently! We loved it before for the bowling/arcade/laser tag.....but now its even newer, fresher, and they haven't even finished the restaurant update yet. It's about a 25 minute drive for us, but worth it for the convenience of having everything in one place. At the end of the day, it's not always the cheapest few hours, but it's a good treat for the kids and us.

Shawnti Chiarappi

They plan a service industry night and all the local restaurants get to come and bowl and play laser tag. It is pretty awesome. The place looks amazing. Keeps getting better and better.

Andrea Godfrey

I just had my sons 8th birthday there. and I just wanted to say that our party host, Kendall, was hands down the best party host we have ever had. He was pleasant, extremely attentive and helpful. Above all, he was very interactive with the children. He made my sons night very special, and he really deserves some recognition. We had 23 boys there, so it was a lot to handle! However, he made sure they were all having fun and being safe at the same time. We are happy that we found Spare Time as our “family spot” to go to. We will definitely recommend Spare Time to everyone we know as well!

Haseeb Cheema

expensive but kids love it

Tamysha Cobbs

Awesome atmosphere, terrific environment. I'll be here every weekend!

Aminah Ali

Great family activity.

Jason Kempf

keeps getting better. renovations still happening but seems to look great

Anibal Toledo

Great place to have a little fun with the family and friends and not Expensive

Tiffany LaBarre

These dudes are some of the most relaxed people around, I had a blast just bowling with the bros, fun night, thanks for memories.

Susan Riley

Great place to bowl! Get a Groupon and then use the money you saved to play in their state-of-the'art arcade. We loved it!!

Elizabeth Benson

Fun for the kids. Much nicer now that they remodeled.

Regina McRae

Had the time of my life went bowling and played games so much fun!

chris miranda

I recently came to ”discover” this place and I must say I fell in love with it im a very big kid at heart but I got to take my nieces and just booked my Little’s cousin birthday party there for this weekend 2/17/2018 can’t wait for him to celebrate is a surprise,so like I mention at the beginning this place to me is awesome have great prizes for the arcades And bawling and laser tag unlike Nomads you can out $60-$80 in a card for the arcade and in a few machines the money will be gone went to nomads for the first time recently as well and is so expensive i end up spending $135 in 20 not exaggerating and just for one kid but when I came to spare time I was expecting the same thing so I just put $50 on the card and they’re we were 30mins later and we still had $37 left in the card overall a great place to bring the kids,adults and teenagers they also have a bar for adults and they have a variety of foods I love they’re personal pizza is one of my favorites the staff even though is young they are very friendly and helpful,well if you haven’t visit yet I highly recommend to do so you won’t regret it.

Justin Tacchi

Great place to bring the family or for late night fun. Great mixed drinks. Arcade. Bowling. Laser tag. Sports bar.

Rochelle Clayton

This is a great place to visit with the family

Elizabeth Person

Had to certify lanes for new bowling season. Nice place.

Yaritza Marrero

Higher prices then before due to renovations

Besfort Ramadani

Tuesdays ½ off on the arcade. Best day to go.

Erica Cedeno

Love this place

Sierra Ferguson

Some renovations was honestly a blast..the place is beautiful and entertaining


This is a fun place to be.

Jeremiah Johnson

Get a lane, we're rolling

Antonio Casiano

Fun and entertaining place. Good for all ages

Salam Khalid

Nice place but the price for the kids games are insane

ThatBritishGirl 316

I find this place to be really fun, and I'm only 13. I liked this place however it was really crowded in the Bowling alley and the things were kinda expensive... and we kinda had to wait a long time. It's still a great place though!

Lobito l Urbana

The check-in was fast and friendly. Super fun, the alleys where cleanand fun, the server was very attentive, the arcade was fun and updated. My overall experience was fantastic. P.S: I would love to see an "All You Can Play" hourly deal at the arcade kinda like Dave n Buster have


I love all the new games!!!

Naynay Schro

Great family fun for all ages!!!

voight hunter

A very enjoyable experience

Daniel Beaupre

Laser tag has much to be desired (Was quite expensive for 10 minutes, and the course needs a lot of work). Bowling was fun, but a little expensive for the 11pm-2am special. People were lined up, and took 30 minutes just to be checked in (They should allow the lanes to be filled before 11, and just enable them at 11). No one else was really there. Food was rather expensive, but pretty good. Stay away from the bar: Mixed drinks were just miserable.

Helene Safia

Went to Spare Time on a Saturday afternoon. It was pretty busy, tried to go eat something but nobody would assign a table to us nor notice us. We decided to pick a table and waiters were passing by us (looking at us) without saying anything. Waited a good 15 minutes. We ended up leaving. Tried to go bowling but were assigned a lane that was already taken. So we ended up leaving for good and went to eat somewhere else.

Kai Landy

Amazing arcade, better bowling.

Alex Ayala

Nice place, a lot of noise and lights, which is good of you like that experience. Lots of Video games and a modest laser tag room.

alchemy x

Great place to bowl.

kelly mosher

They went above and beyond for my sons party! This was our first time there but it won't be the last.

Edward Fairbanks

I really love this place. They have a bowling alley, laser tag, and an okay selection of arcade games. The arcade games are a bit pricey ($1.50 & up) but the overall ambiance of the establishment is a great place to take the family regardless of age. I particularly enjoy the Friday & Saturday night all you can bowl deal from 10:30pm-1:00 for $18 (including shoe rental). I would recommend this place to anyone looking to get out of the house and have some fun without having to take out a loan to do so. Friendly staff, plenty of entertainment options, as well as having a very nice sized and well stocked bar. Something for everyone.

Amber Williams

Awesome place to bowl, and the arcade games are awesome!

Lisa Martin

My Autistic kids and family love Spare Time. We enjoy the games, birthday parties, people, food, laser tag, bowling, really everything.

Patricia Miller

WOW THE RENOVATIONS ARE AWESOME ...cant wait to see it all finished

Steve cocchiola

Had a lot of fun there with my Wife and son I would go there again I also played some games with my Wife while he played with his friends

Michael motorcycle

Wish they had a larger variety of games. The ticket system for winnings to dollars is extremley lopsided toward the house.

Danny Kash

Great place to have kids birthday parties. Super friendly staff. We just did a birthday party for 3 of our kids and it went perfectly! P.S the pizza is good too.

Deirdre Niatopsky

Love the atmosphere and updates.

Cereal Killer

Their new renovation is pretty cool. When i went it was still in the process and i liked it already. Go check it out. If anything the prices are also worth going

Nate McCuin

Great for all ages and all fun and games come at a great price

lisa medland

Great place. Lots of fun.

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