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60 Bidwell Rd, South Windsor, CT 06074, United States

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REVIEWS OF Revolutions Bowling and Lounge IN Connecticut

Jean Paul

Good place for bowling also for volley games in the summer. Drinks are not overly expensive, not sure about food as I never ate here before. So check it out

Melissa Jathan

Great music and good food. I always have fun there!!

amanda derby

Very very very poor service ! I would not recommend this dirty place to ANYONE !!! THERE WAS MICE POOP ON THE COUCHES !!! I had a piece of hair in my salad .. GROSS , My server was absolutely rude and did not want to help me with anything , didn't come check up on me until he wanted me to pay for my bill ! HORRIBLE ESTABLISHMENT !! DONT GO THERE !!! Not to mention the ladies restroom was disgusting , hair and dirt all over the sinks and even on the toilets !!! SOOOOOOOOOO dirty I couldn't even use the restroom !! it was gross !!!!

Hank Cullinane

Has a lot to offer. Game room, bowling alley, banquet room, volleyball courts

Marie Paige

Fun for the family

Adrian Sanchez

Decent bowling place

Ogewu Agbese

I went to Revolutions on a Saturday Night around 10 pm. The DJ was good and it was a cross between night club and bowling alley. My friends and I had fun and it was a memorable experience. I would recommend it! That said, I believe the owners should consider more than one bartender at peak time to ensure a steady flow of traffic and reduce wait time.

David Whitesell

Went here for a work function so this rating/review is biased towards that specific event. The lounge area leading to the lanes was too dark. Couldn't see the food in the serving trays. Opening the window blinds didn't help much. The bowling aspect was fine. Typical bowling alley.


Had an excellent time here. Food cocktails super big screen tv's music AND bowling. Very nice place. Clean and relaxing. Wonderful staff. Open till 3am on Saturday night's. Nice place to hang out with friends without being a very loud club.

Sherri Casey

I had a great time. I love the different spin on this bowling alley being connected to the lounge. The atmosphere was great, too. Having sofas and a waitress at all times readily available was great. I love the food selection, but it was a bit pricey. Of course, the focus of our trip was bowling. I wasn't expecting to spend more than double on food than on bowling for 3 people.

Jacob Clark

Great relaxed classy vibe, good food, and great fun!

Daouda Williams

I loved it here, the ambiance is nice. You only pay 10 dollars for an hour, I think. That's actually pretty decent, you're definitely gonna enjoy your time here. They also have an arcade in the back which can be pretty useful when bowling gets boring (which it usually does after about an hour). I'd recommend 10/10.

Alexander Pope

The atmosphere is more adult like. Waiters are friendly and music is great. I will be back again soon

Raquel castillo

Very modern and great environment. Fun place to bowl with a great bar and a kids arcade on the other side!

Ryan K

Luxury bowling with great prices. Love it here

Harold V. Lee

love the atmosphere, hate everything else. the non confrontational manager hides behind his staff if there's an issue with anything. he needs to take some classes on how to run a business. definitely not a people person. the staff work on their own time, not being attentive to the public. they should be given an instructional video or something to let them know if somebody is standing in front of them, they need to address the patron. if 2 staff are having their own conversation, when somebody with money is trying to buy something, that's a fail. it's probably the best job in the world for a younger person cause you can just goof off all day and not be reprimanded. i've been 3 times and have always been disappointed. sucks for a place that people actually want to go to.

Joana Perez

Atmosphere is great and Food is Yummy!!

Jason Hurley

Super comfortable facility - it was awesome for our work function.

Richard Hannan

Great set-up! Attended a hosted party. Decent pizza and salad. It was unfortunate that we had only one server who was running like crazy, but he did the best he could.

CrazyNinja 511

It was really nice in there, comfortable seating, good food, I loved it!

Daniel Orags

nice package pf bowling and pizza. few staff but provably because it was a holiday

George Akerley

A bunch of us went bowling, in part because a great friend was treating herself for her birthday. Bowling, I feel, is typically an easy-going treat

J. Lanier

If I could rate this place less than 1 star I would. This was the worst bowling center I have ever been to. As league and tournament bowler and having been lanes up and down the entire east coast, I would not recommend this center to anyone, for fun or to get some much desired practice. The sitting area had not been cleaned for what looked like several days.. There was crumbs and dust on the floor and table. There was dried soda stains on the console and floor around it and the approaches had not been mopped. The lanes had not been dressed and from the night before (if not longer). I paid for (2) hours to get some good practice in and the attendant put a birthday party right beside me, when the entire house was empty. The people from the party constantly walked across my lanes and kept crossing into my lanes even when I was on my approach and ball delivery. The lane attendant, never said anything to them even when he noticed it. Needless to say, I left long before my (2) hours was completed. I think it actually bowled four games total. I went to the desk to inform the staff but no one was there and I was too frustrated to wait. If you're a serious bowler and looking for a place to practice, this is not the center to go to. I hope this is not a sign of all the centers in the Hartford.

Jennifer Appel

The bowling alley is quite nice and modern. However, service is slow and were confused about if/when our party had paid. Also, you need a reservation because apparently it books up weeks in advance. They seem to have something planned every night of the week. I noticed Fridays and Saturdays 9pm to 2am they have a love DJ and charge a $5 cover. It seems like they're trying to make it like Club Revolutions instead with that and the crazy lighting.

Leonardo Ortiz III

Great place to have fun with the family!


The service was ok. The place was clean. The food was really good.

Lynn Rotatori

Nothing special. They need to do a better job with getting people in there to hang out rather than just bowling. If they can bring in that crowd they will do better. They also need better waitstaff that is less overwhelmed by the large parties that seem to frequent the establishment. Nothing better than your average bowling alley with soft couches.

Trever Falconi

I thought this place was awesome. Went here for a work event, it was great for that. Great lanes and a nice bar area. The food they provided our group was fine. Nice and friendly service and also need me lounge like couches. This is a great place for friends family or groups.


Way better than your average bowling alley. Very clean, nice bar, selection of food, and they have table (or lane) service. It's all at the same cost that a normal alley typically charges.

Justin Maslin

We were here for a company event. The bowling alley was nice with plenty of seating for when you were not bowling. They also have four pool tables, two bars, and a dining area. The food, pizza and wings, could have been better, but it was a fun time overall.

Lion Palm

Fun times

Sergio Parriao

It is not worthy. I don't spend my money in place where I am treated with bad attitude. I would look for another place before coming here.


Hands down BEST UPSCALE BOWLING ALLEY IN CT besides the casino

Ian Wright

What a fun place to go. Bowling, large arcade with pool table and more! Great food. Has a bar for the adults. After 9pm on the weekends they have a DJ. There are beach many volleyball courts set up outside to that are lit up at night. Bar outside aswell. The have a large outdoor wood fire grill and music. It's just and All around fun place to visit. The people that work there are super nice and friendly! You can can have parties and special events! Would recommend highly to anyone looking for a unique bowling experience with much more to offer!!

J Far

It's so much fun! You can order pizza and beer to enjoy while you're bowling! Food is good - try the deep fried pickles! Good selection of beer and pizza is tasty! Great family fun!


Good place when not reserved.

DaShayla Miller

I contacted Revolutions at approximately 2 pm in regards to a reservation or information about open bowl. Initially I was told by a manager that there were times available from 8:30-10:30pm. However, after being transferred to another associate, I was informed that all reservations are full and the next avail was at 11:30pm. However, this associate reported that I could come at 8pm with my party and will be able to bowl without a reservation. I arrived to revolutions at 8pm ( after driving for over an hour) where I was informed of no available times until 11:30 pm. After speaking to several associates I was given so many answers, even the manager was unsure as to what was going on. There had been 4 lanes open for over an hour, where we were informed that we would be able to bowl in 15-30 minutes... well fast forward, to 10pm and we have yet to bowl. I would give this business 0 stars as they are not communicative with one another and is very careless to their consumers.

David Eagle

The lanes were fun with black lights huge projection screens fast service for food and drinks. Hit up the arcade after bowling and had a blast.

Jeff Matthews

Bar staff is great, food is above average but slow.

Nikki Ann Graddy

I went in the summer of 2017 at 11 AM, which is the time they open. The facility was clean and quiet. The workers were nice. It was an enjoyable time with my 12yo son, retired mom, and retired Godmother. None in my party of 4 offered a bad review.

Anthony McCann

Festive nicely decorative enviroment promotes excitement, food is served hit and in a timely manner. Good drinks and beverages. Reasonably priced. Good place for all ages.

syed zain

One of the nicer bowling allies/ clubs/gaming place? I have been to. At entry point u get asked for an id and searched by security like a normal dance club/bar to which i was kinda surprised. Bowling costs 10$/hr per person.... which i think was reasonable given the ambience and look/feel of the place...although i admit it's a bit pricey for a bowling place... there is an in house dj which some people like your humble self can find really loud. Luxury seats, glowing bowling lanes, glow in the dark shoes and a separate bar are some of the things I noticed. They have different kinds of video games like the one's you'd find at an arcade or a casino which i didn't get a chance to try...also they have a decent menu. Overall it was a great bowling experience.

Josiane Nda

I came here with my friends, we had a great time. I liked the place. The service was good. I would go there again.

Anuj Sood

Good bowling lanes and arcade but food is pathetic and service is super slow even when the bowling area js just half full

Enaro Egavas

Awesome place

Leon S

This has to be the best bowling place I've been too, especially in terms of aesthetics. It's pretty impossible to have a good time and hang out though since they crank the music all the way up to the point that you have to yell at the person next to you to have a conversation. That was the only flaw to me. Great place to go, but go elsewhere if you plan to catch up with friends here.


They let us in we said we were going to do a couple games when we got to the counter the guy at the counter said "we're not doing bowling now" all rude really felt not wanted in there so we left. So conclusion no bowling at a bowling alley

Mufaddal Mundiwala

Bowling alley is fire, but when technical issues arise it's very slow

Ian Drayer

Great atmosphere, good attentive service. Lanes/pinsetters break down occasionally and lanes are only sporadically oiled so the shot won't be predictable from week to week.

Lucretia Thornton

The neon lights are cool and the food is good. Great atmosphere.

elaine roberts

They changed the agreement 4 our Singles meet-up group from 2 hours play/$10 ea to $5 game

Ike Asare

Try their happy hour on Thursdays between 4 and 5pm. Awesome fully packed and entertaining

Daniel Zytka

I will be reporting this bowling alley to the State. It's not fair how every time you go they charge you $100/reservation. In case you don't like the place, they can't give you money back, and they give you a gift card instead. So you have to go back! It is controlling. I've never been to any bowling alley that does this or any place in general. Daniel Zytka

VinothKumar Rajendran

Nice place for team events and family get together. Environment is neat. You have pool table and other gaming systems.

Asia Artist

Ok so let me start by saying, when you first walk in the staff was warm & welcoming. I reserved a lane a week prior so I was happy to know I wouldn't have to wait to bowl. Howver that wasnt the case. I reserved it from 10pm to 12am. There was already a party in the lane I was told to go to, so I went back to the front and told the girl who stated she will have security tell them to leave, 10 minutes went by no one came, mind you my complete party of 6 is here ready to bowl and celebrate my 30th bday. My friend is holding balloons and cake while we wait. Then I go back to the front to say once again hey there still there, at this point its 1015pm, security says something to them, then walks off, doesnt tell us what is going on, their party continues, meanwhile were still standing there looking like idiots. At 1030 I go back up to her and ask can we just have the lane that isn't occupied and she said several times no bc it was already being reserved for another party. Meanwhile my party has just missed a half hr that was prepaid. Eventually she moves us to the vacant lane but I cant believe it was such an ordeal. The server came fast, food was fast and tasty. We ordered several drinks, one of which I didnt like so I sent back, but apparently the bartender told the server they dont take back drinks so it would remain on the tab. So the drink sat on the table all night. The dj was good he played a variety of music. The overall vibes in the place were good, positive energy, but do to the huge mix up for 30 minutes with no apologies, no accomadating, rude bartender...I'm all set with this place.

Drew Tower

I love it so much it's got the best bowling alley every

Amy Seeley

Great place to bowl! Very accommodating for large groups!

Catherine Nay

Only reason I’m giving Revolutions 3 stars is because they screwed up on the food big time. I have a gluten allergy and was told they could make any pizza gluten free. I ordered the buffalo chicken pizza and ate almost an entire piece before realizing that they put BREADED chicken on it. Spoke with the manager and waitress who were extremely helpful and got refunded. The cooks need to realize what allergies actually mean to some people and their mistake could have killed someone. Other than that, the atmosphere, bowling and games were a lot of fun!

Brian Cox

Fantastic place for bowling. Its such a different experience from what you would expect at a bowling center. Great for parties, work function or having fun with friend's.

Lot White

Good music food and drinks! Clean and nice lanes!

Zaneta Braswell-Ellis

I had the best time with my son and his girlfriend. Very clean we had Ernie for our waiter. Prompt, efficient and friendly. I live in NH and we have nothing like Revolutions Bowling .

Bella Grieco

No good beer no alleys

Matilde Bello

Is ok for kids attending a birthday party

Dennis Moura

Fun place! Great lanes and great drinks. Food was above average and the staff was very friendly. Didn't get a good sense of price since we were there for an event, but I will definitely go back. Parking is a little tight, but there is a big back lot, the walk is just a little dark.

Evan Perry

Unferstaffed. Bowling was fun. But they had only one employee serving all the people on the floor.

Luis Castro

Had an awesome time!


I have been here in the past and enjoyed myself but just went back for the first time in a couple years. I had been trying to go for a few weeks now (unsuccessfully) but was told I could reserve a lane with 24 hours notice. I called Thursday to reserve a lane for Saturday and was expecting a great night. I was told that it covered 2 hours of bowling. Myself and my party got there around 8:50 to pay for our bowling and head to the lane. We started to bowl at the allotted time at 9:00 PM. At 10:47 our lane was shut off with no warning and with just two frames to go in the game that we were bowling. While I was still putting on my shoes the next group was already placed in the lane and their food delivered. Now while I was a little upset about that, it wasn't a deal breaker. The deal breaker came when I had placed my $100 deposit toward food and drinks for the lane. I asked my server about the remaining balance and she told me and my two companions that $12 remained. I let her know that if that was left she could keep that as her tip. I did however request a receipt. When she brought the receipt (after at least an additional 15 minutes of waiting) I found that the actual remaining balance was a little over $30. I felt as though she thought I wasn't going to ask for a receipt and would have pocketed the additional money of the deposit had I not requested to see my receipt. I like the atmosphere here and as my girlfriend and I enjoy bowling on the weekends it's an activity we regularly participate in. I will be hard pressed not to take my bowling elsewhere after my experience Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Brian Benjamin

Great price and ambiance. Like no other bowling alley I've been too

Crystal Hilliker

The venue was very nice. The dj was terrible.

Chettra Heng

Awesome environment. Big comfy couches with food and drink service while you bowl is swanky af! Sometimes the pin resetter malfunctions and you have to wait for someone to fix it, which can be annoying when you're playing in a league. The house balls are okay, but I recommend bringing your own if you're a little bit serious. Projection TVs and dance music is always good.

Ashley Adams

Great chicken tenders and friendly staff. Pricey for the atmosphere.

Latisha Knighton

Clean, nice crowd, quick food service, yummy food, lots of lanes and comfy couches. Bowling shoes nice and clean too. Everything functioning. Really enjoyed my time there. Will be going again and again.

Israel Sanbria

Very nice place to bowl and have a good time.

Amanda Breaux

The place is very clean and well kept. The staff us very helpful and hospitable.

Michael Shekar

It's a good place to spend a couple hours, no more.

Ryan E.

Not just some ordinary bowling alley. Good food. Good music. Nice atmosphere split between bowling and lounge aesthetics. Always a good time!

Marilyn Watson

Very exciting

Joseph Campbell

Great place for friends and family.

Brian Sheehan

Surprisingly good appetizers. Fun atmosphere. The bar is quick and close to the lanes so it's easy to grab and go. We went with a bunch of people for a birthday and everyone had a good time. There was a DJ the night we went who was nice and took some requests. I recommend calling ahead and making a reservation, otherwise you may be stuck waiting for awhile.

Rituraj Kumar

Awesome place. I loved the outer portion of where people enjoy their drink and music bands entertain the people. It is the best entertaining place in South Windsor. Bowling arena is also too good to avoid.

Doug Miller

Awesome place for bowling and Waka volleyball! We love playing here and the staff at the outdoor bar is always helpful and friendly. Food is reasonable but leaves room for improvement in taste.

JuanCarlos QueteImporta

My wife and I came to see a comedy show, we had fun at this nice place

Morris Cunningham

Great place to visit, happy birthday or anniversary or happy hour lots safe parking.

Marcus Davis

Nice atmosphere and good food and fun

Juanita Rivera

Revolutions Bowling is really fun. Great place to go! 2 thumbs up!

Lindsey Toper

Best part about Revolutions is Elick, the bartender! Give that man a raise!

Shawn Costa

This bowling alley turns into a "lounge" at night. We went here for our friends birthday and were greeted by extremely unfriendly security at the door. We paid $20 per person for "all-you-can-bowl" from 9-11, which seemed more like a burden than a deal here. When it comes to the bowling aspect of the night, it was nice to have plush couches to sit on and a coffee table to place drinks and food on rather than the normal plastic seats you get at most bowling alleys. The server that was assigned to our lane was wonderful and did a great job taking care of our food orders, and I will say that the kitchen staff here does a great job, and all of the food that I tried was very excellent, my wife and I tried the fried pickles and were both in agreement that they might be the best fried pickles we've ever had. The lane that we were assigned was absolutely not oiled or well maintained, which made for a very unpleasant experience if you have any experience bowling. I can't speak as to whether this is how it is during the day time, but the night that we went, this is how it was. The (one) bartender that they had on staff was horrifically overwhelmed, on average it was taking about 20+ minutes to get a drink, and most of their beer on tap kicked throughout the night because he didn't have time to change kegs (not necessarily his fault, he should have had help behind the bar.) Probably the worst part of the night for us was the live DJ they had, she was doing a great job picking music, and was even giving birthday shout outs and the like, but was not even remotely aware of how loud the music she was playing was, it was consistently loud enough that we were unable to speak to each other while not bowling, leading to most of us awkwardly staring at each other for most of the night. Both my wife and I ended up with tinnitus in our ears for the rest of the night, and I know others in our group (myself included) had trouble hearing out of one or both ears the following day. To put this into perspective, I make a portion of my living doing live music photography for bands on tour playing stadiums, arenas and festivals in the area, this places me directly in front of stacks and stacks of very loud speakers, sometimes I'm leaning directly on them for a better angle; I can honestly say that I have never had damage to my hearing as bad as I did at the end of that night. As we were leaving the bowling alley, I did notice the familiar crackle of a damaged speaker cone as we walked past her setup, so she was definitely pushing her system to "11". Overall, my wife and I (and after recounting the night with people in our group; several others) have determined we will not be returning here. In theory I think that this is a great concept, and COULD be an awesome place for a night out, but this is in poor execution. They have a great space, layout and all of the equipment to make it an enjoyable experience, but are not putting in the time or effort to do so, like maintaining their lanes, or putting that extra person behind the bar when their staff is clearly not able to keep up at no fault of their own, or telling their DJ to turn it down just a tad on recognition that it might be just a bit too loud. I believe they are both taking themselves a bit too seriously and not seriously enough all at once, it was definitely one of my less pleasant experiences to date. And for the love of God, if management is reading this; tell your security to either lighten up a bit, or at least be friendlier with your customers, they are setting your first impression when your customers walk through the door and based on our experience, it's not a good one.

Qawi Abduzzaahir

Great place to laugh and have fun.

Alex Santos

Always a great time here!!!

Jeff Madairy

The arcade and bowling were really fun but my favourite part was definitely the food.

Enoc Ospina

Good services .,, family place

Maxwell Allen

Awesome time with friends. Great way to spend my Saturday evening.

Brian Hendricks

The atmosphere was great the staff was excellent and catered to your needs and the music was good.

Afzal M

Nice place and price for bowling also was good

Garret Rogers

Great atmosphere, good drinks, tasty food. The staff were very attentive and had no problem keeping our drinks full. Only problem i had was the wait time. They definitely need more lanes.

Marissa Strominger

The bowling lanes at this place are actually really nice and clean, but don’t expect any actual service. I stood at the bar for 20 minutes without any looking, and went back to my lane and requested a waitress 4 times. Waitress finally came by to say she’d be back and left without taking our order and never came back. Terrible, infuriating service.

Nathan Harris

We had a great time here. Great place to bowl.

Mercedes Lee

Really nice place! This is my 4th time visiting. For some reason today it was really hot inside. I couldn't wait to get outside where the temperature was 24°.

Keisha’s World

This a great spot to host a birthday party.

Francis Nyarko

Fun place to take family or a date. Have couches in there to make you feel comfortable and server that comes to the table. Great atmosphere and good price. Always packed.

Jennalee Levesque

When we qent inside nobody greeted us! We stood for 2 mins just for the girl to tell is they were booked till midnight in a rude manner. Plus, it was only 830 for them to be that booked up! What's the point of having a bowling place if you cant just show up...and the reservation policy is kinda ridiculous. Highly upset and would never go back!

Luis Bruno

Had a great time. First time there. Beers were 5 bucks. Cant beat that. The DJ at first was ok.... after 10 pm the DJ started playing some good stuff. All adult crowds 21+.

Cynthia Lopez

We had a blast. Thank you.

Tirah C

Do not make reservations. It’s a scam. They let me book two lanes for $150 only for me to arrive and them tell me I could only cover seven bowlers (5-6 people are allowed to bowl on a lane but I could only have seven bowlers total in my two lanes). They also restricted us to an hour (which was totally opposite what I was told over the phone). After begging and pleading my case all of my people were allowed to bowl but lane two automatically stopped working when they had three more rounds to go because revolutions is at liberty to end the night whenever they see fit and last night it was 11:45. How can you list that your open until 2am but close at 11:45? How can you charge someone for two lanes but only allow me 7 people when two lanes accommodate 12? On top of it all, the people that attended my gathering were willing to pay to bowl in other lanes and we were told all of the other lanes had been reserved and there would be an hour wait for any lane to become available... it was a complete and utter lie. We bowled next to two empty lanes and there were lanes free on the further end of the ally. Also, how can there be up to an hour wait for a lane when 40 minutes after the manager told me this lie, they collectively decided they wanted to shut down for the night

Christopher Wilson

Nice place to party and bowl but I had an issue with one manager

Richard Higgins

Great lanes and a very cool atmosphere one of a kind place.

John Appleman

The whole building was beautiful, except the bathrooms. The men's room had puddles on the floor(so I couldn't wear my felt bottom bowling shoes to pee) and the doors had a gross film around the edges. My wife also was grossed out in the women's room. The doors are off-white/gray but had brown hand marks all along the edges and near the lock. Like they have never been cleaned since the place opened.

Debra Uretsky

Great bowling alley.

Joni S

Highly recommend their deal on Tuesdays! 2 dollar games 2 dollar shoe rental. Very clean and updated lanes!

Andrea Sanchez

Music, bar, bowling. Fun night. They check ID & wand you at the door. We waited about an hour for our Lane to open up. It was $10 per person. That included shoes and one hour of bowling. We ordered food while we bowled. They have a dj that played music. Security played an obvious role all night so definitely felt safe.

Scott Tillinghast

This place is concentrated fun.

Iris Pagan

Went to Revolutions last night had a great time ... Our waitress was great, the food was delicious, Avery was very accommodating with our reservations and everything went well ,the DJ was on point with the music ...our only complaint were the drinks because they are very cheap with the felt like we were drinking juice..with that being said next time I go I will order drinks that have multiple liquor in it and less juice. Bartender needs to inform their patrons of their measured alcohol pour and give us the option if we'd like to pay for additional alcohol in our drinks. I think everyone will pay a little more money for better drinks!

Mathew Daigle

Joined a ClubWAKA league with my sister, we had a blast, would bowl here again, and also join more WAKA leagues in the future.

PuffySheepLexi M

This place was really amazing. Bowling was fun and spent the day there with my bestie for her 21st birthday! We both got our first real drinks and shots there at the bar! So much variety! I thank the person working there for their patience as I don't know liquor names at all! They don't (or I didn't see it) have a menu for drinks at the bar. The food I got was really good too! Very fun place to spend with really amazing people. Good music! Great experience!

Pawel Belzak

Nice place but music too loud

Andrew Chabot

Nice alley. Clean. And nice game room.

Elizabeth Palacios

Fancy, fantastic, food delicious, service very nice , me encanto Todo. I loved everything

Jeb Jeba

Lots of fun. Really cool armosphere for a bowling alley. Smaller than a lot of places. Staff was incredibly accommodating of our group. Drinks were made well and the food was too die for. Best bowling alley in the area.

Kerri Bailey

I always have a good time here, whether it's bowling, sand volleyball in the back through Waka, or drinking on the patio.

Ariana Carrucini

Great food and drinks

Jerrold Abrom

The group I was with had a good time. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Only reason for the 4 stars is the online reservation didn't update so the people at the front desk didn't know I reserved a party for 7. Fortunately they had a table and 2 lanes available

Alix Middleton

Attended a birthday party here and I enjoyed the experience. The music and atmosphere are a vibe. The bar was a long wait, would have been better if there was more than one bartender for a Saturday. But overall great choice for a night out with friends/family.

Harva Stewart


Abhishek Chattopadhyay

Very nice place for hangout and play


This place is well worth the ride .

AB Abdullah

Wonderful place. Fancy and well equipped. Great dining as well.

Marie-christine Boucher

Very cosy and adequate for adults or kids, good pizza

Cole Clark

Very dark. Very expensive. Unclean bathrooms. Shoe rentals had many holes in them. Had cool lights.

Geo Jones

Best bowling place around! if you like partying and bowling then this is the spot

calisse ryan

Drink's are very water down. Other than that had a great time, DJ was popping

richard fluckiger

Great experience

Gail Breyare

Wonderful experience the outstanding staff made a wonderful day for everyone in our Party

Katherine Herbst

We were just told to move mid-game because of a reservation. My issue with this is, they didn't mention it and didn't ask how long we'd be there we when we arrived. They were plenty of lanes that were open and had been open since we got here that they could've put us on. On top of that, they moved people who had been bowling two lanes down from us into the lane we were using. They did nothing but shrug their shoulders when I mentioned my displeasure with the situation. On top of that, the service left much to be desired. The are plenty of other bowling alleys in the area and it is safe to say, we won't be back!

Girly GamerTJ09

When I was at Rebolutions it was AMAZING.At the arcade and bowling ohhhh!

Nancy Pahl

I was there to help with fundraiser the bowling alley hosted. They are excellent. Bowling in laser lights. There is game room for children. Bar for adults. Have fun bowling.

Rochelle Marouski

Nice pleasant clean easy access

Chris Beaudry

First time there, very clean a lot of fun for kids, and adults.

Kenneth Crews

Good food n drinks

Mya Phomphakdy

They had one server for multiple big parties! Some of us can't even order food for the whole three hours.


Yo this place trash! There's a dress code and security at the door with medal detecting wands. Again in my opinion this place trash I will never go there again, didn't even get to go in the first time cause of security. I'm good

Evelyn Garcia

Nice, comfortable, not as big as I thought but the lounge areas are great for socializing

Prophecy Jones

Bomb place to hang out good music night bowling is awesome. Strong drinks

Sammi D

This is a fun place for a more upbeat game of bowling. There are sports on large TV's and a big bar. There are also games to play on the outdoor patio. The parking lot is big, but you can't see it that well from the main street so follow the signs!

Jacob Walker

Real modern and the good bowling deals

thelma kyereme

It's a great place to have fun with friends. Clean, friendly staff, and the food is good.

Sandra Davis

It is okay. They run it too much like a club.

Khadijah Gray

Very unprofessional.felt I was being stereotyped because of a wrongful order. The manager there should be ashamed of himself. He stereotyped me because HIS waitress got my order wrong. He then called the cops because he felt I was wrong when in conclusion HE WAS !!!! The cops let me go cause of his misunderstanding. I will never come back here again. And I’ll make sure bowl a Rama has all the service. I’m a professional blogger with a global company and I’ll make sure EVERYONE knows about this establishment.

raghu teja

Good place to chill out with friends. Food is okay 4/5

jon hagenow

Great place, bowling was fun. Staff was ok, some where fun, engaging and great to be around others where jerks. Over all great time

Jim Donegan

was blown away. Did wedding gig in the banquet hall. Beautiful room for a wedding reception.. Highly reccomend it!! Staff was more than willing to accomodate!!!

Deidrea Green

Great time, great drinks, great atmosphere, and great service. I enjoyed myself and will highly recommend everyone to come here. I really like that it like a glow in the dark look, that's a plus for me because I love glow in the dark bowling and miniature golf.

Andrea Brown

Great music, amazing atmosphere, service was okay, food was amazing and the place was kept nice definitely recommend this place.

Frank Rodriguez

Good atmosphere for adults

Just Rey De Jesus

Had a great time the bartenders cool bowling is just too much fun

Mass Creations LLC

What a great time.

Samuel Ocasio

Awesome place to hang and enjoy a few drinks. Food is good too.

Adjoa Winful

Lots of fun, decent food. Amazing DJ

Yuriy Matviyenka

Metal detectors and searches... not a family friendly place at all. Bad taste when you walk in and your children get searched. Employers at front desk are rude. 5 lanes were open and still 4 hour wait. Excuse “we have a big party” but for 4 hours those lanes stayed open. Food is not great, i dont know what others are tasting, anything fried was soggy. The bartender was awesome, took care of my party quick. He is awesome. Rest of it left a bad taste that im actually taking time out of a day and write this review.

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