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572 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ducks on the Ave IN Connecticut

Aurice Barlow

Love Ducks on the Age. Has been there many many years. A great place to have fun. Eat and just enjoy.

Curtis Ehler

I'm proud that my niece's first game of bowling was here. They even had tiny bowling shoes she could fit in. Cool atmosphere, very retro with nice modern touches like computer scoring. Would recommend.

Anthony McLendon

Deborah Zuckerman

Michael Dawson

This is why I'm given all stars. This form of bowling is retro and fun. Having three tries to knock out all pins is an excellent idea, plus there is less wait time before throws. The smaller size of the ball allows a wider audience to participate- plus although they come in many colors, no one has to tangle their minds about which weight ball is best for them. The roast beef sandwich was very good and there is a wide selection of beers. The prices are affordable. Parking is back of the establishment.

Michael Faniel

Daniel Kurlan

Had such a lousy experience here. Partially uncooked food, awful service, then I come here and find out the OWNER is posting FRAUDULENT positive reviews and claiming negative ones are "internet trolls"? I don't buy it. This place is awful, I'm not loying.

Joelle Epstein

Such fun!!!!

Carmen Marquez

No conozco ase lugar

Miriam Gluck

Iliana Rhodes

Great place for kids

ED Gar

Old, rundown, depressing. What’s with all these reviews too? I’m glad I didn’t experience that stuff but I definitely don’t see this place making it past 2019. Hole in the wall next to a cvs

Marissa Roberts

Duckpin bowling at its finest!

Nigel Igger

Go to yelp for legitimate reviews blah blah blah. r/opieandanthony says hi.

Rob C

Jay Chin

Conor Breen

Reed Zacharias

Literally underground fun.

Aaron Frank

Fun for the family. It's a little dirty and not cheap but we had a fun afternoon when it was raining.

Steve Bennett

Nice bowling alley, stupid.

Itz_ GalaxyEclipse

david Adams

It has a great Deli

Sean Albert

shaffonia johnston

Good atmosphere, great time with the kids


Great family activity location.

Mew mew Zoey

Way outdated. Doesn't like groupon coupons. Place smells like mold. They have only 19 working soft drinks not like the advertised 20. The beer was warm I had to ask for ice cubes.

Greg Shimer

S.A. Donohue

Jody Levin

Looking forward to the band 2U. They will be playing here soon. As a gay man my music choices are limited. This band is amazing. I am giving them a 5 start review just because they are not afraid to book this band. Bravo from the community. Look out for our troupe of Brother Joe groupies!


A hidden gem right on the Hartford/West Hartford line! My boyfriend & I had a great time, plus the man working behind the counter was helpful and courteous. Some weeks later I took my best friend, and they were just as impressed! The atmosphere has a throwback vibe, but yet the modern update hasn’t taken away its character. Best of luck & continued success to Ducks on the Ave!

Edward Stevenson


Yolanda Fuqua

David Daman

Amazing small business and very quality place in general.

laine b

Terrible place of business, rude owner/manager. Found a cockroach in my shoes told the front desk about it was told jokingly by him that he usually collects roaches and smokes them when he has enough to make a joint. I told him it wasn't funny he then called me a hater troll.

Mike B

It is a so so spot. You really gotta bring good friends to bowl with or else the atmosphere will make you depressed.

Ashley McDermott

Ducks on the Ave is located below CVS. It is pretty small but very fun! I had never been duckpin bowling. We went for a birthday party. They had a bunch of lanes open for the party and another area with tables and chairs for pizza and cake. My four year old loved it, as did my husband and I.

Reade James

Lots of fun with the kids.

Ramone Barton

The pros is that this place is pretty cheap, but that is where this list ends. I guess you get what you pay for. It's sketchy, reeks of cigarettes and mold, and is pretty dirty, bathroom is a disaster. Don't even bother with the food. You can tell how legit the place is when the owner goes insane on google reviews and tries to claim that every negative review is a "troll review". It's funny how everyone happens to have the same complaints yet they are part of some 'conspiracy' to troll him... Trust your gut on this one, just go to Silver Lanes for a better experience.

kate campion

I love ducks on the ave! A real old school ( in the best way) duckpin alley being kept alive with love by a father/ son team! I have gone both for events and a casual night of bowling. The prices are a steal (was just in ny where an hour of bowling is 55$) The owners are great people who are happy to help you figure out the duckpin scoring- you get three balls a turn instead of 2 :) I’ve seen lots of family’s bowling with their kids as the ball is smaller and easier for a young ones grasp, but in my opinion it is harder than 10 pin so still a challenge for adults! There’s a good beer selection and food to purchase. All in all A+ :)

Mike Hunt

Mike Bermudez

Daniel Becce

A little pricy but unique for the area. Duckpin bowling with decent beers and a full bar available in a great neighborhood in Hartford.

E. Lourell Thomas

Jessica Curtis

Brian Towler

Worst owner ever. We were from out of town and wanted to bowl. Used a groupon and ow er wouldn't accept it. He turned away a group of 20 plus people.

Matt Peters

matt sikorski

Rick Johnson

Brian Benjamin

Great for kids. Classic alley. Don't forget to hit the reset button.

Adi Pan

It's very old school bowling alley. The bowling balls don't even have holes in them. Drink menu is terrible and no real food options. The place needs serious makeover if it is going to stand the test of time. I liked the person who worked the register and that is only reason I am going with two stars.

tasha matthew

We went early and it was a bit lacking. They were working on most of the lanes. The shoes are cute and clean, this is nice for little kids. The pins are small and the equipment a bit outdated.

Francisco Valle

Great Place 2 Hang Out! Had Fun with the Family!

Isaac Miller

Pauline Torres

Lindsay Walker

Drew Brathwaite

Stephen Bergeron

Scott Seach

Great family entertainment!

Michael Bouthiller

Great Duck Pin Alley

big june

Love that place...good time with duck pins. Me and my girl enjoyed our self and my was his birthday...

Thomas McDonald

Lee Stan

The Disco bowling was great. My partner and I love to be social and they have a loving open atmosphere, similar to when we visit fire island together on our boat. Live music nights is the time to go, some great cover bands that really bring the "Big Apple" to bowling. You may wonder about the prices and ask are they reasonable?... Yeesss. This is one of our favorite spots and we will for sure be back for the balls, buds and studs! -DC

Jim Bronsdon

Brian Kleinknecht

David Steinberg

Great memories at this place. So much fun for a random day of bowling. Totally beats staying home, watching TV. We need more places like this that gets us West Hartford/Hartfordians off the couch and socializing with our friends and family!

Taffarie Edwards


Paul Elliott

Raven Brown

Alex E Durmaz

Dell Gemmer

Katie Lauro

Lisa Davis

So much fun but its hard at first but once you get the hang of it its easy

Tim Beissinger

Of the hook. $9 for a game including shoes.

Jessie Sunmi LEE

Trung Kiên Lê

Yaya Fofana

Nice place

Carlos Montanez

Great place for kids

Merle Mangino

Shannon Holder

Fair price per game and for shoes. A little understaffed but for the money a good time. They have bumpers for kids.

Jareth Vazquez

Christopher Torres

Daddy L P

I mean, the beefers sandwich was alright and I was able to feed Nana inexpensively. Otherwise the place was ho-hum.

Doc G

Abigail Benz

Hole-in-the-wall duckpin bowling alley. Fun for everyone. A little hard to find and the bathrooms were not the cleanest.

Andrea Wittles

Great atmosphere, great music, disco bowling! Great little spot

Grantley Morrison

Quaint atmosphere. Had a great time with friends, everything is set up pretty casually. The staff were great and very helpful. Can't wait to come back!

Steve Tex

Have had 3 parties with 30+ plus people and they accommodated us well and kept the beers flowing. Definitely appreciate having them right nearby. No other place like it!

Dr. Keith Yimoyines

Have been here several times with my kids and friends on a weekend afternoon. Always have a good time. The kids have a blast. Reasonably priced. Service is friendly. Bowling shoes (which usually gross me out), are on the new side.

Darrin Chessic

xd LukeyLu beast mode

One of my worst experiences EVER going bowling. Very moldy smelling low ceiling with a very dark atmosphere. No lights were on couldn't see only the lanes and the small screen to keep score. I give great ratings when they are deserved but by far there aren't any ratings to give no stars if i had a choice. There's lots of rumors about this place that i won't even speak about. But don't bring your innocent children to this establishment. It's not worth themoney or the time. Very boring for a time to go and try to enjoy a time with your family/ friends. 30 mins and game over time to leave when you could of went somewhere enjoyable. Zero stars from this customer. No need to reply Tim i read your responses to people who gave a review you don't like. Enjoy your night instead bud.

Sharon's shared creations

Cozy, fun place. Not too load like some alleys where you can’t hear yourself talk. Nice cold beverages, friendly staff. We were able to bring food which was convenient or you can order pizza to be delivered.

Ohodgee N

I like Ducks on the Avenue because they have the light bowling balls and you can go for 3 times per bowler and per frame in all 10 frames instead of 2 frames.

Sela McEvoy

We went in a big group. There was no one there except the man that runs the place so it was empty. He yelled and cursed at us to leave after we came in with groupons he explained that he doesn’t like them, even though it is still on the website. And he did not refund us. Terrirble experience.

Jellisa Joseph

Vivian Peguero

Rj P

Kate Boucher

Olivia Lachelier

We had such a great time! We went to the Friday DJ night where it's $20 for a game and shoes. I had never been duck pin bowling before, and now I love it more than regular bowling because of Ducks on the Ave! They even donate proceeds on the weekends that the DJ is there to an arts festival

Essa Ahmed

Justin Dotson

It's a decent spot. I met this guy named Joe who played in a U2 cover band and he tugged me off in the bathroom stall. Good pizza too.

Ben Diascro

Supreme Vibes

This place straight garbage b, go to bowl o rama. Sketchy place smh...

Jeff Bohenko

Anthony Santiago

Underground wholesome fun! A little hard to find, but once you do you'll have a blast! Such a friendly guy working the counter too!


nom ad

The balls on this guy to cancel Joe Cumia & 2U.

Ron Albert

Bowled there in a league, great time.

Naynay Schro

Great family fun for all ages!

Jerry Kessler

Nice well ran center. Fun for the whole family!

Heather Bressette

Firstly there's reviews similar to mine because it's true! I don't have people give you reviews to make your place look bad! Your rediculos if you think that I've got time for that. With every review the owners son don't approve of there's a review from him telling you to go to yelp for a Legitimate review. Why would he thank all thepeople he knows for a good review and tell the reviews he don't like to go to yelp? Kinda odd. Anyways Once i left this review He contacted me privately on messenger threatening to possibly sue me for the terrible review also have me or us who were here on this day arrested if we came back to the establishment! I've saved it because he threatened me and its no way to treat someone for their Google review. That's what it's for because they run a run down establishment regardless of how long it's been there.Also he asks Google to take down all our one stars lol who does that? Let it be known how this place is!! Going to sue me for slander he claims. Well threat isn't far off. Terrible! Place is outdated the man is not to nice when it comes to children. There's a younger MAN working there not to be judgemental but he looked like he was on something (only my opinion) I went with my son my stepson And my boyfriend and i asked if they could turn on the lights so the kids could see the signs glow like a black light. They said they only put them on at night add u it's a dark musty smelling basement. When we walked down it was completely dark. I thought they were closed The older man turned on a couple lights so we could see once my boyfriend actually found him. Then we asked about the disco ball because this was our first time there and the kids had Never been to a bowling alley

Charles Albertson

I like the idea of the place, but the place is too rundown and needs serious renovations. The place looks old and smells bad.

Paul Abramowicz

Lots of fun in this 1939 bowling alley!

Scott Green

wahine f

No hand soap in the restroom tells you everything you need to know about this place.

Tychel Blatche

Julie Christianson

I love this underground gem. Sure, is below a CVS. Sure, the lanes are old and rickedy, and you have to keep track of your own score. But the games are cheap, they have decent bottles of beer, and the lanes will provide hours of fun. Seriously. Go with a group of adults, go with your family, go with your coworkers. The 90s graphics when you get a strike are totally worth it!

Jason Vance

Joshua Smilowitz


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