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615 Middle Country Rd, Coram, NY 11727, United States

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REVIEWS OF Coram Country Lanes IN Connecticut

Amru Wilks

First time going here for me and my family and we loved it. We'll definitely be coming back

Parrish Flareon

It was okay.

Bob Allen

Nice place to bowl.

J.W. Walcott

I gave Coram Lanes at 3. 5 (I know it's says 4) just because I don't know much about bowling alleys. I do know staff is very helpful and it's a great atmosphere. I did my son and nephews party there they had a great time the friends had a great time it was extremely accommodating. I appreciate everything that they did. Some things do seem run down and old. Food is ok.

DavideoGamer 55

Krysta DiBari

Good deals, but everything kept breaking. Definitely still looks old school.

rae m

Awesome kids party

Prince 120

I think its is very fun to take your family and friends

Shane Goldberg

The kids had a great time. We were able to have the bumpers rise for their turn and then go down for our turn. Plus a ramp was readily available for our pre-K bowler.

Colette Oconnor

It's just fun

Dawn Williams

Lanes are nice plus they recently got new shoes. They always run promotions and they prices are great.

Carol Maher

Constant issue in lanes and then moved before our time was up, which was not fun for kids. Still a great place to go with kids.

Louie Gomez

Robert Rooney

Lanzar very well maintained

Eileen Nielson

So much fun....for all ages!!!!

Renee Capozucca

Great atmosphere. Leagues available everyday. Food and drinks, bowling fun for all ages.


This place is out-dated and tight if someone is bowling either side of you. The lanes are ok. The food though, is horrific. My cousin ordered pizza that came to us in like 15-20 mins, pretty fast tbh. But this pizza smell disgusting and looked weird. They shouldn’t sell pizza for $16 that resembles what we were served. No one was able to eat it, it was horrific. I actually think the sauce was at its molding phase. We were mocked because we wanted a refund, we didn’t make a big deal about it though. If your gonna go to this place, do not order pizza from here... you’ll regret it.

Michael Quackenbush

League bowling

V.M. J

Good lanes!

monique haynes

Fun place

Lynnie M

Great place

Nick Felix

Great family friendly bowling alley. I've come here since 2002 and will continue to do so!

Brian Russ


No comlainta, no issues.

Hcnyl Semaj

John Donzelli

Great staff. Everyone is extremely friendly. This is my kids favorite bowling alley.

Joe Vargas

Average run of the mill bowling alley

Warren Scholl

I like to bowl better!! Fine place.

Erika Messina

Absolute worst customer service EVER. Went there last year, thought the lady behind the counter might've had a bad day, but came back last night, and nope, she's just blatantly rude and doesnt care. Never going back againand don't suggest anyone else should either if you don't want to be treated poorly!!!!

fabian cabezas

I wish I could give it NO

Mary T

Went on sunday where games are $2 each. Had alot of fun. Staff very friendly and helpful

P.J. Jaymes

Great times and no problems with getting a lane

James De Lucia

This place is a fair enough place for bowling. There are other more elaborate places but they said some nice vintage appeal has been around for a long time. I recommend this place.

Jessie Frentons

This is probably one of the best places to go for the family! My 12 year old daughter can't get enough it. She loves to invite her friends and then go to the bowling alley with them. The food there tastes great. My daughter also likes the music they play especially when they play her favorite singer Justin bieber. She loves Justin bieber. Sometimes while my daughter is at school even though school is out for her me and my husband sometimes go her just to play bowling when we have a day off from work. This is probably one of the greatest family places to go to in suffolk.

Maurício Morais

Nice bowling spot, not to busy and with nice people bowling next to you... I like it!

Susan KLE

A fun place

Anthony Anselmo

awesome new bowling technology makes it more enjoyable

Nete Johnson

Great place

Elizabeth Marciano

Great time, great staff

Bill Stafford

Barry Cousin

Family friendly

Matthew Hogan

The kid lanes are great


Needs some TLC. food to expensive.

b w

Place is clean and immaculate.. Nice touch screen for auto score. Ball return is fast as heck. Super waxed lanes. Lots of fun!

Michael S

Not too crowded. Something different to fo on occasion.

Danielle P.

Great place for the family. They also have adaptive equipment for those who are disabled.

Chris o

Nice quiet little bar to shoot some pool in.

daniel guerra

Fun, clean place with helpful staff

Daniel Valles

Great family spot

MF Chino

Great place to go bowling with the family or friends....the staff was very helpful and friendly..

Awilda Gaetan

The food is too expensive. Corey had good time though

Barry Kopeloff

GREAT atmosphere and people at desk(Rene). Fun PLACE to bowl!!!!

J siernos

Nice atmosphere, pleasant and clean. The guy that was cleaning was doing a great job.

Diane Gee

J Lindsey

Very clean, well maintained, friendly. Versatile crowd. Comfortable atmosphere. I will definitely frequent this place.


Clean, fun, pricing can be confusing but overall a good time!

Peter Haynes

A well run bowling alley. Pro shop, snack bar, etc.

Marguerite Bellucci

Great place to bowl.

Domingo Vega

Fatima Wollack

Linda Campbell

Great time with longwood best buddies....

Tiffany Pliakis

Love this bowling ally? As it does need an updating still a good time

Kevin Abramowski

Fun and updated, but expensive

subhash singha

Nice place for bowling with your buddies.

john alaia

League play awesome

Crazy Matt Gamer

Is ok if I not my favorite but yeah I go there a lot

John Raymill

Wait for the other shoe to drop..i guess people was stealing their 20 year old athletes foot holding ugly bowling shoes but hopping on one leg waiting for your shoes isn't fun...

Jason Benosky

Love the open atmosphere and the clean lanes with a very happy and helpful staff

Maya Dilone

Very nice service went there during spring break and its pretty cheap would go again

Anthony Cappadora

Very friendly staff. 20 dollars for 3 hours of bowling.

Danny Groeneveld

We went to another bowling alley and simply pit they gave us a difficult time over getting lane space. We called coram and Maryellen was very nice and accomidating of our large group. They have our business.

Erica Bromfield

Awesome place.

Carolina Daino

Fun for the whole family

Donald Arpen

joshua halberstadt

I sually go Saturday nights. I pay 20 dollars for 3 hrs. Including shoes. This is a great alley very clean and awesome staff. I recommend this. You get your money's worth for what you get.

Dennis Ghignon

Had a amazing experience Saturday night, there's a new bartender working really experience and personable. Recommend for a wonderful Saturday night at Coram Lanes!!

Toni Daniels

My grandaughter Olivia's Birthday party. It was so much fun !!! Thank you

Johnathan Hill


Maureen Mack

Great fun and a good way to exercise

Christine Loeb

Brand new ball damaged during league and they only wanted to "repair" it. Took it to my proshop guy and he said it should have been replaced because the damage was so bad. Don't plan on bowling there again because I can't afford to keep replacing my equipment. In the end its about the bottom dollar and what is going in their pockets and not caring about the customers. I just wanted them to do the right thing and they didnt, will never bowl there again.

Daniel Voccia

Its Bowling. Cheap and old school. Cabt help but have fun

yea k

If I could rate 0 stars I would. Went out to our closest bowling alley our first time there after moving to a new community all was well until we went to the bar to grab a drink. Our lane was right in front of the alley. As we are bowling one by one we go on the line to order a pitcher, bartender was ignoring us and on her cell phone as we wait there. Finally we get her attention, she looks at us in disgust and of us orders a pitcher and she needs all 3 IDs...ok understandable. Two of my party had theirs I run out to the car to get mine, come back in we go up she tells us she needs to "see us" before she serves us (we all spoke to her prior than this) we say ok and continue to bowl finish a game and come up for a bite to eat. So we're all standing together with our IDs and she says she refuses to serve us. We followed her exact requirements and she still continued to be rude and nasty to us. That is not quality customer service at all. It is discrimination! When we get upset and ask to speak to the owner she tells us we're not allowed to order the food we ordered either. You've got to be joking. The sad part is is that we are 2 local young businesspeople and a marine back from overseas, all 27 years old. I will never step foot in that place again.

William Fedak

Good lanes at a good price.

Nick Piazza

$6 per game on a weeknight is ABSURD!

Mp3 Sr

The worst customer service experience I ever had. My 11 yr old son was using bumpers n after the 1st frame the Mgr decides to no longer allow him 2 use bumpers cuz he purposly bounced the ball against the bumpers. No warning or let him know nicely that he is not allowed to do that just decided ruin our family time then refused to give refund for the remaining used game. THEY WILL NEVER GET MY FAMILY 2 GO SPEND OUR $$$ AGAIN.

Tammy Balg

Austin Davidson

pretty good, I can't really complain about it. Prices are fair

Pedro M

My favorite place to go bowl great bownling alley


Pleasant staff

C Paolucci

Nice place to go with family.

Damien Branch

Great place to have a drink. Pool table and bowling available


Pretty good lanes and really good customer service

Helo Didi

I'd recommend to review the website online and check if any lane(s) is/are available

Swerve Bros

Groupon offers a fantastic deal for the family.

Eileen B

Kawang Wong

Because shoes are included. Came here with a few friends for a great night. Sunday-Thursday I believe are bowl all you want from 9PM to midnight. The cost is only $12, so yea, I'd say this is right up your alley whether you're cheap, poor, budgeting, or just love awesome deals. The interior is very nice, well kept, and never empty, there will always be people in there, so no need to feel lonely. The beer is a bit pricey, but it has plenty of the popular beers on tap. They have a pool table and a television in case a game is on. Like any bowling alley, there's also a food station. We weren't hungry. For $12(excluding beer), you get shoes as well, and that is an awesome night alright.

Craig Oliver

The kids had a great time! We're consider ing make this a weekly or monthly activity!

Andy Kassay

Pamela Dellysse

Wonderful experience with the mini bowling birthday party...staff was wonderful

Nolan David McGarrah

Great place clean bathrooms good food

Richard Patson

Always great here. I know Mike the general manager from Babylon bowl. Here the best any you need and want he Carter to you needs.

Barbaranne Bello

We had a blast. Great staff

Laura Goldenberg

Wonderful time! Very nice & helpful staff :-)

Kareem Nugdalla

So overall we had a fun time. The lanes are crowded and pretty close together. Not enough 6 and 8lb balls for everyone. Shoes were nice. The ceiling had multiple spots of rain damage and in the bathroom part of the ceiling was missing. No dividers between urinals. The pacman arcade game joystick needs to be serviced as there is an input lag. The other games did not have prizes that were enticing enough to put money in. Was convenient that you could play ny state lotto there. Did not try the food. Over all aesthetically unpleasing, but it wasn't bad. A bit expensive for an online reservation 80 dollars for 5 ppl for 2 hours but I don't know bowling prices. I would go here again because of the proximity to my house if I wanted to practice but I definately would not use this as a date spot or a family night out.

Meredith Macchione

Vinny Ferraro

Had the worst experience at the bowling alley tonight the staff literally does not care about anything that you asked for I simply just wanted the NBA basketball game to be on and they basically told us to go f*** ourselves this place is a s******* overpriced dumpster fire

Kevin Blake

Great place to go Bowling. I only bowl here

James Herrmann

Place is very clean and friendly, could use some new shoes.

Patrick Nolan

I love the unlimited games untill midnight

Mike Smith

Expensive on the weekend other then that it a great place for kid and adults

Jenn Parr

Had a fun time when I visited, they have decent prices. The time we went it was $16 for 3 hours. They had cool lights and played music after 10, but the shoes were a little old and tattered. The bathroom was rather filthy and outside smelled like they needed sewer service, but they had beer tubes which were reasonable, so that made up for the downfalls. The balls were clean and the inside was maintained. Drinks and food weren't bad either and the service was friendly.

Tiago Silva Dionisio

Fun place to bowl with the family

Perception Production

Its aiggghtttt nothing great lanes suck

Lance Liu

Good place to relax!

Hollywood's Bullmastiff

Best bowling alley on Long Island!!

Douglas Mollo

Great place to bowl. Employees are A#1.

Sharon Goodman

Nice bowling alley. Clean. Well maintained. Friendly staff.

John Pankey

Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful

mo medina

Solid bowling

Brandon C

Decent bowling alley with a lot of lanes, and cheap prices.

Mary Kate

Outdated, but still my favorite bowling alley! Can't beat a classic

Daniel Kelly

Always has great deals to save $

Tiara Hunter

Granddaughter's bday. So much fun!! Staff was great to us!

Lynn Saum

Great place to book a kid's birthday party

Gianna Barone

Stanley latopolski

Way over priced. 52.50 for two adults and a 4 year old child. For two games each. 13.50 each person for shoes. Rip off.

Riichie Rodriguez

It is s great house have been bowling there got 15 years

Yosuf Said

Cheap bowling usually not as crowded as the other places

Bobby D Flash

Awesome Place!!!!

MeatballCarm nasalhose

Rocking GMan

Fun family bowling ally.

kate navarra

Great staff. Clean & tables near bowling area.

David Jackman

Clean environment and friendly staff

David Gale

Great staff! My kids LOVE it.

donette walrond

The staff is friendly, helpful and accommodate people who are differently abled.

Barry Tramantano

Lots of specials try them for an eving of fun.

Donna Murtagh

Clean, fun

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