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40 Horseblock Rd, Centereach, NY 11720, United States

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REVIEWS OF AMF Centereach Lanes IN Connecticut

Bob Allen

They have absolutely no clue how to oil the lanes properly or consistently! You dont put oil practically up to the pins you morons! And try getting it the same from lane to lane. Also, how about updating the scoring system to something from the 21st century...they are from the 80s.

Spencer Kuhn

I went there for the first time tonight. The manager was very helpful and the girl working the counter was super nice. I had a little issue with a groupon but they helped me out with a smile. I will be back place was awesome!

Jenn Loughran

Staff was friendly. Everything was clean. Good value

Frank Rabbito

luis torres

Nice place to relax and enjoy especially with family and friends

Saqib Awan

Good food and service


Dustin Frank

william davidson

I Bowl on 2 leagues the people I Bowl with are the reason I bowl here the center has a lot to do to get better.

Dianna Lello

Dawn Williams

First time here, and I wasn't happy that we had to prepay to bowl. I'm used to bowling as many games as I want and then paying at the end. Otherwise this place was ok. We order pizza, nachos and soda. It wasn't anything spectacular, bowling alley food. Lanes were good, enjoyed the cosmic bowling area, music was good, but the ladies bathroom needed to cleaned.

john mesas

Luis Palencia

(Translated by Google) Good funny (Original) Bien divertido

Ginny Chaney

Haresh Talreja

Have been there on sundays. It's never crowded. No waiting required for available lanes.

Oliver Torres

Terrible service. My family is never coming back to this place.

Ida nikou

Kevin is the reason i give 5 starts. He ran the birthday party i went too. It was fantastic.


Great place to get some family playtime in.


This place does not have a person to answer the phone to tell you if a lane is available. Great service.

Vaughn Quankep

Leo G.

I love bowling it’s fun

Adam Mooney

Awesome place and great customer service

Nuno Saramago

Well organized, had lots of fun

Chris Castellano

Great time. Great atmosphere. Karaoke also Saturday night.

k ski

Great family fun and beer

Leonard Partiss III

Matt Meyer

First time I've been here is a few years,, better than expected, looks like they fixed the place up . Nice atmosphere

Steven Graffia

tammey jacobs

Had a blast...exceptional staff

Todd Jung

Leslie Vanni

Decent lanes and prices, food a bit lacking

Peter Sadler

The manager was very rude to me and all 12 of my guests who spent over 300 dollars between food bowling nd 2 pitchers of beer

Daniel Ferraro

The staff is always friendly and helpful. The place is kept neat and clean. Little to no problems with the lanes. Overhead scoring shows how to bowl to pickup the spare.

Helen Frank

Jissel Copperpot

Fun place to go

Pete Federico

joe delgado

Super fun, staff super polite and friendly.

jon michel

Gaurang Trivedi


Doom Boom

Good fun

bear head

Great staff, plenty of lanes

Amy Johnson

William Sarabia

Great bartender, name is Paula!

Saeed Boor Boor

Nice lanes. They need to work a bit on the music though, but overall a nice ambiance for friends/family to spend a nice evening bowling. Reasonable deals. I heard you only have to pay for shoes on Mondays, haven't tried that out yet though

Christine Edwards

Place to enjoy with family and friends.

k Gio

Been going here since the 70s. One of the best around

Clean Cut Cleanups

Kelsey Williams

Paul S

Nice bowling alley!

Craig Hutchison

Dylan Jones

I’ve been coming here for years because I have to for the school team and honestly 90% of the staff give attitudes and the service is aweful and unhelpful in every way possible.

MF Chino

Love this place...Nice place to take the family bowling... Friendly staff...

Ben Fudge

Closed 1 hour before posted. Lameee

Kofi Agyeman

Work event. Make sure you actually like bowling

J Ortiz

Fun but pricey

Dan Halpert

You know how they say "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing".........

Amir Rahmati


A nice place to go bowling, grab a drink

Tara jerome

Classic, bowling alley smell. Nothing fancy but perfectly local. Reminder bowling prices are way higher than you think..

Tarkia McGrier-Hamilton

Wonderful clean and fun. Staff is courteous and professional. However food is way over priced

Daniela Soto

Saturday evening was nice, quiet and clean

David Babb

They suck That says it all

al maruf

Tim Kiernan

Nice place plenty of lanes, game room food, bar. Great night for family and friends.

Theodore Flaherty

nun ya

It good

Mary Wall Favorite

Had a great time with family

Gregory K

Mark Ratner

Fun bowling alley.

Mark Graffia

Cameron McLendon

Kind of dirty. Surprised they charge a full adult price for a 3 year old to also share our lane. Didn't offer a discount/child price, or recommend to just let the child bowl with us.

Eric G

i was born on the pool table in the bar during a yankees game

Joseph Sain

Love bowling

Robert Abrams

We were there for a six year old girl's birthday party. The staff was very attentive and professional. It was set for 6 to 8pm but we went past that time and no rushing us out. Pizza and soda aplenty, over 20 kids and parents had a tremendous time and I would highly recommend them to my friends for their special occasions. The parents of the birthday girl were Zackary and Angela Keckley. You could not find a more welcoming and loving couple than they are. Bless them forever.


Clean! Fun and cheap. Good to go on weekday for discounted fun. Nice staff. Good music

Danny Groeneveld

I love this place largely a very friendly and helpful staff. Decent food. It's a bowling alley. Your not here for the steak. Haha. There's always an issue with the machines but that's nothing unique to this bowling alley. Lot of moving parts something always gets jammed. But they're always ready to fix the issue. My only real complaint is that the temperature. It's 12.19 for 2 hours make it an even 12 and turn down the heat to save the other 19 cents.

john saputo

Beth Foley

I work here and i love it. Fall leagues are forming soon. Sign up

Andrew L

Great AMF lanes and they have a great in house pro shop called Strike zone

Phil Ausset

Fun time friendly staff and a great bar with pool tables

Michele Garofano

Always fun

Rosemarie Komorowski

Many lanes available good price and lots of fun will definitely go back to bowl and snack


Nick Fuscaldo

Workers were nasty

George Aviles

Matthew Terrano

Lisa Hannan

Chuck Van Houten

William Belcher

Had a great time. Friendly staff and a nice manager!

Kristen Guzik

Best bowling alley ever!! Staff is great, love coming here.

Ivette Trossi

this place is great. The staff us friendly and very helpful

Richard Poccia

Good place to bowl staff freindly and helpful

Austin Davidson

Decent place. Good for the price.

Pretty Smart

I am here right now bowling and was given the 2 hrs deal which was a good idea by the manager. However for 5 persons we were given a single lane and told that limited lanes available. My expectation is 2 lanes We are bowling for last half hour and the lane right to us is available while 3 other lanes are free 17,19 and 20. Lanes 27 and 28th are also free now. I spoke to the manager and told him I felt I am been ripped off and he explain limited lanes , school holidays etc. This is unfair for a place we support thru the years within our neighborhood. We come here often even as a school team and don’t feel we are treated right. The manager kind of put up a discussion which could be alittle better for justification and customer satisfaction. I may agree with his discussion but the manner and firewall tone was not suitable for customer appreciation to feel as if the money paid worth the single lane. However we continue to bowl having big fun. Just our experience in the moment. Dec 27th 2017.

Kevin Radcliffe

Been in a league here for years. Very friendly staff.

Dominique Brutus

It's a nice bowling alley but you just have to check the older people are playing because they take up a lot of lanes so it may take time to get a lane.

Carlene Dekenipp

Awesome bartender. very personable and turns out we knew alot of the same people

Paul Wojcik

Very clean and very nice staff!

Christopher Millwater

Katie Herbst

Swerve Bros

This place is stuck in the early 90's... renovation sorely needed. Pins kept falling down when a new frame started at least 1:6 1:7 times which for any semi serious bowler is rediculous. Also they don't have the technology to raise the bumpers for the kids and then lower them, it's either up or down....bummer. Go elsewhere.

Amoghavarsha Suresh

The bowling alley(and game room) is fine, the cleanliness of this place is a bit suspect.

Margaret C

It was fun


Clean. Fun.

Jim Sheridan

Nice polte service Pin return jammed once but that could happen anywhere

Michael-John Handlin

Fran Bundt

Watch out for special price offers. Not to your benefit

Beth Miller

Bowling Fun with my Ladies !!

olgaliza flores

I enjoyed the time

Zander Does Everything

Great place to bowl friendly community great meeting place good food

Tim Botta

I was in a league here 15 years ago. Just recently returned too this location for a night. Nothing has been updated in the 15 years since I was there last, nothing. I am not joking. Also the lane we were in always registered one of the pins as getting knocked down even on gutter balls.

Abhinav Poddar

loved the environment and people there were cooperative too :)

GNT Channel


Great place to spend and play with friends or family, food is perfect. Will def go back. Love the dim lighted part of the lanes. Less stressful to the eyes. Good clean fun!!

Bill Thatner

Decent place to throw a few games.

Adelina Duran

Muy bonito y todo bien decorado y limpio

johanne beaubrun

Mariana Araújo

Beautiful place. Very nice people working there.

ashley gomez

Place is really nice. I like how they have two sides-- one with the lights on, and the other with dark, red lighting. Brings a nice lounge vibe. The bowling is great, my only complaint is that the lanes are a little too oiled up (at least the lane I was on). The food and drinks are great as well!

Kelley Bellavia

Had somw issues with lanes but fun time

Rick Collamore

Fun place for pool, darts, and, of course..bowling. Beer selection needs improvement

Rich M

Easy to get right to a lane and play. Needs serious updating though. Food prices are also a little steep for a bowling alley.

I Am Kolossus

Amazing food and service with good bowling lanes. Good prices. Male bathrooms however, need to be cleaned. Every time I've been here and I've had to use the restroom, it's been disgusting.

Tina Mesas

Omar Antonio Del Rio Cardona

Carla Morins

Josephine Willis

Liam Shuford

Isai Sanchez

john kofe

Horrible customer service when I went there a few weeks ago. The older gentleman at the counter, who seemed like the manager, was very rude and seemed annoyed at the questions I was asking. When leaving the establishment, my party and I said to the front desk very clearly, have a nice day ... no response. We said it two more times before we heard a response. They seemed annoyed at our presence. Will not be going back and don’t recommend.

Robert Katuna

Brianna C

I like bowlero better, they really need to redo this place and keep the atmosphere better cleaned.

evan howard

There are a lot of reasons to avoid AMF, lack of customer service being my own number one.

Jenn Parr

Great space, plenty of lanes. Friendly staff and close to home. My friend is on a league here, so we visit from time to time.

Bill Verizon

Iesha Mc

Omg I loved this place

Jonathan Evans

Lyn Whitmore

We had a blast

Brandon McClain

Old, run down bowling alley.

Carol Lock

Fun time

Nike Fuscaldi

Service was nasty towards me

Thanos Zarkadas

It is a great bowling alley but if you are looking for good food had a good price do not get it there. The bowling is fun but the food needs work.


Nice place. Fun pay one price per person for 2 hrs. Bigger the group the harder it would be to get your monies worth. Nice bar BUT way over priced! Really enjoyed having a beer while bowling until we got the bill. We will either skip the bar OR go to a different ally next time.

Jason M.

It was pretty good. Manager that night was a tad eccentric and odd but he meant well. We had fun. Kids had a good time. That's what's important.

Kevin Hernandez

Gary Hancock II

Nice local bowling alley. It's a little run down and the food is a bit pricey.

Muzzamil Farooqi

Staff could have been more welcoming

David Carter


leo young

Debra Scarfogliero


Very good times here

lucas miller

They closed an hour EARLY because the manager wanted to go home before the facility ACTUALLY closed. They kicked our entire group out, closed the bar, and closed the kitchen BEFORE the established times and had NO sympathy for our group who wanted to have a great time bowling. We were only allowed to bowl one game when we had plenty of time to bowl at least 3 hours. They REFUSED to serve us food and locked the doors behind us an hour before they were supposed to close. Very disappointed in this location as they were very selfish and had no sense of customer service. I left hungry, unenthushed, and extremelely dissatisfied with their customer service abilities. Absolutely no value in their customers or maintaining the corporate expectation of this establishment. I watched several people STEAL merchandise before leaving as the managers priorities were to KICK US OUT before focusing on loss of products.

Bob Torella

Party of 4, check groupon.

Al Cutillo

Some lanes were broken. Ball would stay down by pins just spinning away. Lane 19 the 7 pin wouldn't set up at times. Computer would give points and disregard your spare at times.. People switching lanes because of bad equipment.

Dhannie V


Me and family had a great time, soda and food was prices was ridiculous but overall it was cool.


Great fun

Brett Bar

Alleys great,

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