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18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465, United States

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Where is Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre?

REVIEWS OF Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre IN Colorado


Amazing experience with the acoustics! Saw Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. Easy entry and exit. Arrived at venue about an hour before showtime and was able to find great seats. The acoustics at Red Rocks are like non other. Highly recommend to experience a concert here at least once in your life. Will never forget.

Shakara Crudup

Needless to say, I love this place. I’m not sure anyone really can say anything bad about this park! The view is spectacular. My mom and sister loved it, their first time here. The park trails surrounding are nice for families and all walks of life.

cici c.

Beautiful concert venue. It's truly rock of art stadium. I didn't attend a concert there but was fortunate to visit the amphitheater when it opened for visitors. There are hiking trails and parks around the area, and a trading post. It's one of the must visit place. If you want to visit the park and amphitheater check the schedule and make sure there's no concert or other events within few hours prior.

Ipidie Wallace

Red rocks absolutely beautiful. Really glad I visited the place and will definitely be back again. The views from here are outstanding. On a clear day you can see all of Denver. Seeing the memorabilia from the bands that I grew up on was really cool.

Valerie Light

A very beautiful place! I attended Worship on the Rocks 9-16. It was amazing! Worshiping God with 8,000 people in His creation was an experience I will not forget!

K Mac

Outstanding venue. Stunning views. Fabulous sound. In a class of it's own. Go early and hike around. Take a blanket and sit off to the side for concerts.

judy bourne

The best! Definitely a bucket list venue. We we're lucky enough to see the lightning in the distance. Incredible!

Jeremy Howie

Most recently saw Norah Jones here in July 2019. Throughout the years have seen some Amazing shows including Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, and more. Remains one of the best outdoor venues in the world, if not the best. We parked in Morrison and took a lift in and out of the park. This place is a absolute MUST to see a show at, no matter where in the world you live.

dallas wilson

This is a legendary concert venue and a breathtaking scene. My first day in colorado I went here. Tried to climb the stairs to the east entrance and turned around. Need to get in shape for that climb. Luckily there are easier ways in.

Asher Bronstein

Super cool to visit during the day! Watched people training, running up and down the benches. Rock formations are obviously the coolest! And the museum part is pretty gnarly. I think 1978 was the best year for performances here!

Dan Stofka

You need to see this place if you've never been. I've been here thousands of times for concerts/shows and it never gets old. It's just simply beautiful.

Kavanaugh Clow

One of the best views of so much of Colorado. Many smaller towns can be seen but if you look hard enough you can see Denver in the distance. The entrance when you drive through has this beautiful natural arch that just takes the breathe away.

Patricia Betine

Red Rocks is awesome. We had such a great time. One suggestion though, if you're going to see a concert if you have a bad back take a stadium seat with you. It makes your experience so much more pleasant. I would definitely recommend this experience!


Awesome views. Cool amphitheater. Be ready to go up the stairs; roughly >100 steps, but when you get up there, it is so worth it. Also, did not expect to hike around the amphitheater, did not wear proper shoes for hiking, by the time i got to the car, feet was hurting. But the hike is highly recommended (with proper shoes)

Paul Howden

We attended Rezz Rocks 2019, and the experience was amazing. This is a beautiful place to see a concert, so find an excuse to go! There doesn't seem to be a bad place to watch the show anywhere in here, we only went a few rows down but still had a great view.

Brian Denesia

What can I say; Red Rocks is one of the greatest outdoor venues in the country and maybe world. Amazing and diversified live music lineup throughout the summer . allow you to get on stage when there isn't a show and play on the stage. Plenty of hiking in and around the Golden area, so bring a change of clothes (Can get rainy and cold) and ROCK

Kenny Haferkamp

Great sound and atmosphere! There really isn't a bad seat in the house. From the parking lots until getting to your seats will be a hike. Be prepared. Bring food, water, and supplies for the hike! Just kidding... somewhat. You'll love it here

Marilyn Sterrett

Absolutely beautiful concert venue. We came during the day just to check out the offerings. We had lunch in the cafe. It was modestly priced and the food was delicious. We didn’t venture down towards the stage but I am definitely looking forward to getting some time under the stars here with some good tunes.

Kelsey Frye

Red Rocks is a one of a kind venue. It's a bucket list item to see a show here! You can't go wrong! There isn't a bad seat in the whole ampitheater. Even the cheap seats are great. The acoustics and natural Colorado beauty will have you smitten. Some tips; wear good walking shoes because it is a long way from the parking lot to your seat for a concert. Take a jacket or blanket as it gets chilly at night. You can also take in your own food and sealed drinks.

Dolores Molina

The park was so much fun! I hiked a totally of 6.4 miles over various trails in the Red Rocks Park and Matthews/Winters parks. The trails were well labeled and there were information stations at major trail junctions. My only wish is for there to be more drinking water gets really hot and a good portion of the village walk is in direct sun. I will definitely being a water backpack for my next long hike.

Brian Ray

I mean to be fair you have to love this place right? Because you're only ever going here to do something fun or see a band that you love (unless you're going here to work out at like 6 in the morning on a Saturday or something) and red rocks is just SO COOL. A natural theater out in the middle of nature and everything? Yes please.

Hope Wills

Hi. It’s the red rock amphitheater outside of Golden, Colorado. It’s one of the most coolest natural rock amphitheater’s around. We went on a very cold day, climbed around the rocks and there was actually quite a few people doing the same as us. Exploring and checking the place out. Probably one of my favorite places to visit. Absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to go back and see an actual concert. I’m not showing the usual pictures, because I figure you see plenty of those.

Tammy Winn

Best outdoor amphitheater in the United States! Great acoustics, amazingly beautiful surroundings! If you aren't physically able to climb steps, (a lot of them) make sure to park in the top lots which are lots 3&4. Highly recommend experiencing a concert there!!

Aaron Hickerson

This place is amazing! The views are breathtaking and it had very nice and clean facilities. Summer evening concerts are incredible due to the perfect weather. I can't wait to go back again.

Joel H

Truly unique and amazing! What a beautiful place to see a concert. One of a kind iconic venue. Parking was plentiful, be prepared to walk though.

Drew Hill

This place is an amazing venue. If you have not been then make an effort to see something here. Even the movies are fun. Parking is never an issue but you have to be prepared to walk a distance and go up and down stairs. Wear comfortable shoes.


Seats anywhere at this theatre doesn't seem bad at all. Been here for two concerts and the sounds have been great, movies here were nice as well

Karen Berg

This is such a unique place to have a concert. We attended for the Piano Guy concerts oh, and the lights of the city laid out below us were the perfect complement to the music.

Season Hayes

The best concert venue in the world. Views of the entire front range, an amphitheater carved right into the mountain of red rocks, and the best acoustics you'll ever hear. With the long hike up. Saw Weird Al here the other night, and I'll never forget it. Gorgeous.

Marc Beacom

Incredible! Red Rocks has trails, concerts, movies and a museum that are a must see. Red Rocks is the best concert venue I’ve been to. The acoustics are amazing and views stunning. If you are into movies, they also have Film on the Rocks where they will play different movies. Also, check out the museum at the top of the venue where there is a nearby parking lot for easy access. Tip: If you go to visit, be sure to check and see if there is an event that day as they will close visitor access several hours prior to events.

alexa hackett

Amazing night at Red Rocks as always. The absolute best venue for live music I have ever been to. Gorgeous lightning storms over the city not uncommon. The show was almost cancelled due to hail and lightning but everyone waited it out. There is magic here no matter who you see but Nathaniel Rateliff was tonight's fabulous event.

Jane Thompson

We were able to walk a loop and the views are beautiful. We were unable to see the ampitheater that day because of a concert, but we're able to go back the next morning. If you only have one day, go early! It is well worth it

Sunil Mehta

Great place to visit. We enjoyed concert at night. With lights falling on red rocks and music, this place comes to life - highly recommend it.

Tony Gauthier

Hands down the finest venue in the world. Everything else pales in comparison. The staff is great. We can’t wait to go back again. A truly awe inspiring place. Spend a few days here one is not enough.

Three against one

My first time here, watched Celtic Women. The view was amazing!!! The music and acoustics were phenomenal! What I would recommend for anyone is to bring something to sit on, like a pillow or stadium chair. Also, umbrellas are not allowed in, we had a begun to bring ours when a group of people let us know, we didn't have to walk ask the way back to our car. Keep in mind that there will be lots of walking... Up stairs. Take your time. There are taxis outside lots offering rides to the top, they charged $5 a person (last night) I think it might be worth it, but I did survive the walk. I can't imagine a better vantage point for a concert. It was stunning... Go at least once if you can. Video recording and flash photography are prohibited... My photos where taken with my phone enjoy these photos I took, they just don't do it justice.

saradeee mckinney

The natural beauty and landscape makes this place fun to go to. Free parking is also a bonus however they get you back with price gouging. Hot dogs are 11 a pop, funnel cakes 13 and water is 5 bucks for a bottle. Shirts well let's not even go there.

Quito Clinebell

Greatest venue I think I've ever been to. Always look forward to shows, and it's also a great place to work out with great views. Can't go wrong visiting here

Vincent Fu

The best outdoor amphitheatre in the world! Been here several times for many concerts. Amenities are great, bars are moderately priced but generous, and the view of the city is second to none. Parking is free and abundant. There will be some traffic getting in and out, but plan your day well and enjoy the view!

Ryan Siever

We walked some of the trails which was fun. Amphitheatre was closed to the public when we were the due to a concert happening that night. Definitely a cool place to go with se good scenery

Carissa Walker

The best concert venue in the world! It has changed a lot in the last decade or so, but you cant beat the views and the sound. I like that parking is free but the food and drinks can be quite expensive inside the venue. I would recommend bringing food and drinks and having a little tailgating party in the parking lot. Seeing a Red Rocks show should definitely be on everyone's bucket list.

Mona Madrid

Such a beautiful place to visit. The scenery is breathe taking. So peaceful and serene. A great place to get some exercise. Walking up the stairs or following the trail. The museum is inspirational.

Mar G

Very beautiful. I saw a concert there, but wasn't expecting to hike up 20 flights of stairs! Not including the trail. Worth the walk but the bottled water is $5 when you reach the top.

Adam Litwin

A majestic Venue. Rather than incorporating nature it has blended to the scenic views. All the way in the back you can see the shadow of the crowd against the mountain behind the venue. I suggest skipping the parking lot and taking the hiking trail up if you want to see natural wildlife and more scenic views. There is parking available .along the road (quickest way out of a Sold out concert too).

Lorenzo Ruiz Castro

This place rocks, the sound is amazing. The view of the city is spectacular. Listening to good music surrounded by nature and the night sky. Be prepared to walk up stairs, lot and lots of stairs. Good food and drinks available at a reasonable rate. Was there for Worship on the Rocks featuring Elevation Worship. Mesmerizing to say the least

Shannon Robb

Amazing venue for concerts. For so many artists, it's a bucket list venue to play, so seeing them perform at Red Rocks is an experience like no other. Combined with the beauty of the rocks themselves and the views, it's like magic. The park is also great for easy day hikes. One of my favorite spots in all of Colorado!

N. J. P. ShoreLife

Awesome venue. One of a kind location. A natural version of the Acropolis. Beyond fortunate to now live 25 min. Away. It’s incredible how the sounds is carried inside the rock formation and how well it isolated it when you are outside of it. Crazy. Since it’s Colorado , always a smart idea to bring something to protect against rain. We have a Pendleton picnic blanket that is waterproof on one side. Perfect to put on the bench seats or cover yourself when the rain or hail roll in briefly. I was going to say bring a crazy-creek or of the like but typically when the concert starts, every one stands so ..maybe not.

l quinn

Awesome place as usual. We saw Mark Knophler and band. He was amazing. There's the usual everyone leaves at the same time. But it's worth it. You can visit Red Rocks during the day and see the rock formations and they also have a museum. Check it out!

pradeep malireddy

Must see in Denver. We had a quick stop being heading out to the airport. Amazing place

DVEGA 2000

Red Rocks is a wonderful place for both good photos and a concert. Beautiful place, but the reason I marked it down 1 star is because it is not a friendly place for people with disabilities or injuries. Both me and another family member went here for a concert and all the parking lots filled up, so we had to park on the side of the road and hike almost .8 of a mile up to the amphitheatre. Note: there are taxis for people who really cant hike up to the venue. Overall nice place to visit.

Daniel Henley

Absolutely best venue for a concert, have always had good weather, though. Takes time and a little work getting in and out, but the artists are always fired up being here. Judah and the lion was no exception this week. They had a "five star" performance. The views of the rocks and the city are magnificent

Susan Adams

Get there EARLY! Or you'll be in line up the mountain waiting for parking when it starts. Make sure and bring an empty water bottle that you can refill that is polycarb or metal or a sealed water bottle. It's a little windy and amazing. the acoustic bounce off the rocks and create the most incredible theater experience you'll ever have in your entire life. Save the money for better seats down below because it's well worth it. Be prepared because you're going to have to climb a lot of stairs So for the elderly part in the top or park below for VIP seats.

n p

Great place for live music. Decent choice of food and beverages during the show. Get there early to get a decent parking spot or else you'll be parking on the road further way and will have to walk a little to get to the seats. Music sounds great from any seat. Trading Post/music museum is also an interesting place. You can also make a reservation at the restaurant before the show.

D.L. Green

Wow. This is the coolest venue I have ever seen. The sound was amazing as was the experience itself. What a landscape. We Saw Bob Moses and they were perfect. I can't wait to fly back and see another show. I am blown away. No picture can do it justice. Bucket Lister for sure!

Eric Fehringer

Red Rocks is the ultimate outdoor concert venue! With the quality of production, the efficiency of the staff, the grandeur of the venue and location, and the people that attend the shows. It’s safe to say that you won’t find another place like it with this kind of proximity to a large city. Great drinks, great bartenders, clean facilities, great merchandise options, and views galore! You have to see it for yourself. Red Rocks is the Nations Best!

Jason Ferguson

The place is beautiful, sounds awesome and even has a way sweet music museum in the back I had no idea was there! Considering the size and efforts to get around that place it was surprisingly very easy to get a beer and/or other food and drink. If you park to far away specifically the farther away (I believe lower) parking lot, better be prepared for a killer uphill workout! Same with walking around in the amphitheatre itself. There’s tons of stairs! Now I can see why it seems to be a popular destination for working out when there’s no concerts.

Jesse Flageolle

As you can imagine, it's gorgeous here! Great sunsets and amazing views of the city from certain areas. Add in music of your preference and it's a whole new level! The sound is awesome and the crowds are roaring! Minimal concessions but definitely enough. Parking can be difficult if you don't arrive early. Walking uphill is definitely part of the experience.

Shelly Noyes

I love coming to Red Rocks! It's such a beautiful amphitheatre it makes any show that much better! I was recently here for the The Piano Guys and it was another fantastic experience. The show and atmosphere were amazing. The only setback was when a thunderstorm rolled in at intermission. So the normal intermission was extended to 45-60 minutes in order to wait out the storm. They had recommended returning to our cars (which is quite a trek so we opted to wait it out in our seats as did most people) or seeking shelter in the visitors center. Luckily neither were necessary as nothing happened other than a few raindrops and they were able to resume the show. A couple of helpful tips: you can bring either a factory sealed water bottle or an empty water bottle in to fill at the water fountains located near most restrooms. This will save you $$$. And I always forget to bring a seat cushion or those stadium seats with the back support. Those would make the seating much more comfortable. Clearly a rain jacket or poncho are always a good idea as well.

Zachary Merkling

Worth a stop if you have never been. Some cool hikes in the area but check the schedule to see if an event is going on. It can be very busy if something is beeing set up the day before an event as well.

Ashley Walker

Beautiful park. Nice place to exercise and stretch after a long drive. Be sure to wear sensible shoes, there are a lot of steps. If you are not going for a concert, be sure to check if there is an event. In the morning, we had no problems with access to the park or parking.

Natalie Holbrook

Awesome free place to hike and enjoy gorgeous views! We did Geographical Marker Trail and the Trading Post Trail. Don't recommend doing both if you're not in shape. One would be enough workout. The amphitheatre is gorgeous. Would love to see a show there sometime!

Neil Sanghvi

Red Rocks is a great venue for both live music and for taking a nice hike when there are no events going on. I have seen a plethora of shows here from comedy to live bands play and it has never disappointed. If you are visiting Denver, this venue is a must see, regardless if you are seeing a show here or not.

Kevin Fraser

Absolutely beautiful place to visit, hike, take pictures. Natural sandstone rock features over 100 feet tall frame this amazing amphitheater. The acoustics are some of the best for live performances. Consistently voted the best concert venue in the U. S. , you must see a concert here!

Chris Riba

One of the most creative, beautiful, eventful concert venues I've ever seen. There's not a bad seat in the place to hear the awesome acoustics of nature's stage!

Nathan Herrington

The amphitheatre is incredible to be in and really improves the listening experience. The acoustics were amazing as well. There is a good range of artists that play here and seating is comfortable with good leg room.

Savannah S.

The landscape is impressive and the shows seemed cool. We stopped by during a free show where the gymnasts and aerial silks people were practicing for a likely bigger show. It was very fun.

Dan Chapman

What an amazing place. I haven't been fortunate enough to see an event here, but the amphitheatre is simply a work of art. The surrounding scenery is simply gorgeous. Visited here on a Sunday morning and there were quite a number of people exercising utilizing the 70 rows of steps in various ways (push ups, legs raises, jumping, running, etc.). There is quite a comprehensive and well done museum covering both the musical history and the history of the amphitheatre as well. There is a restaurant, bathroom facilities, places to buy water and all sorts of souvenirs. Absolutely worth a visit for the whole family.

Justin Henderson

If you don't know Red Rocks, then you're in for a treat. As a concert venue it's basically unmatched as it's won many awards for the best venue in the world. It sounds great when you're there and artists are always super excited to be there and do huge shows thanks to the massive stage and huge atmosphere. As a park, Red Rocks is fun for some short hikes to check out the rocks formations, just be aware that it's a popular destination and there are likely to be quite a few people there a lot of the time. Also, you can go into the amphitheater area when there isn't an event as long as they're not preparing for one that evening.

Carrie Harville

I just can't say enough about it! It was an amazing experience! Thankful to have been able to see some of our favorites perform here! It's beautiful!

Jianna L

This is the most incredible venue in the world. There is nothing like it. It's pure magic so whatever snow you want to see,you will be blown away. Parking is easy and free, there are multiple lots, entrances and exits. Also, no matter where you stand you'll have a great seat. If you aren't coming for a show you can come during the day to work out on the rocks, or hike. Never a dull moment here

Michael Holmes

This should be on your bucket list. Absolutely the best place I have ever been for a concert. The acoustics and view are amazing. Food prices for the concert could be better, but it was as expected. Would definitely go back.

Kyle Jones

There is not a better place on this Earth to see a show! The views are breathtaking and it's always a joy to go here. Drink your beers in the parking lot because you can't take them in and beer inside is outrageously priced. You can take snacks in with you though which is cool. Been going here for years and never had a bad experience.

Evan Robbins

This is a must for anyone who considers themselves a concert junkie. Make sure that you plan to give yourself plenty of time to get there as it is quite a trek. We sat around 18th row and I'd say that was a sweet spot. The sound was amazing and the lights were well done as well! I will have to come back to red rocks as soon as I can.

Roger Cates

Best venue on planet earth. Words do not do it justice to describe a concert at Red Rocks. The view is awe inspiring and the acoustics are perfect. Do yourself a favor and go to a concert here.

Ray Waller

Incredible and world class venue. The views of such magnificence amplified the vibe of the crowd and of the performance. I've never experienced such sheer beauty mixed with the ambience of so many humans together in one place. This place has majestic history, magic mood setting potential, and may be the coolest place on earth to see a show.

Zachary Mcatee

Although We didn’t attend a concert here, we really enjoyed driving through and then hiking through and up to the scenic overlook. This is really a spectacular geological phenomenon that everyone should see. The summit is an easy hike although steep, paths are clean and wide, there are restrooms at the parking lot, and the views on the way up and at the top are really impressive. If you’re not into walking or hiking, just driving through allows some breathtaking views and a pretty good overall glimpse of the formations.

Joe G.

My Absolute favorite outdoor place to go see a concert! Not only in the Great State of Colorado, but also... just about anywhere else too! The lighting is incredible. The seating is Fantastic. The sound is Phenomenal. There is no better venue in the state of Colorado. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is probably one of the Best in The World. Honestly! I highly recommend everybody and anybody to go spend some time at Red Rocks. You won't regret it!

kyle connors

I checked a big place off my bucket list her. The hike up was taxing but well worth it. We went to reggae on the rocks awesome festival. The sound and lights were amazing. The employees were specially nice for a venue. The traffic getting out wasn’t bad at all. I will definitely be coming back for future shows.

Rob Schneider

Acoustically the greatest venue on Earth, and now my favorite venue that I've ever been to. Prepare for a hike, because you're going up no matter where you're sitting. Prices are high as expected, just be prepared to pay a processing fee of $17 PER TICKET.

JT Stachler

This is an amazing place and you should definitely go for a visit. You can walk through the auditorium if there's not a concert or sound check going in. The views are spectacular. We went for a Piano Guys concert a few weeks ago, and it was an amazing venue. There is always the treat that the concert will be closed down due to lightening, but it's still a worth it. You can get food and drinks on site or bring your own if you bring drinks in plastic containers.

Doug W.

This place is amazing. Being from the south I already have an amazing appreciation for Colorado and it's beautiful scenery, but Red Rocks is one of those places so breathtaking you literally have to see it to believe it. You can either drive to the amphitheater or take the trail up and around to it, and for those not acclimated to the altitude it will literally take you r breath after you first 15-20 steps. It's best to take it slowly and get adjusted but one you make it, WOW. The view, the atmosphere, the vibe! There's also a trail that continues upwards to a peak that you can either ride or walk to. Do yourself a favor and explore as much on foot as possible. One thing to note: If you're driving, there are a lot of tight turns where you can see around the bend so please drive slowly as there are a lot of cyclists that frequent the roads as well.

Terra Costin

First the good things: this is a beautiful venue with amazing views of the city. I loved how they used lights on the rocks as well. I would love to go to another concert here someday. However, the parking was a NIGHTMARE. We arrived about an hour early, waited in a line of cars that was barely moving for about thirty minutes, and then suddenly a traffic director lady waved us over to the side of the road and made us park. We said "are we parking here?" She said, "yes, there are free shuttles and taxis. Get out." So we got out and started walking with others who'd been made to park...while a bunch of others cars who had been behind us proceeded to head up the road and park farther up. We ended up walking about a mile uphill, and then climbed a bunch of stairs. For us it wasn't that big a deal, but the lady from the car next to us was elderly and kept having to stop and rest. It was ridiculous for them to expect her to make that hike. There were no shuttles that we saw. When we finally got to the top there was a parking lot that was half empty and they were filling it with cars that were just arriving. It seems unfair to make people who arrive early park really far away and hike uphill (without asking about their physical ability), while those who arrive at the last minute get to park in the parking lot right next to the venue. Really poor execution of parking.

Ian Toone

Best concert venue ever!! From the ticket workers to the clean washrooms this place is amazing. Lots of good food and beer sales in the seats. The sound is perfect in every part and the seats are a big improvement over little folding plastic chairs you are use to. And of course the setting and sights are a mind-blower!! I would rate at 10 stars if I could!!

Sam Loyning

Amazing concert venue, so much fun and crazy pretty. Acoustics were okay, but the real fun in just being out in that space listening to your favorite artist. Crowd size wasn't overwhelming, and the concessions were tasty (if a bit expensive). Just be sure to leave 10-15 minutes before your show ends - it will save you hours of waiting to get out.

Jennifer Martinez

Saw Tenacious D here a while back. First time at Red Rocks and I must say its an experience everyone needs to experience. The ambiance and atmosphere is amazing. Will definitely be back!

Trudy McEwen

Best venue ever! God truly made this place cause He loves music! The stairs are a workout but once you get to your seat it's always a great evening!

Josh K

Beautiful venue, outdoors so bring a jacket for when it gets cold. Incredible amount of stairs to climb to get in and out. For sure one of the most unique venues in Colorado! Getting out after a show really isnt too bad if you can find your vehicle in one of the few lots to park in.


I don’t think there’s anything negative you could say about this gorgeous venue. Been here countless times for concerts and yoga on the rocks. Simply gorgeous.

James Carlson

A beautiful venue that all Colorado concert-goers "must" visit! It's always a fun experience to see a show here, and some of my absolute favorite concerts were at Red Rocks. Four stars because it's legendary and I love it. But I'm docking it one at least because it can be a bit of headache slogging through stand-still traffic, finding parking in the Wild West, hiking around in the dark, and paying exorbitant prices for drinks. Also there's a decent chance you'll get rained on. But to see one of your favorite bands here, it's totally worth the hassle!

Jim Erekson

I've been in Colorado for 20 years and never been to a concert at Red Rocks. Breathtaking surroundings (a brilliant yellow sunset on Sunday), great parking on the west side, and plenty of good food options made it a great day out. Thanks Lincoln for comping us tickets to Pink Martini--it was fun to see you at work!

Richard Grabowski

Big Gigantic.. Insane amount of work went into making that happen and it was a one of a kind experience. Oh and the park itself? Was a great sight to see, I suggest showing up to any events at least 2 hrs early just to see the scenery and get good pictures in the daylight

Ryan Taylor

First thing to get out of the way is the hike from your car. Yes, it’s steep. Wear some good shoes and be ready to get a bit of a workout. But the venue is amazing for some good music. You’re basically sitting on the side of the mountain. Such a cool place. We went to see the Piano Guys. Awesome concert and my favorite place to see them!

Lane Boyd

This venue is hard to beat anywhere. I've always had amazing concerts here, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the city. It's beautiful, fun, and really just overall amazing. Bad thing: the parking is absolutely atrocious after the concert. We spent an hour just trying to get out of the parking lot, and we were among the lucky ones. There's no public transit, either.

Melissa Hines

First time ever was such a great experience seeing String Cheese Incident with Keller Williams!!! The scenery, the views of the city, the way the music sounds, and the lights on the rocks was an unforgettable experience my huband, friends and I had. Next time we visit Denver we will definitely be back. I am so ready for my next concert here!!!

George Andresen

This is the mother of all music venues. Go there to see anyone. It doesn’t matter who. Personal fav was Robert Plant July 4 1988. The incredible beauty of the Amphitheatre combined with fireworks displays all around the Denver Metro area and Mr. Plant made for an unforgettable evening...

S Miller

This is a great CCC site. In short it's a quick visit on a nice day. The music history is interesting and incredible. Take a moment to learn about the geology and the folks who built this grand American stage. It's a journey you wont forget, but if you expectation is for a large exhibit you will be let down. Plan accordingly as the weather changes quickly and bring water. If you are seeing a show be patient and courteous while arriving early.

Karasan Lord

The best place here in Colorado! It has beautiful scenery, wonderful music and lots of fun. You can hike and visit the amphitheatre during the day (if there isn't a concert or activity) Also there is a movie on the rocks and other activities beside music

John Place

Best place to see a concert easily. I have too many concerts to list here but out of all of them, only two places come to mind as the most memorable. One venue was at the Berlin Wall(when it existed), the other is Red Rocks. Both of these venues give you a view that you cannot see anywhere else. This is undoubtedly the best venue in the U.S. for live music.

Hank Groff

One of the most beautiful attractions in all of the United States. The time that it took to design and cut this from the rock is truly amazing. Make sure you take the tour of the museum to experience the history behind red Rock amphitheater. You will be amazed at all of the artists who have played over the last 100 + years. Or highly recommend this to go at least once in your life

Jill Hammond

Took the family to see Greta Van Fleet (Shannon and the Clams opened, check them out) last Monday night and it was fantastic. The staff, the other concert goers - all of it. My kids are 9 & 6, I will wait to take them again until my son is a smidge older BUT in case you didn’t know, families have priority at a restroom right next to the concession and stair entrance. We didn’t wait longer than 3 minutes to use the restroom and with kids, that matters. Also - I’ll comment on the pot. Yes, there was definitely some weed wafting through the air but not any stronger than what you’d pass on a trail possibly and everyone was normal. People kept hitting the led balloons towards my kids because what kid doesn’t love a light up led balloon at a night time concert?! We brought cookies and shared them with all our seat mates haha. Get there early if you want a good seat, first come first serve a lot of the time I think.

Andrew Solow

Red Rocks is phenomenal. Summer shows are beautiful. Fall shows are gorgeous. Just dress according cause the temperature can drop quick when the sun goes down. The drive in is surreal. The top of the venue is even better. Everyone should see at least one show here in your life!!


This is a great venue. The music echoes off the rocks creating a unique experience. Every artist I've seen here has been amazing. If you part at the bottom lot, be ready to hike. I wore heels and that was a mistake I'll never make again!

Courtney Campbell

staple to visit if you come to Denver, even if it’s not for a concert. popular place for workout circuits - you’ll be dodging a few people running the stairs and catch a few others in the background of your photo doing squats. very clean facilities! parking isn’t terrible either.


Red Rocks is an absolutely amazing, gorgeous venue - THE BEST - for any concert!!! The natural beauty of the rock formations overlooking the city of Denver combined with the open aired amphitheater and absolutely awesome sound system - you HAVE to experience it to fully appreciate it!!! It's definitely a MUST SEE for anyone passing through Colorado as well - just to truly take in the beauty of God's amazing creation!!!

Kylie McCormick

One of the best parts of seeing a concert at Red Rocks is also getting to witness the appreciation that exudes from the musicians who play there. Magical in the sunshine and the rain. Worth it every time.

Land. O

Is there anywhere better to see a concert, movie, or workout? I don’t think so! Come here during the day to see gorgeous views of the rocks and the city or come at night to see your favorite band or bring the family for a movie on the rocks. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and you can even bring in food! The weather can change quickly up here so make sure to come prepared

Melissa Gazaway

Saw Greta Van Fleet last night and it was Awesome! Highly recommend going to a concert here but if you can't make a show you should definitely go visit and wander around the park it's amazing! Spectacular views!

Paula D

What an absolutely beautiful place to watch the sunrise!! It's chilly, so bring a sweater. The venue is absolutely gorgeous! Nothing was open because we went so early but the whole place is clean & the staff answered all of our questions about the history of the mountains. Absolutely amazing!!

Matthew Crockett

The most beautiful place to see a show! The venue is beautiful, the staff is awesome, the surrounding park is beautiful. Can't say enough about this place, words and pictures just don't do it justice. And the sound is great too.

Zack Mills

This is truly one of the most magical places in the world. Whether you are going just to explore and walk around, or go to a concert.. You are in for a treat. There are loads of great trails to hike around outside of the amphitheatre! I would strongly recommend going to a concert here if you never have! Keep your eye out for the yearly schedule and make sure to snag a ticket! You won't regret it. Always read the rules on prohibited items before going to shows here, it's a bummer to get to the top and have to turn around to take something back to the car or to have to throw something important away.

Jim Jones

Always peaceful.walking the paths and climbing the stairs of the amphitheater are a mean workout. love going through the caves. A great way to escape and be closer to God. Look at all he has created. This was no accident. God is good. Red rocks is rad.


Wow. Well worth the 5 minutes from Interstate 70. Trails. Bathroom at trading post. Free to walk around, but you CANNOT see into the amphitheater. Rocks are equal to, or more dramatic than at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Go early to avoid crowds to see the concerts.


One of the best outdoor venue's ever! To see awesome concert! Haven't been to one yet and I loved in Colorado for two years already! Can't miss out I'm gonna have to check a concert out! And you can also hike and take pictures at Red Rocks! It's a hot tourist spot!

Stadiume Hott

One of my favourite concert venues I've ever been to in my life. Saw Morrissey there in 2015 and then Ween in 2018. The atmosphere is nothing short of utterly stunning. The views are outrageously beautiful. The sound quality and acoustics off the rocks are lovely. The setup is great. The restaurant is delicious. The parking is tremendous fun as is the walk up to the venue. The whole area just blows you away. Heavily recommend going to see an act you love...

• JayD3vo •

Beautiful!! The rock formations really make it too. I love it here. I’m happy it has seating. And even a little rain doesn’t stop anything

Mike Downes

Yeah yeah yeah... It's an amazingly beautiful venue. Yeah... the service is good... the food is good... the security staff is extremely helpful... and everyone is friendly. Who cares? I went there for the music. This venue has better sound than ANY other outdoor venue I have ever been to. EVER! The second best isn't close. I was blown away by the sound. This isn't just a must see, but it is also a must hear venue.

Frank Masek

This the best venue I have ever been at for a concert. We saw Joe Bonamassa. The acoustics were great. The views spectacular. Food and drink vendors provided a variety at a fair price. Rick on.

Rocio Olmos

The most amazing place you can come listen to concerts. And the sound can not be duplicated. The sunset is absolutely amazing. The night skies are incredible. No other venue can ever measure up.

Jama Bradfield

With great natural acoustics, it was a bummer that they had the speakers too high. Ears were ringing when we entered the seating area. Will bring plugs next time. But security and ticket check was fast and friendly. Water was accessible. Drinks and food were good.

Mason Clarke

This area is a wonderful choice for families or people wanting to hike a cool spot without too much difficulty. The views of the red rocks and the mountains are awesome, not to mention the fact that there’s a whole concert venue right in a mountainside! Cool stuff.

Nancy Harrison

Extraordinary! And I'm not kidding! Saw Mark Knopfler and 10 incredible musicians. Parking, Driving in, and driving out were not a problem. Security checks, and taking tickets were very organized and went fast... And of course the beauty of the amphitheatre and being out under the moon n stars is beyond words!!

Desiree Jones

This was my first concert in Colorado since moving here and. It was just incredible! We got great parking, seating was great. We were all the way in back but it was perfect for us. The scenery was beautiful and lovely and. It was amazing. Visit whenever you can!

Amanda G

This place was amazing! Even the acoustics from the band setting up sounded great. Very dramatic backdrop in person.

Jason Wissner

The best venue for an outdoor concert in North America. All music sounds good here and the natural are amazing, and the views of the city during a show are absolutely spectacular. The added services that they've put in over the years make it much much nicer and even more fun to visit. It's also great Park to go during the day for a hike or fresh air

Dan Cancila

Just Saw Green Sky Bluegrass there last night. What an absolute amazing experience. It was on my bucket list and I can now rejoice in the memories. Staff was great too!

Steven Jackson

Amazing venue to watch a concert. The angle of the seating is cut into the natural landscape, it's steep and makes you feel like you are right on top of the stage no matter how far back you are. The views of Downtown Denver as you walk around are also fantastic. The sound is great as it bounces of the surrounding rocks. There is also ample food and amenity options. Bathrooms are clean and accessible from almost anywhere in the venue. I would highly recommend seeing a show here at some point in your life.

Bjarne Siverson

Have you ever heard of magic? A place where energies intertwine and intentions are purely expressed. Red rocks emanates beauty in it's truest physical form. Something about being immersed in those rocks draws out the true self and causes one to cast aside pre conceived notions and fear and live cohesively with the moment. Red Rocks melts away the barriers of reality and creates a safe haven on the edge of space and time. A place entirely made, of magic.

Jake H

What an amazing venue. Outdoor venues typically don’t work well but the acoustics are amazing here. The natural beauty of the amphitheater and the area is worth the price alone and you get to here a wide selection of artist here. Awesome experience.

Erick Wells

Some people say to never meet your heroes, that doing so could be disappointing. Throughout my first trip to Red Rocks the venue, staff and overall experience was phenomenal and surpassed all personal expectations. The show was pretty good, too.

Jesse Charles

One of the most amazing venues I've been too! There isn't a place like it. The sound was amazing and I would definitely go there over and over again.

Michele Kane

Red Rocks is amazing! I can't say that I was fortunate enough to get to see a show in the amphitheater but the park itself is incredible. The natural beauty of this park makes hiking through it more and more exciting with every step. While my husband and I were hiking there was an abundance of wildlife, we were even lucky enough to see a fawn! I would highly recommend this park to anyone looking for an amazing immersion into nature.

Elvis Colucci

We've been to some great outdoor venues- The Greek, Hollywood Bowl, Bethel Woods, some in Europe but this takes the cake. Absolutely spectacular. Besides being breathtakingly beautiful the sound during a show is fantastic. We arrived early for our concert and did a little hike around which added to the experience. Find a reason to see a show there. I only had a few hours to spare so I drove out to Red Rocks. I did not attend a concert (will definitely do that another time!), but it was still a great place to walk around and enjoy the views. I'm so glad the place is open to the public. Very beautiful and unique setting.

Chuck Zielinski

Free and open to the public when there isn't an event. Could use more signage on what to expect or where to go, but its understandable. The history inside is informative. Recommend the trading post for souvenirs. Can't wait to get there for a concert.

Patricia Asimus

Red Rocks is one of the very Best places to go to a concert!! The sound quality is phenomenal and on top of that, you have such a fabulous view of the city!!!! Highly recommend you go see a band you like will be so glad you did!!!!!

Jess Chavez

The venue is absolutely gorgeous. I've only been here for concerts but I was not disappointed. The only factor that I was disappointed with the was overpricing of concessions but unfortunately that's how it'll be at any venue. Otherwise is a wonderful place to visit

Teri Beaver

Such a beautiful, natural amphitheatre! Even the man made portions are beautiful and fit right in . There's only bench style seating, but anything else would be too much of a footprint. And you can bring a bleacher seat if you want. There is LOTS of leg room. Very comfortable. Acoustics are amazing! There are concessions and sometimes a food truck or two, but nothing amazing there. You can bring food in, but be sure to check the rules. Not for the faint of heart, though. Lots of steps, but so worth it!

Jennifer Martin

Drove up from Houston to see Stick Figure and Pepper. Was the best trip! The view from the stone stadium is just like no other. Perfect natural setting for Earth Day celebration and 420 concert.

Julie Herning

Beautiful and humbling experience. The history was well presented without having to sit and read for extended periods of time. Even took they were very busy, the staff was helpful and pleasant.

Jeremy Jakubowski

What can I say about this that the world doesn't already know?.. This place is magical. If you could help it, try going during a full moon.

Robert Sutton

THE concert experience!. If you love music, at least once in your lifetime you need to attend a concert at the legendary Red Rocks. It's worth flying in just for a show. Unforgettable experience!

Chris Roybal

Simply amazing! There is something magical about seeing a show here. I have seen 3 shows here, 2 of them have been recorded for DVD releases. I recommend coming here to see someone who you really like! It's also a great place to hang out during the day. You can walk various trails around the park, climb stairs, walk the stage or visit the museum up top! I can't wait until I visit again.

Kate Gates

There are no words to describe the amazing experience we had here. The concert was incredible, the venue was breathtaking, the people were awesome. The show was at max capacity and still seemed controlled and organized. Parking was easy and besides not being prepared for the hike up to the red rocks (mildly out of shape and not acclimated to the elevation), it was a very wonderful experience. I appreciate that we were allowed to bring our own food and drinks as well. Very helpful to keep cost down even tho we did splurge on a drink. Every concert goer should experience music at Red Rocks. Absolutely amazing!

Kirk Arza

Is there anything that hasn't already been said about this place? Amazing venue no matter where you are seated. If you are up high the views are incredible and obviously down low is close to the stage. Fantastic place to see a show.

Clement McDonald

Amazing history I am a fan of music and the museum was still educational to me. The scenery was outstanding and the speaker quality was excellent from the setups I heard. It was nice seeing all the people exercising on the amphitheater stairs and on the beautiful trails nearby. I can not wait to travel from my home state of North Carolina to see a show. Definitely a repeat.

alan blount

If you have not seen a show here, why not? Seriously... You should. It's a must. The food isn't cheap. The parking is far away and you need to be able to walk uphill (a lot). The seating is really nice for sitting, and ok for shuffling in place but there is no place to "dance". If you don't get there early, you will be way far away from the stage. If you are way far away from the stage, you wont see much, because the screen isn't really super big. But... it's the best place to watch a show. The rocks make a (mostly) natural amphitheatre and the scenery is breathtaking. The sound is (usually) great. It's just cool.

Bradley Hull

Great venue in a picturesque setting.. We saw Tenacious D and to say the least, the venue didn't disappoint. The sound reverberated off the walls as the wind tumbled over the back of the mountain. I don't think you could find a bad seat for we were in row 42 and had a great time and an even better experience. The only thing to know going is's a hike to not only getting from your car to the amphitheater, but up the stairs to your seats as well. Loved this place.

Cindi Schwartz

Beautiful as always. Love my Colorado. A band was set up on stage and doing a sound check. I don't know who they are but was a bonus. Happy Tuesday

Joshua Oorlog

MOST AMAZING outdoor concert venue in the U.S. (the world?)!!! The beauty, acoustics, and just overall vibe here is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Seeing one of my all time favorite bands was icing on the cake (Vampire Weekend!) Just one caveat....BE PREPARED TO WALK....AND CLIMB STAIRS....A LOT. It's cardio & a concert! Don't say I didn't warn you, but it'll be worth it, promise.

Michael Woissol

Watched Tenacious D here, it was a great show but the venue is what truly makes the difference. Make sure you're prepared for the hike up to the Amphitheatre from the parking lot. Also make sure to save your parking because it's easy to forget where you parked.

Anthony Kilgore

I've tried to beat it many times and you just can't. Best outside sound in the world. And full of energy from the rocks

Brian Bender

The pictures you see online really don't do Red Rocks justice. The venue is really awe inspiring, with the rocks massively looming over the crowd. Awesome facilities and good options for food/drink. Be prepared to get some stair climbing in if you're heading to the very top!

Matthew Baker

A Surreal experience! This is the coolest venue ever for a concert!!! I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. There are plenty of food venders throughout venue and even a museum inside it with spectacular HD footage of the concert if you choose to take refuge from potential weather related issues. The only issue to be aware of is if you are needing a ride from the concert schedule it in advance.

War Undying

This is a world famous venue and it is clear to see why. The natural acoustics of the rocks make the music crisp and clear without overstraining the senses. The view looking out onto the Foothills and Denver skyline is unmatched. You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn't take a concert in here at least once in your life.

dana larock

This was an awesome place!! There were no events so it was free to park & walk around. I'm not familiar with the Denver area, but I would say this was something I really enjoyed, and would love to see again.

Karen Randall

I have had only good times at red rocks and enjoyed every moment of the concert I went to. It is a beautiful well-run place. The museum is awesome and a great trip down memory lane if you went there in the 70's and 80's like I did.

Deleen Holladay

God's beautiful creation was spectacular! Perfect day for hiking! Hiking was easy and allowed you to experience the area at your pace. Can't wait to hear a concert in the Amphitheater.

Greenville Reviews

This is a bucketlist venue. We were so lucky to be able to watch one of our favorite bands here. Concessions and service were also top notch. You can even visit during the day time if you are in town when there is not a band playing that you want to see

Paul Williams

Pretty nice place if your a fit person, or just driving thru. Lots of up hill walking on trails and plenty of stairs to climb. Plenty of wild life to see. Over all its a must see venue...

Matt Plante

I love this place. Worship on the rock was awesome. No better place to be them in Gods creation worshipping our mighty creator.

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