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REVIEWS OF Freeway Bowl IN Colorado

Greg Hensley

It's a fun center until you're an independent father who needs to change a diaper and there's no changing table in the mens room. Bunch of improvements made the past few years but couldn't afford a changing station in the mens room. Pretty sure the other two bowling alleys in town have them. I'll go there instead. This isn't the 18th century. Real dad's change diapers too.

Tamara Taylor North

Nice place to bring the kids before the leagues take over in the evenings. Lady at the register informed us of the kids summer special where they bowl 2 games free and just pay for shoe rental.

perry Price

Best bowling alley I've been to in 20 years, only bowling alley actually. Booze, big balls and karaoke. Yippee.

Snowy Owl

The "half" subway sandwich was huge. Their iced tea is brewed, not a mix. I prefer UNSWEETENED which is what I got. I hear the beer is good if domestic is ones gain.

Vincent Acosta

We have fun at the Monday $1 @ Game Special. We're going to try the Sunday & Tuesday specials and get even more friends to have fun.

Teaven Fredericks

2 avid bowler looking for some fun practice outside of league. Approaches not well taken care of and very sticky couldn't do a normal approach without falling from sticky so much. Lanes had zero oil couldn't hardly even bowl, especially if you throw a hook. Could hook a house ball from one gutter to the other, mid lane. Required to pay for 4 games so a combined 8 games. Made it through one and told the front desk associate and was offered nothing back. Will not be coming here again.

Kellie Balandra

Very nice upgrade since Tony took ownership. The place looks great and awesome choices of pool or arcade games for those who cannot or want to bowl. Most of the staff is extremely helpful.

James Beisswager

Good clean family fun. Love the kids bowl free program. Good food to!

Linda Mullinex

It is very nice.

J n' Des Padilla

Well hidden secret! Very clean and fun!

Stacey Acord

I just grew up at PM lanes and I feel like the lanes are a little to oily for my liking but it looks great and lots to do. Bowling, pool, full arcade, pro shop, bar and restraunt. We had lots of fun.

Steve Elliott

This is a nice bowling alley, with a nice little resturaunt that is more than snacks, a bar, and an arcade. They also have a really good deals on bowling on different days.

T James

Had a great time bowling with my mom.

Phoenix Gallegos

A family favorite hangout. They have good ambiance, and an amazing arcade with an awesome coinless/ticketless prize and play system.

Greg Haske

Best bowling alley in America!

Aggie Lucero

A great place to meet family, food, bowl, two things I've noticed the beer pitchers are more expensive here than orchard mesa why do you ask it all made from from the same place canned and bottled, and kegged , also we had to keep calling the front office for the ball return

Christine Davis

I bowled with people I know & my husband. I did pretty good. But my husband won.

Robert Cross

Price is way too high i remember when it was 3.75 and 1 dollar for shoes but know it 8.75 for one came thats including shoes that is way too much. If people wanted too spend that kind of money they would go too spin city

Stephen hugunin

We didn't get to bowl since it was Saturday league night, however the kids enjoyed the arcade area. I really liked the preloaded card system they had. Kept track of the amount of money loaded and told you a balance after each game. When you get done you go back to the kiosk and it gives more info games played, and tickets earned. Plus you can keep them and add more money the next time around. Will definitely be going back and try to get some bowling in next time. Also read a flyer that they have free youth bowling on Saturday mornings and will be checking into it.

Evan Miller

Good bowling lanes but the arcade is a serious RIP off! Some kind of card/credit system that rips you off and doesn't give you change.

Cody Cass

The only bowling alley I will go to in town! Great food and best prices!


Sorry about the game card in the bowling allies. You should put up a sign that says "no throwing cards"

Jared Cruz

The place is much nicer than I remember. There's games and pool for the whole family . It's a little too tight at each lane if you have a group 4+ and there's a group in the lane next to you. Balls got stuck more than expected and staff seemed to be having a bad day.

Richard Kelly

The place is clean, and the people are nice!

Chris Smith

Pizza was delicious! Pool tables were too expensive per game. Arcade has no fighting games and most are geared towards younger children. Did not bowl but it looked like they had decent equipment.

Killoe Hawks

Freeway bowl offers up to date computer system and maintained lanes. Also has pool tables and arcade.

Abigail MacInnes

Good place to have fun

Robert Madsen

We held a birthday party here for our grandson.. We brought at least ten adults and twelve kids. As a group we spent at least $300 in food and bowling. When it came time for us to light the candles on the birthday cake, a staff member told us we were not allowed to because we had not purchased the birthday package! When we said that was ridiculous because of all the money we had already spent, we were told that if we lit candles he would call the police. We packed up our cake and friends and family and don't intend to ever come back.

Andy Harding

Dollar bowling on Mondays is awesome, but there will be lots of college students. Bar service can be slow but the drinks and bartenders are great. The food is also top notch.

Sharon Clay

My great grandson and I had the best time ever. Thank you

Amber Urrutia

While bowling is always a blast, this place is priced so high it's hard to enjoy yourself to the fullest. The food is terrible, greasy, and super expensive. They really a need food service with quality, reasonably priced family food.

Chanslie Nelson

Fun has bun

Leslie Labbancz

Pretty fun little bowling alley. Been going there for a few weeks now with the awesome kids summer deal, 2 free games a day all summer. And to make it a family pass is just $30 for a family of 4. Couple pool tables, a little arcade. Fun little place. The restaurant inside "Papa Kelseys" is outta control. Awesome pizza and the kids love their chicken nuggets.

Misty Kamplain

Love coming here. My family has a blast every time we are here

Cherie Stuckey

Fun for the whole family

j Musicman

Absolutely the funnest place in town and the food is awesome as well. Tony the owner is the nicest guy and the staff is friendly and fast.

Ty Austin

Great time as always. A cool comfortable place for the whole family to hang out and have a great time. Only pickle we had was incorrect scoring of the computers multiple times.

Roger Clements

Great pricing on games, food was overdone tasted like oil was turned up to hot.

Jerry Sorensen

Good bowling prices, but food and booz are overpriced.

Jaidyn Fraser

Pool, bar, bowling, arcade game. Always a fun time

mc nibba

They wouldn’t even answer their calls it was direct voicmail every time.

steve sinclair

We like to go to that place. Everyone is so nice to us and it's fun to go there.

Krystal Pitney

I have a great time every time. The food is a little expensive but it's worth it. Just not the chicken nuggets.

Rebecca Hendricks

It's a good place for bowling and fun for the whole family with the arcade and bar right there. The food offered isn't the best but the pool tables are in decent shape as long as you can snag one while it's open. (:

Teri Rose

Great pizza great salads fun place for the family, its a little pricey, especially if you have a big family. They charge you for soda refills which is silly..never seen a place charge for soda refills before !!!!

Elizabeth C

Love Karaoke here!!!

Deborah BottomsMyers

Good place for family

Joshua Strong

I've been coming to this place for a long time. Very nostalgic for me. So i do love this place. Love the bar, very cheap and a lot of nice waitresses. Overall I think the building is a little run down and could use some love, but I think the owners are trying to fix it. Last time I was in seemed like they might be putting in new monitors so maybe a step in the right direction.

Cleo Gross

I always have a blast here! It's not expensive and they have an arcade space, a bar, and a restaurant.

Craig Claussen

We usually have a great time here with the family

Nannette Allen-Brown

Fun and friendly people!

Jenifer Hoyer

They were so nice and we had so much fun!!

Jackie Howell

This bowling alley is a great place to go have fun. It does get very busy in the evenings though.

Robin Acosta

Monday night $1a game bowling, pool, pingpong, arcade games, clean throughout. Great family/friends place to have fun

Stephanie Sagrillo

They pile people o top of one another instead of opening up lanes. The waitress at the Lounge, was more worried about flirting with the guys at the bar, then even acknowledging me with a word!

Mandy Payton

We always have fun. But no outside food or drinks and theirs is expensive

Jessica D.

Love coming here. The staff is super friendly and the food is what you would expect from a bowling alley. My only complaint is that there never seems to be someone at the counter when I need someone. I am a patient person but sometimes it is hard to deal with.

Canadian Duck88

Great bowling and arcade. Arcade requires card to play.

Mark Gdovin

Fun times. Good bowling alley, nice bar with karaoke, eats

Amber Smith

Good value, good fun, snack bar is a bit pricey.

Kayla Anderson

When my family visited this place we had fun. The only guy we saw working was so kind and friendly.

James Dores

If there's one place that's fun and affordable and relaxing then Freeway Bowl is the place to be at ... Fun all around for the entire family. Got a group of friends or a business challenge them to a game of pool or bowling . Adults can relax within the bar section. You can't go wrong with this fun filled place.

Mystic Cardinal

The staff was amazing and helped us with our visit.

Donna Johnson

Kids enjoy the games when they get strikes. Busy well organized

Jeremy McCormack

1$ a game on mondays otherwise it's very expensive.

Kathleen Wheeler

The staff was really nice and helpful when we held a birthday party there.

Mick Chillin

Always a fun place for about every age!!

Madalene Hunter

Machine was a little messed up are we still having a lot of fun

Kenneth Blinn

I enjoy driving Independent Academy students to this business. Lots of parking. The kids love the bowling and other entertainment items.

Ashley Huffman

I have come here numerous times but today was so disappointing ALL of our business will from now on be going to Orchard Mesa Lanes. The guy running the register argued with me, was inserting himself into conversations he wasn't a part of and was extremely disrespectful. Why? All because we wanted to bring cupcakes in to help celebrate my sons 15th birthday. He says "no outside food or drink" well, I could see cupcakes being an issue IF you sold them there. Oh and the fact you guys allowed us to bring them without paying for a stupid party package before doesn't help. Instead we took our business elsewhere and were treated right AND it was cheaper. Never again will you get a dime of my money.

Thomas Fullerton

Had a great time only bad thing they had everyone cramped in first 3 lanes ...

Bob Pena

Freeway bowl is a great place for family fun. Tony and his people have really done a great job revitalizing the area with a fun place for all.

Cole Harper

Had a fantastic time there, very reasonable prices for bowling. The lanes were in good shape as well. The machines looked like from something from Ground Control at NASA but they work. The bowling balls are bit chewed up but some are good. I recommend that you bring your own ball. Didn't try the food, but didn't look anything spectacular. Should be lots of fun for family parties.

Julie Adams

Very busy on a Sunday evening. The bowling alley personnel were friendly and helpful for this amateur bowler.

Joe Feltus

Papa Kelsey's and Fred's inside has the best sandwich around, the EXECUTIONER!!!!

Allison Hamel

This is my favorite bowling alley to go to. Always has the best service and it’s just all-around always a great experience.

Liv Brehm

The employee working today was so incredibly rude to my friends and I when we were just inquiring why our game ended early. It was a simple answer and we didn’t protest it but he mockingly replied to me with a condescending tone and look on his face. It was completely unnecessary especially after we had been waiting for a long time for him to come back from outside being on the phone or something at the desk. Wouldn’t recommend coming here unless you like being belittled by the employees.

Jason Gaskill

This place has done some remodeling. Used to feel dingy and dirty. Owners have given the place a face lift and was a fun place to go bowl. Decent little ticket arcade for kids. They have a bar and a restaurant inside as well. The food at restaurant was good as well.

Nora Marple

So my family will do the one dollar mondays from 5 to 10 and it always turns out to be a great evening. One dollar per game plus 4 dollar shoe rentals so for 4 people the night turns out to be 18 dollars so pretty good deal! They have a pretty nice arcade with billiards. If you like Pepsi, their soda is pretty good here even though everybody disagrees with me but its just really sweet Pepsi flavor and i like that.

Kristi Green

There was a lot of oil either on the lanes or in the machine balls were coming back streaked with oil. Still had a good time though

Renea Aragon


Mike Nolan

Fun bowling alley. Priced reasonably. Very busy on Saturday night. Would definitely visit again.

Kathleen Shaw

So much fun, my daughter loved it!

michael mills

Fun bowling, the lanes my friends were on were inconsistent, often holding up the pace of their game by not returning their ball or not resetting the pins at a normal pace. The service beverage service was excellent!

Steve Attarian

Love this place for pool and bowling, clean and comfortable all the time. The food is good, and the staff is friendly. People are always having fun & I especially like to see the special needs individuals having fun here.

Vernie Foust

Super hot in there

Adrian deLange

Great bowling alley, awesome pizza, and a full bar. Service is excellent, even while they're busy!

John Stokes

This place is great. Family fun for all ages. Priced fairly. Try the pizza from the snack bar, very good.

Michael Geist

4.50 per game per person can get pricey for regular family trips. Go before 5pm and its Bogo on games and that changes everything. Good fun.


Very friendly ampu

Ken Haynie

Your average American bowling alley. The bar was really nice and very spacious, and they had a nice snack bar , otherwise lots of remodellings going on here when I visited. Over all, my impression was the really nice place to come!

Dustin Smith

Freeway always has league's and caters to them. If you come in to bowl they put you on the worst lanes possible that probably have never been oiled even if you ask for a "good lane" If they have a league they shut their lanes down well in advance. would put 0 stars if I could

Larry Rose

Had a great time food was pretty good staff was great

Kathryn Hoops

Always great! Sunday is BOGO games

Kyle Buniger

Amazing staff here always on the... ball. They are ready to help with the lanes they keep a very clean environment. Have been a great place in the valley for teens adults and everyone to enjoy some cheap fun for a very long time. Great deals throughout the week as well. Their food is top-notch for a bowling alley check out the Executioner...

zach williams

Good place to go shoot pool without the bar scene

Matthew Kohn

Nice get away

Mikki Christine

Great deals for the whole family! And Monday nights and FREE bowl! Plus there's a bar ;) so makes it even more worth going!

Lucas Hahn

Always a great time playing pool or bowling. The service is good, and food is made relatively quickly.

Brianna Chidester

Half the arcade games ddint work

Kimberley Nicholas

Had a great time visiting family and bowling. All of the employees were very nice and helpful. This will become a family tradition everytime we are in town

Robert Cortez

Nice family environment kids and adults can both have fun

Vizionary Vlogz

When I think of Freeway bowling, I think of a home for the boys and I to go back and just have fun. Great, ambient environment. Big space, excellent customer service. Awesome lighting!

Courtney Phillips

Kids bowl free?! You can't beat that! Nice options available for the whole family and they offer bowling leagues too!

Luke Sevenans

It's fun for the whole family. Then when you are done it's even more fun with Karaoke night

Mike Owens Jr

We had a great time

Teresa Loanzon

Great place for a family

Rupy Randhawa

Best place for fun in town

Alicia Clark

Lots of fun stuff, amazing staff.

Maxwell Smith

Karaoke is fun. It's every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm til whenever the lounge closes. There's always a supportive crowd. So if you like to sing this is the place to be.

Papa D

Always a good time and Tony will try and keep you happy.

Jess Kreinberg

They close their kitchen. Don’t have bar food and don’t let you bring in food.

Chris Kirby

All started when I called to see what it would take for a birthday party for my 6 year old son. If you want to bring cake, at least 156$. I decided.not to care about the cake, I'll do that at home. My son and I go in on the day of his party (10/28/18) and I'm waiting at the counter with the... I'll be nice and say gentlemen staring at the computer screen for about 3 minutes before I tapped my card on the table and cleared my throat. Still nothing from this guy. Another minute or so goes by and he eventually acknowledged our presence. Asked for 2 lanes as about 9 people were coming and maybe more. He said no. Just a hard no. He asked me to make sure how many people were coming and when they get there he will give me lanes I said I was paying for it, and they will be here within 15 minutes. Still wouldn't. Asked for 1 lane so my son and I could play while we wait, after a sigh and what seemed to be disgruntlement, we got our one lane with a promise to get the 2nd when its needed. Fine. Son and I are playing, he friend shows up a little early and not wanting the kiddo to be left out, I got him shoes and us 3 were playing not caring about score. More people show up, i ask for 2nd lane the guy gets mad at me for 3 people playing on one lane with 2 names on the board. I said I don't care, we were just having fun while we waited as he showed up early, 2nd lane please. We got the lane after a bit of arguing and him cussing under his breath. To top it off our last game was cut short, half way to be exact seemed very suspicious as a big group for a birthday party showed up and took the 2 lanes next to us. I've been going here since I was a young child, multiple tournaments and competitions, but havent been in a few years and this is how they treat people? No thanks. 2 stars instead of one because we actually had fun all this considered

Michael Mirzakhani

Seemed updated on the inside. Clean, which is uncommon in bowling alleys.

Tracy Goetz Dvorak-Marshall

Fun, affordable, had a great time. The entire large family of ours took Dad/Grandpa there for his birthday. It was a Sunday afternoon. No reservations. We got in no problem.


It was alright....better than the one in orchard mesa

Stephanie Abeyta

Fun and exciting lots of things to do and Good atmosphere


I would 100% recommend going here with your familie or friends. They have a bunch of up to date pool tables and bowling lanes! It has great service and the employees are so kind! After 9:00 the main lights go off and It has an even better atmosphere. It would be nice if they could turn off the lights sooner than 9:00 though. I will definatly be coming back!

Lamar Blakely

Cool bowling alley with family fun center. I was just passing thru and it happen to be $1 night.

Michael Williams

Big bowling fan and this place has it all plus karaoke Friday and Saturday night.

McKayla Thomas

The arcade and bowling was fun. Good food and drinks! Would definitely go again!

Kelsey Altmann

Great mom bowling balls.. fun arcade mainly for kids though. Cheap pitchers.

Brandy Behunin

Had a blast at karaoke as usual, a little disappointed they raised the drink prices but still a great fun place

Michael Richardson

Handicap stall is very small really wasn't a handicapped stall I would call it there was absolutely no outside doors on the bathrooms you could just walk down the Hall and look right into the men's restroom. Place was fairly clean. Food was ok

Chris Redmon

Needs updated but overall had a great time

Cynthia Neff

Need to extend hours so that others on the family program can come in a play during normal hours. Some of us work when the program is going on. It isn't fair.

Vanessa Ford

Don't have a birthday party there. They won't let you bring in a cake and eat it. "No outside food allowed, but we'll let you keep your cake in here so it doesn't have to sit in the hot car but you can't eat it here." I understand not bringing in "meal" type food since they sell bar food there but there should be an exception for birthday cakes. Or advertise that you don't allow birthdays so when someone plans and brings in lots of people to bowl and have a birthday party, they go someplace else.

Diamond Lips With Jodi

Have spent a couple kids birthdays here and its always a great time for the whole,family. A little pricey for food, but delicious and the kids have a blast.

Kari Merritt

So much fun, fantastic place to bring your family and friends to enjoy time together

Rand Youknowifyouknow

Great friendly staff, fun place to spend an evening with friends or the family.!

Tammy Baysinger

Love coming for the kids bowl free during the summer. The staff is great.

Enzo Salerno

Great place to spend quality time with family and friends. Has plenty of bowling lanes and a good arcade .

Sarah Tano

This place is lots of fun! It has food that isn't too bad, standard prices and an arcade! It's pretty much your average bowling all but it's still a really good time. I do recommend it, even though you don't get free refills on your fountain drinks.

Marie Price

Great Sunday rates. Lanes are in great shape.

Steven Potter

Fun, reasonably priced, great service. Could be a regular thing for my family

Kara Baysinger

Good service. Might have to wait when really busy but they are friendly and work as fast as they can.

monica walsh

Good place for karaoke on the weekends

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