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217 W Horsetooth Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States

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REVIEWS OF Chipper's Horsetooth Lanes IN Colorado


Bowling was great and we even got to try out the arcade, the arcade is pretty small but there are some good games. Laser tag was great and to top it all off this one worker gave us a bunch of free prizes for my friends birthday. It was a blast! :)

Jalynn Brunkhardt

Great place foods amazing, sue is an amazing person. Will be going back again

Melissa Martinez

Take Caution!!! My friends and I went to Horsetooth Lanes a few weeks ago and while we were inside my car was hit and run! I went out to my vehicle after our evening and found my car hit with no note or notice. I went into the bowling alley to talk to a manager about my car being hit. The female manager was not compassionate nor helpful. I asked for her to pull up the footage on the security camera for the time frame we were there. The manager "says" she pulled up the footage but it was too "blurry" to see. She took 15 minutes to "look at the footage" although we were there over 2 hours, it was far too quick for her to even take a look. She lied and didn't take the time to help a patron who is supporting her business. Thank goodness my car was only a hit and run and no other serious incident occurred that might require a person to be identified. Do not trust this business. I will never return to Horsetooth Lanes ever again. I would give zero stars but that is unfortunately not an option.

Grey Gibson

Bowling was really fun here but the real treat was Gabby! She was so kind and charming. She made sure all our needs were cared for and truly made the experience impeccable. I’ll be returning for sure!

Daisy Wheeler

Great night of bowling, dane and gabby played good music the entire night.

Shea Hurr

Had company Christmas party here, it was so much fun, the kids were able to bowl and play laser tag. They also have small arcade that you can earn points for rewards. Great place to have a party!!

kimberly Romero

The staff was wonderful super respectful! Had a fun time! Id love to go back again keep up the good work!!

Karl Hussey

We visited almost all the days we were in the area. Groupon deal. Fun! Laser tag, bowling, and billiard table. Good food

t kalmbach

One of my favorite spots to go bowling. It's pretty much only crowded when there's a league there, but anytime else it's usually wide open. Wasn't too thrilled about the lack of water fountains but there are vending machines if you really need something.

Jeremiah Alford

Tim made our experience phenomenal! So friendly and helpful with laser tag and the games!!!

Aggie Lucero

Well, it is very open and has lots of room good food, good service, clean, and a great place to hang out.

Dale Gusterson

Great place to watch the game and enjoy a beer or two. Thanks to dane and gabby at the front desk for being so accommodating.

Jace Rowley

The bowling is fun although I think it's pretty stupid that when you pay for an hour and a half it doesn't let you finish the game you're currently on. We had literally 1 frame left and our lane shut off, we would've needed to pay full price for another game to finish one frame. I get that our 1.5 hours had ended but come on. The arcade is also a total ripoff. Everything is stupidly overpriced.

Stephan Matson

Very well maintained lanes

Scott Ziebell

We always have fun here. Everyone is nice and they have great service. They need to adjust their prices. The Summit has more to offer and has better pricing.

Nikki Green

Virtually impossible to come here and spend less than $150 (2 adults, 2 kids) if you want a couple drinks and food too. The new pricing structure is absolutely ridiculous: ~$70 to bowl on a Sat night @7pm. That’s 1.5hrs of bowling (the only available option!) and 3 pairs of shoes. The owners are essentially pushing out people who want to come with kids and bowl for 30-40 min. I can think of better things to do for $70 and an hour and half.. otherwise, the food is mediocre (and slow) and (most) of the staff is friendly, but also slow. I’d recommend a having a change machine for the games because it’s obviously cumbersome for the staff to make change, and also a 2nd bartender and cook during busy times, but I won’t be coming back until the prices are changed/more flexible.

Stel Ander

I had a really great experience here. Very friendly staff. I believe her name was Sue. She was very helpful an made sure our party was taken care of to the fullest. It felt like I was royalty there. She gave outstanding customer service an helped my daughters party turn out amazing. Very pleased with my experience. We're definitely going back an referencing Sue she was AMAZING.

P Sandoval

We had a great time with our 3 kids. The bowling has an easy set up if you want guard rails for 1 kid but not the others (they automatically go up and down). Timothy in the arcade and laser tag area was very nice and helpful and helped our kids have a really good time playing laser tag.

Levi Dryden

I went into chippers a few times and I had nothing but a great time. The guy Bailey did a very well job at making sure I was comfortable and giving bowling advice. I really enjoy his company. He was very funny and helped out a lot. Will definitely be stopping by again!(:

k c

Bowled here for the first time a few days ago. It was a nice experience. 5 stars for their laser tag as it was really fun. The lady that helped us was awesome as well. Definitely recommend doing the laser tag.

Jimmy Nuetron

I have been bowling at Chippers Lanes on horsetooth, since before it was owned by Chippers! This is the best these lanes have been maintained in years. New bowling pins this season, a consistent shot, and great staff make this the #1 spot in northern Colorado for bowling. If bowling isn't your things that's okay! They have a fantastic arcade and a recently re furnished bar. All around great place to spend a few hours with the family. Sue Livingston the GM and her fellow assistant managers lead a fantastic team of staff that will offer you the best customer service around. Go to Chippers on horsetooth, you won't regret it!

beth geller

Took the kids there for a fun day of bowling, thanks to the front desk staff, dane and gabby, for making us feel welcomed and made sure everything went great for us.

Mike Smith

Great place me and my friends go bowling here every Friday

Akacia Aguilar

So much fun! Arcade and bowling is a good activity

Kay Sheahan

Nice staff, lots of lanes. There for league play

Victoria le Leger

Me and my family had such a great experience! The workers are the best as well! A young man named Dane was so polite & was so sweet! He really was our highlight of the night. He recommended the laser tag for the kids & they LOVED it! I would 10/10 recommended this place to anyone! We Weill definitely be back for the fun, food , & great staff!

Lauren Zwetzig

A group that I am involved with hosted a fundraiser at the Horsetooth location. The staff members were extremely kind and willing to help with everything we needed, especially their event coordinator Shauna Gray. The event ran very smoothly, and everyone had a fantastic time. I definitely recommend bowling here!!!!!

Robin E Eckstrom

We had so much fun!

Summer Earley

This place is a great experience for family and friends to go to. I attended for bowling and lazer tag and the employees were so helpful. One of the employees gave me their name because I asked for it because my experience was so great. Her name was Sue and she had a stand up attitude. Definitely will be there again.

kirstin smith

Came here on a Saturday night assuming they would actually be open til 2 as it’s listed. Got here about 12:00am. Played maybe 3 rounds of bowling. We were the only people bowling and a big group of 20+ people came in and the girl at the counter decided to put them right next to us instead of the other available 30 lanes. So we stopped our bowling at about 1 am. We spent 20 dollars on a game card instead so we could just enjoy our time away from a huge group that we weren’t a part of. A girl that works there comes up to us at 1:10am and says hey guys we’re closed. So I said okay so we just paid 20 dollars for a game card??? And she said that’s too bad we closed 10 minutes ago. She went out of her way to tell us we needed to leave. After she just watched me shove 20 one dollar bills into the machine 3 minutes prior. We had to leave over 15 dollars on the card and get out because the employee was arguing with us. Definitely our first and last time here. Bartender was great, but it was a bowling alley, nobody goes there for the good service. Wish I would have gotten the girls name but I’m sure it could be narrowed down by seeing who was working on Saturday 3/30. Horrible business.


Timi was our "host".... all i can say is someone needs to drug test her!! Everytime she came around we just wanted her to leave. She was way to involved with our conversations, hung around too long.. we just wanted to enjoy eachothers company but we were all kind of shocked by her presence. She seemed high on something alot more heavy than pot. She Didn't remove any dirty plates in 3 hours our table was messy with pizza and cake plates when it was time to sing and open gifts. She spent a lot of time drawing on the birthday girls shirt with out permission. She was rambling the entire time, honestly she didn't even make sense most of the time. She needs to be drug tested.

harley David

Great music, great bowling, great food, Chippers is the place to be if you wanna have a good time! Thank you to dane and gabby at the front desk.

jessica skillman

It was a very fun experience visiting this location! I brought a group of my cousins ranging in ages to the arcade section, where it was easy and fun to use. The kids had a really good time and were happy with the range of game choices. We also enjoyed a great game of laser tag. The staff of the arcade and laser tag were very accommodating and great with the kids! We have also been here for bowling with family and friends including a wheelchair accessible member, and staff was very friendly and accommodating then as well! Would definitely recommend for a fun and easy going night out !

Hannah Bourgeious

Place is awesome, 3.8 stars doesnt do it justice! Dane and gabby made sure we had one heck of a time. Thank you!

Frank Martinez

This is the first time I have ever felt the need to leave a review, so please let me tell you why. I had an absolutely sensational time at Chippers Horsetooth Lanes, last Friday (September 6th) with my family and friends. We were celebrating my sons 14th birthday party. It was a last minute ordeal as a bunch of his friends cancelled on him last minute. Upon arrival we were greeted with smiles and extremely helpful staff. They set us up with some lanes and walked us through how to get started and find the right sized bowling balls. All throughout the night the staff kept wishing my son a happy birthday, he was embarrassed of course, but it always made him smile. I will be returning to this establishment frequently as well as talking this place up to my friends and family. Thank you Chippers Lanes, and God Bless!

Madison Scurrah

I will soley be coming back because of a staff member named sue she was so nice and provided such amazing service, she provided some of the best customer service ive seen in a long time. ❤ thank you sue!

Bruce Caman

Clean, family fun, thanks a lot to the front desk staff dane and gabby for the great time.

Joshua Brookhouser

Just finished off another great night at Chippers. Austin, the new manager delved into the game modes included in the laser tag arena - game modes I never even knew existed. Zombies! Who knew?! Worth every penny.

Sam Rankl

Took a group of workmates there for an outing and scheduled a couple of lanes in advance and food as well. Price was good, staff was nice and the bar had a nice selection of beers. Hit Happy hour there so the drinks were less as well. Everyone had a good time. Would do again,.

Orlando Perez Cruz

We chose Chipper's Lane for a staff party and we all had a great time, the food was great, and the service was amazing. My staff had a really good time.

Kathleen Reilly

I just wanted to say how amazing both Tim and Becca are in the laser tag and arcade area! Every time I go with my kids, they're both so amazing to work with and so kind! They're what keep us going back to the same Chipper's over and over again, they hands down make our experience exceptional every time.

Shenandoah Place

Excellent Mural on side and back of this nice business

Cooper B

I always look forward to Monday night volleyball and outstanding service from Leah! Chippers is a great place to have fun and hang out. So much more than just bowling.

Michael Stack

My friend group and I went on a Saturday night. It wasn’t busy at all. It was $50 for 90 minutes of bowling. So split four ways, with shoes it came out to be about $17 per person. We honestly had a good time and got through one game and we were almost finished with our second game before we ran out of time. Unfortunately this is why I was disappointed with the service, because as I mentioned earlier the bowling alley was not busy at all, in fact almost all the lanes were open and there was no one waiting to bowl. Initially one of the workers offered to extend our game 5 minutes so we could simply finish and see who would have won the last game. However, the manager refused which seemed pretty greedy and just rude. They expected us to pay for an extra time slot to just finish a game that could have been completed in 5 minutes. Had they been extremely busy and people been waiting I would have understood. But like I mentioned almost all of the lanes were open and no one was waiting to play. In my opinion this displayed poor customer service and made it seem like they didn’t care whether their customers enjoyed their experience or not. So we ended up having to leave without being able to finish the last game and while we still had a fun time it could have been that much better if the customer service was better.

heath graybill

This review isn't so much for chippers as it is for the man who "runs" the pro-shop, Dennis. My ball was damaged during league bowling and given to Dennis for repair. I have been waiting for a month for it. Dennis called the center to let them know the ball is ready and can be picked up on Monday. When attempting to pick the ball up on Monday, was told it isn't ready. Why would he say it is, then? He is rarely ever in store, takes months to complete any sort of work, and on top of that, he lies. I think it's time for Chippers to re-evaluate their relationship with Dennis.

Chris Jacobson

Staff was SUPER friendly. Thank you. Made my daughters Birthday a good one!

Preston Earley

Best date nite ever, very great bowling and thank you Sue for making our time even more enjoyable!

Christy Klungness

Shauna was great to work with on our company team building event. She was very responsive and answered all my questions on how to host a great event. Our employees had a fun time bowling and playing laser tag, which proved to be a great team building event. I look forward to working with Shauna & Chippers again in the future.

Robert Adams

I had not been here is years. The upgrades are great. They had private rooms for parties as well as cheaper tables out by the lanes. I will defintely be back again.

Jack Miera

Saturday night pricing is pretty unreasonable. Especially for small groups. Would not recommend

David Maldonado

Great place to bowl and they have different deals on different days.

leangela Oshner

Love this bowling alley. Family friendly

Jason Rodriguez

The new prices are so expensive that a lot of agencies that serve Special Needs people are going else where. I can take my group to other places and get 4 games plus shoe rentals for the price of 1 game amd 1 shoe rental at Chippers. Then they only rent out lanes for 60 dollars or more during the holidays. People with disabilities cannot afford to pay that much to bowl. Its a great place and staff is awesome but the prices are absolutely ridiculous! Please fix your prices so people with disabilities can afford to bowl their again.

Christiane Ely

Great place to bowl, good prices friendly staff

The Kid

fantastic overall experience. Food tasted good, staff was very helpful, especially Gabby, my shoes fit perfectly, and I bowled my first game over 200!

Justin White

Excellent staff, the bar tender is a great guy. Plus after the leagues finish it's super cheap

Chris Nuhn

Employees were friendly and polite. Great atmosphere! Fun times!

Alaina!!! NEWlin!!!

Fun for families! Not too pricey . Not many arcade games though.

Terry Doan

Was good bowling! Decent food, was clean good new ish arcade games, didn't check laser tag


Have no idea where my review went. We took my grandson here and had a blast. I was somewhat confused on the cereal bowl but it was fun. He enjoyed the games and pizza. It was high priced..I should have looked for was like 25.00 and wasn't very big but it was good. We will be back. Bowling was a blast. The place was clean also. The lanes were nice. We had the best time ever great day with my grandson who knows how to bowl...

Sabrina Marie

I had a great time! Bowling

Rebecca Piper

We went to the pro shop here. The guy who runs it was the nicest guy. He drilled my new ball. He gave us a great price and did it really quickly, even though he was super busy. He also gave me some really good tips and helped me learn a lot more about the game. I’ll definitely come back just because of him.

Bill Fisher

This place is ALWAYS fun. Super friendly staff. Amazing service. Bailey took such good care of us and made us feel right at home even though we had a large party. Delicious food great craft beer selection. I may have to join a league I’m there so often. Can’t wait to go back again!

Justin cramer

Always fun for a great price!

Breanna Carpenter

The Horsetooth location was fantastic for our company Holiday Party! Great team building with the laser tag, amazing food, right off the MAX too! Would highly recommend for any event, Shauna is amazing to work with!

Kami Mesa

Always love this place. So much fun to bowl, play games and play lasertag. Perfect for hanging out with friends and date night.

Amy Dyer

My company just had an employee appreciation party at Chipper's Lanes a few weekends ago where we rented out the entire facility and they provided food. Everyone had a great time and Shauna was awesome to work with!

Tami Roskamp

Partners Mentoring Youth would like to thank Chipper's Lanes for a wonderful event for the youth and families that we serve. The staff was awesome and so helpful. Everyone had a great time. We will definitely be back! A special shout out to Shauna for making all of the arrangements for us and for being so accommodating with this event.

Steven Maltz

Wonderful place. Clean, and the staff is friendly.

Rena Whitson

Dane:) at the front desk isn’t even worthy of a 1 star. We have bowled here multiple times and each time we ask if we can see how many games we play and then decide whether to do per game or per hour. It has never been a problem, until tonight.

shelly silverstein

Had a party here a few weeks ago. Staff was great, food was prepared fast and tasted great. One of the kiddos hit his head in laser tag but luckily a girl named gabby was there to help. she grabbed him an ice pack and the manager Dane was quick to make sure everything was okay as well.

Stash Korona

Sue the manager was the reason why I decided to throw my son's 7th birthday party at Horsetooth Lanes! Her look of confidence and pre planned party agenda sold me the experience as if it were my party! Sue showed character and courtesy far above and beyond her pay grade! Thankyou Chippers Horsetooth Lanes our family had a blast!

Arty aka LSG 970

Very pleased with the staff and they were super helpful when I had any questions about booking a Birthday party with them. Definitely coming back!!

Brian Carver

Great bowling and beer selection. Laser tag was amazing, better than Fort Fun. But it is a little pricey, IMO.


Wow this place was a blast. I can't believe how great the customer service is at this establishment, but the one that stood out was Sue, she said she was the manager and new her stuff! Thank you Sue it was a blast.

victor hawk

came in yesterday to go bowling but leagues were going on, gabby and Dane worked their butts off to get the center cleaned as leagues were ending so I could get a lane as soon as possible. Love it!

Sassy Consumer

The people here are always polite and well managed. Saw the early post and thought to myself I guess they never called any bank or other business where all you get is choices, Went bowling today and I was glad we were their priority and not the mean person who wrote the previous review. Pass on kindness and you will receive it in return. Thank you employees !!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXOOOOO's

Blake Hickey

Before you read this review, just know that I work at a Family Fun Center myself so expectations are high. I had free tickets from a Colorado Eagles game so we went to go use our passes, and from our first step in the door to the time we Left, was a very bad experience. The employees at the front desk were very un-welcoming. No smile, or any greeting when we walked in, but they did do a good job with quick and good service once we were helped. The environment here is okay but seems outdated. The lane we used kept keeping our balls behind the pins, it wasn't a big deal so we had to ask the staff at the front desk to help and all 3 times we had to ask, the 3 boys at the desk gave us the "Don't bother me" look. After we were done with our 2 hours, we headed over to laser tag. The area where you're supposed to go is unclear and hidden away. The boy at the prize counter was helping a little boy and was busy. We waited for him to finish but before he could, he told the other group of people that they didn't have permission to go in without him, now I'm not gonna say he yelled at them but it wasn't the friendliest tone. Really sad to see for an employee at an Arcade. Now laser tag.... Oh my gosh! I'm so disappointed with the equipment, it seems like its from the 90's and its very unclear when you tag people or get tagged. Now I understand that the laser tag system is not yours but is the one being used, but still, Its very outdated. Once we finished our game we headed out to check our score and I told the boy at the counter that I work at a Family Fun Center, he gave me the "Don't bother me" look like the boys at the front desk, and then the part they made me so sad to see was the boys customer service. He then refused to make eye contact with me and then told me take Opinion elsewhere. This was strange because I didn't even say anything bad. We headed out of the building very upset but Also amused of how bad the customer service was from all the staff. now from my personal experience working at a Family Fun Center, I understand that some days you don't feel good or don't want to work, and I get It that people are annoying, trust me I GET IT! but no matter how upset or annoyed you are, you have to remember its not my fault and I have no idea why you're so Upset. To the owner, I will say nice job to you because you have kept this place in business for a long time and good job, the staff is wonderful I'm sure from reading other reviews, but they had an off day and you have expect that with highschoolers but this shift wasn't just an off day, it was really bad.

Justin Kruger

Amazing staff. Really great experience. Thank you!

CRISTAL weller

Long story short, the other Chippers lanes took chunks out of four of our balls, supposedly fixed them after months. Scratched up two of them again, and the pro shop messed them up worse making one split in half. Sue at the Horsetooth Chippers was able to make things right for the two balls that were left at this location. My son and significant other are very happy with their bowling balls.

Susan Benzel

I hosted an event for the College of Engineering at Chipper's and they were great! Wonderful, personalized service - right down to setting up space for us to have pizza and chips/salsa with green and gold table clothes. Thank you so much Chipper's!

Beaux Fauxnox

Had a blast on my first visit to Chipper's Horsetooth Lanes since I've returned for school this semester. The new Unlimited bowling special starting at 9pm is a steal. The gentleman working the desk, his name was Campbell, has exceptional customer service and is also quite funny. My friends and I will be coming back to bowl, drink, and visit with the staff all semester long! Thanks for the sweet spot Chippers!

Aaron Castillo

Kerry was awesome! Great bartender with some quick fun wit!!!

Alana Rolfe

We booked our company party for 150 people and it went off without a hitch! We had a band play on the lanes and catering set up near the arcade, which gave a casual fun atmosphere. Guests could play arcade games or bowl at their leisure. The staff was easy going and helpful. Everyone had a blast!

Conor Agnew

In the states visiting some family for a long overdue holiday. Haven't been bowling since my favorite alley in Killarney closed a few years back. The lanes were incredibly well maintained and i bowled the best i have bowled in longer than a decade! The young lad working the desk, I believe his name tag read "Campbell", was incredibly kind and very professional. When you're here, try the fries! Fantastic! All in all it was a great experience fueled by great staff and falling pins!


Highway robbery !! I haven’t been here in a while. We decided to go and the prices were rediculous. Price to bowl for three was almost $45 that got us 45 minutes so they say. They start the clock right away we got one game in and a few times in for a second game and it was over. Want more time? More money, 90 minutes will cost you over $50 plus shoes. Omg. A lot of other things you can do with money like that around town. That is just stupid!! To the owner don’t respond like you have to all the others complaining about price. Your can answer to everyone doesn’t help. just lower your price.

Andrew Bentley

Nice place to bowl. More upscale than most bowling alleys.

Solyn Stetter

I love chippers lanes. We had a problem on one of the lanes and Dane was extremely nice about it. Dane was definitely the nicest guy there in my opinion. Thank u chippers!!!

Brad Cooper

Front desk staff are awesome. Thank you so much dane and gabby

Josh Cromley

Never a dull moment! Great servers! Love being here!

Heather Evans

Love this place! So grateful they host sand volleyball leagues! Bartender Kari is my favorite! See her whenever humanly possible.

Traci Gile

The whole team at Chipper's was amazing for our event. We set up a staff party at Chipper's for about 40 people. Before the event, Shauna was in great communication to help me plan the party and food options. When we got there, everything was ready for us. They got our lane assignments set up fast, and all of the employees helping us were friendly and responsive. I would definitely do an event here again!

Stephanie Ward

Good deals, cold beer, clean shoes. Fun for the whole family!

Nicholas Hand

Loved it so much fun nice people.

Tiffany Hoyt

Came to play laser tag and bowl a game. The lady forgot to put us on the laser tag, waited over an hour for one laser tag game. The bowling alley isn't even busy, maybe 10 lanes open. Out lane #29 kept freezing up, took time to fix it, therefore we were unable to finish our 10th frame. I will stick to going to the Summit in Windsor. Waste of my money and my time as a family.

Dimitri Velasquez

A very fun place to go the manger she's very sweet and I've once helped them out with their haunted house before to

Brian Anderson

I had a really good time bowling here. One of the best spots for a night of fun! Staff is awesome! Food is great! & the environment all around was a great reminder of the good ol' days!

Jennifer Michels

I was visiting the area with family and needed a weekend activity. Was a pit pricey but otherwise a great time. Nice staff, clean facility. Small bar and concession area. Also in the building, laser tag and a coin arcade. Family approved fun.

Ron Johnson

Most go for bowling. I go for a beer and burgers. Because their burgers give me an orgasm every single time. And Carrie always has my brew ready. Hard to find anything wrong with the place that keeps me smiling. When the blue hell are they going to dish out a beer and burger special?

Brian Mau

My family has visited this bowling alley several times over the past couple years, but we're not going any more because of the consistently bad attitudes of the staff who "greet" you and take your money. If they don't completely ignore you, they make you feel like they're doing you a favor for letting you in. I wouldn't mind if the prices were cheaper, but they're not. The lanes are in good condition, but it's hard to enjoy them when you feel insulted and humiliated for playing and paying there.

Chad Williams

Dane and gabby gave us the best pricing options and made sure we had an amazing time. The food and laser tag was fun too.

Kaela Smith

This is the friendliest bowling alley around!! The staff is great and they have very humbling bartenders.

Adrian Quarles

I've been bowling here at chippers for nearly 40 years now. From the time I was a small boy to the current, nothing much has changed. The food is that good ole greasy that I always love and the staff are as friendly as ever. Special thanks to Dane and gabby for bringing youthfulness into the bowling alley and reminding me of when I was young.

Michael de santa

So fun going bowling

David Gangwish

Chipper's South is an amazing place. A friendly bartender, good lanes.

Quinn Fegel

Was not happy with my experience here. I tried chipper lanes for the first time tonight. The boy at the front did not seem happy about me walking in and did not seem keen on helping me and my friends. We had 2 issues with our bowling set up and the syncing did not work well. We had trouble with the bowling pins knocking over before we even had our turn (which takes the fun out of it). A good part was a very chipper lady who was helpful when she could be. Very energetic and friendly. The woman with the pink hair. Also, I had to walk out on my game an hour early due to sickness in the party and they seemed very happy to see me leave (different crew than when I walked in). Would not recommend this to anyone and will stick to my time old tradition of Sweetheart Lanes.

Mallory Colón

Great staff!! My niece and her friend had so much fun and Timothy was so wonderful with them - excited to see them make strikes and played with them while they played arcade games! She really went above and beyond!!

Sarah Smith

I planned a company holiday party here (adults only) and it was a blast! Everything ran on schedule, the food was delicious and hot, the scheduled events happened on time, and the planning process was straight forward and simple. Everyone had a great time! Highly recommended!

Thomas B

Call first. Popular place

Sarah Mclleland

Dane was so charming. I appreciated his advice on joining a league and he was cute ;)

Simon Lawler

The arcade games were ok. A little violent.

Art Shaffer

Had a very pleasant night out with the family. Nice facility with friendly staff. Dane Shaffer at the front desk was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Megan Vaughn

Very nice place and the manager Sue Livingston was very helpful and kind to us

Rachel Kimball

We play sand volleyball on Monday nights and Leah is the best! She always remembers our names and what we like to drink. The service is always prompt and friendly!

Alexander Great

Had a good time lyrics fishy on Sunday morning folks if you want to take the family then is the time to take him Sunday morning like at 9 good prices lots of fun

Phil K.

We went here on an afternoon during the holiday. Things have changed. We had two choices of bowling. We took a 2 hour lane package for something like $60 which was a discount price cause I had a coupon. My son and I used to like to share a pitcher of beer from bar but they no longer serve pitchers only by the glass which was inconvenient and pricey. Ended up spending $100 for afternoon of bowling.

Thomas Gallegos

I recently went to Chippers Lanes and had a wonderful time. My girlfriend and I went for a date and had a magical evening. The lanes were fun, the environment was clean, and the staff was friendly. Nick at the front desk was very helpful, fun, and enthusiastic. I had some questions about ball sizes and tips for bowling and he was able to assist me. He was a great employee and answered any question I had. Overall our date was a success and we plan to come back very soon!

Steven Clarkson

It's a bowling alley with a decent beer selection.

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