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750 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States

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Where is Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center?

REVIEWS OF Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center IN California

Jerry Gordinier

Great lil bowling area. Not cheap for an hour but okay if split. Fun lights and hip-hop music.

Michelle Beardslee

It is really a great ice skating rink! They even have a special section that they will mark off for children to use who are learning how to skate. They even provide stacks of buckets for children to push to help them learn how to skate. The music is nice and not too loud. There are snack machines and drink machines. The Faculty that work there are very nice. We had all around great experience over there and we'll go back if we're ever in the area. I definitely recommend this place for couples or families or anyone who wants to ice skate. They even had a late night session from 9 to 11 p.m.

Alex Michalek

Amazing place to play at, ice skate, and bowl. Fairly clean.

Leticia Perez

Staff is really nice

Lee McGovern

Good fun

dmitri Iourinski

Good, cheap public skating for families.

Ruben Garcia

Was really fun for the holidays.

Leaks and Leaks

This is a really good place to bowl, I had lots of fun, reasonable price and the staff is friendly, what else can you ask for?

Darren West

Fun place to go bowling.

Shanna Bostrom

Have a blast with family fun in the city! best time with the family

Venkat Krishnaraj

The best rink in the city. Love the ice skating classes too.

Leonard Olujimi gardiner

Nice place to visit with friends or family. Was there for a privately booked staff end of year bowling. We all loved it nice staff and good food.

Mark Wynne

Nice facility, but very pricey on weekends, for such short lane times.

Seth List

I've only ever been to YBBC for group events, but we always had a good time. The food was pretty tasty and the lanes were clean and well lit. I've heard that parking can be a bit tough, but I never owned a car when living in San Francisco and getting there by public transit was a breeze.

Laxmi Saha

Fun place to go for a very low price. Rentals and Lockers are cheap too.

Blazen_ Star

Fun place for all ages;as stated, besides just in the name it also includes an Bowling Alley and a playground.

Kai Schilling

Yerba bowling isnt that good, they are not looking for new customer i guess. Closed lanes before end of time, no refund.

Nathaniel Maynard

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Elisa Lou

Public skating is just 16 dollars including rentals, though it gets quite busy since it's the only hockey rink in the city. Great fun for large groups.

an johnny

tôi yêu Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center

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I love it. I take classes her and it's amazing how attentive the coaches are with there students. Everyone here is so kind and it's a beautiful place to go with friends, family and your significant other.

Miss Ell

We visited on a Sat night. Prices were high, it was cosmic bowling. The area where you stand and release the ball should have been a little slippery so you can slide. It was super dry and almost made my friend fall. We bowl in a league and, I felt that over all, it could have been maintained better. Specially if they're charging that much. The place is really small, they do have a small bar. We still had a great time.

Diyan Santiago

This place was really cool. But really pricey

Jim Pesavento

Great place to play hockey. Referees could be better.

Chance Singh

Great place to take the family or go on a date.


Very friendly place, not just the staffs, but the people as well. I love it.

Heather Burns

Went bowling with a few friends, staff was courteous, clean establishment. All around we had a great time highly recommend!

Linus Murphy

Entertaining and we'll kept up.

Terence Lee

Good fun for the kids. Gets a bit crowded but where else can you go?

Kelly Velasquez

I just love to hang out with my best Pal " Fatty " and enjoy the beauty of the Park !

Brittany Wang

I love ice skating as much as the next person, but I feel like this center has too loose of regulations going on. What do I mean by that? Every other ice rink I have been too makes soloist or people skating against the traffic go in the middle to practice. This one, however does not, so you end up nearly running into many different people on the sides who are working on their form, skating backwards, not really paying attention for the entire time you're skating. Other than that, it was an enjoyable experience. If you are not good on skates though, watch out or go to another rink.

Akiko A

Ice skating here feels so relaxing when there aren't so many people around which is possible during a weekday. But even when it is busy, there is plenty of space to skate.

Marcus Wong

Skates are pretty dull. Ice is usually fairly smooth and not too busy. Also, bring your own snacks. They have six+ vending machines but the only functional machine had hockey tape.

Hank Hodes

Team event for bowling on a Friday afternoon very pleasant uncrowded, a nice and clean facility with decent food. I would return again.

Kenny Liang

Good Staff

Jacklyn Wilson

Awesome ice skating! Bring extra thick socks if you rent skates.

Serenity YIKE

Had a wonderful time ice skating and bowling wasn't that bad either. Both were moderate with the cost. You really get the bang from your buck here!

Crystal Moon

I love coming to skate here. Street Parking is a little iffy but there's a lot of parking garages in the area. There's 3, 2-hour time slots, but I've been told it's better to go in the first time slot because the ice hasn't been skated on yet (they don't Zamboni the ice again as far as I know) there's a large bathroom, lockers that you can rent, and you can also rent figure skating or hockey skates. I personally prefer hockey skates because they don't have the notches in the front of the skates like the figure skating ones do which catch onto the ice. I wish there was more space/benches to change into your skates and that the people that work here were a little bit more polite/friendly and that the bathrooms were checked /cleaned more often but overall it's a pleasant experience.

Richard Magahiz

Fun, laid-back place

Michael Gallagher

Old school bowling alley as well as indoor ice skating rink. Kids carousel and other outdoor features including adjacent skate park, etc. A nice respite in SOMA.

Cindy Lee

The bowling alley has delicious boneless chicken bites. Their Malbec and rose is terrific too. The waffle fries were yummmyyyy

Eugene Ogorodnik

Nice place to spend time skating. Make sure to check the calendar for when the open sessions are and if the ice gets resurfaced before your session.

Richard Lewis

Great for kids

George Khalilieh

Fairly priced. Nicer skates than they use to have. I just wish they had better food and drink options. Although there is a food bar its never open when I go there and I have to use the vending machines.

Marina Sidorko

So fun!

Marcin Pietras

Beautiful ice skating rink in downtown San Francisco. Home of San Francisco Sabercats Youth Hockey and San Francisco Tremors Synchronized Skating.

David Cowan

I always have a lot of fun here!


Great for going with friends and having fun

Jacob Wilson

While a fairly small rink the Ice is normally well maintained and all the natural light is nice

John Laramie

Big rink. Lots of fun!

Viktoriya Kesel

Love this place for kids hockey and ice skating.

Kevin Gonzalez

Fun place for a mellow hang out when a game isn't on and pretty much the place in the area to be when a game IS on. The food here is pretty good I've only had small issues here n there but those instances were very far apart and they weren't deal breakers (can't even remember). Staff seems to be getting better and better through the years. Burgers, ribs, chicken, apps all that good stuff.

Abi Goettsch

One of those hidden gems in the city that you would never guessed existed in Yerba Buena.

Danielle Goldstein

Very fun; open for evening public skate on the weekends.

Jared Livingston

The bowling lanes were decent, they have a pretty good selection of bowling balls, and our group had a great time when we visited. I didn't try any of the food, but others in my group said it was good (for bowling alley food).

ricardo ruiz

Great place.

Sam H

I've only ever been here for the sfcd holiday skate for the kids. thank you for hosting!

Matthew Burke

Great ice surface, lots of natural light.

Axel Robbins

It is pretty cheap and it is in a good state. Fun to go with family and friends.

George Xinos

Lots of traffic surrounding the rink, as Moscone Center and Metreon Theater are just blocks away. The ice rink was surprisingly balmy inside, but the ice held up nicely and the electric (only in San Fran) Zamboni cut a beautiful sheet for the hockey players to skate on.

Arezou Attar

The place for bowling is nice but I don't recommend the food.

Marwan Rageh

Nice, playground, skating, bowling, and everything

Kiko Torno

Nice place to learn to ice skate

Angel Purcell

Work work

Vilian Kossev

Pricey but fun.

Atley Flenner

Great place, good for family fun. Reasonably priced ice skating and well maintained facilities. I would go back again. Also it is open during the Moscone construction.

Arthur Crowther

This is where the Ice Rink is located in Nov/Dec. On Union Square, SF.

Samuel Perez

My daughter loves skating here.

Alice Jou

I like going ice skating during the winter. I especially like going when they play xmas music. It's a good size rink and the price per hour is reasonable. The location is great and close to lots of eateries and tons of shopping.

David Strong

Great lesson, beautiful facility, friendly experienced staff, lovely playground adjacent to skating and bowling next door. Best skating in the city.

Shervin Oloumi

Nice bowling place with good food!

Mike Bodulow

The ice is not properly leveraged. The only consistent hockey pickup is Friday at noon, sorry I have a 9-5 job. There isn't always someone available to sharpen skates because they're understaffed, but the guy who is always there is amazing. Showers and locker rooms are pretty terrible as well, ice is nice though and hockey leagues are fun if you can ever get on a team

Luis Lopez

Located in down town San Francisco. Great place to learn to skate and enjoy public skating. The people there are great. Highly recommend.

Chris Volz

Fun, cheap (before 5pm), and easy to get a lane as a walk up group of 8. The kitchen and bar seem to be closed on Mondays, unfortunately.

Chris Magnani

Bowling here is a lot of fun. I don't come here often, but whenever I do, I always have a good time. There are a small number of lanes, so it's more intimate, not as loud as a larger alley. I've also skated & played hockey at the skating rink. It can truly be said that it's the best place to play ice hockey in San Francisco!

Ryan Paredez

I play pickup ice hockey here on Fridays. Great and friendly staff. I've also been here a few times for public skate. The ice is decent but it can get a bit warm in there. If you're looking for a good time to skate around I would come check this place out. They offer a lot when it comes to public skate, ice hockey and figure skating. Check their website.


I love going to yerba buena so i could go ice skating it's really fun

Graham Long

Great place

Beatriz Mannelli

Very neat and efficient staff. Really good Second visit and I have to change it cause the row was defected. Balls got stuck more than once and the pins fell by they self few times. It’s fun but if you are playing with a competitive buddy well not god

Richard Retherford

Went bowling there, a bit small but perfect for a group of friends.

Roxanne Madeira

Love watching the skaters on the ice the beginners are always very entertaining

Harry Herp

Great fun food and a fun day to spend the afternoon. We're coming back soon!

Ana Valenzuela

Cool spot

Michaelene Gabrielle

Our favorite ice skating rink nearby. Friendly, protective, and professional staffs! Thank you.

Gina Tse-Louie

Great place to iceskate. There is a sectioned off area for little ones/those not wanting to go around.

Maya Grab

There's no zamboni to smooth out the ice for the public skating time... I kept tripping over holes and defects in the ice

Prince of Peace

U like to watch others play hockey.great location

Eddie Gomes

Great place to go with friends and parents.

Jonathan Yim

Skating here was fun. It gets crowded with all the little kids. It's more expensive than how much I pay back home in Canada for skating.

Gloria Grimm

A huge rink for hockey and figure skating very nice people there 12.00 to skate not bad at all parking is hard to find but not bad on saturdays always bring change!!! For the meters trust me u dont want to Get a ticket in the city. Kids of all ages have room in the center of the rink to practise figure skating they also have lessons for all ages and teams they can join not to familiar on that subject they have skating on saturday 1230 till 2pm and then again from 330 till 5pm and then again at 9pm till 11pm wow huh its really a great experiance. They also have bowling next door drinks for adults and a snack bar

Anthony Borja

I have been Ice Skating for about 30 plus years and It's your typical Ice Rink. I enjoy watching the public skating, falling, and getting up again. Like life you have keep getting up to succeed in life.

Emilio Martinez

Not a bad bowling alley, only a couple of lanes, hours are too short, prices are a little too high for the quality and even if you have your ID, no outside alcohol which wouldn't be bad except there is almost never anyone on that counter.

Kristy Skirt

Special skate Gooooo TREMORS synchronized skating team.

Kenneth Grindle

The bowling alley is nice. Clean and the machines and score computers seem to work without issues. The alley is on the smaller side and seems more suitable for after work outings with coworkers

Tu Lam

There's a lot going on here in this park. There's a carousel at the corner, then the art center, a park with a playground, ice skate rink, bowling alley and restaurant. This is a great place to bring young children. Keep your eye out for special events that sometimes offered here.

Ula Popov

Love it

Henry Arzola

Had a Great Time

Sujan Gautam

Nice place

Chris Nojima

Skating is fun - well maintained facilities, but try to come when there isn't an ocean of 6yo's trying to trip you up.

Fabinho Etiel

Cool place

Ashley Ellen

I love this place! They keep the ice smooth and sleek. Great customer service and the price isn't bad at all. :) Will probably come here everytime I come to the area. It's all year round, so that's extra special!

Falina Tigress

The prices for ice skating is reasonable and the rink is really nice to skate on

melissa castle

We had a good time. But the customer service was not all that good

Eziyah Wilson

It was very cold and the perfect texture for ice skating.

Tero Heino

Bowling alley was decent. no big complaints. everything worked but was bit outdated. nice staff.

Denisse Henriod

Favorite place to have fun! Staff is amazing

Femi Senjobi

Always a joy to be here. My only wish is that it's open to the public more often. It's fairly safe to learn here and also entertaining to watch the professionals do their thing. It was fun watching a live hockey game from the exterior just before it was open to the public.

Рита Сэтх

Lanes ok but personel are terrible

Kate Mooneyham

So nice for a city rink.

Hakan Koklu

Well maintained and large ice rink. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices.

Ngan Vu

Good rink with decent skating lessons. They are open all year round and always have long sessions on a holiday. My favorite place to skate!

Aravinth Bheemaraj

Enjoyed the bowling night during a weekend..


There was a staff member by the name of Gordon who saw my toddler and I struggling on the ice. He was so kind, patient and helpful. He made ice skating fun instead of scary for my daughter. We can't wait to go back!

Jennifer Dimovich

Fun and safe place to get your skate on.

Luke Shiras

Small bowling alley with decent lanes and snack options. Not crowded and fun atmosphere.

Zsolt Mátyás

I know no other spots for ice skating all year long in SF. Prepare for the cold weather inside!

Malika Lynch

I love how this place have free festivals for families! The ice skating rink is also good and the instructors are very patient with the children!

Yessy Rodriguez

Great place to have a chill time !

Savitri Sharma

We spent a good time,played bowling alley for one hour with family members.It was really fun.

Maise Powell

Such a fun spot to have a great time with friends.And its inexpensive!


Cool place to skate. But the kids taking lessons are very rude. Guess they have some rich parents so they think they own the place.

Martin Tantow

Best place for public skating in the city (except for Union Square before Christmas)

Manish Patel

I don't like this

Melissa Rapada

Super duper fun! My kids enjoyed it! My first time, felt like a fool on the rail, like a flamingo freshly hatched out of my egg adult size trying to walk!

Caleb Astey

Children. Children everywhere... all hugging the wall and shuffling like little ice zombies. Wouldn't recommend for a random public skate because I've never seen the ice uncrowded, but the pro shop seems good enough for skate sharpenings and buying that $250 carbon fiber composite stick because you think you have a shot at the NHL.

Floob Mooob

Has nice staff

Igor K

Hard to find parking, but great otherwise...

Anup Mantri

Convenient location. We went on a Friday evening and it was pretty deserted. Somewhat on the expensive side

Jeff Brooks

The Yerba Buena Ice Skating rink is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The place is huge, seating for parents, ice skating rentals of course, and a crowd that's respectful of everyone's skill level. There's plenty of parking over at the Moscone garage, and from there it's a very short walk. Do check ahead of time for free skate hours, you just can't show up and expect to jump on the ice. With regards to the numerous complaints about the price, consider your options, and if you've ever paid $6 for a slice of toast in the Mission. How long did that memory last ya?

Jason Levy

Get your skate on! Do as I did and you'll have a fun time with a group of friends and colleagues. This is ideal for group outings, but not a bad idea for a date (just saying!). The price is reasonable and the staff are nice. If you go during the week, the afternoon and evening could be timed right so that you avoid the kids' lessons that limit the space on the ice. The Bowling Center is a fun destination too. Though, there aren't many lanes, so plan accordingly.

Simon Donovan

Spend a good portion of our lives here going to hockey lessons. Always enjoy the public skate and love to see people skating. It's a great place to take the kids for skating in the hockey program is excellent we love spending time here. The San Francisco Youth Hockey Association is also a great way to get your kid introduced to hockey and we recommend involving some time with them. I took some pictures of the back door and back elevator which are great entry points for the rink.

Clara Garry

Not overly busy which is great and everything you need really

The Whimsical Owen

Staff are very unhelpful, broke my collervone and was laying on the ice almost passed out for three minutes before they decided to come out!

Max Kirchoff

The ice skating and bowling here are neat, but really REALLY about children. Just a heads up. I wouldn't even say it's all-ages, it's literally kids...everywhere.

Doug Edwards

Nice full size rink. Usually not too crowded for public skating.

Taj Yung

Great vibe, great rink. Always really smooth. A good place for tourists with a big rink.

Chelsea Li

Great facilities, but maintenance (especially in the bathrooms) could use some work.

Adam Woodrum

Nice ice, and they resurfaced in the middle of public skate.

Heather Hsia

Great youth hockey program here called Sabercats. My kids have so much fun playing on the ice.

Judith Rodriguez

Great place to take the kids ice skating. Mine learned to skate there on there own. They like to go there alot

Brian Lam

It is a large place for kids play and run around and a good place for exercise.

Hugo Pelland

Convenient location but the ice isn't great for hockey

Alamin Mcadoo

Tonight will be my very first experience at the bowling alley. I predict that it's going to be a blast.

Leoncio Corea de Almeida

Poor service. We did pay to play the game then after 15 mins they just kicked us out of the lane because it was booked for somebody else. No refund. Party ruined. Good job, Yerba buena bowling!


It is very fun and the people there are really nice

Larry Galibut

Super friendly staff & great price for cheap skate nite!!!

Justin Crandall

A great hidden gem in the city. A popular option for work parties but they do a good job. It's a little cramped at time but good service and a lot of fun options.

Leslie Mallo

The young man that works the entrywayis very polite and helpful.

Ericka Scott

Pretty expensive, the food court closes earlier than the bowling section is open. Good music, nice glow-in the dark effects

Brian Salomaki

SFAHL: adult hockey leagues in San Francisco. Feels great to get back on the ice and skate!

Jacob wilson

Friendly staff, nice hard ice, what more could you want

Justin Shreve

Good place to skate, although if you're just coming for a few hours, it isn't cheap. Rental skates are nice though and rink is, full size, I think.

Eric Hiss

Very nice rink, good ice and relatively new rental skates if you need them. Was not crowded when I visited last for the public skate.

Eduardo Aguiar

Not bad overall.

Eugene Ingerman

Fun skating rink. Can be crowded, with different skilled skaters.

Kian Collins

Nice place to go ice skating

Alan A

It’s good ice skating there, and also bowling.

Shaun Brad

Indoor ice skating year round. Always a friendly staff and crowd. Can get lessons, and lots of teams seem to play here. The Metreon is adjacent, so you can get food or catch a movie too. In nice weather there's a big outdoor playground next to it.


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