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1530 S, Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802, United States Located in: Downtown Disney District

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REVIEWS OF Splitsville Luxury Lanes IN California

Janet Garcia

Nice place. Service was OK. But the food was GOD AWFUL! And so OVERPRICED! I got a regular cheeseburger cuz it was one the cheapest on the menu and it was $20. It literally taste like a burger from a cafeteria burger you get from school and came with old fries. My friend ordered a black bean burger and it tasted like it came from a can. Nope! Never again

Michael McEwen

Great food and environment. The grilled salmon was very tasty. I especially like the large number of healthy food options in the menu. We will be back.

Mich Barry

Great meal! Our waitress Natalie W was great! Ordered the Chicken tenders and sliders appetizers, and both very tasty! Sushi for dinner - Ninja Crunch and Fantasia were both 5 star delicious. Great food and service. Thank you Natalie!!

Christopher Nagel

Great place to spend with the family, very enjoyable.

Tim Brice

Sugar Quinn

$11 a beer (Coors Light) and they weren't very clearly marked. Bill for 2 adults and 2 children was well over $100.00 We waited for a order, waited for our food and Left unsatisfied. Will NOT recommend or go back. NOT WORTH IT!

Daniel Loaiza

some time later

Well for one there's nothing luxury about this place at all. Horrible food. Insanely expensive to bowl. Psycho. This place is here to take advantage of tourists. Horror show.b

Jennifer Robison

Great place to eat the and service was great!

Kawika Kali

They don't have any sports packages but multiple TV's and the only thing close to a Sports Bar since they took out ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. Not a good look.

Brad Davis

Great place, good service and lots of fun for the kids. More pricey than similar venues in other places but very family friendly, and not that $ considering you are in Downtown Disney. Food was good too!

Zach Blackwood

Came in at 10:35, server took drink orders came back with them at 10:50...then came back at 11:05 to take orders only to tell us, they were only serving pizzas from 11 on ..terrible communication

Adrian Ramirez

Came in and checked in . They said 15 minutes. Waited almost 45 min . Never got called on my phone to check inn. We had to check in again after 45 minutes. Manager acted like she didn’t hear after I complained . Horrible service . Never will be back and extremely expensive. The bar drink had a fly in it so we had to get a new one . No wonder they don’t have 4 to 5 stars . Go somewhere else .

Anthony Iafrati

My last trip we went back 3 times. It was that good.

Colin Reed

Incredibly overpriced. I ordered two drinks. The first was Sweet Tea Shine. It tasted like it barely had any alcohol in it and it cost $15. Then I ordered the Jet Juice, which was $18. I asked the waiter about it and he said he was a really boozy drink. Wrong. It pretty much tasted like Tang without booze. By the time I walked out of there, I felt like I had consumed about the same amount of alcohol you would get in a single, low-percent beer, all for more than $30. A lot of their drinks are premixed in these giant containers, kinda like what you see slushies in that keeps mixing them. Then we ordered the Cone of Fries. Literally just a small cone of fries that costs $10, although the dipping sauce was really tasty. My main meal was the Fish and Chips. Be aware that this is a $25 plate that comes with a single piece of fish. I asked the waiter if this was supposed to come with just one piece of fish, to which he replied, "Oh no, hell no!" A moment later he returns and says, "OK, sooooo actually it is supposed to be one fish. I'll grab a manager for you." They ended up comping my meal for me because I said I wasn't comfortable paying that much money for that little food. My fiance ordered some sushi, which was really tasty. She ended up getting sick from it, however. The waiter brought us our check halfway through the meal. We both still had at least half a plate of food left on our plates when he dropped it off. I've never seen that move before. The interior is pretty cool, though.

Igor P

DaShon Foster

Great meeting place for the Team

katie knippscheer

Timothy Williams

Nice new place in downtown Disney. The place is clean, nice and needed. The bowling is fun and the layout of tables to lanes works. To top it offghof food is pretty good too.

Geena Fiorucci

“California Frame of Mind” Get it? It’s a bowling alley

Louis C

RIP House of Blues - Hello Splitsville! Right across Tortilla Joes located in the now defunct HOB building it’s pretty nice inside. The hostess for the party we attended was great and it was comfortable. Would definitely come again in the near future.

Chris Lewandowski

Pretty disappointing overall. $14 for a draft beer is outrageous, even by Disney's standards. Service and food were average.

james wen

Surprisingly good food for downtown Disney. Really tasty fig and prosciutto pizza with goat cheese. The southern goddess salad was amazing as well. Really pricey food and drinks, but the food was delicious, so it makes up for it.

Benny D

Food was nice but service is slow

Dustin Sanchez

Good beer. Kind of pricey but whatever

Stu MonChu

(Bar Only) Our order was taken immediately and the ambiance was nice for downtown Disney. The live music was excellent. Beer price was reasonable.

Steven Malone

High prices, food was mediocre at best, service was ok, and we think the food made us sick.

Kat T

This place is very pricey for casual dining. Ordered the sliders. They were just okay. Also ordered the firehouse pizza. The pizza was delicious. The combination of flavors definitely make it worth trying.

Matthew Torres

Our waiter Loudres was amazing. She came to the table every 5 minutes, refilled our drinks and made sure everything was great. The food is a little pricey, but the menu is out front before you enter. If you don't look at the prices before you sit, that's on you. The atmosphere and waitress was great and we'll definitely be going back.

Clinton Kreger

We took a break from Disneyland and stopped in for a bite. We were seated and served quickly. Initially we thought an appetizer each would be a good light lunch, but WOW. Macho nachos are MACHO portions and way more than I expected. I'm not complaining. They were awesome... I just needed to take an extra lap aroun downtown before heading back to the hotel to walk off the extra calories.

iinan the mage

Nice addition to downtown Disney but over priced. Nachos appetizer $18, below acceptable quality you can get better nachos at Denny's. $15 for a margarita which was very small and $9 for a bottle of Corona. You pay for the environment don't expect quality. Fun to try but we won't return.

melvin chan

Great place to relax and eat before heading back into the park. Food just like the bowling alley. Sushi rolls ,slider ,pizza good.

Kristen Crowe

Went on a Monday night around 10:30p. Seated right away, not very busy. Service was not very attentive, forgot to bring us drinks that were sitting on the bar for at least 10min, didn't refill our waters, etc. However, the vibe in there was fun, it wasn't super loud (but not many people were there/bowling). The food was really excellent, definitely my new favorite sit down restaurant in Downtown Disney. I would come back and give the service another shot for sure

Dani Wildman

Waited at our table for 13 minutes and was still not even asked for a drink order so we got up and left. A waitress stopped us on the way out and asked why we were leaving. I told her and the response was “omg” Really?! Omg?! How about an apology! Never again would I attempt this restaurant.


Maybe I'm crazy but I can see charging $10 for a beer at a sporting event but here its was $15.09 for a beer.

Aaron Z

Food amazing service not-so-great. Took 10 minutes to just get drinks and never saw a server again. Had to have a manager take our order for dinner. Not very helpful with the 10% discount after all said and done still spent 117.00 for my family of 4 with 3 meals. Food is over priced and service kinda needs attention for the cost of dining there.


Blushy By Veronica

Came with my 2 year old for lunch for the first time and was very disappointed by the food that was served. On top of it, the prices seemed very high for the type of food they served. The only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because the service was still good. I ordered the kids meal of a hotdog that was $9 and a California roll for $12. My son hardly ate the hotdog and would spit it out every time he ate a piece that I would cut for him, so he didn’t even eat it and my California roll didn’t even look like a sushi roll. It looked like it was slapped together so fast that when I took a bit out of the small pieces, they would fall apart. I ended up getting a discount and paid only for the roll with a partial discount after complaining to them about how the food was and still ended up going to McDonald’s to eat because my son was still hungry.

Leigh Reagan

Great for groups, watching sports and bowling. Yes, they have bowling lanes with TV screens so you can stay current on sports events while hanging out with friends, eating and drinking. If you're not up for bowling, you can eat indoors or on the outdoor patio where they occasionally have live music. The bar is centered in the middle of the indoor and outdoor areas with plenty of TV screens so you never lose sight of whatever sports events are going on. The conveniently have gluten free items labeled GF in the menu. Unfortunately the only GF beer they have is Stone's Delicious IPA which is only gluten reduced, not guaranteed to be gluten free.

Jakob Hernandez

Honestly one of many the best places to work and have such a fun community on your side Splitsville life!!!

Robert morgan

Can you believe that after all day walking around, feet hurting, and hungry kids, this company reserves ALL booths for "private large parties??" What a company concept :(

Ryan hampton

Jonathan Smith

An amazing experience, friendly staff, fun environment. While bowling drinks took a while to get to us. The next day we went for lunch and drinks got to us quickly. Had a rad time bowling in LA

Casey Chambers

Service was absolutely amazing! Absolute 10/10 I highly suggest coming here after a long day at Disney! Cayla made our time here enjoyable and easy.

Riley Purcell

Make reservations via Disney app. Food was good and generously sized so you can share so that you can try more menu items. Salmon salad - salmon was perfectly cooked. Cone if fries - all were deliciously seasoned and crispy.

Ryan morales disney park fans

Lex M.

Service and food were good. Prices were average just like any other franchise restaurant. Definitely come back here with my family.


David Johnston

Kyle Lieberman

This review is based on the restaurant. Decent food, but very pricey. Makes sense cause it’s downtown Disney. Plan on $20 per person min if u go here. Good service, very friendly. Also lots of menu options. Burger, pizza, sandwiches, appetizers, sushi. I will try again.

Sylvester Sierra

Holly Holder

Great service, very attentive!! All the food and drinks we ordered were delicious and came out quickly. Great addition to the Downtown Disney family of restaurants - will be back for sure!


great atmosphere. but the service pretty much sucks. but thats not the worst part. the prices for food are unbelievably expensive! a family of four with bowling, adults having a couple drinks each and you will spend $200. when did this amount of money become OK?? i understand there are a ton of rich folk in this world but not enough to support these kinds of prices. LOWER THE DAMN PRICES FOR F SAKES!

Billy Verhaegen

It’s literally not even open yet, how can y’all give it 5 stars. Also it was scheduled to open on January 29th but has been delayed with no opening date given. Very disappointed as that is now the second time it has been delayed.

Eddie Pacheco

Great food but not to newborn to 24 month friendly. Serving staff has taken 20 minutes to introduce/bring initial pre-order drinks.

Ted Carroll


I loved this place, I truly would come here every time I visit for a nice break from the parks. It's HUGE, tons of space, didn't have to wait, really friendly service. Food tasted good. The bowling was a great time. They've knocked it out of the park, so why 3 stars. They would get 5 stars had the food prices been lower. I understand you are at a theme park and people except to pay higher prices but why are prices so much more expensive than other splitsvilles? $25 for a double cheeseburger? A personal pizza for $20? That is way too much for a family. You can go to Napa rose or Carthay Circle for a more upscale meal at the same prices. There comes a point when prices do do overboard. Even inside the parks prices aren't this high and Disneyland has really went above and beyond to upgrade their food offerings. Even after leaving a couple people stopped us and asked how it was. I told them we had a great time, loved it. They both said, I heard it's really expensive. I told them that's true. Price is keeping people away.

Michael Shoaf


This place is severely over priced! Even for Disneyland area. Bowling is even more expensive. I would not recomend this place unless you could care less about money. Everytime I have stopped by this place is has been extremely slow and I see why due to there pricing. Lower the prices and the crowd will come.......only common sense!

Aizeah Jimenez

Fraser Street

FOOD WAS EXCELLENT - but probably expensive by bowling alley standards. Think of it as high-end bowling. Grilled avocado with tuna appetizer was total unique and delicious. Chopped chicken salad also good. Kids menu is reasonable.


Really Good Shareable Food n a Fun Atmosphere for All Ages

Jeanne Kizer

Mark Alvarez

Sushi was extremely dry. Took a lot of effort to eat Cal crunch 14, cal roll 12 Loaded fries 15 had a chalky cheese sauce no good flavor. I wouldnt recommend the food at all. Maybe bar and bowling alleys.

Sophia Bouanane

Big place. Sat our large party with no reservation. Veggie pizza was super good!

O Andrus

Scott McAdam

The ONLY reason I am giving Splitsville a 4* rating instead of 5* is because it is probably 20% more expensive than it needs to be. I can't fault the quality of the food or the service. I got the Foghorn Burger (fried egg & Sirracha) subbing out the pepper Jack for Swiss and shared a fig & prosciutto pizza. Both were excellent. I also really liked that though they only had 12 taps, one of the taps was Left Coast Brewing, an Orange County brewer and another was Karl Strauss, a San Diego brewer.

Acux Lopez

Buena comida les recomiendo raza

Zach D

I got the sweet and spicy chicken, and it tasted pretty good. Up until I was puking everywhere and sh*tting blood about 15 minutes after eating. Extremely poor service, we were kept waiting for extended periods of time on a fairly uncrowded evening. Not to mention our server forgot to order our appetizer. Highly advise against dining here. We will not be returning.

Karina Felix


Dominique Hogue

Zach Hebein

I’m an annual pass holder so I’m used to inflated prices, but WOW this one sets the new standard. Save your money.

Christian Klasev

On my holiday from Australia. Went there three times while I was at Disneyland. Absolute amazing service all three times ( better service than a 5 Star restaurent in Australia) and the food was at very high quality and was brought out quick and looked well presented. The building had cool chill vibe with good music. A must if your visiting Disneyland and want a great casual meal.


I ordered multiple drinks. Many of them came pre-mixed and watered down. The biggest disappointment was my $25 fish and chips. I was given ONE piece of fish. This was not a filet of fish. It wasn't even a large fish tender. This was one, average sized, piece of fish that can with fries for $25. The Cone of Fries appetizer is $10 and was more fries than with my meal. That one average sized and averaged tasting fish piece was in no way worth $15 even for downtown Disney. The only reason I am leaving a 3 star review over a 1 or 2 star review is because we asked about the quantity of fish and they decided to comp the most expensive drink. Service took forever for both food and drinks at a non-busy time of night.

Ben Jahner

Danny Chan

Awesome food and service, great vibe.

David Sutton

Top notch Customer Service!!!

Troy Gibson

Cheeseburger was dry badly over cooked not good at all. very expensive. My daughter thought the cheese pizza is pretty good though and the service was good but for these prices the food should be edible.

Duane McPherson

Great food and the staff are friendly,helpful and kind. My first trip to a Splittsville and I am extremely impressed. Had a tour before I had dinner. It is a fun place!

ginger corr

The prices are OUTRAGEOUS and my daughter and I got HORRIBLE food poisoning. We ate there the night we got in and we're supposed to go to Disneyland for my son's birthday the next day. My daughter and I had to miss our first day at Disney. The waiter was horrible too and didn't pay attention to anything we asked for. I would stay far away from this place.

Nicole Aguilera

Great atmosphere, bowling and food. Only thing is the price...


Fine service and catering, runs gown a business should. The fault is in the quality of the food. Some foods are fine, but many seem old, and taste foul. The pizza was no exception.

Desiree Machado

Prices are we ridiculous here and it wasn't even worth it! Food was OK but the cocktails were horrible paid $20 for what was supposed to be a Long Island ice tea but was more like a large cup of carbonated Orange juice.

Leo CM

We ate here for the second time and the food was disappointing. Not sure who had it out for the salt but every item we ordered, including the ranch! was overloaded with salt, so much so that we couldn't finish our food. The waitress was friendly and super attentive. I don't see us returning unless they make serious changes to the way they cook their food.

Kimberly Kocol

Nice atmosphere, good bowling, and the WORST SUSHI I'VE EVER HAD. I didn't get sick from it, but I wanted to be. I had to drown it in soy sauce to make it even a little bit palatable. I also ordered edamame and they were so old and overcooked that no one at the table would eat them. The other food options here are pretty good, I would just stay away from anything that's supposed to be Asian-inspired.

Kendallyn Brody

To Vs

Place is nice and has potential, but it is way overpriced, doesn’t make sense ,but hey that’s Disney for you that’s what it has become

Seth Chupp

Wow. I expected so much more out of this place. First impression: Its a high end restaurant with a bowling alley. Ludery-Casual. Reality: It's a bowling joint with overpriced food. Food: Adequate. The burgers were tasty but incredibly overpriced. The meat was simple ground beef. The cheese was processed and bland. There was nothing special and certainly nothing to justify a $20 price for a burger. The menu is diverse with your choice of pizza, sushi, steaks, and burgers. I tried them all and can say that everything is basic. There is nothing that's great. I think they are trying to do to much at once to make any single item magical. Atmosphere: Terrible. 0/10. I've been in dive joints I would rate better. First, the floor was still littered with refuse from the lunch service and it was after 4pm. I was seated on the far side of the dining room from the bar but I could still smell all the dirty bar rags. I came in with the understanding that the bowling would be noisy. I can overlook that, but what really put me off was that they try and failed to cover the bowling noises with club music. Service: The service was courteous, friendly, and professional but everyone acted like it was their first day. The waiter didn't know what sauce was on the appetizer. The host didn't know where the to go menus where. Finally, the waiter told me that the restaurant offers a discount for Disney Annual Passholders. I didn't even know. I gave him my passholder card but he returned it and told me they don't offer the discount after 4pm. Why even tell me about the discount then? I don't plan to eat here in the future. There are better bowling alleys and much better restaurants in the area.

Matthew Flynn

The worst website, reservation system and vague pricing I’ve ever seen! I’d love to make a reservation and go, but they don’t even do that. And $24 per person per (insert vague time here) is too high of you can’t even reserve.

Mark Laing

We are still smarting over the loss of the amazing Rainforest Cafe and needed a place to watch the Pro Bowl in Downtown Disney and have some vegetarian food. Splitsville was great. Good atmosphere and great cocktails. We didn't try the bowling but will next time. We're vegetarian so the black bean burger was one of quite a few options - they lost a star since it was a tad bit cold (but not "take back to the kitchen") cold but all in all a great place for the kids as well.

El Bayda

We just tried the restaurant, so my review is just about the restaurant not the bowling. Service was great, the waiter was very friendly and professional. Food was super tasty. We finished every bite of it. Highly recommended.

Ashley Martnez

This place isn't too bad taste wise! Once we saw that it had burgers, pizza and sushi, we knew we had to try it! We had two of the most expensive rolls ($22) and the presentation of it was wonderful! The sushi was not special. I thought it was over sauced and not very fresh. Which usually I don't care about those things because a special roll is normally around $12 but when you ask me to spend more I simply expect more. I had the rum runner drink that pours out of a tap. At first couple of sips I thought it was great! Tasted like fruit punch but after awhile, it was just too sweet and I almost didn't want to finish it but for $16 I couldn't afford to not drink it! If you're out of town I suggest skipping this one and find something better for your buck.

phillip nations

These guys play a great selection of "aloha" music. The staff and management are excellent. Well worth a quick trip outside the park for their offering. Grab a drink and get ready to take on the parks with a gentle vibe with this special oasis.

Lizz Cuza

Jamey Weber

Had a mixup in order, Cayla took care of us! She made it right, great customer service

Steve Torno

Always start with the good, right? The burgers are very good. They went with shredded lettuce instead of leaf, for $21 a burger you'd think they wouldn't skimp on the lettuce, but whatever, solid burger. Fries are very good as well, step below Habit/ Habit/ Red Robin. Ok the not so good. My wife's burger had rice stuck on the bottom bun. They serve sushi, you'd think they'd pay attention at $21 a burger, but not a big deal. . .it's rice. The service was almost non existent. Our server was aloof seemingly hovering near tables but not actually doing anything. We asked for straws, 10 minutes later we asked another server for straws which showed up a min later. We had to ask for napkins. Seriously we ordered burgers, fries, and'd think there would be napkins. Dirty tables sat untouched for long periods of time, the support leg for the table top was filthy and left a mystery stain on my shoe when I accidentally touched it. From the looks of the stain it was probably spilt milk or ranch. Food was what you would expect from Disney and all be it for a very Disney price of $75 for 3 burgers, 3 fries, plus tax and tip. Service was poor for Denny's and unacceptable at this price or for anything branded Disney

Monica Busch

We got seated right away for our reservation but 2/3 of our small children we sleeping and even though there appeared to be plenty of tables inside and out, they put us directly in front of the very loud live music outside. I have several food allergies and after looking at the menu online, I felt it would be easy to accommodate my needs on several dishes based on my experience at other restaurants. The waitress needed a manager to come speak with me about my allergies and they were generally pretty nice about it, but there was a hint of annoyance and they basically gave me one option on the menu that I could eat, claiming that too many of their products have soy in them. They did at one point make it sound like I could order another dish but said “the kitchen is really backed up so it will likely take over an hour.” Again, the restaurant wasn’t even close to full. So, I ordered the first dish since it was already close to 7:45 by the time we were able to speak with the manager and hear what was possible. Our food then took almost a full hour to arrive and was mediocre at best. I wouldn’t recommend this place.

Paton Hetherington

Brett Town

kelly de lara

great service clean place

Michael Banados

We only came in for the food. I did not bowl. The place is beautiful but the food is only OK. The beers are way over priced at about 15 bucks for a draft beer and there are no craft selections. We were seated immidiatly, there are multiple bars, lots of tables and a neat mid century modern theme but I can't imagine what it costs in food, beer and lanes to play here for anything other than a special occasion.

Olwen Donohoe

Did a walk in was told 20-30 minuets and it’s now been three hours and still no table. People at front desk were horrible and not helpful

Goodly Earth

What an awesome concept!! Nice place to eat with small bowling alleys around. There are two lanes together throughout the place. Different levels of entertainment.

Cesar Morales

Melissa E1852-STU

Jeff Reitz

Good food and great service.

Chad K

ridiculous wait, outrageous pricing, severly subpar food. Can i have a refund please?


Jaime Saenz

Rick Ayres

Atmosphere is great. Food is expensive and just okay. I ordered a time aco salad for $25 and it was almost all rice. Gerat if you like less meat and more rice. There were a few dozen beans... Crazy.

Jennie V

Outstanding service and delicious food! Sat outside this time and the view and ambiance were amazing. We always order the loaded fries and sushi! So good!

Kristin Downing

$28 for two blue moons! Yikes! What a markup! I could get two 12 packs for that! Food was ok, not the best but ok


I get it. Disney equals expensive food. Just spent $70 for one piece of grilled chicken with frozen vegetables, 1 sushi roll, and a kid meal. Ice tea was $4 for one glass, no refill. I would recommend McDonald's over this place.

Fattah Ahmed

Chris Blackburn

Great drinks, so good my wife asked me to figure out how to make it. Berry Lavender. Sound like the name of a movie star

Elisa Heredia Reese

Loud. Poor sitting setup. Pricey. Ahi salad was good only reason I give it three stars

Christopher Smith

Stopped by with friends for a drink in the patio. Large area with good service with a lot going on all around in downtown. Prices aren't cheap but none are around Disneyland. We had had a good time.

V. Facey

Fun, Fun Fun!

Timothy Freitas

Food was great! Service was marginal, ranch dressing came out after food was already eaten. Beer glasses remained empty for far too long. As you can see in the picture it was dead at the time so this was surprising. We had two birthdays in our party and didn't receive the birthday dessert until we were standing in the aisle about to walk out...

Erin Brophy

We make Splitsville a stop during our annual Disney weekend. Located in Downtown Disney it’s a fun place for bowling and food. It’s a little higher priced than traditional bowling but totally worth it. The service is great every time we go, from the front desk to the food servers. I love the layout as well. Lanes are grouped together in different sections around so you feel like you’re in your own little area.

Gerry Diaz

The food was amazing...Chef linguini was exceptional! He and Remy really stepped up their game with the help of Emile. The food might be expensive but is totally worth it, I highly recommend the chicken alfredo. Overall I will give it 5 stars.

Chris Villaflor

A fun place to both bowl and eat.


Food was good, service was prompt and friendly.

Fin Richardson

Came here and it was not busy at all but service was slow and inattentive. Atmosphere is that of an office break room (computer chairs, tacky carpet, fluorescent lighting). Ordered the sushi because it was the only sushi place in the Disney area and it Tasted quite awful. If this was a restaurant in a small town it might have been passable but it is far too tacky and disgusting for Downtown Disney.

Kyle Fisher

Food is really good. Atmosphere is fun. Only ate, didn't bowl but it did look fun. Food can be pricey drinks are very pricey

Kirk H

Food was below average then we got the bill. $20 for a terrible turkey sandwich. No thanks.

w harris

I would never eat here again. And we haven’t even got our food yet. The place is empty. Sat us as far in the back by the service entrance next to the another party who were bowling. They were the loudest bowlers I’ve ever heard. Slam ball. The front looks inviting the back like a chucky cheese and it’s way overpriced for a chucky cheese.

Brendan McGuigan

We were surprised by how bad the reviews of this place were, but since we go to DTD often, we decided to give it a shot anyway. We had very friendly service, maybe a bit spotty at times (check dropped early, sometimes food items spaced out oddly), but for a new business I expect that. The prices are definitely on the high side (an $8 cheap domestic beer is a bit eye-popping, even in Downtown Disney), but overall the food was solid and tasty. The décor is gorgeous. The lanes are nice. If they moderate the pricing a little bit (difficult to see coming here rather than Uva Bar, where the drinks are both cheaper and better, most days, and who knows what the brewery next door will offer) it would be a solid offering. As it is, definitely a great fit if you want to bowl, or if you're interested in the food, which is good, and don't mind paying a premium for non-premium dishes and drinks.

Steve Manley

Very good

Rebecca Niefer

I have NEVER paid so much for sushi in my life $13 for one California roll! When I ordered it I assumed that it would be two rolls as it is in the main entree section but nope, one 8 piece roll. How is that a meal? Also the service was very slow and it wasn't that busy. Very disappointed and not worth time or money. The only good thing was that they make a strong drink.

Dustin Harder

Kit Kat

Great restaurant and super cool vibe! Our waitress Chelsea was fabulous! I tried the Impossible sliders - they are a meal for one and really tasty! I could not believe it was not meat...and im a meat eater! The husband got the grilled avocado and tuna app - he loved it and it looked delicious!

Yeah Yeah

Terrible service and terrible quality

Raymond Hart

It's kinda pricey, but be sure to ask for your Disney AP discount. Variety of menu choices is awesome and service is great. Fantastic "people watching" patio and decent craft beer selection. Ask for Rubi or Cesar

Alex Santiago

Daisy B

Cecilia Shevlin

Terrible! Way overpriced for small portions. $21 burger, really? $14 for a beer! $9 for children’s meals. Rip off!

Brenen Scott

I use to love this place when it first opened. It was a great spot to stop if going to Disney or just hanging out in Downtown. I’ve been here a quite a bit until they raised all the prices. Bowling use to be 10 per person now it’s 19. Gotta love that 90% inflation. And honestly the food is not worth it. It all looks like stuff I could of prepared myself at home with a microwave. Typical Cafeteria type food. Which wasn’t a problem since the bowling was the main point of coming here. Now with the bad food Overpriced alcohol ( 2-4 dollars cheaper at other restaurants a hop and skip away). So yeah I’d say the place will close in the very near future.

Brian Bennett

The service here is impeccable. As my fiancée and I were dinning our waitress Kira was incredible. She was fast, friendly, attentive to our needs. We had never been before and we asked for recommendations and she provided some of her favorites and each dish she recommended was terrific. When dinner ended she asked if we had any discounts. As we dined we observed that many of the wait staff was just as fabulous as Kira. We decided to eat here because we have a family reunion at Disneyland every year and we are always looking for places to recommend when family comes to town. This will be one of the new places on the top of our list. Great food, great drinks, great desserts, fabulous staff!!!! Overall well worth your time! Reading fellow reviewers, food priced comparable to Yard House or other elevated bar/restaurants in the areas

Charles Newkirk

Great atmosphere and food

ava trussell

we had a very nice waiter. great to look at. food was good too.

Brad Smidt

Everyone we came across that worked there was super helpful. $25/bowler for 1hr 15 min is a bit pricey but it is Disney! Fun time for any group. They asked up front if anyone in our party had a food allergy which was nice since we usually have to do the telling.

Kelsey Storm

The prices are honestly outrageous for casual dining and drinks but expected around Disney. Everything tasted fantastic and our server was very friendly but the service for food was slow. Thankfully our meals were delicious! The grilled salmon was fresh and the sushi rice and broccoli were great side pairing. Good selection for the kiddos and good sized portions for the price too! I’d recommend if your okay with spending a good chunk on a night out.

Omar Trabulse

Buena comida, porciones grandes y buen servicio. Ameno el lugar.

Tiffany Lopez

Great Food & Drinks!! Had the BBQ Pizza, definitely shared it as it is a very large pizza! Tasty drinks as well!!

Jacob Tamburo

Stephanie Valdez

At first I was super excited for this location. I thought it would be the perfect fit for Downtown Disney. But after I visited the location I felt like it was lacking something and didn't really fit in. I visited on a Thursday late night and didn't witness much of a crowd. We were taken to our lane and provided with menus. After waiting about 20 minutes we were able to place our order. We ordered the all-meat pizza along with a margarita. The pizza itself took another 30 minutes to prepare, possibly longer since our waitress kept checking on us and apologizing for the delay. About 30 minutes into bowling our screen froze and we couldn't locate any of their employees. We notified our waitress and she said she would have someone check on us right away. After waiting a couple more minutes someone finally fixed the issue and added another 30 minutes to our gameplay. For a brand new location I don't see why they're having technical issues so soon. Going back to the food, the pizza wasn't great. It reminded me of a Chuck-E-Cheese pizza. I hate to say this bowling alley has better sushi than pizza. The sushi actually taste fresh and of good quality. Service is nice, nothing to complain about. The employees try their best to accommodate and fix any concern or issue. Parking can be a bit of a hassle since it's within Downtown Disney, but nothing unexpected.

Juan Lopez

Natalie Zamorano

Jon Beer

Significantly overpriced, even compared to their location in Orlando. Food was less than mediocre, and took almost an entire game to actually get to our lane. :(

Kristen Schrole

Splittsville is always my top choice of restaurants in Downtown Disney, the food never disappoints and I always have a great time with the staff, but this time we had an even better time thanks to Lisa! Right away she was so sweet and even joked around with us about what drinks to order since I was so indecisive. She’s awesome!

Shad Sikes

Great service and food. Nice to know I can take a break from Disneyland to bowl and enjoy a hand crafted cocktail!

Rebecca Goates

Ashley Lester

Got seated fast. Very overpriced. $14 for a bud light. Spent over $50 for two drinks and an appetizer. Won’t be going again unless it’s happy hour! Lol!!

Martin Felsenfeld

Vivian P

Excellent customer service! After they learned they made a mistake on my pizza order, they not only apologized but also offered me a second pizza right away and didn't charge me for it. Beautiful place too!

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