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REVIEWS OF AMF Land Park Lanes IN California

Christina Magdaleno

Had a blast! Did a surprise birthday for my husband! VIP style! Our guests had the best time! Great food, drinks, and good vibe! Great customer service! Will definitely go back for another party! Thank you AMF Land Park Lanes!

Patricia Espinoza

Cheap bowling an great bar

Br R

Cost too much for 3 people

kevin wilhite

Rad place. Awesome friendly staff.

Jesus Aguilar

Great place to bowl

Rob Takemori

Great staff, excellent pro shop, snack bar has great food, and the bar is welcoming. 32 lanes have league on most nights so call to make sure they have open lanes. The arcade area is greatly improved and the air conditioning finally got replaced so if you haven't visited in the past few months you may want give it another chance.

Adam Cohen

Friendly and super helpful staff make bowling here a pleasure. The leagues are fun and they have a full bar.

Stephanie Ochoa

Friendly staff, very warm with inefficient hvac.

Charlotte Micallef

Was fun but the customer service was lacking.

Leniha LaGarde

Great place to go bowling with friends and family.

roblox roblox

It is a very quite bowling alley. It is really old so the machines are always getting stuck on ball return Nice staff and helpful.

Rickey Green

Its a good wholesome activity to partake in. Great atmosphere and good workers.

Anthony Clarke

We went in on Friday 06/15/2018 at approximately 5:45pm with our summer pass and asked to bowl. The guy working the front took my card swiped it and then asks us if we can bowl our 6 games in 38 minutes or less to which i said no way. Instead of saying to us prior to swiping my summer pass card that their league was starting at 6:30. Once they swiped the card i would not be able to go to another AMF location to use my pass for that day. The person at the register only said that after swiping the e-card that he was taking back all the lanes in approximately 38 minutes. This is terrible customer service anyone knows that there is no way 2 people can bowl 6 games each even if it is on 2 lanes in 38 minutes and enjoy themselves. It appeared to me that the only concern was the establishment getting the credit for the 6 games. Needless to say we only got 2 of our 6 games in. This AMF establishment is crossed off of my list even though it is the closest one to my residence.

Bruce Ruiz

Really fun for the price. Food is good aswell

David Sisk

wonderful place great atmosphere super reasonable prices we bowled unlimited for $14 and they had all kinds of specials we had Margaritas for $3.25 amazing place will visit here very often

Alex Moore

Over priced and not very friendly

B James

I am a league bowler. The lanes at Land Park are better than Elk Grove. Elk Grove has to much oil and the balls won't bread or hook. The first time there I bowled 212 and 225 score. The prices are the best too.

Steve Warren

Very lively. Equipment is a bit dated but works well enough.

Zachariah Coley

Pretty cool place. Not alot of bowling alleys left. You can see the wear from the years of use. Adds character. Good price too play. The auto score board worked like half the time. So that's basically my only gripe.

Mike King

Great, fun atmosphere.

Shara Johnson

Lanes are always available and located near a lot of food options.


The employees were extremely nice and helpful. AMF is an awesome place to spend your time bowling at.

Misty Craig-Spearman

A/C was broken... lanes kept getting stuck, and they dont have the automatic bumpers.

James L. Richard II

The employees at AMF Land Park Lanes are extremely nice and personable. In fact, they are refreshing. However, for three people playing one game, the cost was over $33. This seems a bit steep for bowling. The venue is not new or aesthetically pleasing, and one would wonder why it is so expensive. Nonetheless, we had a good time. Yet, this may be due to the people involved as opposed to the venue itself.

Tori lovesyou

Love it

Vener A Colobong

Always fun here me and my bbboy just be kickin back and play, we even got him into doing leauges here

Louis Cashatt

No frills bowling, your typical bowling alley. Not the prettiest bowling alley but there is nothing wrong with the floor and no hiccups anywhere.

Thirtyone Foshee

Too many bad things to say and they don't care waste of time trying to even say anything to them non-stop issues mechanical problems even sit down my Lane a couple times trying to fix it but didn't refund any money for me every single game I got a strike on it wouldn't give me my strike it will give me 9 or 7 maybe it's not their fault but they could have done something so it's my legs or something instead they said have a good night after they kept running my games over and over again and that's not the first time it's happened I will never go back and I used to get myself and Kids season passes in the summer there not over again

Lisa M.

Busy fun place

Moua Lee

Always a fun place for family excitment or friendly competition.

Jesus Romero

The best place to bowl great customer service, the place is haunted so be careful!!! I saw some paranormal stuff in the bathroom mirror!

Long Yang

I'm usually a regular here every Tuesday for $2 a game night. The Summer Game Pass was finally available so I decided to give it a go. As advertised, 3 games a day from 12 pm-8 pm. The pass is falsely advertised due to the fact that their League is prioritized and customers who either have the pass or would like to bowl for the night are forced to wait or go home. There are Leagues on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday starting from 6 pm until it ends, but the lanes are required to be oiled around 5. The AMF staffs informed me that in order for me to get a lane for myself or a party, I must come around 4 pm. News flash AMF, people have a job as well! How are we advised to be there around 4 pm when the Summer Pass has been advertised until 8 pm! I couldn't even get a lane at 6 pm. Why take in so many team leagues and leave no available lanes for other customers. You mind as well close the place down at 6 for the League players. Take my advise and never buy the Summer Pass for $30 or go here at night because you will have to wait for your lanes forever.


Great place to go bowling during the week. Weekends get a bit expensive.

Kennedy Flanker

Your standard neighborhood bowling lanes, sometimes trashy at night

Mercedees Edwards

This bowling alley is so fun and reasonably priced. The location is convenient, and the atmosphere is fun.

Michelle Treadway

Had a great time thank you aunties

Scott Reynolds

Then Park Lanes is absolutely the best place to bowl and have a cocktail on this Earth especially the bartender she is the bomb Noel is by far the best bartender I have ever met

Seawon kwag

Helpful staff. It's also nice to go to a place and actually see and hear the staff get along and work well with each other. That alone makes for a substantialy greater experience. Pizza tasted great

Suzie Wisner

We were there around 3-3:30 pm. Gentleman at the desk was very nice and helpful. I was just a little put off by having to wait on myself and no snack bar help. There was something sticky spilled on floor. Staffing seemed to be the issue.

Carly J

great weekly specials & a fun atmosphere! decent arcade , bar & eats, too!


My son and I have mother son dates often here. He loves bowling and I love the quality time I get with him. Very family oriented

Nisa Woodruff

Going there with my first time going to have been there for a long time and I love the alley bowling alley and they got a pool table



Dacey Moralez

Fun times!

Joseph Nevis

Very clean and well kept. Great place to go bowling!

Aviata Toma

Fun night of bowling See you there!

Miesha carter

Lanes need to be cleaned

2Savage2SaySorry Inc.

Good food not always super busy but can get packed so it's a great place to have fun

JM Porcayo-Villanueva

Went with family on $2 Tuesday. We paid for 4 games and barley finished one. The equipment kept breaking down. Snack bar was out of popular menu items by 9. The staff was ok. Since the game play was pretty much non existant it ruined the experience.

Keith Sabini

This place is great. It's large and open with plenty of lanes. The food used to be better. It's a very relaxed place.

gregory ching

Good place to bowl. Friendly staff

Lanny Matsuda

Getting better

Rebecca Torres

Honestly speaking, it was the best experience of my life. This was my first time bowling, I went at 10 o'clock at night through 11:00 am. It was a little pricey, but LIT. Literally. And the memories of being with my friends was awesome.

Alyssa Brodeur

I have been going here since i was a kid. Still love and always will.

Timmy Li

I wish they still had the arcade. I remember visiting this place all the time with my cousins and my brother. All that's left of the arcade is two driving games and one shooting game. There's a pool table, and one air hockey table. Promotions allow for amazing deals and there's always fun times to be had here. Staff can sometimes be overwhelmed, but they are incredibly friendly and courteous. The only thing I have against this place is the cleanliness. Sometimes things are sticky, or really oily...

Zouaze Lao

Great price and fun place to have fun night out with your friends and family.

Cindy Harrison

Nice bowling alley. Had a few scoring issues. Friendly workers.

Matthew Fisher

Fun times! Great place for kid birthday parties.

Phantom Plays

Great to go when they have bowling specials especially going with friends to have fun without breaking the bank

G Burdick

Still a pretty nice place. Clean, lots of parking and reasonable prices.

Lisa Samate

We love the atmosphere of this place. Its always busy which is great. I would hate to go into a bowling alley that is empty and seems like its struggling for business. The staff are helpful and wonderful. They seem a bit overwhelmed at times but they're able to keep a smile on their face and give great customer service. They don't take their frustration out on us customers when it gets a bit crazy. We always have a good time

Pat Mabie

I have lived in the neighborhood for 4 years and don't know why I've never been by. This was awesome. Came because my wife is sick and wanted to get out of the house and do something and have a few beers. Didn't bowl(yet). Joanne the bartender was giving me the run down of each night and what crowd to expect, which was super awesome. Definitely should give her a raise! Had a few beers that were reasonably priced at $5 for craft, which is awesome and will get my business again! Overall, will totally be back and you will be sick of my face! Local breweries, get in on this! Cheers! Update 6/12/19: I have been here many times since this day and have to say that Noel is just freaking wayyyyy awesome! Becoming a great place for a drink and a walk home after work(because drinking and driving is stupid!)

Patrick Cancilla

The place should be updated! But you know what, it’s fun! We all have a good time and for that I gave it four stars

Alex Tam

Fun, Friends, Drinks, Laughs, Workout Love coming here with friends who all think they are better than one another, so we created a team to challenge the other team for fun. The loosing team would have to buy drinks for the winning team. At the end of the day we got a good workout in and we had fun and some drinks in us too. The building and interior is on the older side compared to the other bowling alleys. The inside not so bad. of course it is not new new, but your regular carpet with some arcade, which is small in selection. oh they do have a hockey table so that's a plus. . the bar is small with only one server so it might take some time to order a drink. I'm telling you if you order beer get the pitcher if your going to drink more than one, way cheaper. umm tonight I'm lucky to get a lane server which means they bring your drinks to you! say what after many visits this is the first time to get this vip treatment. I wish it happens all the time. just saying. . they do have a pool table so if ya into pool instead of bowling your set to go too. idk how much per game but ya can figure it out. . bathrooms hmmm... wet on the floor. toilet paper her and there but not anything horrible if you need to number 2 lol... . overall snacky snack at the snack bar for some cheesy nachos is what's up yo. trust me. or them juicy bomb saucy wings.... hint hint Friday all you can bowl after 10 o clock for 10 dollar a person and 5 bucks for shoes. which is not to shabby. bowling equals exercise better than clubbing any day. plus they turn off the lights at ten o clock with turning on the music so yasss.... party! thanks for reading and let's bowl til the night ends.

Vannak Chan

Great staff and service

Michael chochla

Great place.. bring family.. great food.. and bowl.. enjoy!

Dennis Racine

Great place, good food,

Kim Grein

I am loving the remodel. Also, check their website....There are Specials almost every night.

Sofia Marshall

Pretty dirty and food took forever even though there wasnt many people to order there

Lamarq Bailey

Love this place. Good for family fun or fun with friends

Eric Husmann

Nice for a bowling alley. Fair prices.

Lola Ellis

Service was friendly and the fries were so good.


Had a blast employees were very helpful very clean and lots to do not just bowling but pool there's a full bar , games and a snack bar too

Andrea Razo

The staff is friendly and the pizza is delicious it's a great place to kick back and hangout with friends or go on a cute casual date.

Tina Roberts

It has been there a long time and is still a great place to bowl, play pool and video games.

Jethanand Aidasani

This bowling place is very nice including the people inside super nice

Tyrese Gibson

It brings family to get together


Really enjoyed Tuesday night bowling was really fun and the price is right

Dr Abe Beagles

As usual around 10 I was looking for a place along Freeport boulevard to get a cup of coffee and I happen to see the bowling alley was open so I went inside and not only was the restaurant open but they were serving food and of course I was able to get my cup of coffee there but I also discovered that they've got a full-blown bar in the restroom and also they have are they called her early morning senior bowling which I thought was fantastic because it gives a seniors a discounted rate on the bowling rates so I found a new place to go and enjoy myself I hope you will too

Scott Patterson

Fresh and clean appearance. Very colorful and the staff seemed eager to please. I would return again soon. Even appeared to have new menus. Very open looking.

Anthony Ramos

Bar had been upgraded. Nice.

Roger Her

Good price, food, beer, arcade, music but lake ball size choice

Sara James

It was way too loud, crowded and dark, but, my family and I had a blast at last

Mr Turner

The arcade has been amazingly upgraded!!! Unfortunately we did end up going on a league night so the waiting list was off the chain gang life long long azz wait!!!

Dustin Ruffell

Been a here for a few kids birthday parties. A little rundown, but the kids always have fun.

martin ramos

It's a nice place

G Moreno

This is a cute bowling alley. It's a great place for parties. The prices are very reasonable. The food is good. The stag ate very friendly and helpful. They make sure that you are having a great time. It's very clean.

barry kat

Had fun with friends. Helpful staff

Cecelia Porraz

It was nice

Sara B

This place is really family friendly and affordable on Sundays after 6 pm! It was not over crowded or crazy. We order some chicken tenders and the wait for them to get delivered was very long! That was the only down side.

Torrance Nelson

Fun and awesome place for family and friends

Diane Williams

It's summertime and it's hot outside, And it's also hot and the bonallie not cool enough need Air conditioning

Bennett Palmer

Tuesday’s are lit. Long Island for $3

E Rowell

The place has an ATM and an arcade.

Ken Herdje

lot of fun,great vidio games

mister lopez

Old school bowling alley. Been comin here since i was a kid, 30 years ago. Strong drinks, decent bar food, good bowling. Kid friendly too. Could use some upgrades, but has that nostalgic feel

Christopher Jones

This is my go to for bowling and cheap drinks. Love me some 2 dollar Long island's!!!

Charles Marcus

The AC is fixed and the new staff is great. I am still getting to know names but Omar and the other staff are doing a great job. One of my bowling balls got a bit of damage from the machines. They did a great job of the repair. Such a turn around with the new manager and I hope they continue to do the great job they are doing now.

Tonya Randolph

Great time for my birthday! Michelle is an excellent hostess!

quik lee


Namita Mills

Great service!

Cindy Brooks

Went to visit friends tonight. The air conditioning was broken. Too hot to stay in that place and not bowl. I feel sorry for all those bowlers. I understand that the a/c was broken last week too. Bowlmor is not taking care of their facilities.

Elizabeth Flores

The food was kinda good their BLT sandwich wasn't that good need better service

Darcie White

We had a great time just trying something new! The staff is great! Didn't get his name but he was so nice!

Lamar'Q Bailey

Always have a blast. This is the perfect place for me

Ty Blev

Booo I heard lights would be low and music would be up, neither!!! Booo

Diana Ortega

They had good customer service and the prices were good.


Good lanes Good customer service

careyneil Rankine

Its was pretty good

Tony B

It was truly refreshing to be greeted with an honest smile by the staff. From the front desk to the snack bar the smiled, listened and got it done. It's an older bowling alley and it shows but the staff more than made up for it. Thanks all!

Jesse East

Not the biggest bowling alley, but I've almost always been able to get a lane. The place is well kept up, and the staff are super friendly. The pro shop guys are also great. Nick helped me choose a new ball, and my game has improved dramatically since then.


Pretty popular. Decent prices. Has everything you need for a good time: beer, alcohol, video games, bowling and food.

Jeremy Vess

they charged our card twice and will not issue a refund but instead in store credit will not be returning to this place anymore

Derek Bock

Usually a good time but our balls kept getting stuck at end of lane and would not work as far as registering pins. I just think it was that lane. They rei.bursed us with free games tho. So happy now.

Liana Ortiz

We have so much fun hare as a late night treat for my son, and so inexpensive! Then after bowling we play a free game of pool or hit the arcade! And we love the chicken tenders too! We can bee there for 4 hrs and spend only $60 for 2! Where else can you go and have fun like this? Cool staff, frendly and helpful to.

Jason F

Great food

Evans Bradshaw

Needs to be renovated like the other amf locations.

Francisco Martinez

Fun environment

Jaime Hernandez

Great staff. Always a blast and some of the kindest staff employees working at that AMF location.

Kelli Hutchinson

Poor circulation!!! Air conditioning was broke ALL summer. Great for weight watchers. Lol Horrible for my first time bowling on a league! I like the staff they are all so wonderful and the people i bowled with is what will make me go back next summer. I had a blast thanks Ron!! Please make some serious improvements so next year can be even better. It seems like the alley is moving forward to a new improved family bowling alley. Land park area seems to be doing good we have sf market, brownies new and remodeled local bar, Flores mexican restaurant.

Jason Nguyen

My lane broke down but they offered to move us

Anna Yang

I went to play a few games with friends, it was a great environment and all of the people working were wonderful. I came to write this review to say how wonderful Emily in the kitchen was! She’s very nice and I really enjoyed talking to her. Will come again!!

monica Caldwell

My family had alot of fun

Darby Jones

Very pleasant and friendly

Cari Uda

If you miss the humidity and your clothes sticking to your body, go spend an hour just watching bowling and you'll get the full experience you're missing. Yeah, it's indoors even! If you're bowling, it's even better!!!

Rosa Ponce

The place can use some remodeling Sometimes the lanes break down and the ramp was broken. The food court has good food. The staff is friendly and provide good customer service. Overall, it's a good place to take family.

Josh Perry

Tuesdays deals are awesome!

H1 Drilling Company

Awsome bar,not to many places lime thos left in sac.

Teri Carmichael

This was my first time there. Went for my niece's birthday party. The staff were very polite and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Looks better on the inside than it does on the out side

David Jeske

Amazing service and uh dont get the xaliflower vufflowing knockoff. It was eeh.maybe without parmasian would have been better.but great place

David Rink

Great place to relax and enjoy some quality time with family, friends or even take someone out on a date...

Kristy Garcia

Always a nice place to get out to and get some family time

David Cardoza

Love this place. Old school bowling at its best. Check out the pro shop

Manuel Rodriguez

Everything's cool about this place accept when it's really packed and the staff is short handed

90's Gucci

Amf for life life homez

ron williams

Fun atmosphere clean bowling alley only problem is they need to hire people to cook french fries took over an hour and a half

Logan Lammi

Had alot of fun, good service

curt davenport

Clean with nice people running it. My daughter loves the video games.

Markiesha Jackson

I love to bowl and enjoy myself.

Elaine Paniewski

It was great. The staff were very attentive.

Wes Whitley

Love the staff and prices. Just stay open til midnight so I can get in more games

Robert M

Fun friendly staff. Lanes are decent.

Tim Clark

Its great to see this place still up and going I used to come here in a little bowling team league when a small bus used to bring us kids back in the early 80's from John Cabrillo school. And then used to walk there and play all the pinball machines and played this new game called Asteroids =) Good times there. Oh and the coin collector guy was my favorite he used to give me free games all the time and that's the best memories for a young kid. Well have to make my pilgrimage back there soon.

Dominique Martin

Really fun, not too busy and the food is actually pretty good. Family fun. Only problem is they were out of tokens for the arcade.

Jimmie Azevedo

The staff is awesome, customer service is awesome, very clean and the lanes are awesome.

Larry Lee

Good place to grab a beer and snack, watch a ballgame

Carl Nelson

Nice place loud but fun


Had a great time with family. Nice clean place with good wings.

Shawn Casey

Family fun low cost

allyson hall

Fun fast and really nice service.

Joann Bridges

With a staff like the young people that interface with the customers at AMFLPL bowling my expereiences is the best

Patrick Mulvany

It was it

Jenny Bayardo

Bowled here for a fundraising event. Hot as heck inside, hotter than the temp outside that day. Very unpleasant. Heard they fixed the air but I have not dared to go back yet.

hi im tint

Terrible customer service


We had a great time. This is an oldet facility but prices were reasonable.

Andrej Andrea

First time for both my boys and they enjoyed a lot.

Harold Williamssr

Terrible Lanes not enough help

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