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2600 N 32nd St, Fort Smith, AR 72904, United States

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REVIEWS OF Midland Bowl IN Arkansas

Sisters4ever T

Went to the Food Counter for lunch and Thought they were a little slow to respond after we sat down. Menu is small but there are enough options to choose from. I picked a cheeseburger & fries, my friend ordered a BLT & Fries. Both were good and came to the table hot. The only regret and huge waste of money was an order of fried Mushrooms. They were greasy, soggy and we only got 8 mushrooms total which put cost at $1.00 a mushroom. Way too expensive. If you want excellent Fried Mushrooms go to Ed Walkers Drive-in. For the same cost you will receive more mushrooms than 2 people can eat .....that are extremely hot and non-greasy. But for a quick bite, while bowling a round or just to drop in. A clean decent place with friendly staff.

Sumnal Johnson

Children love it

Mary Baley

Has gone down hill

Marty Cloud

Lots of fun with our group. Cosmic bowling was a joke, though.

Levonia Mikkelson

Fun Expensive Needs Lots of Updates

Jon Esperanza

It doesn't look like a biker joint anymore, definitely had a big overhall done and there's no cloud of cigarette smoke lingering inside either. Still a sketchy part of town and when we were leaving I found a toddler standing outside by herself in the middle of the parking lot wearing no shoes and eating a ring pop. It was a weird experience overall but nothing that I shouldn't have expected from Midland Family Bowl. It's not entirely their fault I mean..It's a bowling alley in the south and on the wrong side of town, it's not exactly a country club atmosphere.

Chandler West

Fun place to take freinds or groups

Charles Highsmith

Fun place to hang out. Food is a little expensive.

Michael Allingham

My HOME away from home

Carol Newport

Great fun! So clean!

william simpson

Nice place to hang out with the family

Jeff Lane

Great family bowling. Needs a lot of TLC, but is much more relaxed friendly atmosphere than larger places. Let's keep business up to help keep places like this around!

Richard Lewis

Great place to go to have fun with friends good food good prices and good people working there

yvette chappell

Very friendly people in the food area and the place was clean

Sheila Hanna

Family bowling not to crowded

Ronny Cusher

Great Family will have a blast!!

Keith Dickens

Long time pillar of fort smith. Great specials.

Wayne Werner

It's a bowling alley. Like all the ones I've been to in the last few years it's in need of a good clean, but everything worked and it was fun.

oscar betancourth

Food change is nott the same but everything else is good games

Crystal Norman

Great place to bowl but the food and drinks are way over priced.

Jeannie Bowlin

Shabby, way to crowded, way to noisy

Jim Acord

On Tuesday nights men bowl for free.

Josh Stroud

It have good bedding and good breakfast

Brian Lowry

Had a blast !!!

Jeremy Bancroft

Good times.

Prepping In Progress

This is a great place to spend an afternoon with your family or come for a party. The staff is helpful and will work with a new bowler to understand how the machines work. The food is good, the staff will do what they can to make your stay pleasurable. It was a great family fun trip.

Ryan Cooper

Not only did they not save our reserve our spot that I called twice for 2 days prior, but the response when I was told it “wasn’t written down” was “Sorry, that sucks, we don’t have any lanes available.” Terrible experience, and absolutely disappointing lack of preparedness from everyone there. Steer clear of this bowling alley.

Cheyenne Hokit

The beer taps all leak and make you waste money on beer you don’t get cause it’s wasted on the table...

Not S**t Just Chilling

Its cheaper than bowling world

Jennifer Council

Great place for the whole family


Completely changed from when I went there last. Pretty fun place

Daria Byron

Great fun cheap bowling

Joe Hose

Good cheap bowling as of right now till they up the prices

Stephen E

Cheap fun for the family.

Brittney Jones

Fun but needs alot of updates

Keith Knows All

It was pretty fun enjoyed the time I spent there

IGNITE C1tyb0y

Great family place! Family friendly, and even has adult benefits!

Aubrey Rigsby

Nice place and lots of fun. Huge and they have a bar. :)

Marsha Mason

Great fun with the kiddos

Carolyn May

Awesome food

Todd Brown

Excellent staff, best prices in Ft Smith

Christina Harp

A.C. works well, prices are great , the pizza was terrible, the staff was unfriendly to the point of being rude and the bathroom was not clean

Katie Cureton

It's very fun but we didn't get to finish our game because we ran out of time which was dumb

joe couthren

Love this place is down to earth just regular people reasonable prices it's an older building but it works with a few glitches every once in awhile but price wise you can't beat it

Josue044 Suarez

Great place to play pool

Catherine White

Needs updated but serves its purpose. Balls get stuck all the time.. slow staff to unstuck. Concession is a bit expensive

Matthew Parker

Always fun good prices and food

Travis Jackson

We visited this place and was told that we would have a forty-five minute wait. I was fine with this as they were quite busy; however, around one hour and forty-five minutes later we left disappointed as they had either completely forgotten us or vastly underestimated their wait times.

Bryan Ramirez

Very fun place to hang out with friends.

Brooklyn Keylon

Fun family and friends

Steven Garrett

Clean establishment with plenty of open lanes, a cool arcade and pool tables

kyle mckinney

Thursday 6 to 9 Saturday 3 to 6 Join the arc $20 a year you can bowl $1.25 a game

Noelia Sanchez

It was fun

Russell Wiseman

Decent bowling. Drinks are expensive and you can't split a bucket with different beers. It was super hot. Price was pretty good for late night bowling.

Al Robinson

Balls keep stuck not enough workers

Robert Cone

Small aging bowling alley. Balls and Lanes in good condition.

Derek Phillips

Went there Sunday, haven't been there in a long while. I really liked how the bar/grill area is set up.

Kevin Cudmore

I hadn't bowled that these lanes since I was a junior bowler, took the kids to play only complaint was the air did not work on the lanes. The lanes are great, and I bowled a perfect game can't wait to go back!

Cathy GAMB

We had a great time

Julia Estrada

Great service

Josh Roach

5 person family deal that included 2 hours of bowling, shoes, large pizza and a pitcher of pop for 38 bucks!! what a deal. Everyone was friendly and lanes were nice!

josh martin

Bowled here a couple times before and liked it just fine it had always seemed really family friendly, my son is special needs and so we are always happy to hang out in a place that doesn't give us dirty looks every time he jumps around or is loud. Tonight however was a different story. There was a really rude employee, my son who has only been bowling like 3 times in his life tried to help his sister when she threw her ball it didn't go far, he got on his knees and crawled up to the ball and shoved it for her, I knew he shouldn't have done that and I told him so but as I was doing that this guy came down and very rudely told me "Don't let your kid do that again!" I shrugged it off, and we continued bowling then after about 3 minutes he came back down and told us "don't let him climb in the chairs anymore" My son had been by my side! If he had climbed in a chair I certainly hadn't noticed, but regardless I have worked in customer service for years and would never speak to someone that way, in fact I've had people screaming in my face and been more polite than this guy. I looked up a few seconds later to see him behind the counter very obviously talking about us. I packed up my kids and left and I won't be returning. They really need a lesson in customer service.


antiquated equipment at modern prices

Jordan Simon

Best bowling alley in town affordable and family friendly.

Nicholas Russo

True Blue Country Boy!

Cassandra Nielsen

They were fairly clean. The food bar was open late on Saturday night as was the drink bar.

Shannon Qualls

I was really impressed with it even though it was smaller I felt more comfortable there than any other place in fort Smith the other bowling alleys sux compared to the Midlane family bowling alleys by 5 stars my friend


Nice and friendly People kids loved it

Ryan Petty

Fun place for family.

Donnie Mayhall

Good family fun

Charles Kubatzke

Awesome place

Rice Robert

Great family fun, for a good price.

David Darko

First time ever bowling. The balls kept getting stuck and not returning, employees had to run and unclog the rail every time. Staff is rude and will snap at you if you are bowling wrong. You're expected to walk in with a PhD in bowling and it's aesthetics. There were loud drunk people smoking outside, so because of that i say the family part in the name is not appropriate. Maybe a casual date place is more like it. The bathrooms had a Penetrating pungent odor that would stay lingering in your nostrils even when you left the place. Bowling however was fun when it was up and functional. There was a cop in the building, I guess something must have happened in the past with the drunk customers and rude staff. I wouldn't come back honestly.

Angela Miranda

Had to wait on a lane about 10 min. But staff was friendly and good price for family fun.

lea Davis

Fun for everyone loved it

Denna Giddens

I had a great time with my sisters from 9th street Baptist church.

Cynthia Tomah

They jabe seberal good deals

amy broadway

Nice bowling alley but needs more pool tables

Ashley milholland

We all had fun

Heather Biggs

Best bowling alley in town

Brian Harris

Great specials and friendly employees except one. I'm in there every week spending money in league bowling, buying food and drinks, but when I come to him to tell him my lane is acting up he rolls his eyes and scoffs. I think he may be a head manager or something but something has to be done.

Carolyn Earp

Awesome place for a kid's birthday party

Min.Evelyn Archie-Reese

Great hang out place for entire family

Beverly Dennis

Took my daughter and we had fun. Food bar is good but pricey.


Its was ok. Staff I friendly, but the machines have been having lots of issues. Now for open bowlers they may not think it's a big deal. But to the league bowlers it is. As we see it every week. And it seems to be the same pair. I understand it cost to fix machinery but this hasn't been an issue in the past. The issue currently is they haven't had a Mechanic there full time until just in the last couple of weeks. A little late considering winter leagues is about over. I am afraid they may lose a few more league bowlers if this trend continues. I hope not Fort Smith needs two bowling centers

Edmond McLaughlin

You need to go see there new lighting over the lanes its awesome!!!!!!

Heather Baker


The Davis bros

Nice place

Mike Oneill

Great place to take your family to & have some fun.

Janice Lipe


Matt Lloyd

You have to constantly edit your scores, you look up, and you got frames you didn't bowl filled in. Misses where there were spares, strikes just popping up.

Jennifer Diaz-Garcia

Great place to bring the kiddos. Very nice and patient staff.

kimberly west

Had a group of 36. The staff was great! Bowling lanes we're good. Cheeses sticks we're great .

Blue Eyes

It was ok, older alley could be updated, drove in from Springfield for company meeting and our team was looking for something to do and found that place.

Cassie Monasco

Was the perfect fun for our anniversary!!

Brayden Jones

Absolulty rude manager. We walked in with drinks from McDonald’s and staff told us we couldn’t have them. And that we had to dumb them out and buy from them. However about 2 min later before we got rid of our drinks the same staff memeber came up to us and said the manager said that we can have them. So we proceded to walk to the counter. While we were sitting by the counter waiting to get a lane the manager came back up to us and started getting all mad yelling saying we can’t have them after we were told we could have them. She told us to throw them away and dumb them out. After we finally gave up and bought drinks from them we got back in line to get our lane. After finally making it to the desk they said they had no lanes available after we had already got rid of the drinks we paid for prior to coming! Not to mention there was a lot of lanes open. But they said the were reserved. Food and drinks are expensive and the building is old and nasty. And in a terrible location! I would not spend your money here and go to bowling world a couple miles away! And watch out for the grouchy manager woman! That probably makes 20k a year so she likes to get mad at teenagers. Absolutely not happy with this place! Please save your time and amoney and go somewhere else!

Phillip Bell

Clean, decent lanes.

changed4 life

Great treat for veterans and their families

Roosevelt Cunningham

Tight space for tourney play. Gets crowded in bowling pits with 5 player teams. Management and personal are very nice and accommodating. Nice restaurant.

Anthony Lynn

Well we went there last night and we only got a game and a half in Two hours and a half because the balls weren't returning and the guy up front said it's because people are bowling at once. It took almost 4 minutes each ball to return. There wasn't any balls at one time for one of the smaller women who had to use the XXL 14lb ball. Also the woman at the bar (not older one) she was about in her mid to late 30s, all she really wanted to know was if my party was gonna tip her or not. She asked 4 times how much we do we want to tip her. I basically gave her $10 to her shut up about the tip. Also that employee wasn't knowledgeable on how to make mixed drinks which took her 10 minutes to make three drinks two of them were the same drink. PS my mother is a manager of a bowling alley so i know few things about them.. Also I would give it a 5 star but over the last three weekends I been going this place has been losing a Star each week. Also y'all should get more employees working the weekends and not pull all of them in one area. I only give the 2 star which will not go any lower for me is because you have that 1700-2100 hour deal that you pay once and bowl all night.

Noah Hixon

Unlimited bowling for $10 a person! Really happy with it

Christopher C-Dog Patterson

Love this place!!!

Robert Lux

Load's of fun

Brads Vinyl

The older guy with the gray hair that works there is always rude

Penny Roberts

Easy and fun

Dusty Kellogg

Nice place to bowl but a little out dated

isaac curtis

Arrived 45 mins before close to play a couple games. “ was told the manager had already closed the drawer” so we couldn’t play

wm wiley

I usually have a decent time at Midland Bowl so that is why I am giving it at least two stars. It isn't the cleanest or newest but I like to go there since it usually isn't too crowded. However, last night I arrived to bowl at 9:30 on the dot. As I approached the door I saw someone literally RUN to the door. I was unsure what they were doing but when I got to the door I realized they ran up to lock it so that we couldn't get in. The door and their website states they are open until 10pm. If they had opened the door and given an explanation we probably wouldn't have been bothered but this was just plain rude and is very bad business.

Chrlsea Thompson

Overall cheap/good bowling experience. If I had anything negative to say it would be: the pins are off-set also the ball machine leaves large oil marks & scratches my ball.

Wesley Daniel

Fun environment good food

Larry Layes

Love there cosmic b9wling

Austin Gragg

Nice guys, made my daughter's 9th birthday party fun for her, the lanes kept getting stuck but they got it working.

Lori Potter

Great time always. Best fun in town with friendly atmosphere.

littleman2007 123

Took my kids and brought back so many memories and there was things that kept kids occupied till a lane opened

Duke Ross

Great place to take the family.

Amy Ramey

Our lane had a few issues, and it was hard to find someone to help. Same with ordering food. We had to wait to find someone. The food was very high priced.

Reianna Neighbors, LPC

Serious renovations needed in a huge way! The Cosmic Bowl experience is a huge joke, don't waste your time or money. I'm not sure what happened to the days of live DJ's but the little projector screens and repeated boring, cliche music is not many people's idea of fun, unless you love looping Nickelback and sad 80s music. The air conditioning is warm at best, so if you overheat easy, be careful. Don't ask the workers to change the TV channels to anything... They're just not going to do it, regardless of what they may tell you, and you'll be the jerk for wanting to watch something other than the muted Barbara Walters special. The puck for the air hockey table was tiny and disappointing.... Didn't try the food but it looked good at least. The fountain drinks were the best part, sweet and syrupy. Overall, will not be back no matter how big of a hockey puck they get.

Miguel Gonzalez

All star gaming, great people great service all around good time

Bill Koleszar

Good family fun.

Richard Rathman

Our first visit, had a good time, staff was friendly and helpful, will be going back, had pizza and beer enjoyed them both

Robin Aikin

Three friends and myself were at Midland bowl on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. We told the man at the counter that we wanted the $5 frenzy all you can bowl, he rang us up and gave us our shoes, 2 hours later our score board went off. I went to the counter and told the man what had happened, he did something on the computer and proceeded to tell me we could finish our game. I told him we were there until 10. He then told me that it was only for 2 hours, I told him the Web site said Tuesdays and Wednesday 6-10 $5 frenzy all you can bowl shoes included, he told me that had been changed and gave me a piece of paper. It said the exact same thing I had just told him, he then stated that he would let me have it but it was suppose to be for 2 hours only. While we were bowling I noticed the ads scrolling on the screen next to us and low and behold it said the same thing. I just wonder how many people have gotten screwed out of the other 2 hours. Not only that but my sister had purchased a couple of beers she was charged $3.75 each no problem. The last time she went to get one the lady charged her $4.20, my sister ask her if the price went up after a certain time the lady told her no thats the price it always is. It is my opinion that if you are an employee of a business you should know your specials and your prices. Check your facts before you start telling someone that they are wrong.

Jeana Moody

Love this place!!

Melissa Woodruff

It's a family friendly business.

Dawn Lachowsky

Lots of history here, but the prices are kinda out there, some of the staff was great and some were preoccupied and slow.

Terese Ortiz

It is a amazing for birthday party's

Sylvester Hampton

Family FUN

Serena Shores

Great helpful staff and family friendly atmosphere

Judith McClara

Great bowling alley.

Jim Woodruff

Great Family Atmosphere home away from home

Brandi Goins

Been coming around here for damn near 10 yes.

Gary Adams

Always enjoy coming here with the family.

Rene Perez

Decent value, lots of lanes to play and has food and an arcade. But the bathrooms are pretty gross and the place needs to be updated, desperately.

Catherine Borges-Faden


Samantha McDonald

Expensive, dirty, out dated, bad food, man at the counter was rude.... don’t waste your time and money.

Kevin D Hallmark

Great local bowling has the hometown feel

Kirk McDonald

This place is gross expensive and the lanes don't want to work you have to keep editing the score. Save your money go somewhere else.

Gerald Melton

A good bowling place

Robert Guy

Great place to family bowl !!!

Ted Wise

My daughter was in town, and was leaving the next day. We were looking for someplace open until at least 10pm. Skating place in Van Buren was suppose to be open, but was closed when we got there. It's about 8:45 by then. Searched for open places and saw Midland Bowl. They were about to close, but said we had time for a game. So my daughter, her brother and I had a great time and would like to thank Midland Bowl for their hospitality!

Summer Petray

Very nice people.

timothy lemons

Good prices and great family environment. Also friendly leagues

Seldon Sirmon

It was a lot of fun..


Very good...

Danae Rowe

I'd say I've been bowling about 17 years in the making. I finally got really serious with bowling when I turned 10. I became Colorado state champion when I turned 12 and continued to hold that title until I was 16. Within all those years and still continuing my career in bowling, I've bowled around the country. I've bowled in vegas and all the way to Texas. I just recently moved to Arkansas. I decided why not take a night off to enjoy myself bowling.. only that wasn't the case. This bowling alley has so much potential but there's nobody here to give it that. No pride in the working staff. No pride in the cleanliness of the alley... it's one of the most run down, untaken care of, and really sad alleys I've been to. It's really disappointing to see a place like this just getting by to make a dollar. I've been to a lot of places but this one is making its appearance close to the top as one of the worst. It's just sad to see how much potential it has but nobody seems to care to give it that extra push.

Luis Rodriguez

Good place to hangout during certain days that offer specials.

Silent death

Awesome place

Billy Lovell

Great rates on Saturdays

michael farrell

The servace was great and it was very family friendly. If you are a tournament player there is a pro shop and leagues hosted here. There aos a bar with games like pool and there is a arcade with a varity of skill to no skil based games.

Summer Mack

Its a good place to bowl

Lee Altman Music

Great atmosphere, Good lanes, price is right, friendly staff


Nice people. Very fun place

Brian Dye

nice place to bowl...

Jessica Figueroa

Same old games never change

Ivan Dominguez

Love it , It's affordable pretty cheap to bowl.. Go and have some fun..

Ouachita Mountain

Old fashioned bowling alley. FUN.

Jordan Ray

Great place to bowl, and the best deals in town. Nice and friendly service as well

jennifer freeman

Great place to bowl

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